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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 30, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry biel. >> and i'm ama daetz. >> giants fans were up early to greet the team at at&t park. ceo larry bair carrying the commissioner's trophy. authorities dealt with fires, shootings and stabbings overnight as the celebrations turned ugly in san francisco. >> on the whole, most fans enjoyed the moment. today they were out there getting their gear, marking the giants' third world championship in five years. we have team coverage this afternoon. let's begin with abc 7 news reporter leann melendez with the preparations under way for tomorrow's big parade.
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>> reporter: you know, larry, right now it's like grand central station here at the civic center plaza. let me just tell you that the streets around here will start closing at 7:00 this evening. and tomorrow other streets will begin closing at 9:00. i'll be like your mother right now, you've got to use public transportation. and finally, remember this in 2012? it was horrible. lousy. because there were so many people around here. they hope it will be a lot better this time around. this is one of eight floats that will take sponsors of the jins down the street for the giants grand prize. >> i'm only 29. look what the stress did to me. >> reporter: his team has not stopped working. not even to watch last night's win. master float builder davis thomas holds a special place in his heart for this float. >> we were cutting that when they lost game six.
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you don't know how hard it was to put up, don't stop believing, instead of maybe give up believing at that point. it was really, really hard. >> we were so happy that they won. we kept going, this is all for nothing. oh, no, but they won, so yea! >> reporter: the barricades are up. today fans stood in long lines to get yet another giants clothing item and businesses along market street prepared for the big event. >> the city kind of gelled together. it's really great. you know, all the businesses come together, all the people from out of town come in. so it's great. >> reporter: during the last parade, in 2012, cell service was poor to say the least. this time, there are temporary cell towers near the civic center. thousands of fans are expected to attend the parade. while families enjoy seeing the parade in person, the school district is urging parents to keep their kids in school. >> our schools are deciding how they're going to handle it. i know some schools are going to
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show the parade. some are going to live stream the parade. and there are halloween activities they're going to be doing. but kids belong in school. >> reporter: in 2012 the school district failed to get $160,000 in lost average daily attendance from the state. in san francisco, lyanne melendez. >> the route will begin at the foot of market and stewart streets. from there the giants will ride double-decker buses to city hall for a ceremony. >> b.a.r.t. is expecting record ridership tomorrow because of the parade. and remember, it's halloween as well. b.a.r.t. will run extra trains all day long, and riders are expected to check the transit app for schedules. buy your tickets early to avoid the long lines at the ticket machines. bike riders are urged to leave their bicycles at home. check out the detailed parade section at >> spectators may need
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umbrellas. although a hood might be better because your umbrella gets in the way of other people. >> christian is here with the accuweather update. >> we will need umbrellas tomorrow for the parade, but who cares, everyone loves a parade. i skipped ahead in my graphics here, but let's tell you anyhow. we do expect to have rain for the parade. let me continue this -- there we are. live doppler 7 hd. right now we're looking at clouds thickening over the bay area. little specks of moisture in the clouds. nothing hitting the ground at the moment. not that we have reports on anyhow. here's how things are shaping up. weather conditions for tomorrow's world series victory parade, if you're out there at 10:00 a.m. before the parade starts, you are probably going to get wet. it's expected to be raining at that hour. the wind is expected to be tapering off around noon, as the parade begins. then between noon and about 2:00
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p.m., we'll see the rain breaking up into widely scattered showers. in fact, we may get a completely dry break between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. that's good news. the parade will be over by then. for trick-or-treaters, here's what we expect between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., partly sunny. a break from the rain. but stray showers after 4:00 p.m. you may want to get your trick-or-treating in early. i'll give you a remainder of the forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you so much. san francisco police made 40 arrests when some post-game celebrations became rowdy, and in a few cases violent overnight. officers arrested six people, and two could face gun charges. two other people will survive after being shot in the mission district. another person was stabbed. police chief greg sur described the overwhelming majority of the celebrations being peaceful with a few people causing most of the trouble. >> the clowns that came to san francisco, to act out, i guess
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you just don't know what it's like to have a good time without being a jerk. >> chief sur also praised his officers to clear the crowds after the celebrations blocked streets and fireworks were shot off near at&t park. officers worked closely with firefighters to put bonfires out quickly. >> the giants are home now resting up for tomorrow's big parade. they arrived back in the wee hours of this morning and received a rousing welcome from adoring fans. >> they certainly did. amy hollyfield halls the story. >> reporter: giants fans were still going strong at 4:00 this morning. roughly eight hours after the giants won the world series. they celebrated all night, then gathered at at&t park to welcome the team home from kansas city. >> i'm going straight from here to work. >> to work? >> yeah. i get no sleep today. they didn't get any sleep, i don't need any sleep either. >> reporter: when the buses pulled into the ballpark, it was so loud and energetic, you would have never guessed that it was 4:45 in the morning.
