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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning. thanks for joining us. we have different weather conditions as we start this first november work week. >> rain is gone. now we have sunshine. >> sunshine and warmer weather. we ended obtain open a very wet note half ambassador inch in san jose one of the better areas of rain base didn't get you but well start november cool in the morning and nice and warm in the afternoon hours. live doppler hd shows how dry it and out this. this is how it looks from sutro tower, clean air on top of us and a few high clouds with thicker clouds headed motor and thinner to the south so look for increasing sunshine at 69 to 73 inland and up to 67 at coast. good morning, everyone, at
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5:00. we have someone walking on the tracks of bart. if you are headed to sfo from the pittsburg bay point line we have someone walking on the tracks near concord. it is causing a 10 or 15-minute delay. ace train is running on time. no delays with caltrain. we have an accident westbound highway 92 at the toll plaza so you could find activity there and c.h.p. is headed to the scene. we have delays over the a pass and down to the 30's pushing from tracy to livermore and top speeds as we head to dublin and drive time traffic is 33 minutes from tracy to dublin. firefighters are on the seen of a house fire in concord at clayton road. the fire department just tweeted this photo showing this house on fire. the garage was fully engulfed when they arrived at 3:30 this
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morning. it took crews 10 minutes to get it under control. you can see quite a bit of damage. this news could make you feel better: bay area gas stations are selling fuel for less than $3 a gallon. how much is it in san jose, nick? >> $2.97. one place is selling for $2.8 for a gallon of regular is now dropping below $3 the lowest average since december of 2010. aaa says without natural disasters gas prices will continue to fall over the next few months. less than a in from thanksgiving the busiest travel weekend of
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the year the average price fell to the lowest in four years and at some stations in san jose it dropped below $3 a gallon like here and i just spoke with jose who is seeing big savings. >> it varies from $80 to $100 and today i filled up for $60 because even across the street it is going to be $3.50 and it will not go down. >> that is what we were finding, the prices are different wherever you go. the big savings helped him because he does the commute to san francisco every day that many people can relate to. the fracking fuel is why it is falling. demand falls off from summer tourism season and refineries
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are allowed to switch to cheaper blend that uses less clean burning inagreed helps that are -- burning ingredientses that are barred in the summer. we will have another report in an hour and talk to commuters who find a way to save. a uc berkeley graduate who moved from the bay area to oregon to take advantage of assisted suicide has died after taking a lethal dose of drugs. she was diagnosed with brain cancer in john after her one year wedding anniversary. in the last facebook, she said good by to family and friends. she wrote "today is the day i have decided to thy with
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dignity." >> police are investigating five deadly shootings in one week and the latest happened at 5:00 last night. police say a man was fund shot to death inside a home. saturday, police say a 26-year-old man was shot and it willed in front of a convenience store. police are also investigating these other homicides including one that claimed the life of perla avina, the mother of four shot and killed in a possible road rage incident a week ago. a suspect is under arrest. >> police will release information on arrests in the hut and run deaths of three, 13 year or trick or tweeters, twins and their friend were killed on friday night santa ana when a honda sweered into them. they were in a crosswalk and were thrown 100'. two men were signed running from
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the ditched car. police made several arrests and are expected to release more details today. >> the cost of the bridge repairs are skyrocketing. caltran officials say the analysis shows the new span has a deficit of $35 million. they say there are $110 million worth of unbudgeted work to be done covered by contingency funds and $45 million of unspent money from protects on the antioch and dumbarton bridges have been moved to boost the budget. >> damage from the napa, will delay the opening of a winter shelter that keeps homeless people warm. the home will open a month later than urge, serving as a scold weather shelter at the napa valley expo. the hall needs $230,000 in earthquake-related repairs.
