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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 1, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon. i'm cheryl jennings in for larry beil. >> i'm am ma daetz. the busiest online shopping day of the year. the national retail federation says 127 million people are expected to shop online today. amazon invited abc 7 news reporter laura anthony inside for an inside look at the thousands of robots zipping around. she joins us live in tracie. >> there are hundreds of people here, too. this is a 1 million square footwear house facility in tracy. behind me you can see there are millions of products here. up on the second floor, a couple floors above where i'm standing
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there are thousands of robots doing much of the grunt work. thanks largely to these guys, your cyber monday orders can travel from your desk top to your doorstep in as little as half a day. >> it could be picked and on the truck in as little as 15 minutes. >> reporter: it's called kivas, amazon has hundreds of these floor hug gers on hand in this building the size of 29 football fields. the robots basically pick up and hand off products to human workers who take it from there. >> their job is to bring inventory that customers have purchased over to these pickers so they can pick them and send them outbound for the holiday. >> reporter: on this day, the busiest cyber shopping day of the year, amazon expects to fill as many as 700,000 orders at this center alone, one of 50 the company has in the united states. >> cyber monday last year was our busiest day all year.
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we were seeing orders at the rate of 426 items per second, and we think this day is going to be even bigger. >> reporter: while the rebots do much of the work, there are still thousands of people working here to make sure amazon's millions of customers get the right item in the right box right in time for the holidays. in tracy laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> for a list of the best seib ir monday deals available go to it appears americans were not in a spending mood over the long holiday weekend. the national retail federation says sales actually tumbled 11% over last year's numbers and more than 6 million fewer shoppers showed up.
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it showed shoppers are confident enough to skip the rush. it proves it's a marathon and not a sprint. >> we are getting a bit of a break from the rain today. >> it looks a little ominous in the distance there. mostly cloudy around the third storm in four days that is expected to make for a messy commute. >> spencer christian has our update. >> a few wildly scattered showers. tomorrow's late commute will be an ugly one. here is live doppler 7hd. we don't have much in the way of rainfall. light scattered shows confined to a small portion of the east bay, san ramon and livermore. a big and powerful storm is moving in our direction coming from our southwest. a huge mass of moisture. storm risk calls for medium chance of urban flooding, wind
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damage and power outages tomorrow, and there may even be some thunderstorms, a slight chance of thunderstorms. this system could produce up to five inches of rain in the bay area mountains over the next few days. our forecast at 5:00 this afternoon, notice for most of the evening we'll see clouds and maybe some isolated showers. but during the overnight hours, beginning of the morning commute, tomorrow about 5:00 a.m., rain begins to push in. it will quickly intensify during the morning commute. by :00 tomorrow morning, looking at widespread areas of rainfall. much of it locally heavy. that pattern will continue through the day tomorrow, producing what i'll refer to as ugly afternoon commute tomorrow. i'll have a complete look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, ama and cheryl. >> you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd with the abc 7 news weather app. we have more information at
4:05 pm slash apps. weather conditions may have caused a large oak tree to fall in atherton, blocking traffic, damaging a car, knocking out power lines on palmer lane. >> luckily nobody was hurt in the car that was hit with the tree when it came down. so the loss of the tree is one thing. we're just very glad nobody got hurt. >> it looks like the tree, due to some oak root fungus was weakened, the wet ground caused the tree to fall over. >> lovely oak will be much missed. >> 71 homes lost power. pg ande hopes to restore electricity by this evening. >> every time it rains we see a different kind of tree falling in san francisco. >> it seems like it. the city has decided to relax the rules to make it easier to remove the ficus trees.
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>> reporter: cheryl, the cicus trees are becoming a danger all over the city. several fell here last year. now the head of the department of public works is trying to make it easier for homeowners to get rid of them. it's being taken down today and perhaps not a moment too soon. a large portion of this ficus tree fell on a cab yesterday, fortunately no one was hurt. last month a man was injured when a ficus toppled, hitting him in the branches. incidents like these over the years have convinced the city to change what's been a conservative approach for removal. >> if the tree is hell think and sustainable, we would typically not grant the removal permit. in this case i think what we recognized is while these trees may be very healthy, they are structurally compromised. >> the city has given property owners responsibility for at least 1200 ficus trees in front of their home.
