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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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to provide comment. after sefrlt alcohol and hazing incidents zeta psi forfeited its university recognition. in 2010. >> what's the mood in there? >> very sad. >> darcy tiller's with a company that does property mafrns at zeta ps zblichlt these guys are a great fraternity. a lot of fro terminates here on the recognized. i wouldn't pick on these guys because of that. something went wrong at a party and there's parties all over this campus. >> reporter: zeta psi is one of 12 berkeley fraternities not recognized by uc. they're not allowed to recruit on campus or use you university resources. 31 others do have uc recognition. a spokesperson told abc news, "our hearts go out to the family of this young man. as this is an active investigation it's premature to speculate about what may have happened in this tragic situation." in berkeley laura anthony, abc 7 news.
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administrators at san jose state university face charges of racism from students apparently because of a donor's comments. student activists took their complaints to administrators today. one of them summed up what a member of the tower foundation board is accused of saying during a meeting in february. >> the donor made the comment "i contribute to this university because these little latinos do not have what they need to be successful." and once an informal complaint was filed nothing was done for about seven to eight months. >> i would like for a campus where like it said it's diverse, anyone can feel safe, feel welcome. >> san jose state's president says his office is investigating what happened and determining exactly what will happen next. a student being the target of racism in a resident hall in 2013. the race for san jose mayor is now over with the concession just a few minutes ago. santa clara county supervisor dave cortese conceded the close
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race with city councilman sam liccardo. liccardo holds a lead of just over 3600 works. labor unions backed court yooeds. the current mayor chuck reed and many businesses endorsed liccardo. cortese says he wanted to wait until every mail-in ballot was counted before conceding. local construction workers are making it clear just how angry they are in downtown san jose today. they're accusing a developer of hiring ousttown workers instead of them. the project centers on a controversial called one market south at market and santa clara street. plumbers and pipe fitters led this morning's rally. union leaders say workers are being brought in from the central valley to fill jobs they feel belong to local craftsmen. >> we definitely have qualified people here but that isn't what's on their agenda. their agenda is a nice low price, and if they can get those workers, desperate workers from
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the valley to des displace local people that's not important to them. >> now, nbc 7 news asked the developer, essex real estate trust, to comment on these accusations but that firm has not yetesponded to our requests. we'll keep trying. 18,000 kaiser permanente nurses are sit to begin a two-day strike tomorrow. the nurses work at 25 kaiser hospitals and 35 clinics in the bay area and across northern california. kaiser says all medical centers will remain open but some elective procedures and appointments overt next two days may be rescheduled. the nurses claim they don't have the resources needed to care for all the new patients coming into the sifrm because of the new affordable care act and they want better protection and training against the ebola virus. the faa is now vehicling the cause of a weekend crash near gilroy that killed two people including a teenager. the cessna 140a went down saturday evening near highway 152 and kenyatta road. today authorities identified the two people on board as 69-year-old john dennis of
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gilroy and 18-year-old kylie vacca of san jose. the faa says dennis owned the plane which was on its way from hollister to vacaville. vacca was a student at san jose and worked at great america, which provided this picture. we have new details on why police evacuated a motel 6 in belmont. police say someone discharged pepper spray which led to a hazardous materials situation. someone reported an explosion and strange ode ar round 2:00 this afternoon. ten people were treated for inhaling chemical odors. none were taken to the hospital. police cleared that scene at motel 6 in belmont. investigators are trying to figure out who sprayed the pepper spray and why. well, domestic violence charges will not be filed against 49er ray mcdonald. he was arrested after what prosecutors called a jealousy-fueled fight with his pregnant fiance at his san jose home. it's been two months since that arrest on august 31st.