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>> a protest is held at the jungle hopeless encampment. they say the city of san jose has failed to improve sanitary conditions and has been treating residents unfairly. they are asking for 24 hour port-a-potties and end of city sweeps and for funding to end homelessness in the city. candidates for mayor and city council are in attendance. >> election day is less than 24 hours away with ads aimed at 348s headed to the polls. at stake is criminal of the house and senate. it is the final push before the midterm elections and across the cup, long lines for early voting. >> voting early is a must. >> president obama hit the trail. >> are we going to vote? >> so did hopefuls rand paul,
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chris christie, scott walker and hillary clinton. >> it comes down as it always does, to who shows up. >> tell everyone how important the election is. >> control of congress is up for congress and republicans need to pick up six seats to re-capture the senate with republicans starting halfway this with west virginia, montana and south dakota certain to go to the g.o.p. >> our ground gay is whipping their ground game. in arkansas republican tom cotton is pulling away from incumbent mark pryor so republicans would need to only win two of ten competitive seats. republicans have tried to make the race about president bush. 44 percent of americans view him favorably. >> democrats in tough races have been running away from the president and alison lundergan grimes taking on mcconnell in kentucky is running this spot. >> i'm not president obama. >> we may not know who controls the senate on tuesday, georgia
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and louisiana require a majority of voters for the winner, if not, there will be run offs. you can get information on the candidates and issues in the smartphone or tablet with the news app under "voter resources," your voice and your vote. >> the rain will not keep you from polls. >> take the sunglasses. it will be delightful. but bright. we had rain on halloween and on the parade but it ended and left us with 71 percent of average of san francisco and santa roar only 48 percent, and san jose received .5" of rain, double the rain total since the beginning of the rain year which is july 1 at 88 percent. livermore only 31 percent with .4". to the north, mainly in the low-to-mid 40's and san rafael
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at 51 degrees right now. other places in the 50's including san francisco at 53 and alameda 52 and brentwood 52 and redwood city and cupertino and san jose newark and san ramon and lafayette and fairly all in the 40's, and that is how we will stay through 7:00 all in the mid-60's by noon and the day planner showing low 60's to 70 by 4:00 and it will be cooler quicker by 7:00 and we are all in the 50's and warming trend two- to four-degrees cooler on wednesday and hold the temperatures through thursday. here is leyla gulen. >> we are dealing with 20-minute delay on the pittsburg bay point lane because someone is walking on the tracks but new they are recovering from the delay on bart and watch out if you are headed to the stations in the east bay, it will be 20 minutes late. it is not late here and traffic coming to the richmond and san rafael toll plaza is empty and nothing but. ty lanes -- nothing but empty
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lanes. as we look at san jose we have a new accident northbound highway 87 at 101 someone hit the sheet rock that is in the lanes, and the rest of you are at top speeds at 280 away from 101 and clear and accident free along 85. >> those who face a rough start in life are getting a boost from google. >> closing the baby talk gap, dads need to start talking to the little ones more. >> 49ers drop the ball in a loss t
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. google agreed to donate $3 million to internationally known san francisco clinic. the center for utility and well notice has worldwide aclaim for work linking physical ailments of low income children to the traumatic experiences. the grant will make a major difference to the clinic that now has $5 million annual budget. the founding physician was featured in a video last year for hillary clinton "too small to fail." >> a study suggests that dads
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need to brush up on baby talk. researchers attach recording devices to infants until they were seven and 70's percent of adult responses to infants initiated language came great mothers alone and additional 20 percent came from dateds but usually own if the mothers were around. researchers hope the study will encourage parents to learn more of contributing to their child's language development. >> federal officials are saying pilot error may have been a factsor in the crash of the black dick lifting too soon before the air craft split in two. a pull let pulled a lever prematurely, it was the first time a new rocket motor was used that burned plastic based fuel. "good morning america" will have more at 7:00 a.m. >> a study reveals who is better at investing, men or women.