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most were planted decades ago and are top-heavy and weak. as the trees increasingly begin to topple, the rules have been relaxed for those who want permission to get rid of them. new guidelines include if the tree is at least 50 feet tall, two or more trunks or near street lights or power lines. a permit is not guaranteed, but approval is more likely. >> removing these trees is going to be a challenge for us. public safety is our paramount concern. >> reporter: the non-profit friends of the urban forest has been working with the city to find a suitable alternative for the ficus which makes up a significant portion of san francisco street trees. >> we think the importance of low water and reducing wind speeds in san francisco and being tolerant of the microclimates we have. >> reporter: the removal permit will cost $339. any ficus removed has to be replaced with another species. in san francisco, carolyn tyler,
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abc 7 news. an aisle-mile stretch of the pacific highway remains closed after heavy rains triggered rock rocks and mudslides yesterday. it's closed about a mile north of the los angeles city line to point mugu. two cars were caught in the debris yesterday. no one was hurt. it occurred in the same area as the may 2013 springs fire which burned 24 how acres. we have no word on when the highway will reopen. the wind is causing delays at san francisco airport. according to flight aware, delays are an average of 30 to 40 minutes. that's not helping passengers trying to get home from the thanksgiving holiday. abc reporter nick smith has more from sfo. >> i have no choice. i have to get there no matter what. >> angela samoa says her weekend of fun is over. >> i'm traveling for work. we have an annual user conference that's always the week after thanksgiving. >> fortunately for her, traveling today is a major
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improvement over yesterday. on sunday nasty weather forced widespread delays of up to four hours and the cancellation of dozens of flights. >> today we're expecting about 125,000. >> reporter: successfully getting passengers in and out of sfo on time is the goal. the rain has stopped departure and ap rival boards are clear. travelers are finding the tsa lines manageable. just like those moving there sfo, he and his team are beholding to san francisco's fluctuating weather that will change on a dime. >> conditions are clearing. we may see delays locally, 30 to 45 minutes. >>. >> reporter: after a tearful good-bye with mom and dad, jasmine anticipated the possibility of weekend travel delays, she booked months in advance. >> i checked in last night. now i'm currently planning on
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coming back for christmas. so that's another -- my next homework. >> reporter: according to flight aware, flight delays across the country continue. the hardest hit airports on the east coast. >> it didn't seem like a big deal. everything seems to be fine. glad it worked out. >> the spokesperson here at sfo says weather will continue to be an issue for the next two days. all they can advise is they call ahead before you leave home. at sfo, nick smith, abc 7 news. students and pleas at stanford walked out of class to protest the killing of unarmed black teenager michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the group gathering on campus marched to palo alto and tied up traffic near el camino real. in san francisco today there is still visible damage to businesses impacted on friday when a ferguson protest turned violent.
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vandals smashed windows and spray painted buildings from union square to the mission district. right now the department is debriefing leanne melendez on their clashes and how many people were arrested. she's going to tell you what police have to say and how businesses are coping at 5:00 p.m. a san jose firefighter is recovering after sustaining minor injuries from falling debris while battling a house fire in campbell. sky 7 hd was overhead as santa clara and san jose firefighters worked to knock it down. a man passing by noticed smoke coming from a home on villarita drive and banged on the homeowner's door. >> i ran back in. we checked the garage. i said i'm not going to try to open it up because it's going to add more oxygen in there. grabbed her and got out. >> the homeowners did get out
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with their dog unarmed. firefighters evacuated nearby residents. it took crews more than an hour to get that fire under control. investigators are still searching for its cause. a large homeless camp in san jose is set to be closed for good. city officials want to permanently disable the homeless encampment known as the jungle. city workers will taking down the makeshift homes and cleaning up all that trash on thursday. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, jim harbaugh responds to reports his days with the 9 rs are numbered and the raiders may be trying to trade for him. an else receipt toe canine sniffing out a bag of cocaine. police describe the conditions where they found a 13-year-old boy hidden behind a false wall in a georgia home. 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on twitter. you can contact him at
4:13 pm checking your sky way traffic in san francisco as we approach 4:13 on your monday, it is slow going in both directions on the right-hand side, traffic heading toward 101 south. left-hand side approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge over to the east bay, not
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9ers country about the future of