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larry made a beeline to the loyal fans and showed off the team's new trophy. >> seeing this trophy was wonderful. that was my first time getting the chance to see the world series trophy. >> reporter: players were so excited, they really didn't need a plane to fly home. >> the plane was just giddy. everybody was just sort of in an altered state of happiness. and euphoria. >> reporter: hunter pence took a minute to pose for pictures with chp officers. the fans got a wave or two, but most of the players loaded up their cars and headed straight home. the other side of the ballpark was busy, too. the dugouts were open at 8:00 and was packed with people buying world series t-shirts and hats. >> we came last night and they were closed. so we thought we had to come back in the morning. >> reporter: fans were spending hundreds of dollars on memorabilia without blinking an eye. everyone wanting to be a part of this historical moment.
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>> when you're world champions, money doesn't matter. >> reporter: how much does a t-shirt cost, they said? i don't know. as they headed to the register with an armful of shirts. and some didn't even have time to assess how many they've sold. but they said it's been a good day. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. garment workers toiled through the night, so thousands of giants fans could wear t-shirts just like these, celebrating the team's latest victory. one factory produced 20,000 shirts just overnight. the stores are run by the giants. fans lined up hours before the dugout stores opened at the embarcadero center. they wanted to beat the mad rush. >> the parade is tomorrow at noon. our live coverage, though, begins an hour ahead of time at 11:00 here on abc 7 and online at >> you can also follow the parade. we'll be posting pictures throughout to give you a different view of the celebration and be sure to like
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abc news on facebook to see it all. turning to other news this afternoon. an outing near san francisco's legion of honor ended in tragedy. >> about noon today, firefighters responded to reports of somebody falling off the cliff. when rescue crews got there, they found a man about 250 feet down painted rock cliff and land's end. >> he was brought up with standard rescue response. he went over the edge. they put him in the rescue harness. and we pulled him back up. >> the man was not seriously injured, but a woman who was with him fell all the way down the cliff to the water. she died. her body was retrieved by firefighters on a boat. national park police are investigating how the accident happened. a sign near the rescue site warns hikers to keep out because people have fallen to their death at that cliff. nurses want hospitals to do more when it comes to protecting health care workers when it comes to the ebola virus. >> pictures of suits and
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equipment needed to treat ebola patients. >> union leaders call it, quote, a life-or-death issue. they want a national day of action on november the 12th. that will include strikes in at least 13 states, including california as well as in washington, d.c. >> whatever it is, the nurses have been there. now they're being asked to put themselves in harm's way. they're being asked to be the front lines for health care in america, which is a world they love, unprotected, unguarded. >> one union leader accused hospitals and federal officials of not doing enough to protect health care workers from ebola. a natural gas odor, this is video from sky 7 hd. the smell was reported at 1:30, and there were reports of the odor at every downtown oakland b.a.r.t. station as well as at the west oakland station. even the embarcadero in san francisco. a pg&e crew came out to
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investigate. but so far, they have not determined the source of that odor. oakland police have released the name of the suspect arrested in the shooting death of a mother of four. >> it's being described as a road rage shooting. 20-year-old carl steven dubose was taken into custody south of sacramento late yesterday. >> investigators have recovered the vehicle and a firearm they say was involved in that shooting. they're crediting information from the public in making the arrest. >> i do want to thank the community for their support in providing information. it's been instrumental in this case and several others. obviously it doesn't happen in every case. >> dubose is accused of shooting a 30-year-old riding in car sunday afternoon. her husband, luis, said the other motorist did not like the way he was driving, and opened fire. the couple was driving home from a trip to the grocery store. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, people are still missing after a deadly plane crash today
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in kansas. what witnesses say might have led to that crash. coming up, a motorcycle side show, riders talking to california highway patrol officer on a bay area freeway. tonight, what led to the arrest of one of the men. new at 4:30, a bay area college student who says a fellow student got away with raping her. she's taking matters into her own hands. what she's doing about it now.