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>> here is america's money. plunging gas prices, with the average for a gallon dipped to $2.99, first time below $3 in years and consumers are saving $250 million a day. >> shopping online? get different price results for the same item? you could be shopping wrong. on "good morning america" there are tips to always getting the best deal. >> "nightcrawlers," tied for first place with a horror flick taking in $10.9 million. >> women achieve better results with investments because though are more patient and men are 10 percent more likely to sell at market lows than women. that is america's money. a controversial scale cost the 49ers a victory against
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the programs, in the 4th they had the bail at the one yard line of the rams and kaepernick fumbled the snap but appeared to regain criminal and fores ruled a -- officials ruled but an x-ray camera showed what happened and the nfl does not have one of those if the replay. final is rams 13-9. >> another tough lost not raiders facing the seahawks. they were up to start but lynch rushed and a pass was intercepted and another score and the seahawks won 30-24. this is oakland's 14 the straight loss dating back to last season. >> it is rough when you are the happy the loss was close. it has been tough.
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>> i think carr will be a superstar. >> he is playing best of all of the rookies although he is on the team with the worst record. >> there is hope. >> a sense of loss, the two teams in football not doing too well and no more baseball...i don't know what else to do with myself. how long until february? >> we have the warriors. the warriors. they are 3-0. they look good. >> lakers lose and warriors win a double victory. >> changing the seasons with gentlemany from wearing giants to warriors. he has not worn the 49ers gear...they had to win that game. too bad. >> live doppler hd shows this is
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how it looks under the high clouds from east bay hills camera looking across emeryville thick are high clouds across the north bay and brighter sun across the south bay and above average highs all weekend and no rain. friday it was all we will have for a while and 68 in milpitas and 67 in santa cruz and everyone else is 70 to 71 with san jose at 71 and 68 to 70 on the peninsula until millbrae at 66 and low 60's to mid-60's along the coast and upper 60's for downtown and south san francisco and low-to-mid 60's along the north bay coast to sausalito and 70 to 73 valley. look at 69 in san ramon and pleasanton and east bay, mid-40's to low 50's for most of us with thicker clouds across
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the north and a few low clouds along the peninsula but that is the exception and mid-50's in oakland. you can see the area of low-to-upper and the high clouds are spilling on the front side of this high pressure so we have a dirty high as the high starts to move closer the high clouds become fewer and the temperatures jump up and tomorrow we are two to four degrees warmer with thin are high clouds and wednesday we are mostly sunny with low 70's at the coast to 80 inland and we will drop a couple of degrees on friday, saturday, and sunday. tomorrow will be a great day. it was a beautiful weekend. walnut creek 680 southbound, traffic is building. we are moving at top speeds. no accidents. we had one accident westbound 92 approaching the san mateo toll plaza. it does not sound like any plains are blocked. and an accident?
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san jose at 101 has cleared with debris in the lanes causing an accident. highway 4, 18 miles per hour, it is slow away from 160. the slowing is starting at laurel road but it is clearing at hillcrest avenue to pittsburg continuing top speed to concord and 680. know delays between concord and hercules. straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day and netflix versus old faithful a plan to expand wireless service in the most popular national parks. >> the san francisco landmark about to go up for
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us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. the break news in concord, firefighters on seen of a house fire near clayton road tweeted this fire. the garage was fully engulfed when the crews arrived. it took ten minutes to knock the fire down. >> the woman would moved to oregon to take advantage of assisted suicide law has died. on sunday, brittany maynard passed away after taking a lethal dose of drugs. she became an advocate for death with dignity. >> the span of the bay bridge is $35 million in the red but actual not lead to a toll hike because other money is being shifted. it hand dogged by overruns from leaks to problems with the paint. >> midterm election day is tomorrow but it does not seem to be a big attention getter with only 40 percent of voters expected at the polls in a very