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coach jim harbaugh. >> first the owner tweeted an apology for the teep's performance. now there are reports harbaugh could be traded across the bay. >> abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana joins us with more about harbaugh's response. >> reporter: after the big loss on thanksgiving day and the long holiday weekend, there was lots of time for people to pose the questions about the direction the team will have to take for the rest of the season, harbaugh's leadership and his future with the team. after such a dismal performance by the 49ers thanksgiving day, coach harbaugh faced a line of questions that went beyond the scope of strategy, reporting by espn this weekend that the raiders and the new york jets would consider harbaugh's trade at the end of the see sorngs racing questions about his leadership. >> do you think your future is in question here beyond the season? >> i really -- i don't worry
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about my future. >> reporter: many of these questions were prompted by a tweet from 49ers' president jed york apologizing for the turkey day performance. >> as he talked with jed, passed along his feelings about what happened? >> to me that's not significant. >> has management or ownership asked you to do anything with your coaching staff or make any changes? >> no. >> reporter: harbaugh said they're trying to move forward and practicing for a win against their cross bay rivals, the oakland raiders. for fans, they're disappointed for the thanksgiving day loss but still support for harbaugh. >> if it wasn't for harbaugh we wouldn't be in this position. i think we need a new offensive coordinator. >> these things i read in the media about harbaugh being traded or leaving the team, i think three winning seasons he deserves to be our head coach. >> reporter: he spent most of the news conference deflecting a
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suggestion of the future with the raiders. an else receipt toe police dog is back on duty after running into a problem on the job. take a look at coda. last weekend he had to be taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic after he located cocaine in a car that was pulled over. coda tested positive. the driver was arrested and coda was better the next day. oakland merit restaurant and bakery has plans to set up shop at the quickway. the owner is selling the property to an unnamed developer who plans to build an apartment building with ground floor retail. the short-term agreement is to satisfy the commune's concerns. for the first time ever girl scout cookies will be sold online. skauts will sell cookies through a national platform called
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digital cookie. customers won't be able to order the cookies online unless you get an invitation from the girl scouts. a mobile app including credit card processing and online shipping. it launches december 12th. let's get a check on our weather with spencer christian. >> i'm going to get traded to buffalo for a morning anchor and two draft picks. we have mostly cloudy skas around the bay area. light rain confined mainly to a small portion of the east bay. this is exactly what we're seeing the last hour or so. it's the heavier rain that's not here yet that we're really concerned about. here is a live view from emoriville. the sky is colorful with lots of clouds in the pre sunset minutes. temperatures are 61 to 65 across the entire bay area. from san francisco, oakland, san
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diego, morgan hill and half moon bay. another view of the western sky with the tower in in foreground. 61 to 64 degrees. one more live view of the northwestern sky from our sutro tower camera. here are the forecast features, wet and windy tomorrow. minor urban flooding is possible with the waves of heavy rain that we do expect to happen tomorrow. winter storm is likely over the sierra passes. we've got a lot going on here. here is our satellite radar composite image. notice the surge of subtropical moisture. this combination of factors will bring us the stormy weather we expect over the next couple days with periods of heavy rain, strong gusty winds. here is our forecast animation beginning at 5:00 tomorrow morning as the morning rush begins, the rain will be intensifying and spreading already. throughout the day that pattern
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will continue with waves or periods of heavy wind. localized street flooding is possible. by 38:00 tomorrow night, we'll see a little break as the system tarts to lose intensity. early wednesday morning it starts up a again with more waves of heavy rain moving onshore at just about the beginning of our wednesday morning rush. that will continue on wednesday and into the afternoon. by 4:00 wednesday afternoon, we could be looking at rainfall totals as high as three to five inches in the north bay mountains. two to four inches in the santa cruz mountains. i talked about the winds. the winds will intensify overnight into tomorrow. strongest gusts early tomorrow will be near the coast, certainly into the afternoon hours. over 40 miles per hour at sfo, up to 40 miles per hour at half moon bay. 30 miles per hour at oakland. later in the evening hours, tomorrow we'll see a strong gust
