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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 28, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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>> local shoppers skip the turkey and go straight for the sales. crowds of bargain hunters hoping to snag door buster deals fought for parking. packed mall and stood in line for hours tonight. the official start of the had day shopping season. good evening and happy thanksgiving. dan is off tonight. shoppers waste in order time the finishing the meal to get a jump on early black friday deals. long lines like this one at best buy in emeryville, common sight at many bay area stores tonight. target opened the doors at 6:00 p.m. this store in hayward had customers lined up around the building all day. the retailer is calling its early black friday deals the biggest most dich digital ever. look at this crowd outside maes in san francisco union square before it opened the doors at 6:00. most big department stores are holding to the official black friday date to start their holiday sales. however, one
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mall in the south bay is going 27 hours straight. go big or good home. alan joins us live from the great mall in milpita milpitas. hial lap? >>reporter: amma, this is black friday shopping. even though it's still thursday. we have people jock using for spots out in the parking lot. there are customers in line just to get in the stores and it doesn't look like it's slowing down any time soon. s sp. at 6:00 p.m. thousands extreme that the great mall in milpitas. >> fchlt the mall will stay open for marathon 27 hours straight. >> i have been here for about maybe 4 or 5 hours. >> getting in the mall was a challenge. getting that the stores was another challenge. >> i thought about it when i got, wait we are in line to go to another line. >> discount as high as 70% off worth it for victoria florist.
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>> i usually save anywhere from maybe if 3 to 600 dollars tota total. definitely worth it. i do it every year. >> jason ballotsed pier pressure and ordinary of traffic feels like victim of market driven society with stores open earlier for black friday. >> i think back then used to be 12 at midnight come out now it's like the milt of the day come out. not even dark yet. >> all family have different tradition. different way to celebrate thanksgiving and some is coming shopping. >> the great mall says customer demand is what convinced them to do this for the second whyer in a row. in milpitas, alan wong abc 7 news. >> if preparing your black friday or cybermonday shopping list check out our web site. wave look at some of the deals and a list of which stores are still open tonight and which ones are all closed up. >> in napa tonight residents are showing their strength of character on this thanksgiving. a lot was lost and damaged in
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the august earthquake. lisa has more on why this thanksgiving was extra special for so many. >> damage left from the massive earthquake in august is evidence all over downtown nap a.the city is still rebuilding and so its residents. inside homes tonight giving thanks means more than ever before. >> we have more to be thankful for because we are all so luck lucky. >>ing in water going to stop robin hart from hosting thanksgiving dinner tonight. even without some of her faith rare glass wear. >> couple of those fell over. i lost 3 the wine glasses. >>reporter: antique shattered. electronic broke but nobody hurt. it was a lot worse for so many others in napa. those who still captain get back into the homes or near their things. few ended up here around robin's table tonight. >> i'm very thankful for thanksgiving we have each other and we dusted and cleaned up.
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>> not being home where the definite decision hit hardest water good thing. until restaurant in do you want napa was packed tonight. >> that was quite traumatized through that earthquake. >> 3 generation of napa natives are at the table. celebrating surviving one of the worst nights of their lives. >> it looked like a cyclone had hit us. every room was really demolished. i don't want to feel the earthquake again. >> thanksgiving started off shakey for a lot of people in the napa area. 2 small earthquake today. the largest was a 3.1. the tremor now prompted the hash-tag quake giving on twitter. no new damage was reported today. in nap a-abc 7 news. if winter conditions across parts of the east coast and midwest on this thanksgiving day. travelers headed to and from some of the stormiest parts of the country are still facing huge travel headaches. more than 800 flights have been cancelled close to 6000 others
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were delayed. here at home it's much different story clear skies and warm weather. few clouds out there here's a live look from the exploring camera and while it may be nights and dry now that is really going to change. the sandhya is here with a look at live doppler 7h 7hd. >> hi. the pattern change will have you reaching for the umbrella and hanging on to them for days. let me show you the this the live doppler 7hd we have fog to be concerned w.all you black friday shoppers heading out later tonight or tomorrow morning you have to get the bargain bundled up and drive carefully. look at these visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile in petaluma. quarter mile in santa rosa. dense fog in those areas napa fairfield foggy and here's a time lapse from our sutro camera short time ago exploratorium buried in the fog so you will have to be careful. that fog around first thing in the morning so when do you head out to catch some bargain or do early plans watch out for the
