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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  November 16, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 16th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. we have increasing high clouds and high level moisture. you can see it offshore here. it is bumping into some very, very dry wear with the relative humidity already below 30% in some spots. here are the high spots from mt. tam. upper 50s and breezy winds on the coast. upper elevation winds as well,
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gusting to near 30 miles an hour. we will look for a sunny day today in parts. we will see high clouds streaming through, and at times some sunny breaks. but this will allow still enough sunlight and with the dryer air in place, temperatures still in the 60s and 70s. dewpoints have dropped into the upper 20s. that means a a frosty night tonight and a couple chances of rain all throughout the week and into next weekend. details coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. in developing news this morning, u.s. intelligence officials are working to determine the authenticity of a video. it appears to show the beheading of american aid worker peter kassig by isis. the video surfaced just hours ago. abc news chief investigator correspondence brian ross has the latest. >> kassig, who served in the u.s. army in iraq, went to sierra as an aid worker. profiled in this medical clinic by cnn. >> we have one life and that's it. you get one shot at this.
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>> he converted to islam and changed his name from peter to abdul rahman. his parents pleaded for his son to be set free. >> we implore for those holding you to show mercy and use their power to let you go. >> islamic groups around the world joined in and even al-qaeda called for his release but there was no mercy. and this morning's video, posted on a known isis site, featured the proposed executioner appearing to be with kassig's head at his feet e said we are burying the first. waiting for your armies to arrive. if confirmed, he's the third to be murdered by isis. in a letter he wrote this to his parents, "if i do die, i figure that at least you and i can seek retch fudge and comfort in knowing that i went out as a
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result of trying alleviate suffering and helping those in need." brian ross, abc news, new york. >> this morning they are speaking out about the new video, apparently showing the beheading of peter kassig. matt olson, the former director of the national counterterrorism center spoke with martha raditz on "this week." he said there are a number of factors that make the newist video released by isis different than previous one. >> the biggest difference, martha, is that we don't have what appears to be peter kassig speaking on the tape. and he's not shown alive as the other hostages who were executed. >> what does that tell? >> it's hard to say right now. it's possible that he wouldn't cooperate and speak on the video. but again, at this point right now what is happening inside the government is that analysts in the intelligence community are looking very closely at the tape to determine when it's authentic and to really exam every detail.
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>> olson said it's not clear when the the tape was made. he also said the speaker is heard threatening american personnel, particularly troops and people on the street. we have breaking news this morning out of napa county where a woman has died following a hit-and-run accident. it happened just before 5:00 this morning on northbound state highway 29 near the old wally toll road north of calistoga. a woman was taken to the hospital where she died. no word on her identity or the circumstances leading up to the accident. highway 29 is now closed in both directions between tubs lane and robert lewis stevenson state park while police investigate. san francisco police are investigating a deadly stabbing in the tenderloin neighborhood. officers say a man was stabbed in the chest at larkin and o 'farrell streets last night. they found him lying on the sidewalk. an ambulance took the victim to
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san francisco general hospital. he died minutes later. police do not have a description of the suspect. this morning a woman is in the hospitals with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a truck in san francisco's petreo hill. she was in a crosswalk at 25th and utah streets yesterday when she was hit by the truck turning left. police have not said if they have arrested or cited the driver. walnut creek police are looking for the driver involved in the hit-and-run of a pedestrian. authorities say the man was walking at the intersection of walnut avenue and hutchinson road when he was struck by a dark colored s.u.v. around 6:45 last night. driver then took off. victim is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a new report released by the fbi finds oakland tops the nation in the number of robberies. according to our media partner, the oakland tribune, oakland had
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nearly 5,000 robberies last year. that compares to nearly 1100 robberies in san jose, 4200 in san francisco, two bay area cities with more than double oakland's population. authorities say oakland's previous high was back in 1992 when it had 4600 robberies. some air travelers in the bay area hit a bump in the road this weekend when they found out super shuttle was not in service at any of the three airports. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the story from sfo. >> that's what she thought about her ride minutes after landing at sfo from seattle and she just received this confirmation text from super shuttle just moments before. >> it says welcome to sfo. proceed to upper level outside to middle curb. >> when she called super shuttle.
