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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 2, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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"world news tonight with david muir" is next. >> . welcome to "world news tonight." the extreme weather hitting right now. the winter weather alerts, freezing rain, dangerous driving in the east. and the huge storm hitting the west. mudslides, flash floods, families forced to evacuate. ginger zee is right here. the dramatic pictures seen for the first time. the explosion, the dangers posed by certain lithium batteries carried on passenger planes. batteries used in cell phones and laptops. what's being done? breaking news. the deadly school bus crash late today. the buses colliding. children rushed to the hospital. and the sudden blackout in a major american city. the evacuations. and tonight, what caused it? good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night.
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and we begin with a dangerous drive home on both coasts tonight. winter weather advisories in the east. and as we come on the air, new images coming in from the west. the rockslides in southern california. they are already getting walloped, bracing for record rains. the worst perhaps in years as a major system now moves in. and this video coming into us tonight, a treacherous commute home for millions of drivers in the west. in the meantime, here in the east, a fast-moving storm. freezing rain sweeping through and so let's get right to our chief meteorologist ginger zee with the storm track for both coasts tonight. hey, ginger. >> yeah, we can't make it easy on either coast and we won't. let's take you straight on the radar in the east. you've got rain in the blue and then that freezing rain. that's going to be a problem in central pennsylvania. that's why you see winter the pacific ocean. just pumping moisture right in. places that have already seen one to two inches of rain, which is a huge deal for them, david,
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now going to get another two to three or possibly even three to five. >> all right, ginger zee leading us off. and as ginger reported, this could be historic, calling it a monster in the west. tonight, the race is on to prepare for it with mudslides already coming in. families evacuating. abc's brandi hitt is right there. >> reporter: a super-soaking storm is slamming california. mud flowing in camarillo, northwest of los angeles. a race to keep those culverts clear any way they can. with machines. even pulling rocks out by hand. families like anthony bacanzo are keeping a close eye on the mountains tonight. >> i wasn't scared until now. >> reporter: rocks falling in santa barbara, covering this highway and wreaking havoc on the roads. at least three injured in this three-car pileup. and look at this truck dangling from a freeway overpass. the ground already saturated after weekend downpours brought mudslides that closed ten miles of the pacific coast highway.
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in glendora, workers moving massive concrete rails to protect these homes sitting below a mountainside that could give way at any moment. >> when they say mandatory, we are out of here. >> reporter: this neighborhood, devastated by wildfires earlier this year. and that compounds the danger. it takes just a half an inch of rain in an hour to cause flash flooding in areas scorched by fire. that's why so many families here are on edge tonight, david. take a look at this runoff coming down this mountainside. they've already handed out more than 18,000 sandbags to protect these homes. california desperately needs this rain after suffering the worst drought in more than 100 years. but not this much rain at once. david? >> brandi hitt in california tonight. brandi, thank you. and now, to those dramatic pictures just released this evening. we have reported before on the dangers of lithium batteries being carried on passenger planes in the cargo hold. but never have we seen this. new government test results and after you see them, you'll
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likely ask, what's being done about this? abc's senior national correspondent jim avila with the images. >> reporter: you're watching rarely seen before faa test video. a cargo container carried below in nearly every passenger jet. this one filled with 5,000 lithium ion batteries. just like the ones that power your cell phone and laptop. government researchers simulate overheating of just one battery inside. in a chain reaction, nearby batteries inside catch fire. and the smoking container explodes. temperatures in the cargo hold reach 1,100 degrees. the pilots union says, "shipment of lithium batteries aboard aircraft is currently the most pressing hazmat issue that the aviation community needs to address." the batteries, more than 7 billion of which are made each year, are popular because they're lightweight, but have been shown to be vulnerable to overheating.
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>> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: this laptop battery seemed to spontaneously combust in an l.a.x. terminal. tonight, the faa releasing a statement, saying it's working on strategies to mitigate the fire dangers in these small batteries. but so far, there have been no changes in the guidelines since the faa performed those frightening tests. david? >> no new guidelines since those tests. all right, jim avila live in washington. jim, thank you. now, to a horrific scene unfolding late today. a deadly collision. two school buses crashing in tennessee. these pictures coming in right now. one school bus knocked over onto it side. first responders right there at the scene. authorities now reporting at least three people dead. and abc's matt gutman tonight on the children being treated for injuries. >> reporter: the front of one school bus was sheared off. the other bus was splayed on its side, cratered by the impact. the violence of the impact ripping off the roof. >> we have some injuries and some fatalities, unfortunately.