5:25 am
important election with control of the senate in the house of representatives at stake. this morning, freedom tower opens today 13 years after the september 11th terror attack in manhattan opening the doors to the first tenant: the head of the port short of new york and new jersey is declaring the skyline is whole again. six, we ended october with a nice rain in many parts of the bay area but this area of low pressure will start dry and warmer-than-average with the latest numbers coming up in the seven-day forecast. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza cashpayers are loading up headed into san francisco. we still have a bart delay at 20 minutes on the pittsburg bay point line. >> san francisco city officials will hang "for rent," at palace
5:26 am
of fine arts. the exploritorium occupied part of the hall for decades before moving to the embarcadero. the parks department will issue requests for proposals this week seeking lands no tenants. it could be museum or sports facilities. they will have to retrofit the we building. >> park officials are considering bringing wireless deep into yosemite or yellowstone re-igniting the debate over whether there sure be any place off limits to technology. environmental its say nothing should distract visit overs from the natural wonders but many people went did take picture and pest it immediately so a line is needed to improve the connection. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. >> your voice, your vote, another day until the midterm elections and a new poll is revealing an eye
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thanks for joining us on monday morning. you have so much energy this morning could it be the extra hour of sleep. >> when you have two little kids, they don't know you get to set the clock back, they are up an hour early. i know what you are talking about. how is the weather? i don't think you will notice that it is warmer even with the fund coming up an hour earlier it takes an hour and a half to two hours for the warming to begin. we have a quiet drive. no wet weather to speak of. this is how it looks from the golden gate bridge with high clouds but look at the lack of fog along the golden gate
5:30 am
bridge. we will talk temperatures today, we will warm a little bit each day, compared to yesterday so 69 to 73 and around the bay 68 to 71 which are close to average. we are have thick are high clouds to the north and more sunshine to the south. we will take you to mountain view where we will have a car fire, but, first, i will show you san jose, 280 is clear pulling away from highway 17 and a buildup of traffic but all at top speed and no delays. headed into mountain view, northbound 101 at moffitt boulevard this is where we have a car fire and a nice passer by came with a fire extinguisher to help them put it out and everyone is outside of the car but the fire department is headed out there. you could so a lane or two blocked but traffic over the a pass is where it is busy. as you pull into livermore you will see traffic thinning and up to the dublin interchange and it clears to castro valley but that is taking on minutes to the
5:31 am
commute at 53 minutes from tracy to castro valley. >> reaction to the death of the uc berkeley graduate the most visible spokesperson for death with dignity. britney -- brittany maynard ended her life. her family supported her decision and moved from the east bay to oregon with her where the laws allow for assisted suicide. the 29-year-old brittany maynard made the most of the last few weeks selling brighting her husband's product and made a trip with the family to the grand canyon where she always wanted to visit. she pent her time advocating for people's right to die through interviews and videos she posted. she set november 1 at the day she landed to take the lows and they made this video october 29. >> if november 2nd comes along and i have passed i hope my
5:32 am
family is...still proud of me in the choices i made. >> she did take her life on saturday. in her last facebook she wrote "the world is a beautiful place, travel has been my greatest teacher, my close friends and folks are the greatest givers. i even have a ring of support around my bed as i tyke. good by word. pay it forward." >> she said she wish her home state of california gave terminally ill patients the right to die with dignity. "compassion and choices "will try and change the law here with a campaign. thank you, amy. a former california highway patrol officer will appear in court for facing charges of sharing nude photos of a woman he arrested after forwarding pictures from her phone while
5:33 am
