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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 3, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> happening now, strong
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thunderstorms are hammering the bay area bringing lightning flooding and possibly even hail. here is a look at live doppler 7hd tracking the system. >> the lightning was caught on camera. here is the emeryville camera showing the flashes lighting up the night sky and it lasted more than an hour. i'm larry beil. dan and ashley have the night off. i'm ama-daetz. we are in for a wild night. right now the clouds are over the city, but we have a nice look at the buildings there. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the storm. sand jaw -- sandhya? >> it went from a few strikes to a thousand strikes in the last six to eight hours. obviously the strikes are offshore, but some have been hitting land. marin and sonoma county have been under a significant weather advisory. it expired at 11:00 p.m. as i take you in here, really heavy rainfall propertying an
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urban and small stream flood advisory from san rafael and we are taking you to street level and highway 101. you will notice that there are still some strikes showing up off the coast here. so we are not completely done yet. as you take a look at the lightning loop, i am taking you back several hours. numerous lightning strikes and there are still more showing up. as we head toward your morning commute we are still looking at the potential for more thunder. flood advisories advisories and it is an urban flood advisory until 3:45 tomorrow morning. small streams may go over their banks and you may see some ponding on the roadways. san francisco is 1.75 moffett field and san jose is over an inch. both have new records for the day. when you look at the storm risk tomorrow morning really high risk of thunderstorms in urban flooding. an additional three to four
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inches of rain for the bay area mountains. a detailed look at the timing and your morning commute coming up. >> abc7 news reporter alan wang joins us at ocean beach in san francisco where he has a front row seat for all of the lightning. alan? >> larry, for us you can see the lightning strikes way off in the distance just before the rain came down. this is what it looks like at ocean beach at 9:45. you can see the silhouette of a boat in one of the strikes. this is a time lapse recording of 18 lightning strikes we recorded over a period of 30 minutes. and then it was gone. we are seeing light rain and mild temperatures and not much wind. reporting live from ocean beach in san francisco. back to you guys. >> lightning and heavy rain have hit marin county hard in the last hour. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live and cornell, what are you seeing there? >> well, the rain is definitely back, ama. just in the past couple minutes, rain and lightning
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has caught our attention too lighting up the western sky near larkspur. it has been quite a sight. the rain was not far behind. it is bracing for more storms. there is a lot of water in marin. it is everywhere. the latest storm brought flooding and one lane is closed. don't even think about using the nearby commuter parking lot. it is underwater. water escaped from the gutters and look at this. the creek is below its banks and raging downstream. this garden gnome may not be worried, but michelle is. it is feet away and she is watching it rise. >> it is a common thing to watch it rise and see how the flow is going especially overnight it makes you nervous. >> the area has flooded before. sandbags are a good investment and many in this low-lying area have been ready. sandbags are available in san
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anselmo. she needs some because of a certain storm drain. >> water cannot exceed the capacity of a storm drain. any day of the week. >> rain slowed the evening commute to a crawl on northbound 101. the firefighters are there. >> they are needing to drive slow. especially at night you don't know how deep it is. the rain kept the customers away from this christmas tree lot and it is bad for business and good for the trees. >> the rain is good for the trees and they all need to drink and they all need water and it is great if we have rain. >> more rain is on the way. at marin county, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >>abc7 news lisa amin gulezian is live in santa cruz. rain has been very heavy at times down there. >> very true. we are off highway 1 and the
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rain is coming down around 10:30. it just started pouring and it is lightened up a little bit. luckily we haven't seen any lightning or heavy wind. the heavy rain is definitely coming down. live this santa cruz, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> the stormy weather is coming in and right now they are experiencing a delay of three hours. that's down from four hours and more than 140 flights have been canceled. oakland and san jose have experienced minor delays. >> do not forget to ouch what the abc7 morning news start agent 4:30 a.m. nice -- mike nico will be looking at the new weather updates throughout the day here on abc7 news and on twitter and abc7 news bay area. >> new tonight at 11:00, a
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human skull found in a time capsule-like box is now at the alameda county's coroner office to see how the person died. they found the skull in a sealed wooden box during a cleaning last week. the fine was not reported until yesterday. the officers found other items estimated to be about 15 years old. police arrested a suspected it drunk driver after he jammed his car between two fences on the pedestrian walkway of the golden gate bridge. here is a photo showing the blue mustang reg -- registered to daniel soto of san francisco. the chp said at 5:00 a.m. he sped from the parking lot near the marin head lands and on to the sidewalk and got wedged in there. luckily nobody was hurt. they shutdown traffic and they lifted it from the walkway with a crane and soto was taken to hospital with minor injuries.
