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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. snow emergency. a record-breaking winter storm blasting the east coast. blizzard-like conditions. dumping nearly two feet in some areas. powerful wind gusts. over 50 miles per hour, taking out power and trees and trucks. ginger is tracking it all. wild brawl. superstar jeff gordon attacks nascar's new bad boy. fists flying and the crowd cheering after gordon's car was spun out in the 200-mile-per-hour race. >> the way he races, i don't know how he's ever won a championship. >> will nascar crack down before tensions on the raceway get more out of control? what a view. that's a long way down. >> daredevil nik wallenda, breaking a new record with his death-defying tightrope walk high above chicago. blindfolded and without a net.
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walking 671 feet on a rope no wider than a penny. and look at this mission impossible. superstar tom cruise clinging to the side of a plane soaring 5,000 feet above england. the breathtaking stunt making headlines this morning. and good morning, america. happy monday. how about that tom cruise, still doing his own stunts. take a look at that. we showed him on the plane right there. lara, you're bringing us that in just a little bit. >> that and dressed in a suit. and nik wallenda, every time he tries to top himself, blindfolded this time. there he is. >> with a stiff wind. >> crazy. >> that's so easy. >> so glad he made it. >> oh, my gosh. i can't even look at that.
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we're going to begin with the wintry blast. frigid temperatures across the country. ginger back from chicago. tracking it all for us. >> i got to feel the frigid temperatures. north carolina, tennessee, we're talking record snow in the one to even almost two-foot category. parts of tennessee had more than 22 inches. i want to show you the deep freeze in place from parts of mississippi up through pennsylvania. there are warnings and advisories everywhere. the temperatures in the northeast, subfreezing for pittsburgh. and look at this, 25 boston. a foot of fresh snow in bangor, maine. gio benitez is right there. how is it feeling, gio? >> reporter: oh, it's cold. ginger, good morning to you. this is that heavy, wet snow. it's taken down power lines. and take a look at that massive tree down. 130,000 people without power right now. it's being called snovember. winter arriving early and with a vengeance. overnight, strong winds, blowing snow on the east coast. in maine, up to a foot of snow in some areas, creating dangerous conditions on the
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road. this truck rolling over in portland. jay treadwell can't believe he's already digging out. looking around, when you see all the snow, have you ever seen anything like in this early? >> no, not this early. it's crazy. it was -- it came down fast, it was wet and heavy. >> reporter: further south, that same winter storm system bringing powerful winds, gusts up to 70 miles an hour. trees down all over parts of philly. crushing cars and take a look at this wintry mix blanketing over gillette stadium in massachusetts. >> there was snow all over the field. >> reporter: workers rushing to clear the field ready for kickoff. >> four-wheel drive is a must today. >> reporter: this resort lodge in tennessee digging out after a reported 22 inches of snow on saturday. snow outside sacramento, catching california drivers by surprise. even flagstaff, arizona, transformed into a southwestern
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winter wonderland of sorts. the inch of snowfall arriving 18 days earlier than average. and we're told there were plenty of car accidents overnight. so, it's just another reminder you have to watch out for the danl rous, visible black ice on the roads. >> that's a great warning. this morning and through the first part of the week, we won't warm up that quickly. but we'll see some more milder air starting to take over. boston, into the 60s by the midweek. jacksonville, florida, warms up. no one really escapes this, george. and on the west coast, snow. i'll bring you that. we turn to politics now, "your voice, your vote." and those crucial midterm elections just one day away. americans voting all across the country, control of congress, so much more at stake. republicans seem to be closing in on the six senate seats they need to gain a majority. i'm here now with matthew dowd. matt, many of these races are
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still very tight. nate silver from fivethirtyeight puts their chances at getting control at 74%. >> every poll has been to the republican advantage. i think you're about to see a republican takeover of the united states senate. >> and president obama tried to avoid it. he's not on the ballot. but in many ways, this has been a referendum on the president's performance. >> the midterms are national elections. the democrats ignored the idea that this was going to be a national referendum. republicans embraced it. it's like a tidal wave coming in, leaving the individual houses to batten down without building a seawall. the democrats didn't build a seawall. >> but not all good news for republicans, their brand still in very tough shape. and the americans are angry at just about every politician. >> that's why i think both parties are going to misread this election. it's not a vote for the republicans. they're still viewed negatively by the american public. democrats will try to isolate it.
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it's only about the election. both parties have major brand problems going into the presidential election after this one. >> you'll join us tomorrow night. something new tomorrow night, for election night our whole team will be here for seven hours of breaking news across all our platforms, including a primetime special at 10:00 p.m. right here on abc. now to that wild brawl on the racetrack involving one of nascar's biggest stars, jeff gordon, and rival driver brad keselowski. it comes right in the heart of the sprint cup chase. abc's ryan smith is here, has the latest for us. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. and you know this. at championship time, it's on. and if you think the guy whose collision prompted the melee is going to back off, think again. he says he races hard and it's nothing to be ashamed of. while jimmie johnson got the win at nascar's aaa texas 500 on /*
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on sunday, this morning, it's this brawl -- after the race -- that's got everyone talking. nascar superstar jeff gordon going after former sprint cup champ brad keselowski after keselowski's number 2 car collided with gordon's number 24, spinning him out. >> a spin here. >> reporter: take a look. gordon screams at keselowski. then grabs his collar. and listen. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the crowd noise swells. a scrum ensues. fists flying. the racers disappearing in the melee. moments later, keselowski emerges. bruised and spitting blood. after the fight, gordon with a bloody lip, didn't mince words. >> he's just a dip [ bleep ]. the way he races, i don't know how he's ever won a championship. >> reporter: keselowski becoming
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known somewhat as a bad boy in nascar circles. this is his second post-race fight in four weeks. last time, it was matt kenseth, jumping him after the race in charlotte. >> contact there, kenseth and keselowski! >> reporter: keselowski earned a $50,000 fine for hitting kenseth on pit road and trying to wreck driver denny hamlin's car after the race. keselowski's said suntd sunday's crash is part of the race. >> we're just racing for the win. i don't want to ruin anyone's day. i wanted to win the race. that was our opportunity. >> reporter: so maybe he rethinks that overnight? well, not a chance. in a midnight tweet, he says -- we had fresher tires. and with a win and the championship on the line, you either take the gap or regret it forever. as for jeff gordon, he says keselowski has to pay the consequences, and he's going to race him the same way. george, sounds like this is not over. >> ryan, thanks very much. now to that deadly space plane explosion for virgin
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galactic. ntsb investigators on the ground right now trying to find out what went wrong. as company chairman richard branson continues his quest to take tourists to space. david kerley tracking the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. the first big break this morning as to why spaceshiptwo broke apart. and why one of the pilots changed some settings apparently early. it's not the debris but video from inside the cockpit that shows the co-pilot, michael alsbury, who did not survive, unlocking the space plane's wings early. but then the feathers moved on their own. >> after it was unlocked, the feathers moved into the deployed position, and two seconds later, we saw disintegration. >> reporter: the ntsb says it's far too early to know whether this was the cause of the breakup. and investigators hope to learn more from the pilot, peter siebold. who survived and is said to be
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alert and talking. >> i don't think we should point the finger just yet. it's an experimental flight. there are risks with that. >> reporter: still, virgin galactic is being criticized. several hundred people have signed up, including some of hollywood's elite -- pitt, jolie, perry, dicaprio. all for the feeling of weightlessness. and then gliding back to earth on those feathers. richard branson dismissed suggestions of pressure. >> i find it irresponsible that people can be saying things before the ntsb makes their comments. >> reporter: branson has offered to refund anybody that's put down a deposit for a flight. some passengers say they're not backing out. >> it's rocket science. it's not easy. we all kind of knew this could happen. >> reporter: now that feathering system is designed to slow down the spacecraft. but the craft was apparently still accelerating. richard branson said the engine did not explode. he had intended to start paid flights next year.
