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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 11, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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>> stroll turns tragic tonight when 4-year-old plummeted more than 200 pet down a cliff. >> and right now that young boy is in the hospital with major injuries. >> good evening. >> it happened at 5:00 o'clock this evening at bodega head near bodega bay. >> cornell is live at the newsroom now with details on this real shame. >> absolutely. the boy is recovering at santa rosa hospital tonight after huge fall down the cliff. take a look. dramatic video show as 4-year-old boy being lifted up a cliff at bodega head in bodega head walking with family on trail this evening when he suddenly fell to the side. coast guard sent ship and chopper to the rescue spotted 230 feet down. so dark the chopper couldn't reach him. crew use rope climate down the cliff face to get to the child. >> chilled was conscious and alert. obviously crying which was about appropriate for the injuries he sustained. >> by was taken to hospital in
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santa rosa. we are told he suffered some breaken bones. they wanted to air lift him out tonight but conditions just too dangerous and foggy for the chop tore take off. 2 day ago another rescue in the very same spot. 23-year-old woman climbing off the cliff when she slipped and fell 20 feet. hospitalize with moderate injuries. live in the newsroo newsroom, 7 news. >> thank you cornell. >> san jose high school student being remembered tonight as remarkable young woman who had everything going for her. until the small plane she was in wept down over the weekend. lincoln high school senior kylie killed in the crash in remote area near gilroy. 7 news reporter lillian live at lincoln high. so many people say the nicest thing about kyl kyley. >> by all accounts she wasn't just well licked she was beloved which explains why it was so quiet at school today she was 18 years old senior where she played varsity basketball. news of her death
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hit students hard. >> every class like could you hear a pin drop. usually up beat and like today a lot of teachers said if you need to put your heads down. >> volunteers gather outside gilroy where kylie and 69-year-old john dennis died in plane crash saturday night. investigators are lacking into why the small plane went down. those who knew kylie remembering how much she touched their lives. >> she was kilometer passionat passionate. help others out before herself. >> gravy counselors help students teachers cope with her death. those close toast her so distraught they didn't go to school at all. >> some teenagers might have an experience at death of such a cholesterol friend so it's really a time for parents to be on the look out. >> employee at great america santa clara are grieving too. kyley worked in the park service department for 2 years. she was one of 2500 employees.
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but the manager says kylie stood out. >> played around with her and she started me dan dan. the hi dan dab with the big smile. positive attitude. >> big smile no doubt life on in people memory. in the south bay, lil i don't know, abc 7 news. >> new details tonight about young map found dead inside a frat house at uc berkeley. 20-year-old the lamb was aerospace engineer student at uc dave who is fledge add different fraternity there. from apartment i don't care was celebrating his birthday visiting from ends in berkeley when found unresponsive at the fraternity house after a party there saturday night. his friend say he was energetic and positive. fight whole think lifted up. very sad that he had to pass away that way. >> the fraternity not recognized by uc berkeley since 2010 because of previous alcohol hazing issues. coroner
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office says the cost of his death won't be known for weeks. >> new details tonight about 2 day care workers in livermore accused of wrapping baby the tightly in blanket the pleded no contest today to felony counts of willfully harming a child. of women will likely 7 probation and won't be allowed to work at day care ever again. >> nearly a weak after the election we have a winner tonight in the san jose mayor's race numbers out this evening show san jose councilman riccardo leading by more than 3600 votes to supervisor cortez who conceded defeat today. riccardo declared victory several difficulties ago but provisional ballot still counted. he says cortez made ate hard fought race. >> he ran a very tough campaign and formidable opponent. long record of leadership and service in the community and i look forward to working with him in the come years. >>reporter: cortez issued a statement thanking his
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supporters and saying the campaign accomplished one of the goals of quote bringing san jose together. >> the da will not prosecute the 49ers on domestic violence charge accused of abusing then fiance at party in san jose in august. prosecutor said there wasn't enough evidence to try the case bus of conflicting accounts and fiance now his wife refused to cooperate the against mcdonald. >> drought has some people so desperate they are stealing water from fire hydrant. reports coming from east contra costa county where people rely on well water. one water district could raise the fines for stealing water. hears ala alan. >> this year we have seen a bit of an up take in reports of water theft. >> residential well are drying newspaper contra costa county and thousands of gallons of water are being stolen from hydrant like this one intermarsh creek road in clayton. >> our board is now considering the increasing the fine that we
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have in place in order to create deterrent that people might be tempted to steal two. 50 dollars first offense. 500 for the next one. the fines have already been raised in the dub lip san are money service district but thieves still tapping hydrant with hose like this. construction contractor was recently fined for stealing 700 gallon of water. >> it was if 20 84 fine t.20 cents was the cost of the wate water. >> meet remembers available to keep track of water use for anyone who wants to purchase water from a hydrant. other reason why it's important to use a meter at the hydrant the meter has a back flow device. >> back flow device protecting the water supply from not getting contaminated. >>reporter: water district are hoping the water thieves realize cheaper and safer to just buy it. in the east bay, abc 7 news.