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authorities are still searching for four people still believed to be missing after a
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small plane lost power and then crashed into a building at an airport in wichita, kansas. that crash killed three people on the ground as well as the pilot. >> reporter: the king air turboprop plane crashed just before 10:00 a.m. local time. right into the flight safety building. >> it was the most horrific. >> reporter: the crash caused a two-alarm fire. firefighters struggled to get it under control. >> very challenging fire, as you might imagine. >> reporter: at least four people were killed inside the building. another five were injured. officials said there was just one person onboard, the pilot. and the small plane lost power just after takeoff. this is the audio from air traffic control. you hear the pilot say, and then -- officials said there were approximately 100 people, employees and visitors inside
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the building at the time of the crash. an instructor was in a safety class. >> the building just kind of shook and rumbled. when we saw the shadow on the west side of the building we knew something was wrong. >> reporter: portions of the flight simulator building sustained significant collapse, and were unsafe. >> we do have search and rescue crews inside right now, clearing the rest of the building. but we do have an imminent collapse danger present that we need to deal with. >> reporter: the ntsb will investigate today's crash. abc news, washington. a california highway patrol officer was hospitalized today after he collided with a car in oakland during a high-speed chase. the accident happened at 10:00 this morning at the intersection of martin luther king jr. way. the motorcycle officer was trying to catch up with another officer involved in a chase. the officer was thrown from his bike. the officer was taken to the hospital for moderate injuries, and is expected to recover.
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the chase was called off after the crash. the officer did have his emergency lights and siren activated. is looked like a scene out of a hollywood movie. motorcyclists doing all kinds of crazy stunts at high speeds on a south bay freeway, and all the while tossing a chp officer who was trying to pull them over. one man has been arrested for that stunt. abc 7 news reporter live in san jose with the story. chris? >> reporter: reckless and dangerous, that's what the chp is saying about this incident. one arrest has been made. but more could be on the way as the investigation continues. >> it's a problem. it has our focus. it has our attention. >> reporter: captured on camera, and posted to youtube, an attention-grabbing stunt along i-680 earlier this month. one chp officer all alone, up against a group of about 50 bikers. >> once the officer figured out that he was outnumbered and that
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this group had absolutely no regard for the law, he made a tactical retreat. >> reporter: late this morning, a crack in the case. chp announcing the arrest of 32-year-old artist of brentwood. investigators believe he was the one behind the camera. he was booked on charges of conspiracy and accessory after the fact committing a felony for evading an officer. but has since bailed out of jail. we spoke to a motorcyclist said these incidents cast a bad light over all the riders on the road. >> there's a time and place for everything. don't put innocent people at risk just because you're out there wanting to have some fun. >> reporter: a warning from the chp -- >> they didn't just evade that officer that day, they evaded the california highway patrol. we utilized all of california highway patrol's resources to make sure we took this gentleman into custody. >> reporter: in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. let's look ahead to the parade and halloween forecast now. >> spencer christian is here with the accuweather forecast.
