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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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shooting that happened around 2:30 in the afternoon when there were lots of people in the street, tourists with cameras, the bullet passed out this window and through the awning. this all started because of an argument right here in the cross walk. a neighbors tell us a very well-known character in these parts named roy started arguing with someone, hit the suv and the driver got out and shot him. now, this is him being attended to by paramedics after being shot in the shoulder. several residents say he's a fixture of this neighborhood. as he was crossing the street, he began yelling at the driver of the suv. that's when the situation quickly escalated. >> he took his cane out and whacked his car. just as he did that, i said,
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roy, you're going to get yourself killed if you don't stop doing that. guy gets out of his car and pops a cap off. >> reporter: inside the diner, was injured by the bullet or the flying glass. witnesses tell us the shooter jumped back into into his suv and sped off. there are pictures of that getaway vehicle and police are actively looking for the suspect. this is an on going investigation. police are hoping anyone with information will call them. as for the diner, they are still cleaning up. they are starting to measure these windows to replace them. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. police in oakley are calling the death of a legally blind man a tragic accident. it happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon right next to a middle school and elementary. witnesses say the man was trying
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to cross the tracks when he tripped, became disoriented and dove right into the path of a freight train. the man was 52 years old. a suspected burglar finally sur rended to san jose police after spending more than 12 hours on a roof. they used tear gas to force the man to step onto a firefighter's ladder this afternoon. police claim the man jumped onto the roof of the house next door. he then pulled bricks from the chimney and flung them at officers. >> he's using those sorts of weapons to attempt to assault the officers. >> he was screaming like a crazy man. he's calm now. he was worse. i'm pretty sure he was on some serious drugs. >> police evacuated nearby residents as a precaution. we're in the middle of a
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series of storms likely with the wettest days still to come. here's a live look where storm clouds still line the horizon. for now, the rain has eased up for much of the bay area. we have a look at live doppler 7 hd. drew? >> i want to take you back to earlier this morning where we saw areas of heavy rain falling throughout the bay area. this shows you pockets of very heavy rain in the south bay. as we progress through the afternoon, that rain moved off to the north and east. right now, we're dealing with lingering showers around san francisco and into the south bay. take a look at rainfall totals. picking up an inch and a half of rain. san jose 1.27isms of rain, the most they've seen all season. oakland, almost half an inch of rain. take a look at the rainfall deficit.
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san jose making great get strides. they are becoming normal for this time of year. i think they'll likely do that with the third storm. that one is set to make its way into our neck of the woods early into the week. we'll have a full forecast in just a few minutes. abc 7 news reporter cornell is life with a look at rain damage around the bay area. >> reporter: we are seeing light rain tonight. all the rain is a welcome sight. downed trees and power outages, not so much. crews are working to repair several power poles which snapped today during the storm here. repairs we're told could last into the night. meantime, the rough weather created a lot of headaches across the bay area. a scary scene during the storm after this big rig lost control slamming into a power pole. the chp says the driver may have been going too fast.
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>> the wet road and possibly bald tires contributed. >> reporter: luckily, the driver wasn't seriously hurt. >> just heard a crash. >> reporter: that what he heard when this huge tree toppled in the storm, taking a power pole down with it. >> a friend was leaving to drive back after thanksgiving. we walked out and there was a big crash and half the power line came down. >> reporter: the domino effect from that tree took down other lines for blocks. fallen live wires forced a closure of the roads leaving many in the dark. >> the lights turned off. >> i fell on the couch. >> reporter: wind and rain caused this tree to snap onto oak street this morning, right on top of a taxi cab. the driver wasn't hurt, but several parked cars took some heavy damage from the tree. >> one of the biggest challenges of course is to get the trees
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cleared from the traffic lanes. >> reporter: in the east bay, wet roads caused this car crash on highway 92. heavy rain brought flooding to 580 in dublin. one car stalled out. and in san mateo, rain made for very challenging driving on wet streets. umbrellas were all around. a partially flooded street created a flash zone in this neighborhood. >> free entertainment here, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. we're taking full advantage of it. >> reporter: more rain and puddles on the way. in san francisco, cornell bernard. skiers took advantage of snowfall this weekend. hitting the slopes at alpine meadows tonight which has seen 7 inches of snow in recent days. north star, just about two inches.
