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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 24, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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seen crowds swelling in the past hour, take a look at this area. you've seen protestors filling the streets. today, missouri governor made a plea for calm. >> law enforcement officials continue to maintain open lines of communications to improve and prevent violence. >> this decision was reached by a jury of nine caucasians and nine african americans. that is a a representative of st. louis county. >> this incident touched off a nerve from coast to coast tonight. in oakland, sky 7 is over frank ogowa plaza you can see people have gathered for what is
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supposed to be a 7:00 p.m demonstration. alisa, we wait. >> crowd here is growing. demonstrators are chanting and holding up signs that show faces of others killed by police officers. the goal is to keep protests peaceful. demonstrators will gather in downtown oakland demanding justice for michael brown. >> it's important we be heard. and this needs to be stopped. this is what some residents and business owners are worried about. protests turned violent, leading to arrests and downtown trashed. >> destroying oakland and
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businesses here is not going to make the decision better or change anything. >> some businesses closed early. and the security ambassador passed out packages. the mayor says she expects part of it reads the department is prepare toed respond in opd adds officers understand the importance of free speech people here are waiting for the decision the city opened up
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centers. >> thank you, alisa. in san francisco, civil rights leaders went to mayor ed lee's office. we're live in the mission with more, leanne? >> behind me, you can see protestors. and this demonstration, they're joining hundreds of protests around the nation. that is also for anyone, victims
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of police brutality. >> we need to be organizing against that. >> the naacp is having a mission. let me tell you what is going to happen this evening. some team around 6:30 they'll march here down to 16th street. but for now, it's a peaceful demonstration i counted 12-15 demonstrators here in the mission. we'll follow the decision
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closely. we're prepared to go back to live reporters if we need to during this newscast and we're tweeting developments on abc7 news bay area. >> just stay here, we'll bring it to you immediately. the window washer survived an 11-story sfaul last week is fighting for his life. he a passing car broke his they said, quote, we're amazed if he felt a high distance and survived. everyone is thankful as well we know smart phone robberies are rampant but rarely lead to murder. this evening, a young man was
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shot to death at noe and henry street. >> about 60% of the robberies in san francisco involve cell phones. his clouds friends mourned his death at the spot he died. >> just hanging out in my room, just talking. >> there lies my brother, my best friend. >> officers combed the neighborhood looking for more evidence that could lead to arrests. numerous homes on the street have security cameras which could identify the killers. michael was shot to death shortly after midnight here on henry street in dubois triangle. >> he dropped his girlfriend
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off. and five people jumped out of a car, shot him, took his smart phone and backpack. as word got out, neighbors responded with alarm. >> shocking. this has been a very peaceful neighborhood. >> his friends remembered him as a caring and giving person. he worked at a >> maria said he had one thing that will hopefully make killers think long and hard what they did. >> he carries a bible with him in the backpack. that was in there. that bible.
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>> police source tells abc7 news he was shot when resisted giving his possession possessions to the robbers. no arrests have been made. >> san francisco police want to learn more about the death of a man who appeared to be the examiner is working to identify the man. >> governor brown has named a 38-year-old attorney to the california supreme court. he is a deputy assistant attorney general. a long long native went to yale law school, arguing 12 cases before the u.s. supreme court. krueger has never been a judge. she's drieb described as perhaps the most outstanding lawyer in america under age 40. if confirmed she'll be the
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second african american to serve on the state's high court. >> still ahead, pablo sando volume deal. >> too much trash. evidence of the biggest city polluting san francisco bay. >> we're looking at mild days ahead through thanksgiving. if rain is on the way it could last a while i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and a live picture from ferguson, missouri we wait for the grand jury decision to be announced in the michael brown case. stay with us.
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well, panda about to become extinct at at & t park. world series star pablo sandoval is leaving san francisco. it's all over. a movie is about to premier. wayne? we hate to see him go. >> that is right, dan the movie depicting the world series run one of the main characters is not long in this town.
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when riding with his fellow giants, theed into mood was a curtain call. >> we're going to see you back here >> the man who hit three home runs in one world series in 2012 truly a mr. october signed with the american league's boston red sox five years and $90 did not come as a surprise. >> one that will allow a third baseman with a continuing weight battle as a designated hitter in the american league.
