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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. sandoval. inside territory. it is good. giants win. baseball dynasty. we win the third world series in five years. >> the streets of san francisco turn into a huge party. the fans took the celebration a little too far. police were injured and there was a swift response from police. >> like the champion, we will take you inside the bay area t-shirt company outfitting the giants fans and everything you need to know about the parade tomorrow. >> this will look great on you,
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eric. >> you need a slightly bigger size but that is okay. i will put it in my locker. >> thanks for joining us. you didn't. mike has the forecast. possession is .9 of the sorry. won't fit me. >> a look at live doppler hd, we are high clouds and that has kept us mild, we are in the upper 50's to mid-60's. we are in the home 70's inland and a quick look at the coast in the mid-60's headed through the
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afternoon. leyla gulen? this is my first. looks good, doesn't it? it also goes with my outfit so i keep it. we still have slowing southbound 880 headed through hayward because of an early accident and it looks like everything is re-opened but the backups remain and we have a car fire headed along the westbound 580 direction and possibly one lane is blocked and you can see how it is causing a slow down through the altamont pass and when you get passed it it opened up. we have construction in the eastbound direction to not flynn road and that will last until 9:00. this morning, the world championship san francisco giants are back in the bay. so is the big prize. we will look at giants c.e.o. larry baer showing off the trophy to fans as he lifed aat&t
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park before 5:00. amy hollyfield talked with baer and jones us. good morning, kristen, the giants had quite a homecoming although it was very early in the morning. here is the video of the buses pulling into at&t park at 4:46 this o. -- this morning. they are met by clearing -- cheering fans who stayed up all night. larry baer gave reports a minute of his time. he was groggy after the all night flight but we asked him, what did he think of being called a dynasty? >> we tell the fans, this belongs to you. it has been amazing. we are not done. we are not done. we have a lot of the same players back next year so it is
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special. >> he will not use the dynasty word but hunter pence no one stopped to talk to the reporters or greet fans but just drove by which disappointed some. it is unique getting to be a giants fans because they have other times to compare it to. in the past when they have come home from winning the world series the couple of players have stopped, signed autographs and taken pictures but fans say they were disappointed but they understand necessity know the team is very tired. the fans were up all might and now some are going to buy the t-shirts and they had to cigarette the fans and now they are going do work, they pulled
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an all nighter and are going straight to work. they say, yes, they will be at the parade tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco for abc7 news. the game last night had fans on edge throughout the night right up to the very end but many were more confident going into the fifth inning. here is why. >> here he comes, bumgarner already a world series hero and taking over in the 5th. >> bumgarner came back on just two days rest after sunday's 117th pitch complete game shut out and the 25-year-old got the final continue outs throwing another 68 pitches. >> i'm amazed with what they did. the fact that we have won three times in five years. it is not that easy but when you have a group of warriors like this, they continue to amaze
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you. >> the 10 the manager to win three world series titles. >> most fans celebrated peacefully but there were some who turned rowdy and destructive and riot police had to go to work with some injuries. >> matt is in the mission with more on that. >> it was unforgettable and busy for police in the mission and near at&t park where the celebrations got out of criminal. check -- out of control. the police faced many problems including bottles and firecrackers thrown at officer as they try to disperse the crowds. multiple officers suffered injuries including one taken to the hospital. a police truck was damaged by bottles. >> i saw bombs and budget wills
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-- and bottles and people were jumping people. i saw a lot of crazy stuff going on and i tried to avoid it and keep a low profile. >> police say two people were shot and one was hit in the arm at 21st and another victim walked into san francisco general with a non-life threatening wound is another was stabbed multiple times. muni say they deactivated power lanes and original put out diesel buses and san francisco police have not released any statistics on arrests but they do say they are gathering that information and could be released by this afternoon. no one wanted to say the parade word before we when game seven but now we can talk about parade preparations. >> nick is in the newsroom.
