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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 19, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good morning, america. snow emergency. the epic storm turning deadly, dropping more than 6 feet in some areas. the national guard sent in to rescue stranded motorists. >> we just hope to be out of there as soon as possible. an entire college basketball team trapped on a bus overnight. this woman in labor carried to the hospital to give birth. freezing temperatures in all 50 states. another blast of cold and snow on the way. new this morning, the government calling for a massive recall of the exploding air bags. officials calling them grenades. the company, fighting back. are millions more defective vehicles still on the road this morning? rescue at walmart. take a look at this. i wild chase after a man attacked a pregnant woman. how other shoppers came to the rescue and captured the suspect.
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♪ and the sexiest man alive revealed. and he is thoroughly gorgeous. how chris hemsworth dropped the hammer on hollywood and landed on top of the list, joining brad, george and matt. wait until you find out who else made it! and good morning, america. what are you doing throwing out the big tease right there. >> about the sexiest man alive. i was thinking there was someone wearing a checked shirt, who might know something about being on the list. >> oh, really? >> just saying. >> did you practice that surprised look? >> did i practice -- i don't pay attention to that stuff. i just walk around and try to be sexy. >> well, it works, apparently. >> and it works for michael strahan. and the relentless snow and cold, boy is it tough out there right now. we're getting pictures from all over the country. >> take a look at this, 5 feet
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of snow in 36 hours in upstate new york. that was so much weight it broke the door down. boom. as i said, shut the front door. >> that's right. and freezing all over the map right now. ginger tracking it with the extreme team. >> it is all about the numbers. because we have, right now, more than 60 inches of snow. that is five feet, everyone. 5, 6, 7 feet by the time we're done with this whole thing. we have more coming toward the end of the week. this has gone past impressive and watch the clock. over 36 hours, just terrorizing towns south of buffalo. right in the five mile stretch. our gio benitez is live this morning. oh, gio, even worse than yesterday. tell us about it. >> reporter: oh -- it is, ginger. good morning. you know, it's difficult. you have to forgive me, because it is tough to speak through this. but we are talking about a very dangerous storm here. six people have already lost their lives here. and if we just pulled out, you
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see the trucks, these are dumping the snow from all over the city. they are having a hard time just keeping up. the deadly winter storm wreaking havoc this morning. >> it's white everywhere. we aren't going anywhere for a while. >> reporter: turning highways into marking lots. a whiteout closing part of new york as thruway. emergency vehicles unable to move. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: even the niagara university women's basketball team, trapped in their team bus for 32 hours. >> hope to be out as soon as possible. >> reporter: the women on their way home from pittsburgh survived on granola bars, and turning snow into drinking water. >> we survived. >> reporter: in buffalo, new york, this ambulance stuck in the snow with a woman mid labor. ems carrying the patient six blocks to the hospital just in time. the baby, born healthy. while 50% of the country is
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covered in snow, the cold is everywhere, with one area in every state hitting below freezing temperatures. frozen streets in wisconsin causing accidents like this one. troopers already on scene, dealing with one crash when another loses control, slamming into the state trooper's squad. >> please, please, please be careful. and even if there's no snow on the street, it doesn't mean that there's not ice on the street. >> reporter: and so back here in buffalo, we are nowhere near the end just yet. residents are preparing for another two days of snow, ginger. >> yes. at least two days. and we are so grateful that you are okay. stay safe out there. we do want to take you to that forecast right now, though. another push of arctic air is going over the lakes. the lake temperatures still in the 40s in some places. that's why you get these heavy totals. very, very isolated. but look at this. in the next three days, just south of buffalo, an additional 1 to 2, possibly in some spots 3 feet. west michigan, northern
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michigan. and not just the snow. that cold. we are breaking records from new york down to florida. orlando in a windchill advisory. and temperatures in jacksonville slipped to 27. so those are the numbers this morning windchill-wise. it's not letting up. and yes, we have blasts two and three in the end of the week which i'll talk about in the nation's weather. >> two and three. all right, ginger, thank you so much. now we want to turn to that massive recall. millions of cars, potentially defective air bags. the government is calling for an expanded nationwide recall which could affect millions of drivers. david kerley is in washington with the very latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: the government is playing hardball with this japanese company, takata, not following the just-released recommendation to dramatically increase the recall of potentially dangerous air bags. this morning the government says millions more of those air bag inflaters which when they explode can potentially send shrapnel through the bag and into people need to be replaced. the national highway transportation safety
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administration calling for a nationwide recall. the maker, the japanese company takata so far unwilling to go along. >> that's one of the reasons why we are talking to all of you. i believe that everyone needs to understand that takata needs to act. >> reporter: this had been a limited recall for hot, humid areas. the moisture suspected of changing the chemical, making the explosions more powerful and fragmenting the metal canisters. but after an august incident in flk nic the g. north carolina, the government now wants takata to replace all affected driver side air bags in the country. takata says it is, quote, committed to addressing all safety issues promptly, but claims their tests outside the humid areas have not shown problems. the company also says its concerned that a national recall could potentially divert replacement air bags where they're needed, putting lives at risk. this morning they aren't even sure how many cars might be affected. but the expanded recall targets
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five carmakers, ford, honda, chrysler, mazda and bmw. mostly model years of 2008 and earlier. the announcement comes just days before a congressional hearing and after word that prosecutors are trying to determine if any laws have been broken. the government taking a tough stand. >> if we find we did not get timely information from takata, the department of transportation will take swift action. >> reporter: but this morning the officials aren't sure that the replacement bags will work properly or whether there are enough replacements for the millions of additional cars which are potentially carrying what some call grenades. the government says, if takata doesn't change its mind, regulators will demand that the recall of all driver's side air bags be implemented. move now to the battle over immigration. president obama poised to issue an executive order any day now, a move to provide protection from millions of undocumented immigrants. and one that critics are calling
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a power grab that will poison the well between any cooperation between the white house and congress. abc's jon karl is tracking all of the latest from the white house. good morning, jon. >> reporter: i'm told the president could issue the executive order as early as tomorrow. this would be a far-reaching action that could grant legal status to up to 5 million people in the united states now illegally. the biggest group to be affected would be undocumented immigrants who have children who are american citizens or who otherwise have legal status. >> the president has suggested in the past he doesn't have the kind of power to do this on his own. >> reporter: immigrant groups have been pushing him to do this for years. he has repeatedly said in some very colorful ways that he doesn't have power to do it. >> i'm the president of the united states. i'm not the emperor of the united states. my job is to execute laws that are passed. >> reporter: does the president stand by what he said last year, when he said, quote, i am not the emperor of the united states, my job is to execute laws that are passed.
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is that still operative? >> absolutely. >> reporter: not a king either. >> absolutely. >> reporter: but what has changed the president's view of what he can do legally when it comes to immigration. >> they say they have the legal bases for it. we'll see what happens the next couple days. thanks very much. and turn now to the latest from ferguson, missouri. tensions and police presence rising there this morning as a grand jury decision on officer darren wilson is expected any day. and missouri's governor is under fire for his decision to call up the national guard. steve osunsami has our story. >> i'm not preparing for war. i'm preparing for peace. >> reporter: missouri's governor, jay nixon, defending his reasons for declaring a state of emergency before the grand jury reaches a decision in the shooting death of michael brown. >> i have a responsibility to the state that we maintain and keep safety and protect property. >> reporter: families gave him an earful, saying the early police presence adds to the tension.