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today the district attorney says there is insufficient evidence to prosecute him, and that means mcdonald's domestic violence allegations have been dropped. vic lee joins us from san jose with more. >> reporter: prosecutors explain exactly what happened in this memorandum. this is a chronology of what happened that night. the night of ray mcdonald's birthday party. this was a lengthy investigation, both by police and the d.a.'s office, in large part because it was complicated by side issues. >> we have determined there's insufficient evidence to file charges against ray mcdonald. >> reporter: 49er defensive end ray mcdonald is off the hook. steven clark is a defense attorney and legal analyst. >> they couldn't prove their case in court. not necessarily because it didn't happen. because it wasn't triable. >> reporter: mcdonald was arrest rested in the early morning hours of august 31st at his home in san jose. his birthday party was winding down. just before 3:00 a.m.
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his pregnant fiance called 911. the district attorney's memo quotes that call. 347b8d's fiance is called jane doe. "hello. i'd like to press for a domestic violence. my fiance, he's trying to pull me out of the house. he's drunk. i think he's calling the cops. he's trying to get me out." the police and d.a.'s investigations show that mcdonald's fiance initiated the physical contact. mcdonald's fiance says she only pushed him. he told police she hit him numerous times. police say her visible injury resulted when he grabbed her by the neck. in the end prosecutors called it mutual combat. >> her minor injuries are consistent with restraint and a struggle. >> reporter: prosecutors had a problem case. the fiance refused to cooperate after her initial police interview. and there were more obstacles. >> because of conflicting accounts the lack of verifiable
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eyewitnesses and the lack of cooperation by jane doe we cannot prove that a crime occurred. >> reporter: and then there was this. abc 7 news reported earlier that mcdonald called a police sergeant just before his fiance called 911. sergeant shawn pritchard, who also works security for the niners, went to mcdonald's home before officers responding to the 911 call got there. he was on duty and in uniform. it turns out he was also there twice earlier that night. the 49ers had connected mcdonald to pritchard because mcdonald was worried that other female friends of his were causing trouble at the party. pritchard's is presence at the home further complicated the d.a.'s investigation. mcdonald issued this statement today saying in part, "i cooperated fully with their investigation from beginning to end. i am relieved that the d.a.'s office has rightfully decided not to file charges. doetsch jim harbaugh said he wanted his players to always
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exhibit good conduct. >> we want to have that. we haven't had that. we want to get there. >> reporter: the police department is also investigating whether or not sergeant pritchard violated any rulings or regulations, did anything wrong by going to pritchard's home that night. the department has also ordered all of its officers to stop working security for the niners until it can review its secondary jobs policy with regard to conflict of interest. also possible conflict of interest, internal affairs is investigating whether or not its two top police officials violated the duty manual by accepting free 49er tickets. that's a story abc 7 news broke earlier. so even though there were no charges filed in this case, the fallout is far from over. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you, vic. organizations fighting domestic violence are outraged the niners allowed mcdonald to play during the investigation. among those who want him
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sidelined is san francisco supervisor london breed. >> people look to these teams to provide leadership, and i looked to this team to pride better leadership in addressing this issue, and in this particular case it wasn't what i thought it should have been. >> in september the buford of supervisors unanimously called for the 49ers to keep 347b8d fr mcdonald from playing until the outcome of the investigation. apple devices are known for being secure. why cyber experts say most iphones and ipads are vulnerable to cyber attacks. it is a classic david and goliath fight. a food giant says a san francisco startup is misleading consumers. and mcdonald's recalls a popular happy meal choice. 2 million of them are now considered a hasright. also -- >> this is a great house. >> this is a great house. a
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staffers and zoo goers are sad tonight after the death of a young gorilla at the san francisco zoo. the zoo has hired a renowned gorilla expert to investigate what happened. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live tonight with more on this tragedy. sergio? >> reporter: dan, just a few minutes ago the zoo closed. and there has actually been a guard posted outside to prevent us from walking inside with our television cameras. so this morning we bought ourselves a ticket and walked in with our smartphones just like every other customer. i did talk to that investigator and he tells me the first thing he's going to do when he gets here is take a look at the hydraulic door that apparently smashed that young gorilla.
