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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 31, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> good morning, america. breaking overnight, the most wanted person in america finally captured. the 48-day manhunt over for cop killer eric frein. found clean shaven with a bloody nose. >> they ordered him to surrender, get down on his knees and raise his hands. police taking him down near a hangar filled with weapons. police cuffing him with the handcuffs of the officer he murdered. that cold blast sending temperatures down for fright night. snow on the way for the eastern half of the country. ginger is tracking it all. and take a look at this, his chute tangled on a radio tour. clinging to her harness for hours. the dramatic rescue overnight. >> and it's ghoul morning america.
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on this spookalicious halloween. you have seen us dressed up, on a wrecking ball, and george even went into space. but nothing will prepare you for this halloween. and what is strahan up to? frightening people. getting his scare on. it's our ultimate halloween scare-tacular, only on "gma," live, this morning. from abc news live in times scare, october 31st, 2014. this is ghoul morning america! happy halloween. happy halloween, it is our biggest ever. you are dressed for it, robin. we have a whole lot of surprises coming up. a huge crowd outside, and a lot of scares ahead. and wait until you see how we have transformed times square. we turned it into sometimes times scare this morning. our crew worked overtime. we have an amazing crew.
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look at that, right here in times square. that's right. >> and the corn -- >> and this is our audience members. we didn't ask -- they came like this. really. yeah. we also have some very special guest stars. so many big reveals and you'll never guess. so you have to stay tuned. >> all that fun coming up. a lot of news to get to as well. beginning with the capture of eric frein. the dramatic scene unfolding overnight, ending a massive manhunt that terrorized an entire community. tom llamas is outside the courthouse in pennsylvania. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. eric frein just faced aup in this courtroom. people this morning celebrating, happy that the alleged cop killer is finally sitting in a jail. and prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty in this case.
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48-day manhunt for alleged cop killer eric frein ending with him in custody this morning. this photo showing frein driven off in a squad car with a bloody nose. handcuffed with the very same handcuffs belonging to dixon, the alleged trooper he killed. the reason this is so important, eric frein was dedicated to killing law enforcement. >> reporter: the manhunt coming to an end after police surprised frein near an abandoned airport hangar. they found clothes, weapons and 90 rounds of ammunition. >> when they approached it, they saw an individual and ordered him to surrender, get down on his knees and raise his hands. >> reporter: the 31-year-old survivalist and military buff ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers on september 12th. and he kills brian dixon and wounds trooper alex douglas and takes off into the poconos dense forest, disappearing. >> when i got here, the troopers were flying out of here.
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>> reporter: the search put residents on edge, schools closing, hunting season postponed, all because frein knew the woods and was ready for war. arming himself with a sniper rifle, ammunition and pipe bombs. >> individual is no longer a threat to the community. >> siren of cheers for the flashing lights. >> he is caught and we can finally rest again. >> reporter: for many people here, eric frein was a real-life monster. so they had canceled halloween because of the search for him. this morning, kids waking up with smiles on their faces, halloween is back onment robin? >> that's great. everyone is breathing a lot easier. now to the halloween weather, that warning of snow, storms, freezing temperatures, casting a cold spell on so many trick or treaters. ginger, tracking it all for us. >> that's how the cold air comes up. we have been so warm in so many places. check out trick or treat temperatures, 7:00 p.m. chicago 38. let me tell you, winds on the
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lake could push some of the waves up to 20 feet later today. it's going to feel colder than that. even tulsa, indianapolis, memphis, 40s, 30s. all over the maps, and then you wake up saturday morning with freeze watches, advisory, warning, from colorado, to ohio, virginia, even parts of alabama and mississippi. so this is no joke about the cold coming in. if you have the plants and the growing season, that's a serious part of it. it's going to affect it. ends a little sooner. with it comes snow in parts of the lake. it's already snowing in northern michigan. we have heavy snow winter storm advisories and storms happening, in the carolina, tennessee, windy and rain. and maine gets snow here. that's the look at the storm. but saturday is not pretty. even without a flake of snow. raw, my favorite word. >> couple extra layers. okay, we turn to the fiery plane crash in kansas, where a small jet killed four. we're learning about the pilot and what went wrong. ryan smith is on the scene with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: and good morning to you, george.
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overnight, the ntsb, saying they are investigating, but the building isn't structurally sound, so they can't get in. they're waiting for the fire department to complete their work, and this building decimated by the crash. this morning a community reeling after a tragedy in the skies. it all started when a small plane taking off from wichita airport thursday morning quickly lost power. >> i need to declare an new jersey, we just lost an engine. >> reporter: this mayday call, telling the horrific tale. the pilot, losing control, veering to the left and crashing into this flight training building. >> we just lost the aircraft. >> reporter: about 100 people trapped inside the burning building. >> we were on a conference call. the building shook and rumbled. we saw the fuselage of the aircraft on top of the building on fire. >> reporter: only the pilot was on board. identified as mark goldstein, a former air traffic controller and navy veteran. he died in the crash, along with
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three people inside the building, which housed the flight similarity. five others, rushed to the hospital. one person still in serious condition. goldstein recently retired but twice earned air traffic control safety awards. >> >> i would trust him with my life. >> reporter: the incident, the latest in a string of bad luck at the airport. in december, one employee allegedly tried to drive an explosive-filled van on to the tarmac in january, a man rammed his truck into a security gate. but thursday's crash was not intentional, just a devastating misfortune. once authorities can safely access the building, the harrowing part begins. possible search for remains and determining the root cause of this accident. but the irony here, people come from across the country to improve their flight skills in the similarities in this building, only to find themselves in the midst of an afternoon yags tragedy.
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robin? >> so tragic. thank you. now to the standoff over ebola. maine nurse kaci hickox, defying her quarantine, biking around the home town. they're trying to get her to take a test to prove she doesn't have the deadly disease. linzie januais is in that town. good morning, linzie janis. >> reporter: good morning. this morning they got a court order keeping her inside her home, this morning she is not allowed to go out in public. this morning, kaci hickox under fire for taking this bike ride with her boyfriend, disobeying the state's demand she stay quarantined inside her home. she was followed by police in an unmarked car as she tries to show the world she's healthy and isn't a risk to others. her defiance angering maine's governor. >> she told us she was going to do it. she's playing with my patience. >> reporter: the state now intends to ask a judge to force the nurse to take another ebola
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test, to prove she doesn't have the disease. sounding off in a radio interview. >> if there's no signs of ebola on the 14th day, i would be comfortable to let her have more space. >> reporter: she's staying away from the general public. the police chief bringing her groceries, her favorite pizza place delivering dinner. the owner of the moose shack telling us, she had dozens of calls from customers who were worried hickox would show up at the restaurant, and didn't want her making that delivery. >> we got a call back a few times saying don't touch her money. there could be germs on it. >> reporter: late thursday, her boyfriend telling reporters fear over ebola is keeping him away from nursing school. they told us you were voluntarily not coming to classes. >> you know voluntarily is one of those things that people might say when they tell you can't come to classes. >> reporter: extreme reactions. not just here. in new york, reports that health care workers treating ebola patient dr. craig spencer are being shunned. one denied a haircut by the stylist who's been cutting her hair for years.