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>> reporter: police in knoxville, tennessee, tonight, choking up. >> we just ask the community to pray for -- >> reporter: as they announced two children were among the dead. those children between kindergarten and the third grade. the third fatality, an adult aide on the bus. family members frantically clustering at the scene shortly after the crash. >> he was petrified. he's never been in an accident before. >> reporter: some 20 children in all were treated. mostly for bumps and bruises, say hospital officials. the two elementary school buses collided just before 3:00 p.m. today after school. the community tonight reeling. >> it hurts. and it feels like, you know, we've lost members of our knox county schools family and indeed we have. >> reporter: police tonight say they're investigating what caused this crash. matt gutman, abc news, miami. now, to a major american city, suddenly plunging into darkness. detroit, crippled by a major power outage. traffic lights going dark,
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elevators stuck, schools in the dark, as well. this hallway, pitch black. one student actually reading using the light on his cell phone. abc's tom llamas is in detroit this evening, where they are asking serious questions about america's aging infrastructure. >> reporter: tonight, the city of detroit recovering from a massive power outage. just after 10:30 this morning, the lights went out across downtown detroit, cutting power to 1,400 buildings. watch as the lights go out during a murder trial -- these lawyers left in the dark. traffic lights out, trains stalled, the detroit red wings arena pitch black. workers evacuating from city buildings. >> and the computer just said, boom. so, it just went out. >> reporter: some being helped out on stretchers. detroit public schools sending some children home early, as others tried to work by the light of their cell phones. wayne state university students told us they were scared. >> it went completely dark and then the lights were kind of
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flickering and everyone was like, what is happening? >> reporter: city officials blame outdated infrastructure for the outage. >> what you have is a power grid across this city that the city has not modernized in decades. >> reporter: just last year, detroit losing power for two days. its troubles, a sign of the growing burden on america's aging electrical infrastructure. the number of significant outages across the country quadrupling in recent years. and we all remember the 2003 blackout in parts of the midwest and northeast, leaving nearly 50 million people without power for more than 24 hours. and tonight, downtown detroit back up and bright again. power fully restored. but the mayor warning out ages like this one could happen again over the next few years until the system is fully modernized. david? >> tom llamas, the lights back on there, but as you point out, serious questions lie ahead. and around the world tonight, and to what could be a major development in the fight against isis. abu al baghdadi, the passionate leader with a taste for western luxuries. well tonight, we are learning a
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woman believed to be his ex-wife has been captured. arrested trying to cross into lebanon with a fake i.d., carrying a child. tonight, she's being questioned. what could she reveal about the leader of isis, her former husband? abc's alex marquardt in lebanon for us. >> reporter: tonight, as american jets patrol the skies above iraq and syria, hunting for abu bakr al baghdadi, his former wife is now behind bars. she's believed to be this woman, seen in this night vision video shot earlier this year. lebanese officials tell abc news that she and at least one child were caught trying to sneak into lebanon with fake i.d.s. baghdadi's believed to have several wives. this one, who reportedly confessed to being his wife, was said to be caught with the help from foreign intelligence agencies, who are now hoping she may help lead them to her husband. >> if you eliminate him, then i think it becomes more difficult for them to get done what needs to be done. >> reporter: baghdadi was last seen in july, preaching holy war in a mosque in iraq.