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>> hey, it's going to be an enjoyable day. a lot to celebrate here. you can see how thick and low the clouds are now over the bay area. cloudier and cloudier. that's just ahead of the rain overnight. the live view looking at the western sky, which is dark and dreary looking. except one little bright orange opening there of sunlight. 63 degrees right now in san francisco. oakland 66ment l. 61 at half moon bay. clouds over san francisco from the rooftop camera. it is 73 right now at santa rosa. mid-70s at petaluma. and one more live view from mount tam looking at clouds at various levels of the atmosphere. these are the forecast features. rain arrives overnight. rain eases during the parade tomorrow. we'll have a little break for most areas tomorrow evening
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before more showers trail through tomorrow night. here's the satellite image. here comes the funnel system. a fairly strong one. rain will arrive during the overnight hours, and scattered showers into saturday. we'll get a pretty good dose of the wet weather. 5:00 tomorrow morning, it will already be raining in parts of the north bay. we'll take you up to about 10:00 a.m., rain moving through in a north-to-south line through the central and eastern parts of the bay area. down into the south bay as well. we'll see at noon, rain confined mainly to the south bay and the east bay. behind the front we get a little bit of a break. that's good news as the parade takes off at noon. maybe it will wind down and dry weather. by late afternoon we'll just see spotty showers behind the front. nice little break there. mainly dry for trick-or-treaters in the late afternoon and early evening. tomorrow night we'll see more scattered showers into saturday, through the day saturday, finally winding down late saturday afternoon. let's look ahead to about 5:00 saturday afternoon.
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rainfall totals, only about .015 of an inch. heaviest rain likely to fall in the south bay mountains. 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches. four to eight inches of snow above 6,000 feet. significant travel delays are possible. take chains if you're driving out that way. tonight in the bay area, overnight lows in the upper 50s for the most part. with rain developing up in the north bay. tomorrow's highs under showery conditions, mainly mid-60s for the most part. with that as our forecast for tomorrow, don't forget to set your clocks back saturday night to standard time. sunday, bright and sunny. for most of next week, sunny and mild, getting milder as the week goes on. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. they may not be your style, but we show you how much some men are willing to pay for these
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designer shoes. new after 4:30, the people cashing in on the big island as lava slowly works its way toward dozens of home. let's check the afternoon commute situation. this is a live shot of the macarthur maze. it's pretty close to a dead stop for oncoming traffic making its way on 80 east toward berkeley. moving better on the right-hand side.
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guys, would you pay $1,200 for these high-end kicks? i think larry is saying, no. if not, there are plenty of guys out there who will. they're shelling out big bucks for these fans i sneakers. they're designed by the legendary shoe designer.
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why are they in such high demand? >> i have no idea. >> here's your answer. credit rapper kanye west who was the first person to wear one of zonati's shoes. >> the fuzzy one is cute. but $1,200 is high. the other one i don't get it. whether in the mood for a halloween scare, you have plenty of options. >> there's a lot to explore where you live this weekend. abc 7 reporter has the details. >> reporter: a ghoulish thrill awaits at the davies symphony hall on halloween. enjoy live musical accompaniment. adding a little chill to your bones. tickets are still available. once your blood pressure has returned to manageable levels, create a little science on your own on the field of at&t park. extract your own dna and get the
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inside look of the science of sports. admission is free. help transform sterl hospital rooms into uplifting healing spaces for cancer patients. don sanchez will host a fund-raising event at hotel nico on behalf of the organization. tickets are still available. some of the world's best ice dancers are coming to san jose this weekend. kristi yamaguchi, along with a star-studded cast are performing in golden moment. proceeds support the always dream foundation literacy program. become an ice star of your own. the bay area's largest outdoor ice rink is takeni ining takingr the plaza. visit our website at abc 7 news. coming up, a bay area woman takes a stand.
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why she's carrying around this mattress on her college campus. a defiant nurse. the woman who treated an ebola patient, hitting the road in maine, and why she said she will not let politicians run her life. apple ceo tim cook on why he decided to finally tell the world he's gay.