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>> i am a little frustrated. they said they would give me a refund and there was no explanation after that and told me i would have to find another form of transportation. a computer outage wiped out all reservations servicing sfo, oakland, and mineta san jose international. it happened overnight and no one knows when it will be fixed. this driver, who does not work tore super shuttle, has a different explanation. >> the drivers got together and decided to have a sickout or strike, and from what i understand it will be for two days. >> this man planned to work for super shuttle e said frustrated by a new rate increase all contract drivers have to play. but he admits with super shuttle temporarily out of the way, independents like him are moving in. >> it should be a good day for most of the drivers. >> the ones not happy and downright angry are the weary travelers. >> i have to wait in the 30 to 60 minutes to get to my location. >> you don't want to wait. so i think the company going to
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have to step up or people will go elsewhere. >> strangely, i did see two super shuttle drivers working. neither would comment. at san francisco international, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> a warning this morning for residents living in san mateo county after a mountain lion was spotted west of redwood city. the cat was seen around 7:30 last night near emerald lake hills. area is near edgewood park, about a mile east of i-280. officials are reminding residents do not approach mountain lions and to avoid hiking or jogging in habitat areas around dawn and dusk. >> lisa argen here now talking about a possible changing weather situation. >> yeah, that's right. we are getting pretty excited about it here in the weather department. right now we have plenty of clouds around from our exploratorium camera. 57 downtown, 59 at the airport. what's going on? we have dry air moving in and some of those winds have brought some of you up to some mild
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readings. but wait until tonight. we are talking frosty, and then rain to talk about. it's all straight ahead. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, more problems with water service in napa and its continued fall-out from the august earthquake. and a beautiful bounty of crabs come in under new regulation. how those rules are affecting opening weekend of crab seaso silent night not so silent? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress-just $1499.98. ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> police in concord have arrested a teacher of inappropriately touching a 16-year-old boy. he is accused of touching the teen over his clothing back in september. the davis enterprise reports o'brien was mentoring the boy. right now o'brien is on unpaid leave from his teaching job. the davis school district is taking steps to fire him. >> hundreds of people marched through san francisco yesterday demanding answers from mexico's government after 43 missing students were murdered. a coalition of groups acuses mexican president of doing nothing to stem a wave of murders. the 43 students, including one
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whose family lives in san jose, vanished after clashing with police seven weeks ago. mexico's government recently announced that they had been killed. yesterday's protest in san francisco comes after classmates of the murdered students rallied in mexico. a mexican mayor and his wife both face charges of ordering those murders. >> the city of napa has had nearly 190 broken waterpipes since the earthquake. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana shows us how water problems are affecting people in the city. >> as crews prepare for the water main break at browns valley road, they warn people they will be affected until at least until next friday. >> have you noticed the water pressure? >> absolutely. >> how much? >> quite bit. >> here they watered their front
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yard plants. what should be a high-pressure geyser is much less powerful. they showed us a lower-flow kitchen sink than they are used to but it was better than recently. >> the other night we thought someone else had the water on somewhere because it was so low and we were trying do the dishes. >> friday a second water main sprung a leak miles away near highway 12 and highway 29. that after an earlier one had just been repaired. the water issues are related to this summer's 6.0 earthquake. residents are used to dealing with an assortment of water problems since that tumbler. >> they turn off our water for a couple hours until they fix it in my neighborhood. >> downtown napa was hit hard by the quake. this man said his water main broke two days ago. city crews responded fast. they already fixed that problem. this water main is proving to be
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a little more difficult. signs set up throughout the neighborhood now have extended dates for this repair to be finished. >> they were only supposed to take until friday. then i saw some. >> changing the dates on them yesterday. >> residents in the area are being asked to cutback on their water use, especially at peak morning and evening hours. in napa, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> open enrollment started yesterday for coverage california. the city of milbrae hosted a sign-up fair. state officials hope more will sign up for insurance under the affordable care act or obamacare. covered california provides insurance for people who can't obtain it through their employer. >> san mateo county has had tremendous success with enrolling its residents, but there are still plenty of people who haven't taken it up with the new health insurance opportunity. it transforms people's lives and the more people we can sign up, the stronger and healthier our community will be.