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>> we have national guards, we have homeland security, we have police departments from all over. that's not preparing for peace. >> reporter: the governor is calling up troops who were here in august after michael brown was killed when demonstrators fought with police and thieves used the protest as an excuse to steal. the racially charged case could be decided by grand jurors still meeting in private. they need 9 out of 12 votes to indict. the brown family lawyer says the process is unfair. are you expecting an indictment? >> historically, based on what you say, when you have the local prosecutor sitting in judgment of the local police. they normally don't indict. it's an inherent conflict of interest, and it's a system that gives all of the favor to the police officers, and there's nothing for the citizens. >> reporter: the prosecutor here, sensitive to that perception, is promising to open up the evidence for all to see if officer darren wilson is not charged.
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this morning, we're also hearing from police here, telling us that they are people, too and are worried for their safety and asking the prosecutor for a warning when the decision comes down. brown's family and his supporters are asking for the same. george. >> it could come any day. steve, thanks very much. let's talk to dan abrams about this right now. and steve talked about the transparency of the grand jury. it's unusual. one of the ways this is unusual grand jury. >> this is different than typical grand juries. typically a d.a. walks in and says here's a detective or two, this is the charge that we would like you to move forward with. in this case, they're calling in a whole lot of witnesses, and presenting evidence before the reports are done. so the authorities haven't prepared the reports. they're presenting it to the grand jury. they even called in certain defense witnesses. but remember, inherently, grand jury processes are different than a regular trial, right? you got the sense that's typically no defense attorney, there's no cross-examination of witnesses.
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as you heard there, it's only 9 out of 12. the whole process is much more casual. meaning the grand juriers can sit there and ask questions of the prosecutor. prosecutor responds. it's more like a classroom and less like a courtroom. but there is no question that this process has been a little bit different because it is so sensitive and the d.a. is trying to present a case that if there is no indictment, they can show the community, they can show the country, what was presented and say, look, it was them, not us. and ultimately it will hinge on the facts. was there a struggle over the gun. was michael brown rushing towards the officer or running away? >> absolutely. there still has to be -- the burden is still to demonstrate that there is probable cause. but much lower burden than proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case. >> thanks. now, let's go to amy with today's other top stories. good morning, everyone. we begin with new violence erupting overnight after the grisly terrorist attack in the
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synagogue in jerusalem. a fifth victim of the attack has now died as we learn more about the three american victims. abc's terry moran is there with the latest. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. jerusalem is on edge. nearly everyone, jew, muslim, christian, reeling from the atrocity that happened here. there is increased security and increased fear about what may happen next. this morning we arrived at this synagogue, a scene of horror yesterday, and found it once again bustling with prayer and study. this man comes here every day. he knew four of the victims. >> this is my life. i have to continue coming. >> reporter: now there is dread of more terror. violence has been escalating in jerusalem in recent weeks in a bitter dispute over the holy places. and overnight, new clashes between palestinians and israeli police. some palestinians have even
7:14 am
celebrated the sin doiynagogue . three of the dead were american-born. so the shock and grief stretched around the world. in brookline, massachusetts, they remembered them. >> how can such a thing happen in this world? how come nobody cares. >> reporter: one faint sign of hope, leaders of all faiths gathered here this morning to pray for peace, but almost no one expects those prayers to be answered any time soon. amy? >> all right. terry moran with the latest. thank you so much. and back at home, by a margin of one vote, the senate failed to authorize the keystone oil pipeline project. the pipeline which would run from canada to the gulf of mexico, touched off a fierce debate over jobs and the environment. republicans are waiting to take control of the senate in january to approve the project, and then it is up to president obama whether to veto it. one other big vote on capitol hill. the senate rejected a bill to restrict the nsa's bulk collection of phone records. the plan to rein in the spy agency's program has been strongly supported by the
7:15 am
president. nearly 40 people had to be rushed to the hospital after this chemical explosion at a waste treatment plant in california. the fumes forcing the evacuation of homes and businesses in a one mile radius. but no major injuries are reported. and a wild chase was caught on camera at a walmart in arkansas after a pregnant customer was attacked in the middle of the store. another woman saw people chasing the suspect. she ran after him as well. she caught up with the man just outside the front doors and tackled him to the ground. thanks to her heroic actions, he is now behind bars, accused of sexual assault. well, no heroic actions here. take a look at this video. it shows a customer in a cafe as a gang of more than 30 armed thugs came through the doors, forcing everyone to flee in a panic, but look at him. he stays cool, sipping his drink. many suspect he was in on the raid on maybe just had something in his drink. that's crazy. finally --
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>> the scene, wow. >> yep. i knew that was going to happen. finally, feeling sleepy this morning? hard to stay awake? this baby knows exactly what you're going through. just couldn't keep his eyes open while eating. dad recording every head bob. finally -- this is the best part -- he just gives in, and i'm done. i'm out. the camera goes out, he is completely asleep, mouth open and all. adorable. >> envying that sleep. >> so good. >> he might have a backache when he wakes up. >> poor thing. >> what do you have, michael? >> you know what? we may soon have to say good-bye to sick days, everybody. i know it hurts. robots are now taking place of students stuck at home, allowing them to go to school without ever leaving their bedroom. got to see this. >> what's the matter, farris? >> papa? >> honey, feel his hands. they're cold and clammy.
7:17 am
>> one of the worst performances of my career and they never doubted it for a second. >> reporter: it's the invention to make bueller wish he was in high school. this is jeffery, while physically at home, here he is scooting around his south huntington, new york, high school via this device. answering questions in class. >> jeffrey? >> reporter: even having lunch with his friends in the cafeteria. after emergency appendix surgery, he planned to miss at least a week of school. but lucky, or maybe not so lucky for him, his mom works for a company that has access to that high-tech solution. >> it was like he was at school. with all of the same stories, except he was being mobbed because now he is the most popular kid there. >> i missed a lot last week. but over the past few days, i definitely made up a lot. >> reporter: here he is controlling it from his bedroom. >> i can point, the blue line shows me where i'm going to go. >> reporter: the company that lent the device to jeffrey says the possibilities are endless. >> long-term this can help with students that are disabled,
7:18 am
people with physical handicaps. >> reporter: a tech trailblazer. >> bueller? bueller? >> reporter: that could be bad news for the ferris buellers of the world -- >> they bought it. >> reporter: -- who may no longer have an excuse to play hockey. >> it's tough coming up with new illnesses. >> i think every kid just said i might as well just get out of bed and go to school. >> might as well be there. >> i thought the screen where they put your face up -- >> your -- >> you're awake. >> unless you make a video of yourself and put it on a loop. >> that's a lot of work, lara. >> too much work. >> ginger, you have your pick of where to get snow pictures this morning. >> sure do. robots for snow days, maybe. maybe they could do that. >> for gio. >> come back, we'll put you out there virtually. how about this? this is west michigan. we didn't want to leave them out. more than 13 inches in a lot of places. backyards everywhere looking like this. and i wanted to also give you an idea of what is happening with
7:19 am
those temperatures. max, thank you. my clicker's slow today. more cold air, and it sticks. look. chicago going down to 29 on friday. the local weather forecast 30 seconds away, first the cities. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. ready for the wet weather? waves of showers and cooler today and a break tonight but another system will bring us a chance of rain and a thunderstorm tomorrow. saturday will be wet. sunday should be dry. temperatures in the upper 50's
7:20 am
to mid-60 today. tonight we have cloud cover and upper 40's to mid-50's. seven-day forecast is coolest tomorrow with the showers and remain thousands an and coming up on "gma," the latest on the shocking home invasion in utah. the man charged with snatching the young girl out of her bed now in court. plus "gma" on the lookout, a new warning about fake debt collectors, how you can avoid becoming a victim. and kitchen nightmare for celebrity chef, gordon ramsey. why he's accusing a rival chef of sabotage. and the sexiest man alive, next. ld? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so call your doctor right away. tamiflu treats the flu in people
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good morning, i'm eric thomas. a high school in south san jose is closed this morning while police try to talk a man -- an armed man out of a house nearby. just moments ago police lobbed two flash bang grenades inside a home near hayes avenue. that's right by oak grove high
7:25 am
school which is closed until the situation is resolved. officers say the man was seen last night standing on the street holding the child and a gun. let's get a check on the wednesday morning commute. >> we're starting in san jose here where it looks like 101 is pretty packed heading away from 880. 880 in the background, southbound traffic dry and pretty empty so your drive up to the san jose airport might be a little slow at this hour. as you travel through the east bay, westbound 80 right at pinole valley road in pinole, heavy traffic out of hercules. an accident there possibly blocking one lane. under some wet conditions so we still have drizzle falling in that area. eric. when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco and bay area rainy forecast.
