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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 30, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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world series win did not do it this way. >> to the clowns that came to san francisco to act out, i guess you just don't know what it's like to have a good time without being a jerk. and we had a lot of them last night. >> reporter: they were the ones lighting bonfires in the middle of city streets. dancing on cars. setting off fireworks. and vandalizing businesses. >> they're not the regular people. that's no way to celebrate a victory like this. there are proper ways to do it. not just defacing somebody else's property. >> reporter: the windows of this mission district business are covered with graffiti. and someone keyed the glass. it was the same up and down the street. at the health and wellness store, the owner said she's happy the giants won, but not happy about the consequences.
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>> to replace this window is going to cost us. as a business owner, this is going to affect us, right? >> reporter: during the mayhem, two people were shot. one person is in serious condition after being stabbed. three officers were treated for injuries after being hit with flying bottles. even the police chief was struck. there were 40 arrests, 29 of them for being drunk in public. not exactly the picture you want the world to see after the giants victory. >> to say it's beyond uncool, beyond uncool. >> reporter: even though, the chief said what happened last night was better than the raucous celebrating after the giants win two years ago. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> another type of crime spikes when the local team wins the series, the counterfeits of t-shirts. homeland security agents showed off the 2,700 shirts and items they seized over the past few days. recovery is expected to take
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more from vendors peddling unlicensed items on the street. >> a group of agents in our intellectual property rights group that work in concert with the major league baseball association, they're very skilled in determining whether something is fake or authentic. >> counterfeit sports apparel was just one police in the illicit trade that also includes fake prescription drugs and designer fashions. all those fakes add up to a $250 billion business. they face punishment ranging from fines to prison time. the giants got a rousing welcome when their buses pulled into at&t park in san francisco, at 4:45 this morning. among the first to head out, pitcher tim hudson. hunter pence posed for pictures with chp officers. along with most of the players. tim lincecum loaded up his gear and headed straight home. it was awfully early in the morning and they had a pretty long intense day. the players will be front and center in tomorrow's parade, but so are some giant floats.
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matt keller has a look at what fans can expect. >> reporter: everyone loves a parade. especially when it's a world series championship parade. but getting the floats ready for it can take its toll. what's the most stressful part of all of this? >> unlike most parades where we have weeks or months to plan, this kind of came down the pikes over the course of days. so we're doing about a month's worth of work in about a week. >> reporter: the parade guys on pier 54 in san francisco started building early this week because waiting until a giants win would have been too late. the giants didn't want to jinx anything, but finally agreed to pay a stipend before wednesday's game six. then came the 10-0 loss that night. and the possibility all of this could be for naught. >> we were cutting that when they lost game six. you don't know how hard it was to put, don't stop believing instead of maybe give up believing at that point. it was really, really hard. >> reporter: today the finishing touches are being put on the
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floats from the iconic golden gate bridge to a panda for pablo sandoval. they're traditionally towed by pg&e trucks. >> a lot of times they put little league kids on and stuff. we never quite know who the guests of honor will be. i would love to see a certain panda on the panda float. >> i've just seen the floats. i want to get down there, yeah. this is going to be great. >> reporter: after these floats are completed, they'll move over to the staging area. that's parking lot "a" at at&t park. i asked if the forecast for the rain tomorrow if they're weatherproof, and they said they're ready for anything. matt keller, abc 7 news. the parade starts at noon. the giants will ride double-decker buses to city hall. b.a.r.t. is warning people heading to the parade, leave early. and with good reason. the transit system's two busiest
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day ever are the 2010 and 2012 world series parade. b.a.r.t. will run longer trains and add nine extra trains. b.a.r.t. will also stay open until 2:00 a.m. for trick-or-treaters. >> get your round-trip tickets, because there's going to be a lot of new riders on the system. the line to get tickets is going to be very long. people who don't know how to buy tickets. >> cal train is expanding its service for fans heading to the parade from the peninsula because its two busiest days ever were the past two giants parade days. there will be longer trains in the morning heading to san francisco. after the parade, southbound trains will leave as soon as they fill up. now, there will also be more ferries running from vallejo and alameda and oakland. there will be 18 round trips tomorrow compared to 11 on a regular day. some ferries will only leave five minutes apart. for more information on your transit options, check out our website
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now, the giants world series parade is at noon tomorrow. but our live coverage begins an hour ahead of time at 11:00 a.m. here on abc 7, and online at so be sure to tune in. developing news now. oakland today is still a mystery tonight. pg&e tweeted in the last hour it is still trying to find the source of a gas odor. authorities dismissed all oakland public schools early and canceled all after-school activities. and they evacuated oakland city hall buildings about 1:30 this afternoon because of that natural gas odor. this is video from sky 7 hd. the smell was also reported at every b.a.r.t. station as well as west oakland and embarcadero in san francisco. a pg&e crew came out to investigate, but has not been able to determine the source of the leak. there was a tragic ending to a hike today when a woman walking along a cliff at san francisco's land's end fell to her death. the woman was walking near the legion of honor around noon and