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the mayor tweeting, we're new yorkers, we don't give into fear. especially when the facts show there's nothing to be afraid of. the temporary court order does allow for some movement, if hickox wants to go for another bike ride, she can do that, she just has to stay three feet away from the general public. george? we turn to politics now. midterm elections, control of the senate and so much more at stake. i moderate a debate in new hampshire. jeanne shaheen being challenged by scott brown. i asked how they would change the toxic politics in washington that's turned off the voters. >> you asked what i'd do, i'll be that independent senator. bring back that independent spirit. >> we need somebody who's going to work for new hampshire every day putting this state first. that's what i will do. my opponent supported corporate special interests in washington. let's bring in jon karl for more on this. jon, that disgust with
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washington, defining so many of these races. >> that's right, george. seems like all of the elements are in place for a big change election. the president is about at his lowest popularity ever. there is discontent with both parties in congress. most people think the country is seriously on the wrong track. and of course you have anxiety about the economy, about terrorism, about ebola. so, while all of the big names are out, you have both obamas out campaigning, both clintons, jeb bush. everybody who wants to run for president. they are trying to appeal to an electorate fed up with everybody in power. >> and the biggest prize, control of the senate. the republicans need to pick up six states. >> reporter: that's right. you have about a dozen states with seriously tight races. unfortunately for democrats most of them are seats controlled by democrats where republicans have a real chance of winning. so nate silver of the fivethirtyeight blog says republicans have a 68.5% chance
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of taking over the senate. that's the highest number nate's had all year. >> that's been creeping up. and finally the president is campaigning again. but staying away from the tight senate races. >> reporter: that's right. he's campaigning in reliably democratic states. the one thing you won't see is him standing next to a democratic candidate in a close senate race. >> don't want him there. much more sunday on "this this week." and be here with the team on tuesday for full election coverage. our primetime special at 10:00 p.m. and now to amy. good morning. we begin with two stories breaking overnight. the first outside of st. louis. a deadly accident on the tracks. a train crashing into an suv carrying a family of five. the suv had become trapped on the tracks just as a halloween parade was getting under way on the streets. an 18-year-old woman and two children were killed. the gaits at the railroad crossing were working. the other breaking story
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overnight comes from overseas. israel is diffusing a standoff that palestinians compared to a declaration of war. the israelis have reopened a disputed holy site which they closed after the shooting of a jewish activist. it's known to muslims as the noble sanctuary is among the holiest in islam. and deploying to the big island of hawaii as the lava approaches dozens of homes and now threatens to overtake a main road. rob marciano is there, and tells us about a new throat, not on the ground, but in the air. >> reporter: this morning, the molten lava even closer to dividing pahoa in half as that approaches the road. the national guard deploying 83 troops to ensure security. and set up road clocks. it's a symbol of the crisis residents are describing as a slow torture. the lava completely altering the landscape inch by inch. watch this time lapse video of
7:14 am
this 2,000 degree lava engulfing a utility pole. we hiked back to the lava fields, getting an up-close look to the trail of devastation. trees being burned, touched by the lava. and beyond that, looks like a nuclear wasteland. and amid the destruction -- a new threat. officials worried about that smoke and those fumes becoming toxic. gases like sulfer dioxide and carbon dioxide, potentially fatal, leading to more anxiety as residents prepare and wait. for "good morning america," rob marciano, abc news, pahoa, hawaii. >> our thanks to rob for that. a spectacular explosion lit up a huge stockpile of fireworks. but it was not deliberate. a fire broke out inside this fireworks factory in england. take a look at that, igniting everything in sight. they were so intense, nearby residents were told to stay inside with their windows closed. this morning, one factory worker
7:15 am
is missing. four others were injured in that fire. back at home, a dramatic rescue overnight when a man's parachute, got stuck in an unfortunate place. he was base jumping when his chute got tangled. he dangled 150 feet in the air for two hours until firefighters finally lowered him to the ground. and look at this close call on the new york subway. that massive construction drill just missed that train on the left packed with passengers. the 10-inch drill bit was being used on another railroad project. no word on what caused that mishap. and finally, you should always dress for the occasion, right? this man from florida got the memo. he was arrested for marijuana possession. take a look at his shirt. it says go directly to jail. apparently he's a monopoly fan. too bad he didn't have a get out of jail free card. >> yeah. that might have helped. >> i don't know. it feels like he just had a
7:16 am
premonition. >> yeah. >> that's a fun holiday -- >> holiday edition. >> not full -- a special -- >> exactly. a little photo. the king has returned. >> oh, indeed. a little sports for you all this morning. and we talk about the return of the king. lebron james back on the court for cleveland last night. and the city gave him quite the hero's welcome. >> number 23. lebron james! >> reporter: an electric night in cleveland. king james holding court. his first game back with the cavca cavs, since leaving more than four years ago. and with that signature pregame chalk toss, the fans in his native ohio couldn't be happier. >> james for three, yes. >> reporter: our own michael strahan courtside with usher and justin beiber, and usher tweeting welcome home. it was a far cry from the not so warm sendoff in 2010 when he
7:17 am
left to play for the miami heat. >> i'm going to take my talents to south beach and join the miami heat. >> i hate lebron james. >> reporter: but this morning, that nasty breakup, is forgiven, if not forgotten. cleveland welcoming james back with open arms. >> everything we do on the floor, they're going to support us, man. but we have to give it back to them. >> reporter: nike releasing this ad on thursday. and the entire city rallying around the hometown hero. >> cleveland on three. one, two, three! cleveland! >> reporter: and with good reason, it's expected to bring a much-needed $250 million back to cleveland, per year. >> cleveland is celebrating the return of a player like it's a championship. >> reporter: and while the knicks ultimately beat king james and the cavs in the final seconds of thursday night's game -- >> the best player on the planet struggle from the field. >> reporter: cleveland's favorite son says there's no place like home. >> that was a special night for not only myself, but for everybody. it was great.
