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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ebola-affected area, and had contact with an infected patient. david, tell us about this doctor. >> he is 43-year-old surgeon at stanford for five years. and lives in san mateo county. you may be surprised to learn of the conditions of the quarantine. there is latitude under the new mandate. the 43-year-old returned last friday after spending just over a month treating ebola patients in liberia. he volunteer for a nonprofit group and is a surgeon at stanford, local health officials put him under a modified quarantine. he must stay away from work and others, however has been
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permission to go jogging by himself he must take temperatures twice daily and report in to officials. this is video from dr. bucks after returning from the philippines. dr. bucks volunteers his time in haiti. the order was issued today, six days after it was issued from home, but gives latitude to impose conditions on a case by case basis. >> it's just sort of a holding legal order for someone, until the local health department can interview the traveller, understand the exposures and restrictions that might need to be put in place. >> one doctor is preparing to leave to west africa and he is affiliated with the uc berkeley school of public health, planning to impose a 21 day
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quarantine upon his return, before the state mandate was issued. that means isolation from his 2-year-old daughter and wife. . >> i wish i could have but because of public perception, i don't want them to be stagmatized. >> government agencies are standardizing the 21 day quarantine measure. it will put notice of the requirement upon their return. >> by the way, the state health officer points out there have been no rated reported in california and 1100 hospital workers have been trained to deal with ebola. >> this afternoon, we sent out a news alert. next time you can get alert by signing up through abc7 news app, free to down load. >> there are simple and important things you can do to protect yourself from ebola. we havexd information on abc7
6:03 pm now, later on the newscast we're going to hear from the president on the crisis, and the nurse in maine who has been threatening to violate quarantine. >> caltrans is facing new pressure to ban a component. dan? >> just today, several more states banned the guardrail, bringing total to 25 states, but california is taking a wait and see attitude and the whistle blower says that may be a fatal mistake. >> josh harmon is spreading the word about the dangers of a common guardrail system. >> people are dieing. if i don't do it, nobody else
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will. >> he won a lawsuit against and a jury found the company defrauded the government and fined $175 million. an amount could triple as the case unfolds the jury saw videos of it failing. but the videos were never shared with federal safety officials who have now ordered this company to run new crash tests to prove their system is safe. >> they have full knowledge they kept it from the federal government and exposed the nation to a safety issue. it's no question in my mind. >> it speeds into the end terminal. it curls off to the side. that process on sofshs energy and slows down the vehicle.
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as josh harmon showed my, trinity slung by an inch, and several lawsuits are now under way saying it may fail. 25 states banned this terminal. a spokesman tells the i team the agency is taking inventory, waiting for the federal government to tell them what to do. >> caltrans should be responsible they look at testing and protect their citizens. to wait and see is irresponsible. >> i'm posting stories on the guardrail with a list of the states that banned it so far. i'll let you know if caltrans changes it's mind. call me with a tip. >> thank you. >> it's going to be i think
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getting faster and faster. >> relief coming for thousands from napa. they've been waiting to recover from the earthquake two months ago. now, it's on the way.ñr this is welcome news. >> it is welcome news. this is the earthquake assistance center the center is open seven days per week. fema set up operations here today as residents say, better late than never. in mid september a disaster declaration made assist stance available for governmental agencies but not individuals. that needed another federal declaration.
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>> extra tours with the staff in order to view the damage. thexd question asked the most i where is fema? >> this is the missing piece. fema is at the center. today a soft opening. residents went online to register. >> it's stucco the chimney we lost. >> heidi walter came to the center to find out what fema can do for her and her mother. walterçó invited us to her home the day after the quake. foundations shifted. the fireplace had fallen and there was damage all over, it's been two months since the quake. >> toilets are up right. i have water runs. it's great. >> walters mother'sfá house is
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1909 victorian walls were cracked and the worst damage, the quake moved the house. >> her house is sliding off the foundation. >> we can help row vied rental assistance or somekkz repairs. and they'll be referred to the small business administration. >> our rates areñi low,nb 2.06. >> fema says it will be operational here tomorrow. >> irs says it will extend filing deadlines for making quarterly tax he payments. . >> it is do for the giants
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tonight. game seven is now underway. right now, giants andxd royals tied. in san francisco, the stage is set for a win. here is what is set up on friday, rain, or shine. we hope we get a hi, leanne. >> i don't think i've seen police officers in an event in san francisco before like i have today. no alcohol being allowed here. but of course being san francisco, there are very interesting smells out here. in 2012 when giants won, fans gathered to mission district of san francisco.