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but now he won't say when that will happen until he knows exactly what happened and why this spacecraft blew apart. >> yeah they need that full investigation. let's go to amy with the other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with big savings at the pump. gas prices have dropped below $3 a gallon for the first time in nearly four years. overnight, aaa reported the national average dropped to $2.98 a gallon. drivers are now saving an estimated $250 million per day compared to over the summer when gas cost around $3.70 a gallon. a major setback for the president's strategy in syria. two of the main u.s.-backed rebel groups have now surrendered to al qaeda after being driven from their strongholds in northern syria. they also surrendered weapons including rockets and anti-tank missiles. a young woman who made global headlines has ended her battle with brain cancer. 29-year-old brittany maynard used the lethal drugs available
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under oregon's death with dignity law. she was diagnosed with a tumor ten months ago. she and her husband then moved from their home in california because that state doesn't allow assisted suicide. and in chicago, daredevil nik wallenda has pulled off his latest stunt. shattering two world records in eight minutes. he walked a tightrope between two skyscrapers blindfolded, no net, no harness. he also crossed two towers on a 19-degree incline. the steepest tightrope walk ever. he walked faster than predicted because of that famous chicago wind blowing in his face. he may not have walked between skyscrapers, but pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger did something almost as impressive. he threw a record six touchdowns for the second week in a row. the steelers routed the ravens, 43-23. and another man with his share of nfl records, you might know him, will be honored tonight. a guy named michael strahan will
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receive his hall of fame ring during halftime as the giants host the colts on espn's "monday night football." starting at 8:15. 100 former giants players will pay tribute to michael's career. michael, we salute you here on "good morning america" as well. and finally, love was definitely in the air for an engaged couple from indiana. they are frequent flyers who decided to tie the knot on a place where they feel most at home, on a southwest airlines flight. the bride danced down the not-so-wide aisle. a little tight squeeze to meet her groom. thanks to all of those frequent flyer miles, they had more than 1 million. they were able to invite 30 closest relatives and friends along for the ride. a lot of other people there, unexpected guests for the wedding. the officiant said if anyone can show just cause that this couple should not be legally joined, please press your flight attendant call button.
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no one did, thankfully. no one did. >> that's creative. >> it's got to be a first. >> do we know where they were flying to? >> they were going to dallas love field. >> really? >> really. couldn't make that up. >> no, you couldn't. thank you, amy. now to a big day here in new york city. you're looking live at one world trade center. a major milestone as that building opens its doors this morning, the first tenants are moving into the tallest and most expensive building in the western hemisphere. and "good morning america" weekend anchor dan harris is there for us. good morning, dan. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. after many long, emotional, and at times excruciating years, one world trade center right behind me is finally open for business. and abc news got an exclusive first look from one of the top floors. time-lapsed video shows one world trade center blossoming. from a hole in the ground, to a foundation, and then floor by floor, 102 stories into the air and with that spire on top,
7:15 am
rising to a symbolic 1776 feet. and here it is. the view from the top floor. stunning in every direction. not only can you see straight up the magnificent island of manhattan. but just a few feet this way, you can cross the hudson river, you can see new jersey and beyond it the state of pennsylvania. this floor will be an observation deck opened to tourists. and operated by a company called legends. >> we brought it back. we built it even higher than it was before. >> reporter: while this observatory doesn't open until the spring, today, hundreds of employees of conde nast will move in and get to work. it has been a long road to get to this point. i remember vividly being at this spot in the days after 9/11. it's a thud in the stomach. >> my legs are shaking. >> reporter: the building is finally here. although there are of course safety concerns. this is still a tempting terror
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target. this new building has a core made of concrete seven times stronger than the concrete you find in the sidewalk. and the elevator banks and stairwells are within that core. if the building is hit, people on the upper floors should be able to get out safely. >> this is a great tribute to our courage, perseverance, what we do as americans. >> reporter: when the observatory opens in the spring, tickets will run you $32. although it's free for 9/11 families and first responders. the space will also be open for things like weddings and bar mitzvahs. i suspect that will cost you more than $32. back to you guys. >> it is new york city. >> hey, dan, thank you very much. how about this with tom cruise? >> unbelievable. robin, good morning to you, and cruise accepting a mission that certainly seems impossible. the actor topping himself with the latest and greatest stunt ever. for the next installment of
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"mission impossible." no stunt double? no problem. watch as hollywood's top action star, tom cruise, soars 5,000 feet in the air. clinging to the side of a plane. he's once again stunning us with his own stunts on the set of "mission impossible 5." look at him on the side of this airbus a-4005. well above the english countryside. and of course, handsomely dressed in a tailored suit. the 52-year-old has said he loves doing his own stunts. and impressively mastering a bit of free climbing. not to forget the motorcycle tricks in "night and day." he made those look easy. >> we trained a long time to be able to do this. each one of its little challenges. >> reporter: and after all that, the worst injury cruise's ever suffered from a career full of life-threatening stunts, he hurt his foot in this "jack reacher" scene after repeatedly kicking a fellow actor.