7:18 am
>> so far from the best game of his career. he finished with only 17 points but no one in cleveland seemed to care at all. >> it's a long season. and he just had a baby girl. he and his wife, savannah. first baby girl to go and join their two sons. he is extremely happy right now. >> he's a big boom to the city. >> you know how that is, that's right. now to heavy rain and snow disrupting halloween out west. you have more, ginger. >> very few getting away with a nice halloween. we want to start in the northwest. but someone said that rain isn't bad. it's just the wind that's making it rough in san francisco along the cold front. the rain coming to northern california, even los angeles, san diego. we're doing this overnight tonight. so maybe you'll have to have a little rain repellant in the west. the heavy mountain snow is also coming up. one pocket of warmth in the southwest. but that's going to change by the end of the weekend. your local forecast coming up in
7:19 am
30 seconds but first, this morning's spooky cities brought to you by mazda. good morning i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. heavy rain at times and showers and storms and we will get a brief this evening, for trick-or-treating. today's temperatures are low-to-mid 60's with all the wet weather falling and possible an inch or two but the south bay is .25" to .5" and mid-40's to mid-50's and the seven-day forecast is day light
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and still to come on "gma," tragedy in utah. what happened to this family of five. a terrible tragedy found inside their own home. and a dramatic day in the retrial of jodi arias, fighting for her life, the mystery witness called to testify. plus, pop star iggy azalea, calling out "saturday night live" for photo shopping moles off her face. and we are counting down to our halloween ball. check out the crowd in times scare. and you won't believe what made these people jump in the studio. not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®.
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love your score. take care of it for free at credit good morning, i'm leyla gulen. people are already lined up along market street for the giants victory parade this afternoon. here's the parade route of the it will begin at noon at the foot of market and stewart streets near the ferry building. from there the giants will ride or walk along market street to civic center plaza for a big
7:25 am
on-stage ceremony. abc 7 will begin its live coverage of the parade at 11:00. and now i've got your traffic update. let's talk about those closures. already we're looking at using our ways app and seeing the streets are closed along mission, right along main and spear street. mission will be closed heading away from the embarcadero all the way up to van ness avenue and that is so that emergency vehicles and other vehicles can get through without any problems. market street will start to see some rolling closures there shortly. we'll keep you updated. next, we've got our weather with mike nicco coming up in just a few minutes. we'
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let's open the weather window in san rafael. you can see 101 is wet. those taillights are heading south and will head into more moderate rain. you can see the cold front to our west. that's where the moderate showers are developing. this front is going to push moderate to heavy showers, a rare clap of thun
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♪ bang, bang into the room how about that crowd in times square this morning? everybody dressed up for halloween. we're going to call it times scare. so many people in the halloween spirit. and we have a lot of surprises in store for you this morning. special guests, big reveals. >> there's elsa. >> count down the scare-tacular on "good morning america." look at that guy. i love the guy in the portrait. happy halloween. >> they have us beat. the audience has us beat. they are so creative with their costumes. and take a look at this, michael strahan has been getting in the halloween spirit all week. he's turning our freight elevator into a fright elevator. no one's safe.
7:31 am
oh, you'll see some of the biggest scares. that's genuine too. he wasn't faking. >> not dramatic at all. >> no. speaking of drama, in the jodi arias death penalty retrial, a mystery witness called to testify. the judge clearing out the court. and the surfer getting the scare of his life. that is a shark just feet away. what he's saying now about that terrifying close encounter. >> look at that shot. and we are going to begin with a murder mystery out of utah where five family members, mother, father, three children found dead in their home, apparently poisoned. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: it was a devastating scene. three children and their parents found dead in the master bedroom of their utah home last month and now some bizarre new details suggest it may be murder. abc news obtaining these search warrants showing police believe the family died from an
7:32 am
accidental or intentional poisoning, and that somebody had to position the bodies after they were deceased. >> this is the first time i have gone into a home and found an entire family dead in one room. >> reporter: according to the search warrants, relatives found the parents, benjamin and kristi stack, dead in their bed. their three children, benson, emory and zion lying around the bed covered with sheets. >> emory was beautiful and loved every little animal out there and was just amazing. zion was just sweet. and benson was just a giant goof ball. and it was awesome. >> reporter: family members describe the father, benjamin, as a jokester and kristi as a good mother. which what makes police found inside their home even more bizarre. 12 opened and empty boxes of cold, flu and allergy medication, empty sleep aid boxes and a baggy of marijuana. and a purple bucket with a
7:33 am
yellow lid and a pair of yellow slippers. they initially thought a carbon monoxide leak caused the deaths. but officers say kristi's mother, valerie, told them there is no carbon monoxide leak, adding she couldn't believe she would do this to the kids. but valerie wouldn't clarify to the police who she was talking about. investigators now await autopsy and toxicology results to pinpoint what caused their deaths. for "good morning america", brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> it's just an unbelievable story. thank you. now to the dramatic day in jodi arias' death penalty retrial. the convicted killer is fighting for her life. and the judge kicked out almost everyone in the court for a mystery witness. abc's ryan owens has that story for us. >> reporter: jodi arias, no stranger to the witness stand, now has one final shot to convince the jury to spare her life. thursday, the 34-year-old's
7:34 am
defense called the first witness a secret one. >> it appears that the first defense witness does not want the media in the courtroom while he or she testifies. >> reporter: unlike the first sensational trial when every raunchy and riveting detail was live on television, the sentencing trial is controlled. no live tv coverage, just a series of pictures every day like these. before the mystery witness, they heard from travis alexander's family. >> my name is steven alexander. >> reporter: just like he did in the first trial, travis' little brother went over the gruesome death he must have had when arias stabbed and shot him. >> how much did he suffer and scream? >> reporter: and heard from one of his tearful sisters. travis was our strength, our motivation, and his presence has been ripped from our lives. alexander's family and the prosecutor believe arias should die for the 2008 murder. last year a jury convicted her but deadlocked on death.