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psychologist terry l. maple has been hired to investigate this case. we talked to him by phone from florida. >> it has a mechanism on it that is there to be operated in an emergency. the door can be stopped. and in this case it was not stopped in time to save this little gorilla. >> reporter: kabibe was accidentally killed friday when zookeepers were moving the primates into their night quarters. kabeer yay was carried into her quarters by her grandmother bawang then accidentally darted through a closing hydraulic door and was crushed. >> reporter: as i understand it, they have kept the system -- they tested it and he this know it was working. it wasn't mechanical failure as far as they can tell. >> reporter: flowers at the entrance to the gorilla habitat. one of the primates came over to a woman who create a small memorial inside in honor of 16-month-old kabeer yay. another woman says she wonders how this could have 457d. >> any of us who have had kids
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know that a 16-month-old requires constant vigilance. the gorillas can't understand i'm quite sure mechanical doors and whatnot. >> reporter: mayor ed lee said he's looking forward to a full investigation. he says zoo staff are likely devastated about what happened. >> i'm sure everybody at the zoo is sad. they would never wish this to happen. >> reporter: dr. maple says these kinds of accidents are rare and the system here at the zoo has worked well for the last 30 years. he'll be trying to figure out if it was a procedural problem that caused this accident. he's already started his investigation by phone and e-mail from florida and will be arriving here next week to continue in person. this afternoon the zoo released further details about what happened on friday. they say that after the young gorilla was caught in the door it was actually examined by veterinarians here at the zoo, pronounced dead, and they even brought the body back out so the other gorillas could examine and
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pay their respects. reporting live at the san francisco zoo, sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> sergio, thank you so much. this isn't the first time a hydraulic door has killed a zoo animal. there have been at least two other cases. the most recent in 2009. when the calgary zoo in canada suspended one of its employees after an accident involving a capybara, a large rodent, and a hydraulic door. when the national zoo in washington, d.c. changed the wording of its safety guidelines and made repairs to the door there after a monkey was killed in 2005. well, heads up. security experts have a warning for iphone and ipad owners. there is a flaw that could make your apple device vulnerable to hackers. today cybersecurity firm fire eye incorporated released information about a bug that gives hackers access to percentage information. they can use tainted texts, e-mails, and web links to trick you into installing malicious software. fire eye says it can be used to steal banking information or e-mail passwords. apple is now working on a fix.
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security analysts say if a program tries to install you should receive a pop-up notification. click on don't install and you should be protected. a bay area startup that makes plant-based tufshts to popular foods is now in a dispute with mayonnaise maker hellman's. hampton's creek just mayo, this is a jar there, is a vegan mayonnaise alternative. hellman has filed a civil suit claiming false advertising and unfair competition. the suit claims just mayo should not be allowed to call itself mayo because it doesn't taste like or have the same consistency as mayonnaise because it doesn't have eggs. hampton creek's ceo responded to "fortune" magazine. he said he expects lawsuits from frustrated expects because his product is superior, he says, and that's just the nature of change. we have some consumer news about a car you that may own. 7 on your side's michael finney is here. >> more questions tonight for gm about ignition switches. >> what did gm know and when did they know it? those are the questions tonight. new questions this evening about
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when general motors became aware there was a problem with its ignition switches. the "wall street journal" reports that the auto maker ordered new switches almost two months before alerting federal safety regulators. the defective switches are linked to at least 30 deaths and dozens of injuries. and now an update to a report i first brought you months ago. a new study shows those colorful detergent pods are indeed a real serious risk to children. over about a year's time poison control centers fielded more than 17,000 calls about the pods. according to the journal "pediatrics," that is about a call an hour with around 700 children hospitalized and at least one death. the detergent pods can be mistaken for candy and safety advocates want the look of them to be changed so they don't look so appetizing. there are also calls for the packaging to be childproof. mcdonald's is recalling a hello
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kitty-themed whistle given to children in happy meals. the consumer products safety commission says parts of the three-inch-tall hello kitty birthday lollipop whistle can detach and be inhaled. the commission says two children have reportedly coughed out pieces of the whistle which they had sucked into their mouth. mcdonald's handed out more than 2 million whistles from october through november in happy meals and mighty kids' meals like these. consumers should return the whistles to any mcdonald's for a free replacement toy. >> wow. >> that's scary. michael, thank you. well, it was a very foggy morning throughout many parts of the pay area. here's what the golden gate bridge looked like from our sutro camera. both towers completely blanketed by a thick layer of fog. >> will the fog be around tomorrow morning? we know it's a traffic hazard not to mention messing with our hair. >> that's the worst part. >> meteorologist sandhya patel.
