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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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escape burst into flames. >> we used our train block everyone in. a couple people were able to get poupt but we blocked in the majority. >> as police blocked in the side show, a red van tried to make a run for it by smashing into a fence. as occupants got out of a van they included a child in a stroller. highway patrol says there were also gunshots fired from the crowd but no one was hurt. >> another sprawler side show event posted on youtube. this one near high street, also wednesday in oakland. >> that don't thrill me at all. >> oakland community and youth activity sees the side show activity as dangerous distraction as a city that needs to focus its energy elsewhere. >> i ask the police force block off people driving off in cars and other people burning up the
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city, that bothers me more. >> a number of guns were seized. several individuals were detained. there will be more information on friday. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> business owners in oakland spent thanksgiving morning cleaning up shattered glass. vandals broke windows for a third consecutive night. damage concentrated along the broadway corridor. 35 people were arrested last night. 170 arrests since monday. oakland's police department cancelled all time officer saturday. there will be more bikes on foot and bicycle so they are more nimble. a looting in ferguson was edited to vand lialism in oakland. this was an intentional. this was an error in the video process.
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we made a mistake and we regret the jer popper error. man and woman were held at gunpoint and kidnapped early this morning. victims were sitting in their car when three men confronted them demanding money. at least two of the suspects had guns. one got into the couple's car and ordered them to drive to a nearby atm to withdraw cash. the robbers took an unknown amount of cash as the victims were not hurt. east bay regional park police are searching for two men accused of robbing and killing a 60-year-old biker tuesday. officers say another hiker heard gunshots while on the trail near skyline boulevard before finding 60-year-old david rundel's body. the the teacher n in danville had been shot three times at close range. police call it a rare incident for the area. thanksgiving hikers on the trail today agreed.
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>> this is a place that feels really peaceful and tranquil most of the time. the idea that someone would get shot here doesn't cross my mind. >> it is not a common thing. it is really rare. >> on this thanksgiving day, a plea for help from parents of a young man shot to death over a smart phone. they are asking for the public's help in catching the killers. abc 7 news reporter vick lee is in the newsroom with a follow-up to a story he first reported monday. vic? >> a cold blooded brazen robbery. a robbery which turned into murder. now michael markez's parents rushed to the hospital only to be told their son had died. on this thanksgiving, there is a void in the marquez family home. but say they are still thankful. >> there is still part of him in our hearts. he is part of us on today on thanksgiving. the word kill or murder is not something i like to put around my brother. it is more that he is not with
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me any more. >> karina is michael's sister. michael was shot to death as he and two friends walked down a quiet street in the city's triangle early monday morning. five people jumped out of a car and robbed them at gunpoint. they shot marquez, then took his smart phone and backpack. his parents were told at the hospital he had passed. >> it is so hurtful. so painful. my wife and i just been crying a lot. and i feel like there is no tears left in me. >> he is a very loving person. a person that would do anything for his family and friends. first over himself. >> a police source tells us marquez may have been shot because he resisted his attacker's commands. >> he would stand up to any bully against his friends. what is bothering his friends. that is what type of character
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michael. >> police have made no arrests. until they do, marquez's family says justice is an illusive word. >> people who heard the first gunshot, the please come forward if there is any evidence, please give it to the police. san francisco pd. >> now michael marquez worked at a restaurant. his family and friends tell us that at closing time, instead of throwing food away, he would bag it and give it to the homeless. an example of his giving nature. >> vic, thank you very much. napa valley was rattled by a string of three very small earthquakes today. all three hitting south of yonkville. and just a few miles apart. strongest of the three was back at 3.1 and that happened at 12:36 this afternoon. the county sheriff dispatcher said she received fewer than ten calls about it. no injuries reported. >> a mountain lion spotd today
