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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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series victory parade
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>> we are just hours away from one giant party. that's a million fans will flood the streets of san francisco to cheer on their world series champ. >> tonight we have everything you need to know about tomorrow's big giants parade. it's going to be a fabulous celebration. >> 7 news katie is live at san francisco civic center tonight. hi katie. >> hi amma, dan. take a look at this. orange lighting we are used to but look at everything added. giant screens. giant speakers banners and balloons then down here on street level you see all of these barricades. they go all the way around. this is where the parade ends and it's going to be an incredible sight for the 1 million people expected to attend.
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>> we'll camp out here and so i get a good spot. >> you heard right. she did in 2012. she's camping out at the civic center. to get a front row seat for the if he is tichlts i want to see the giants. i want to be close. >> all around her people are working to beautify or secure the plaza. barricades going up on all streets surrounding the square and orange and black and white balloons are going up on every lamp post and flag poll. >> if didn't know if they were going to within but had to order these last week. it worked out. >> no kidding we talk about some 6400 balloons here and another 3000 in the parade. >> company called the parade guy make the parade for the big event. they added finishing touch and asked what about the rain. >> sensitive ones that we are afraid of getting too wet are staying intonight. we'll be bringing over at 5 in the morning. the rest are pretty waterproof.
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>> nothing can camp pen the spirit of fans to plot ditch school and skip work to join the if he is tichlts if i'm leaning towards yes take him out of school. >> this doesn't happen every day. just three times in 5 years. >> yes i have to work. >> wink wink right? you know who will be working the san francisco police department. it's all hands on deck first for the world series celebration then second for halloween. live in san francisco, katie abc 7 news. >> thank you katie. parade will begin at noon tomorrow as we mention at stewart street near the ferry building. from there the giants ride or walk along market street to city hall for a big on stage ceremony. >> how to get there bart puts every available train in service running rush hour service all day to get people to and from the parade and run litter to until 2:00 a.m.
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saturday for halloween party goers. golden gate ferry and san francisco bay ferry implemented special schedules with more trips more on. cal train ready for what can be a record breaking day. they put 8 additional trains at least maybe more into service. >> but will the weather cooperate? here's live look from our exploratorium camera see the orange out there. sandhya is here now. is it going to rain on our parade. >> yes it is. going to pour at the start of the parade so i'm glad to hear the floats are water paragraph. nothing will dampen the spirit of the giants fans. few sprinkle fallen in santa rosa. not measuring our live live doppler 7hd is tracking rain with the storm up along the northern california coast. look at the forecast for the parade tomorrow as we head towards the 10:00 a.m. hour when people start to gather trying to find a good spot. 60 degrees it's raping. rain becomes heavy at noon. 62 degrees the rain starts to ease
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at 2:00 p.m. but still wet out there and then showers at 4:00 p.m. make sure you have umbrella rain gear with you. chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and going in the evening hours. back with a look at the trick-or-treat forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. you can track the rape any time with the abc 7 news weather app. get it free from the app store or google play. we also have more information at abc 7 slash app. >> a lot of giants fans checking that downtown hotel ins san francisco tonight. to the avoid driving in the city tomorrow for the parade. >> we dealt with the commute for so many years we don't want to deal with the traffic tomorrow morning. >> on our bucket list so we have a hotel. right on market street. going to camp out first they think in the morning and try to be right in front. >> many san francisco hotel expect to be fully booked tonight and tomorrow because of the world series parade. they also plan to have extra staff and security on duty just in case. >> now if homing to get your hands on some giants gear keep
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an eye out for counterfeit. federal agents crack done on fake gear. this is a sample of the 2700 items pulled off the streets in the last few days. it's usually poorly made and easy to spoychlt watch morning news starting at 4:30 tomorrow for the latest on preparation for the great celebration. wonderful parade. mike will have an hour by hour update on where the rain is precisely. pen point it for you. and how traffic moves to get in the city for pat rid tom. >> parade starts at "newsnight"but our live coverage begins hour ahead of time at 11:00 a.m. here on abc 7 and on line at this web site. about making news tonight. highway patrol hazard the daring motorcyclist who up loaded video of himself taunting an officer on a freeway early this month. did you rue if of brentwood charged with two felony. chp says more
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arrest are expected. >> well this is a problem we have seen in parts of the east bay but now illegal street racing a serious issue in the south bay as well. lisa is on the story. of tishltion legal street racing bigger and bigger problem in san jose. if video are proudly posted all over you tube. events are no longer focus on south san jose like these on hall avenue. newest hot spot in north san jose at north parkway and disk drive. 30 cars packed the intersection as part of illegal street race. cops busted 21 people and 13 cars were towed. a lot of mar marks are still left from that night. >> sometimes when you have the window open that's all you hear all the time. >>reporter: police notice the up take in the illegal activity few months ago and they are worried. >> it's very dangerous for those involved in the actual racing but also for those who are observing and potentially