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moving inland. still over 20, 25-mile-per-hour gust also be widespread tomorrow evening across the bay area. in the sierra, a winter storm warning is in effect at noon tomorrow. we could see 12 to 18 inches of snow above 7,000 feet. two to three feet in thigher peaks. in the bay area, low temperatures in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow's highs only just around 60 degrees under rainy, windy conditions. two stormy days coming our way, maybe even a couple isolated thunderstorms. finally, partly cloudy and dry saturday, sunday and monday. much-needed rain is coming our way and it's coming in a brief period of time. ama and cheryl? >> up next, the special tribute today that had actress judith light in the bay area. later, a pop quiz for his son in front of all the cameras. son in front of all the cameras. at
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actress judith light was honored in san francisco today during a special ceremony to mark world aids day. she became involved in the epidemic in 1980s and later filmed the movie about ryan white, the teenager infected with aids and later died. >> my friends were dying. i considered them my family. they were being vilified, and there was a level of divisiveness toward the community and a homophobic response that people weren't talking about. the ceremony took place during the aids memorial grove at golden gate park. people stopped by to look at the names of the victims inscribed at the memorial. nearly 20,000 people died in san francisco from the epidemic. bruce springsteen and cold play's chris martin fills in for bono when u2 plays in new york
4:26 pm
city. it benefits world aids day. bono was injured in a bike accident in central park. comedian and self proclaimed diva kathy griffin will replace the late joan rivers on the e network's fashion police. the show will return with golden globes red carpet. the network released a statement saying her tell it like it is personality will do the series justice. the winner of a half million dollar mega millions prize has been found. jaylene matched every number except for one. it went unclaimed. she said she put the ticket away and was so busy, she forgot about it. she works the graveyard shift at o a local supermarket.
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she said winning is all luck. when it's your turn, it's your turn. just ahead, president obama's response to the ferguson fallout and why he says things will be different this time around. the isis threat against current and former members of the military and what the nib is telling them not to do. another day, another police shas in l.a. this one ends a bit differently than
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cyber monday sales are already up almost 9% compared to last year. that tops our headlines at 4:30. online retailer amazon was ready for the huge increase in orders. check out the 3,000 robots helping 4,000 employees at this massive warehouse in tracy. amazon is using the robots in ten locations nationwide. in the santa cruz mountains folks are getting ready for a heavy downpour expected tomorrow and wednesday. one church is giving away sandbags to help out. the rain should add about two inches to the lexington reservoir in los gatos. the creek is also expected to get shoekd by showers. this photo was tweeted out today, saying clearing out storm drains in walnut creek. demonstrations from the ferguson, missouri, shooting
4:31 pm
continued nationwide today as people took to the streets calling for justice for michael brown. at the white house president obama held a series of meetings focused on the lessons from ferguson and what changes could be made going forward. abc news reporter karen traverse has more from washington, d.c. one week later and the fallout continues, marches taking place across the nation including washington, d.c. where demonstrators blocked traffic. >> everything needs to be at a standstill until people understand that lives matter, not only do black lives matter, but all lives matter. >> in new york and philadelphia, and even at the white house where inside president obama was holding a series of meetings focused on what can be learned from ferguson. mr. obama called for a three-year $263 million spending package that includes expanded police training programs and $75 million to subsidize up to 50,000 more body cameras for
4:32 pm
local police officers. the nfl says today it won't punish the members of the st. louis rams who came out for sunday's game with their hands raised. >> a positive message, hoping something good will come out of it. >> the st. louis county police association says it was tasteless, senseless and inflammatory. >> they met for the first time to do with an ambitious goal of working the bridge deeply rooted divisions. karen travers. the 13-year-old boy found last friday hidden behind a phony wall. it was the boy's mother who told them where to find her son. she received a text message from the boy saying he was being abused. police went to the home. they found the child inside a crawl space behind the garage and a linen closet.
4:33 pm
>> you would say your standard linen closet. if you open it, there are towels. behind one of the shelves was an access panel, a piece of wood that went into the garage area. there was no light when i saw him. there was beams and insulation inside. we saw him. we got him out of the room. >> police reunited mother and son on saturday. they say the boy did have a room in the house and neighbors frequently saw him outside. they refuse to release details as to how to boy disappeared four years ago or where he got the cell phone to contact his mother. >> a terror warning to current and former members of the military. the fbi and homeland security issued a bulletin overnight saying islamic state terrorists are looking for sympathizers willing to carry out attacks against current and former service members. it advises those who serve in uniform to get rid of anything on social media that might bring unwanted attention from extremists.
