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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 30, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a second storm hits the bay area this morning. it's starting to take its toll, but it's far from over. hello, i'm tiffany wilson. we are on storm watch tonight, and it was a wet start to the day. we see rain falling around 10:00 this morning. we see cloudy conditions looking west. most spots are getting a break in the rain, but you better get ready for round three. we have live team storm watch coverage tonight. first, the latest withdrew and
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live doppler 7 hd. drew? >> and tiffany, what a morning we had. soaking showers move in from the south to the north. you do notice south of san francisco and in the south bay, we were getting soaking rains. they pushed off to the north and east. right now, we're dealing with another lull in the atmosphere. live right now, just a few scattered showers left over. but rainfall totals very impr s impressive. san jose seeing their biggest rainfall of the season with 1.27 inches. napa coming close to an inch of rain. oakland saw almost half an inch of rain. and now we're awaiting round three. the thirm storm about a thousand miles away. the timing and details on this next round of rain when i see you in just a few minutes.
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the fast-moving storm toppled trees and created dangerous driving conditions all across the bay area. we're live in san francisco where many are still without power. cornell? >> reporter: the rain has stopped. they took a big it, now a big repair job is underway. crews replace power poles which snapped off during the storm. dozens still without power tonight. and repairs, well, they could take?0iñ a ñ> our friend was leaving to drive back after thanksgiving. we walked out and there was a big crash and half the power line came down and then the live power line fell over there.
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>> reporter: the domino effect took down other lines too. it forced the closure of the roads leaving many families in the dark. >> the tv turned off and the lights turned off. >> reporter: this tree snapped and fell onto oak street this morning, right on top of a taxi cab, busting its several parked cars took damage from the tree. traffic was snarled for hours. >> it's one of the biggest challenges to get the trees cleared of the traffic lanes. >> reporter: in the north bay, this big rig lost control slamming into a power pole. the chp says wet roads and bald tires on the truck were factors in the crash. luckily, the driver wasn't seriously hurt. in the east bay, wet roads caused this car crash. heavy rain brought flooding to
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dublin. in san mateo, the rain made for challenging driving on wetpxa1 streets. lindy fishburn is waiting for her power to come back on. >> i think it's going to be a wet afternoon and a little dark. >> reporter: the repair could take 24 hours. abc 7 news. wet roads blamed for this crash earlier this morning. police say the man was driving too fast for the slick conditions, lost control and then hit a median. the car took down a light pole before flipping over. the driver was not seriously hurt. here's a live look at san francisco international where 19 flights have been canceled. inbound flights are delayed an average of three hours. that's according to flight aw e
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aware. no major delays reported at san jose or oakland's airport. about 2.6 million americans are expected to take to the sky today. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd any time with the abc 7 news weather app. we also have more information at san francisco police want to find the man who shot another man in north beach this afternoon. witnesses say the shooter and the victim got into an argument at columbus avenue around 2:30 p.m. that's when one man pulled out a gun and shot the other man in the upper body. the victim is expected to survive. the shooter then escaped in a gray suv. right now, abc 7 news reporter is gathering information at the scene. he'll have a live report on abc 7 news at 6:00. a standoff ended in san jose about two hours ago after a
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suspected burglar spent more than 12 hours on a roof. he refused to vender. officers believe the same man broke into an apartment around 2:00 this morning then climbed on the roof of the house next door while trying to escape. >> he dismantled the entire chimney of the residents. he's been throwing bricks all night. he's damaged numerous vehicles parked on the street. >> police did evacuate some residents as a precaution. the police officer who shot michael brown to death is a civilian tonight. darren wilson handed in his resignation because according to his attorney, he feared for the safety of others. ferguson's mayor says wilson will not receive a severance package as part of his resignation. >> darren wilson has taken off this uniform for the last time. >> officer wilson is no longer an employee with the city of