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tomorrow, it's expected to warm up bringing rain to tahoe. you can see what's on live doppler hd any time with the abc 7 news weather app. we also have more information at a large homeless camp in san jose is set to be closed for good this week. there have been been several attempts over the years to get the homeless out of an area called the jungle. the city will close it down for good on thursday. 72-hour notices are going up tomorrow. city workers will start taking down the makeshift homes and cleaning up the trash on thursday. almost 200 people who live there have or will soon have subsidized homes to live in. getting arrested just so they can sneak narcotics into jails. sheriff's officials say that's one reason drug smuggling is up in many koept jails in
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california. a recent overhaul of the state prison system to reduce overcrowding mean they spent ten days in a local jail instead of months in the state prison. officials say the new system makes it easier for them to sneak drugs into jail. >> still ahead, black friday was busy, but not as busy as last year. why fewers shoppers took advantage of this weekend's holiday deals. nasa is testing out a new spacecraft scientist
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the numbers are in for the holiday shopping season and it looks like americans may have black friday fatigue. they said 177.7 million people shopped in storms or bought items online. that is down more than 5% from last year. total spending a expected to fall 11% to about $51 billion. many people got their shopping done early to take advantage of big deals from major retailers. the lower numbers will mean deeper discounts all season
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long. and likely a 4% increase in overall sales totals. tomorrow, expect thousands of new deals on line when cyber monday begins. nasa will test out a new deep spacecraft this week. they'll launch and do two circles of the earth. the mission will test critical systems that pose the greatest risk to astronauts. right now, it can hold up to six people and keep them in space up to 21 days. for deep space travel, it will be connected to a larger complex to better support life. coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00, a bay area pop artist using an iconic '80s toy to pay tribute to robin williams. stronger showers could be ahead. we're up next with the forecast. the raiders have hit an
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all-time low. the ram shut them out 52-0.
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what might be the most yeek artistic tribute to robin williams. his latest creation is a mow say yik made up of 600 of the 3d toys. it's called goof ball and it's up for auction on ebay. he says the donation from a fan gave him the perfect way to honor the late actor. >> 700 some odd rubix could you bes showed up on my doorstep on the same day we lost robin williams. i said, hey, i want to build something out of these for robin williams in his memory. >> the auction ends at 8:00 tomorrow morning. we have a link to it on the proceeds will be split between the american foundation for suicide prevention. abc 7 news meteorologist joins us now with a look alternate live doppler 7 hd.
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>> that widespread rain we had earlier this morning is now out of here. we're just checking a few residual downpours. we'll zoom into street level and show you one lone downpour moves to the west of oakland and moving to the northeast. as we press a little bit further south, a line of showers has developed right around half-moon bay. show you the timeline, right around san mateo 19 minutes from now and working into south san francisco. live look outside, we'll show you the golden gate bridge cam. we are seeing a few droplets and spray coming up from the roadways. that is causing some issues especially in our skies. take a look at travel weather. delays right now at sfo more than an hour and a half thanks to the low ceilings.
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and much of the country is quiet with the only other exception being newark right now. temperature-wise, it's cool. 58 currently in san francisco. 61 in mountain view. fairfield currently at 58 degrees. here's our third storm system. it's about a thousand miles offshore away from the bay area. what it's going to do early tomorrow morning, move a warm front through here. that means the winds are going to switch to the south. monday morning, 8:00 a.m., look at this, 60 degrees at half-moon bay. a filed 58 in san jose. by the afternoon, i think a couple spots especially inland locations could reach 70 degrees. as you head back to work and school monday morning, it will be a pretty easy transition. peeks of sunshine out there. can't take out the chance of isolated drizzle, but not the widespread heavy rain we experienced this morning.