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good morning. your commute just about everywhere is going to look like this. it's either raining or it has rained except for parts of the peninsula where it's been pretty dry. live doppler 7 hd showing the best radar concerns in eastern contra costa, alameda counties and just now moving into northern sonoma - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours.
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do me a favor, get out. get out! >> we know that gordon ramsey has a bit of a temper in the kitchen. but now he has reason to be angry. he's crying foul. accusing a rival chef of sabotaging the restaurant. if this is true, did it in a diabolical way. >> that's not a guy you want to cross. ing into story. and also ahead, "gma" on the lookout. debt collecting scams. thousands of americans are being victimized by illegal schemes and what you can do to avoid the fakes. and a new warning about rice. significant levels of arsenic. dr. besser will be here to tell us can which types are safe and
7:31 am
how you could adjust your diet. >> good information. we begin with the 5-year-old utah girl saved by her stepfather after she was kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night. accused abductor made his first appearance on tuesday, neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: 48-year-old troy morley found himself face to face with parents aaron and stephanie edison yet again. but this time with his hands and feet in shackles. the last time he had just taken their daughter straight from her bed. >> there was a man in my home and he took my 5-year-old daughter. >> reporter: the little girl's parents told robin in a "gma" exclusive that it was her intuition that saved their daughter. >> i knew something was wrong, and i yelled to aaron, i yelled she's outside. >> reporter: it was 4:30 a.m. aaron says he ran outside and found his stepdaughter being carried away by a man he'd never
7:32 am
seen before. >> i said, really, i want to help you. but she's got to stay. and i just walked up to him and held out my arms and he just handed her over. >> reporter: police arrested morley after a neighbor said she found him hiding in her house, allegedly telling her, i'm in trouble, i'm bad. newly released papers say he admitted that he went inside the home and asked the girl to come with him. today the family remains so shaken they tell abc news, we currently feel that moving from our home may be the only way we can begin to heal. morley's attorney said the one-time aerospace worker with no apparent serious criminal history might not be fit to stand trial on kidnapping charges. >> it's likely there may be a petition filed to determine the competency and whether he can participate in the trial. but it's early, i don't know. >> reporter: morley has yet to enter a plea. for "good morning america," neal
7:33 am
karlinsky, abc news, seattle. now to a murder for hire trial in connecticut. a woman is accused of contacting a hitman to kill her ex-husband. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: good morning. jury selection is under way in that case. that woman went so far as to pay for the job in advance and that there's a secret recording of the whole plot. this morning a wealthy connecticut mother is facing attempted murder charges. after police say she tried to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband. an alleged plot all caught on tape. >> tell me when. >> soon. >> thank god you have this -- >> reporter: police say in 2012 tiffany stevens approached a maintenance man she asking him to murder her ex-husband, eric stevens, saying she wanted him killed and gave him an envelope with $5,000 in
7:34 am
it. allegedly as a payment. >> gave her a beautiful life, a beautiful home, a beautiful daughter. she put herself in this position. >> reporter: the alleged motive, it was an ugly custody battle over their now 9-year-old daughter. but the would be hitman wouldn't play ball. secretly taping the alleged deadly demands. >> you go to the electric chair when you're hired to kill someone. >> just do it. >> reporter: and telling the alleged victim all about the plot. >> he went forward with the meeting, collecting the money and not planning on killing me and brought me the recording. >> reporter: now tiffany is out on a million dollars bond, has sole custody of their daughter and pleaded not guilty. >> did she actually intend to have her husband killed? the audio is going to become absolutely crucial. because the jurors are going to be able to hear for themselves. >> reporter: preparing to face
7:35 am
the jury after a would be hitman hit record. eric stevens says he considers that maintenance man his hero. we reached out to tiffany steven's lawyer and didn't hear back. and interestingly enough, police say the maintenance man spent the money she gave him on household appliances for his family, but not charged with anything. >> an interesting twist. back to ginger. do you have any good news today, ginger? i do. doesn't look that way. you see a series of storms in the west. but san francisco, some 7 inches below average with rainfall this year. up to a quarter of an inch. kro go to crescent city, california, or brookings, oregon, 3, 4 inches. and seattle will get in on that too. the wind is not too terrible with the storms. here's the bad part. i had to do it again. from houston all the way to orlando up to charleston, talking about the freeze warnings, the windchill
7:36 am
advisories. georgia this morning, broke a record. atlanta, 22. people are tweeting me and saying oh, my goodness, my fountains are frozen. way too early. it is. we are going to become a bit more mild, at least for atlanta. orlando to 75 on saturday. dallas to 70 on friday and new good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with waves of showers coming from the ocean and spreading across our neighborhood through early afternoon and cooler today from mid-50's to low 60 at the coast and upper 50's to mid-60's for the rest of us with more rain tomorrow and mid-morning to mid-afternoon and >> all that weather brought to you by revlon. people keep saying anchorage is warmer than us. the ridge is building up there. they're going to be warmer than a lot of the east. >> good news. >> yes. >> thank you. coming up, the latest on tracy morgan's recovery.