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ferguson. >> in an interview with abc last week, darren wilson had wondered about going back to work. >> do you think it would be safe for me? >> now in a letter of resignation, wilson says i have been told that my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk. which is a circumstance that i cannot allow. wilson's lawyer says he handed in his badge after learning of threats against the ferguson police. >> he simply said that's enough and it was time to resign. >> on the streets offense ferguson, still seething from monday's grand jury decision, there was some relief. >> i believe he should have resigned. i do believe he should have been found guilty. >> wilson adds, it is my hope this allows the community to heal. >> this initiative is a pro active step in making the
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department more reflective of the dem fwrasks of our community. >> they are still pursuing a civil rights investigation. >> it was not about darren wilson's job. it was about michael brown's justice. >> abc news, new york. wide receivers for the st. louis rams showed their solidarity with protestors before today's game with the oakland raiders. protestors frequently raised their hands during demonstrations claiming michael brown put his hands in the air before being shot today. >> the powerful moment captured during a protest. hear from the police officer you see here and the lesson the photographer hopes the nation can learn from this image. also, a look at some of the best deals you can find online this
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new details tonight on this image, the hug felt round the round. the boy crying, hugging a police officer at a ferguson protest in portland, oregon last week. he was part of the protest holding up a sign offering free hugs. tonight, the officer says -- >> i had this motion for him to come on over. he slowly came on other. i said, why are you crying. he said he was sad. he was sad about the protest, he was sad about what's going on in the world. all i could do was just sigh. >> the picture was shared on facebook more than 150,000 times
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in just a few hours. the photographer says he feels it's gotten so much exposure because deep down it's what people want to see. >> just like the photo, what we have to do as a society and as people is to come together. find a common ground to find that peace that we want. i think we have a lot to learn from him. >> he is no stranger to kindness. he celebrated his last two birthdays raising money for charity rngts as many of us return to work tomorrow, some may be a little bit distracted with cyber monday. some retailers going all out, include amazon, game stop, k-mart and sears. that's according to an aol survey. we have your complete shopping guide on our website at
5:13 pm and make sure to join abc 7 spencer christian this evening for the holiday tree lighting celebration. it will air tonight at 6:30. up next, the big move to save an endangered species. why experts say it could be the key in helping the species survive. and heading live outside, we're tracking the storms. find out if your workweek will get off to a wet start. we have the forecast after the break. and now, here's a look at what is ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. millions of americans on the way home despite long lines and clogged roads. darren wilson
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efforts are underway to save an endangered species of salmon. they have removed 105 fish, all of the salmon they could find from redwood creek. biologists hope to return them to near woods in about two years so they can breed. they also report officials found no signs of any babies surviving. pollution, development and our recent drought appear to be hurting them. back now to storm coverage. lake tahoe making returns today from up to 9 inches of fresh snow from this weekend's stores. up to a foot of powder has fallen at the highest elevations since friday night. of course, we saw that rain come through this morning.
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more is expected later on this week? >> yeah, we're going to keep these storms coming. storm number three looks to impact the area early tuesday morning. live doppler 7 hd right now will show you after the heavier rain this morning, just a few residual light showers in the peninsula and the south bay. take a look at sfo right now where we are seeing low ceilings. if you are trying to get home, we are seeing travel delays. much of the united states is okay. but san francisco right now experiencing more than an hour and a half arrival delays. and the winds right now. the only other place would be newark. temperature-wise, we're cool out there. 58 right now in san francisco. the same in oakland. 59 in san jose. satellite and radar, we're going
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to see a brief break in the rain for monday. it's going to bring a warm front through the bay area. that's going to kick in a south breeze tomorrow. take a look at our temperatures as we move to monday morning. 58 in downtown san francisco, 56 in san jose. by the afternoon hours with that south breeze rather active, i think there's a good shop for a couple 70s popping up on the board tomorrow afternoon. back to work and school tomorrow morning, the transition's going to be pretty easy. we're not seeing widespread rain. nothing like we saw this morning. as we head through monday, we'll see whether it of sunshine, perhaps showers in the north bay. but it's tuesday morning with when we await our next system. rain moving into the south bay first. some of it will be heavy. waves of rain will be on and off throughout our tuesday.