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just last month, there were reports he'd been killed or wounded in an air strike, but he resurfaced days later with an audio message, mocking the u.s. and calling for "volcanoes of jihad." the american government says this arrest is a matter for the lebanese, but tonight, u.s. officials are hoping it will bring them one step closer to america's most wanted man. david? >> alex marquardt in beirut for us. alex, thank you. tonight, new developments from washington. reports the president has chosen ashton carter as his new defense secretary. unlike chuck hagel, who resigned under pressure last week, carter did not serve in the military or in congress. and is not a household name. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz reporting live from washington tonight. so, martha, what do we know about him? >> reporter: david, ash carter was deputy defense secretary up until a year ago. when he left, the chairman of the joint chiefs jokingly called him the most important, least known figure in washington. he did spend a good part of his career in academia, but with his
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prior pentagon experience, he does know budgets, bombs and the building very well. what the president is hoping that carter brings to the job that some perceived hagel did not is a real depth of knowledge and focus on isis and the problems in iraq and syria. of course, the drawdown in afghanistan is on the horizon, as well. but this is going to be a very critical period at the pentagon, with very little time left for the president and his team to try to turn things around. david? >> all right, martha raddatz tracking changes at the top of the pentagon. martha, thank you. and we are following two stories out of the nfl tonight. first, an emotional moment on capitol hill today. nfl executive and former player troy vincent speaking before a senate committee about his own experience with domestic violence, saying he watched his own mother become a victim, even calling 911. >> i relate to the 20 million victims, survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse in every community across our great nation.
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>> honest moment on capitol hill today. and this image tonight, just days after ray rice was reinstated by the nfl, this evening, ootsanother nfl star, e adrian peterson, heading into a hearing today, hoping to overturn his suspension. peterson was suspended for the rest of the season for disciplining his son with a switch. now, to ferguson, missouri, tonight, and there's new fallout after the grand jury decided not to hand out an indictment for the police shooting of michael brown. we all saw the view lens that followed. this evening, a new question. is michael brown's step-father now being investigated for what he said afterward? abc's steve osunsami back on the story for us. >> burn it down! >> reporter: they were words in the heat of the moment as crowds gathered on the streets of ferguson. louis head, the step-father of michael brown, clearly upset, as the family was learning that officer darren wilson would not be charged for the shooting death of their son. >> burn it down! >> reporter: and now today, word that police investigating the fires that burned across the city might also be looking at
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what brown's step-father said that night, whether his words helped start a riot and set the city on fire. from st. louis county police tonight, "our department is currently looking into this as part of the entire investigation that includes the arsons, looting, destruction of property, et cetera." speaking on fox news, ferguson police chief tom jackson said they're well aware of the video tape. >> we are pursuing those comments and there's a lot of discussion going on about that right now. but i really can't get into that at this time. >> reporter: the family's lawyers have tried to explain. they were upset. the emotions were raw. and their son is still dead. >> raw emotion. not appropriate at all. god forbid your child is killed the way they killed. >> reporter: tonight, police are softening their tone, telling us they're looking into a lot of things that happened that night, but they'd still like to talk with the step-father. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> steve, thank you. now, to the economy tonight, and to gas prices at record lows. $2.74 a gallon, 53 cents lower than last year. and this evening, something
5:44 pm
else. car sales now soaring. how much is your family saving? abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, the gift that keeps on giving. gas prices now down for 68 straight days. eight states poised to see prices below $2. and tonight, we're already seeing the effects. november, the strongest month for car sales in more than a decade. americans back to buying suvs. sales of the eight-passenger lincoln navigator up 88%. the chevy tahoe up 10%. even a renewed interest in buying the used hummer h1, which gets about nine miles to the gallon. americans now saving nearly $250 million a day on cheaper gas. that's $1,100 a year for the typical family. savings that can go towards everything from food to travel to holiday gifts. >> a lot of motorists i've talked to said the added income is going right under the christmas tree.
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>> reporter: and another gift on the way, david. these prices expected to drop another 10 cents by christmas day. the first city to drop below $2 a gallon, analysts say, will be oklahoma city, that should happen next week. david? >> oklahoma city first. all right, rebecca, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the high speed chase, the wild ending caught on tape. and the tv star who suddenly played a role in the capture. we'll hear from him coming up here. and the rolling stones this evening remembering an artist who performed with them so often. then the stunning images tonight. the base jump gone bad. the daredevil crashing into a building. unbelievable. he's okay. but how this all ended tonight.