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fog. the rain begins to move in at 7:00 p.m. in the north bay and that's just the first wave of rain shifts south ward at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. we have a couple storms lined up let you know when you can expect written this holiday weekend and beyond coming up. >> all right thank you sandhya breaking news out of sunnyvale. chp shut kun highway 101 with accident vovrl one of the officers two motorcycle officers were exiting northbound highway 101 at 9:30 tonight when a car ran a red light striking one of them. officer suffered major injuries but is expected to survive. no word yet on when the expressway will reopen. >> this morning in downtown oakland work crew boarded up broken window and cleaned up shattered glass. small group of vandal struck the air last night. third consecutive night of protest violence following the grand jury decision not indict a white police officer
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in the shooting death of black teenager in ferguson, missouri. 35 people arrested last night. total of 170 people have been arrested in oakland since monday. >> all oakland police officers are working this holiday scheduled days off cancelled so police can respond to any possible vandalism related to the grand jury decision in missouri. >> a lot of bicycle officers. we want to, we are open for business f.we encourage anyone to come and shop in oakland. we are here to create a safe environment. >>reporter: oakland mayor kwan called for peace in the city and support of its locally owned businesses during this big holiday shopping weekend. >> we need to let you know that last night a piece of video of looting in ferguson, missouri was in add verify at the at the present timely edited into a vandalism of looting in oakland. in no way was this intentional. it was an error in the editing process. there is a huge volume of video from both ferguson and oakland over the past few days we made a
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mistake and regret the error. >> in other news tonight. mountain lie on spotted roaming a neighborhood in santa cruz. police sent out this picture calling the cat a puma. someone from the group puma rescue kept an eye on it. last seen headed towards the uc santa cruz campus mile away from where it was spotted early this morning. >> story we brought you exclusive on 7 news last night now going viral on the web. it's about the san jose burger king employee who found and turned in an abandoned backpack with 100,000 dollars in cash. also inside? the marijuana. candy and bank deposit slips. police told us today they have no leads on who the money might belong to or where it came from. but they will follow-up on a bank slip that was found in the bag. living open the edge. next on 7 news. the dream home just feet from falling and how the owner plan to save it. >> plus one year later we read
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this. bay area family brought closer together by a life saving operation. >> woman paralyze for years takes her first step today. her story and how it is inspiring hundreds of people today. 7 news
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>> family home is being threatened by a river that is eating away at the back yard. they aren't just standing by and waiting for the worst to happen. nick has the story. >>reporter: this dream home in washington state a dome. beautiful view. turkey run. well, it's become ago nightmar nightmare. >> the whole house shakes and rumbles and it's just horrifying. >>reporter: because the yard is sliding into the river. house now 54 feet from that 200 foot drop down. to the river pwloychlt it's erosion. no coverage for erosion. >>reporter: if similar story but to burn down their lakeside retirement home this past summer. it was a safety hazar hazard. shore want to move
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their place 400 feet away from the river. >> pick it up. and put it on the other side of the driveway. >> but the bank won't lend them 150,000 dollars for them. they just launch add go fund me campaign hoping forth kindness of strangers. >> in the mean time we are just going to hope we don't fall into the pilchuck river. >> los angeles abc news. >> year ago joseph of richmond donated a kidney to her nephew and now they are celebrating thanksgiving together and much to say pwtd operation that brought them closer together. the. >> she had a busy kitchen toda today. family was helping prepare the yam mac and cheese and favorite honey baked ham. hard to believe a year ago she and her nephew taiwan walker were in the hospital recovering from a kidney transplant operation. she was the donor and he the recipient. one year
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later and surrounded by her family, if she says the experience transformed her. >> i wasn't the same woman i walked in the door. make me more humble. >> nephew suffered from high bloop that damaged his kidney. had he to undergo dialysis three times a week. >> horrible. horrible. now it's like brand new life. >> he began feeling better almost immediately after the operation. for the her it was for her to be with entire family this next thanks day. so i really wanted to be with my children this year to let them know that i thank them for allowing me tow make this sacrifice to my nephew. >> because office of thep ration last year both missed
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out on eating turkey. all he got has a turkey hat that today he proudly displayed. >> this is last year. now i have. >> real turkey this time. >>reporter: successful out come has given them a purpose in life both feature entered magazine for raising organ donation awareness especially among the african american community. >> even when not smiling i'm happy because i'm just like born again on swimming and sidewalking. >> both always close. today they were happy to see their appreciation foe one another. >> thousands took part in san jose annual turkey trot race did and one parents pant in particular drew all the attention. she wasn't even the winner. 28-year-old mag anderson financial shd the race
