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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 31, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." another mid-air explosion. this one deadly. the spacecraft that blew up over america just days after the rocket. the rescure pictures coming in from the scene. the extreme weather. the storm, the snow. the coldest halloween in a decade. and what's coming this weekend. caught, america's most wanted. allegedly terrorizing communities, forcing schools to shut down. tonight, paraded in front of the angry families. and the dramatic rescue, the amber alert. the quick-thinking teen, the baby saved. and we salute the parents that made these costumes, and the 9-year-old boy that wanted my job. look at his homemade press badge. he didn't see this coming.
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good evening, and we begin this friday night with the deadly mid-air explosion at 50,000 feet. over the the mojave desert. major questions over how this could have happened. the view from above, pieces on the ground after crashing into the desert after a test flight. you can see the word virgin. for virgin galactic. created by richard branson. there, a red parachute that saved the life of one pilot, and this coming just 72 hours after another rocket explosion. the rocket with soviet-made engines. blowing up shortly after takeoff. tonight, what went wrong and what this means for the future of space travel. the famous faces already paying a lot of money to go there. david kerley leading us off tonight. >> reporter: all looks good. spaceship two separating. but within moments, the breakup
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seen, with the remains falling on to the california desert floor. >> we did get a confirmation that there was a second chute deployed. >> reporter: the desperate search was on for the two pilots. one survived and was recovered. >> debris spread out 200 to 300 meters. in all directions. >> reporter: the second pilot, found dead. >> space is hard. and today was a tough day. >> reporter: the test flight, similar to this. the mothership carries it to 50,000 feet, and it's released. then ignites its own rocket to take it to the edge of space. but today's rocket was using a new fuel. it had only been tested on the ground. all of this the dream of richard branson. hoping to take six passengers to weightlessness and glide back to earth. he said he wants to lead the way. in a tweet, he said thanks for all messages of support. thoughts with all. i'm flying in immediately. before today's explosion, 700
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people had put in for the $250,000 ticket. including some of hollywood's elite. decaprio, pitt. but this shows that rocket science is tough. tuesday night, the rocket to supply the space station blew up just seconds after liftoff. this is not the death knell for space travel? >> no. i don't think so at all. absolutely not. some of them are going to fail. but one, maybe two or three are going to succeed and we'll go from there. >> reporter: tonight, an ntsb investigative team is on its way. the only word on the surviving pilot, he's doing as good as can be expected. david? >> thank you, david kerley. and tonight, more details on the other deadly crash we reported on last night. the fiery aftermath, the small plane slamming into a building complex in wichita, kansas. tonight, investigators revealing that three of the four people killed were found in a flight
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simulator inside the building where they were doing training. the investigation has been put on hold because the building is close to collapsing. we move on to the severe weather moving in as millions of trick or treaters going out for halloween. in chicago, hundreds of flights cancelled. and waves pounding on lake shore drive. and this is the commute home in michigan tonight. one more picture saying it all. snow on the jack o'lanterns in wisconsin. and rob marciano, now tracking the cold this weekend. >> this is a big storm. you mentioned the cold, rain, and snow for about a third of the country. just a nasty night. freeze warnings and watches all the way to the gulf coast. in some cases, tomorrow night is going to be even colder than tonight. 20s across the midwest. 30s as far south as the florida panhandle. and some snow, we're going to see eight inches in parts of the appalachians.