7:37 am
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we're back now at 7:40 with a major crackdown on debt collection. it's a scam where victims are threatened with jail time unless they paid bills for things they
7:41 am
never bought to the tune of millions of dollars. rebecca jarvis has the story. ♪ >> you're going around getting loans, not paying them back. you're on the way to jail. >> reporter: it's a vicious call, and the feds say it's illegal. >> i'm not working. >> with that being said, i will have no choice but to forward it to los angeles county. however, los angeles county will issue a warrant for your arrest. >> reporter: this morning the fbi and u.s. attorney saying calls like this are an example of a scam sweeping the nation. >> we arrested seven people and shut down the business. you have to bring the hammer of the criminal law to bail. >> reporter: announcing charges against georgia-based william, scott and associate, alleged thieves who they say conned 6,000 people out of $4 million. tricking victims into believing they committed a crime and
7:42 am
bullying them into paying up bogus debts. >> you think an eight months pregnant woman wants to go to jail. >> i don't care if you're 9 months pregnant. i have a job to do. >> reporter: but there are more scammers on the loose. >> we shut down one today. and there are a lot of companies that do this, victimize not just 6,000 people, but hundreds of thousands of people around the country. >> reporter: how do you spot a fake? >> a legitimate debt collector will not lie or deceive, try to abuse the consumer into collecting the debt or call at inappropriate times or use other high-pressure tactics. >> reporter: know the warning signs, harassing calls, threats of jail time or arrest. these are red flags. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> can you imagine, $4 million people have been scammed out. >> that's a clue, i don't care
7:43 am
if you're nine months pregnant. >> my friends feel bad hanging up. don't feel bad. >> scaring people. >> yeah. bullying. >> scary. coming up, the surprising solution to getting the entire family together around the table for a meal every day. and celebrity chef gordon ramsey crying foul. how he said a rival chef sabotaged his new restaurant. and chris hemsworth named people's sexiest man alive. "people's sexiest man alive. " sexiest man alive. ♪ it's a time for play, ♪ it's a whipped cream day ♪ i wait for it all year round ♪ in winter it's a marshmallow world! ♪
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do me a favor. get out. >> yeah. gordon ramsey earned a reputation of being an angry chef. ramsey is a victim of in the kitchen. good morning, amy. >> gordon ramsey said someone tried to ruin opening night at his newest restaurant, but several industry insiders are now questioning the chef's conspiracy theory, saying they are not sure it's even possible. >> he's the hot-headed -- >> foul-mouthed chef -- >> look at this place! >> it's ridiculous. >> where millions of reality show viewers love to hate. but this morning, chef gordon randy, known for his firely
7:48 am
temper on shows like hell's kitchen, kitchen nightmares and master chef is getting served a hot plate of what some are calling karma. and he's calling foul. >> foul >> saturday was the first big day on the books, and we have a no-show. >> the master chef revealing on british network's jonathan ross show, that he believes a rival chef tried to spoil the opening of his newest london restaurant, heddon street kitchen, apparently by booking fake reservations, and then not showing up. >>. >> 100 tables -- >> yeah. >> that's -- >> the 48-year-old restauranteur certainly made enemies over the years, but one thing he's not doing this morning, is pointing fingers. refusing to name which rival he thinks cooked his books, leaving some experts skeptical.
7:49 am
>> the rest of us are in the habit of googling the customers at this point, especially making online reservations, they want to know who is coming into their restaurant. this just wouldn't happen. >> there's even speculation, ramsey may have con contacted the controversy himself. after all, he accused rival chef, more copierre white from stealing a reservation from one of his restaurants in 1998, only to admit ten years later that he faked the whole thing. whatever the cause of the no-show, the grand opening still a boiling success, according to a spokesperson from ramsey who said we were fortunate to have a large number of walk-ins, despite whatever someone's intentions were, we had a terrific, packed launch. >> gordon ramsey said the restaurant is going to call customers and confirm every table. guys, apparently this issue with rivals making safe reservations have happened before, but the reason some are calling this suspicious is because of that
7:50 am
high number. 100 no-shows is a lot of fake names and numbers for someone to miss. >> should have called them back. >> all right, thank you, linzie. coming up the surprising new way retailers could be getting you to spend more money and we'll tell you about the surprising new way to adopt, helping so many couples who want to have children. we'll be right back. >> announcer: coming up, "gma's" countdown to thanks giving is brought to you by walmart, where you'll find unbeatable prices on this year's top gifts. y anthony! hey melissa, how cool is it that you can save up to $35 when you open a walmart credit card account this holiday season? super cool! with all those great savings, you're gonna need a bigger stocking! i'm way ahead of ya. whaaat! whaaaaat! you'll get $25 when you spend $75 on your new account. then you can get another $10 when you spend $75 more. santa loves me! how does he feel about me? eh - he thinks you're okay.
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all right, still ahead on "gma," the all right. still ahead on "gma," the big new report about rice. what you need to know, and we'll tell you who made the list. you will not believe this list of "people's" sexiest men alive. there's a little hint right there. there's going to be some surprises. you never know.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. let's get right to your forecast. mike, rain, more of it today or are we done? >> we'll have more of it as the cold front hasn't moved ashore yet. you can see to the west through sfo which has delays, those thicker clouds that are bringing another wave of showers through. once the cold front moves through over the next two hours we'll have a moist flow coming off the ocean and keep scattered showers, but they'll be more widespread and a lot lighter in the afternoon hours. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. accuweather seven-day forecast, a burst of rain, thunderstorms tomorrow, more rain saturday. mike, we have a lot of mass transit delays right now.
7:57 am
a medical emergency on b.a.r.t. causing a 5 to 10-minute delay in the sfo and millbrae direction. ace train has a delay in excess of 20 minutes into great america. america. muni, everything is if you're like me, there's nothing you enjoy more than hopping up on a couch, destroying a few pillows and chewing on a good shoe. so this new nest dropcam... is a serious buzzkill. it's always watching so people can keep an eye on me when they're away. and even chime in with their inane reprimands. "henry, off! bad boy!" who's to say who's a bad boy and who's not. seems so subjective if you ask me. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m. and are you getting fooled into buying more because you think you weigh less? the surprising new way retailers could be getting you to spend your money. ♪ and can't get everyone together around the dinner table tonight? the surprising solution to getting mom, dad and the kids together for some family time. ♪ ice, ice baby and call them the snowflake babies. the surprising new adoption trend helping so many couples who want to have children. an extraordinary journey this morning. ♪ i got a feeling and we got a feeling you're going to love this year's list of the sexiest men alive. chris hemsworth on the cover. and wait until you see who's inside. all that and jennifer aniston and jason bateman as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
who cares about the cold? cheering out there and the competition is heating up for the shark versus shark showdown. first time ever, sharks are facing off, head-to-head. battle to see who has the best ideas. this morning, what you can learn there them. kevin and robert in a very big showdown this morning. >> it's a good thing they're not competitive. >> yeah. >> it's also very special week. friday is michael strahan's birthday. we have already started celebrating in a big way. and this morning we have one of your favorite treats. i didn't know you loved tates. >> this show is full of surprises. my favorite cookies. >> tates are fantastic. >> they are yummy. how are you going spend your big day? >> obviously eating a lot of cookies.
8:02 am
you know what? i'm going to have my parents, my kids, home relaxing. that's it. very simple. >> you don't turn 30 every day, michael. >> exactly. thank you. i love you. >> his number is so low, you can almost say it. >> it is so low. >> 43. >> 43. >> 43 years old. >> absolutely. >> and proud of it. >> and i know you're getting another special gift later. we'll reveal that in "pop news." >> thank you for the cookies, these are great. >> you're welcome. eat as many now, when i leave i'm taking them with me. >> and you can do the news. >> yes. i could barely understand you because your mouth was full. all right. good morning, everyone. let's get right to the extreme weather. record cold extending to the deep south this morning. and 6 feet of snow falling around parts of the eastern great lakes. that storm now blamed for at least six deaths in the buffalo area alone, trapping people on roads at rest stops and in gas station and in one case, an ambulance carrying a woman in labor got stuck in the snow. paramedics carried her six
8:03 am
blocks to the hospital. everything was okay there. and a woman's college basketball team was trapped on their bus for 307 ho for 30 hours. the team survived on granola bars. people are literally snowed in. as you can see right there, we have ginger's forecast coming up. a grand jury meets in ferguson, missouri, today, deciding whether to indict officer darren wilson for the shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. the mayor of st. louis is now requesting 400 national guard troops for his city when the panel's verdict is read. that is in addition to the guard troops in ferguson already. there is no definitive timeline for the grand jury's decision. overseas, now clashes between palestinian and israeli police. following the grisly terror attack in a synagogue in jerusalem tuesday. three americans were among the five people killed on tuesday. violence has been escalated in jerusalem in recent weeks in a
8:04 am
bitter dispute over holy sites. and new fallout for bill cosby. facing sexual assault accusations. netflix is postponing his comedy special. cosby's lawyer says the claims have been discredited and are untrue. a lawyer for tracy morgan says the entertainer suffered a severe brain injury in the crash over the summer that killed his friend. he is struggling to recover and may never be the same. the crash is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit. and a philadelphia teenager is doing the united states very proud this morning. 18-year-old neha gupta seen here with education advocate malala yuosousafzai is the first ameri to win the international children's peace prize when she was just 9 years old. she has a charity to benefit orphans. it's raised more than a million dollars. congratulations to neha. and this skill would have come in handy for me in new york city yesterday. take a look. watch this maneuver. oh, my gosh.