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with this as a skeleton but was able to participate in the race because of a new walk, the suit moves her leg when she lifts her weight. >> i always wanted to walk again but there's the part of me that goes it might not happen. looking at people in their eye. giving my sister a hug for the first time standing up. you. >> this was approved by the fda earlier this year. now this year turkey trot raised one million dlarts for south bay non-profit. it was spectacular across the bay area. we have the latest on our soon to be changing weather. >> right. it's changing in a big way let me tell you. it was a beautiful thanksgiving and we are very thankful for the upcoming storms as you look at live doppler 7hd not any moisture right now but that's all going to be changing. we have a like wind advisory for the tahoe area starts at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and
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runs until saturday at 4 a.m. so if traveling to the sierra do be aware of the fact there are going to be strong winds and gusty go through the weekend with rain and snow mexicoing in around the 6000 foot elevation so traveling back after the holiday is a bit on the tough side. visibility right now less than a quarter of a mile petaluma, quarter mile santa rosa, fairfield dense fog in the area and napa, oakland if you are thinking of stepping out to brave the crowds and do some shopping or tomorrow morning make sure you are bundled up. already 38 in nap a.most other areas are in the 40's here's our view from the roof cam are. light wind forecast. against morning fog. dray for most of the day in wet pattern starts on saturday for most and runs right open through wed of next week. look at the pacific satellite picture high pressure here starts to weaken. allow the
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storms to come in. there are a couple of storms lined up. unsettled into the middle of next week. here's a look at the first city. so tomorrow morning dry for black friday shoppers. you will have the fog around carefully tomorrow morning. make sure that you are bundled up as i mentioned then tomorrow morning don't forget. the rain lane parts of the east bay it's moderate at times. 6:00 a.m. everybody is continued wet conditions on saturday and then the really scattered showers for the yes of your saturday afternoon evening see some sunny break so if you need to rain out do sopping sopping do your tree lights up on the house you have an opportunity to do it tuesday wednesday the third system. storm total 3 to 5 inches in the north bay and mountains by wednesday of next week. elsewhere we look at 1 to 3 inches see up north even higher amounts we are talking
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up to half foot of rain occupy up there. mid foggy and cool and i have to add even though we get some moisture the next 7 days we are not expecting to erase the detroit obviously. cooler tomorrow. fog lingering along the coast as well and look at the accu-weather the going that saturday you get some sunny break saturday afternoon. sunday another system comes in with more wet weather. and then monday night into tuesday it's the it'sping theest of the 3 is far. a little were breezy we continue the rain and drours short l as far as urban flooding next wee week. >> we it all at woychbilitys this is a she was in for did we
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>> well the frainers have way too much talent on the offensive side of the ball to be this ineffective. seattle carved them up like thanksgiving turkey tonight at lee vye stadium. kaepernick regressing as quarterback. the team is losing ugly. first time they have hosted. game on thanksgiving. niner fans were ready. we are richard sherman post game out burst last year. he shows a through that led to game only touch down. with ill son the tossed with 13 yard for the score. third quarter. in the beach mowed. takes off a tackle. pushed out of bounds flushed out of the pocket. fv
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faivrdz his faith sherman second peck of the gym. now 7 and 5 on the season and 8 and 4 and thank you train this wasn't it's unusual for owner to speak to the head keep on the team performance and afterwards very unhappy locker room. >> we got to play you got to be early, go out and play that's it. knock else he work hard stay together as we sthiming they are disappointed with the loss. we know what helpful to did. >> we are playing like 9 or 10-year-old kid not worrying about the out come orchi individual statistics or anything leak this sfrochl. >> it's hard to beat.
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>> 49ers have 10 today to sue on the loss. brief time out fo before we
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>> let's go to dallas where the cow boys and eagles battle. sanchez completed 20 of twain for 217 yards one touch did you know to matthews. if 27 yards. eagle up 14 nothing. give the ball to mccoy after that. 159 yards on 25 carries. 38 yards right here for the future down. over 1,000 yards. eagle take over the lead with a 33-10 victory. lions bears 2 td that that is. >> we come to the player at 115 games can't be stopped. knocks him over, everyone would be okay includes the miami on to 17. as i mention 9 versus 10 takes to take over the loss. >> thawb interesting. >> thank you shoe. 7 news
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