7:35 am
this new jury is seeing the pictures again, hearing the many lies. >> if i killed travis, i would beg for the death penalty. >> reporter: to see if she will regret the words. and turn now to pop star iggy azalea, calling out "saturday night live" for photo shopping her life. showing the moles that "saturday night live" took out. mara schiavocampo has the story. ♪ >> reporter: she's featured on fancy. >> who dat. >> reporter: with her very unique features. platinum blond hair and signature mole. but this morning rapper iggy azalea speaking out over this picture. >> musical guest, iggy azalea. >> reporter: promoting her "saturday night live" stint over the weekend. the mole, nowhere in sight. ♪ the 24-year-old rapper posting on instagram, i love the promo pictures, but i wish they hadn't
7:36 am
photo shopped all my moles off my face. hey, i like those things. >> it's almost like she wanted to head off the masses before they blamed it on her. so before they said iggy took the moles off, she got to say no. >> reporter: celebs are often accused of photo shopping their own assets. but many cry foul when others digitally alter their appearance. hollywood a-listers from lena dunham and kate winslet have spoken out about being digitally downsized on these covers. >> smoothed a line and shaved off. >> reporter: and even cindy crawford faced beauty mark bash lash over her now iconic mole. >> my first english "vogue" cover there was no mole, and i looked very different. >> reporter: "snl" isn't commenting on her post. photos making a mountain out of
7:37 am
well, you know the rest. now some fans weren't thrilled about the missing moles either. one even did some photo shopping of their own, posting a pic online with the moles added back in. take that, "snl." >> good for her. let's go to ginger now with the weather. >> we want to talk snow, george. all snow. crystal lake, illinois, an hour away from chicago. and that is snow. let me show you a little closer. yep. flurries happening there. serious snow in other places into the weekend. we want to point out a couple of them. we have ploun tan snow out in the west. mountain snow in the west, certainly in parts of california, the sierra. lake effect snow, chesterton, indiana, slammed with lake effect. with an advisory in place. and then the winter storm warnings, that's 3 to 6 inches in some of the pink. out west, getting excited. it's about that time. ski season. i don't think anybody is too excited about this. plus moisture for the drought. all things great. i thought, why not spec in to a
7:38 am
couple of spooky cities. it's very scary. we have frankenstein, >> ogees i am meteorologist mike nicco, ready for showers and thunderstorms and soak rain? that is what we have. low-to-upper 60's. seven-day forecast shows a stray shower tomorrow. not a wash out. sunshine and dry weather on sunday >> this weather report has been brought to you by ashley furniture home store. and max said it best, the whole forecast giving us chills. >> when she says chills and boo. >> boo. >> i love it. >> ginger, thank you. coming up, a top baby food maker under fire, accused of making false claims. and big questions for mtv, about its new reality show, showing people living on the edge. has it gone too far? and we are getting ready for the big halloween costume reveal. a lot of great surprises coming up. don't go anywhere. ♪
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we are back now at 7:42 with mtv under fire for the brand new reality show. it's called "slednecks." and features young people living on the edge in alaska. but critics say it's too similar to another show that was canceled last year after one of the stars died. gio benitez has the story.
7:43 am
>> reporter: it's mtv's hot new show in freezing temps. >> everything is bigger in alaska. the lower 48's got nothing on us. >> people are harder and tougher than anywhere else in the country. >> reporter: "slednecks," premiered thursday night, stars a group of young friends, ages 19 through 24, living in rural alaska and going wild. >> people think of us as a little bit more red neck, a little bit more sled neck. >> reporter: but this morning that extreme show is drawing extreme criticism. with some noting it's basically the alaska version of "buck wild," a show mtv abruptly canceled last year after 21-year-old youth star shane gandy died while mudding. his truck emerged in mud, carbon dioxide killing him. some say it proves mtv didn't learn their lesson.
7:44 am
and their potentially dangerous consequences. >> it's a dangerous game. you have young people engaging in high-risk behaviors, there's risk. >> reporter: just look at some of the stunts. barbecuing on glaciers, wake boarding in 12 degree lakes. going for a polar plunge. one of the stars telling dzi productions that's not just for the cameras. >> the way the show was shot, it's pretty much our lives as it is. >> reporter: mtv tells abc news it has no comment. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> all right, thank you. and coming up, a very close encounter with a shark caught on camera. what the surfer is saying now about that terrifying experience. and when diy goes so wrong. the epic halloween costume fails so many people are pinning. >> and we are dressing up. we us just moments away
7:45 am
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7:48 am
. got off the line in the morning. getting ready here to celebrate halloween in a big way. but halloween can sometimes, well, get scary for all the wrong reasons. and some costumes just don't, well, let's say measure up. and people love sharing them on social media, don't they?
7:49 am
t.j. holmes here in the social -- social scare? >> yes. >> this morning. >> we'll be back to normal next week. look at your screens right now and tell me what's wrong with this picture. this kid, i'm pretty sure, batman had black on, didn't have a t-shirt around his head and covered his eyes, pretty sure. this is what happens when the costume goes wrong. some have no one to blame but themselves for their epic halloween fails. with trick-or-treating just hours away, many halloweeners find themselves turning to the interwebs for costume inspiration. but following those do-it-yourself pinterest projects can be a real witch. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: from this botched iron man and this scarlet no han
7:50 am
seven, and jacked up jack-o-lanterns and this guy who definitely needs to let it go. some halloween fails are just down right scary. >> what do you think? >> reporter: even for the kids at heart. and whatever this thing is. and look at this, somebody rescue this kid. the parents wanted to do the jurassic park thing. he's not agreeing. don't send us the cute stuff. send us your halloween fails. use #halloween on "gma," who can remember an epic fail. what did you not pull it off? >> my mom wanted me to be a tree. brown corduroys and a turtle neck and a half box. i was, like, told. >> i just hope we don't have any new entries coming up today. >> no more. what we do have coming up, check this out.
7:51 am
who the devil is our superstar mystery guest making his way through the spooky corn maze. >> who is that? >> we have to guess that. and d.j. spinning us into the weekend. >> inside the "gma" fright elevator. find out what happens. when strahan was in there. come on back. ♪ how to shed pounds this winter. there. no more drafts. finally. [ male announcer ] now get 10% off select in-stock indoor heating products at lowe's.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm leyla gulen. it's going to be wet for the giants victory parade. here's mike nicco with our forecast. >> thank you very much. good morning, everybody. here's a look at the golden gate bridge and you can see it is wet already, some of the light to moderate showers are starting to move a little closer to the heart of the bay. most of them have been up north but you can see the line developing out to the west. there's some yellows, oranges in there which means moderate, maybe even heavy rain and small chance of a clap of thunder as we head through the early stages of the parade. we're going to use your abc exclusive wave app to watch traffic. if there's anything happening because of the wet weather, but i want to show you we are already looking at street
7:57 am
closures near city hall so you will be able to take mcalster off of van ness. you can see fulton as well is blocked off. b.a.r.t. back to normal so that is good news if you're heading away from daly city. now the news continues with
7:58 am
these guys should've gone to my place, cuz right now, i have two breakfast croissants for just four bucks. they're both made with a freshly cracked egg and melting cheese on a buttery, flaky croissant. try the supreme with bacon and ham, or the sausage. they'll fill you up for - whoa hey! what are you doing? you can't make a commercial for your restaurant at my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me, i can't.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> ghoul morning america. it's 8:00 a.m. and our scariest friday ever. you've seen robin rock out. george swing into space and lara have a ball. and now it's that moment that only comes once a year. you'll scream, you'll shout, you'll be amazed. and wait until you see how strahan gets his scare on. it's our spookiest, most scare-tacular halloween ever. don't let a moment ago, as we say -- >> good morning, america. "good morning america" invites you to our tame scare halloween ball, with our hosts, amy, george, robin, lara, and ginger.