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then it gets to the coastline. it will strengthen. new york and d.c., not as much of an impact. but new england, some winds up to 60 miles an hour. and more snow coming their way. november coming in a nasty way. and to the breaking headline, one of america's most wanted captured. the suspected cop killer hearing a mouthful from the community he allegedly terrorized for 48 days. after a $10 million manhunt, tonight, eric frein is in a cell. and the marshals that took him in speaking out. tom llamas with the story. >> eric, are you sorry? >> reporter: eric frein had no words and nowhere left to run when police marched him out of a pennsylvania courthouse -- just inches from a crowd of angry neighbors who let him have it. >> death penalty, let's go! >> reporter: people snapping
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pictures, as the accused cop killer walked by. their relief, palpable. when you laid eyes on him, what did you think? >> awesome. i was really happy that they finally caught this guy, now we can sleep at night. >> reporter: for seven weeks armed swat teams sweeping through the backyards here, searching for the expert survivalist, a man fascinated with military reenactments and branded delusional. last night, the manhunt ending quietly here, outside an abandoned airport hangar. a team of u.s. marshals spotting a figure moving through the brush. officer scott malkowski telling me what happened next. >> for a split second i said who is this guy walking in the field in the middle of nowhere? then i realized that was him. eventually, he turned towards me, saw me, we surprised him, identified myself and told him to get on the ground. i said what's your name, and he said eric frein. >> reporter: the airport hangar, 35 miles from where frein allegedly ambushed trooper bryan dickson 48 days ago. since then, the fugitive was
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spotted at the local high school, the post office, and the ruins of an abandoned inn. the arrest last night, deeply personal for these marshals. they used trooper dickson's handcuffs on frein. and dickson's squad car to drive him to jail. >> i'm proud of the way our people stepped up and never lost faith. and got this done. >> reporter: tonight eric frein is charged with murder, facing the death penalty. tonight, halloween is back on. trick or treating had been cancelled in some parts, but now with the manhunt over, it's save to come outside. david? >> tom, thank you. and this evening, dramatic 911 calls tell the tale of a dramatic rescue. it started with an amber alert on a cell phone, warning of a possible abduction. a teenager, noticing the suspect in 60 seconds. alex perez with the baby then saved. >> reporter: like most teens, 15-year-old camryn wood is constantly on her phone. but the message she got thursday
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morning may have been one of the most important ever. an amber alert. >> 911. what are you reporting? >> i just saw an amber alert on my phone. and i'm pretty sure i just saw the car. >> reporter: authorities were looking for this 18-month-old boy abducted by his mother after she allegedly assaulted her estranged husband, the boy's father, who had custody. >> just when we saw that it was in olympia, i mean, my heart dropped. >> reporter: wood, riding in the car with her dad near olympia, washington, immediately read the message, including the description of the vehicle. >> we saw the car. we got behind the car immediately. i called 911. >> you're doing great. stay with me and keep letting me know where you're at. >> reporter: stunned, wood and her dad tail the vehicle, relaying their every move. >> we're getting on i-5 right now. >> north or south? >> northbound. >> reporter: the boy's mother, now charged with kidnapping. >> the only hero i want to be is the hero of that little kid. >> reporter: since amber alerts started in 1996, 703 children have been rescued. cell phone alerts started going out in 2013. and by our count, this is the
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second one to contribute to a rescue. and with that 911 call made, within 60 seconds, definitely the fastest. david? >> thank you, alex. and now to the victory for american nurse, casey hicox. you remember the image, behind the plastic, detained after returning from west africa without ebola. back in maine, quarantined on her couch. then the defiant bike ride, ignoring orders to stay indoors. tonight, a judge rejecting a request to limit her movements, saying people are acting out of fear and it's not entirely rational. we turn to washington, d.c., and the chilling new attack on a police officer with an ax. it comes just one week after the other attack. seven seconds long in new york city. the man wielding a hatchet, targeting police. a recent convert to islam. police say he intended to commit an act of terrorism. a lot of questions today. is this attack linked to terror? pierre thomas, what are we
