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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 5, 2014 1:00am-1:36am PST

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live from the kgotv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> an important mid-term election with historic results. jerry brown has defeated republican cal -- challenger cash car rewinning a fourth term as california's governor. 1kwr50eu republicans have retaken control of the u.s. senate. they needed six seats and they got back and then some. >> and there are two local measures that have ginned national uh -- gained national attention and could have national i'm plaw --
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implications. more on those measures in a moment. >> good evening. thanks for joining us on this election night. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dates. a lot of ground to cover. we have election results scrolling at the bottom of the screen. >> the results are in and the most populous city will have a new leader in city hall. the ballots are still being counted. >> you can see 51% there to 49%. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live in san jose. lisa? >> hi, ama. everyone knew this was going to be a very tight race. right now cortezi is on the second floor of the downtown marriott hotel. the room is filled with optimism and enthusiasm even though he is behind lacardo. he has been trailing since the polls closed even the early pollsters said cortezi would be leading out of the gate.
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>> the last time i looked there were 1500 votes in play and that is not very much. that can move back and forth easily. i would rather be 1% behind and finish the winner than 1% behind and finish the loser. >> i know we can't say what exactly is going to happen yet. we have awhile to go while the votes -- while they are counting all of the votes. it is going to take some time before we know. i think we need to take this moment to honor this journey we have all taken. >> meantime, sam lacardo was celebrating the early lead with his volunteers and supporters. he is backed by the current mayor as well as past mayors and cortezi the support of labor, police and fire unions. they vow to make public safety their top priority. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> now to the mayor's race in
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oakland where quan is being challenged. >> if they receive more than 50% of the vote that person wins, but if no one receives a majority an elimination process could take place. >> as you can see shaf with 28 and quan with 17%. alan wang is live. not the way she hoped it was trending. >> they were expecting more votes to be tallied at this point in the evening they believe these are preliminary results. they understand that the winner of a system could come out of no where like she did when she was elected. now most of the 15 candidates are waiting for the first hard results due out at midnight. that will give them an idea where their second and third
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place votes are coming from. those are the votes that won it four years ago. another deciding factor could be the 6,000 to 7,000 mail in ballots that will be counted in the following days. because this is such a close race most are not expecting to see a winner emerge until thursday or even later. you probably won't see these candidates day claire victory at all to nate. reporting live in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> it will take some time. thank you. now to the governor's race and it wasn't even close and it wasn't expected to be. jerry brown was re-elected. jay he defeated kashkari. >> laura anthony is live in sacramento. >> hi, dan. 76-year-old jerry brown is still inside behind me. he has been there for about an
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hour at the state democratic headquarters. that's where the celebration is underway. he is not much of making a fuss. when asked about wining a fourth term tonight he said, quote, i think it is nice. brown arrived at the democratic headquarters at about 10:00 tonight. here he is mingling with some of the top democrats and his remarks, victory of -- victory speech of sorts was made earlier before 9:00 a.m. at the governor's mansion with his wife, anne, at his side. >> i think the key for the next four years is to make the government do what it is supposed to. it is not about any kind of idea. it is about making work what we set out. >> governor, in your last four years, please be bold. you have the power with the majorities in the assembly and in the senate to make bold
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changes to our state. >> now we are told that neil kashkari called the governor after the polls closed to concede and offer his congratulations. he thanked his supporters and promised he would be back saying he is just starting out in politics. asked what his plan is for the next four-year term and brown said he would concentrate on his primary themes of the past weeks and months. it has saved money and it is to save water. being a four-timer he is well aware that being governor of california is, quote, no picnic. laura anthony, aby7 news. >> thank you, laura. >> they ripped control of the u.s. senate from the democrats. >> the gop needed six seats and they got seven. the kentucky senator mick mcconnell is expected to be the majority leader. the republicans maintain
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control of the house giving the party full control of congress. the gop added 12 seats tonight. if the republicans gain one more it will be the largest house majority since the great depression. >> and the congressional race in the south bay has attracted national attention. >> it really has the democrat versus democrat. millions are spent on advertising. >> long-time congressman challenged. r-election launch party in mill -- in mill pea -- milpides. >> he says he is not ready to declare victory. he wants to wait longer for the results, but he wants to make sure his supporters are enthusiastic. he has been leading for a few percentage points. you have to keep in mind that this election, the 17th congressional district covers two counties, both santa clara and alameda counties. two registrars are providing the results and it takes more
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time to get those results in. supporters -- let's roll some videotape and show you what has been going on here earlier. the supporters were patient and quiet as they waited for the congressman to step forward and greet them. they were snacking on hot food and enjoying wine and beer. many worked the phones to get out the vote. across town in santa clara county they also enjoyed food and drink and plenty of loud music to keep enthusiasm up. they rallied behind a man who never held office and received the support from high-tech executives. now you can see shaking of hands and he hinted that there may be a couple more hours until he feels confident that the results come in and he can decide whether he has won this race and whether he has not. it depends on whether he is going back to washington for an 8th term in congress.