8:01 am
>> and the times you can do with times square. it's a corn maze nut middle of manhattan. all full of spooky dancers. what a crowd dressed up for halloween. we have a lot of surprises. >> that's a great looking crowd outside. we are moments away from the biggest halloween show ever. you will not believe the costume are this year. top secret costumes under wraps for so long. wait until you see what we have in store for you. we're changing right now. you don't realize that. but we are. >> and under wraps perhaps because we should have been kept under wraps. lr you to look at a mysterious devil. he's the devil lurking in social scare. any idea who that mystery guest right be? he is a got a good rap.
8:02 am
and d.j. reach also with us. oh, wow, d.j. reach has been working out. >> gladiator. >> i know. when i see that devil i realize it's getting hot in here. >> oh. okay. there's your last clue of the morning. let's get the news from amy. >> george, good morning. we begin with the biggest story this morning. one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives, accused cop killer eric frein, facing a judge this morning, he was found in an abandoned airplane hangar giving up without a fight, handcuffed with the cuffs of the trooper he was accused of murdering. the ebola standoff is heating up in maine between kaci hickox, she's under fire for riding her bike around fort kent. the governor says he intends to ask a judge to force hickox to take another test to prove she
8:03 am
is not infected with ebolebola. she's consulting with her legal team about her next move. and new details on the deadly plane crash at the airport in wichita, kansas. the small plane lost power in the left engine, crashing into a building killing three people inside. the pilot, a retired air traffic controller was also killed. well, the first lawsuit has been filed in connection with the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. this morning the family of a businessman who was on the plane sued the airline and malaysia's government for neglect. their lawyer saying, quote, a big plane missing in this age of technology is unacceptable. flight 370 disappeared from radar eight months ago. not a single piece of debris has been found. and the government is suing gerber, accusing the company about making bogus claims about one of its baby foods. its good start gentle formula prevents or reduces allergies in children. but they say that's not true, it might help with a skin rash. gerber is standing by their claims.
8:04 am
and some heart-stopping moments caught on camera. a surfer coming within a few feet of this shark yikes! you see it behind him. this is off the coast of australia. the surfer had no idea how close it was until he saw the pictures later. he knew he had to stay calm and he did. the shark eventually swam away. and finally, when you're on live television, you learn to take it on the fly. but sometimes that fly can turn the table right on you. this is what happened to the newscaster overseas, the fly landing on the camera. it's like a halloween addition. a giant fly provided a very nice live backdrop in the studio. you think the station would have learned its lesson. on the same date a few years later, another visitor. a massive sea gull. you know, but the anchor, he just winged it, guys. oh, happy halloween, everyone. your pun edition. >> okay, to ginger.
8:05 am
i am getting so scared out here in times scare. feels good to be in these costumes, right? happy halloween. we have a little forecast for you, and that includes a freeze watch. look at this, that is scary for some people waking up, and going, oh, no, for trick or treat tonight. it is going to be down right chilly. and then the cold blast doesn't end there. moves east. look at the numbers, 40s for d.c., and 30s by early monday morning. new york city, same thing. yeah, just above freezing. raleigh, atlanta, no one escape this chilly forecast. it gives you a chill. good morning i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. heavy rain at times and showers and storms and we will get a brief this evening, for trick-or-treating. today's temperatures are low-to-mid 60's with all the wet weather falling and possible an
8:06 am
inch or two but the south bay is .25" to .5" and mid-40's to mid-50's and the seven-day forecast is day light saving >> how is my mona lisa face, is it good? >> very good. >> it's like the original >> how is my mona lisa face, is it good? >> very good. >> it's like the original smize. let's go into lara. >> coming up on the "gma morning menu." we are in social square with d.j. reach spinning us into the huge halloween ball. the lights are going out, and wait until you see how we're dressing up. and then, there's a devil in the mix? who is this special guest we're about to reveal? he's nasty. and then we are also going to see what's happening outside in times scare. you guys, we're coming out, i promise, i promise. happy halloween, don't go anywhere. "gma" is coming right back. ♪
8:07 am
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8:10 am
we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around, and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table, underneath my work desk, we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ ♪ bang, bang into the room ♪ i know you want it ♪ bang, bang over you ♪ wait a minute happy halloween, everyone. i will be your franken-host for
8:11 am
the "gma" halloween ball. we are about to reveal the most surprising star-studded cast of "dancing with the stars" ever. spectacular season. details kept underwraps for months. but first, take a look at the top secret audition tapes of hopefuls who didn't make the cut. ♪ >> twas the night before all hallows eve, a trick up their sleeve. a spooktacular worthy of count dracula. >> we have audition tapes. who is up first. >> a scary treat, but can they keep a wicked beat? >> i'm queen bey. >> and i am jay z. >> yes, you are. >> what's up, bey? you ready, bey? >> let's go get them.
8:12 am
>> oh, lord. ♪ look for me, young cruising >> needs to drop it like it's hot. >> drop it, girl. >> my days -- >> that was good, that was good. >> oh, my knee. that was good. ♪ she rides with me but nobody ain't with me ♪ >> you do yours, i'll do mine. >> oh, yes, yes, yes. all right, thank you, miami. >> like a little twerking action would have been great. >> hope this girl from x men has what it takes. >> she can fright, but give us all a fright? >> hi, i'm mist teystique and i ready to dance. let's do this. ♪ >> oh. >> oh. >> okay. >> that'll work. ♪ you can cut you like a knife >> it's like flash dance with x
8:13 am
men. yes. look at it. ♪ she's a maniac, maniac ♪ on the floor ♪ and she's -- >> i don't know about you, but that performance is going to haunt me. >> yeah. >> in my dreams. >> uh-oh. >> i think we need to keep looking, guys. >> from walking dead to dancing devil, are zombies that incredible? >> pick me. pick me. ♪ >> strahan. scary hands. ♪ ♪ it's close to midnight >> the undead shouldn't twirl. well, this one tries. work it, girl. ♪ let it go ♪ let it go ♪ can't hold it back anymore >> seriously, i think she's flirting with you. >> i think we should move on from this one. >> who do we have next, guys?
8:14 am
>> i think we have groot. >> he says i am groot. >> let's take a look. >> maybe a tree will become this guardian from the galaxy. >> i am groot. >> thank you. ♪ >> oh. ♪ i can't stop this feeling ♪ deep inside of me ♪ girl you just don't realize what you do to me ♪ ♪ when you hold me in your arms ♪ >> she only has one leg, which is a trunk. so obviously there's not a lot of range of motion. ♪ i-i-i hooked on a feeling ♪ i'm high on believing ♪ that you're in love with me >> oh! >> oh. >> tree down. tree down. groot, groot, groot.