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learning? >> reporter: david, tonight, the d.c. police are asking for the public's help in identifying the man they say slammed that ax into the window of a police car, inches from an officer's head. the officer is okay, but the suspect got away. police see a lot of violence but nothing like this unprovoked attack. with that ax assault last week on police in new york city, described as an act of terror, and isis calls for assaults on police and government workers, everybody is on edge. d.c. police say they have no evidence of terrorism, and admit they have no idea whether this was a copycat, a lunatic, or something else. david? >> still investigating, pierre, thank you. tonight, the countdown is on. the final sprint. four days until the midterm elections. and the key number, six. the number of seats republicans need to take back the senate. and one of the races has a republican candidate using her history with hogs to talk about
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cutting pork, washington waste. cecilia vega has the story. the ad that has so many talking this campaign. >> reporter: listen to this pitch, about hogs. >> i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm. so when i get to washington, i'll know how to cut pork. >> reporter: joni ernst, a mom, wife, and harley rider, saying she'll do to washington what she did to the hogs. >> because washington is full of big spenders. let's make them squeal. >> reporter: tonight, it could be working for this republican. neck and neck in iowa -- a key state that sent barack obama to the white house and re-elected him. but now there's someone hoping to stop her. hillary clinton, who stood beside the democrat in the race, congressman bruce braley. and what did he hand her? a onesie. on the trail, she is embracing her role as a new grandmother. part of an effort to reach a
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crucial voting block here, those so-called walmart moms. so what's a walmart mom? well, they are women with children under the age of 18 who shop at the megachain at least once a month. and that's where we're headed right now, to talk to some of them. they are a powerful group. by one count, nearly 17% of all voters this year. what are your top three things that concern you? >> the economy, the prices of food and gas. >> health care, yes. >> reporter: all of them, fed up with washington. joni ernst, counting on that. >> let's make 'em squeal. cecilia vega, abc news, cedar rapids, iowa. thank you. we'll be here on election night, tuesday night, right here on abc. in the meantime, it's halloween, but in a few short hours, a beloved christmas tradition starting earlier than ever before. black friday sales.
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gio benitez asks, how soon is too soon? >> reporter: good-bye, jack o'lanterns. hello, santa. this walmart ad proving that black friday, usually the day after thanksgiving, is now starting tomorrow. the day after halloween. irresistible deals thrown our way. amazon offering $150 off this canon camera. and this popular lego spaceship at walmart, $15 off. 2013 had companies running scared, with lower than expected sales. this holiday forecast, $617 billion in sales. that's 4% more than last year. each one of us, expected to spend an extra $80. >> i have two kids. i try to shop about six months in advance. >> reporter: six months? >> yes. >> reporter: so, get used to these hybrid halloween/christmas ads. because the good deals begin early, and will keep going and going and going for weeks.
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♪ i'm nailing this christmas again ♪ >> reporter: and stores like this one in new york city are already showing off that cheer, too. 55 days until christmas. david, they want you shopping early, and often. >> almost seems like a halloween trick. thank you. still much ahead on "world news tonight." listen to this 911 call. they hang up on a family member in need because she was swearing in a moment of panic. >> 911. >> are you going to give me an ambulance? >> are you going to swear at me? >> why did the operator hang up the phone? also, you remember this scene with jennifer lawrence. the microwave exploding. why is this now heading to court? 22 million people watched this video last halloween. but this family has outdone themselves tonight. the new costume. and this 9-year-old boy that wanted my job. that's my press badge there.
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alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. next tonight, to an abc news investigation. the emergency call to 911, when every second counts. so many first responders saving us. but some operators, hanging up on families in need. here's jim avila. >> reporter: they are the people who answer the call. >> my infant son is locked in a car. in a parking lot. >> reporter: but sometimes, there is a disconnect. in tampa, listen to the 911 operator's answer. >> they won't be able to try to gain access to the car unless the child is in some kind of distress. >> reporter: in michigan, a desperate daughter calls. watching her father having a brain seizure. >> 911. >> i need an ambulance. [ bleep ]. >> well, okay. first of all, you don't need to swear over 911.