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live in mill pea dis, abc7 news. >> david, thank you. berkeley became the first u.s. city to pass a soda tax. >> voters overwhelmingly approved measure d, the sugary drink tax in berkeley. mere is a -- here is a look at the numbers 26% said no. >> in san francisco the vote was closer for proposition e a sweetened soda tax there as you can see yes has 53% and no 47%lyly anne ma lyanne melendez is live with more on proposition e. >> dan, here is why berkeley was successful. they only needed a simple majority. meaning that money would go specifically to the general fund. san francisco a completely different story. san francisco needed two-thirds because it is a special tax and that money
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would go specifically to fund for example recreational activities and health programs as well. they hoped it would create a dialogue regarding diabetes and obesity. proponents spent millions trying to defeat both. >> i think it is ridiculous. we should be able to monitor our own sugar intake without the government coming down on us. >> it is important to encourage people to drink smaller amounts of soda even if they want to drink soda. i know the proceeds are going to good programs. >> and it seems that berkeley will become the first city in the nation with the soda tax. 30 other cities in the state and nation rejected similar proposals. i have a feeling this is snot the end of -- this is not the end of it. people say -- experts say we may see this battle in court.
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live at san francisco city hall,ly anne lyanne melendez, abc news. >> may not be done yet. voters defeated prop 46. it would have raised the cap on medical malpractice cases and required doctors to take drug and alcohol tests. medical professionals spent millions to defeat it as you can see on your screen. 68% said no and 32% said yes. a short time ago we spoke with the author of local 46 whose daughters were killed by a hit-and-run driver high on prescription pills. >> it is about patient safety and opening the eyes to the public and the legislature. there is a lot more to do with patient safety and medical safety. >> uh opponents say it would have been expensive and created a medical database that would have put people's privacy at risk. >> a quick look now at the other propositions on the ballot. we will start with props one
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and two. >> governor brown pushing for prop 1 a water bond to help with future droughts it has passed. >> and here is prop 2 that passed. it amends the state constitution to create new rules about how the state pays its debt and keeps money in reserves for the tough financial times. yes on prop 270%. >> prop 45, you may have seen the negative ads and had your mailbox filled with fliers. this would give them power to veto proposed rate hikes. it is losing right now, 60% of voters saying no. 40% saying yes. >> prop 47 puts it at the national push for sentencing reform. it hillary classify possession of hair whoa win, meth and petty theft from felonies to misdemeanors. california is the first state to do so and passes a margin of 58-242 percent. >> prop 48 is a turf war
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regarding indian gaming. the measure would allow a new casino to be built near madera. another tribe would get a share of the gambling revenue for not building its own casino. this one is losing 59% and 41% said yes. >> we will have more realtime results and if you liked the abc7 news page you will get breaking news returns from the bay area's most important races and you can see some of the voter selfies people have posted today. >> still to come, outrage over a controversial partnership at a local high school. next on abc7 news, the fight over planned parenthood teaching 6 ed and -- sex ed and why parents say they were left in the dark. >> twitter wants to take to the skies, but not everyone wants to see the tech company sore. >> and alex from target. remember him? he took the internet by storm and his picture shared millions of times. was it too good to be true? >> i am abc7 news
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meteorologist sandhya patel. clear and starry tonight. we have a warm wednesday coming up. a look at the temperatures. >> as we go to break quickly, look at more election results. oakland measure ff increases the city's minimum wage. >> abc7 news at 11:00 will be right back. of all the places in your house, this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't, and it also disinfects. so why just bleach? with lysol you can do more. that's healthing. and get max cleaning and freshness with every flush. try lysol no mess max.