4:34 pm
experts say the message is simple. >> we understand you're young, you communicate through social media. we're telling you that's how isis finds people that they potentially target. it's sort of like be out on the lookout for or change your behavior because we believe it could potentially put you in harm's way. >> u.s. officials are concerned about copy cats who try to launch attacks like the ones in canada last month. two uniformed canadian soldiers were killed in two separate incidents by lone wolfs who were apparently isis sympathizers. a witness to a police chase this afternoon helped officers corral the driver. it started in van nuys, los angeles. the driver weaved through traffic, nearly causing a wreck. near the airport, nowhere to go. the driver rear-ended another vehicle. watch what happens? he gets out with his skateboard and runs across on coming trafficment. at one point he actually tried to skate. that was too slow.
4:35 pm
a truck saw the chase, cut him off ritgh there. police caught him and put the man under arrest. >> wow. today the white house said the critical comments made by a republican congressional aide about president obama's daughter are a reminder of the importance of carefully choosing one's words. elizabeth loudon, a communications director resigned today after criticizing the way the girls looked and acted during last week's white house turkey pardoning party. dear sasha and malia, i get it. you're past of the first family, try to show a little class. at least respect the part you play. she removed the post and apologized for the comments. the white house says it's common sense that first daughters should be off limits to criticism. a letter that some are calling the literary find of the century was put on display in san francisco. the letter was written by neal cassidy and sent to writer jack kerouac in 1950.
4:36 pm
he was so moved by its style, it influenced hits work on the road which became the defining book of the b generation. the letter was lost for more than 50 years until it was found in oakland. >> the lore behind this letter is it was lost at saw, the most mag sif sent letter in the world that was lost in the water. >> the letter wasn't at sea. jean spin knows is a found it in her father's garage. the letter will be auctioned and could sell for more than $1 million. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the toy being blamed for a huge spike in child injuries. first math whiz, what's 93 times 97. the son of the texas quarterback shows off his math skills coming up next. i'm michael finney. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook.
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you can contact me at i'll answer your questions a little later. >> spencer christian, a stunning sunset from our emeryville camera, but tomorrow remay not be able to see the setting son sun. >> we're checking our traffic in san jose. this is 101 south on the right-hand side. that's where the backup is. that's
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hughes an texans quarterback ryan fitzpatrick had the game of his life. >> afterward he seemed intent on showing off the skills of his young son brady. >> i want you to give brady two numbers from 0 to 99 and he'll multiply them together. >> 93, 97. >> 9,021. >> 9,021, can you look at your calculator. does that say 9,021? boom! [ laughter ]. >> very impressive. fitzpatrick did quite well following his dad's footsteps in college. >> ryan fitzpatrick went to harvard where he majored in
4:41 pm
economics. let's head back outside where the weather is changing a little bit, spencer. >> we don't need a human calculator to tell us that. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. we have mostly cloudy skies, light rain over parts of the north bay. we've got much heavier rainfall coming our way. it's going to be a wet couple days ahead. let's get right to the forecast. here is a look at the national picture for tomorrow. quiet conditions over most of the 48 contiguous states tomorrow. just a mix of light rain and snow in parts of the northeast. notice the pacific northwest will be dry tomorrow. but the entire state of california will be wet. here is a look at our state map for tomorrow from top to bottom. how often do we see a day like this. rain from eureka to san diego to palm springs, yosemite to chico. that includes the bay area. we will have rain beginning early tomorrow morning right around the start of the rush hour. it will intensify quickly during the morning rush and continue throughout the day with periods of heavy rain, windy conditions
4:42 pm
near the coast. many spots will see highs only in the upper 50s. there's a chance of an isolated thunderstorm or two tomorrow. we are going to get some rather turbulent weather tomorrow and wednesday before things calm down later in the week. ama and cheryl? >> spencer, thank you. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a lucky escape. the big surprise these drivers are about to get. we'll show it to you. the big mess at a hollywood film studio after a major cyber attack. the key suspect in the investigation. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney, how to find the best rate for a home loan and should you buy
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you are about to see a sinkhole appear right before her eyes. watch what happens as a big rig drives through the middle of that intersection. like magic that sinkhole appears. one driver is able to stop. the other driver is not so lucky. he drives into the hole. you can see the front of the car falling into it. then it gets worse.