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>> giants world series win costing muni 140,000 dollars in daniel to bus and trolley broken window graffiti. san francisco transportation official say it happened during street celebration. you see after the giants victory lay last month over kansas city. cudz also vandalize 9 police cars by the way. >> helping women crack the code of career in tech. next on 7 news. local computer coding boot camp throwing out stair c type about who wants to program. >> amma has the special report. >> propeller fly off the wing in the cab i hope. how passenger surveyed close came. commander in chief. the president manner making waves in china. >> here's what facing foggy morning commute with some damp spot in the drizzle. when you se
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>> high tech industry is growing quickly. but the number of computer scientist graduating from college isn't keeping up with the demand. that's why coding boot camp starts spring up all over the country. fast track programs are designed to turn beginners into computer programmers in just a few months. most of the students are men but tonight we take you to a bay area school teaching coding for women only. >> about so if chechnya the academy in san francisco and throw away the stereo type about who wants to write computer code. >> i was a full time mom at home. i was a 3d artist. also
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information elementary school teacher. i graduated last year but haven't found a career path. >>reporter: all the women want to be software engineers. field in which 80 percent of the work force is male. a lot of high tech company now actively recruiting female engineers with the realization if you market to women, it's probably a good idea to have women help scene your product. that's why this academy was created. it offers a 10 week intensive course to teach women how to write code and develop software. >> i really like that it was all female it seemed like a really supportive community because i think it can be really scary to learn something new especially after working for awhile. if. >>reporter: this group of 40 students just starting the program. all have college degree. most have very also experience with computer science. >> you want to run this. >>reporter: ashley was in the first class 2 and half years ago when the found we are still trying to figure out whether
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whole concept would work. >> boot camp model take the 8 to continue week if you commit the energy to that period you'll be able to catch one people who have had years of training and experience and that's a question mark. definitely not for everyone. but for mit worked out well. >> ashley now a software engineer with the ride sharing company lift this is the thing that has hooked me up. >> cat king another graduate now mentor for other students. went from nanny to computer programmer at event bright. on license ticketing service. a lot of women don't realize software development is fun. >> this is really creative field that it is highly technical. but there's a lot of room for play and the language and creativity of it. >> also pays well. >> graduate who goes into an engineering position cap expect to make any where from 75,000 to upwards of 1 way to,000. no
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guarantee of that but the odds are fairly decent. >>reporter: that kind of potential is why students are willing to pay 15,000 dollars in tuition for justin weeks. hack bright is not app accredited school. no financial aid but scholarship and payment options available. admission is competitive. and former students told us it's only worth the money if you are ready to work hard. >> even though it feels really risky i think it's worth it. if you are committed to bust dshs putting the tim the and effort in fight partnership with several major tech company to help graduate find job and so did many other coding boot camp but considering this kind of program do the hope work. aren't all the same an quality of the instruction varies widely. talk to lump 98 and find out if and where they got jobs. >> look at this passenger suffered only bump an pwrawss
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miraculously when the propeller of the air canada plane she was on ripped free and flies rate in the cabin. happened last week during emergency landing in edmonton enter until airpor airport. prop struck the woman in the head knocked her glasses off and she was dazed as you can immanuel. but other which is not too badly hurt. investigation is under way no one else injured. >> didn't take long for president obama to raise some eyebrow during an international economic summit in beijing. it happened the moment he arrived. take a look enough. he's chewing gum as he walk from his the car to the summit. it erupted into a huge topic for internet users in china as saw it as impolite. nation has gone all out to make this a proper formal event. chain he's government even launched campaign to help people in beijing behave as civilize as manner as they possibly can. didn't like the gum chewing. >> i guess not. >> well time to turn to our weather that is changing. >> it is. sandhya is here with
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the forecast. >> hi dan and am machlt you remember the fog this morning. stwos hard to see visibility was very poor. right now visibility is not as par as last night. marine layer deep ep close to 3000 feet which is why live doppler 7hd is tracking leclouds and fog with visibility fluctuating between 6 and 9 miles. also tracking the snow across much of the rockies. preponderance plains out to the midwest. arctic chill moved n.storm warning up for parts of the renal. winter weather advisory colored in purple her here. so if you have travel plans take a look at these temperatures. degree. at great falls right now. it's frim id. 13 in denver. 20 in fargo. expecting the cold blast of arctic air to tip to plunge south ward going into friday morning sought arctic chill settles in and so this is going to impact a good part of the country. want to pack accordingly if you are traveling for business or for