8:05 am
he spins that red mini between two cars, driving nearly at full speed. that parking space was only three inches longer than the car. >> impressive. >> that was enough to set a world record for the tightest parallel parking job ever. took me three tries yesterday. >> 16-year-olds, don't try that for your driving test. >> i failed my driving test in parallel parking. good-bye, orange cones. >> i'm impressed. >> we're all impressed. and new questions about the safety of rice. a new study reveals significant levels of arsenic in rice. especially for young kids. and abc's dr. richard besser here to explain. but the amount of arsenic depends on the type of rice. >> that's right. this is the biggest study that's been done. consumer reports looked at data testing they had done and the food and drugs administration had done. they looked at the level of arsenic in white rice, brown rice, rice cakes, rice cereal. it varied, even within a product. brown rice had higher levels of arsenic than white rice.
8:06 am
it tends to get concentrated in the outer part of the rice. they're not saying not to eat brown rice. there are other nutritional benefits. >> what's with the arsenic in rice? >> arsenic is in the environment. it's in the soil, the water, the air. and rice, the way it grows. sucks the arsenic out of the soil and concentrates it. we worry about long-term exposure to arsenic causing problems with skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer. we to want reduce that. >> what are the guidelines, then? >> everyone's waiting on the food and drug administration to set a limit. they say they're working on it. but until they do, for adults and kids, it's the same thing. eat a varied diet so you're not getting all your nutrition from rice. that will take care of a lot of it. cook it like pasta with extra water and discard the water. with that goes about half of the arsenic. for kids, as a pediatrician, i used to say start with rice cereal with your first food.
8:07 am
don't need to do that. start with pureed vegetables. >> that's a big change. >> that is a big change. the u.s. rice federation has not responded to this yet. >> the u.s. rice federation has not responded. but they responded last year to the fda. the u.s. rice industry believes that the u.s. rice is a safe food, but we are always looking to minimize potential health risks and continue to working with regulators and the scientific community. "pop news" and weather coming up. now to michael in the social square. here's a look at the "gma morning menu" in the social square powered by samsung galaxy. in "pop news," chris hemsworth named "people's" sexiest man alive. wait until you see who else made the list. a lot of surprises. and a surprising new trend in adoption. one family's extraordinary journey to have a snowflake baby. and jennifer aniston and jason bateman on their friendship and how they crack each other up. all that and the cast of ""the chew"" lineup live on "gma" here in times square.
8:08 am
what's up, people? hey, "the chew," baby. we're going to eat a little food out here. i may even cook.
8:09 am
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. and welcome back to "gma." michael, you are doing the honors of "pop news" this morning. >> i got it, george. a lot is popping out there. but start out by first in "pop news," alec baldwin has plenty -- played plenty of love interests on screen. now putting all that experience to good look in a web series called "love rides." the actor rides around town in a taxi, meeting unsuspecting couples and taking on the role of a relationship expert. and friends listen in and help them out. we have an exclusive first look.
8:13 am
>> hey, alec, at the count of three, both say the date you met. >> one, two, three. >> october. >> oh! >> not even april -- october -- >> the couples really know each other on the dates. >> i wouldn't know that. >> it's a great idea. >> he's a funny guy. it's definitely going to be great to see. >> i can't wait to see that. and the series launches today on the above average website. and check out alec baldwin giving love advice. and meet one dog who's confronting his fears, i want to say head on, but that would be a lie. this is the pit bull who's not a fan of open doors. but not letting that stop him going places. backing his way in. >> oh, no. >> oh, my goodness. his owners created this video tribute. showing off the skills in different locations. that's a special trait to just back that thing up.
8:14 am
and he's backing that thing up. >> i think he needs a dog therapist. >> he's not very smart. backing in. >> maybe he is smart. maybe he senses something is there? >> then he should confront it. >> i don't know. >> i decided i don't want to see it. whatever is in there. >> make he sees something in the hallway. >> back your way into certain situations. he paid attention to that lesson. and this next thing. i am uncomfortable with this. let you handle it. >> you have done an incredible job thus far. i'm happy to do this, celebrates you a little bit. and also i get to say hello to one of our sexiest men alive, jeff cagle is here. he is the authority -- authority on all things sexy. yeah, the big cheese at "people" magazine and "entertainment weekly." that's your official title. >> yeah. >> so the sexiest man alive list
8:15 am
came out. >> it has. >> and you chose chris hemsworth. i applaud you. >> hard to argue with him. that's why he won. he was everybody's number one choice. and do the market research, due diligence. >> i would like to volunteer for that job. >> unanimous. >> what is involved in that? >> check with his wife -- >> what is involved in the market research. just curious. >> take it out to our readers, the audience. who do you like? and chris hemsworth is incredibly popular. >> michael didn't do anything for this, but do people lobby you to get on the list? >> yes, they do. michael did not. >> we just gave it away. so michael strahan is one of the sexiest men alive. something we have known for -- >> yes, one of the men of the year. chris pratt and matt beau per, a lot of people. and tim tebow from the abc
8:16 am
family. david muir. all members of the men of the year gallery. >> i'm looking at the page, i'm the only one that's sweaty without a suit on. >> he was trying. >> yeah. >> because we had that photo, basically. >> you know what? that was just the market research team. >> if you're in the magic mike sequel, you're getting it automatically. also george has been on a few times, we wanted to spread the wealth. >> really. that's funny. i asked you if you made the list and you said no. so thank you. >> he's been in there. >> and we will be dig up that photo. >> it was a long time ago. >> well-deserved. i'm so excited. the list is officially out. the issues is on news stands friday. >> right. >> and jimmy kimmel who made the official announcement last night, made the list as well. >> he's in a group of guys that are called geeky to gorgeous. >> oh, man.
8:17 am
>> apparently he was okay with that. yeah, he went ahead and did the thing. joe manganiello, ryan seacrest. they were horrible-looking. now they're fine. now they're gorgeous. >> they're like fine wines. >> they're like fine wines and cheese. >> from the big cheese himself. >> michael strahan, congratulations. >> yes, thank you. appreciate it, thank you. >> "morning stir" and heat index coming up. now to ginger. >> we love our sexy men at abc. and brooklyn, my name is brooklyn. it's your sweet 16. hold up michigan, they're from there, just an idea there. look at western new york. look at that road. impassable. so many places south of buffalo. and a quick look at the temperatures, the windchills, waking up out the door.