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in today's headlines, the san francisco giants tweeted today the scene around at&t park feels like a game day. lots of sf giants fans, lots of energy. giants fans greeted the team as they arrived back in the bay area early this morning. world series parade will begin tomorrow at noon. we'll have it for you right here live on abc 7. tweets from california nurses today as nurses around the world announced, national day of action on november the 12th, demanding operate mal ebola protections. nurses gathered to make their voices heard on the ebola issue. a bay area woman carrying a mattress around her menlo park campus after she says she was raped, and said the man who did it was never prosecuted. this is part of a countrywide protest where women are trying to bring attention to the issue of rape by carrying mattresses across campuses. abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins us live now with more on the story. vic?
4:31 pm
>> reporter: well, how often have we heard this scenario. alcohol-fueled sex after playing drinking games on campus. the female -- christie carries this rubber mattress everywhere she goes on the campus of men lo college. the 18-year-old sophomore cheerleader says it's a literal expression of the emotional weight of being a rape victim. it's also a protest of how the school and the d.a.'s office handled her case. >> it's not fair. no one listens. no one cares. people say they're there, but they're not. >> reporter: christie's story starts the night of october 4th. she and her girlfriends were partying at the dorms. they met another group which included the student whom she said sexually assaulted her. that student went back to christie's room, along with her friends. >> we were playing drinking games. and i wasn't familiar with him. he was explaining all of it. >> reporter: christie said she
4:32 pm
became very drunk, she went to bed, he climbed in with her. that's when the girlfriends left the room. >> i kept saying i wanted to go to sleep. i kept saying -- i was drunk and i was too drunk to understand what was happening. and he did it anyway. >> reporter: christie later told school officials what happened. a judicial board comprised of faculty and students held a hearing. the college gave abc 7 news the statement which says in part, that their decision was to bar the male student who was involved in the incident from our campus for any purpose, other than to attend classes. christie says that's not enough. certainly not on a campus of only 700 students. >> he's still enrolled in the school and i could still run into him in my building. >> reporter: the college also reported the incident to police. they gave the results of their investigation to the san mateo county district attorney's office. they declined to charge the case, saying there wasn't enough evidence. christie saw a news story about a columbia university student in
4:33 pm
new york who protested the school's handling of her rape case by carrying a mattress around campus because her assail lapt was still allowed to attend classes. now she wants to speak out and fight back, if you, too, are a victim. vic lee, abc 7 news. the oregon woman with terminal cancer who said she would take her life has changed her mind. for now. 19-year-old brittany maynard said she has stage four brain cancer and her doctors gave her six months to live back in april. she said she was going to take medication to end her life. she moved from california to oregon because that state has a death with dignity act. a video of her on youtube has nearly 9 million views. brittany says now doesn't seem like the right time to end her life because she still feels good, and still feels joy in her life. a nurse in maine keeps violating a quarantine order slapped against her when she returned from treating ebola patients in west africa. so far that woman has tested
4:34 pm
negative for the virus. marcy gonzalez with more on the story. >> reporter: still in a standoff, the governor of maine saying today negotiations with the nurse has failed. he's now vowing to exercise the full extent of his authority to force her to stay quarantined in her home, as hickock defies the request, taking a bike ride with her boyfriend. >> thank you, guys. i have to go speak with the health department now. >> reporter: hickock returned from treating ebola patients last week still has no symptoms. telling tv station lbz last night she's taking a stand for herself and other health care workers who will soon be coming home from the front lines of the outbreak. >> i'm not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it's not science based. >> reporter: the governor telling abc news the only way to resolve this is for her to be tested for ebola again. attorneys now trying to get a court order, even though she's already tested negative for the
4:35 pm