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>> state officials hope to enroll 1.7 million this year. about a million enrolled this time one year ago. the jack london terminal in oakland is closed all weekend. workers are putting in a new gangway. the walkway will have a new security gate and an awning. this is the second phase of a new $3 million renovation project at the terminal. passengers can use the almeda terminal during construction. the jack london square terminal will reopen in time for the tomorrow morning commute. today marks the one year anniversary of the opening of the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. the borland is a two-lane addition designed to ease traffic congestion for drivers going between alameda and contra costa counties during commute hours. since it has opened drivers have shaved off between 10 to 15 minutes of their traveling time. the fourth bore is expected to landscaped next year. >> well, healthy and hard-she
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would. if the rest of crab season is anything like yesterday's opening day, fishermen and consumers should be happy for weeks to come. cornell barnard has more from the start of crab season from pier45 in san francisco. >> the first boat is back from pier 45, and look what they caught. almost 4,000 pounds of plump, healthy crustations. >> fishing is excellent. the crabs are beautiful. >> bobby and hundreds of other crabbers have been chasing crustations since thursday when many began setting crab pots beyond the golden gate. but where exactly in nobody is saying. >> it's a secret. >> just tell me. >> huh-uh. i wouldn't even tell my mother. >> i think they look great. they are hard-shelled and seem to be full. max had 40,000 pounds of crabs for his distributor, albert
9:19 am
seafood. >> thank god we got started on time and the crabs coming in and everything is beautiful. >> larry collins is president of the crab boat owners association. he reports little drama with this year's crab price negotiations, $3 a pound, same as last year. but in 2013 a price dispute delayed it for two weeks. >> crabbers want more and the fish buyers want to pay less every year. it's just human nature. every year we do the dance. >> for some of these crabs the journey has really only just begun. not only in the bay area but all around the world. these crabs are soon headed to tables in china. the abundance of crabs seems to be happening despite new crab pot limits by the state. 175 to 500 per boat. after a long 48 hours at sea the
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quest for more crabs begins again sunday. at least for bobby. but for now, at least, we are happy, my wife is going to be happy, my daughter. just kind of tired. >> crab season runs through next june. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> we are all getting hungry up here now. a little bit of crab. >> that. you know what? we are looking at a pretty good seven-day outlook in terms of some rainfall. you probably heard it before, but we will try again. how is that? live doppler 7hd showing some green on the screen. but this is just moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere pushing into some very, very try air. it's going to take several days for us to have the incoming first weather system. as for today, we have some mild temperatures, some cooler spots, and a lot of high clouds, which are pushing in and will stay with us throughout the day today. but we have an offshore flow and that will keep temperatures in the 60s, and 70 today. mild weather for the next few days. 56 san jose, 52 in morgan hill. it's 57 downtown.
9:21 am
and we have a north wind at the coast. that has aloud not only the temperatures there to climb, but the dewpoints to really slack off and also the air to really dry out. relative humidity is dropping this morning. 57 in napa, 54 in fairfield. napa has a due point of 29. it's going to be a cold night in the valleys. not so cold at the coast. and then by tomorrow another wind shift. but right now look at the arrows. they are all coming out of the east and the north. that is indicative of an offshore flow, compliments of a trough that has settled into the sierra nevada, bringing chili conditions there. it was 14 in truckee this morning. frosty tonight in the valleys. then rain arrives tuesday night into wednesday. another system behind that one. so as we look at our radar and satellite composite you can see all the cloudiness. but we have high pressure keeping the clouds and the moisture from heading our way. but it's really more of the
9:22 am
offshore flow, the dry atmosphere that will bring another mild afternoon. then we will see temperatures still mild tomorrow as winds switch to a southerly component. and then we will see the ridge break down and get some rain in here. our water vapor imagery shows the activity in the pacific. the first system into wednesday and then a break on thursday. looks like another system friday into saturday. so for a pretty unsettled pattern. we isn't seen that in quite some time. here's the aour computer animation plays it out for you late tuesday into wednesday. notice by 10:00, 11:00 at night you see marin county, sonoma looking at wet weather. look at what is offshore. more rain head into the north bay. looks promising right now for upwards of a half in top inch in the north bay. we have to keep our fingers crossed. statewide looking at the gusty winds northern sierra, red flag warnings southern sierra and into los angeles some dangerous winds." looking at very, very dry air.