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no panda hats. they've been out for a while. and yet, as exits go, the kung fu panned wra was one for the ages. this memory, eternal. >> at abc7 news you'll find pictures you've sent us over the past year of giants fans >> a bay area company recycles scrap metal agreed to pay a fine for which we twr fined $189,000 in september. now, the company settled a civil case worth $2.4 mill for contaminating the area with
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lead, copper and zinc. >> an environmental group told the city to expect a lawsuit for polluting the bay. bay keepers saying they failed to keep trash from washing into the bay. storm runoff is considered the biggest source of pollution. >> a fom up to a story reported last week here on abc7 news. we showed you median barriers designed to prevent drivers from going around the guard arms. there is evidence cars have been hitting them.
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>> live to ferguson, missouri and announcement of the decision from the grand jury that darren wilson and michael brown shooting case. >> on august 9th, michael brown was shot and killed by police officer darren wilson. within minutes various accounts of the incident began appearing on social media filled with speculation, and little, if any, solid accurate information. almost immediately, neighbors began gathering and anger began brewing because of the descriptions of what happened. and because of the under lying tension between the police department and significant part of the neighborhood. st. louis police conducted an investigation at the crime scene at times under trying circumstances. begin tag day, continuing for three months, along with the agents of the fbi at the direction of attorney general
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eric holder located numerous individuals and gathered evidence and information. fully aware of the unfounded but growing concern in parts of the concern that the investigation and review of the tragic death might not be full and fair. i decided immediately that all of the physical evidence gathered, all people claiming to have witnessed any part or all of the shooting, and any and all other related matters would be presented to the grand jury the grand jury and 12 members of the community selected by a judge before the shooting occurred i would like to briefly expand upon the unprecedented cooperation between local and federal authorities. when the attorney general holder announced the federal investigation just days after the shooting he pledged federal investigators will be working with local authorities every step of the way. and would follow facts where they might take us
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general holder and i pledged separate investigations follow that had trail of facts with no preconceived notion of why that journey would take us our goal is that if our investigation would be thorough to give the grand jury, department of justice and public available evidence to make an informed information. all evidence obtained by authorities was immediately shared with st. louis county investigators. likewise, evidence gathered by st. louis county police was immediately shared with the federal investigators. the department of justice conducted an examination of the physical evidence and performed it's own autopsy. another request was performed at the request of the brown family all of the information was shared testimony was provided to the department of justice. so though investigations are separate, both local and federal
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government have the same information and evidence. our investigation and presentation of the evidence to the grand jury has been completed. the most significant challenge has been 24 hour news cycle and insatiable appetite to talk about. following with nonstop rumors on social media. i recognize the lack of accurate detail frustrates the media and general public. yet those details, especially about physical evidence give law enforcement a yard stick for measuring truthfulness of witnesses eyewitness accounts must be challenged and compared against evidence many witnesses made statements inconsistent with other states they made and conflicting with the physical evidence. some were reef futed by the
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physical evidence. as an example before results of the private autopsy, witnesses on social media during interview was the media, and during questioning by law enforcement claimed they saw officer wilson stand over michael brown and fire many rounds into his back. of the claim that officer wilson shot mr. brown in the back as mr. brown was running away. once the autopsy findings were released showing he had not sustained wounds to the back of his body. no additional witnesses made such a claim. and several witness as justed their stories in subsequent statements. some even admitted they did not witness the event at all but merely repeated what they heard in the neighborhood, or others, or assumed had happened. fortunately for the integrity of the investigation, almost all initial witness interviews were
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recorded. the statements and testimony of most witnesses were presented to the grand jury before >> tollsy results were released by the media. and before several media outlets published information in reports received from a washington, d.c. government official. the jurors were, therefore, prior to the time of the release of the information going public and what followed in the news kiekel, jurors were able to have assessed credibility of the witnesses, including those witnesses whose statements and testimony remained consistent throughout every interview and with the physical evidence in this case. my two assistants began presenting to the grand jury august 20th the evidence was presented in organized manner. jurors gave us a schedule of when they can meet all 12 were present for every session all 12 jurors heard every word of testimony and examined every
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item of evidence. beginning august 20th until today, grand jury worked to examine and re-examine testimony of the witnesses and physical evidence te were engaged in the process. asking questions of every witness, requesting specific witnesses, requesting spes information and heard testimony from about 60 witnesses and reviewed hours and hours of recordings of media and law enforcement interviews by many of the witnesses who testified. they heard from three medical examiners and experts on blood, dna, firearms and drug analysis, examined hundreds of photographs. they examined physical evidence. they were instructed on the law