she was being booked in jail. he claims other officers also stole nude photos of women they arrested but c.h.p. investigators say they found no proof of that. harrington quit his job and the prosecutors have dropped d.u.i. charges against the woman. today, jury selection begins if two former san francisco police officers involved in a federal corruption probe. the 47-year-old and 46-year-old officers pleaded not guilty to abusing and stealing from residential hotel dwellers. five police officers and a former officer were indicted in the case following a three year investigation. one officer pleaded guilty last week and promised to testify against the other officers at trial. officers from around the state will gather in roseville to honor two fallen officers killed in a husband and wife's wild shooting rampage with a service held today for zanny oliver and eked will honor
5:34 am
michael davis jr. and the governor is expected to attend both. a man and his wife are behind the crime spree that span two counties and the utah residents fired on several other deputies and tried to carjack three other drivers. the lone survivor of the boating accident off the sonoma coast is speaking out about his ordeal. philip sanchez has been fishing out of bodega bay for years but he was then overboard from a 32' boat that capsized. his friends, joseph langley and sam cigar sea were killed -- sam garcia were killed. >> he was not sure he would survive but he swam for half an hour and cut his arm along the
5:35 am
way and was airlifted to a hospital. he says the survivors' guilt is the hardest part. >> candidates will make a last push to get-out-the-vote. there will be predictions of low voter turnout are wrong. some think turnout could be below 50 percent. the department of elections opened in the basement of city hall for those who want to cast early ballots in person. >> i try to vote and i am here because it is more convenient than coming when everyone is here on tuesday. we have not had lines but we had the boots filled with voter throughout the entire day. >> it is a boring election as we look at the statewide ballot and it is going to elicit a low turnout. >> early voting is available in most registrar's office in the bay area. >> a shocking connect between
5:36 am
voters and the politicians with 40 percent did not know governor brown is running for another term. and a consultant was not surprised noting that brown does not ask for your hot in the ads and only one in five polls could make the republican neel kashkari at brown's opponent. you can get information on your smartphone or tablet with the abc news app. the san rafael city council will likely approve funds to buy body cameras for police officers. officers reported positive feedback as did the marin county direct attorney. the devices provide a record of help counters with suspects that can support allegations and disprove use of force complaints. cameras in total will cost $45,000 for all of the officers. >> we had rain and interesting
5:37 am
weather. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> quiet is the big change. temperatures are cool at night but warmer-than-average for most of the seven-day forecast. today we are waking up mostly at one to six degrees cooler. check out 40 degrees in palo alto and menlo park at 41, and redwood city at 44 and foster city is 45 and belmont at 52 and san carlos friction. all of us are in the 40's but san francisco is at 53. napa is 40 and same in san ramon and livermore is 41. the early sunshine means temperatures warm faster so noon is warmer than it has has been at the mid-60's. by 4:00 the temperatures are cooler with low-to-mid 60's for the coast and upper 60's to 74 bay and inland and at 7:00 they will be cooler so heavier coat
5:38 am
is needed in the evening and mid-to-upper 50's. two- to four-degrees warmer tomorrow and same on wednesday and holding steady inland. low 70's at the coast for midweek forecast. leyla gulen? >> boy, it is taking a while for bart to recover from the problem on the bay point line in the sfo direction and still on-minute delay ace train and caltrain all running on time and we are looking at clear conditions through the santa cruz no one tapes -- santa cruz mountains. northbound into los gatos you are at top speeds and the rest of san jose is quiet with an early accident involving sheet rock along northbound highway 87 near 101 and everyone else is clear and accident free. we will slide up to menlo park with concrete and northbound highway 101, watch out nor
5:39 am
>> another hospital is on alert and what doctors learned in the past few minutes about a possible new patient with ebola. >> whatever you do, do not look down a high flying act that had millions holding their breath. >> big changes could come to a
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. new water rules in affect in san jose to help deal with the drought. with cooler winter weather on tap officials are reviseing outside watering restrictions and with the automatic shut off is now allow off after 3:00 p.m. officials say watering during cooler hours means less water evaporates and plants can absorb water. >> new developments in the ebola crisis facing america: officials in north carolina have announced a possible patient there does not actually have ebola. tests on the traveler from liberia at duke university hospital came back negative moments ago and the traveler has a fever and doctors say it could