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>> we were talking about this earlier, we can agree employers should not be surprised if a majority of the workforce calls in sick, with a million people expected in san francisco to celebrate the third world series championship in five years. the parade starts at noon as the route begins at the foot of market street near the ferry building and goes to city hall. according to our meteorologist mike nicco sunny skies are not in photograph. what is predicted is a great parade. crews have been putting the final touches on the floats all week long and we caught some of the stop secret action at pier 54 with all hands on deck. this company has produced 10,000 t-shirts and will public out another 10,000 t-shirts today. this is the third go at the world series parade and they
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have made their own plans. >> a repeat of 2012 the parade and halloween on the same day so police officers' team off is canceled because of halloween and that stays in effect because we have to have staffing for the parade. >> a million people lined market street and if you are planning on being this tomorrow, public transportation will be your friend. bart starts early at 4:00 a.m. and for commuting and party goers, the ridership for the 2012 parade set all time record and this year they are expecting an additional 100,000 riders. muni and caltrain are adding extra service. buy your ticket today or avoid it by tuning in to us because we carry the parade and rally on air and online with coverage at
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11 o'clock a.m. >> it will be a great time. >> you get the benefits and do not have to worry about jumping over cords or people's feet so tune in to abc for more on the parade. >> you do not have to worry about the wet weather. we are ten degrees warmer this morning because of high clouds. dress for temperatures mostly in the mid-50's to low 60's as we head through the next couple of hours and the parade is going to be rainy toward the beginning of the parade but the rain will be tapering from 12:00 to 1:00 o'clock and dry by 2:00 with temperatures in the home 60's and as we move through the next couple of days we are looking at rain tomorrow morning and showers still looking like a end dry weather for trick-or-treating and more showers on saturday morning and it will be dry on sunday.
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>> let's hook right now at the bay bridge toll plaza it is bedifficult out there at 15 minutes from the east bay up to the tolls and when you cross over toward treasure island that will tack on a couple of minutes and we have busy drive along highway 4 coming across highway 4 corridor out of antioch up to concord and if you need to continue into hercules that portion between 242 and 80 it is not too bad but 41 minutes between antioch and heck lease and it is decent to the hoffman split. >> it is now 6:11. the apple c.e.o. reveals something many people knew or suspected: he is gay. why he finally decided to make it public. >> the most talked about moments of the world series did not happen on the field but an awkward moment after the game that has so many people
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 6:14. for the first time ever, apple c.e.o. tim cook is confirming
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what many already know: he is gay. in a letter to "business week," he said that he has been open for years about sexual orientation and adds plenty of colleagues know he is gay but the apple c.e.o. says he has tried to maintain privacy over the years because he doesn't like to draw attention to himself. he says he finally decided to confirm he is gay because he is hopeful he can inspire or bring comfort to those still struggling with their sexuality. >> he writes "let me be clear i'm proud to be gay and i consider being gay one of the greatest gifts got has given me." >> now our world series coverage. some players celebrated in the locker room with champagne but others took time to share the moment with their families. our photojournalist come this moment of brandon crawford with his daughter on the pitcher's mound comparing this year's team with the 2012 champions.
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>> this series was so intense, not to take anything away from 2012 because it was fun but this was good, back-and-forth, and i felt in game seven we felt something we didn't feel a couple of years ago. >> double lay was so key yesterday and the giants swept the tigers in 2012. all eyes were on world series m.v.p. bumgarner waiting to congratulate him including a nervous representatives for chevrolet who presented him with a new truck. >> we have also been proud with the latest and greatest technology if our truck lineup which is the all new 2015 chevrolet colorado. it combines class winning and leading technology.
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>> chevrolet regional manager had a little trouble describing the new truck. he was holding an index card but he get through it and presented bumgarner with with a set of keys. it had to be so difficult to do that knowing you are on tv and everyone is watching and new people on twitter are talking how nervous he was. but it was a tough swiss. >> you can tell by the breathing. it gets shallow when you are really nervous. >> when you figure it out... maybe you can help him out with some coping? >> 31 years ago it wasn't a breeze. >> now, feeling nervous about the rain? will it be okay. >> feeling better about the window staying dry. >> 12 to 3:00?