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roaming a neighborhood in santa cruz. police sent out this picture calling a cat a puma. that is interchangeable with mountain lion. some call them cougars too. someone was keeping an eye on it. big cat was last seen headed towards uc santa barbara campus. >> you know this is a gigantic shopping day, right? black friday weekend under way. these are live pictures from macy's at union square in san francisco and target store in hayward. look at those crowds. they may not be as big as they will be tomorrow. but abc 7's alisa joining us. alisa? >> reporter: one shopper behind me has seven tvs in his shopping cart. getting a good deal does come at a price. a lot of people in here are missing out on thanksgiving
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events and some tell me they wish retailers would keep black friday deals to fridays only. here is video of when the doors finally open here at best buy to avoid chaos and things like pushing and shoving. workers let small groups in in waves. some people waited 30 hours for deals on hot ticket ooit items, like tvs and computers. >> it is getting earlier and earlier. a lot of people are missing thanksgiving. >> deal seekers formed a line that wrapped clear around the building thanksgiving day. trading in home cooked thanksgiving turkey and mashed potato for fast-food chicken nuggets and french fries. first in line, sitting in a fold-out chair since wednesday. >> you want the deals, you have to come early. >> he is after a 50 inch tv that retails for $550. behind him david cruz slept in a tent battling chilly overnight temperatures to get his hands on
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electronics. >> out of the 365 days of the year, for one day, i'm crazy. >> retailers opening their doors honlt day, offering door buster deals a day early. shoppers are here by choice but employees aren't. thousands of petitions, including one for k-mart workers, saying they risk being fired for taking thanksgiving off. >> they can't spend time with their family, that's what it is all about. >> a bill would double holiday pay. katherine children is splitting two-hour shifts to stand in line. >> we do it early, the day before thanks giving. >> alisa harrington, abc 7 news. >> and if you're preparing your black friday shopping list, go to abc 7 we have a list of stores open tonight and where you can find the best deals. still ahead on abc 7 news at
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6:00, thanksgiving dinner at lee high stadium. 49ers faithful hoping to roast a bird tonight. >> and we don't mean turkeys. >> a dry day for black friday shoppers. is that end of the dryness? i'll have the results in a moment. >> and the san francisco auto show tonight. the dream of owning a vehicle, on the cutting edge. and here is thanksgiving dinner prepared today in san francisco. 5,000 people left with full stomachs, thanks to the work of hundreds of
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shopping and football are as much of a holiday tradition for some people as time with friends and family. but a lot of bay area family have another favorite to add to the list. a visit to san francisco international aught no show. abc 7 stopped by to take a look. >> reporter: you're looking at a presidential campaign promise exceeded. in 1928, herbert hoover told americans to expect a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. there are no chickens, but they do have 600 cars right here for the touching. >> white and silver is the best car it keep clean. >> why do they have a lot of white and silver cars here? >> that's something i haven't figured out. >> if you kept an eye on car
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shows through the years, they have changed a lot, just as we have. companies used to tout style. now consumers demand more than that. according to kevin diamond. >> where you are getting changes now is you are getting changes in technology that goes into the car. collision avoidance systems. navigation systems. and ergonomics. >> you're not talking air bags, are you? >> air bags? >> did it hurt? >> no, absolutely not. >> meantime, gather around. stair. >> where else other than a drive-in movie can you find people sitting in cars, clutching steering wheels and going nowhere? >> in your mind right now. line the wheel, where are you driving? >> where am i driving? >> yeah. >> i'm driving to the ocean. >> along the coast. >> everybody is along the coast. it is getting crowded. pick another one. >> probably to the mountains. >> is he speeding? >> yes. >> no one said they were driving
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home for a turkey dinner even on thanksgiving. from the car show, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> this morning, setting up pregame tailgate parties. the menu reflected that but there is also something very unusual being cooked. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live outside levi stadium show to us what it is. >> a blue turkey. yes, blue. in a boiling vat of hot oil. much the way the fans are hoping the niners will handle the seahawks tonight. it may be thanksgiving but there is no place fans would rather be. thanksgiving dinner or niners. these fans decided they could have both. tailgaters prepared with a few dishes normally not stadium food. >> we have two turkeys that my beautiful wife over here cooked yesterday. we have a ham. all of the thanksgiving fixing he and then we're going to cook some appetizers on the barbecue