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somehow plunged 400 feet down to the rocks in the water below. no chance to survive that. a man who was with her got stranded about 250 feet down the cliff. rescue crews were able to lift him out. >> the cliff rescue unit and the rescue squad made a rescue over the cliff. rappelling down to the first victim. rescue water craft one and jet skis responded and took the person off the water line. >> the man was not seriously injured. national park police are investigating how this happened. a sign near the rescue site warns hikers to keep out because people have fallen to their death at that cliff, as happened today. a burglary suspect is in critical condition after a police shooting today in richmond. it happened about noon at the parvg east mall on pier street and ended with a car crash about a mile away. this is video of the crash in albany. police say two detectives were getting lunch at the mall when they spotted a man trying to break into a car. the suspect then jumped in the car, to escape. that's when one of the
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detectives fired shots. the man was hit. but managed to drive about a mile before ultimately crashing his car. we first brought you this story on monday about a 10-year-old girl who flew through a glass window while jumping on a trampoline. now abc 7 news has learned that is not the first time an incident like this has happened at the same facility. anthony joins us with the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. laura? >> reporter: hi, cheryl. this facility, it is the same facility, but there were different owners during that time. and it has changed hands in the last couple of years. this window has also been changed, fixed. let's show you what we're dealing with here. these shards of glass, this is broken from the other day, when a 10-year-old girl went through these windows. now we've learned that a 16-year-old boy did basically the same thing seven years ago. >> i was close enough to the window to just go right through it head-first. i didn't feel like it was open. >> reporter: 23-year-old nick dodson can't believe it happened
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again. that another kid jumping on a trampoline was propelled through a huge window at the four stars gymnastics academy. >> i can't believe it. i think it's horrible. to think she was even -- i was 16. >> reporter: it happened to dodson seven years ago. he was jumping with two friends at a private birthday party at four stars when one jump landed him outside. >> and i was trying to do a front flip. and just went head-first through the window. i kind of just remember hitting the ground, and feeling like a sharp pain right here in my chest. >> reporter: the pain was from a shard of glass embedded in his chest. he also had glass in his wrist, hand and the back of his head. more than 30 stitches in all. 10-year-old kylea graham needed more than 100 stitches when she took a similar leap through a similar window at a halloween party at four stars last weekend. >> what should they do? >> just move the stuff around,
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and have less windows, cover things up. >> reporter: the academy is a member of usa gymnastics which means it's supposed to follow certain protocols. >> in the manual, the safety manual it clearly states any kind of trampoline device, you have to have ten feet from any obstruction. >> reporter: by our estimates, the trampolines at the four stars are about three feet from the front windows. the current owner of the academy has yet to return our calls for comment. in antioch, laura anthony, abc 7 news. well, coming up here, the chp calls them childish stunts. tonight an arrest, and the taunting, outrageous taunting of a highway patrol officer. talking with a doctor isolated over ebola concerns. is he really allowed to go outside for a run? stockton bankruptcy. the judge decides whether its pension plans are safe. michael finney reveals which outlet stores really offer you
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nurses demanded hospitals provide them with protective suits and other gear to keep them from contracting ebola. they called for action in several states to bring attention to the issue. the stanford surgeon under quarantine on the peninsula gave his first interview today. dr. holland buck, spent a month treating ebola patients in west africa. david? >> reporter: dr. buck said he's fine being confined at home. as it will probably ease concerns by his neighbors and by the community. however, those neighbors may see him out and about. he explained why in this
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interview. dr. collin bucks is in confinement at home. a decision by county health officials in consultation with state and federal agencies. while his family has moved out, bucks is busy working. he talked to reporters via skype. >> i have a very, very understanding family. it has also been incredibly busy. with lots of advising, lots of sharing the experience, and also continuing recruitment. >> reporter: bucks is conducting interviews for volunteers for international medical corps, the nonprofit that recruited him to go to liberia to treat ebola patients. he was there just over a month. bucks believes more americans need to go there to contain ebola. >> i don't want ebola to come to the u.s. i don't want it to be in california. and the way that's going to happen is if we're striking right at the heart of the beast, so to speak. so i felt it was my responsibility. >> reporter: bucks returned to california last friday, but his
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quarantine was not made public until yesterday. the stanford doctor will be allowed outside to jog or ride his bike. >> it would be utterly safe if i west out and went for a run, went to the park, by myself. there is no danger to the public. >> reporter: he sympathizes with the maine nurse challenging her quarantine. >> i am sympathetic to her situation, her treatment. and the public spotlight that she's been -- the amount of scrutiny she's undergone. i'm sure she had no anticipation this would occur. >> reporter: bucks has plans when his confinement ends. >> i'm going to hug my wife, give her a kiss. >> reporter: that hug and kiss will have to wait until november 14th when the quarantine lifts. david louie, abc 7 news. the california highway patrol has arrested the
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motorcyclist they say taunted one of their officers during a high-speed stunt along a south bay freeway. 32-year-old sting colta of brentwood filmed this reckless ride using a helmet mounted go-pro camera earlier this month. the chp said he was one of about 50 cyclists who took over the freeway. at one point you can see there, he shoed away a lone officer trying to pull several of them over. investigators used social media to track colta down. he faces two charges now, conspiracy and interfering with an officer. more arrests are expected. good news tonight for city of stockton employees. a judge has approved a debt plan that will not touch a massive employee pension fund. the plan approved today will eliminate more than $2 billion in long-term debt. san mateo based giant franklin templeton argued they should cut pension payments to pay creditors.