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andñr handalized businesses and buses and set trash cans on fire. don't, muni buses will be running and police are positioned in several areas of the city. >> we've increased staffing 15% to 20% to address large crowds that gathered to watch the game including areas by at and t park. and then, the mission. >> people arrived early this morning to claim their place. yesterday was a big disappointment because we lost. people are now saying we're
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going to have the parade on friday. >> good luck. you can get updates on the game and continue to watch abc7 news by following wayne freedman and mike shumann on twitter from kansas city. >> still head here tonight a capture of a suspect in a road rage shooting. >> and a new ride to the airport. you'll see progress bart is making on a new line with a new name, and a new fare. >> i'm spencer christian. looks like halloween brings us rain, and showers and a timely break, a treat. i'll hdq the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> with a new app, a few asked for it. it will fetch
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a case of road rage led police to sacramento county now. >> police handcuffed a man you will see in white pants. they brought him in question of the shooting that killed pearla avina. >> yes. she was a passenger in a car. someone opened fire on the vehicle. no other information on why police have taken that man into custody. >> more breaking news now. southern california you can see a pilot died when crashing a plane in ventura county.
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>> the wreckage spread across a field mere point mugu naval air station. >> investigators are trying to determine what kind of aircraft was involveed and what went wrong here. >> the fire chief is working to garner support, meeting with rank and file after union leaders asked the mayor to remove her. we caught up with the fire chief at the training facility today she just finished the second of three meetings, last month, representatives presented the mayor with letter citing a grave crisis of confidence in the leadership. >> this is an effort to try to win back confidence? >> it's an ef yrt.
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there is concern about a lack of communication. >> says she she's heard criticism of her management style. >> not fighting hard enough for the budget. we're able to provide more detail in will we get our marching orders? >> kevin smith is head of the black firefighters association. >> is she convincing you she should stay? >> no, not at this time, no. >> kevin smith is head of the black firefighters association and believes the chief has not been a strong voice on issues like ambulance shortage and inadequate ems system.r >> these things we knew are on the horizon. we thought nothing is done about it to stop it. >> the fire commission has power to recommend the dismissal.
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five members have begun evaluating hays-white performance. to respond about how to achieve certain standards, one commissioner says they're not likely to beláqpby before thanksgiving. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> people flying out of oakland airport could have a new way to get there by thanksgiving the extension from the bart station to the airport is about to open. a lot of travellers are ready for this. >> nearly four decades, the extension is almost ready for it's public debut. and the hope is, just in time for the holidays. >> i think we all love to see it before the end of the month. we like to get in before the
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holidays but, safety first. soon, these signs will be ready for the unveiling. those who choose to take this train will walk up a ramp to a new station that is open and there is colorful art work etched into the glass. >> this barred board member is worried whether costs will be worth it in the long run. >> it isn't my priority. i would rather have more new bart trainñi cars. >> there is a big fight, important for airports. >> the mayor will be $6.
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in oakland abc7 news. >> important forecast, you know we have halloween the other part of the news is that it's going to happen on friday. >> right. >> we'll see. >> we've got clear skies right now, just thin high clouds over the bay area. otherwise, clear under bright skies right now. it's so warm at this check out this view. it's 77 in sanlta rosa. low 70s in napa. mid to upper 70s in concord and livermore.
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and post sunset sky,çó bright a glowing. rain, showers arriving friday for halloween. and there is a slight chance of thunderstorms friday evening. there is a good chance of break in the rainfall. a stalled front is pushing high clouds into the bay area. this next system is going to move in and bring us rainfall. we're hoping for a break. so let's start at 11:00 tomorrow night. and showers will be more wide spread during overnight hours. by 5:00 friday morning we'll look at a wide path of showers and rainfall. mid morning a front towards the central part of the bay area. rain pushing to east and south bay. a good amount of rainfall.
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notice a nice break after about 4:00, 5:00 p.m and no rain if this holds up. showers developing into the evening continuing overnight into the day saturday. saturday morning we're expecting wettest spot in the bay area, this is not a well structured storm but higher elevations are speaking of higher elevations in the sierra, snow will fall. there is a snow watch. delays are possible to carry the chains tonight lows upper 40s and highs
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on the mild side here is the accu-weather forecast. could be a thunderstorm saturday. showers continuing and set your clocks back to saturday night. then, sunday, wednesday, sunny and mild. >> thank you. >> american red cross under fire tonight.