8:15 am
>> i am groot. >> well, that was interesting. >> yeah, terrifying. >> interesting, yeah. little scary moves. scary moves. >> the pros kept on searching all through the night to lock in a cast and lock it up tight. so ready the ballroom for the dancing reveal, a fantasy cast to make you all squeal. [ cheers and applause ] that's right. and we can't wait to meet the stars who did make the cut for this brand new spooky season. and i love having my devilishly handsome mystery guest beside me to help out. are you ready for this? >> all these people yelling. >> stay with me, we'll be good. first up. let's hope that she can turn those frozen frackals into fancy footwork, welcome elsa and her
8:16 am
partner tony. ♪ can't hold it back anymore >> wow. ♪ let it go ♪ let it go >> don't let it go. >> and olaf. olaf is here. >> elsa. >> yes. >> oh. >> yeah. >> olaf making the moves on the dance floor. elsa bringing it all out. >> it might get hot in here. >> it might get hot in here. just saying. next, a star with plenty of gravity who might start having some descendents now he's finally tied the knot. george clooney and special guest amal clooney. there they are. they love to make an entrance, those two. fantastic. >> oh -- >> beautiful couple. beautiful, beautiful, have a spot there on the step.
8:17 am
>> we want to go back there. >> amal, you look beautiful. i love that. i love that. >> we're so excited to be married. >> it's so great to be back on "gma." third halloween in a row. time for a special honorary co-host. >> that's true. >> that's right. that's right. not just a dream. our next guest star had her wings stolen. see if she can fly across the dance room. a big round of applause, please, the one, the only maleficent is here. and her partner. >> lovely. >> look out. very nice. very nice. yes. >> got it going. >> yes, she's got her head in the clouds and no weight on her shoulders. this is our next guest i'm talking about of course. hope that serves her well in the
8:18 am
ballro ballroom, let's bring in ariana grande and her partner. she's going to be tough to beat. tough to beat. look auto. busting the moves already. >> see that. >> woohoo! >> all right. ♪ >> she's okay, she's okay. she's recovering. >> i'd like to see her do that every and over again. >> yes, easy devil. take a deep breath now. now the next guest, our next competitor. the real prince. what a guy. ready to give the dance floor the royal treatment, give it up for prince george and his partner, karina smirnoff. wow. that is something else. ♪ ruler >> that's awesome. who knew? who knew? the baby.
8:19 am
>> that's right. that's right. you stay away from that kid. devil you stay away from that kid. >> hey, little one. come and take a ride with me. >> no way, i'm keeping you far away. now, ladies and gentlemen, "dancing with the stars" spooktacular cast. and here we do. now's the time that we should get to know them a little bit better. elsa, i'm just curious, wondering, how you're going to do. you have to be careful. >> the devil back there. >> sneaking up. i'm worried about you getting cold feet next to maleficent with a little bit of a hot temper. >> don't worry, and olaf, we plan to ice the competition. >> throwing the ice around. like that confidence. very nice. and george and amal. congratulations. big deal. >> we're really, really excited to be married. >> as i can tell. you make an appearance here, fantastic stuff.
8:20 am
devil, do you have a question for amal? >> hey, back off. >> what will be your signature move? >> signature move. >> what will be your signature move. >> i think -- >> whoa! look out, everybody. >> coming from the devil -- >> you know what, devil, i can't help but notice that maly if i sent's horns are bigger than yours. how do you think about that, sir? >> i think we're both a little horny. that's too far. too far. keep the devil away. >> fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> very fantastic. and now ariana. how are you going to break out and just sort of step above the competition here? >> i think all the stars have one more problem. all right? i'm going to dance them under the table. >> look at that confidence. look out. everybody. who's your cute little prince george. >> hello. >> that's right. >> hello. you're going to be bringing your royal guards with you on the dance floor?
8:21 am
>> i've only just learned to walk, but i want to win the disco ball. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> devil, i'm going to keep you far away from the beautiful little prince. >> i'm just a little baby, please be nice, devil. thank you. >> little prince george. and now that we've met other cast, this is the moment that everybody at home wants to see. a sneak peek at what you all have to offer. shake it up, let's see it, everybody. ♪ ♪ i know you want it bang, bang over you ♪ ♪ i'll let you have it ♪ wait a minute let me take you there ♪ ♪ wait a minute ♪ bang, bang there goes your ♪ i know you want it ♪ wait a minute let me take you there ♪ ♪ wait a minute until ♪ you want to hear it's cool but i'm going to show you how to graduate ♪ ♪ no other lady -- show me that
8:22 am
your ♪ ♪ >> olaf. olaf. ♪ everybody has been good to you ♪ >> woohoo! ♪ bang, bang into the room ♪ i know you want it bang, bang all over you ♪ ♪ wait a minute let me take you there ♪ >> woohoo! yeah! ♪ i know you want it ♪ bang, bang >> what was that? what was that? ♪ take you there ♪ wait a minute >> and right now our "gma" freight elevator turned into a fright elevator by michael strahan. this halloween prank on some unsuspected victims really pushed our but thens. take a look.
8:23 am
>> "gma" taking halloween very seriously. that's why this year we converted the show's enormous freight elevator, used to haul staffing to the sets, to and from the studios into the fright elevator. that's right, a fright elevator. didn't stop with the decor, when no one was looking, tricked it out with scary treats. and a snow monster. a grim reaper statue with a mind of its own. and a stack of missy boxes that, well, not what it seems. with our gags in place, we opened the elevator for business. and look what happened. >> wow. have they done some redecorating in here? >> it's really nice. >> i love what you've done with the place. >> it's wonderful. [ screams ] >> of course the elevator looks like this.
8:24 am
oh! what is it? what? would you stop it? >> oh. come on in. >> wow. okay. that one worked. >> getting the show on the air can often be a little scary. but the fright elevator took the level of fear to all new heights. just ask sherri shepherd. >> hi, did you see -- >> in the elevator. >> isn't this cute? >> this is very cute. >> eat it? >> it's got candy -- >> oh, no, oh, gosh. oh, my god. oh! >> check out what happened when robin's beauty team went for a ride. >> open it. >> i'm scared. >> do it together. [ screams ] ah! >> oh, god. >> but here's the ultimate test.