7:18 am
as this "top gun" returns to the air at a mere 340 miles an hour, we'll have to wait until next year to see what else cruise has up his sleeves. unbelievable. 52 years young. it's expected to be in theaters christmas 2015. i will be there. now to much-needed rain falling in california. windy weather to start the week. ginger with the latest on all that. >> tom cruise makes me look tame. >> true. >> let's go right to the forecast. just under an inch outside of palm springs. that's much needed and welcome rain today. the strong winds, wind advisories in place. right here in the southwest, palm springs, 78, los angeles, the santa anas coming into play. las vegas at 67. your local forecast in 30 seconds.
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>> good monday morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. high clouds and sun today. high temperatures are above average most of the weekend. no rain in sight. check out the temperatures. mid-to-upper 60's coast and san francisco. richmond and oakland and san mateo and fremont, and low 70's for the rest of us. tonight, mid-40's to mid-50's with high clouds thicker across the north bay. 70's at the coast.
7:20 am
>> there's a hurricane in the pacific. its name is vance. it's shoving moisture up. parts of texas could get four inches of rain in the coming days. >> you fixed your earring. twitter let you know. >> yeah, can someone please fix amy's left earring? it's fixed. coming up here on "good morning america" -- a woman finds her husband dead at home. why prosecutors say it was all an act. producers of the hit movie "american hustle" under fire right now. facing a million-dollar lawsuit. for something jennifer lawrence's character says. and good morning, we're investigating your pillow. what's really lurking in there? ♪ fifty omaha set hut ♪ ♪ losing feeling in my toes ♪ ♪ nothing beats that new car smell ♪ ♪ chicken parm you taste so good ♪ ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. listen to this sweet symphony of flavor. beautiful! gorgeous! here comes the fruitful crescendo! incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. a masterpiece of taste. now with more fruit. good morning, i'm matt keller. gas prices are dropping across the nation and here in the bay area you can get it for less than $3 a gallon. cameras were rolling when they dropped the price from $2.87 to
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$2.85 a gallon. prices are expected to continue dropping through thanksgiving. now it's time to check on the morning commute with leyla gulen in the abc 7 traffic center. >> hi there, matt. good morning, everyone. we have an accident involving three vehicles in hillsborough. southbound side of 280 at truesdale drive. we are looking at some delays approaching the scene of the accident. northbound traffic not too bad but it is heavy on the san mateo bridge. we are looking at 20 minutes away from hayward into foster city so pack your patience. matt. >> thanks. mike nicco is in next with your
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at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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are you ready for the 40s? good monday morning, i'm mike nicco. that's what we have just about everywhere, even 40 at napa. our warm spot san francisco at 53 degrees. this is the way it looks from the east bay hills. get used to the high clouds, especially the farther north you are today. they're going to be the dominant feature in our forecast and so our temperatures pretty close to average. let's take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. today is one of the cooler days. tomorrow no reason not
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here and only here. ♪ come and get it. ♪ ♪ don't have to be rich to be my girl you don't have to be cool ♪ a little classic prince right there. number one song from 1986 "kiss." and he's coming back after that smash performance on "saturday night live" this weekend. ♪ kiss ♪ >> well-timed. >> yeah it was. well-timed in the control room. he performed at the essence >> good morning, this first monday of november we have high clouds and sun. the thickest in the north and the thinnest in the south 62 at the coast to this. "american hustle." it's been hit with a major lawsuit. why this scene with jennifer lawrence talking about a microwave oven could prove costly. this story for all dads out
7:31 am
there this morning. a new study revealing that stepping up the baby talk to your infants, please could help them grow up smarter. and this is such an up spiring story. a young woman beating the odds to play in her first college basketball game. so many people sharing this story right now. we can't wait to share it with you. >> lauren hill. and pat summitt was there, too, to present her with a special award. this hour a louisiana woman charged with hiring a hitman to kill her husband. on the 911 call she sounds shocked when she tinds him. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> oh my god. >> what's the matter ma'am? >> i don't know. my husband is in bed. >> reporter: a wife coming home to the unthinkable, her husband lying dead in their bed. shot three times. >> it was like somebody's being in my house. i just walked through the door.
7:32 am
>> reporter: those are the sounds of fake cries, louisiana prosecutors say. and that monique kitts is putting on a show. they believe she hired someone to kill her husband so she could cash in on a $500,000 life insurance policy. >> forensic cell phone records. we'll place the defendants conversing. >> reporter: she owned a day care. he worked in manufacturing. monique hired carl and they're both charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. one man, said to be her former boyfriend, said she paid him to find the hitman. her daughter who was with her when she discovered the body believes she did nothing wrong. zbloe, my god. i don't know what's going on!
7:33 am
>> reporter: saying that the pain and grief on this call is real. >> not guilty. she's innocent. they were not there. they don't know what she went through, what she saw that. what she's been through throughout her life. >> reporter: the case could go to a jury today. for "good morning america," steve osunsami abc news atlanta. >> thank you, steve, for that. now to "american hustle." facing a lawsuit because of something jennifer lawrence's character says about microwave ovens. >> reporter: who can forget this scene? >> i read it talks all the nutrition out of our food. i read it in an article. by paul br orksradour. >> reporter: a real-life scientist is saying that this is a problem, filing a $1 million
7:34 am
libel, slander, and defamation lawsuit. saying the film attributes his name to a scientifically unsupportable statement. >> he believes a viewer could come away from the film thinking he doesn't know much about mike row wave radiation. >> reporter: he's written about the dangers of microwaves. in the suit, he says he never declared in any way that a mike row vaef oven takes all of the nutrition out of food. the oscar-nominated film says right there in a disclaimer some of this actually happened. some not all. that's the point of contention in the lawsuit. >> thank god for me. >> reporter: and in addition to the $million in damages, he's seeking to have his name removed
7:35 am
from all copyies of this movie. >> dan abrams is here. fascinating case. what does he have to prove to win it? >> it's a long shot case. to some degree you want to say, lighten up. really? this is that big a deal? this is not a frivolous lawsuit. we have seen a lot of frivolous quass-- cases filed. they name him by name. talk about something he does cover, which is he had written a lot about microwaves. he never said anything like this. >> he says he said the opposite. >> his position is this is clearly false. he says it's defamatory. the question's likely going to come down to a, did the filmmakers know or should they have known that it wasn't true? they'll probably claim it was effectively a parody based on
7:36 am
the particulars of the scene. what is not going to happen is there is no way they're going to have to excise his name from all of the films. >> how does he show they hurt his reputation? >> he says ooel have to present evidence that people now believed that he thought this. that he thought the nutrition was zapped. that can be one of the toughest things. you first have to get past the first phase, showing you have a legit lat claim before you can get to the damages. >> thank you, dan. snow more snow. this time in the mountains of colorado. utah san juan county, a foot and half of snow. wolf creek pass. snowing again this morning. there are winter storm warnings in place for parts of colorado. winter weather advisories in parts of utah. isolated amounts over a foot. you can see some of the peaks there. let's look here.