8:18 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. ready for the wet weather? waves of showers and cooler today and a break tonight but another system will bring us a chance of rain and a thunderstorm tomorrow. saturday will be wet. sunday should be dry. temperatures in the upper 50's to mid-60 today. tonight we have cloud cover and upper 40's to mid-50's. seven-day forecast is coolest tomorrow with the showers and remain thousands >> mckenzie, do you think elsa had something to do with this? >> yes. >> absolutely. okay. we've got that answer. into george. >> of course she did. thank you. and in today's "morning stir." frozen embryo adoptions, leading to snowflake babies. one couple who adopted their daughter as an embryo. and we partnered on this story. mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: unable to have
8:19 am
biology cal children of their own, they adopted 4-month-old sammy, but not in the way you might think. they adopted sammy as an embryo. >> i first discovered embryo adoption. it was like christmas morning. something clicked, i had no idea this existed. >> reporter: how exactly does that work? after a couple has gone through ivf, they're normally left with several healthy, viable fertilized eggs and a dilemma about what to do with them. most of them are destroyed or donated to science. but some couples put these frozen embryos, affectionately called snowflakes, up for adoption. sammy was actually conceived in 2006 and was on ice in a storage facility for seven years before being adopted. >> just knowing she was frozen for so long as a little ball of cells and then awakened, that process just blows my mind.
8:20 am
>> reporter: they got the embryo that became baby sammy from this couple, libby and tony, almost 1700 mime miles away. after five rounds of ivf and five miscarriages, they adopted a child and got pregnant naturally three times. >> here she goes. >> reporter: their family complete, they were left with four unused frozen embryos. >> we gave a gift, they say it's a generous gift. but it's a gift too. a perfect landing spot for the embryos. >> reporter: there are an estimated 600,000 viable embryos in the u.s., providing a possible path to parenthood for many. >> there are more options than ever before for an individual or a couple struggling with fertility issues. >> reporter: little snowflakes melting so many hearts. >> love is what made her. the love of so many people went into creating her and bringing
8:21 am
her here. >> reporter: and today is actually one year to the day that sammy's embryo was thawed and transferred. happy anniversary to them. >> what a lovely story. you talked about the parents who donate the embryos. once they do that, they lose all claims. >> legally it's a transfer of property. so the biological parents have no claim to the embryo. in terms of cost, it can be cheaper than ivf. you don't have the cost of retrieving eggs and fertilizing them. that's been done. >> thanks very much. let's go to amy. thanks. and up in the heat index, a new product that could make shopping more enjoyable. it's the skinny mirror. it's made with curved glass that makes you look about ten pounds thinner. the company behind it claims it's just boosting people's confidence and improving self-images. but some are questioning that. wondering if the skinny mirror is just a way to get people to
8:22 am
buy more while shopping because they like how great they are in the clothes and they look ten pounds lighter. >> exactly. >> mirror, on the wall -- >> the lighting, i was just going to say -- >> i'm getting this. >> you want to look good. >> try some uplighting. >> work that out. now also this morning, we have been hearing about family dinner for years. new research is suggesting that family breakfast might be just as beneficial. and easier for some families. the wall street journal says it's before everyone heads out the door, and eating breakfast at home is more common than it used to be. works for all families but ours. >> on the weekends. that's a great idea. people are not tired, the kids don't have the homework weighing over them. >> get grounded as you start the day. >> i love making breakfast on saturdays and sundays. the only meals i make. i love making waffles. >> nice food for thought,
8:23 am
george. next on our heat index, it's another installment of raiders of the lost tapes. yes, all week, my alter ego, one indiana spencer went on a crusade to honor the lost tv moments of your favorite stars. here is your clue for today's unearthed tape. this star was featured in a highly-anticipated onscreen wedding that almost didn't happen. and when he was a kid, he wanted to be a clown. >> i know who it is. >> and one last clue. cue the music. all right. take a look. >> oh. ♪ >> because if you're doing something on stage and you're in the connecting with the audience, and you know you're not, and they're not connecting with you it's scary. you want they want to leave as fast as you can. so pick the best university in america, kansas state. right, guys?
8:24 am
>> he's exactly the same. >> his voice is an octave higher too. just like ours. it's funny. that is, in fact, correct, eric stonestreet at kansas state university in the '90s. that's him in a shakespeare play, hamming it up as the unofficial school mascot. and a very serious actor. and the school is so proud they made this compilation reel. >> that goatee -- >> and the facial hair. >> and moend family, one of our favorite shows. and also up on the heat index, the race is on to own your wrist. what am i talking about, you and? well, intel is now in the game, offering a new smart bracelet they hope will take a bite out of the apple watch. lindsey davis has the details. >> what time is it? >> two minutes to 11. >> reporter: turns out even george jetson's fancy watch wasn't futuristic enough for
8:25 am
2014. so behold, the mica. short for my intelligent communication accessory. this is the end result of a cliks collaboration between intel and fashion company opening ceremony. a chic take on tech, going up wrist to wrist with the apple watch. turn it on. the $495 bracelet has 18 krarl gold, make skin and pearls. and shows text messages, e-mails, and yelp what's nearby. >> apple is the pioneer of fashionable wearable tech. intel has an interesting competitor. >> reporter: as for the apple watch, revealed in september, it has a sleek touch screen, starting at $349. it can do just about anything your phone can do. but one major difference, the apple watch syncs to your phone while the mica is completely separate.
8:26 am
>> it's untethered. doesn't have to be connected to the phone. looking for something fancy and slightly technological, you could do well with a mica. but i think the apple watch will ultimately give you more access to your own data. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lindsey davis, abc news, new york. >> they're really cute. >> it's very, very beautiful. this is the -- i believe it's $495. but it looks like a great piece. i love what you said. >> i want it for an event. >> i'm getting a message, throw to break. shark v shark. tomorrow, an epic frozen morning. for the first time, see christoph squat live into times square. and at the same time see olaf, elsa and anna on their own magical ice. only on "good morning america."
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. a barricade situation in san jose may be over this morning. police fired flash bang grenades into the house of an armed suspect. then police removed five children and an adult from a house on hayes avenue. officers are conducting a room-by-room search to see if anyone else is inside. nearby oak grove high school is closed until further notice. it's raining again over the golden gate bridge. you can see very wet conditions as you come in from marin. we have a big problem, a fatality in the santa cruz mountains along highway 9 right at california drive. one person was trapped and all southbound lanes are blocked. there's big backups, you are
8:28 am
advised to stay away. thanks. so with the rain we'll check out the forecast with meteorologist
8:29 am
female announcer: are ending soon at sleep train! we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good morning. opening the weather window from the roof and you can see another shower rolling through san francisco. in fact it's moving through the heart of the bay all the way down to the san mateo bridge and that's where most of our wet weather has been with this storm system. a few more showers trying to move into the peninsula but they'll probably fall apart and become just sprinkles by the
8:30 am
time they get there. this is the cold front so the last push of light to moderate rain. ♪ ♪ oh here we go hello to everyone out there in times square this morning. all bundled up. yeah, we know you are cold out there. but you are thank you very much. good to see you. talking about his big friday. and we have george -- >> thank you. that man is talking about his
8:31 am
big role in the movie. so many fans know him from " house of cards." >> that's remy. >> you are great in hunker games. so excited to have you on "good morning america." >> so excited. and countdown to thanksgiving with our friends from "the chew." they're going to show us how to make turkey three different base that means we get to try three different kinds of turkey. >> stay and join us. "the chew" gang is not going to let them go. but now day two of the shark versus shark competition. going head to head, and barbara squeaked out a victory yesterday. this morning, kevin and robert do the battle. all covered by abc's zaire sara haines. >> reporter: they're multi-million dollar tycoons, kevin o'leary, and robert herjavec. the risk-taking rivals are diving into uncharted waters in "gma's" shark versus shark showdown. >> greetings, sharks, yes, i'm talking to you. challenging you to a competition. it's like no other. please report to receive your orders and may the best shark win. >> back to times square. there's business.