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today marks two years since hurricane sandy hit the east coast. a report from the nonprofit says the red cross put public relation as above helping victims citing emergency vehicles taken from workers and a sign to serve as back drops for news conferences >> funeral services were held for ben bradley who died at age 93. among those who attended were reporters bob woodward and carl woodstein. former nbc news anchor tom brokaw was among the speakers and joe biden, supreme court
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justice steven brieer, and amazon founder jeff besos. bradley was the executive editor for more than 20 years. >> we want to share the story of a rescue on the high seas of a whale. these pictures from a whale entanglement team. spending five hours removing a hump back whale. crews believe the whale had been tangled in that line since october 7th. rescuers say the tale suffered damage. but the animal is expected to be okay. >> there is more still to come here tonight. just ahead the big rocket explosion that may have burst a bubble of budding young scientists. >> and an abc7 news follow up a traveller with no way out of a drug investigation halfway
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around the world. >> there it is. this is moving underground. >> lava bearing down on a
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the united launch alliance at las five rocket. >> a successful sendoff from cape canaveral, florida. a mission to replace a satellite replaced by gps tracking. today's launch went better than the one yesterday where a rocket, as you see here, blew up. this is headed for the international space station as well as experiments from school children and two bay area schools were part of the mission the newest member of the abc7 news team has the story. >> for students and staff in oakland, yesterday was supposed to be a day to celebrate.
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>> last thing we would have imagined would have been a rocket exproegs being the thing getting into ourñi way. >> on board experiments from across the country. and community members raised $20,000 designed to test whether worms could compost in space. >> there was a flame that went up. >> the culmination of a year-long investment went up in flames. there is shock and a path was on the flight. >> we do not have a back up, so we only have pictures. we're hoping we can get a new
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badge made. >> an opportunity to learn and regroup. >> they're stepping up and excited about the relaunch and focused on getting our worms back to anything can change in a second. >> a local veterinarian has been arrested near indonesia. we reported dr. stacy addison had been taken into custody and strip searched now, according to her friends she's been arrested and charged. and officials haven't notified her attorney. a man she did not know was carrying a shipment of
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methamphetamines in his car. >> president obama is trying to calm fears over ebola, meeting with a group who volunteered to fight ebola in west africa. he says they're heros who shouldn't be faesing confinement. >> we need groups leading. we have to encourage it and applaud it. >> in maine, health officials say they can't prevent a nurse who treated patients from leaving her mom. she has no no symptoms and has been in involuntary confinement. . >> i remain concerned for policies for aid workers i think we're only adding to stigma not based on science or evidence. >> today, u.s. military confirmed all service members returning from west africa will be quarantined 21 days
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a thousand troops are currently helping with the fight. >> in hawaii tonight the people of a small village have now been told to abandon their homes. a river of molten lava isó[ bearing down on them. martin savage is in(y9q village. >> the day residents have been fearing is finally here. this town is burning the lava is now searing the town. it's just the beginning. overnight, notices went out, face-to-face, knock on the door. >> the hafa is moving about 30 feet an hour and it will cut the main street in less than two days. in a helicopter i could follow the trail of destruction from the slopesxd to the edge of tow. >> there it is.
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>> this is moving underground. >> the lava surrounded white tomb stones. >> there is nothing that can be done. in other words if you're thinking why don't they divert it hawaii has tried that in the past. it's never been effective. >> on the ground crews raced to construct roads around the lava to keep a route open. and businesses connected to the nearby city of hilo. >> hopefully we'll be able to stay open. hopefully will be viable. >> as the danger creeps closer some say they will stay. only to watch their homes burn. >> when thislp lava flow comes through the area, there will be an opportunity to stay on site provided it is safe to do so.
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>> dozens of national guard troops have been sent in. >> coming up next the battle over medical malpractice >> i]yes. a report may help you - "dear scan, "i've been a scan member for almost two years and have been very satisfied with the plan." - "i would like to thank you and your organization from top to bottom."
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proposition 46 is proving to be the most controversial issue you'll have to decide. >> if it passes it could make it easier to sue your doctor if something goes wrong. >> ñrtonight, a primer on prop do you know what medical malpractice is? >> a doctor provides care that ends up hurting or killing a patient. >> right. prop 46 is trying to do three main things one, increase amount you can sue a doctor for noneconomic losses think like pain and suffering from $250,000 to over $1
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million, then, adjust for inflation in future years. two, make doctors submit to health and alcohol testing. require health care worker owes check a state wide state data base to prevent patients from abusing the system. these rules will add costs for state and local governments paying for many services. and for doctor who's will have to pay more for their insurance, too.fá supporters of the prop claim a decrease in medical engineers -- negligence could decrease the amount. 12, drug and alcohol testing of doctors and three, requiring health care providers to check a data base before prescribing certain drugs.