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next tonight here, the wild high speed chase caught on tape. the driver, the stolen car and the tv star who suddenly played a role in the capture. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> there he goes. >> reporter: even the chopper pilot in the skies above could
5:48 pm
not believe what he was seeing. >> oh, geez, i think he clipped that guy. >> reporter: the suspect in an allegedly stolen bmw hitting 90 miles per hour. now, sure, this is l.a., where, yes, police chases happen a lot. but this -- oh, no, this would was not like the others. >> what is he carrying? a gun? skateword skateboard. >> reporter: a skateboard, which he tries unsuccessfully to skate away on. then, out of nowhere, cue the good samaritan. are you thinking, i can get him? >> i wasn't thinking i can get him. i was thinking, slow him down for the police to grab him. >> reporter: recognize him? you see, this being l.a., the driver is no regular guy. he's reality star lou pizarro of trutv's "operation repo." >> it ain't no joke -- >> if you don't pay that note! >> reporter: driving the same truck from the show. right place, right time? >> in this situation, yes. >> reporter: right there to save the day.
5:49 pm
good thing the cameras were rolling. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> cecilia, thank you. when we come back here, the rolling stones. remembering a beloved musician. also tonight, tom cruise hanging from the side of a jumbo jet. well tonight, an unscripted moment. the bus coming right at him. see what happens next. and the base jump gone very wrong. the white knuckle moment tonight. you'll see how this ends. he's okay. come on back. tonight. you'll see how this ends. he's okay. come right back. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so call your doctor right away. tamiflu treats the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines.
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and tom cruise, that unbelievable image. hanging off the side of a gum dome jet. this video out of london today. cruise looking the wrong way, nearly getting knocked out by a double decker pulse. proving that he's like the rest of us, really. getting back to the curb in time. and out of bangkok tonight. a daredevil with a stunt that goes terribly wrong. losing control, crashing into a billboard. all of it caught on tape. sustaining only minor injuries, but a lot of people seeing this one tonight. when we come back here, the 3-year-old on what it means to be america strong. you've got to see what she's about to do. during its first year, a humpback calf and its mother are almost inseparable. she lifts her calf to its first breath of air, then protects it on the long journey to their feeding grounds. one of the most important things you can do
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and finally tonight here, america and finally tonight here, america strong. and any parent can surely relate to this. the 3-year-old girl who told her mom and dad she didn't want a hair cut. so, what changed her mind? here's what she told us today. adorable as ever, meet 3-year-old ariana from winter port, maine. >> hi, david. >> reporter: checking in with us today, because it turns out, her hair is all the talk. just three weeks ago she'd be telling her parents, you're not cutting my hair. after all, it took her a long time to grow it. but one day on her dad's lap, watching their home computer, the story of victoria, a young gymnast. >> go victoria! >> reporter: she thought she was beautiful, her long hair. losing it all in her fight against cancer. remembering what it was she asked her dad. >> little girls don't have hair. >> reporter: asking why some little girls don't have hair. he told her it can happen when up get sick. that's when ariana answered back, "she can have some of my hair," which explains this
5:58 pm
image, in that chair, and the message. today, i'm getting my first hair cut. her father's been involved in charity work, her mother, a nurse. now, ariana helping, too. getting her hair cut off, a new bob, that new hair for someone else. someone she imagines getting new bows. >> her mom and dad can put bows in her hair. >> reporter: ariana smith with a lesson for us all tonight about what it means to be america strong. >> what are we going to do with your hair the next time we cut it? >> give it to little girls. >> we're going to do it again? >> yeah. >> eager to do it again. and thank you for watching here on a tuesday night. >> a super soaker in the bay area. and when the series of storms will end. >> drenching is taking a toll. we'll have a look at the storm's impact. >> tahoe under a winter storm
5:59 pm
warning but this storm isn't all good news. >> and stuck on the bridge but this has nothing to do with traffic how crews got it unstuck. >> triple threat. the third wave of the storm system slows traffic to a crawl and running down trees. it's bringing up the rain we need. >> let's take a look at live conditions, oh, my goodness. >> traffic coming out of the mcarthur maze. east and west, we've got scattered showers at this hour, slick streets, bringing this home to a crawl. you can see in emeryville. >> good evening, everybody. let's get to our storm watch coverage. third storm in four days is
6:00 pm
leaving a mark on the bay area. this is how things look at the hour. heaviest rain now is off shore. moving into our direction let's close in on the south bay now. is this batch of thunderstorms moving into our direction. rainfall totals today have been impressive. they've been uniform. in fact we've had record rainfall for this date. in moffett field 1.14 inches. a new record and rainfall total for this date. over an inch and a half in mill valley and around the bay area, generous totals. we'll have


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