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>> maybe longer. we have in fog, but high clouds wasting for a gorgeous sunrise. i will capture it and put it on my twitter and you can find my parade forecast if you tune away from the tv. here is a look from the east bay hills. it is calm this morning. we will be cloudy with mild highs. they will continue because of the nice southern wind. rain and showers for saturday, through saturday, actually, and brighter and warmer sunday through wednesday. the temperatures are impressive with the lack of sunshine and we are nearly 80 in antioch. mid-to-upper 60 along the coast to san francisco. tonight, the best chance of showers is to the north and drizzle is possible as the moisture surges in and temperatures remain milder than this morning, mid-60's to 50's and showers at look as the
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southern surge rolls in and that is the difference between yesterday's models and today's models and that slow the system down and by 5:00, our best chance of light rain in the early commute is in the north bay and by 10:00, the intensity is higher and we see the oranges so light-to-moderate rain moving through the heart of the bay by 2:00 or 3:00 it is finally out of here and the window is opening up, there is a chance of a spray shower and our best chance of widely scattered showers is around 2:00 in the morning through 7:00 and we will see other showers regenerate in the afternoon but they will be spotty on saturday afternoon which will not be a wash out. sunday is the prettier and warmer dry. we stuck in the 60's on friday and saturday and do not forget to change the batteries in the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. >> good advise.
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>> if muni van ness route is expensing longer than normal rate time and mass transit is rolling fine and the drive through walnut creek from pleasant hill is starting to load up but mostly across the bay area we are finding light patches. if you were partying all night give yourself some rest because the worst thing is being on the road when you are tired. southbound 880, quite the backup on 238 and down to 10 miles per hour approaching 92 and it will take you 45 minutes to get from 238 until milpitas but mostly we are accident free. >> much more on the giants world series win straight ahead this morning. >> new at 6:30. a secret handshake between two men who led to baseball's biggest game. biggest game. outlet malls...a deal or no hi, i'm henry winkler
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partnered with fence to find out if they are a deal. >> we are spending more than ever at outlet malls topping $42 million this year. "consumer reports" has rated 53 of the biggest outlets for value and quality based on a survey of 16,000 subscribers. we can help you get the best bargains. >> most shoppers who told consumer of 25,000 outlet store visits are happy with the deals. 64 percent say outlets or great value. >> i am looking for great deals, great products and great price. >> would doesn't like a great deal? >> those surveyed found superior value at izoz and l.l. bean but ratings from "consumer reports" subscribers were not is good for some stores including american eagle outfitters, old navy, gap,
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and my key. most merchandise is made especially for the outlets but is it the same quality? the coach carries this bag, the outlet has this bag. >> retail version is a nice leather with a rounded top so it sits nicely but the other version is fine and has a few less fine details there is a $100 difference between j. crew flats and those at the retail. >> the shoes are similar but the retail is let egg from italy and outlet is made in china and retail has a he will which provides better support. >> watch out that not everything is cheaper at the outlet. this dinner wear is identical to the one at retail it actually costs more. same with this pot and pan set. some outsets offer bargains but
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you have to shop carefully. >> more tips are head to the back of the store first, for the biggest mack downs and if the item is damage ask for additional discount. shoppers got 10 percent off every time they asked. >> you knew that, right, go to the back of the door? they put the big buck stuff in the front? >> you rely i am male, right. >> sorry about that i tell your wife. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories. >> firecrackers and bottles that is what san francisco police say officers faced from rowdy fans last night with destruction last behind and the officer who had to go to the hospital. >> i will have a wet forecast for part of the celebration and also for part of halloween. and then some dry weather for the rest of the we weekend. >> here is a look at the
6:27 am
richmond-san rafael toll plaza the traffic is pretty light. we have groggy folks waking up because traffic is light across the bay area and i will have those when abc7news.coms right