virus twice. >> i'm not sure how this resolves anything. the blood test is only positive if you have symptoms of ebola. >> reporter: despite experts insisting hickock poses no threat to the community, the governor tells wgan radio, people in the small town of fort kent are afraid and angry. >> sick the police on her just to protect her. i don't want her to get hurt either. >> reporter: there's still only one ebola patient in the u.s. the hospital sending an update today that dr. craig spencer is still in serious but stable condition. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. coming up in half an hour, david louie following up on a story that he broke yesterday with the first interview with the stanford doctor who is in voluntary quarantine after returning from west africa. the largest ebola vaccine trial on humans is about to get under way in switzerland. the vaccine arrived at the
4:36 pm
university hospital where it will be given to 120 people. researchers will be trying to determine two things. is the vaccine safe, and what's the correct dosage? some of the first people to receive it will be health care workers on their way to west africa. they'll be monitored in switzerland for two weeks, two additional weeks in the hot zone. they hope to have some results in december. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has attempted to sue the america's relationship with israel after a potentially embarrassing magazine article. secretary kerry's comments follow an article in the atlantic and that article quoted an unnamed obama administration official who called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, quote, chicken blank. >> we condemn anybody who uses language such as was used in this article, that does not reflect the president, it does not reflect me. it is disgraceful. unacceptable. damaging. >> secretary kerry went on to
4:37 pm
say he's never heard that word used at the white house and doesn't know who the anonymous person in the article is. there's an upbeat report from the commerce department on the u.s. economy today. turns out we're doing a lot better than than economies in the rest of the world. the u.s. powered to a growth rate of 3.5% from july through september. it's on track to continue the momentum through the end of the year. there were solid gains in business investments, exports and the biggest jump in military spending in five years. the improving situation has prompted the federal reserve to end its bond buying stimulus program. investors were very pleased with those reports. the dow soared 221 points closing at 17,195. nasdaq rose nearly 17 points. in a letter to "business week," he said he's open for years about his sexual orientation. cook said colleagues know he's
4:38 pm
guy. the apple ceo tried to maintain privacy over the years because he doesn't like to draw attention to himself. but says he finally decided to publicly come out because he hopes to inspire or bring comfort to those still struggling with their own sexuality. here's a part of a letter that cook writes. and we quote now. let me be clear, i'm proud to be gay, and i consider being gay among the greatest gifts god has given me. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the underwear celebrating the exploits of series mvp madison bumgarner. is he being short-changed by the team? looking at the sky, clouds in the atmosphere. rain will arrive overnight. a wet parade tomorrow. i'll have the details in the forecast coming up. all right. at 4:38, live look at the afternoon commute. you can see the golden gate bridge and combination of clouds and fog, overall dreary look to a normally beautiful picture. as far as the traffic picture,
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moving pretty well actually in both directions. a remote that lives more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast.
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bringing media and technology together for you.
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underwear maker jockey is celebrating the giants and madison bumgarner in particular. yes, those are boxer briefs with the mvp on the backside. jockey is printing a limited number of the mad bum shorts. in support of madison bumgarner's third championship
4:42 pm
and one of the greatest baseball performances in postseason history. jockey will be giving some of those away during tomorrow's parade. madison bumgarner will no doubt cash in from his series exploits. he deserves it. especially when you compare how much he's getting paid compared to his teammates. he is an amazing bargain given what he just accomplished. this past season bumgarner was paid only $3.75 million. i say only, because you look at the comparisons, that made him only the eighth highest paid pitcher on the squad. eight on his own team. 14th overall in the giants payroll. highest paid, matt cain, who recently signed a $20 million deal. tim lincecum on the first of a two-year deal at $17 million. tim hudson had to be yanked in the second inning of yesterday's game at $11 million. next year it will be a little bit better for mad bum. the giants are paying him $6.5 million. still making him the fifth highest paid pitcher on the roster.