8:32 am
>> take kevin down. >> reporter: facing off for the greatest business challenge ever. welcome, sharks. your task is to man a new york city food truck. and the person to make the most money will go on to the finals. you have 30 minutes to sell. robert, you are manning the pizza truck, kevin, you have the grilled cheese. i'm going to give you each there are 100. five items that'll help boost your chances for a victory. >> my chef whites, my mr. wonderful gi car. 60 cupcakes, okay? >> i want dogs, balloons and clowns. i want the balloons on the clowns and the dogs. let's go. >> reporter: first, a brainstorming pow wow with their business partners. >> james, we got to win this thing. >> reporter: kevin's strategy, increasing sales volume by offering a free cupcake in a jar with each purchase. limiting the menu to three sandwiches to build up inventory, and live music to generate buzz to increase traffic. >> if you buy two slices, you get a free cookie or a free drink. >> reporter: robert's game plan,
8:33 am
pricing competitively to drive traffic. increasing sales by offering a free drink or cookie with every two slices purchased, and clowns and puppies to allure customers. >> we're going to sell pizza. >> reporter: the competition begins now. >> let's go! >> who wants lunch? >> hey, guys. are you hungry? >> grilled cheese, guys. come here, let's talk. >> selling pizza right next door. >> reporter: as the competition heats up -- >> 10 bucks, lunch to go and a free cupcake in a jar. you working with me? >> i'll do it. >> all right, let's go. >> grilled cheese. >> don't eat the grilled cheese, you'll be sorry later. >> reporter: the sharks fight tooth and nail to win. doing just about anything to make the biggest catch. >> somebody get the clown arrested. >> that's brilliant. >> i know. >> oh, my gosh, he's carrying a customer. >> ladies, forget the pizza. >> three minutes. >> over at this truck.
8:34 am
>> thank you. >> round of applause. >> reporter: are you guys pulling your weight? 30 seconds. >> go, go, follow the clown. >> thank you. this is awesome. >> thank you. >> reporter: three, two, one! the competition is over. but in the end, only one shark can rise to the top. the numbers are in. first up we have robert. >> excited. >> reporter: he made $680. >> yeah. >> reporter: kevin, you made $255. >> yes! >> so the finals are set. barbara versus robert. they're going to be here live tomorrow to square off. the ultimate shark v. shark showdown. they won't know the challenge until they hear it live. can't wait. now let's go over to ginger with the weather. >> we wanted to say not only hi, mom, but there is a little area
8:35 am
in the united states that's warm. can you believe it? not any of the places, you're from new jersey, pennsylvania, they're all cold. but this place will be warm today. los angeles, 71 degrees. look at the southwest. that's a pocket of mild air. 78 for yuma, 76, tucson, fresno, 68. but i have to hit on the lake effect snow. we'll have another round going into the end of the week through friday. we're still talking more as far as feet of snow. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with waves of showers coming from the ocean and spreading across our neighborhood through early afternoon and cooler today from mid-50's to low 60 at the coast and upper 50's to mid-60's for the rest of us with more rain tomorrow and mid-morning to mid-afternoon and a >> all that weather brought to you by fitbit. and we have an exciting, exclusive sneak peek today. it's the very first look at the trailer for the new take on the
8:36 am
classic fairy tail, "cinderella." it's coming back, inspired by the 1950s animated film. this is a live action feature bringing timeless images to life in a dazzling way. take a look. [ bell tolling ] ♪ >> you didn't say your daughter was so beautiful. >> she takes after her -- >> her mother. >> she'll be your stepmother, and you have two lovely sisters to keep you company. so i'll know, as far away as i may be, you'll be safe. >> wouldn't you prefer to eat when the work is done? ella? >> yes, stepmother. >> don't call me that, madame will do. >> cinder wench. >> cinderella. ♪ >> oh, whoa, whoa. are you all right? miss, what do they call you? >> never mind what they call me. >> i'm sorry. >> it's not your doing. >> not yours either, i bet. i hope to see you again, miss. >> and i you.
8:37 am
>> "cinderella" hits theaters march 15th, 2015. and one of the favorite things happened here. and evelyn from new jersey said ginger, you look skinnier on tv. >> i changed my mind. >> she changed her mind. okay. >> she meant well, ginger. all right. "house of cards" fans know him as remy danton, wheeling and dealing his way as a lobbyist in the nation's capital. but mahershala ali plays one of the good guys against the capital "the hunger games: mockingjay, part 1." in the scene we're about to see bogs tries to protect katniss, but she doesn't make it easy. take a look. >> there's a problem. >> what kind of problem? >> incoming bombers from the north. we need to find cover now. >> there's a bunker in there. [ alarms going off ] >> straight ahead and down the stairs. >> katniss! katniss!
8:38 am
everdeen! everdeen! back away from the wall! >> maher shela ali joining us now in studio. it is such a fantastic movie. and for people out there like me who didn't read the books and just watching the movies, this is the first one where there aren't hunger games. yet it's so intense. tell us what movie goers will get from this one. >> it's deeper and darker. the "hunger games" aren't in it. you get introduced into a new character in district 13, essentially. it plays such a large part in the feel of the film. but it's slightly deeper. >> it is deeper and darker. and speaking of deeper, your character has been living underground. and you weren't in the first two movies. what was it like joining the stellar cast, jennifer lawrence, tell me what it was like on the scene? >> you know, my first week i was a little nervous. because here it is your you have these people who have been
8:39 am
working together for a couple of years now. but it was just an amazing experience. couldn't have been more welcoming and grounded and supportive as a group. >> and you're a star in your own right. you have been at this for more than a decade. but "house of cards" made you a household name. i have to share something. i was at the white house correspondent's dinner last year. it was so amazing to watch you and your cast mates. it was like worlds colliding. here you were in d.c. and remy the lobbyist, everyone wanted a picture with you. was it a strange reality for you as well? >> it was. because, you know, here it is. in other cities i definitely feel the work is appreciated and the show is appreciated. but when you go d.c., it's another thing, because you feel like -- i think they feel represented by "house of cards." >> they certainly do. we have a fun game. it's called hunger game of cards. >> okay. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> answer honestly and quickly. president underwood or president snow? >> president underwood. >> i like it.
8:40 am
coin or claire? >> claire. >> katniss everdeen or zoe? >> katniss. >> weapon of choice, bow and arrow or filibuster? >> bow and arrow. >> gets over quicker, right? >> yeah. >> the "hunger games" arena or the senate floor? >> the senate floor. >> very good answer. we appreciate it. thank you for joining us. and "the hunger games: mockingjay, part 1," opens nationwide this friday. coming up, we have jennifer aniston and jason bateman on their friendship and cracking each other up on set. stay with us. start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology
8:41 am
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8:43 am
jennifer aniston and jason bateman are back on the big screen together. having fun, getting a lot of big laughs in "horrible bosses 2." they talked about it with abc's cam mathison. >> reporter: they're back. >> the team is back together. >> reporter: the all-star ensemb ensemble, jason bateman as one of the three down on their luck employees looking to take back their lives. but instead have to resort to -- >> kid naping. >> that's kidnapping. >> with one more p it is, that's kid naping. >> i'm talking about kidnapping. >> reporter: that's right, kidnapping their current boss's son after a deal goes south. reprising her role as the sex-addicted dentist, dr. julia harris, the one and only jennifer aniston. >> what's your name, honey?