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just so we keep the tailgate tradition going. >> that would include hot links anbar be cue ribs. there's a blue turkey, symbolizing what niners fans would like do with the seahawks. >> they're tough birds. >> we got a knife. i'm con iffident we're going to carve them up tonight. >> we brought a special for them. they wore green jerseys. we brought a special bird for them to have. they're not getting the good stuff. >> recognizing that deep frying a turkey takes longer than grilling a tri-tip roast, the gates opened early. some game-goers say they will be in trouble if they don't save room for left overs when they get home. >> saving your appetite. >> for sure. don't take a picture of the food. i'm supposed to be save mig appetite. sorry, mother-in-law. >> we couldn't help but notice this chef grilling veggies. seems healthy but not in with
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the tailgating. >> oh, decoration. everything else is under oil over there. deep frying stuff. it is just decoration for around the turkey. >> one family here with split loyalties and one might be stewing after tonight's game. >> how do you keep peace in the family. >> i let her cheer when the niners score and i cheer when the seahawks score. >> a bay area man is giving thanks today by opening up his restaurant and his wallet. this was the line this morning outside the restaurant in mountain view. hundreds lined up for a free meal. the 25th year, giving way turkey meals with all of the fixings to anyone. not just people in need. some people said they went just because they didn't feel like cooking at home. >> people feel good when they make something. so happy to have a place no go. and they give me hugs. give me thank you. it is just priceless. >> so nice. >> setting up extra tables that
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seat about 120 more people at a time. the owner estimates they gave away more than 1500 free meals today. >> big family there. big abc family here. wishing you happy thanksgiving. >> from my family to yours. >> great weather. >> thank you. weather turned out great today. no commuting problems here in the bay area. and remains nice fo for shoppers tomorrow. mainly clear skies. a bit of haze today. air quality is improving. check out this nice clear view of the financial district of downtown san francisco from our explorer to yum camera. currently 61 degrees. oakland 58. redwood city 58. 48 at half moon bay. east bill hays camera looking west across the bay. 57 right now at santa rosa.
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low 50s at pet laluma. a colorful scene along the embarcadaro. dry during the day tomorrow. good news for shoppers. rain develops in the north. and we have a wet pattern starting tomorrow night continuing saturday through next weps. we are getting a good bit of rain fall out of that string of wet days. here is satellite image. rim of high pressure with lovely thanksgiving day today. keep us dry tomorrow. clouds are increasing tomorrow and followed by a series of wet weather system. unsettled weather with us for several days and that means several days of some periods of rain. we start our forecast animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning. notice how the clouds increase during the day. by mid to late afternoon, rain developing in the north bay. and swinging south down to golden gate but most of the rain, even by midnight, confined to the north bay just a little bit of it moving north, moving south rather and east of golden gate. but overnight, into saturday morning, more widespread.
6:19 pm
during the day saturday and into saturday night, areas of rain and showers covering most of the bay a area. then sunday, monday and tuesday, we get more concentrated rain fall. heavier at times and by wednesday of next week we project rain fall totals. generally across the north bay and bay area mountains. and other locations seeing 1 to 3 inches. >> now overnight, look for partly cloudy skies. lots of clear areas as well. low temperatures generally mid up toer 40s. tomorrow, some sunshine in south bay and east bay. clouds in the north bay with the arrival of rain tomorrow. highs from low 60s to mid and upper 60s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day frost. look at all the rain we are getting, yay. sunday, a soggy sunday. little bit of sunshine monday. but periods of rain as well. more rain on tuesday. showers on wednesday and finally drying out next thursday. no complaints, bring it on.
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>> can't complain. we need it. coming up, annual turkey trot. san jose tradition. you will meet one of the brothers who has female announcer: get 36 monthsnksgiving weekend interest-free financing. plus, big savings of up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! but mattress price wars ends sunday,
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still no clue tonight at who left $100,000 in cash at a burger king. employees were stunned when they found an abandoned blue backpack left into n a booth.