7:37 am
chicago, right along the lake front, post wallenda. it's been such a chilly one. 61 we're going to go with. the mild air in place for the southeast, the mid south. memphis, 68. 63 cincinnati. >> good morning, this first monday of november we have high clouds and sun. the thickest in the north and the thinnest in the south 62 at the coast to 73 inland. the seven-day forecast shows warmer weather the rest of >> all this weather brought to you by kellogg's raisin bran. i just saw lara do quite the run. she jogged over. >> george and i don't even flinch anymore. we hear the stumbling, we're like -- >> she stayed upright. >> i would like to point out, nothing spilled, everybody. >> she stuck thehe landing yet again. coming up here the story of
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back now at 7:41 with "gma" investigates. there is nothing sexy about this pillow talk.
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abc's mara schiavocampo tells us why you may want to invest in some new ones soon. >> reporter: most of us don't lose much sleep over where we rest our heads. but your aging pillow could be home to uninvited guests. like bacteria. fungus. mold even microscopic dust mites. they can cause serious allergies. >> sweat and other matter gets into the pillows and it creates a space for them to survive and grow. >> reporter: what's lurking in your pillow? "gma" investigates making house kals in one unsuspecting new jersey neighborhood. can we talk to you about your pillow? to collect pillows for testing. can we have this? oh. to see just how filthy they can get. >> my son has pillows i don't want to know what's in them. >> reporter: in all, eight
7:43 am
pillows. look and smelling worse than others. >> it's falling apart. >> reporter: we're teaming up with charles gerba to test the pill lowe's. >> i was surprised with some of them. >> reporter: the third dirtiest pillow belong thod this guy. according to gerba, it's about as bad as the average unwashed counter top. we shared the news with him and his mom. does it surprise you in a house this clean that the pillows still get dirty? >> yes, yes. but i think because he sweats during the night. >> this is my spare pillow. >> reporter: hearse was a spare. the second dirtiest. the only one with traces of mold. gerba believes a mois closet is to blame. >> reporter: in another home one with coliform bacteria.
7:44 am
the dirtiest of them all had 65 times more bacteria. as bad as a dirty kitchen sink. how can you rest easy? some experts recommend replacing your pillow roughly every two years. >> there's a tendency of people to find a pillow they like and keep using it forever until it falls apart. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara shafchiavocamposchiavocampo. >> thank you, mara we think. >> replace pillows today. >> get the "gma" bus, we're going shopping. hey, everybody, good morning. coming up, important news for parents. why dads need to step up the baby talk and how it can make a major difference in your child's development. >> shotgun. plus, why you may be paying more for holiday travel and how you can get the best price. and the college freshman beating the odds to play in her
7:45 am
first basketball game. so many people sharing her story this morning. >> it's a beautiful one. your mission? a homemade dinner in thirty minutes. go! your method? new campbell's® soups for easy cooking. helping you cook recipes like speedy sausage rigatoni in just thirty minutes! dinner accomplished. try new campbell's® soups for easy cooking. [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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now to the story we've been telling you about all morning. a young woman beating the odds. making her dream come true. so many people pitching in to make this happen. this story is trending big-time. t.j. holmes has more.
7:49 am
>> reporter: it was her dream. she earned her spot on a college basketball team, only to be told by her doctors she might not live to see the start of the season. last night, she played. >> the ball goes down to lauren hill. and the layup is good. >> reporter: freshman lauren hill playing the first and likely only game after her college basketball career. scoring the first points of the mount st. joseph seas just a year after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. >> i wanted to wear the jersey. >> reporter: doctors told her she would have a months to live. the ncaa agreed to move the game up two weeks. the game was moved to cincinnati's xavier university. more than 10,000 seats selling out, all to see hill play. and play she did. despite her condition leaving her sensitive to light and sound and preventing use of her dominant hand she still scored the first and last points of the
7:50 am
game. >> i've never felt so good in my entire life. >> reporter: eliciting a standing ovation and a group hug from her team. it's the ah she's inspired across the nation since her story of courage went viral. >> you can do layup for lauren. >> reporter: pat summitt presented her with the pat summitt most kram use awartd. an award usually reserved for the women's final four stourmt. >> today has been the best day i have ever had. >> reporter: similar to the ice bucket challenge, there's a layup for large challenge. celebrities spin around, make a layup. you challenge other people to do it the money goes for pediatric brain research. this is one of the most emotional and touching stories i have seen. her mom says any day she's upright is a day they have won.
7:51 am
>> speechless. speechless t.j. the team didn't know they were going to wear the gray uniforms. gray is for brain cancer awareness. it was a special uniform. just her spirit. she said -- those 10,000 people there in that arena they're not going to forget that day either. >> inspiration. >> thank you, lauren. thank you, lauren hill. we're supposed to tease something. but we're not. enjoy this moment lauren hill we love you. we'll have much more of "good morning america" in just a moment. [ cheers and applause ] with psoriatic arthritis, i had intense joint pain that got worse and worse. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region
7:52 am
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tt2wmrst(! po f# ?f< tt2wmrst(! p!!&n
7:56 am
oft tt2wmrst(! p4!f# 9p tt2wmrst(! px#á& 0f%d tt2wmrst(! pt#j' 0r% tt2wmrst(! pt#j) 0yed good morning i'm kristen sze. you feel it? it's kind of nippy outside. will it warm up and by how much? >> quite a bit, about 25 to 30 grows. good morning, everybody. our lows almost made it into the 30s, most of us in the 40s right now. we'll top out in the mid to upper 60s along the coast. san francisco, richmond oakland, san mateo fremont, palo alto, everybody else in the low 70s. accuweather seven-day forecast, check out the weather tomorrow. it's going to be great for voting and warmer as we head through the week. we have a terrible crash here in san francisco, it is blocking at least three lanes involving multiple vehicles and it is quite the jam. southbound side of highway 101
7:57 am
right at 280 is where we have this accident. take a look at this, it is slow as you head up the central freeway and then once you get onto 101 you're 7 miles per hour. you might want to take san jose avenue as an alternate. now backstart sh start maximizing
7:58 am
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8:00 am
sfoet it started with a whisper ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and why fathers need to step up the baby talk to help our kids grow up smarter. and is this clothing store you have never heard of sending the wrong message to your teens and you may not know it? inside the obsession with brandy melville. and the secret to price steering. are you paying more when you thing you're getting a deal online? you met him? >> i did. >> you met johnny cash? >> i did. i wish i could relive it. >> from hunter hayes to casey musgreaves you won't believe what some are revealing to
8:01 am
robin. only here as we say -- >> good morning, america. and a big bundled up crowd there this times square this monday morning. a little chilly. a lot of smiles. a couple of marathoners in the crowd. >> that was on sunday. >> and you have a big night ahead. >> i'm so excited about this. our country mudsic special. all leading up to the cma awards on wednesday. some of the biggest stars singing classics you love like lady a. lady antebellum. "islands in the stream" i dare you not to sing along. when we have a screening for specials like this and everybody's in the control room breaking out in applause. these special these special performances touch me. i wanted to share it with everybody. we'll have a sneak peek. >> karaoke, that is always a good choice. >> so good.