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and presented with five indictments ranging from murder in the first degree to involuntary manslaughter. the burden to determine if probable cause exists to believe a crime was committed and that darren wilson is the person that commit that had crime. there no question of course that darren wilson caused the death of michael brown by shooting him. but the irkwnquiry does not end there. the law authorizes a law enforcement officer to use deadly force in certain situations and all people to use deadly force to defend themselves the grand jury considered whether wilson was initial aggressor. in this case, or whether he was, or whether there was probable cause to believe he was authorized as a law enforcement officer to use deadly force in this situation or acted in self-defense. i detail this two reasons first, so everyone will know as
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promised by me and attorney general holder, there was a full investigation and presentation of evidence and appropriate instruction of law to the grand jury. second, as a caution to those in and out of the media who will pounce on a single sentence or a single witness and decide what should have happened in this case base owed n that tiny fact of information. the duty of the grand jury is to separate fact from fiction. after a full and impartial and critical examination of all of the evidence and despite that evidence supported filing any criminal charges of darren wilson they completed a responsibility manner. it is important to note here and say again, that they are the only people, the only people who have heard and examined every witness, every piece of evidence. they discussed and debated evidence among themselves before
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arriving at a collective decision. after exhaustive review, the grand jury deliberated over two days, making their final decision. they determined that no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer wilson and returned a no truth bill on five indictments. physical evidence examined bit grand jury completed with the physical evidence tells the accurate and tragic story of what happened. a general synopsis follows please note as promised, evidence presented to the grand jury with some exceptions, and the testimony of the witnesses called to the grand jury will be released at the conclusion of this statement. at approximately 11:45 a.m saturday, the 9th of august,
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ferguson police officer was called to a 2-month-old baby having trouble breathing. wilson heard a radio broadcast for a stealing in progress at a market. the broadcast included a brief description of the suspect. a black male, white tee shirt, took a box of swisher cigars other officers were dispatched to the store. officer wilson remained with the mother and infant until ems arrived to transport them to the hospital, then left northland complex in a police vehicle and drove west on canfield toward west floreson. an additional description of the suspect was broadcast at that time. red hat, yellow socks, khaki shorts and with another male. officer wilson was attending to the emergency call, michael
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brown and a companion were in the local convenience store. michael brown's activity in the store was reported by the store security camera. video often played following his release in august by the ferguson police department shows michael brown grabbing a handful of ciagrillos without paying. someone inside called the police. after crossing west floresson, the two crossed in the middle of the street. officer wilson continued west on canfield he encountered michael brown and his companion wilson slowed or stopped and reached mr. brown, he told him to move to the sidewalk. words were exchanged. they continued walking down the middle of the street. as they passed wilson observed that michael brown had cigarillos and wearing a red
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hat, yellow socks. approximately 12:02 p.m wilson radioed that he had two individuals on canfield and needed assistance. officer wilson backed his vehicle, blocking their path, and blocking the flow of traffic in both directions. several cars approached from both east and west but unable to pass the police vehicle. an altercation took place at the car with officer wilson seated inside of the vehicle and mr. brown standing at the driver's window. during the altercation, two shots were fired by officer wilson while still inside of the vehicle. mr. brown ran east on canfield, officer wilson gave chase near the corner of canfield and copper creek mr. brown stopped and turned towards officer wilson. michael brown moved toward officer wilson, several more shots were fired by the officer, and michael brown was fatally
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wounded. within seconds, of the final shot, the assist car arrived less than 90 seconds passed before the first contact with michael brown and his companion and arrival of that assist car. during the investigation, many eye witnesses were interviewed by media outlets several chose to contact law enforcement directly. witnesses were interviewed by local and federal law enforcement. sometimes together somewhering times separately. all previous statements of witnesses were also presented to the grand jury, where they were media interviews or whether interviews by the fbi or county police department. the statements of all witnesses, civilian, law enforcement, experts were challenged of course by other law enforcement, by prosecutors and grand jurors themselves
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the common and highly effective method of challenging a statement is to care it to previous statements of the witness and with physical evidence. physical evidence does not change because of public pressure or personal agenda. physical evidence does not look away as events unfold. nor does it block out or add to memory. physical evidence remains constant. as such, is a solid foundation upon which cases are built. statements change, witnesses were confronted with the inconsistencies and conflicts between statements and physical evidence. some witnesses admitted they didn't see the shooting or only saw part of the shooting. or only repeating what they'd heard on the street. some others adjusted parts of the statements to fit the facts. others stood by original statements though their stams were discredited by physical evidence. several witnesses described seeing an altercation in the car