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for the nbt about innocent bystander might be driving through the area. >> you can sea the racing isn't just relegated to the streets. it's now taking place in parking lots as well. those that saw it mosque know it's happening in their parking lieutenant and they don't like it. >> i was scared i never saw thing like that before. >> police crook down on illegal racers every few week but they admit about slim staff make other crimes more of a priority. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> menlo park police look for 3 men who attacked a woman and tried to sexually assault her early this morning. this is sketch of one of the men happening before 1 on el camino real. victim was taking out the trsh when 3 men grabbed her pushed her to the ground and tried taking her clothes off. screams and the 3 ran off. >> more to bring you tonight. coming up next on 7 news. >> i-team here in hum belt
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county to investigate whether state park ranger has passed out on patrol received special treatment from law enforcement colleague. >> we are just hours away from the world series victory celebration. look back at some memorable moments from past parade. >> the news is back i
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n >> passing trucker catches park ranger armed officer on patrol passed out with a beer between his legs. >> abc 7 news i-team digging in the story behind the photo and whether ranger received special
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treatment from his law enforcement colleague. >> dan is here now with an exclusive i-team report. >> for the first time you will hear from the man who took the picture and why he did. find out what happened to that ranger. we expect law enforcement officers to follow the rules themselves when they break the law in such a public way it's fair to examine inwhether treated as you and i would be. >>reporter: august 15. around 3 in the afternoon. just another workday for trucker jack hurst heading down humboldt county 2 54 avenue of the jichbilitys he spots this california state park pick up lights on engine running still in gear with the ranger passed out at the wheel. >> yelled at him i said sir. sir. no rae response. >>reporter: he tells me he was worried the ranger may have had a medical episode. he tried to wake him by pushing up and town on the pick up bumper banging on the fender but it didn't work. >> i grabbed his arm and shook him and his head was bobbling
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fochlt response i nroobing there and there was alcohol between his legs. >>reporter: keystone light beer. hurst called 911. >> i'm old highway by and there's state park here and i can't wake the gip. >>reporter: hurst snap the photo with the i-phone. why did you take the picture? >> because no one believed me. the chp wanted the pictures because they couldn't believe what i was saying. it was just hard to comprehend i would say. >>reporter: before the chp could arrive the ranger 33-year-old tyson young drove away. officers caught up to him they reported he was swerving over the center lean. commander of chp area tells me it was a difficult case for his officers e.normally it's impaired driver as citizen we hope they are normally not armed but now we have a park ranger who is on duty in uniform as suspected dui drive driver. >>reporter: lieutenant would if the give me details of the arrest. but the misdemeanor complaint filed by prosecutors
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charged young with driving under the influence with blood alcohol of point 24. three times the legal limit and resisting arrest yet the chp didn't book him in the humboldt county jail. they released young to his supervisor. >> we have a sight and release policy and we have one at our area office. you can be the cited and rae leased. >> i was wondering if i would have goten the same treatment. >> the the it's a fair questio question. i think it's fare for to you conclude that you probably would not vishtion humboldt county district attorney paul confirms it as normal procedure to book a dui subject into jail to sober up. data obtained by the i treatment show so far this year the garberville area chp arrested 234 dui drivers and 5 including young were cited and relessed. the lieutenant couldn't tell me whether other
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4 were also government employee or friends and family. >> we should aspire to treat everyone similarly. everyone should be spwelingtsed to same protection and consequences associated with the law. >> cops are argue cops. this can't be real right. >>reporter: when all righter for lost coast out post got a tip after young arrest she had a hard time verifying it. because he was not booked into jail his name did not appear on daily list of arrest published on the new web site. >> anybody arrested and i'm talking people who run for senator, local congress people they all show up when they get arrested for pl of and he did not. >> young did not appear in court this week when the attorney entered a guilty plea for him. judge dropped resisting charge. fined him 2000 dollars and week in county jail then lowered it to one day because he went to rae has been for a month. young surrendered at the jail wednesday morning and got out today. his lawyer
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told me young would not be interviewed and after first degree to an interview himself larry changed his mind and you could away. >> it's a private matter. >> private matter how is it private matter he's public official on the job passed out. >> he's add mid wrongdoing and he's taking steps to the further his life putting one step in front of the other. >>reporter: is he become to work. >> the take ities easy of i don't have the answer to that. >> young is up on paid leave while the investigation wraps up. he also has to participate in first time fender program for 9 months. because of high level of alcohol in his system. >> send a tip for my next investigation through the i-team page or this. >> thank you so much dan. >> we are just about 12 hours away now from the start of the big giants parade downtown san francisco. >> yes. the city last 2 if they were any indication there