8:02 am
>> and don't think i didn't notice you two. >> we might know every word. we also have a little eye candy. we have arianna lima and al alessandra amprosio. they'll share how they get ready. look at you girls. not a bad picture. let's get some news in amy. we begin with the record winter-like storm ginger has been telling us all about. it's been poundsing much of the east coast. maine buried with two feet sof snow in some areas. a warmup is coming. ginger's forecast just ahead. a possible new clueover
8:03 am
overnight into why the virgin galactic spaceship crashed on friday. the crash killed one it's pilot and badly injured the other. this morning virgin founder richard branson denied that engineers had warned about safety concerns. a cruise ship remains docked after a pleasure trip turned into a real-life horror show. the ship jolted when it struck an unidentified object. passengers had to evacuate in their costumes. celebration cruise lines says the passengers were never in danger. police in southern california have arrested several suspects in a hit and run crash that killed three girls on hall wooen. twin sisters lexi and lexandra perez and their friend andrea
8:04 am
gonzalez, each 13 years old were trick-or-treating when an suv drove into them. police found the suv abandoned but collected enough evidence to arrest suspects. a new study by aaa found 21% of fatal crashes are blamed on drowsy driving. that that's more than 6,000 accidents a year because drivers are not getting enough sleep. this morning nascar officials are reviewing the video deciding whether to hand out fines and penalties. fists were flying as superstar jeff gordon confronted rival brad keselowski after a collision on the track. this is the section post-race fight in just the last month. finally, a little game of es espionage. emperor penguins normally back away from humans. they loved this guy.
8:05 am
it was a robotic spy disguised as baby penguin on wheels. the roving chick is used to monitor the penguins' heart rate and other vitals without staircaring them away. we have some important news. stauddy out says fathers need to step up the baby talk to help the child's development. dr. richard besser is here with the results. we know moms and dads interact differently. >> they do. a lot of focusocus on language development. do moms and dads do it differently? they put a wire on the babies. they recorded for 16 hours all the conversation that was going on at birth, at two weeks. at seven months. when a baby talks, there's a conversation. parent can make a noise. 70% of the time the mother was responding. the dad was not stepping up.
8:06 am
moms and dads responded differently if it was a boy or a girl. moms more fit was a girl. dad more if it was a boy. >> explain why this matters. >> a number of studies show early language is promoted by how much you talk to your child between birth and age 3. there's a lot going on. studies to see can you teach young moms and dads how to talk to their babies? will it improve development. >> do you talk to them with with baby talk or talk to them like an older child? what is right? >> i spent a lot of time on this as a pediatrician. the first thing is turn off the electronics. if you have a cell phone on, something else on you're not picking up the cues from your child. the thexnext thing, narrate your day. good morning. let's change your diaper. there's a bird out your window. you feel silly but it make a
8:07 am
difference. read books. and then sing. sing to your children. it's a great way to do it. i loved singing to my children until the tween years. and they realized i really couldn't sing. the early years i loved it. they loved it too. >> until they start going like this. >> the bond you have made is now broken. >> thank you, rich. robin? to the social square? >> i heard there's supermodels in there. i'm not going in there. i'm going the take one for the troops. i'm going in! here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." "pop news" prince is having a major comeback. i didn't know he went anywhere. and are you getting fooled when you're shopping online? we'll go inside price steering and how the get the best deal. plus double trouble. two victoria's secret angels here. revealing the multimillion fantasy. good morning, darling.
8:08 am
all here. nice move right, on "good morning america." you're lovely. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter ♪ ♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground ♪ ♪ it's a time for play, ♪ ♪ it's a whipped cream day ♪ ♪ i wait for it all year round ♪
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8:12 am
good song choice. thank you, denise. a great crowd outside. getting hot in here. it's time. >> another marathon runner out there. >> hey, congratulationses to all the marathon runners. let's begin "pop news" with prince. still moving he's the king of funk. on "snl" an epic eight-minute uninterrupted performance that left the audience amazed. ♪ i wish i could let it play. i don't have the eight minutes to give you. check it out. it's so good. he sounds fantastic. he celebrated at an afterparty with one of our regulars d.j. kiss. >> get out, really? >> that's how she rolls. spinning '70s and '80s r&b.