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between mr. brown and officer wilson, described as tuesdayeling, wrestling, tug-of-war or just movement. several other witnesses described mr. brown as punching officer wilson while mr. brown was partially inside of the vehicle. many of the witnesses said they heard a gun shot while mr. brown was partially inside of the vehicle. one witness says no part of mr. brown was ever inside of the vehicle and that the shot was fired through an open window while mr. brown was standing outside. the vehicle and officer wilson's clothing and equipment were examined by technicians and scientists, mr. brown's blood or dna were located on the outside of the driver's door. his blood and dna were found on the outside of the left rear passenger door of the police vehicle. mr. brown's blood or dna found on the inside of the driver's
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door. the upper left thigh of officer wilson's pant leg, front collar of officer wilson's shirt and on officer wilson's weapon. a bullet fired from officer wilson's weapon was located inside of the driver's door. the shot fired from inside of the vehicle, striking the door, downward angle at the arm rest. second bullet not recovered. regarding gunshot wound to mr. brown should be noted three separate autopsies were conducted but by st. louis county, one a private pathologist and one by the decht of defense armed forces medical examiner. the results of the three autopsies are consistent in all significant respects. mr. brown has a gunshot graze wound to the right thumb. path of the bullet is away from the tip of the hand, soot
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conconstent with a close range gunshot is present inside of the wound. officer wilson had a medical examination indicating swelling and redness to the face. almost all witnesses stated after hearing the shot fired while mr. brown was at the car he hesitated then ran east. most statements almost immediately, officer wilson chased after him. some witnesses stated wilson fired at mr. brown as he chased after him. striking him. one witness saying he struck. or one shot struck mr. brown. others stated he did not fire, until mr. brown turned and came back toward officer wilson. one witness stated as officer wilson gout out of the vehicle, he shot mr. brown multiple times, another witness stated officers wilson stuck his gun
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out of the window and fired as mr. brown was running. one witness state there'd were two police vehicles and four officerses present but only one officer fired a weapon. most agreed near the corner of canfield and copper creek mr. brown stopped and turned around. some said mr. brown did not move toward officer wilson but shot multiple times as he stood near the corner with his hands raised. subsequent interviews with law enforcement or testimony before the grand jury, many of the same witnesses acknowledged they didn't see the shooting. some were running for cover. some relating what they heard from others, or, as i said, what they assumed happened in this case. so, other witnesses maintained their original statement mr. brown had his hands in the air not moving towards the officer when he was shot. others said he was shot, excuse
6:35 pm
me, several witnesses stated that mr. brown did not raise his hands or briefly and then, dropped them and turned toward officer wilson who then fired rounds. other witnesses state mr. ed brown stopped for a very brief period then moved toward officer wilson again. one described movement toward officer wilson as a full charge. according to some witnesses, officer wilson stopped firing when mr. brown stopped moving toward him and resumed firing when mr. brown started moving toward him, again. these witnesses did not make any statements to the media. the description of how mr. brown's hands raised his hands or the position of his hands is not consistent among witnesses. some described hands as out too-to-his side. some said in front of him, palms up. others said raised near his head, or shoulders others say in front of his chest
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or down by his stomach. others described hands in running position or fists. there are various witness statements regarding mr. brown's movement after he stopped and turned back toward officer wilson. several witnesses said mr. brown was shot where he stood at the corner. most said that shots were fired as he moved towards wilson. mr. brown's movements described as walking, moving fast, stumbling or full charge. like other aspects in this case descriptions were found in subsequent statements or testimony. the area was processed by the st. louis county crime screen unit. 12 rounds were fired by officer wilson. two at the car, ten more farther east on canfield mr. brown sustained a graze wound to the thumb standing next
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to the vehicle. he sustained 6 or 7 more gunshot wounds depending on whether one shot was enry or reentry wound mr. brown sustained a second graze wound to the right bicep. also sustained wounds to right fore arm, upper front right arm, literal right chest, upper right chest, forehead and top of the head. top of the head, forehead and perhaps upper right chest were consistent of the body being bent forward at the waist. except for first and last wounds, the medical examiners are unable to determine the order of the shot the graze wound on the thumb was the only close range shot. the shot to the top of the head likely the last, rendered him
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immediately unconscious, mr. brown's body locate add prochlly 153 feet east of officer wilson's car. mr. brown's blood was located approximately 25 feet farther east past his body. nearly tenant during a video chat inadvertently captured final ten shots on tape. there was a string of several shots followed by a brief pause, followed by another string of several shots. as i stated earlier, evidence and testimony will be released following this statement. i'm ever mindful that this decision -- >> you're listening to the st. louis county prosecutor describing the process by which the grand jury reached a decision tonight. no probable cause to file charges. what is called a no true bill in
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the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri you can see protestors lined up and oofsers in front of them. so far we don't see clashes just yet. >> no. this is just now being announced let's hope things stay peaceful. given the level of anger and concern in ferguson and parts of the country we'll have to see what happens this night. and in oakland, hundreds have gather add waiting the decision the headline, there will be no criminal charges filed against officer darren wilson in the shooting of michael brown in august in ferguson, missouri. >>
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we're following this breaking news, ferguson, missouri you see protestors out there the decision that there is no probable cause to indict officer darren wilson in the death of 18-year-old michael brown. >> you're looking live at hundreds and hundreds of demonstrators in ferguson.