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:30. the day after the world series. after a win. thanks for joining us. this is a dynasty according to the san francisco chronicle. yes, yes, yes, is the screaming headlines on the sporting green when bumgarner walked in --. >> mike, want to join the party? i do. >> they have a t-shirt, too, world series champion! >> san francisco is incredibly proud and how it has inspired us all. mike, are you going to tell us how the parade weather is beginning to -- going to be? >> it is going to be wet while you are waiting for the parade to start. it will still be raining but
6:31 am
lightly and tapering as we head to 1:00 o'clock and over after that. no fog this morning, just high clouds and temperatures at a mild mid-50's to low 60's and that is how it looks on the first panel of the day panel and at noon, mid-60's to low 60's with high clouds and sunshine and thick are clouds and southern breeze that keeps us mild and mid-60's at the coast and mid-70's for the rest of us and enjoy the evening, there are football games because halloween is tomorrow and low-to-upper 60's. >> the golden gate bridge is still hooking clear and you can see it is smooth. smooth sailing from marin and the northbound direction heading out of san francisco we will check out san francisco headed through the revideo and the marina we are at 12 miles per hour so it is stop-and-go crossing the lights and you make it to the presidio so through the city it will be jammed but van ness is okay and 101 headed into san francisco and 280 out
6:32 am
of daly city, we are clear there, however, northbound 101 at candlestick park we have a stalled vehicle blocking one lane. eric and kristen? the giants are world series champions and they celebrate their win with, what else, champagne showers much this is the scene at kauffman stadium in kansas city after the giants secure the third world series title in five years: hard won seven game sears, what a moment. >> fast forward a few hours and the orange and black are back in the pay area. >> they touched down at 4:00 this morning after leaving kansas city last night with the players and the families boarding buses and headed for at&t park and amy hollyfield is at at&t park. you were there and caught the action as the team arrived. how exciting. >> it was. i have to say giants fans are
6:33 am
very energetic, they were here to make sure that the team was welcomed home. it didn't matter that it was 4:45 in the morning when the buses pulled in to at&t park, fans were wide awake and they were here clearing. c.e.o. larry baer made it worth it parading off the trophy so all the fans could get a picture of it. they were held back by barricades or they would have hugged him and grabbed the trophy. they stumbled off to bed, a tired larry baer talked to us. >> what was the plan liked? >> plane was giddy, an altered state of happiness and euphoria. though got it done. the group was...this group felt they earned it. they defied a lost odds.
6:34 am
we got a good shot of hunter pence taking pictures of officers who escorted the buss to the pat park -- to at&t park. we got some waves from employers. no comments or pictures are autographs. some fans were disappointed but they understand. the players are headed off to bed undoubtedly and they looked tired as they were unloading and packing up their suitcases but the fans, not so lucky, many stayed up all night, greeted the teen and they might now sneak in a breakfast, maybe a shower or nap and they are then headed to work. the giants had their fans on edge last night taking the series all the way to a wild nerve, wrapping -- nerve racking
6:35 am
game seven. >> sandoval inside territory. giants win it. >> this is how we do it. bumgarner got royals capture perez to foul out and sandoval ended the 7th game. the 25-year-old m.v.p. came out of the bullpen and pitched five scoreless innings on two days rest to shut the door on the royals, 3-2. >> the ball was up there for a couple of seconds and you knew you had it and you could >> matt is in the mission district. matt? >> yes, eric, another world series victory if the giants and just like in 2012 the
6:36 am
celebrations in the mission and near at&t park were big and out of control. san francisco police say bottles, firecrackers were thrown at officers as they tried to disperse the crowds. multiple officers suffered minor injuries with one taken to the hospital and a police truck was damaged by thrown bottles and by 1:30 the crowd had disbursed and arrests were made and no details on how many. >> the police are not overbearing and they are not your face but they are trying to keep everyone safe and that is a good thing. >> police say two people were shot, one was hit in the arm at 21st at 8:45 and another victim walked into san francisco general with a non-life threatening wound and another man was stabbed multiple times and police are gearing up for a busy day tomorrow and were staffing up for halloween and now they have a parade.