8:13 am
stars like justin timberlake still raving. it's sunday morning. i still don't have words for #prince on snl. fred armisen is on "gma" later today to talk about "portlandia." if you haven't seen it. stay with us. and in pop news caroline wozniacki is not just a great player. she's quite the marathoner. the u.s. open runner up acing the new york city marathon on sunday. completing the 26.2 hours in just under three hours and 27 minutes. talk about a cheering section. her bff, serena williams waiting for her there. it was love, love. wozniacki ran for a charity called team for kids. they raised more than $81,000 for the organization that pro
8:14 am
motes physical fitness. she's a perfect example of. so nice to see girls cheering girls on. sometimes on a monday, we all need a little hand. boy, dud i this morning. or in this case, a strong jaw. this dog has his pal's back. and his care. as the gotwo of them work together to get the ball back. team work, baby. i got your tail rob. i got your tail amy. anytime. >> i'm amazed how they worked that out. >> poignant. heat index comes up. now the jing we are the weather. i have found the cutest 8-year-old. you're turning 8, right? your name is? >> ava. >> from louisiana. happy birthday. we want to check on the weather. some of the most significant
8:15 am
rainfall. and this happened. the debris flow. they thought they lost a dog in the slide. hay they didn't. they found it two days later. how about this. the hurricane in the pacific. the moisture pooling up. oklahoma arkansas louisiana, could get quite a bit of rain going into the next couple of days. look at the bull's eye. the freeze warnings are going away. we'll start to warm up. it's not so bad out here is it? in the southeast, they're going brr. >> good monday morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. high clouds and sun today. high temperatures are above average most of the weekend. no rain in sight. check out the temperatures. mid-to-upper 60's coast and san francisco. richmond and oakland and san mateo and fremont, and low 70's for the rest of us. tonight, mid-40's to mid-50's
8:16 am
with high clouds thicker across the north bay. 70's at the coast. we always love starting the morning and rupa i like your hash tag. #viewersof32years. first up another wedding for the duggar family. less than a week after jill duggar's wedding ard, her sister jessa, and ben seewald tied the knot over the weekend. there were more than 1,000 people there. at the reception, they were served flavored ice cream sundaes. end of the night, whisked away in a horse-drawn carriage. >> wish them the best. >> how many weddings they'll have in the next few years? one after another. >> and counting. also this morning, the
8:17 am
internet turning one young target employee into an overnight sensation. #alexfromtarget trending big after this picture. that's alex on the job. it inspired plenty of memes. one user posting this while he was checking out my bag i with us checking him out. if you want to steal his look you're in luck. one twitter user breaking down his work wardrobe. one user wondering if the lines will be longer when alex starts his shift. >> he's a star. next in "the heat index." here i go robin. excited to say hello to two beautiful ladies. hi girls. wow. you're as beautiful in person. nice to see you. nice to meet you. i wondered if you would be wearing them. this is the unveiling, if you will the first look at the
8:18 am
fantasy bra. these are worth $2 million each? >> yes. >> each. >> $2 million. and you ladies victoria's secret models alessandra and adriana, you'll wear them? >> yes. >> how is that? where does a victoria's secret show stack up? >> it's the most watched, most viewed fashion show in the world. >> how is that energy? are you having a ball when you take the stage and have the wings? >> they have all these amazing performances on the runway. we work out hard for the show. might as well have fun in the beautiful, amazing, fantasy bra. >> is it an honor to be chosen to wear these $2 million ensembles? >> yes, it's a highlight of the show. every year, the models we
8:19 am
always get nervous to see who is going to get to wear the bra. this year it's excited because the first time we're going to have two fantasy bras on the fashion show and i'm honored to be here with alessandra. doing the show walking the runway together. i cannot wait. >> congratulations on being chosen. it's a big deal. when is the show? >> the victoria's secret fashion show is on december 9th. >> we'll be watching. >> it will be the sexiest night on television. we'll wear the fantasy bra. >> and gorgeous. i'm assuming this will be it. and there are, i mean -- i see some fabric robin. can i stand like this just for a minute. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you, ladies. thank you. >> thank you. >> back to you, robin and george. >> thank you, lara. time for the morning stir.
8:20 am
the hot clothing brand that some feel is sending the wrong message. brandy melville else is only one size. small. >> reporter: good morning. brandy melville has quickly become one of the most popular brands among teens. they say their clothes are one size fits most. that strategy excludes many and can be dangerous. it's the trendy clothing brand that virtually every teen girl wants to wear. but it doesn't come in every size. in fact the majority of the clothes at brandy melville come in just one size. most of the time, that means you have to be a small to fit into them. as we found out when we visited one of their new york city stores. a size 8. >> no, everything in the store is one size. >> reporter: do you have smaller
8:21 am
sizes? >> not for those. depends on the item. >> reporter: okay so every item in the store is one size. >> yeah. >> reporter: and it's a size teen girls are clamoring for. >> yeah. >> reporter: brandy melville is equally popular on social media. snap after snap of tall thin young women. but some say though these clothes may look good, they make them feel bad. in an open letter to the brand in "the huffington post" one teen writing by not offering several sizes this company is separating and almost purposely making the girls with chests and curves feel like minorities and outcasts. >> the message that to be trendy and cute you have to wear a size 0 or 2 is a dangerous recipe. >> reporter: the girls we spoke to said they all fit in the clothes.
8:22 am
they admit if they didn't it would hurt. if the one size was not a size that any of you fit, how would you feel? >> it would be frustrated. >> i would try to make it work. >> reporter: try to fit. now we reached out to brandy melville for comment. they did not respond. they have previously said they believe their clothes can accommodate almost everyone. >> they say one size fits most? >> the average teen in the country is a 31-inch waist, 138 pound. their average is a 25-inch waist. that could lead to dangerous behavior like extreme dieting, purnl purging. >> thank you, mara. holiday travel doesn't mean logging on to get the best
8:23 am
deals, or it often does i should say. you're shopping online. it could cost you more. rebecca jarvis has more. >> reporter: these days it's hard to beat the convenience of online shopping. but now, a newly released study by northeastern university claims that some of the most popular ecommerce websites don't offer the same prices to everyone. you could be spending more and not know it. >> different companies are deciding based on what computer you're using, what device you're using. they want to learn your preferences as they learn from you and your history, they can show you those specifically. >> reporter: the researchers call it price steering. two shoppers receive different product results from the same website. most of us are only going to look at the first page.
8:24 am
>> a website would put the most expensive products at the top. they know most ewersusers won't go all the way down. >> reporter: two shoppers can be offered different prices for the same product on the same website. the studies authors call that price discrimination thoi they point out that in general this is not elillegal. how do you get the best deal? do your research before you buy. shop on a computer and a mobile device. try the search logged in and as a guest. clear your cookies. ask a friend to check for you on his or her computer. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis abc news new york. >> i like the idea about the guest thing. you feel like you're going to get special treatment if you sip up for a site.
8:25 am
>> we'll see. >> thank you, rebecca. coming up robin sharing great moments from the cma special. and some major star power in the house. like jessica chastain lisa kudrow and fred armisen. >> he has a new cookbook out? >> the man does it all. stay with us on "good morning america."
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. the cost of the eastern span of the bay bridge is skyrocketing. bridge managers say they will have to shift money from other bridge projects to cover it. caltrans officials say their analysis shows the new span has a deficit of $35 million. there is still $110 million worth of unbudgeted work to be done. only some of that will be covered by contingency funds. no problem on the bridge but we're still dealing with this overturned big rig eastbound side of 580 at grant line road. all the people involved have been transported to area hospitals and it's not affecting traffic in the eastbound direction, just westbound spectator slowing. in san francisco, traffic is now recovering very slowly however after a multiple vehicle crash southbound side of 101 at 280.
8:28 am
>> thanks a lot. we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco for your forecast right after this.
8:29 am
if you've heading out good news, if you don't like the cold weather, we're still in the 40s and 50s. in the east bay hills you can see the high clouds. they'll be a dominant feature in our forecast today along with temperatures that are pretty close to average, from 70 at livermore, 72 at napa 68 in redwood city.