4:43 pm
this is where the brilliance of saban comes in. compare it with kershaw who's getting $215 million over seven from the dodgers. >> wow. bumgarner is definitely feeling the love today. tim hudson, wife of pitcher tim hudson tweeted this morning, love that the bumgarners stayed with us this postseason. this just happened. tim good night, man, i love you. madison, love you, too, man. if you hadn't heard, the bumgarners have been crashing at the hudsons' the past few weeks while they look for a new home. >> great story for tim hudson. 39 years old. 16 years in the major also. got his first world series appearance and first ring. thanks to madison bumgarner in large part. >> that's true. but we have a big party coming up tomorrow. when will that rain be coming in. >> spencer? >> the rain will start overnight and rain during the morning hours, and it will certainly be raining -- i shouldn't say certainly, but very likely to be
4:44 pm
raining at the start of the parade. we'll show you what's happening at the moment. we've got a cloudy sky as the minutes go by. tomorrow, nationally, look for mainly dry weather picture across the 48 contiguous states. showers in the eastern great lakes down to the ohio valley. showers in the pacific northwest. and down into the state of california, including the bay area. showers will start during the overnight hours. they'll make their way over to the sierra where we expect snow tomorrow night and into saturday. tomorrow in the daytime looks like a cool day over in the sierra. here, in the bay area tomorrow, look for cloudy skies. periods of rain and showers. the wettest periods will probably be in the morning hours. the showers will sift eastward and southward. highs tomorrow mainly in the mid-60s. let's come back on the camera for a second. i want to make it clear, we expect the rainiest part of the day in the city, where the parade will take place, from the morning hours up to about noon, maybe some breaks in the
4:45 pm
afternoon hours, so if you're along the parade route in the morning you're going to get wet. afternoon looks a little bit drier. for trick-or-treaters, late afternoon to early evening looks like the best time to get out tomorrow if you want to avoid getting wet. that's it for now. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, kidd rock rocks the world. helping make a man's wish come true. the latest place the high-tech device won't be welcomed. michael finney, the small powerful words. victoria secret ignited outrage across social media. that story coming
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hey john,whoa!k it out. yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device
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in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. we have new details in from pennsylvania. abc news has learned a man suspected of killing a state trooper, has been captured alive. eric frein spent several weeks on the loose. he's suspected in an ambush that also wounded another trooper in barrett township. that is in northeastern pennsylvania. the search forced officials to cancel the town's annual
4:49 pm
halloween parade and ban trick-or-treating tomorrow night. no word if that ban will be lifted now that frein has been caught. soon there will be another place google glass will be welcome, movie theaters. the national association representing movie theater owners announced today they will ban glass and other wearable tech devices. they're, of course, worried about digital piracy. some have been using google glass to copy entire films. victoria secret showing models in skimpy lingerie. >> it's the words in the ads. michael finney tells us why. >> they have something going on this time of the year. it's three small, powerful words, igniting outrage across the social media. the new ad campaign. it features the same model you see in tv commercials. what has critics upset is the word printed across the picture
4:50 pm
saying, the perfect body. many say that sends a message, a damaging message, rather, to women that everyone should look like the models. >> when someone looks at that, the tendency is to measure themselves against that ad. >> critics started an online petition demanding victoria secret change the word. they said the word "body" actually refers to line of lingerie called body by victoria. it did not respond to the petition as of yet. however, the ad was still up on the company's website today. gerber is accused of misleading customers about the good start gentle formula. gerber claims the formula can prevent or even reduce allergies. the commission filed a complaint saying the claim is false. it says gerber misled consumers by suggesting the formula was the first to meet government approval for reducing the risk of allergens.