4:46 pm
moments later an entire car falls in. everybody got out okay. officials believe the hole was caused when sand collapsed beneath the road surface. >> that's frightening. bill cosby has resigned as a trustee at temple university amidst a growing number of sexual assault allegations against him. cosby has been a trustee since 1992 and also been the highly visible cheerleader for the philadelphia school for even longer. the chair of temple's trustee says he doesn't want to be a distraction. major internal computer problems were caused at the film studio and may have caused an international incident for one of its upcoming christmas films. abc news's ted roland explains.
4:47 pm
>> north korea is on the suspect list for a cyber attack that shut down the studio system for days, forcing some employees to use gmail accounts to communicate. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea. the comedy stars seth rogan. >> this is speculation. nobody knows if north korea is behind this. >> a hacker group called g.o.p., the guardians of peace is taking responsibility for the attack. over the weekend, several pirated copies of sony film showed up online including brad pitt's world war ii movie fury currently in theaters and the yet to be released remake of "annie." sony telling abc news the theft of its content is a criminal matter and we are working closely with law enforcement to address it. on friday a north korean government website reportedly called the interview an evil act
4:48 pm
of provocation that deserved stern punishment. whether the attack is north korea's revenge against sony remains to be scene. meantime sony's computer system is back online and "the interview" is set for release on christmas day. ted rowlands, abc news, los angeles. a new study finds toy-related injuries are way up. one kind of toy is getting most of the blame. the report from clinical pediatrics found injuries involving toys increase by 40% between 1990 and 2011. most of them were likely caused by scooters and other ride-on toys. there were 52,000 such injuries last injury alone and even one death. experts say this is an important reminder for kids to play with age appropriate toys and always, always wear a helmet. today the national traffic highway safety administration opened an investigation into whether gray co-delayed a recall of more than 6 million car seats.
4:49 pm
it involves buckles of child and infant car seats that get stuck in the latched positions. graco could be fined up to $35 million if the agency determines it failed to recall the seats in a timely manner. the white house wants congress to raise the minimum fine up to $300 million per incident. 7 on your side's michael finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook, e-mail and twitter. amy s. asks, i ordered something on the internet and it keeps getting delayed. do i have the right to cancel my order? >> that's a great question. the answer is yes, probably you do. these rules actually go back to the old days. think about ordering something from a cereal box or something from just a catalog where you would send it in by mail t. rule says they have to deliver your product within 30 days or warn you they're not going to. it can actually be earlier than that. nowadays when you go online you often see delivered in three to five days. they've got to get it to you in
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five days. that's the law. if they can't, they have to tell you, look, we're not going to get it to you in five days or 30 days, up to 30 days. that's the longest it can be. if they're not going to make it by then, they need to tell you that and give you the chance to take back the order. they also have to tell you you no longer have to have that order. they either say we're going to be late, do you want it canceled? by law they have to tell you. >> karen g says how do i find the best rate for a home loan? >> it's kind of easy and kind of hard at the same time. what you want to do is start at a website, a good one that's local is go there and find out what the averages look like nationwide and then local. then what i want you to do -- actually maybe your first step, go to and it costs about 19 bucks and gets your credit score. you have to know how good is your credit, you credit score so you can find out how much you're
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going to pay. once you've figured that out, you can go online and apply there. feel free to do that or look for a good loan broker, or if you have a relationship with a bank, credit union, savings and loan, go to all of them. they're competing with each other. let them know you want them to compete. >> alex e-mailed a good one. i need a new tv. should i definitely buy one today because of the cyber monday deals? >> you don't have to. the doorbuster specials, black friday built a reputation on that. we're kind of beyond that. there are great deals out there. there is a good team of year to look around. the best deals come in late january, early february because that's when the new tvs start being introduced. >> thank you, michael. up next, changes in the way you pay. the booming trend of paying by phone during the holiday season. how well does it work?