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outlet stores certainly popular, but are we really getting good deals. >> a lot of people wonder that a lot. "consumer reports" is partnering with michael finney to find out. >> i've got to tell you, we spend a lot of money at these malls. sales at outlet malls are expected to top $42 billion this year alone. "consumer reports" rated some of the biggest stores for value, quality and bargains based on a survey of nearly 16,000 subscribers. most shoppers who told "consumer reports" about 25,000 outlet store visits are happy with the deals. 64% say, outlets offer great value. >> i'm looking for a great deal. great product at a great price. >> who doesn't like a great deal. everyone loves savings. >> reporter: those surveyed found superior value at these stores. the ratings from "consumer
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reports" subscribers were not as good for some other stores, including american eagle outfitters, old navy, gap, nike and levis. these days most merchandise is made especially for the outlets, but is it the same quality. the coach store carries this bag, the outlet has this one. >> it's made of a nice heavy embossed leather. it's got a rounded top. so it sits nicely in a rounded handle which is more comfortable. the outlet version is a fine bag and a few less fine details and a flat handle. >> reporter: ballet flat and those from a retail store. >> the shoes are very similar. the retail version is made of leather in italy. and the outlet version is made in china, poly urethane. it has a heel that will provide much better support. >> reporter: be aware, not everything is cheaper at the outlets. although this corelle dinner
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wear actually costs more. the same with this pot and pan set. bottom line, some outlets definitely offer bargains. but you have to shop carefully. "consumer reports" has more tips for outlet shoppers. first off, head to the back of the store first. you'll find the biggest markdowns there. if an item is damaged, always ask for an additional discount. "consumer reports" shoppers got at least 10% off every time they asked. that works at any store, not just outlet stores. >> love that bargain. michael, thank you. let's take a look at the weather forecast. there is going to be rain for the parade and trick-or-treaters. >> no bargaining with that. >> timing is everything, dan and cheryl. we can't bargain with mother nature. but we can be prepared. tonight it is actually cooler out here. the clouds are coming in. and look what i have ready. an umbrella. that's what you should have tomorrow if you're heading to the parade and get a good view. let's check out the live doppler
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7 hd. right now, a lot of clouds. the green that you see there is actually not anything reaching the ground. a beautiful view from the emoryville camera. peeks of blue. lots of clouds. temperatures right now running lower compared to 24 hours ago. 63 san francisco. 66 in oakland. low 70s san jose. morgan hill. our high so far, low # 60s to mid-80s. things are changing. kgo roof camera showing the clouds rolling in. lows 70s for santa rosa, concord. napa 65. livermore 74 degrees. a lovely view from the east bay hills camera, as you check out those clouds increasing. a wet morning commute, rain eases during the parade. a break for most trick-or-treaters. so really, i think the storm is going to bring us what we really need. and then move out just in time for some of the festivities. rain arrives overnight tonight with this cold front. scattered showers with the upper-level low. cold unstable air will mean a slight chance of thunderstorms friday afternoon and evening. tomorrow morning, the rain line
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begins up in the north bay at 5:00 a.m. you start to see it spread at 7:00 a.m. during the morning commute. pockets of moderate rainfall there. 9:00 a.m., when some of the parades are happening. it's going to be wet. behind that front, around noontime, giants victory parade. the rain starting to shift on out. temporary break. mainly dry for trick-or-treaters at 6:00 p.m., but more showers late friday night going into saturday. make sure you have your umbrellas at 9:00 a.m. saturday morning. south and east bay, 5:00 p.m. saturday night rain showers. rain totals in the santa cruz mountains. big sur mountains the highest to one to two inches. in the sierra, this is going to translate into snow. winter storm warnings friday night until saturday, 2:00 p.m. expecting four to eight inches of snow, about 6,000 feet. expect significant delays and don't leave without your chains. you'll likely be impacted especially for the passes.