8:30 am
in fact temperatures will run from the mid-60s at the coast low 70s inland. accuweather seven-day ♪ you have to face the plus i give you satisfaction ♪ ♪ this was on your mind ♪ legendary rock band queen and their previously unreleased track called let me in your heart again, featuring the late freddie mercury. it's brought to you by our sponsor coca-cola and red. listen to that. ♪ you forget we were alive no more holding ♪ plus you'll get a vip tour of queen's famous recording studio in switzerland. to learn more go to the website on the screen we'll be debuting live new music every morning on "gma" leading up to world aids
8:31 am
day on september 1st. all the songs are available on itunes. the proceeds are going to benefit global fund to fight aids. >> what a gorgeous song. >> beautiful music and a beautiful cause. also we have lisa kudrow here and jessica chastain. we're looking forward to speaking to them both. and looking forward to talking to the stars of "portlandia" as well. and some hungry marathoners around them. >> and sore. and sore. >> you're jumping up and down. >> i am. i love fred armisen. first, we're gearing up for the cma awards. the country music artists, the insiders have weighed in to come up with 15 songs that changed country music. i'm going to speak with some of
8:32 am
today's hottest stars including go two who are the future of country. kasey musgraves and hunter hayes. a sneak peek. when is the first time you wrote a song. how old were you? >> it was called notice me. i was about 9. it's hard to remember a time when music wasn't something that i was reaching for, striving for. i was about 8 or 9 when i started kind of singing in public. i had one of those families that was like okay you want to be a singer a performer, whatever okay. let get you guitar lessons. you want to play? let's figure this out? load up in the van, book shows. my grandma was my booking agent. >> that's hunter hayes. you met him. you met johnny cash. >> i did. i wish i could relive it.
8:33 am
a picture of them at the bus and me with them waving good-bye to everybody. those pictures are the only real memory i have of it because i was so young. i feel lucky to have had that moment and to be able to tell the story. >> he'll tell that story and a whole lot more. they're both so talented. hunter hayes was the cma new artist of the year two years ago. last yeerks it was kasey musgraves. what is so special about the special, it's 15 songs that changed country music. we can take the hate. we know people will -- that's wonderful. we want to know what your 15 songs are. i'll be on twitter all day long. you have any question send them my way. >> you gave your list as well? >> i used to deejay country music. what makes this special stand out, these great artists are sing classic hits. not their own songs. other songs, like this one, lady
8:34 am
antebellum performing the dolly parton kenny rogers smash hit, islands in the stream. ♪ no one in between how can we be wrong sail away with me to another world ♪ ♪ and we'll rely on each other uh huh from one lover to another uh huh ♪ >> and you know you were singing along at home. one of those sing-along songs. but they, martina mcbride sings a classic. and kasey and hunter too, in addition to talking about those 15 songs. 15 thongs that changed country music. it's tonight. 10:00 p.m. eastern. and on wednesday this is all leading up to the big mama right here with brad and carrie. the 48th annual cma awards. wednesday, 8:00 7:00 central. >> i love country music.
8:35 am
the stars are just the nicest people. >> can't wait. awesome. it's weather time? >> weather time. >> how about we do that. we'll be in nashville early wednesday morning. it will be a whole lot milder. look at the temperatures. d.c. up into the 70s. the midweek will be oh so much better. boston we'll get to 61 by wednesday. the look across the nation 37 for now in front of all of these marathon runners, how about we say congratulations. how did it feel? >> it was great. awesome. >> how do you feel today? >> a little sore. i'm okay. >> just fine. a 26-mile. i could not do it. better you >> good morning, this first monday of november we have high clouds and sun. the thickest in the north and the thinnest in the south 62 at the coast to 73 inland. the seven-day forecast shows
8:36 am
warmer weather the rest of >> and we're all still talking about that amazing taylor swift concert on "gma" last week. thousands pack into times square. you remember that moment to see one of our biggest concerts ever. this morning, a special message for you, her fans. >> hey, guys, it's taylor swift. i'm so excited we have announced the dates for the 1989 world tour. next week the tickets go on sale. but, they're available for american expreesz card holders right now. see you on the road. >> we know we'll see you, taylor. we love her. we want to thank our sponsor american express, for make the concert possible. we're going to talk about "inter "interstellar" it opens friday. jessica chastain stars as murphy
8:37 am
cooper. struggling with human relationships. take a look. >> will you spend the night? your room is exactly as you left it? >> i need to get back. >> my suing machine is in there. >> i need to -- too many memories. >> everybody please welcome jessica chastain to "good morning america." >> hey! >> so happy to see you. >> i love coming here. nice to see you again. >> thank you for coming. i want to let everybody know shrouded in secrecy. the clip that we just showed was the only one we could. because christopher nolan has been so secretive. when you finally saw it all put together, what was your reaction? >> first, i was bawling like a baby. i knew when i read the script that visually it would be unlike anything i had ever seen before. christopher nolan is amazing at
8:38 am
that. insepgsception inception. the dark knight rises. >> it's about smas. but it's so much deeper than that. the space scenes are incredibly realistic. i was reading in the notes. that was the mission christopher set out on. were you able to get into that -- that feeling of being in space? if so how? >> chris works, he only uses practical sets. there is is no green screen in the film. can you imagine, no green screen. he planted 500 acres of corn that i got to wreck lessrecklessly drive through. >> and quite well. >> all this space stuff. when you were in the ship you saw the projection of the things coming toward you. >> you -- i'm afraid to get any further into it. i want to congratulate your costar.
8:39 am
matthew mcconaughey. i'm a giant fan perm lysonally. but the movie is great. is it an event? he calls it one. >> i think it's the kind of film, we haven't seen movies like this for a long time. it's made on film. it's meant to see it in the biggest screen possible. not on your ipad. you go and you experience it. you don't just watch it. the sound is all around you. you're so involved. it is an event. and his performance is an event. >> yes, he is an event, frankly. >> that face is an event. >> would you consider we have heard richard branson is very into space travel. would you do it? >> probably not. would you? >> no way. >> right, i mean come upon. >> i love the movie but no. >> it was at amfar when they were auctions off a seat next to leonardo dicaprio, but that was
8:40 am
scary. after it was auctioned off, leo said, oh gosh i have to go to space now. >> after this is it true you want to do a comedy? >> yes, definitely. i need to do something like more light. i had is much fun playing silly in the help. she has her demons. i want to laugh and have fun on set. i do with the dramas. but there's a lot of crying sometimes. >> this one will touch your heart deeply everybody. jessica chastain. "interstellar' is in theaters on friday. thank you for being here. >> thank you honey. we have got
8:41 am
at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil,
8:42 am
we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
8:43 am
oh, i'm enjoying today so much. "the comeback" made "entertainment weekly's" ten best tv shows of the decade. but the cult hit how could they do that? they canceled it after just one season. many of us were upset. now, nine years later, "the comeback" is making a comeback. lisa kudrow plays a self-centered reality show actress. shooting a pilot about herself. it's wonderful to have you here and the show back. what has your character been doing? >> we're going to see like ten minutes' worth of clips. she's doing a pilot presentation.