6:23 pm
inside, money, candy, marijuana and bank deposit note but no information about who it belong to. assistant manager turned the money over to the police. >> this is the right thing that i did, that i didn't keep somebody's money. so this is very great. >> investigators are working with the bank to see whether the bank deposit slips can point them to rightful owner. burger king was closed today pour thanksgiving but they will check with the police first thing in the morning. >> the annual silicon valley turkey trot. one person who didn't finish, got lots of applauds just for trying. 28-year-old maggie anderson used a new device to walk outdoors for the first time since she was paralyzed 11 years ago. a robotic suit lets her move her legs by shifting her weight. >> i always wanted to walk again but there was that part of me that goes, it might not happen.
6:24 pm
just being upright, looking at people in their eyes, giving my sister a hug for the first time standing up. >> the rewalk got fda approval this past summer. as for turkey trot, runners dough nighted 40,000 pounds of canned food and raised close to $1 million for nonprofits. >> still coming up tonight on abc 7 news, protesters try to stir up trouble at macy's thanks giving day parade, of all places. we will show you what happened. >> power's out tonight in much of the northeast. you will see winter weather conditions that have left thousands in the dark. >> cancer had nearly taken my life. but what it left me with was an opportunity to help people. >> and the place where miracles
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a ferguson protesters tried to disrupt the macy's thanksgiving day parade today.
6:28 pm
[ whistleblowing ] >> this video posted on instagram this morning showed demonstrators clashing with police protesting a grand jury decision ton indict an officer for killing an unarmed teenager in ferguson, missouri. at least seven people were arrest had today. but the parade went on as planned and was not disrupted. >> this has been a dark thanks giving in the northeastern united states. more than 200,000 people left without electricity in new hampshire today because of a big snowstorm they're having. another hundred thousand without power in neighboring maine and there's no estimate on when it might be restored. some people have been told it could take days and for many, of course thanksgiving, is put on hold. >> scheduled for tomorrow, not saturday. not sunday. but we will get it in there. >> what are your thanksgiving plans? >> it messed it up terribly. no electricity, no heat, no water. >> that woman is in upstate new york where another 50,000 are in the dark. a local utility company came in but it could be the weekend
6:29 pm
before power comes back on. >> supreme court justice ginsburg was released from the hospital on thanksgiving day. the 81-year-old was hospitalized after experiencing discomfort while exercising. sheund sheunder underwent surgery where doctors put in a stint to release the blockage they found. she is expected to be back at work monday morning when the court begins its next round of oral arguments. it has become thanksgiving day tradition here on abc 7 news, to bring you an update on a free camp for children with cancer an their families. their name begins with unit to heal from hurt. they have been helping families heal for 33 years. i visited the camp recently and heard some powerful stories. >> cancer had nearly taken my life. but what it left me with is with an opportunity to help people and give back to those who had given me so much.
6:30 pm
>> this youtube video shows brianna pouring her heart out during a conference in the summer about her two battles with cancer. she talks about choosing to fulfill her dream of dancing and choose tock grateful in spite of her ordeal. brianna is from ucla, a berkeley graduate. >> i don't need any more -- >> i met her at camp in the sierra foot hills where she is showing her gratitude for the camp. by being a counsellor for children living with cancer. including my own young nephew, nolan. it is kind of like herding cats with the little campers. brianna understands. she was a camper after her first fight with cancer. >> i was just growing hair on hi head. i had peach fuzz. but i felt very much at home with other kids and their bald head too. >> sooner we get out, sooner we get to lunch. >> i was diagnosed with
6:31 pm
nonhodgkins lymphoma. i was able to come to camp for one year, when i was 17. i had a an amazing time. and i applied to be a counsellor the next year. >> his camp name, kodiak, is grateful too. he does lifeguard doughty and anything else that needs to be done. >> it is the best place i can imagine to spend my summer. >> you can see why they are drawn to the camp again and again. and why they want to give back. they all become part after family with a goal of making everyone feel included in all of the activities. and there are a lot of things to do. boating and swimming everyday. or learning to bait a hook to cash a fish or dance together lunch time favorite "uptown girl." ♪ ♪ >> one of the most rewarding things we do is to see anybody who gets the program enough that
6:32 pm
they want to come back, be part of it, add to it and help out going forward. that's the best reward. >> two co-founders get out there with the kids, even on a 100-degree day. john bell and dr. mike amalon have been committed to helping children and families with cancer for 33 years so far. they have separate camps for the oncology kids plus family familiar. and camp for siblings. this week is sibs camp. that's where he tells about where his younger brother c.j. was diagnosed with brain cancer at 16. nolan was 6 at the time. now he's 10. >> projects at schools, i couldn't really do them. i was moving around all the time. >> back and forth to the hospital? >> yeah. >> c.j. came to camp in 2010 even those his chemotherapy made his sick. we saw c.j. again in 2011 for an update. >> i thought the worst case