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voting no means you do not support one, increasing the amount for noneconomic damages and malpractice lawsuits, two, drug and alcohol testing for doctors and requiring health care workers to prescribe to a data base before prescribing certain drugs. >> you can see the reports we've prepared on abc7 just look for the voter guide. >> follow abc coverage of the returns on tuesday with the abc7 news app. >> stay right here, michael finney is next with an app called fetch. >> it finds what you're looking for and fetches it's for you.
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for busy schedules it's hard to find time for shopping.
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>> l is a shopper anyone can afford. >> you're going to love this. shopping online used to be the new way to save time. no driving, no parking or standing in line. however, online shopping eats up time. welcome to the internet looking for deals, read, compare prices, type in account numbers now there is a personal shopper to do this for free. >> i run out of socks. i'd just have owe reuse these socks >> he isn't rich enough to pay a personal shopper but found one for free. >> it's easier to go buy through a browser >> an app called fetch. users type in what they want fetch goes shopping. >> you remember you needed to buy a new toothbrush.
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just go in and say new toothbrush. >> doug is getting ready for halloween. asking fetch to find him a creepy horse head mask. fetch comes up with it. >> we book any products. >> requests go to dozens of real shoppers across the nation like annual o'neal. today, she works out of a coffee shop. scanning for deals . >> i want to find a good product with good reviews. >> look at the request. customers asking for a retro diner booth. a native american rug, a wig and a oakland raiders tee shirt. danielle finds the shirt, then sends the customer a text
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message with picture and price. does he want that? >> if they don't like it, can decline it. >> it brings us back to doug. fetch brought him this stand and some socks. those were great. fetch picked out this office rug. not his style. what about that horse head? three days after, it is delivered. >> there is around. >> the ceo says the company takes a cut of money and if you don't like what you see, fetch
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with return it for you. there is information on how to contact me with problems they may be having. >> thank you. >> updating the weather forecast. >> clear skies around the bay area now. what a warm day we've had. 81 in napa. 82 at richmond. and 78 in san jose. 79 in san francisco. and let's not for get halflp mo bay. that warmth going to taper off. still mild weather about a day. state wide we'll see highs 82 in sacramento. 91 down in palm springs. here in the bay area, mild with lots of cloud cover tomorrow. we'll see highs in the upper 60s on the coast. upper 70s to near 80s inland
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here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler weather friday. with lots of clouds and rain. it's going to be a wet, soggy halloween. they'll taper off saturday. we'll fall back to set clocks back. >> a lot of baseball, so far, so good. >> i'm an emotional wreck. >> i was like that before the first pitch. >> if you're not into baseball warriors tipping off a new season tonight. how will steve kerr do? sports is coming up next.
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good evening, giants trying to do what no team has done since the pirates win a game 7 on the road. right now, giants with a slim lead jumping out to a 2-0 lead on a pair of sack flies.
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and madison bumgardener perhaps to pitch the bottom of the fifth. madden exercised an opt out deal last week. nine overshadowed by world series, nba tipping off a new season tonight. starting the new year in sacramento went through shoot around today. video provided by golden state. warriors looking good, the passing game has been revitalized. expectations are high. some have warriors finishing as high as second the road to get there begins tonight against norcal rivals. >> opening night is special.
6:54 pm
you know routine sets in with game after game. opening night, you know always feels like a playoff game to me i think our guys are ready to go. >> warriors home opener will be saturday night. lakers without their top draft pick for the season. that play looked innocent but randall broke his leg. surgery today for a fractured tibia, done for the year. bad night for the lakers. against rockets and two exchange words, kobe seen calling howard soft. there it is.
6:55 pm
>> season opener in madison square garden. how will phil jackson and carmelo anthony exist? a defensive play, that is a headline right there. and new soul inside. and rams they pulled off a fake return that caught seahawks off guard. to go the distance. >> you've got to be ahert and so
6:56 pm
if you're credit. >> abc7 sports, 3-2 for the giants. >> interesting if he does. >> yes. >> i think he dances on the line up. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> join us tonight at also, amelia earhart mystery solved? why researchers believe they may have the cure they've been looking for >> why this seemingly normal picture of a man eating alone is
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going viral tonight. >> good line up tonight. >> our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> for spencer christian, the entire news team have a great night. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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