8:44 am
she's showing everybody what she has been doing. she had a hair care product called cherish your hair. >> ral valerie cherish yes. >> and then the guest spot on a crime drama. she did a few things. we'll see some of that. but -- >> we're going to show a little bit. this will give people an idea. here's a clip. >> reality tv has had quite the evolution. it's a different reality. and i should know because i was there at the beginning. with "the comeback." back then, it was just me and people eating bugs on "survivor." what's this? this is entertainment? well as it turns out, yes. yes, it is. i was right. >> yes, you were right. >> look at all the light. did you see the lights? >> yes, we did see that. this was 2005 when it first came out. people said it was maybe ahead of its time. >> i think it was. i mean, you know, "amazing race" was only in its second season. and there were no real housewives yet. but for us, it seemed really
8:45 am
obvious that this thing's coming. it's not going to go away. >> and it hasn't. >> it hasn't. >> no at all. and you're so believable that i heard your sister met a couple and they were convinced that you were valerie cherish. >> my sister saw this couple from texas. we love your sister's reality show and her husband, mark, is real cute. she's like no no her husband is french his name's michel. they were like, no no we saw her show. they were arguing. like my sister wouldn't know. but any way. >> it's flattering but a little frightening at the same time. >> i'll say it's flattering and leave it at that. >> how excited are you about being back and the fact that many people like myself are like, wanting another season? >> i'm so excited. and then nervous because people who liked it, i don't want to disappoint them. but i don't think we will. >> you're not.
8:46 am
do you really get the -- >> fine writing it. with michael fine. shooting it. michael and i are like, this is it. this is right. and then editing. and i went oh, now people are going to see it. i think it's good. i've seen little sneak peeks of it. everything you do. we of course love you, your work, we remember you as phoebe. ♪ smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you ♪ ah yes, you can tell i'm a "friends" fanatic. we had a lot of questions. we wanted to combine "friends," the comeback. some people want to know will you have a "friends" costar appearing in "the comeback "? >> no. but we say someone's name. one of them. >> a little tease. you little tease, you. >> i know. >> you're not going to give it to us. >> now everyone's going to watch just to hear the name. >> what do you think phoebe would be doing ten years later? >> oh, yeah.
8:47 am
you know what? i think she would be a really competitive soccer mom. i think she would just get into it. >> yeah well she just married mike. and so -- >> right. and he's the real thing. once you have kids, you're like, oh, my god, i've got to do right by them. she became me. >> thank you, lisa. just really looking forward to "the comeback." >> oh thank you. >> it's great having you here. "the comeback" is coming back sunday november 9th, on hbo. coming up, the stars here live with their portland-inspired recipes. lara is extremely happy about this. come on back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we had a nice crowd. the stars of "portlandia." they just released the cook book. cook like a local. it's full of dishes drawn from the show. and fred i guess, food plays a
8:50 am
big part on the show. >> yeah. such a big part of everyday culture. in portland it defines who you are. >> can we see some of the recipes? >> yes. >> and this one is really going to blow your mind mac and cheese. >> yeah. >> it's like you know comfort food and it's based on a sketch we did called adult babysitter. an adult needed a babysitter. >> a husband needed a babysitter. you need comfort food when you stay home. >> on a menu they try to make it sound fancy. at the end of the day, it really is just mac and cheese. your version is spiffy. >> a lot of nice restaurants do it. it's a good thing. good comfort food. it's always a nice thing. >> amy wants some. i have to bring some for her. >> i'm waiting here in the wings. >> she's been talking about the mac and cheese all morning. let's go to the next -- next
8:51 am
one, what do we have here? brussels sprouts and bacon? >> yeah. >> why is this portland? >> i think because the brussels sprouts are there to help you eat more bacon. >> the big slabs over there. >> a lot of vegetables have had comebacks. brussels sprouts, kale celery. >> it's good. >> thanks. brussels sprouts are popular on any menu. >> there's macadamia nuts in it. >> hazelnuts i think. >> oh sit hazel? whatever it is it's good. fred you're a genius when it comes to the sprout of the brussels. >> y2k apple pie. >> oh you dropped an apple. >> got it. >> this is based on a sketch we did called the y2k cafe. it is just a -- specific genre.
8:52 am
so this is the early 2000s. >> the big disaster that never happened. >> feel free to pass one down. >> here you go. >> i'm allergic to apples. >> you can put it doub. >> it will be fine. >> people are proud of allergies. talk about what they're allergic to. this is a celebration of that. i'm proud to say i'm allergic to apples. >> now a live test on national television. >> ready? is the ambulance around? >> we have 30 seconds. hopefully, you'll survive it. i want to ask about the next season? >> season five -- >> i'm good. good for now. >> i think this is is fair warning. people should not eat things they're allergic to. season five starts in january on ifc. season four started streaming on netflix. >> a very responsible morning
8:53 am
show host. >> can you give us a hint of what to expect? >> a lot of back story on some of the characters you have seen before, like toni and candace. >> so smart. so funny. the cookbook has some great recipes. >> it's in bookstores right now. season four on netflix. season five starts in january. get all the recipes on on yahoo.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
thank you, guys. this stuff was delicious. everybody is treating in the 15 songs that changed country music. >> it's like no no no, no no no. great, great guesses. i'll be on twitter all day. you can't go wrong. >> watch tonight on abc.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. it was a rainy, cold weekend but that's changing. let's talk to meteorologist mike nicco. >> yeah, warming trend on the way. first sign of things changing. look at this the high clouds we're going to deal with, maybe even see a few sun dogs today. post them on facebook or twitter, i'd love to see them. temperatures upper 60s to low 70s, right around average. sun sets at 5:09. upper 60s to low 70s. accuweather seven-day forecast, dry and warmest wednesday and a serious accident at the bay bridge. if you're traveling up to the toll, it's about a 50-minute drive to head away from the maze. the problem is this accident, westbound 80 at grand avenue involving a motorcycle.
9:00 am
the rider is lying in the lane so be careful of those delays. now announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "interstellar," jessica chastain. and television and broadway star michael c. hall. and grooming tips for your perfect pup as we kick off "live's" paw-fect pet week. we'll trach a look back at our seriously big halloween show. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! snote [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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