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tomorrow morning, mid to upper 50s, with the rain around. make sure you have your umbrella, the rain coats. and here's a look at the high for tomorrow. 60s only. cooler than today. here's a look at the victory parade world series champs. it's not going to rain on their parade. it's still going to be fantastic. 60 degrees, yes, we'll have some rain at 10:00. low 60s pretty much for the 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. hour. just some clouds around. for the trick-or-treaters, sun goes down at 6:12 p.m. expecting partly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy by 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m., stray shower is possible. make sure you bundle up your kids. accuweather seven-day forecast, scattered showers for your saturday. fall back one hour sunday at 2:00 a.m. we'll go to daylight saving time. don't forget to check your smoke detector batteries. mild weather sunday, going into next week as well. i think like i said, timing is everything.
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for the beginning of the parade, there will be some rain around. but moving out pretty quick. >> we're warned about it. thanks. you're riding the subway and all of a sudden you see a massive drill bit outside the window? how a packed train was nearly skewered. is california putting too many non-violent criminals in prison? we'll give you the straight story on proposition 47, that's later on a
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listen to this. a massive drill bit narrowly missed slicing through a packed subway car in new york city this morning. it clipped the top and the side of a moving car. about 800 people were onboard. no one was injured and the passengers were led to the station through another train. the construction is suspended pending an investigation by the metropolitan transportation authority in new york. california governor jerry brown can check one thing off his to-do list for november. he cast his vote in the midterm election. brown is at the alameda county
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voter's office this morning in oakland. he was able to vote today because of california's early voting law. the governor was silent on the way he voted, but when asked if this was the last time he'll be voting for himself, he replied, you never know. bookmakers in las vegas already out with the odds to win the 2015 world series. get this, the l.a. dodgers are the odds on favorites to bring home the trophy at 15-2. the dodgers are tied with the washington nationals. the giants come in fifth with 12-1 odds. a's at 20-1. did you see this picture? it shows giants fans flying from dallas to sfo celebrating the final out. we also caught shortstop brandon crawford sharing a sweet moment on the field with his daughter. isn't that adorable. we posted these and many more on our facebook page. like us on facebook so you can see them all. stay with baseball coming up next. a man of the moment. >> the heart-tugging text from
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madison bumgarner's dad to his son right before the end of last night's game. back here in a moment.
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coming up at 6:00, a state park ranger found asleep on the job. we'll show you the picture that touched off an abc 7 news iteam investigation. a silicon valley ceo comes out of the closet. find out why he kept it under wraps for so long. a woman who had a satellite dish installed on her roof got more than she bargained for. michael finney steps in to help. that's coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. if you thought san francisco went crazy for madison bumgarner, imagine what it was like in caldwell county, north carolina, in his hometown of hicko hickory. >> they crowded into the gym to send mad bum this greeting. >> bumgarner graduated from south caldwell high school in 2007 after he led his baseball
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team to the state title. the only person in town more excited, his mom, debbie. >> i just like to be at home. i get too nervous. i went in 2010. and it's just -- i can't handle it. >> this game was even more nerve-racking. caldwell population 80,000. getting ready to announce a madison bumgarner today to honor their hometown mvp. >> his father sent a text message after the eighth inning last night. >> it reads, omg, you're so much more than awesome to see you work on the mound reminds me of watching you in high school. >> you are willing yourself perfection and dragging the team along with you. i couldn't be more proud of your baseball accomplishments. >> kevin bumgarner said he knew madison would not read it until the game was over. he just needed to tell him at that moment what his daddy thought of him. >> we know he's a great pitcher, but a great guy. thanks so much for joining us. "world news" with david muir is "world news" with david muir is next.
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-- captions by vitac -- welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. one of america's most wanted, captured tonight. the survivalist accused of ambushing two state troopers, killing one of them. spending weeks on the run. what we have just learned, information coming in now. the deadly plane crash in the heartland. smashing into a building at the airport. the pilot, moments before the crash. >> just lost the left engine. >> we're on the scene tonight. the lava emergency and now the national guard called in. tonight, the power lines engulfed. meteorologist rob marciano is right there. the governor's demand. telling that nurse once kept behind that plastic window to take a blood test now to prove she doesn't have ebola. yet she's now out on her bike. how far is too far? what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas when caught on tape by the fbi. and you'll see it right here.


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