6:37 am
thanks, matt, our coverage of the giants world series win conditions. >> hot off the press, we go snowed the bay area t-shirt company outfitting giants fans in time for the championship parade and what you need to know if you are planning to get out there to clear on the orange and black. >> also ahead, the ebola scare reaches the bay area and the dot under quarantine as sacramento issues new ebola
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now the parade. it will be wet at going. if you are going out early you will be wet by lit rain. we will be in the low-to-mid 60's with sunshine as the procession starts to head into civic center plaza and for the fun there. 64 at lake tahoe, and 81 in sacramento and 70 in machine tray and 80 in los angeles and 74 in los angeles and all of us are overrun by high clouds and sunshine. rain in lake tahoe tomorrow dropping to snow on saturday and we do have a winter storm watch up to 8" of snow is possible at 5,000' by saturday evening so travel delays will happen on saturday. >> we have a new accident in san francisco involving four vehicles and the well defended
6:41 am
blocks of traffic show nothing long and extending from north to south or east to west but we just have pockets of slowing because, really, a lot of people are waking up on the particular side this morning. we do have this accident involving four vehicles southbound 101 up to caesar chavez close to 280 the lane is blocked and it is causing slowing out of san francisco. >> much more world series coverage is straight ahead including a secret handshake you did not see during the game last
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, this is abc7 news. welcome back. the word series is over. giants are back in the bay and everyone is looking ahead tomorrow. for a parade. >> nick is in the newsroom with everything you need to know. >> we were afraid to use the "p" word until yesterday. a million people are expected to help celebrate the win. the parade is friday. orange is the color of halloween for a reason. it starts at the foot of the ferry building to city hall.
6:45 am
bring orange and black rain gear county according to meteorologist mike nicco, it will rain. >> when i tell you they have more than 10,000 t-shirts, he said another 10,000 t-shirts are ready today. >> this is the official shirt, the same one necessity held up. we did the shirts for them and now we will do it for the public. >> a million people lined for the parade and rally in twelve 12 and if you are planning on going to the parade use public transportation. bart will start early at 4:00 a.m. for commuters and part goers, and caltrain and golden gate transit and muni are adding extra services or forget all of that and get in front of your tv and watch us because we will be streaming it online and tv and our coverage begins at 11 o'clock. in the news room for abc7 news.
6:46 am
>> that is the easy way did do it. >> the" kansas city star," has a different headline "the end." you can now see it but "no answer for the bum." >> we displayed real good sportsmanship. our anchor friend at the abc affiliate, the giants players saluted the royals fan after the game of the isn't that classy? >> very classy. >> another great moment, missouri photographer captured an inside moment between the giants and royals player shaking hands, the photographer who shot this i message said it was a moment that no one witnessed and the photo has been re-tweeted hundreds of times.
6:47 am
this is part of the game memorabelia and now has a place in cooperstown with this photo "off to the ball of him is posey jersey, and the cleats and the hats. we will have continuing coverage of the win. "good morning america" is in kansas city this morning with a wrap up of the nail biting end of game seven. at 7:00 a.m. >> at 6:47. a sanford surgeon is under modifieed quarantine after treating ebola patients in liberia. officials have ordered him to stay away from work and other people. he is taking his temperature twice a day to detect possible fever which is a symptom of ebola and he is allows to jog, alone. the state health department issues guidelines yesterday and they require anyone returning to
6:48 am
california from ebola infected area to be quarantined for fun days. >> oakland police are expecting to reveal more details of an arrest in the shooting death of the mother of four. they took this man into custody in elk grove south of sacramento. >> the 30-year-old perla avina was riding in a car on 98th on sunday and someone in another car shot her while they were driving home from the grocery store. police offered $30,000 but they have made an arrest. >> the brothers arrested in connection with the budgeting of two people in a restroom at the stadium are due in court. the the two brothers are facing assault, which took place before the 49ers and chiefs game this in. two cousins were injured, one seriously. the assault began over an
6:49 am