6:33 pm
scenario. death. >> and during all of this, nolan coped the best he could. >> none of us should be here right now. because it is just unfair. and our siblings, they just -- it is just unfair. >> those feelings and memories are tough. but good news is that c.j. is now able to attend college. sid's camp is crucial so kids can share their emotion et and become support for each other. >> i think in some ways the siblings camp is more important because they have no other resources available to them. >> family camps help moms and dads understand what happens to a sibling when parents are focused on the sick child. >> when the child has it stay with friends for some extended period of time because you're at the hospital, there is anger involved. all those things that get mixed up because after you feel angry about it, then you feel guilty
6:34 pm
about it. >> all too often they sort of think that somehow they must have done something wrong. they think the whole world has forgotten they are there. so it validates the experience they are having and releaves some of the guilt. >> we knew he was sick and in the hospital. >> i slept in his bed a couple times. >> 12-year-old max and his sister, 9-year-old elsa, are talking about their older brother, 14-year-old alec. he was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 when he was just in fifth grade. they were really young when alec was going in and out of the hospital. and now that alec is doing well, the entire family is so grateful. they are supporting the band young max is in, wjm, the initials of the boys, william, james and max. they donate their proceeds to the camp and other charities. and that attitude of choosing to give back won them an invitation to play at a conference at
6:35 pm
united nations plaza in new york to inspire others. that is how the healing magic of the camp affects campers and counsellors. just as it does brianna mercado. >> my life motto is life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. i'm choosing to dance. >> the camp's founders say the need is growing and they need your help to provide additional programs. can you learn more at abc 7 >> what a wonderful organization. >> great. we just love working with tlem. are you getting what you paid for by your internet provider? michael finny looks at why they may be slowing down your
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. tonight, michael looks into the practice of throttling. >> what's when your internet
6:39 pm
service provider slows your service down when they say you are hogging data. >> this week t-mobile agreed to disclose accurate information about the speed of its broadband and to tell its customers when they are being trumped. . about a month ago, at&t acknowledged throttling customers. this after being suit for nondisclosure by the trade commission. >> we might be a victim of throttling. i'm not sure. >> worried he and his wife are throttled by their internet provider, comcast. see, she often watches late night movies. streaming as many as two movies a night on netflix. >> sometimes ten times during the course of watching the movie, i get what i called the dreaded circle. >> the circle warning that only at 25% signal strength. one-fourth of the quality it should be. her husband, bob, explains.
6:40 pm
>> let's see, our previous -- >> it just went off again. >> yes. see, there we go. that's it. >> 25%. it was playing away -- oh! >> the alert came and went quickly. here is some video after similar incident taken by bob. comcast says that isn't throttling. that is a technical difficulty it has been working to resolve since 7 on your side contacted the company about the issue. and in an e-mail it said, comcast does not block or throttle customers. we believe in having strong and enforceable open internet rules. however, on its own website, comcast says that it engages in congestion management. this technique will identify which customers accounts are using the greatest amounts of band width and their internet traffic will be temporarily managed until the congestion period passes. so what's the difference between congestion management and
6:41 pm
throttling? we asked comcast. it says throttling would be preventing customers from visiting certain web sites or using certain applications pour protocols. congestion management it says is testimony prmporarily managed f minutes until it passes. >> it has been widely reported that throttling can be a problem on cable systems as well. >> here is a question rarely asked. is throttling good for most of us? christopher yu is a law professor who recently spoke to the california public utilities commission. >> sometimes when one person is taking too much. it slows them down to make sure that everyone else gets a fair share of their -- >> some compare throttling to metering lights on the freeway. the institute says the only way to avoid throttling is for the government to increase the size
6:42 pm
available for people to get data. >> whether you call it throttling or something less inflammatory, there's a square resource that has to be allocated. >> the issue has to be decided by the end of the year when the federal communications commission wants to attack a free and open internet, what many call net neutrality. comcast maintains the, u is resolved. the couple says it is improved but remains intermittent. >> and still ahead tonight, what happened at a san francisco hospital one year ago today? is giving one family a much deeper reason to be thankful today.