4:51 pm
they want gerber to remove that claim. and wants them to reimburse the customer who bought the formula since 2011 when the claim began. gerber believes it met all the legal requirements about product claims. america's obsession with posting selfies online is coming back to haunt a lot of people. it seems some are posting selfies of their first paycheck online. not a good idea. criminals are able to duplicate those checks. imagine trying to cash it. yeah, cash your paycheck and learn somebody else already cashed it. anything with a bar code, none of that should ever be posted. >> all right. thank you, michael. >> first check was too small to post. kid rock fan received the best gift ever for his 30th birthday. dan mcger uploaded a youtube video, an invitation to his favorite rock star to come to his 30th birthday bash this last monday. he thought, this will be a long shot. kid rock is probably going to
4:52 pm
dismiss it like the many other invitations he gets. on the day of mcgurk's party, in walks kid rock and he did not come empty handed. >> he got me lots of stuff. he got me a hat. he got me a couple of his stuff, like he got me a picture frame, and he signed my book. >> that's pretty cool. kid rock also brought tickets to his upcoming concert and sang happy birthday to him. up next, a break, sort of, for residents whose homes are in the path of lava from the kilauea kol volcano. coming up at 5:00. >> i pulled out a chunk of glass. >> new trouble for a bay area gymnastics school. it's had more than one person bounced through a glass window. we'll have that story. you'll hear from madison bumgarner's mother. the hair-pulling moment watching her son win the world series.
4:53 pm
that, and a lot more coming up.
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checking your thursday night primetime at 8:00, new episodes of ""grey's anatomy," followed by scandal at 9:00. at 10:00, the new legal drama "how to get away with murder." of course, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. lava makes a slow crawl toward a major road in hawaii and threatens homes. >> abc news reporter emmitt miller has the latest on the flow and the people chasing it before disaster hits. >> reporter: a 30-mile red-hot blanket over the community. the lava flow slowed to 5 to 10 miles an hour giving michelle williams a chance to pack up and get out. >> luckily it's slow. that's also the downside is it's painfully slow in a way. >> reporter: rob marciano with
4:57 pm
an aerial perspective. >> we can certainly hope that it stops before it goes through a town and gets to the ocean. there's a history of doing that, but there's certainly no guarantee. >> reporter: this lava began bubbling from a crater in june and sliding northeast toward the ocean ever since. the rain that fell on the region wednesday couldn't stem the flow. it's still 225 yards from the downtown business district. for now, though, business is up. tourists have been pouring in to see the lava, and they're spending. even if they're spared, businesses like black rock cafe wonder how customers and vendors will reach them once the lava cuts off access. >> it speeds up, slows down. not like any other event where it comes and goes. and you can move on. >> reporter: officials say the lava flow is now 100 feet from the nearest home, and the hawaii national guard has now been activated. thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. it's already glowing orange for the big giants victory parade tomorrow. we'll tell you how to get there and whether you'll need an umbrella. giants fans go overboard and turn the celebration into mayhem. what the police chief said is the silver lining about last night. i pulled out a chunk of glass. >> new trouble for a bay area gymnastics school. how many times students have plunged through the window. abc 7 news, meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll have details on your halloween forecast coming up. from dollars to drills, just about everyone is finding a way to celebrate the giants victory today. but not last night.
4:59 pm
>> it's just disgraceful that they just don't get it. it just seems to happen. >> shootings, stabbings, at one point even the police chief had to step in and break up a tense situation with last night's series celebrations. a few bad apples causing more than a few problems. >> at one point police chief greg sur waded into the conflict telling a dozens kids yelling at police to turn off the music and leave or face arrest. we have live team coverage for you this evening from the aftermath of last night's craziness, to the glory of tomorrow's victory parade. let's begin with abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler at at&t park. carolyn? >> reporter: dan, it's a very mellow mood out here right now. people buying merchandise and taking pictures. very different scene last night. police in riot gear trying to handle an unruly crowd. san francisco police say 99.9%
5:00 pm
of giants fans celebrating the world series win did not do it this way. >> to the clowns that came to san francisco to act out, i guess you just don't know what it's like to have a good time without being a jerk. and we had a lot of them last night. >> reporter: they were the ones lighting bonfires in the middle of city streets. dancing on cars. setting off fireworks. and vandalizing businesses. >> they're not the regular people. that's no way to celebrate a victory like this. there are proper ways to do it. not just defacing somebody else's property. >> reporter: the windows of this mission district business are covered with graffiti. and someone keyed the glass. it was the same up and down the street. at the health and wellness store, the owner said she's happy the giants won, but not happy about the


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