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3:00, you see heavier showers. with this next round of rain coming tuesday, we could add an issue additional half inch to an inch of rain. overnight lows in the bay area, a rather quiet night. 55 in san francisco, 50 in napa. 50 palo alto. tomorrow, with that mild south wind, i think we'll see 70 in san jose, 66 in downtown san francisco. and along the coast, still mild. 64 for half-moon bay with peeks of sunshine out there. sunshine tomorrow, mild south wind. perhaps an isolated spot of drizzle. then tuesday, this is the next storm that moves in. lasting until wednesday morning. and then there could be isolated lingering showers thursday into friday. the good news, tuesday looks to be the strongest of the three
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storms we've seen all week. >> how is this series of storms impacts the overall drought? >> i think the biggest impact we saw was in the south bay. san jose is less than a third of an inch away from getting back to normal. >> wow. >> i think they'll get that on tuesday. then we can make bigger dents into the overall droughts. >> talking about a drought, mike, the raiders offense? >> very good, young lady. >> he gave me that line. he gave me that line. >> today's shutout in st. louis. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it got worse. all your low
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after their first win in over a year last thursday, the raiders fell back to earth today in st. louis getting shutout to the tube of 52-0. i'm afraid there's not one positive to report. raiders for the worst first half in franchise history. they didn't look prepared at all. check this out. 35-yard touchdown, 7-0 rams. mason had a career day. 89, it was 117 rushing yards. blows by the entire defense. most points allowed in the first half by oakland. best half in rams franchise
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history. derek carr had two. what are you thinking? throws it right to johnson who returns it. raiders, 52-0, they're now 1-11. several reports have the the raiders and jets interesting in trading for jim harbaugh at season's end. harbaugh is known known for turning franchises around. stay tuned. they faced the falcons today. 361 yards. 7-0 falcons. jones somewheres, big day. ten catches. 189 yards. he's good. falcons win 29-18. two games ahead of the niners. one up on the seahawks. packers and patriots. first time aaron rodgers and tom brady have faced each other. one to nelson for 45 yards. 23-14 green bay at the half. brady through for two touches.
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to rob rob gronkowski in the end zone, but he can't hang on. packers win it. chargers and ravens. phillip rivers finds royal here. chargers come from way behind to win. texas defensive end watt caught a third td pass of the year. first in history with three td catches. texans beat the titans. come tons red skins. former stanford quarterback andrew luck threw for 370 yards and five tds. 49-27. all right. the warriors swept their five-game road trip. all eyes now on steph curry.
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16 points, ten assists. gets the finger roll to go. green, x five of eight from beyond the arc. left the warriors with 20. he finished the half beating the buzzer with the floater. second half, hurt his right elbow and rolled his left ankle on the play. he would come back for a couple of minutes. . x rays showed negative. right here, you can see it. warriors able to hang on. warriors win their ninth straight, 104-93, the final. >> we have college hoops coming up at 6:00 see you then. live doppler 7 hd shows
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at 6:00 we're live with an update on a shooting in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. a witness tells us what led to the violence. and a pop artist uses a toy to pay tribute to robin williams. join us at 6:00. first, one last look at the forecast. yeah, we're tracking a break in the rain for your monday. a mild day on the way. but our third storm arrives tuesday morning. we could see a total of a half inch or more than an inch of rain. tuesday morning will be slow go. thank you very much, drew. that does it here at abc 7 news
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at 5:00. abc 7 news continues now online on welcome to "world news tonight." homeward bound. america on the move after the long holiday weekend. the diverted flights. the mile long lines. >> we missed our flight by one minute. >> the heavy traffic on the highways. where the weather is slowing travel right now and the brutal cold on the way. off the force. officer darren wilson retiring from the ferguson police department. as protesters snarl traffic, and even take it to the nfl field. will his move help restore peace? emotional reunion, the boy back in his mother's arms. after four years. the boy hidden behind a wall. the clever way he got word out. plus, how he got free.


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