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. if you've already had your thanksgiving meal, this will be too little too late. but do you realize how many calories you've probably had? i'm sure you don't want know anyways. i don't. >> according to research from the calorie control council, the average person consumes 4500 calories eating traditional thanksgiving meal. 3500 at dinner. another 1500 in snacks.
6:46 pm
that's enough fat to equal three cubes of butter. something to think about for maybe next year. >> nah. we have a wonderful update for you right now. a year ago wanda donat one of her kidneys to her nephew. she bass a perfect match. one year later, they are celebrating thanksgiving together and have much to say about the op lags patriot that brought them closer together. >> this is last year. >> now real turkey this time. >> tywan walker missed out on thanksgiving dinner last year, because he and his aunt were in the hospital recovering from kidney transplant. one year later and surrounded by family, tywan says life is so much better. >> i'm happy. i'm just like -- born again. like my second birthday.
6:47 pm
i'm swimming. i'm walking. >> tywan suffered from high blood pressure which damaged his kidneys. he had to undergo dialysis three times a week. >> just, you know, just not having to be hooked up to that machine. it was horrible. >> while tywan began feeling better almost immediate after the operation, duwanda's he can cover recovery is longer. >> they were just there. my daughter, she said, don't say anything to her. she made up her mind. she doll this no matter what we think. >> the successful outcome has given them a purpose in life. both featured in magazines for raising organ donation awareness. especially in the
6:48 pm
african-american community. duwanda added a busy day today. >> honey baked ham. definitely going in. >> both have always been close. today they are kbratful for a year of new experiences. in richmond, abc 7 news. >> all right. well, let's get a check on weather now. >> that's right. spencer is back with the latest. >> okay. mainly clear skies over the bay area right now. statewide right now. look for rain over much of the northern half of the state. work its way down into the bay area. sunny skies, mainly sunny, ohio few high clouds. 74 at los angeles. 84 in palm springs. a mixed picture here in bay area. mainly cloudy skies in north bay tomorrow. partly cloudy to mainly sunny in south bay. but later in the day, clouds thickening and lit afternoon early evening in the north bay. high temperatures today ranging
6:49 pm
from low 60s at the coast wrb mid 60s around the bay to mid and upper 60s inland. here is accuweather seven-day forecast. we have several days of rain and showers coming our way. partly sunny monday with showers and rain. more rain on tuesday. looks like a wet and windy day tuesday. and wednesday showers will linger. partial clearing late in the day wednesday. dry day finally on thursday. lots of rain coming. >> yeah. temperature dropping as well. >> a bit cooler as well. true. but that's seasonal average, you know. >> yeah. and a lot of tree lightings on monday. >> oh that's right. yeah. >> no rain, right? >> no, it's going to rain monday. >> it was nice effort. >> good try, though. >> thank you, spencer. tuesday, football. >> that's right. turkey day, food coma and nfl going hand in hand.
6:50 pm
today is no different. cowboys hosting eagles. where sanchez is trying to bulldog: oooh! bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale...
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bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend.