8:25 am
could our fright elevator scare the 7'1" shaquille o'neal. how are you doing, man? >> good, good. >> oh! hold me tight. >> serving up some tricks in the fright elevator, shaq-tastic. from our elevator to yours, all of us at "gma" say have a scream this halloween. what a beautiful sight. such grace, such ghoulish charm. coming up, we will reveal the true identity of our mystery devil. who is behind that mask? >> we'll be right back. we'll be right back. >> we will. >> stay with us. ♪
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, i'm leyla gulen. just a few hours to go until the giants victory parade kicks off, and abc 7 is the place to watch it. take a look at the parade route. it will begin at noon at the foot of market and stewart streets near the ferry building. from there the giants will ride or walk along market street to civic center plaza for a big on-stage ceremony. abc 7 will begin live coverage at 11:00, so be sure to join us. traffic looks like the drizzly weather is having an effect on our commute. southbound side of 101 just before miller creek is where you have this accident possibly blocking one lane. if you are taking b.a.r.t. into the city, parking is completely full at the dublin-pleasanton station. it is available at lake merritt,
8:28 am
pittsburg, bay point and oakland. so get out there as quickly as you can. mike nicco will have your
8:29 am
light rain already over the parade route. i did hear, i saw on twitter that they may be throwing out 20,000 ponchos, the giants, to fans that are lining up. you'll need them. look at the moderate to heavy rain that's going to move in over the next hour or so. so you're going to get wet, especially during the early parts of the parade then the rain will ease as we head
8:30 am
towards 2:00. temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s. accuweather seven-day forecast, a few scattered showers tomorrow, dry sunday. debates ♪ ♪ ♪ the spooktacular. and d.j. spinning the hottest hits right now. celebrating "gma's" "dancing with the stars" scare-tacular. and we have more surprises. a special celebrity guest judge with us this morning. well, look who it is. none other than maverick is here joining us. maverick. he looks a little bit like he's itching to give one of our dancers the perfect score. look at that stare. look out. he's got what it takes. look out. and the surprises aren't over. they're not over yet. we still have one more very big
8:31 am
reveal coming up here. the "dancing with the stars" spectacular season is not over. in addition to maverick as the celebrity judge, we have some musical guests we have. these guys, i'm telling you right now, they sing the best song ever. take a look. ♪ the story of my life ♪ i'll drive you all night to keep you warm ♪ >> wwoohoo! ♪ the story of my life i can't go home ♪ ♪ defend our loves until she's gone ♪ >> one direction is in the house, everybody. you guys got to work on the words of your own song a little bit. >> hey, enough. enough. >> no, it's funny. >> quit picking on us. >> you strike an unbelievable
8:32 am
resemblance to the "gma" weekend crew. >> that's the story of our lives. >> oh! >> and freaking out right now. >> don't tell george. don't tell george. >> george, what's going on? >> can't stay away from her. >> no, sara -- >> easy, break it up. >> wait, where's amal? you got my number? you got my number? >> yeah. >> looking good. >> very well. all right. everyone, we're continuing on here, of course. i'm just curious, elsa, who's your biggest competition here? >> there's a lot of trash talking. but that little baby george has me so frightened. >> you ain't seen nothing yet, elsa. >> baby george. we have to stick around. we have had this devil hanging out all morning, sneaking around the corn fields. causing trouble with maverick. i think it's about time that we
8:33 am
reveal -- we find out who is behind the mask. who is this devilishly handsome guest we have. go ahead. ♪ it's getting hot in here >> nelly. >> it's getting hot in here. >> it was getting really hot in there. i had that thing on for a long time. >> look it -- >> baby. >> yeah, it was great. awesome. we are so excited to have nelly here today. i was wondering who in the devil that was. please. help us. ♪ elsa, will you help me talk to nelly? i only know a few words. >> i would love to talk to ne y nelly. may i come over there? >> yes. >> you have a lot that is going on. >> i do. >> you have the show that's back
8:34 am
on. what are you up to? >> nelliville, featuring myself and my four beautiful children. showing a single father actually being the guider that he needs to be. and also real husbands of hollywood, season three is on right now. make sure you check that out. >> were you big out halloween growing up? >> yeah, i love halloween growing up. i couldn't afford real costumes. but i made do with what i had. definitely. >> we're having a lot of fun. "nelliville" premiers november 25th on b.e.t. and now ginger. >> it's going to be hot. >> i have some marches. i'm not sure. i love this. okay, let's go ahead and do some weather. i have to smile now. i can't do the face any longer. there in los angeles, maybe some rain through the weekend. so good for california. we were talking about the drought. it's not going to break anything, at least some rain showers.
8:35 am
but comes, wind up through the pacific northwest. fly across the nation, give you a trick-or-treat forecast going into the weekend. winter is making the first appearance. rain to snow, lake effect snow happening this morning. but it doesn't matter, snow on >> ogees i am meteorologist mike nicco, ready for showers and thunderstorms and soak rain? that is what we have. low-to-upper 60's. seven-day forecast shows a stray shower tomorrow. not a wash out. sunshine and dry weather on sunday through >> and all this weather has been brought to you by swifer. it's time to reveal the winner of "gma's" dog gone scary contest. you chose tales of mother goose worn by rena. she's a beautiful golden lab mix. come on. look at her little glasses from california. she's here with her owner, judy.
8:36 am
judy, i have to get her to show off her glasses and little nose. she's such a sport. how was it getting into this? >> it's fine. she's good about costumes. as long as you clap and her tale will wag. >> congratulations to you both. >> thank you. >> we have a trophy too. look what you won. >> oh. >> can she even open her -- there's real bones in there. she can smell it. oh, my goodness. all right. george. okay, i'm holding my new wife close here. and solve a mystery this halloween. take a look at the social square right now. former child star of a classic horror film. we're giving you clues about the role onire and online. see if you can guess who it is. here is the first clue. his character dies twice in the film. what do you think? anybody know? >> i know. >> you know? >> i know.
8:37 am
>> you have magic powers of course you know. okay. coming up, tim tebow puts the anchors, all of us through our paces in a race that will literally amaze you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey! welcome home! woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. hey mom! it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop,
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♪ we are standing just outside of tim tebow oes terrifying "gma" corn maze. and we have a bird's eye view of the action that's about to take place is tim tebow, aka maverick. and here's george facing off against the princess of pop, ariana grande. and we want to tell the contestants, hidden in the maze is the golden pumpkin. find it, and you are the win per tim, since you have the best view of the land, can you give the maze runners an idea what they need to do to win. >> first of all, don't get stuck. zig when you should zag. they'll figure it out. i'll help them. if you need questions, just throw it up to me. >> all right. thank you very much, maverick. i think you need the speed to get yourself through this horrifying corn maze. prince george, you have your royal guards with you, are you
8:41 am
ready? >> i am -- i'm scared. but i will try. may i have my pacy? >> okay. >> she's got her pacy. and then ariana, you have your good friend olaf to lead the way. are you ready? >> i think he's going to freeze me out. >> very nice, ariana. tim, why don't you count us down? >> all right, may the best costume win. three, two, one, go! [ cheers and applause ] ariana definitely got a head start. we need to hold her back for like two seconds. >> and they're off. sneaking throughout corn maze. prince george looks mightily scared. ariana needs to stop dancing if she needs to find this golden pumpkin. i know they're looking and searching. prince george, you can do it. maybe he needs his blankie. i'm not sure. ariana, come on, this isn't a dance contest. you aren't singing.