9:23 am
so tonight it will be chilly, even freezing in southern california. some of the valleys there, as well. 68 in fremont with 64 today at the coast, with the high clouds. 67 in richmond and then tonight we are looking pretty frosty around the north bay valleys, east bay valleys. but the coast should stay mild. accuweather seven-day forecast shows temperatures then staying into the low 70s in our inland valleys and even the upper 60s at the coast. but the nights will be chilly. here comes the rain on wednesday. a break on thursday. looks like more rain friday and saturday. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. it's following live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, vein ortiz shine, individual year forecasts, spare the air alerts, power weather outages and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. we have to ponder that before the thanksgiving forecast. >> you know i was going to ask about that. thanks, lisa. up next, the new creation that's
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supposed to be delisc. what a
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eric thomas takes us underground to show us the backup of disposal wipes creating a nationwide mess. it is a dirty job, costing you millions of dollars to clean up. >> as you see they don't break down by the time they come to a plant so now we have to treat them as trash. >> and you would not believe what we saw. the dirty truth about disposable wipes tomorrow night on abc7 news at 11:00. a big food trend has entered uncharted territory. check out the ramen doughnut. it's called the ram-nut. 21-year-old ucla student josh came up with this and posted these pictures. he said he wants to do things of that have never been done before. he offers a recipe on his blog while there are not very many reviews out about it yet, one says it tastes really good. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news.
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new audio and video give the first glimpses of the hours after the controversial police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old in missouri. how michael brown's family is reacting this morning. also the science of sharing. how a new exploratorium exhibit can help you learn about yourself.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. second half of the weekend shaping up like this with high clouds and mild temperatures to start. 57 downtown, as well as oakland with 59 at the coast. compliments of some strong north winds in the higher elevations really drying out the atmosphere, allowing for low relative humidity, low dewpoints. a chilly night tonight but we will have a mild afternoon today. also into tomorrow and tuesday. upper 60s to near 70s inland. then the ridge breaks down and we have a series of wet weather systems headed our way. carolyn >> lisa, thank you. an extremely sick surgeon continues it receive treatment in nebraska after contracting ebola in his native sierra leone. the doctor arrived in the u.s. yesterday. he is the third person to be treated in omaha for the deadly
9:32 am
virus. his medical team believes he might be sicker than other ebola patients brought to the u.s. he first tested negative for ebola after he developed symptoms of the disease, and he then tested positive. >> . >> turning now to the new information from missouri. new video has been released of the officer involved in the shooting death of an 18-year-old man in ferguson, missouri. tensions are mounting as the grand jury comes close to deciding if it will indict the officer. they wait to see if wilson will be charged. john has the latest. >> this morning the family of michael brown responding to this newly-released evidence, sag it seems to conflict with what police say transpired the day the unarmed person was shot to death by the police officer. >> they try to justify killing the unarmed teenager in broad
9:33 am
daylight. >> wilson claims self-defense that he was attacked by brown. and they say there were visible injuries. >> his face was swollen. he obviously had been hit or punched for something like that. >> but brown's family says wilson appears to be unharmed here on videos obtained. shows wilson leaving the emergency son police department two hours after the shooting. >> lack of injuries on the officer's face demonstrates that they exaggerate his injuries. >> department officials declined to comment on the items released after an open records request, which included audio of wilson's radio traffic just before the shooting. the brown family's attorney said the recordings show no connection between officers searching for a robbery suspect. >> a black male in a white t-shirt. he's running toward quick trip. >> and wilson, unit 21, first reported coming across brown and a friend. >> 21, puts me on canfield.