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thanksgiving is a day to spend with family, stuffing yourself with delicious food and watching food ball. the eagles face the cowboys. last time sanchez played thanksgiving day was two years ago for the jets where he had the fumble, running into his own player, losing the ball. patriots returned the ball for a play. he never lived it down. but today, redemption. how does he respond with his new team, the eagles? keeps it. first rushing td in three years. sanchez completing 20 of 29. one touchdown. jordan matthews, 27 yards. and they gave the ball to lesean mccoy. 25 carries. longest is 38 yards run for touchdown. going over 1,000 yards. eagle is take over the nfc east lead. lions and bears, no thanksgiving love in the fuller family.
6:54 pm
knock the ball away from brother corey. two first quarter td passes to jeffrey. bears take early 14-3 lead. two td passes to his favorite target, megatron. calvin johnson, fastest players to reach 10,000 career receiving yards in just 115 games beating tory holt by one game. can't be stopped, not even by the cameraman. talking him over. raiders fresh off first win of the season last thursday over chiefs. gearing up for back to back wins as they are hosted by rams sunday in st. louis. 38-year-old charles woodson named afc defensive player of the week. snapping the 16-game losing streak. making history as he becomes the first player in nfl history with 50 interceptions and 20 sacks. found the fountain of youth,
6:55 pm
telling us yesterday, great playing by 11. >> he comes up randomly, he has done it before, comes up randomly and hey, talk to me for a second. i need do you this, this and this. okay. it's charles woodson. whatever helps me get better and be great. sometimes it hurts. not literally obviously. but something that, oh, wow, i do need to work on that. >> college football, number five on the outside looking in. facing texas. two early field goals. texas takes the lead. long horn quarterback, pressure, fumbles. picking it up and 40 yards the other way. tcu goes up 13-0. boykin hitting porter. four-yard td. we will have complete highlights for you at 9:00 p.m. lsu and texas a&m, too much turkey pregame. hand off to leonard, full steam ahead, bulls over a defender.
6:56 pm
22-yard touchdown. wow. that's worth another look. game tied at 7. right before halftime, lsu gets the ball back. plenty of time, hitting wide open -- and right now, up 40-7 in the third. men's hoops, santa clara and tennessee in orlando, florida. moore, great move to mcgee. two-handed. looking for a come back. johnson with a steal. finds clark. two game high 21 but tennessee is too much on the inbound pass here. drop to 2 for 3. the sports report is brought to you by orchard's supply hardware. niners trailing seahawks. not looking too good on offense. >> hopefully we can turn this around. >> we need to. thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv.
6:57 pm
meaning has changed over the years but you may be surprised what the holiday means to a group of california teens. >> then at 11:00 bb milestone in wine country. it's called quakes-giving. this holiday just months after the devastating quake. >> that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. coverage continue owns twitter and abc. news bay area. >> all of us wish you a very happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, everyone. see you a little bit later. - "dear scan, "i've been a scan member for almost two years and have been very satisfied with the plan." - "i would like to thank you and your organization from top to bottom." - "i recently called into scan regarding a claims problem." - "i had been going round and round with a problem with a prescription drug order." - "it is nice to know that one phone call to you, and you take care of it right away." - "your kindness and helpfulness has been appreciated
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"more than you will ever know. i could not have done it without your help." - i'll never be able to thank them enough. uh...and it's the truth. - "thank you so much. sincerely, donna markow." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - that's what really sets scan apart from everybody else. scan cares. - i don't know a better way to say it than, the heart of scan. - scan, for your health and independence.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a communications manager and boxing writer from columbia, maryland... an administrative assistant from livonia, michigan... and our returning champion, an attorney from los angeles, california... [ cheers and applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. happy thanksgiving, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our program. i always wear my pumpkin tie on thanksgiving.
7:00 pm
well, will it be aggie, michelle, or david who will be giving thanks at the end of this show for all of the money and the good luck they have enjoyed in this half-hour? let's start finding out, shall we? good luck, players. here we go. today, the jeopardy! round has these categories. and finally... the dawn of the atomic age, from los alamos, new mexico, where the first nuclear weapons were born in 1945. alex: and, aggie, you get to make the first selection. nba last name's the same for $200. aggie. what is o'neal? that's it. nba for $400. david. what is miller? good. nba for $600. david again. what is malone?


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