argument over an available stall. >> and mike? look at the folding abilities of mike. >> a man of many talents. >> thousand we have a tall order. deliver...semi dry from the for three or four hours. >> it wasn't enough pressure to deliver a dry trick-or-treating forecast. now, the parade will be wet in the beginning. when you are going do get your spot it will be wet. the rain will start to taper between noon and 1:00 o'clock and by 2:00 it will be dry. dress for low-to-mid 60's so maybe a long sleeved 30 under the pancho. do not bring umbrellas. that will be a mess. >> live doppler hd shows high clouds are out there and the blankets of clouds brought us mid-50's to low 60's and the
6:50 am
height winds and in fog, look at this from the east bay, looking at berkeley and back to san francisco and the home of champions today. mostly sunny and mild highs and rain to showers through saturday and brighter and warmer sunday through wednesday and the warmest weather, absent -- antioch 80, and low-to-mid 70's if the rest of us and mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast into san francisco. tonight you can see the drizzle to light rain is coming in and it will be mild with mid-50's to low 60's. a few scout showers ahead of the main line at 11 o'clock tonight drizzle for most of us tomorrow morning and the light rain up in the north by and that is where we will have the merchandise prosecute rain roll through by 10:00 and it is moving into heart of the way and you think it is slower than yesterday and it is because we will have a strong wind that will keep us mild today, so from noon to
6:51 am
2:00, that is where you can see the rain pulling through and between 2:00 and 3:00 it will pull out of the south bay and until 9:00 we are dry with only a few light showers with the heavy showers moving in from midnight to 7:00 saturday morning. as far as rainfall, 1" to 2" and temperatures in the 60 friday and saturday. set your clocks back an hour and change your batteries in your smoke debtor -- detector. >> southbound 101 we have four vehicle involves in an accident and two lanes are blocked. the slowing is before hospital curve is right off of the 101 extension and that is where you are going to see the stand still traffic and as you come off the bay bridge it is slow-and-go and you will be met with the slow down up to 280, not too bad and
6:52 am
we are looking at slowing northbound 101 before the 280 extension. eastbound 80 at powell we have another vehicle at the off-ramp and sideways, with lanes blocked and 80 westbound, now very busy traffic and a look at walnut creek it is jammed as you come in from pleasant hill to highway 24. 6:52 we back with seven things to know before you go. morning news continues in 90 seconds.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> good morning at 6:54 and we can see the traffic slowly moving across the eastern span of the bay bridge. we will tell you why traffic looks like this with leyla gulen. right now whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know: the world series champions giants are back home and ready to celebrate. the team arrived by bus at at&t park two hours ago following the game seven win over the royals in kansas city and you can see cheering fans agreementing -- greeting the team. >> most yelled and screamed but a new took it to a new level, two people were shot in the mission and another man was stabbed with several arrests. police are not release the number until this morning. >> get ready for a joyans victory parade at noon tomorrow
6:55 am
in san francisco like in 2012 a million people are expected. it starts near the ferry building. it ended with a rally at city hall. parade coverage begins at 11 o'clock in the morning. >> the parade route and the forecast and going to be wet until at least noon and maybe 1:00 o'clock and we are dry by two and low-to-mid 60's and wear the rain gear. you can see the colors, october orange, and the sunrise is were coming you, mid-60's at coast to nearly 80 inland and high includes and sun. >> it is a late crunch commute with folks waking up late getting on the road so you have 15 minutes to get crass the water to the peninsula and the span of the bay bridge looks thicker because of the sig-alert in the city southbound highway 101 involving three or four vehicles blocking two lanes and slow in the northbound
6:56 am
direction. six, health federals in maine are going did court to try to forcibly quarantine a nurse who recently treated ebola patients in west africa. kaci hickox stepped outside her home in defiance of a quarantine order. state troopers can not take her into custody without a judge's permission. >> hawaiian officials say flow from the k -- k >> that is it for this morning. is something happening? >> congratulations, san francisco giants. you have done great. did a whole proud proud. we have a parade for you tomorrow. >> you did it when no one
6:57 am
expected it
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