9:34 am
>> the initial action between the police officer and michael brown, had nothing to do with the incident at the convenience store. >> moments after that initial confrontation, something happened. wilson firing his weapon, killing brown. >> all units over here. there's going to be a problem. >> abc news, new york. >> this morning after 8 days abroad in asia attending four international summits in three countries, president obama is on his way home to washington. the president walked quickly across the tarmac, stopping at the bottom of the stairs to pose for a picture with air force brass before departing for australia this morning. he's going arrive back tonight after spending roughly 17 hours in the air. he just took off from hawaii after making a quick stop there to refuel. under pressure to jolt the lethargic world economy back to life, the leaders of the g-20
9:35 am
nations close out their summit by finalizing a plan to boost the global gdp by more than $2 trillion over five years. leaders agreed the plan for jump-starting growth includes freer trade and more investment in infrastructure. australian prime minister tony abbott said the growth plans will add millions of jobs over the next five years. going to a museum usually means you are learning about history. but in the latest exhibit at the exploratorium in san francisco, you can learn about yourself. abc7 news reporter layla checks it out. >> what do you see when you look in the mirror? are you generous, trustworthy, a freeloader? >> i can be trusted. sometimes. >> you can't be trusted? [laughter] >> do you trust other people. >> whether you come alone or with a friend, these are the questions of the scientists behind the exploratorium new exhibit and what they hope folks
9:36 am
will be asking themselves. it may seem like fun and games, but as i fund out myself. >> you can catch as many or few as you like, and so can i, and so can anybody else who uses the pictures. the more they fish, the more they are likely to damage or destroy the fish population. >> there's a real science behind how each one were us deals with dilemmas. >> years of studying about how humors react, how we perceive social situations and this is designed to let people experiment with. >> like chemistry and physics, there's also science behind human behavior and thoughts. the science of sharing, trust, cooperation, turns it it into fun learning experiences. a classic scenario is the prisoners dilemma that pits visitors against each other. >> we have a version of that called trust fountain. i can choose to give you a i can choose to give you a sip or squirt you in the face and we
9:37 am
both choose. did i want to be kind? if i'm kind i'm leaving you open to you squirting me. >> all this has had a positive effect on this ten-year-old. >> i think i'm more trustworthy now because i'm learning to do more stuff so i think i'm getting more mature while doing it. >> mission accomplished. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> happening today, there will be a holiday food drive to benefit those in need. the bounce farm play center in martinez will hold the all-day food drive. benefiting the food bank of solano and contra costa counties, they are accepting nonperishable food items and offering a 25% discount on admission to the center. the food drive runs from ten to five at the bounce farm on arthur road. we invite you to give where you live. you can just text word "feed" to the number 80077 to make a $10 donation.
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still ahead, a historic look at san mateo county. one bay area man's story through a lens and thousands of photo negatives. and here is a live look from our sutro cam. get ready, here we go, with rain on the way this week! lisa argen will have your forecast in
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good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! >> at&t has ended a controversial program that aloud it to track the online activity
9:41 am
of smartphone users. the company used so-called super cookies to add a hidden tracking number into all the web traffic on a cell phone. the code creates a data mining opportunity for the company and advertisers. the practice became public late last month. it was reported that at&t has now ended that practice. verizon wireless said it still uses this type of tracking. there's no evidence that sprint and t-mobile use so-called super cookies. >> spotify could hook up with uber as early as tomorrow. they will be able to blast their music on the car's speakers. they have left a couple clues. there will be a first of its kind partnership event tomorrow morning. what would you blast, lisa? >> we just heard usher. i like usher. >> i would do a little
9:42 am
blige. >> we could go on and on. we have another little friend in the house this morning. this guy from our exploratorium camera. >> he's way down, there but i see him. >> upper 60s. i hope he will behave himself. upper 06ths in san francisco. and very, very dry air so we couldn't be further from what we need right now in terms of moisture. but, hey, it's all going to change. stay tuned and i will explain it when we see that interesting seven-day outlook ahead. >> we can sing happy tune about that. also ahead, stanford needed a win against utah to become bowl eligible, but fell short. mike shumann has the highlights and reaction coming up in
9:43 am
right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin
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>> in san mateo county the historic association has received a valuable, timeless donation. 250,000 photographic negatives. as wayne friedman reports, they come from one man and tell a complex story. >> this was up in the daly city area. >> reporter: some of us have visual memories. in san mateo county, here's a man whose photos will be filling in more than a few blanks. >> it's not extraordinary that they were taken, it's extraordinary they were kept. >> norton pearl in 1948, norton pearl now. if anyone has seen and documented changes in san mateo county, it would be this man, who spent most of his life here as a commercial photographer. >> i think it's the only way we really get to know who we were.