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>> and our election coverage continues. now to the race for california's 9th congressional district that includes stockton. the democrat incumbent is challenged by republican tony amadore and it is a close race. the incumbent has 52% of the vote. >> to the state assembly where two democrats are facing off for the office held by tom amiano. and you can see there that 52% of the voters are vading for david chu and 42% for campos. >> it is one of the most expensive and important in the state. this $30 million race has generated three times as much spending as the race for governor, if you can believe that. they are both vying for the job and at this moment the
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income bept has 54% of the vote, a solid lead. >> voters are taking so social media and some of the things posted are pretty funny. like this ballot for bart director. it is trending tonight because of the candidate's name. that's not a typo. flash gordon ran for office. according to the san francisco chronicle, not much is known about gordon other than he registered to vote in san francisco when he took out his papers to run for election. we are updating the results as they continue to come in. you can look at the ticker at the bottom of the screen and go to tonight an east bay school district is caught in a controversy over sex ed. planned parenthood is teaching the course and maybe want it to -- and many want it to stop. cornell bernard is in lafayette. >>sex ed is taught to every class. >> i learned how to put a
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condom on and everything like that. it was useful 6789. >> the course is taught by a representative from planned parenthood, a partnership, pro life add advocate has a problem with. >> they are controversial issues. the parents don't know what is going on. >> some parents want planned parenthood out of the classroom. >> i don't think pros miss skew tee or anything that they are involved in is something my child should be taught at school. >> they say planned parenthood has been a consultant for comprehensive sex ed for 10 years. parents have a right to opt out of the course. this fall only one student did. >> i totally agree. i think that planned parenthood should teach what they know. >> some parents have no problem with the course. those who do plan to protest at wednesday's school board meeting. cornell bernard, abc7 news. the search is on for a
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robber in palo alto who punched a man in the face and took his wallet. police say the victim is a man in his 60s. it happened as he was waiting for a train at the cal train california station sunday at un1:30 in the morning. he had dreadlock and left on a scooter. the victim, fortunately was not seriously hurt. >> twitter wants to link two buildings in the midmarket neighborhood with a sky way. it would connect the massive headquarters on market street with a building on 10th. the sky way would cover an alley. twitter says they waste time going down to the street and crossing the alley and then going back up to the building next door. the city has the plans, but has not yet reviewed them. >> the photo of a handsome teen working at a target checkout line that went viral is part of a marketing campaign. 5 twitter user posted this photo with the # alex from target. that hash tag was trending worldwide as social media tweeted, retweeted and clicked on the post as a favorite.
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a new company called breaker helps small con at the present time creators spread their work. alex from a target was a test that surpassed their expectation. >> because of the election coverage, "jeopardy" and" "wheel of fortune" at 1:35 and 2:05 respectively. if you don't want to stay up, set your dvr. >> a nice day to get out and vote. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> yes, it was perfect for voting. we will keep it that way for tomorrow. it is nice to bring some rain. clear skies across the entire bay area. our view pretty much proves it. the temperatures right now 60 degrees degrees in san francisco oakland, san jose and the exploratorium camera, the visibility is great. it is cooling off. santa rosa and 50 in fairfield and 55 in livermore and here
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is one last view from the east bay hills camera. mostly clear and cool to chilly in the morning and sunny and warmer tomorrow and the fog is back thursday and friday and it is going to get cooler during this time period. the pacific satellite is showing the high pressure is the controlling factor and it will keep us dry and mild through the weekend and even beyond. look at the long range forecast. we take you through the middle of next week. it is trending dry through wednesday as of right now. the rain chances are staying well to the north in the pacific northwest. tomorrow morning when you head out the door you will want to dress warmly. 39 in santa rosa and 40 in napa and 46 half moon bay and 48 in san jose. midto upper 40s around concord, livermore and santee jobing. and antioch. it will be warm from coast to inned land. 81 in napa and santa rosa and maybe a few high clouds.