5:43 am
be a sign of other illnesses. more tests are conducted over the next few days. the patient arrived in the united states on halloween showing no symptoms but was placed in isolation. >> kaci hickox will avoid going into town until her ebola incubation period is over out of respect for her neighbors in maine although a judge rued she could go where she wishes. kaci hickox tested negative for the virus twice and took action on of behalf other medical workers trying to get the outbreak in west africa under control. one worth trade center will welcome the first tenant, construction on the 1,47' office tower was completed and "new york times" reports 175 employees of a magazine publisher will work there. 3,000 other employees will move in later. the building replaced the
5:44 am
original world trade center destroyed in the september 11th attacks. construction took over eight years at a cost nearly $4 billion. millions of people watched a death defying high wire act above chicago last night. daredevil nik wallenda completed two walks across the windy city, the first across the chicago river and the 35-year-old walked between two apartment towers and he had an blindfold on and did not wear a harness with no net and people all over the city came to watch. >> get to be crazy. >> amazing. still inspiring to me, i wish i could do it. >> i am so proud. he is following his dream. >> here is wallenda with the blind fold. the previous feats including
5:45 am
high wire walks over magazine agree falls and the little colorado river gorge. his great grandfather fell to his death during a stunt in puerto rico in the 70's. >> here is with the blind fold. >> no doubt we consult the meteorologist. >> here you would have to worry about the fog and the wind. >> there you go, we will talk about warmth, that is the key. here we are tracking the high clouds that are a mainstay in the forecast today. here is a look at the winds, they are light and variable at santa rosa and concord and livermore at three to five miles per hour and the rest of us are calm. 280 and 17, good morning, san
5:46 am
jose, and now we can see the sun coming up. you and see a bit of high clouds and the most amount of sunshine today as the high clouds are thicker headed into the north bay closer to the storm track. as far as this week, above averagize are going to be jumping in tomorrow and happening out through the weekend and that is how i have it now so november will begin extremely dry compared to the end of october. we have 70 to 71 throughout the santa clara valley and milpitas is 68 and the board walk is sunshine and 67 and 66 in millbrae and otherwise, 68 to 70's is the spread. we will have low-to-mid 76h 60's along the coast with daly city and upper 60's downtown and south san francisco. from sausalito to bodega bay, low-to-mid 60's and say, low-to-mid 70's, ten degrees waller in the valleys and a lot of upper 60's here with those temperatures looking good. they do. castro trail is 70, and we go 69
5:47 am
in san ramon and pleasanton and low 70's elsewhere and we can have some fund with the 40's and low-to-mid 50's for the east bay shoreline and most of the peninsula and to the coast. you can watch this low pressure to the north spreading the high clouds and the high pressure is going to take over and it will push the storm track further to the east and the high clouds are numerous tomorrow and wednesday. tells jump from from the low 70s to 80 but, still, warmer-than-average. >> we have meturing lights on, on the bay bridge and a game changer in the east bay. it looks like traffic is heavy as you make it from oakland up to san francisco as you look from the emeryville camera to the eastern spokesman, traffic is moving approaching treasure island and when you head to the
5:48 am
western span, traffic is slowing nicely to the city. 9 game changer is eastbound direction against traffic but it is an overturned big rig and it could possibly cause incredible spectator slowing in the westbound direction but we are keeping our eye on this accident to see what happened. it is on the shoulder. as we head into livermore we are finding more pockets of slow traffic approaching dublin/pleasanton and top speeds until highway 84 and highway 84 is 28 miles per hour approaching buchanan. >> apple is planning a new ipad to rival microsoft surface at 12.2" ipad with attachable keyboard like the microsoft surface. the c.e.o. said he is no fan of
5:49 am
tablet laptop hybrids but analysts believe this could help sales. it would likely come with newly designed software and bigger speakers. an me -- apple has not commented. >> this morning carnival cruise is adding long-range broadband internet connections so you can download video. previously the internet was spotty and slow. >> we know driving when drowsy is dangerous and a deadly toll it is taking. >> and new limits on presidential power. and the biggest names in nascar go at it on the