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protestors are marching in and around the area of 7th and broadway. around a block from the police substation. so far, there have been no problems there. they're just marching making voices heard on this matter. let's go to the ground now. >> that is where alisa harrington is. alisa tell us what you're seeing and hearing there now. >> when they were waiting they were listening to car radios to what is going on, checking phones. when announced there would be no indictment it was like the air was sucked out of the crowd. quiet. then, some of the group started marching down broadway. that is where most are now, still marching. you can see there is still a large group of protestors. holding up signs saying things
6:44 pm
like black people matter and arrest officer wilson. it is peaceful. that is what the city wants to see tonight. they say they do respect rights to have free speech they want to avoid any sorts of violence. and saying they will intervene if people start destroying property or put lives in danger. >> thank you. >> now, across the bay, demonstrators gathered in san francisco. >> they started here at 5:00. they were booing once the verdict came down. they started chanting no
6:45 pm
justice, no peace they said disappointing yet not surprising. you can see the organization that is putting on this demonstration. with signs that you can see justice for mike brown, it's been so far a peaceful demonstration about 12 to 15 in what is also interesting that we haven't seen many police officers here. i'm counting 1, 2. three on motorcycles and then, one police car on the corner saying away from them because has been peaceful. they told me they're going to be marching from here, 24th to
6:46 pm
16th. >> taking a look now at sky 7 hd. a couple hundred of marching to the police investigation. there have been no trouble so far and people seemed determined to try to keep this peaceful. make a point but keep it peaceful. >>
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an ordinance puts oakland zoo at odds with the circus. trainers use them to control elephants. they dab and yank with them. >> we went from a mandatory offense to manage our elephant. we can manage without inflicting
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pain. >> the circus threatened to stop coming to oakland if adopted. >> all right. we're in a nice dry spell. cool out there. but maybe watching more rain. >> yes. let's get to spencer christian. >> yes. clear skies over the bay area now. you can see from this live view, tomorrow, going to be a winter spare the air day. and looks like poor air quality in the north bay. high pressure bringing us a string of dry days including thanksgiving we have a rainy pattern beginning by weekend. overnight, clear skies, chilly conditions inland valleys. low temperatures dropped into 30s in spots.
6:51 pm
and low 70s, dry, mild through thursday. it's going to be a wet weekend through and into next week. >> protestors marching towards the police headquarters. >> so far, no problems but continuing to watch what's happening there.
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back to wreak breaking news now. sky 7 flying over oakland. this is at 7th and broad way near 880. some people, we understand have been trying to block the freeway. and police vowed to let people protest. as long as they don't try to hurt anyone they'll let it continue. >> there, you can see they're blocking that rest at 280.
6:55 pm
this is stemming from the decision of the death of the michael brown case the prosecutor announced and the grand jury decided there is no probable cause to indict the officer. >> that is right. we understand that in just about four minutes' time, president obama is going to address the nation on this case he will try to urge calm as people react to this decision over darren wilson, michael brown incident. hundreds of protestors have been, now we see officers on the move moving across that 880 onramp. presumably to confront some protestors who have been trying to block that on ramp. they've been waiting for the decision and it came down within the hour. >> yes. and michael brown's family
6:56 pm
saying which ever way this goes the president expected to speak to the nation. mate happen at 7:00, maybe shortly after we'll take that live for you to watch it we have latest on our twitter feed. >> there will be a few to cause frubl. and we're going to continue to stay here until the top of the hour here. we want to bring you to president obama's remarks as well coming up at 7:00. but before we go we've got a moment here. let me talk about something different. in three minutes everything you own could go up in flames house fires are burning faster than ever before. i'm going to show you things in your home
6:57 pm
making it so dangerous, why officials are so concerned for your safety. >> our greatest loss of live during drenz shall fires we need to be able to protect people and that is in their homes. >> so what is causing these fires? find out tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> we're going to take a break and expecting to hear the president address the nation
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