9:46 am
>> his remarkable gift of images to the san mateo county historical association cuts to the essence of that. >> it's a daunting collection. 65 boxes. >> 250,000 individual negatives and the historical association has to go through every single one of them. >> well, when i saw all the boxes come the first day, i said, holy toledo. >> more like holy peninsula or snowy one in this case. mr. pearl's photographs capture pretty much every notable event in this county for 60 plus years. here's sfo in the good old days. and new sfo still in the good old days of the early 1960s. >> i had five minutes to do this picture because one of the planes was going out on schedule and they weren't going to hold the schedule. >> the photo shows how people change too. scenes outside a movie theater. clean-cut, almost adult-looking eighth graders at a dance. celebrities, and even politicians up-close and
9:47 am
personal without security. truman campaigning from a train. there's dwight eisenhower getting off air force one. >> where's the secret service >> probably behind me because i didn't want them it block the view. >> they are pictures of a time capsule. >> remember when service stations had attendants? >> check the tires, check the oil. but you had to tell them not to if you were in a hurry. >> sounds like oregon. >> you are right. >> and not long ago it was us. yes, changes happened and sometimes by accident. they become historic. in redwood city, wayne friedman, abc7 news. >> well, we've had some beautiful pictures from our weather cameras this morning. >> oh, yeah, and the viewers have been sending them in as well. very pretty sky with the morning light. right now we are pretty overcast out there. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. before you get too excited about the green, it is pushing into extremely dry air. so we won't see any rain associated with this. we've got high pressure in control. but there is a couple weather
9:48 am
systems on the way. and the first one is going to take several days to break down this ridge. here's the view from mt. tam where it is pretty cloudy here. but with those north winds and northeasterly winds we have warmed up at the coast. and in san francisco and oakland we are in the upper 50s. mountain view 57. 56 in san jose with half moon bay 59 degrees. you've had a north, northeast wind all morning long. and usually the relative humidity is at the highest in the morning hours. then we dry out. but we are already down to 27% in livermore. so that gives you an idea of how dry it is out there. emeryville this morning, cloudy with 57 in napa. and with the strong north wind, yeah, pretty mild up there for a usually very chilly spot. down the road we saw 30s around here. 54 fairfield, 58 livermore, and that will be the case again tonight where some overnight lows will be quite frosty in the valleys. and others will be actually kind
9:49 am
of mild. so here's a look at our hilltop winds right now. up to 27 mile-an-hour gusts for the oakland hills. you can see all out of that offshore direction. so from our exploratorium camera we are looking at sun and high clouds today so the frosty night tonight in the valley and the rain arrives tuesday night into wednesday. here's what is going on. a cold trough dropped into the sierra nevada. that increased the pressure gradient. that cooler air and high pressure, strong surface high pressure building in behind it allowing for the offshore flow today. you see the moisture there. but just high clouds high and the dewpoints translating in into cold overnight lows. the water vapor imagery tells us what is out in the pacific. as the ridge breaks down with the first system tuesday night into wednesday, we are looking at another one behind it. we will get a little bit of a break into thursday. then we will look for more wet
9:50 am
weather coming our way friday and saturday. here's the timing. tuesday night we are dry. the evening commute no problems. but by the overnight hours here comes the rain from mendocino county, marin county. and then look what happens. offshore, shore:00, looks like we have heavy ryan here. witness day morning commute could be quite interesting, lasting through wednesday evening with lighter showers. stopping damaging winds for southern sierra and high fire danger. 67 san jose. so we are going from extremely dry conditions to the ridge breaking down, mild temperatures, and then the wet weather on wednesday, a break thursday, and the next system friday, hopefully into next weekend. we haven't seen that in quite some time. >> a long time. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. another big day of football for bogey the 49ers and the raiders in just a few minutes at 10:00 a.m. the niners battle the
9:51 am
new york giants at met life stadium. this afternoon the raiders face the chargers, still looking for that first win of the season. kickoff at 1:05 at qualcomm stadium. big game between stanford and cal is next weekend. check off at 1:00 p.m. at memorial stadium. yesterday the cardinals had a chance to become bowl eligible with a win over utah. could they do it? here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. well, stanford is having one of their toughest seasons under david shaw. cardinals coming off a bye week. stanford 5-5. 3-3 in pac-12 play. the cardinals needed one more win to become bowl eligible between outage info, cal and uca. senior day down on the farm. final game for ty montgomery. taking on utah. the opening possession. play action fake. the touch to ward. three yards for the touchdown. 7-0 cardinals. after the turnover.