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the supreme court will hear oral arguments over united states citizens born in israel the right to name israel as their birthplace much the obama administration considers israel a disputed region and doesn't recognize any country as having sovereignty over jerusalem. before the boy was born congress gave united states citizens born in the holy city the choice to have israel listed on passportses but when the boy's family, the consulate refused. >> an arizona woman gave more
5:53 am
than she intended. the woman accidentally dropped her wedding ring into a trick-or-treater's bag and put the ring in a car and forgot to remove it when she filled the bowl with candy. >> it and my wedding ring. you can replace it but it is not the same. >> i hope someone has it. and doesn't know what to do with it or don't know how to find out which house it came from. >> she put up posters hoping someone will come forward with the ring. >> for the little kids they would probably rather very a ring pop than a diamond. >> the little lop -- lollipop. >> they were disappointed because it has no taste. >> in san jose, we look to show the almanac and today we focus
5:54 am
on san jose from 70 and 50, the average highs and lows and 61, and coolest is 21, and less than 1.5" of rain. the average high is 70 and we are above that spiking at 80 on wednesday but in the mid-to-upper 70s the rest of the beak. we have mid-70's along day oh and los angeles and palm springs at 78 and 50 in lake tahoe and 70 through the central valley. >> we getting moreness on this accident in tracy in the eastbound direction at grant line road an overturned tractor trailer on its side and we do have new updates and someone is trapped in the vehicle so if you are headed in the eastbound direction through the altamont pass toward tracy you will find this activity that is intense and possibly going to cause more spectator slowing from tracy. 25 miles per hour approaching 205 and continuing in the westbound direction we are at 36
5:55 am
miles per hour. >> most of us know drowsy driving is dangerous. but it could be more serious than we realize. a study by aaa shows more than one in five fatal car crashes veries sleepy drivers. a third of crashes involving a drowsy driver result in injury. as evening commute darkens, aaa is uing drivers to recognize fatigue and take action to avoid tragedy. >> a surfer in hawaii fought off a shark. the woman shows the type marks to her happeneds and board. the surfer hit the surf and felt a bump in the water and saw a large shark. her friend was surfing near and he came to her rescue when he heard her screaming. >> i looked over and i saw her being lifted out of the water, and i saw the fin of the shark
5:56 am
and his tail kicking hard. >> i feel really, really blessed and thankful everyone is okay. >> he grabbed the fin and started punching. he said after the fifth hit he felt the shark shudder and swim away. she got 20 stitches but without her friend it would have been much worse. >> video showing a dangerous stunt by an australian swimmer has gone viral, 26-year-old williams was on a boat with friends coming across a floating whale carcass and williams decide it would be fun to surf on the rotting whale but a pair large great white sharks swam away the body of the whale and chopped. he said it seemedded like a fun and he wasn't worried saying the sharks were too busy eating to notice him.
5:57 am
>> at 6:00, the east bay teacher at the center of a child molestation scandal runs to court and what is expected to happen. >> a wall of mad separates a best friend and his
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. relief at pump and we are at the gas station selling fuel for less than $3 a gallon. how low will the prices go? >> former bay area woman who became the face of death with dignity takes her life. brit anyway may far -- brit anyway maynard's final moments are shown. new polls give us an idea of how the voters are leaping a day
6:00 am
before election day. it is monday, november 3. we have election day tomorrow. the forecast is obviously important whether to bring your umbrellas. >> we will talk to mike about that. >> not an issue with the weather. we have wonderfully warm sunshine coming our way. high clouds will be the rule today. you can see them on the roof camera or setting the clock back you can see the beautiful shots of the pay area -- bay area and temperatures with the planner in and around the bay, 51 at 7:00, 56 at noon, and 55 at 4:00, and 59 at 7:00 after topping out in the upper 60's to 70. inland we will have 47 this morning and 66 at noon, and 58 by 7:00 and at the coast we will have hazy conditions and 56 and high clouds and sun and mid-to-upper 60's to 62 by 7:00. it will be cooler


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