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pleasure from our exploratorium camera stay here con tend with fog. temperatures right now all in the 50's except oakland at 60 degrees and here's our view also a very foggy one from our emeryville camera. temperatures right now mid to upper 50's. as we step outside and show you one other life picture from the kgo rav camera. low cloud fog for the morning commute. a little drizzle at items as well. cooler tomorrow afternoon. we look at rain wed nature going into thursday morning. dry pat he were friday saturday but don't get too used to it. another storm behind. that fog spotty drizzle for the commute means wiper weather. slow going. so allow that extra tame for the morning drive. temperatures will again in the mid 40's to mid 50's because you might need a lit sweater or jacket and if you are heading to the coast in the afternoon you have the day off or work an early shift watch out. along the coast the same storm bringing the chill to much of the country will be picking up the swell. this covers the
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entire coast tuesday afternoon through thursday afternoon and there is an increase risk of rip current sneaker wave particularly west north west facing beaches. when you look at the satellite picture cold front coming toward us that brings us rain beginning wednesday evening when you look at the projection here. 5:00 p.m. wednesday start of the evening commute still just cloud cover around but by 7:00 p.m. rain line moving that the north bay. also pushing in toward san francisco san mateo coast and over tonight hours going in thursday morning we are looking at parts of your commute west. east bay peninsula south bay rainfall projection through thursday morning. look like this. really looking at the highest total in the north bay mountains. half inch to inch. most lower elevation about 10 to the 4 tenths of an inch and translate in mix of written and snow for the tahoe area. another storm come like i said. tomorrow afternoon. cooler day upper 50's to the upper 60's. some fog linger at the coast. cloud cover coming in
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ahead of the storm. veterans day. accu-weather 7 day forecast rain wed tonight going into thursday morning we get short brick for few day slight chance of showers sunday morning. better opportunity for seeing umbrella weather going that monday. >> well take any umbrella weather we can get. >> not mainly. >> not at this point but we will be watching that monday storm careful life because that one does look a little juice year. stay tune. >> thank you sandhya. >> all right. mike is in for larry tonight. 49ers pulled it off. >> i know. financially. good thing. wasn't easy. 49ers have been tell depleted with injuries. chris has many tackle in two games most have in half a season. the coa
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a. >> 49ers season saving win yesterday in the big easy. but it was anything but. if 49er defense next man up mentality different depended for rookie linebacker chris. he replaced injured patrick past 2 games. 18 tackle against the ram at 17 more against the saints. oh, yes. he recovered the drew brees fumble in overtime to end in the game winningfeld goal. 77 over all pick the height 5 if the 11 was question mark with two 50 pounder know house to play the game. fits the blue clear work ethic the coach loves. >> you watch it in the practice and game he's a in the night. he is going to get under somebody. get around somebody. plays the game. men a lot to
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him. you can -- he cares. you can see that by the way he plays. doing outstanding job. >> now with all the injuries smith return couldn't come at better time. 49er linebacker is back to practice this week after serving 9 games suspension for violenting nfl personal conduct policy. he's eligible to practice and play this week against the giants. coach harbaugh is excited about his return. >> look forward to moving forward and if in a fresh clean slaitd. that's what i anticipate and look forward to it. excited to have him back and playing football. if with the team. if that's where if the hope lies right notch he will my 15 or 20 play against the giants. final time out before we check in on monday night football. sanchez rebooted career with the eagle
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finds the jets. score on offense special team an defense. broaderly fletcher. pick off naught on. nothing but green in front of him. 34 yard to pay dirt. fv hadn't started the game in 23 months. 2 32 yards. 2 td tonight. mvt you for the 18 yard score. 4 45-41 improving 7-2. still top the nfc east. second in a week. golden state warrior won the conference player of the week. curry average 30 points. 6 rebound 3 games also average league and 3 steals a game first contrary weekly honor. player of the month twice before. thompson went player of the week last weak. the mainly league baby hardware today fears up. rookie of the year. honor given to chicago white sox fears baseman jose. cuban barry bonds. 36 homers. 107 rbi and received all 30,
1:36 am
first place votes. finish the season strong ending the year with a record and 1 frer strike out in 140 innings. second baseman panic finished in sixth police. this is 7 sports report brought to you by ebay and warriors take on san antonio why tomorrow tonight at oracle. >> thanks. >> abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter face back and all the mobile device with the abc 7 news app. my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because it was too expensive. as a professional dancer, i tend to beat up my body a lot, and having health insurance is a priority for me. it's a relief to be able to keep the same doctor. i was born with a back condition that required surgery. i'm paying a fraction of what i used to pay. even with my back issues, i'm able to afford health insurance. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. for the first time ever. over one million people found health insurance through covered california. join them starting november 15th.
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