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coming up new at 5:00, more wet weather. we're live in the santa cruz mountains. a sergeant from san francisco missing for
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proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe that doesn't require regular blood monitoring or changes to your diet. for a prior dvt i took warfarin, which required routine blood testing and dietary restrictions. not this time. while i was taking xarelto®, i still had to stop racing, but i didn't have to deal with that blood monitoring routine. >>don't stop taking xarelto®, rivaroxaban, unless your doctor tells you to. while taking xarelto®, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious bleeding, and in rare cases, may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems.
4:55 pm
xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. tonight on abc 7, a two-hour special cma country christmas comes on at 11:00. cash, credit or debit? this holiday season there's a new way to pay by using your smart phone. as bs 7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out, the technology is very new. don't be surprised if you encounter a few bumps. >> as retailers swipe card after card, every once in a while they get one of these. >> i found out through watching a customer using it. i started using it myself.
4:56 pm
the fact that i don't have to actually carry my cards -- i usually forget my wallet in the car. >> toys "r" us takes almost every kind of mobile payment. >> right now it's a fledgling industry. we're not seeing a lot of payments. at this time next year we anticipate a lot of growth in the area. >> customers like apple pay. >> it's convenient. for android, mark sullivan says the much older google wallet works in a lot of the same stores. >> apple pay and google wallet look very similarly. >> tapping your phone to pay doesn't work everywhere. at some of the nation's biggest retailers, target, best buy, walmart, you can't use apple pay or google wallet. that's not an accident. notice target has the same credit card terminals as toys "r" us. >> they're doing it on a software level and blocking it from working that way. >> those retailers are backing another payment app called current c. they all agreed not to support the competition.
4:57 pm
>> not too thrilled that they're blocking a new way of paying for things. >> current c draws straight from your banking account. >> they're making it so the merchants don't have to pay the credit card fees, the 2% to 3% transaction fee that they hate. >> they'll try to make it worth your while by integrating coupons and loyalty cards right into the app. >> it's going to be a headache if you have ten different wall let's onto your phone. >> in san mateo, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7:00 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> my parents lost electricity last night. >> i'm clearing the tree from my driveway. >> cleaning up from the rain and the big one hasn't hit yet. the storm will bring us wet and windy conditions, maybe even
4:58 pm
a chance of under. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> flames destroy a south bay home and injured a firefighter. what made it so difficult to fight. the ferguson fallout in the bay area. we ask why no one has been charged with vandalism. listen to that and get ready to hear that sound a lot over the next few days. the real yet has yet to fall. already there are big problems. >> the tree came down. it has cut the power lines to about 70 houses. >> good evening. i'm ama daetz in for dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. thanks for joining us. our biggest storms of the season so far are on the way. people are rushing to prepare. the good news, reservoir levels should rise significantly.
4:59 pm
abc 7 news reporter freedman. >> reporter: more joy than dread about the big storms coming. they say they'll welcome them because more drinking water supply for them and if there are problems, they'll be prepared. there's a shelf at scarborough lumber and hardware are filled with tarps, batteries as mountain residents prepare for heavy rain and power outages that accompany storms. >> last couple years have been so light that a lot of people have no idea what they're in for when it comes for a big storm like this. >> reporter: eric already has cleanup to do after the weekend rain. >> clearing the tree from the driveway or any dead trees that might fall. expecting a lot of rain. >> five inches or so. >> we need the rain, that's pour sure. >> reporter: united missions already distributed 100 sandbags
5:00 pm
over the weekend. >> we're waiting for delivery of new sand. we have lots of bags in our little shed. so we're ready, and i think people probably had a couple years maybe even to prepare for the weather. >> boulder creek residents have been on mandatory water restrictions since may. the water district taps the san leandro rivers and wells. it will help. >> brings the street flows up to allow the ak fers to recharge. it does a lot. >> runoff from the santa cruz mountains helps to fill lexington reservoir. over the next seven days its ohio drolgist is anticipating six inches from the weekend rain. there are concerns about rain related accidents especially along highway 17 and the poe testimony of mudslide. these are mountain people used to heavy rain. >> i'm more excited than concerned to be


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