5:48 pm
and slow down. >> send me a [ bleep ] ambulance! are you going to give me an ambulance? >> are you going to swear again, you stupid [ bleep ]? >> reporter: the operator was suspended for two weeks. and in washington, d.c., there were tragic consequences for the lack of help. medric mills suffers a heart attack. >> and he kind of falls next to the -- >> falls next to the car, yes. >> reporter: luck of all luck, right across the street, engine house 26 of the washington, d.c., fire department. but their ambulance is on another call, so 911 calls for a different emt crew. but mistakenly sends them to a wrong address. meanwhile, inside this firehouse, five firefighters with life-saving equipment, but despite marie's pleas, no one comes. >> when someone knocks on the door and says there's an incident across the street, they should have responded immediately. >> reporter: medric mills died.
5:49 pm
the lieutenant in charge retired with full pension. the most anyone else got was a 60-hour suspension. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> we want to know what you think. you can see the full report on "20/20" tonight, do your job. that's at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here. when we come back, if you watched the world series, you want to see the images coming in right now. and this moment, the microwave on fire. now, they're in trouble tonight. and a famous american band weighing on this halloween display. what they're saying. sensitive bladder? never miss a chance to dance... introducing a revolution in bladder leak protection. new always discreet. up to 40% thinner, for superior comfort. absorbs 2 times more than you may need. for dance-all-you-want protection. no wonder more women already prefer new always discreet pads over poise. new always discreet. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. visit for coupons and
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advil. straight to the "index." in san francisco, thousands lining the streets for the giants after a huge game seven win over kansas city this week. and you may remember this microwave on fire in "american hustle." tonight, the author saying he never wrote that. it ruined his reputation. and the band queen talking about this light display. ♪ saying on facebook, we love this. and happy halloween. when we come back, this video viewed 22 million times last year. the family, outdoing themselves. you'll see the new video next. times last year. the family, outdoing themselves. you'll see the new video next.
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and finally tonight on this halloween, our persons of the week. millions of children trick or treating tonight. and i got a photo today that had me seeing double and worried about my job.
5:56 pm
quite frankly. tonight, we salute every parent trying to make their child feel special in their costume. this young man, bob the builder. and this is caleb as batman. no wheelchair, that's his batmobile. every year, his mother does this. he's in a wheelchair. from mansfield, texas. the typical costumes don't work. so, she improvised. from superman to super mario, his wheelchair transformed into a jeep. going with his brother tonight. >> he just naturally has a set of wheels, and i just thought, what can we do to tie it into his costume? >> so popular, other parents asking her for instructions, sending her their creations.
5:57 pm
she's not unlike parents across the country, going out of their way to make their children smile. this is zoe in her l.e.d. costume. a glow in the dark costume. tonight, sending us a message. >> i made her this. >> this is minnie mouse. and this owl, made by her mother. >> she doesn't want to flap her wings. >> in fact, she looks away. and finally, hayden. a 9-year-old from florida. look at his microphone there, "world news tonight" and his homemade press pass. so we called him. is this hayden? >> hello. >> this is david muir. >> you're kidding. >> not kidding. are you kidding with your costume? you're making me nervous.
5:58 pm
you look like you're ready for my job. are you covering any stories today? >> no. >> how many kids at school knew who you were today? >> no one. >> no one? and where did you get that press pass? >> mom or dad. >> they walk around with my press pass? they do when they're making one for their son. parents all over helping to transform their children. for that mom in texas, a thank you, sealed with a kiss. so we choose all the moms and dads tonight, creating costumes for hallow
5:59 pm
a day of celebration. take a look at the people who asmbd at the civic center late today to honor the world champion giants. >> the keep got a fitting tribute on the steps of san francisco's city hall led by the giants' self-appointed head cheerleader.
6:00 pm
>> madison bumgardener. wind gust e-- buster posey. world champions, can we do it again? [ cheers ] >> that's what i'm talking about, san francisco. >> hunter pence got the nickname. laura, why don't you start us off tonight. >> reporter: hi, as you heard, hunter pence came at the end of the program at the civic center. boy of he worth waiting for -- boy was he worth waiting forment an incredible day starting with the parade, then the event here. despite the weather, the whole thing went on without a hitch. >> number eight, hunter pence. jim hudson. number 28, buster posey


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