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are bound to be some extremely memorable moments. >> here's a couple. remember 2010 all about hough rally song and fear the beard. the ferocious lacking facial hair and then ramos shirt drew most attention. i just look illegal portrayed on the very prominent stage. >> here's picture we posted on facebook page short stop crawford and his daughter after the gauge in kansas city last night. this is one of the sweetest pictures we have seen. >> we'll past more pictures throughout the day tomorrow. go the us to see them all. >> we have a section our web site everything you need to know about the parade and l more. >> watch at work we'll also be live extremeing the parade. >> or in case it's raining don't want to get wet. >> that's true. we have more
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on the accu-weather forecast. >> the only way i can pities a giant storm for jicht celebration. this is going to be great for our water supply but this the happens. slower. last longer and it will dump. at 10:00 a.m. rain we know you first get here to san francisco you are looking for a spot or people are setting up. noon time the rape gets heavy. rain eases by 2:00 p.m. and showers continue at 4:00 p.m. temperatures in the low 60's than what we saw today. make sure you have the layers. still raining 4:00 p.m. sundown at 12 enough of a break 60 degrees kid off at 8:00 p.m. few showers developing in the north basement upper 50's but most dry for trick-or-treating. halloween party goers, definite story. we see clouds few sprinkle reported in ukiah as well falling under the radar
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beam and mother if's all about the giants camera or orange here is the beautiful. clouds low 60's. upper 50's morgan hill half moon bay and here's the view from the emeryville camera. clouds stacking up. temperatures rate now all in the low 60's. santa rosa to livermore and our view from our kgo roof cam are. ferry building all lit up as chance of brief break for trick-or-treating. when you look at the satellite picture this storm has ovring you need that we are expecting. rainy halloween the cold front scattered showers cold air possibility of thunderstorms as we head in towards tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning commute is looking like some rain at 5:00 a.m. but not everywhere. forward timing. 7:00 a.m. we have some damp
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spots then the steady yoyr begins right across from the heart of the bay area. at noon it's t potential for thunderstorm and then behind that front we start to see the rain easing up. brief break for trick-or-treaters. so scattered showers continued into saturday morning afternoon evening. rain total most area 1 to 2 inches now pretty impressive. half inch to 3 quarter of an afternoon storm warning friday 5:00 p.m. saturday 2:00 p.m. significant delay carry chains above 6000 feet. tomorrow morning start out in the writ high only in the 60's and it is going to be a nasty afternoon in terms of the rain. accu-weather 7 day forecast much-needed lane
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issued mention. scattered showers monday. fall back him if sunday for seven years. >> right. we need it. we really need it. >> it's big pv no way to be more excited. >> i expect bump guardian tore do this and the rain to stop dynasty for the giants. give you perspective and
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. >> good evening this is a question fans baseball puringt can debate. giants won 3 world series title in 5 years. is that true dine city. team average only 86 wins per season
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during the 5 year run and i have a knack for finding magic in october. no question there. but the become to back title to be considered a dynasty. giants 9 players on the 25 dan roster on the that i am we pose the tiny city question to manager bruce. >> we had a couple heck cup there in 2011 and 13 but you look at did i know city, i think of the bulls and niners and uses then i credit the fact that we are even mentioned like that is an honest. >> to the ice tonight. shark in minnesota. l joe finding at the time fifth gel of the year free saves but john tamer and fall 4-3. returning to cleveland triumphant pasos the maechl.
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>> after 4 years in miami and 2 ring with the heat lebron went back to cleveland hosting the knicks pre-game celebration loaded with technology and stuff. here's had he prison. thunder ovation. first quarter cleveland other marquis editio edition. love taking the feed p.lebron he pedestrians kind of nice. 17 point. knock did you know the 3. down 2. late fourth quarter carmello business line over the king. with 25. mick spoiled the homecoming 95-90. panthers against the saints thursday night football. saints up 14 nothing with newton look at the athlete on display here diving
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for the pylon. touch down carolina. down by 7. same struggle on the road but within this one. grit east of all time ali on hand forin state and louisville 40 years to the day. rum pel and the jackie they come back. tackle operational. 401 again and brought to you by this.
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>> all right we are out of time appreciate your time. >> watch the morning news starting at 4:30 tomorrow for details on the giants parade.
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>> starts at noon tomorrow but live coverage begins ahead of tame at 11:00 a.m. >> 7 righ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- dr. phil mcgraw. from "scandal," scott foley. and music from aloe blacc. with cleto and the cletones. and now, first things first, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. that's very nice. thank you very much, i appreciate it. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. now i


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