9:52 am
travis wilson puts his head down and scores from the 2. 7-7 game and that was the score at halftime. stayed that way until overtime. utah gets it first. olson to clay, nice catch. 14-7, utes. stanford needs to answer with a touchdown to extend the game. hogan off the play action again. >> throws back across the field to austin, who threw for 14 yards, game tied. stanford made it 17-14 in the second overtime. field goal to tie, touchdown to win. burns to carter on the slant. stanford loses 20-17 in double overtime, falling to 5-5. >> at the end of the game we had a chance to come down in and win the game. we had penalties. holding penalties, a personal foul penalty, which we never get personal foul penalties. and we just missed those opportunities. even late in the game at the end of regulation we had a chance to make a big play and we don't pull the ball down. all those opportunities are opportunities to win a close game against a very good opponent and we did not take advantage of the opportunities. >> warriors and hornets. steph curry showing off their new slate-colored uniforms.
9:53 am
it's slate night. sort of gun-metal gray. the first quarter. bogus with the alley oop from steph. wash years up 7 in the second. beats him off the dribble for the lay-up. that was about it for charlotte. next possession, klay thompson slices and dices. finger roll. pretty. klay leading the way with 21. steph goes old school. stops, drops the 3. 19 points. 9 assists. harrison barns playing well. good ball movement. barns knocks down the open three. warriors now up 21. andre iguodala, running the break. drops it to speights for the bucket and one. speights in double figures with 13. who else, steph at the buzzer, flash. hornets all over the warriors winning 112-87. sharks and blue jackets. the columbus goalie was stellar. first period stops joe thornton and the rebound. over five minutes left in the first. sharks skating around in their own zone.
9:54 am
david savard one times it. 1-0 columbus. they add to their lead in the second. on the power play. jack johnson feeds cam atkinson for his 7th of the year, 2-0. joe pavelski cuts the lead in half with under a minute to play in the second. top shelf. 2-1 after 40 minutes. late in the third sharks had a four-minute man advantage. but the goalie didn't let anything by him. marc-edouard wards blasted a shot. he had 36 saves. blue jackets win it. 2-1 the final. the 49ers taking on the giants and the chargers and the raiders and all the highlights tonight at 5:00. hope to see you then. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, why people are being encouraged to visit fast-food restaurants to eat burgers and fries today.
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french fry and burger lovers rejoice! today is national fast-food day. conveniently, it occurs right before the holidays when major fast-food chains are serving up their own specialty holiday treats. if you feel even remotely guilty swinging by a drive-through today -- lisa -- the pew research center finds 41% of americans eat at a fast-food restaurant at least once a week. >> i'm good. i told you that yesterday. >> yes. >> look tech window you probably noticed august the high clouds. if uv been out," it is mild. it will stay that way.
9:58 am
although it will be a much, much cooler for the night ahead. and the next couple nights. 68 in oakland, 67 san jose. here come the rain on wednesday. another chance friday, saturday. >> woo-hoo! all right. that will do it for us. thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great
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