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half moon bay 72 degrees. these temperatures temperatures are well above average. oucher -- supper 70s in palo alto. the fog comes in and the temperature slowly slides on thursday and most noticible along the coast. for the weekend we will go warm all-around with 70s, 80s and it clouded up a little bit. monday and tuesday and still waiting for rain. doesn't look like it is happening in the seven-day forecast. larry beil is here with sports. >> what do we have? >> the latest on pablo sandoval. it is a qualifying offer to the pap do. he will not sign that. but pursuit of the panda has officially begun. sports is next. >> and now more election results. >> abc7 news at 11:00 will be right back. [coughing]
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total to resign it means they would receive a draft pick if he signs elsewhere. he says he wants to remain a giant, but it will take a giant-sized deal to make that happen. the 49ers have the worst red zone offense in the entire nfl which in part explains their 4-4 record. an offensive unit that is blessed with so much talent, but has not produced much in the way of points. colin kaepernick has struggled. the niners at 4 and 4 and three games behind arizona. it is what feels like a must win game. >> a lot of gays could point fingers at anybody, the coaches, the players kap for fumbling the ball. as long as we get to the
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playoffs that's all that matters. >> they will face their arch rivals. we'll tell you what this guy has won. first, more election results. hey dad, what's that? (everyone screams) get out. enough's enough! d-con baits are formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. we'll fight back at the this cfirst sign of sick. no more feeling coughy, mucusy...just...yucky. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. is this about me? ♪ nice 3-0 start. we will learn a bit more about
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how good they really are tomorrow night when they host the clippers. the clippers knocked golden state out of the playoffs last year. there is a genuine dislike on display when these teams go head to head. it is fiery. they know each other very well.. >> they know us and we know them. it is going to be a dog fight. who ever makes the necessary plays and wins the turnover battles, those are the things that will win this game. it will nobody surprising anyone. >> the lakers are the other team in l.a. now. they can't win a game. kobe, he can still do this. 39 against phoenix tonight. gerald green with authority. 26 off the bench for the suns. kobe needed 37 shots to get his 39 points. a one-man wrecking crew. tucker ices it and suns over the lakers. lakers 0-5 and their worst start since 1957.
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he was struggling and missed his first two lay up events and then got hot. banks it in and the 30-second clock runs out and it is good the freshman wins a new ford f-150. it is loaded with technology and they are going crazy. abc7 sport brought to you by ebay. what a moment for that kid. >> freshman and a big man on >> freshman and a big man on campus. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. when we got married, we becwithout the time and money to wash all this stuff separately. so we wash it all in cold water with tide. even sarah's shorts. those are mine.
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seriously? throw it all in. really? because tide cleans better even in cold. wake up weather. it will start off clear. cool to chilly first thing in the morning. the temperatures in the upper 30s to the mid50s a the 5:00 a.m. the numbers won't come up a lot at 8:00. make sure you have a jacket or sweater. >> good to know. thank you, sandhya. >> that is our report. appreciate your time. >> abc7 news' election coverage continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> and they will update out latest returns. >> have a great night, everyone. thanks fortuning in. for tuning in.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a writer and editor from north reading, massachusetts... a quality analyst from chicago, illinois... and our returning champion -- a high school media specialist from enfield, connecticut...
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whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hello, ladies and gentlemen. obviously the stars were not properly aligned for our contestants yesterday. our returning champion didn't even make it into the final, and casey, who is the new champion, won only $5,000. a lot of difficult material for the three players yesterday. today, though, will be different, as we welcome caitlin and jason. let's go to work in the first round. and i hope these categories are to your liking. you have to tell us which one is... we want you to... "pump" coming up in each correct response. and finally... casey, start. i'll take rap musician for $200, please.
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casey. who is ice berg? yep. not a successful rap musician. rap musician for $400. caitlin. what is corn dogg? good. rap for $600, please. jason. who is mc medium? yes. rap, $800. jason. who is boogaloo b? you got him. uh, rap for $1,000. caitlin. who is xtremanator? that's it. bridges, $200. caitlin. what is the golden gate bridge? right. bridges, $400.
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casey. what is...italy? no. jason or caitlin? [ beep ] millau, france. caitlin, back to you. jason's upset he didn't ring in. bridges, $600, please. jason. what is lisbon? lisbon, yes. uh, trademarks for $200. jason. what is scotch? good. trademark, $400. caitlin. what is astroturf? yes. trademarks, $600, please. answer there -- the daily double. you and jason, the challengers on the program today, off to a very good start. you trail him by just $200. um...
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$500, please. okay, here is the clue... uh... caitlin? i don't know. [ beep ] what are chiclets? chiclets. so you drop to $1,500. pick again. trademarks, $800, please. here's sarah... individual fibers are twisted to increase density in this "five times stronger than steel" dupont material. bullets deform or mushroom on impact, dispersing and reducing energy. casey. what is teflon? no. caitlin. what is kevlar? kevlar. that's it. trademarks for $1,000, please. caitlin. what are jet skis? that's it. "pump" up, $200, please. casey. what is the great pumpkin? good.
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"pump" up for $400, please. jason. what's pumpernickel? that is correct, and with that you move up to $2,600, and you take us to our first commercial break. we're gonna find out about the players when we return. [ applause ]


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