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>> it does mess with our hair. we are going to see another foggy morning drive. you'll need your wipers. the fog's already starting to push over the bay. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. and we'll talk about when we're going to switch the fog out for some rain. the coastline is still socked in. temperatures in most areas today came down a few degrees. the visibility has improved along the coast but not for long. now, we do have a beach hazard statement for tuesday afternoon through thursday afternoon. basically a storm in the bering sea has generated a long swell and that's going to raise the risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. particularly west-northwest facing beaches. so keep this in mind during the next couple of days. that same storm has brought in basically an arctic chill and that chill is going to continue to push southward and settle in by friday morning. so we are going to continue to monitor that for you. they're already seeing some snow across the northern tier states
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and definitely getting colder. mount tam cam showing a beautiful view of our fog here. temperatures upper 50s to the low 60s from san francisco, oakland, san jose. the high temperatures today came in in the upper 50s to the low 80s. the hills camera showing you the fog down below. here are your temperatures. 57 in santa rosa. fairfield still hanging on to mild weather. 71. 68 in livermore. and the golden gate bridge looks a little different than it did earlier this morning. expect it to get murky again toward morning. we'll go with fog and drizzle tomorrow morning. rain wednesday night into thursday morning. and a dry pattern for friday and saturday. here's the deal with the fog. it's going to be around and we'll see some spotty drizzle during the morning commute. some of the kids are off tomorrow. many of the kids are off tomorrow. so temperatures will start out in the mid 40s to the mid 50s. watch out for those damp spots during the morning commute. maybe allow a little extra time. and then get ready to pull out the umbrellas. we do have a storm that is
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developing in the pacific. rain is likely wednesday night going into thursday morning's commute. here's a computer animation, 5:00 p.m. wednesday, rain line still to the north, but by 9:00 the rain is starting to shift southward. and eventually in the overnight hours going into thursday morning's commute it's going to be a wet one. so plan accordingly and make sure you have your rain gear. rainfall estimates in the north bay mountains expected to be anywhere from .4 to .8 of an inch. most elevations a tenth to .4 of an inch. highs in the afternoon coming down from today. you're not going to see all the 70s and 80s we saw inland. tomorrow afternoon it's a cooler day. upper 50s to the upper 60s. and we'll go with partly cloudy skies with some lingering fog for veterans day. accuweather seven-day forecast, damp gray morning. and then we'll go with increasing cloud cover going on wednesday with the rain developing wednesday night into thursday morning. a short break. but a slight chance of rain on sunday. and a better opportunity for perhaps being a juicier storm
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going into monday. dan, cheryl? >> sandy, thanks very much. and coming up, will manatees come to the rescue? why one mayor says sea cows from florida could save a california waterway. that's coming up here. and then new at 6:00, a bay area filmmaker sets out to break the code as to why more women are not getting work
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it.
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that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. breaking news now. a police officer in fairfield has been injured in a ser crash. it happened at heath drive and airbase parkway. you can see the first responders right there working on somebody. we don't know about the extent of the officer's injuries. and there are also pieces of the car, what looks like a patrol car, scattered around there. drivers are being told to stay away from the area as eastbound airbase parkway is closed. and that's going to be a long slow and go traffic nightmare for everybody. stay with us for any breaking updates. you can follow us on twitter @abc7bayareanews.