8:44 am
>> reporter: how you keep this fresh and fun and exciting. >> i was surprised the first one turned out as well as it did. it was fun to do. but oftentimes you can't really gauge just because you have a good time on the set. >> reporter: what was it like coming back to set with being together again? >> it's lucky when you have that kind of built-in friendship. and kind of know each other's rhythms. know what'll work. we're 20-plus years knowing each other. so we've got that on our side. >> a couple of stinky old shoes. yeah. >> reporter: they have co-starred in three movies together and say they have the relationship down to -- >> the look. >> you know when it doesn't work because you get that look from bateman. it's the look of death. >> reporter: can i see it? >> their characters develop an unlikely romance. the stage? a sex addicts anonymous meeting. >> a sex addiction we cannot change. >> reporter: she's recovering in the sex addiction world. which isn't going well. >> baby steps. and she's making the effort. you know? the idea of a sex addicts
8:45 am
anonymous group is then the fact you see it's just another twisted way for her to find more prey. >> reporter: aniston says playing the sex-obsessed doctor, a role ter stereotypically played by men, was freeing. >> it goes against every fiber of my being. yes, it was fun. it's a dream job to play that monster. >> have yo you ever done it in a dentist's chair? >> get the chair ready. >> reporter: is it hard for you to cut out words and not crack a smile? >> usually those happen through rehearsal. get the giggles out. but then as the scenes, we go take to take, and whispered in our ears, little alternate lines. and this one doesn't necessarily know it's coming. always fun to see if we're going to get that look on his face. >> reporter: who's the biggest practical joker out of everybody that's involved? >> not a lot of cutups. no clooneys on this set. we would have loved to have had him. didn't return our calls. >> he would have been a good boss. >> would have been a good boss. >> reporter: as for the budding
8:46 am
romance between characters dr. julia harris and nick hendrix -- do you think the relationship between nick and julia -- >> may blossom? >> there's potential there. >> you really do make her -- make the change. >> or -- or basically i cure you of your -- you're like, oh, yes, sex is not that great. >> reporter: only time will tell. for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. and "horrible bosses 2" hits theaters next week, november 26th. coming up, counting down to bulldog: oooh! bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece
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when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters
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♪ >> i get it. all right, our friends from "the chew." they were at the -- "the chew" in english. were at the twitter mirror this morning. and now they're with us helping us countdown to thanksgiving.
8:49 am
proving there's more than one way to cook a turkey. in fact you're going to show us three. starting with carla. we have the whole gang on board. and we're going with fried turkey. >> you don't need the fryer. breaking it down like a chicken. >> break it down, carla. >> breaking it down. we brine it, i have hot sauce, sugar and salt. do that overnight. >> do you want me to help? >> you can put that in there. or save time for everybody else. >> all right. >> and then we floured. you don't need anything on that. all the seasoning is in there. and then into the fryer. golden brown, get those pieces out just like this. and then i have a hot chicken oil with paprika, garlic, cayenne, salt and more chilies. that's into the oil. it's drizzled on. >> so none at the end. no dry rub. >> nope. >> easy, breezy. how long does it take? >> it takes about -- i don't know, about 15, 20 minutes to fry it.
8:50 am
boom, boom. >> george, you're up. >> michael symon -- what do you have here? >> it's an insta-brine, or insta-baste. i take the cheese cloth and soak it in butter and lay it over the turkey. so we don't have to baste it the whole time. so we take a little bit of fennel, herbs, lemon and stuff them inside the cavity. then we take the rest and cook it in a little bit of butter with turkey stock. take the cheese cloth out. >> keeps it real moist. >> it just keeps it incredibly moist. i season this turkey the night before, that way it stays -- >> doesn't keep it from getting brown? >> we started at about 425, then drop it down to 375. the last ten minutes, take the cheese cloth off. the cheese cloth will be dark, and the bird will be perfectly golden brown. >> good idea. >> i have mario and daphne. we have a stuffed turkey breast. >> we brine our bird, unlike the shroud of turkey. then take the bones off, and
8:51 am
make our stuffing just like we traditionally do. we put it in here. >> this is not traditional. this is pancetta, sausage, browned, obviously. everybody's favorite. sage, rosemary, prunes and chestnuts. and then of course your bread crumbs. >> and parmesan cheese, i see? >> yes. add that in. give that whisks, and two complete eggs. add that together and roll that -- >> so what we do, we layer it in here and roll it across like this. so what you get is a perfectly round tube filled with stuffing. crisp skin on the outside. and then when you're ready to go -- >> look how beautiful that looks. >> how beautiful and easy. >> it's like a cornucopia. >> exactly. >> how long does that cook for? >> 45 minutes for a 12-pound turkey. you have taken the bones out. >> how hard to take the bones out? >> a butcher can do it for absolutely nothing at all. >> very nice. >> check out, it's five minutes to carve. not slicing off of bone. >> it's gorgeous. >> cornucopia. amy used this. one of my favorite thanksgiving words.
8:52 am
clinton -- >> yes. >> get us a drink. >> it's my pleasure, ginger. i've made a wassail. it's a orange juice, earl gray, fresh ginger, ginger zee if you will. and juniper berries and cloves. and serve it with brandy if you want to. it's not quite 9:00 in the morning. so i laid off the brandy. delicious. and rim with sugar for extra sweetness. what do you think? >> thanksgiving in a cup. no question. >> isn't it? pour it in. >> full plates for all of you guys. >> yummy. >> this is beautiful. oh, wow. >> pour a drink. >> you want a drink? >> yeah. >> hand over the wassail. we have turkey three ways, and the wassail and desserts. >> apple pie, we have a pumpkin pie. >> going with the classics. but with "the chew's" spin on them. and they are all going to be on our website, those recipes. and, of course, you guys check out "the chew" weekday afternoons at 1:00, noon central
8:53 am
right here on abc. and, again, these recipes are easy, they are delicious. and i love the option of a turkey three ways. hello. >> hello. [ laughter ] what's going on? >> a little connection. >> you guys are going to be doing twitter chats on thanksgiving as well. >> absolutely. >> starting today. >> turkey assistance. >> turkey assistance. you can get it all on our website as well. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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no. uh-huh-huh! ♪ so we're just pigging out here. we're ready for thanksgiving. thank you guys for coming in. big day tomorrow on "gma," deals and steals. that's going to be so much fun with tory. and disney on ice, "frozen" live right here. and also today on ""the chew,"" side dishes for a sumptuous thanksgiving. have a great day. ♪ ♪
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. got rain today. let's talk to mike about what's coming. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. here's the cold front. light to moderate showers there but we do have a moist flow behind the cold front that will spark a few isolated showers as we head into the mid-afternoon hours but you can see they're not going to be nearly as widespread as what we've dealt with earlier today. let's talk about the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're dry ton but intense rain tomorrow, thunderstorms and more rain saturday. as we take you to the altamont pass, there's a sig alert due to an overturned big rig, eastbound side of 580 at greenville road. two lanes taken away causing big
9:00 am
backups. westbound traffic is clear but announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, actor and author russell brand. and from the series, "the good wife," matt czurchy. plus, katie brown is here to help us kick off our superstar thanksgiving secrets reveal week. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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