8:42 am
stop looking for the camera, heariana and look if the golden pumpkin. >> we're to close. >> tim, what are you seeing from your vantage point. >> ariana, you're close, turn left. the guards need help. we seven more guards to lift her. >> tim, guide our wayward friends, tell them which way to go, tim. >> prince george needs to turn right, and olaf and ariana need to stop dancing. >> i'm lost in the amaze. but i've found the golden pumpkin. >> oh. it is prince george with the golden pumpkin. >> seems to be stock -- >> congratulations. prince george. the lucky, lucky -- >> i might have cheated. >> we told you to stop dancing, and this is why you did not find the golden pumpkin.
8:43 am
tim, can you tell us where ariana went wrong? do you agree? ens the dancing got in the way. >> they were solid dance moves, olaf was kicking it right behind her, but prince george, the determination led to the victory. >> maverick, what would you have done differently? >> cut back on the dance moves. and if i was prince george, stronger guards to lift me and take me through. >> yes, i know, the guards might have helped. prince george found his way. we're proud of prince george. and let's get in, now. i think we can talk to prince george now. can you tell us how you're feeling, prince george. you need to take the pacifier. >> thank you very much. it is a true honor to be here in the corn maze in the middle of times square. and we have done a fine job. thank you to the guards and ariana grande for helping me.
8:44 am
my hands are full because i'm holding the golden pumpkin. >> ariana, how does it feel to lose to a baby? >> i'm not a loser. i don't know how this feels. >> you look quite nice in the dress. >> thank you. i have to take this back and process what's happening. but i'll dance the whole way. >> i'd like to dance with you on the cast of the new "dancing with the stars." >> i can't stop. all right. let's dance. >> we are going to dance now in a corn maze. feast your eyes on my dance moves. >> and prince george with the golden pumpkin. there is much more ahead. stay with us in times scare. ♪ ♪ only out of the woods ♪ are we in the clear yet >> the golden pumpkin. ♪ l
8:45 am
( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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♪ back anymore let it snow, let it snow. look at the snow. look at it. oh, come on elsas. let's go outside. come on, babies. here we go. they're playing in the snow. look, come on, babies. elsa, let's go. there you go. come on. oh, olaf is right here. say hello to olaf. look at them all. oh. nice. come on. >> all right. >> come on, pretty. >> oh. let it snow. isn't that great? yes. ♪ to test the limits >> oh, that is so great. all those little elsas. and now we have lilly and audrey andrews. just 12 years old, cooking since
8:48 am
they were 4. they have a brand new cook book, we heart cook. >> mad hatter and alice in wonderland. >> okay, mrs. pl and mrs. clooney. >> where did you get the recipes? >> it was two years, it was a whole summer we created the recipes. we got creative and thinking of things that families would love. >> you came up with it. >> we have a ghoulish pudding, right? >> yes. >> what's makes it so ghoulish. >> this is from our party section in the book. i think it's delicious -- it's a little bit of creepy look with the pimento peppers. and also the pepperjack cheese adds spice. >> so a nice main course pudding. >> yes. >> show us how to do it. i want to make this tonight. >> okay, so here is the sausage. it's just italian sausage. cut it out of the casing and
8:49 am
just break it up in the pan. >> yes. >> and we're going to add green onions and garlic. >> oh, i love garlic. >> would you mind stirring for me? >> i would love to stir. okay. we have like three tablespoons. >> that's a lot of garlic. >> i love it. >> nice andsauteed. >> okay. >> once that's done cooking, cool off over here. and this is when we make our pudding, which is pepperjack cheese, cheddar cheese. >> you can use your fingers, go for it. >> with the garlic. >> uh-huh. >> two eggs. >> don't beat the eggs first, just beat it all together -- >> just beat it all together. and pimento peppers. that nice and combined. >> okay. >> and this goes in a two quart baking dish. >> how long do you cook it? >> this cooks for about 45 minutes. >> yes.
8:50 am
>> at 350 degrees. >> perfect. okay, let's go down here. tell us about these meringues now. a little halloween meringues. >> over here are the spooky mering meringues. and you can add eyes. -- thank you. you can add eyes so they look like little ghosts and food coloring so they're orange and white to add to the halloween theme. >> that's delicious. >> these cook on 200 for two hours. >> i love it. >> it's too early to drink, what is this? >> this is our vampire punch. it has a beat sweet syrup. so it's naturally colored. >> wow. should we all cheers in. >> happy halloween, guys. happy halloween. get the recipes at our website, "good morning america" diegoodm yahoo!. and coming up, revealing the former child movie stair.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ it is time now to reveal the identity of our mystery horror movie star. but first, one final clue. his most famous line, "now i want to play with you."
8:54 am
so who are you? >> i played gage in "pet cemetery." >> and i understand you're actually good friends with a famous actor from "chucky"? >> alex vin entitle sent. tried to get him out here. >> and you're still working. >> working on a couple of projects, a horror film and a drama. >> how scary is this? >>s that great. it's a mad house, but it's fantastic. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> george, i just -- >> do you need -- >> thanks to tim tebow for the need for speed. thank you. >> it was fun. tried to pull off maverick. >> tim, this is your first "gma" halloween. >> it is. >> what do you think? >> i love your outfit. it's amazing. and i have to give it up. prince george, i think that takes the cake, though. >> by far. >> and is this what you're going
8:55 am
as tonight, tim, when you trick-or-treat? >> yes, i will be trick-or-treating. >> and thank you, t.j. holmes playing olaf with all the little elsas here. and go ahead. t.j., thank you. they were all asking, where's olaf. thank you for all our little beautiful elsas. adorable. >> they are so great. and thank everyone, it was fantastic today. and amal and thank you for being a special guest star. >> i love my george. >> whichever one it is. >> and everyone who made our halloween happen. what a great day it was. >> bye, bye. >> have a safe halloween. >> nicely done. >> enjoy. >> go, george. ♪ >> woohoo! ♪ hello
8:56 am
♪ messed up with you ♪ hello ♪ o-o-o ♪ i want to try to hello ♪ o-o-o ♪ i'm getting busy --
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, i'm leyla rea already getting wet. let's go straight to mike nicco with our forecast. >> thank you very much. the storm coming in right now as we speak, right off the shore. over the next hour or so we'll get some of that moderate to heavy rain in san francisco, pansy and up into the north bay. this will march across our neighborhoods the next couple of hours. we'll also have scattered showers as we head deeper into, say, the morning hours and early afternoon hours but it should be dry for trick-or-treating. >> as we take a look, it looks like right on schedule portions of market street already being shut down right around 6th street. also around the civic center. you'll start to see market street completely shut down
9:00 am
right around 9:00 a.m. don't forget abc 7 will air >> we're sorry the number you ave reached is not in service. please check the number or try your call again. >> i know it's hard to believe, zombies in the streets of new york. sbom dis are stupid but


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