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it's really tuesday and tuesday morning when that third storm arrives starting in the south baby 8:00 a.m. you do notice heavier showers into san francisco and the entire system will lift north. by tuesday afternoon, it's the north bay getting the heavier showers. we'll probably see an additional half an inch to about an inch of total rainfall once this moves out by wednesday morning. overnight lows, rather mild. mid to lower 50s with patchy drizzle drizzle. couple 70s on the board. 66 in downtown san francisco and a high of 65 for valejo. warm south wind tomorrow. tuesday, that third system moves in with waves of rain on and off. lingering showers wednesday morning and even thursday into friday, we stay unsettled with a chance of a sprinkle here or
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there. s saturday and sunday look dry. >> keep the umbrellas handy. >> that's right. well, it was certainly a tough day for raiders nation. >> very tough. maybe the toughest ever. it's tough to win in the nfl, as the raiders know winning their first game in other a year last thursday against the chiefs. fell back to earth today in st. louis getting shut out by the rams 52-0. raiders with the worst first half in franchise history. they did not look prepared if this game at all. former niner quarterback, screen pass to rookie trey austin. 7-0 rams. mason had a career day. three touchdowns. 89 of 117 rushing yards right here as he blows buy the entire defense. most points allowed in the first
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half by oakland. raiders didn't do themselves any favors. matt throws it right to johnson. really? 45-yard pick six. 52-0. they're now 1-11. all right several reports have the raiders and jets interesting in trading for jim harbaugh at season's end. he's known for turning franchises around. stay tuned. two tds. loolo, 7-0 falcons. ten catches, 189 yards. falcons win 29-18. two games up on the niners. packers/patriots. rodgers, 368 yards passing and two tds. 23-14 green bay at the half.
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down five with three and a half left. he can't hang on. patriots' seven-game win streak is snapped. chargers and ravens, filly rivers finds eddie royal. 38 seconds remaining. chargers come from behind to win 34-33. texans defensive end caught his third td past of the year. an interception return for a touch. texans beat the titans 45-12. colts and red ensdins, despite a fumble and interception, luck threw for 370 yards and five tds. >> all right the wore wars september their five-game road trip. all eyes now on curry. tweaked his ankle and elbow in one play against the pistons.
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16 points, ten assists. gets the finger roll to drop. five of eight from beyond the arc. led the the warriors with 20 points in his home state. beating the buzzer with the floater. 53-40 at the break. curry hurt his right elbow and rolled his left ankle on his play. x-raies were negative. warriors win their ninth straight. at fresno state, 6 of 13 shoogt. two of his 14. tie ron wallace going strong to the hoop. ten boards. finishes off with that right-handed jam. stanford at illinois facing
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de paul. seven boards, six assists. lays it in here and fouled. the blue de vifls shot 54%. crockett added 19. stanford trops to four and two. >> abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. next on abc 7 news, two new movies at the box office. can they outpour the hunger games? join abc 7 spencer christian this evening for the special presentation of the tree
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join us to want for abc 7 news. how a tech startup wants to transform your might at the movies. then on abc 7 news at 11:00, some local athletes get a chance to the head to the junior super bowl. but they might not be able to make the trip. we'll tell you what's holding them back. the third hunger garms movie is quickly approaching a half billion dollars worldwide. it opened in first place for the
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second week in a row. it earned nearly $57 million in just two weeks. it's made 254 million worldwide. penguins of madagascar came in second. despite the solid numbers, they're actually down more than 20% from last year. when the previous hunger games movie and frozen both dominated the box office. that is it for
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>> the holiday season is here, >> the holiday season is here, so let's bring in some cheer! hello everyone, i'm abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian. welcome to pier 39! now it's time to watch the magic come alive! >> abc 7 news presents the pier 39 tree lighting celebration. >> happy holidays. thanks for coming out to join us for our annual pier 39 tree lighting celebration. we are happy to have you here to help us kick off the holiday season as we light this magnificent 60-foot tree. isn't that incredible? is it great? right now i want to bring out a special guest. she has come to us all the way from the


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