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do you know how much sugar is in a can of soda? a new website from university of san francisco researchers has the answer to that question. combines information from 8,000 scientific papers. it gives consumers an easy way to digest the impact of sugar on our health. researchers say added or hidden sugars are the cause for a rise in obesity and chronic disease. >> one of our recommendations is that people really think about limiting the sugary drinks. sodas, sports drinks, vitamin waters. and the reason is because those add up to 37% of all of the added sugar that we're consuming. >> other information you can find at, how much sugar women are supposed to eat in one day. here's the answer. six teaspoons. that's about 25 grams. keep in mind some sodas have as much as 45 grams of sugar in just one can. >> oh, my. the mayor of stockton is considering a plan to import manatees from florida to get rid of a weed that's clogging city
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waterways. mayor anthony silva says those so-called sea cows will eat the invasive water hyacinth plants, which makes it difficult for boats to navigate. silva is also offering the plant to manufacturers for use in furniture and using it as a biofuel. experts say the manatee idea works in theory but manatees are endangered, so moving them down from florida to central california would not be allowed, and here's the catch. those animals would not survive in the cold delta waters. google has launched a public giving campaign to fight ebola. it's matching every dollar donated throughout its campaign site with $2. the money will go to a number of non-profits including save the children and doctors without borders to help fight this horrible disease. google's ceo larry page is also donating $15 million to the effort. facebook's mark zuckerberg recently donated $25 million to fight ebola. as well as launch a campaign to encounter users -- encourage, rather, users to donate to this worthy cause. >> wonderful. well, coming up, career gear
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just in time for veterans day. ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
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. i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6:00, president obama is neutral no more on net neutralty. tonight his vision of the internet, some in silicon valley don't like it. also a bay area woman's monumental credit mess through no fault of her own. 7 on your side's michael finney explains how reporting agencies let her down. that is all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 at 6:00. >> all right, ama, thanks. we'll see you with that. a san francisco apartment building that was a magnet for crime is now being transformed into a home for veterans. >> mayor ed lee toured the refurbished building on kirby street near union square. it's going to house 130 formerly homeless vets. >> each room has its own bathroom and a kitchenette. looks lovely there. tenants will only pay 30% of their income on rent. >> now, the department of
5:29 pm
housing and urban development is paying most of the lease, which is terrific. >> nice break for those folks. well, homeless veterans in san francisco getting a makeover. >> yeah. this morning st. anthony's outfitted 50 low income and homeless veterans with business suits. >> they got help from fashionistas to pick out jackets, pants, ties, and shoes. >> it changes the way people see themselves. i think they are able to really re-establish their confidence and dignity that they need to find a job. >> i came here to get a suit because i do not own a suit, and i need a suit as i'm soon becoming much more professional in my work. >> and he looks great. well, the vets aren't just getting a chance to dress for success. >> st. anthony's is also offering them job counsel as well. so they look great and they are prepared for that interview. >> and they have a great work ethic. ready to go to work and you've got a job, let us know. >> hire a vet. absolutely. >> news tonight with david muir is coming up.
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>> all of us here appreciate your time. we'll see you at 6:00. >> bye for now. welcome to "world news tonight." the giant storm. a month of snow in one day, burying parts of the midwest. cars sliding, flipping. highways a mess. and tonight, the polar plunge coming next. all the way down to the south. ginger zee is right here. the breaking news. the hostage standoff in the middle of this country. the images of some of the workers getting out. also breaking, joan rivers and what really happened inside that clinic. the photos taken with her while she was sedated? and what authorities say workers missed. her daughter outraged tonight. and sinking fast. a half dozen homes evacuated and counting. and look at that car, swallowed in the driveway. the pictures from the scene tonight. good evening.


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