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>> the weather may be a factor in this, but the definite primary factor was intoxication. we have seen wrong way drivers that have caused serious accidents. it is pretty dangerous. >> how is this for a coincidence? last may he posted this photo on facebook saying not sure if this is the official way to get to the golden gate bridge. >> tonight we are getting our first look at three looting suspects arrested during last week's protest in oakland. officers said they saw smith and gatison break into the smart n final grocery store and leave with stolen items. they say tony casey stole a garbage bag full of alcohol which dropped when he tried to run. 170 people were arrested in oakland last monday night and early tuesday morning. only four were charged with felonies so far. new details on the year long debate between pedestrians and cyclists riding on downtown san jose sidewalks. the city council tonight voted
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to ban sidewalk bicycle riding on a dozen blocks that largely have bike lanes including stretches of san fernando and first through fourth streets. kids 12 and younger with their guardian are exempt. with weeks before christmas thieves stole more than a hundred toys out of donation bins meant for families that are struggling. on wednesday they emptied a bin in san thank -- santa cruz. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> make sure we have the right ages. >> she loves the holiday season. she also loves running the santa cruz county toys for tots program. right now the volunteers have left -- have less to sort because the thieves took off with a hundred toys. >> this is about a hundred gifts. >> they walked to the designated dropoff sites and emptied the collection boxes. nobody noticed until the toys for tots reps came in for a weekly pick up. >> the confidence and the
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trust and the momentum we were building up just took our knees right out from under us. >> they stole toys that would have gone to 50 of the 10,000 needy children who hope to get a toy this christmas. >> i wanted to go out and find them. who is getting who? it was ridiculous. >> the watsonville firefighter was angry would be an understatement. they vow to up their security. >> just keep an eye on it especially now. it is hard to conceive that someone can do something like this. >> the crime's outrageousness is a reason the watsonville couple anonymously donated $300 to the toys for tots program today. >> so there is always an act of kindness that always outdoes it, but it still stings. the grinch didn't win this time. >> the santa cruz county toys for tots have never left a child on the list out. organizers don't plan to start this year. in watsonville, lisa amin
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gulezian, abc7 news. >> hopefully nothing but kindness from this point on. we have put information on our website. >> students say it is harmless and police say it is dangerous. up next, the warning over a controversial game that is played by local high school seniors. >> plus, a new way to cross the bay. the big under taking that bart is considering. >> and we are tracking the thunderstorm over the bay area right now. here is a look at live doppler
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lightning and even hail in the bay area, especially the north bay right now. you can see on live doppler 7hd there is a lot of action. we have already seen an impressive show of lightning from ocean beach in san francisco. there is also a flood advisory for most of the bay area. meteorologist sandhya patel will have an update in just a moment. >> there is a game played by many teenagers called assassins of kids using toy guns to ambush other students. police want it stopped. >> livermore police say a high
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school senior accidently crashed her car into this house while playing a game called assassins. >> people get into it. i guess it is dangerous if you do things without thinking. >> players, mostly seniors are assigned to stalk and shoot a victim with a nerf gun. the last person standing wins a cash prize. >> people are out of the way to make sure their target gets killed. they will chase people down in cars. >> that's why livermore police are discouraging students from playing the game. they received 9-1-1 calls regarding reckless driving, prowlers and armed people in the community. >> if it is taken out of context or people walking by don't know what it is, it can become a serious problem quickly. >> the students say they are being safe. they set up some rules. for one, you can't play on campus. you can't use a gun that looks like a real gun. still, school officials hope the students hillary think the sensitive -- will rethink the sensitive nature regarding this game called assassins.
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>> if they looked like, hmm, maybe what is happening in our nation with students and kids being killed because of holding replica guns. >> the students we spoke with say the assassin game will likely continue, but with more caution and sensitivity around others. in livermore, alan wang, abc7 news. bart is considering a second trans bay 2, but don't expect it anytime soon. they are exploring the idea of the tube that will connect from alameda to south of market and richmond. a second will allow for 24-hour service. as of right now, it is just a study. any actual construction could still be decades away. >> rain did not stop holiday revelers to attend the tree lighting at 555 california street in san francisco. ronnie lott hosted the event while dozens of people sang
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along with philip philips. >> lots of umbrellas with the rain we got. and now we are getting the lightning. >> and more is on the way. here is meteorologist sandhya patel. >> larry and ama, a very active night in the area. live doppler 7hd is tracking thunderstorms. let me show it to you right now. we will look at where we are seeing the heavy rain. the heavy rain has been falling in santa rosa in the last few minutes. we are seeing heavy cells as i take you down to street level. it is around point reyes and the san rafael area and also around napa you can see some heavy returns. now i want to take you down from san francisco down toward the santa cruz mountains. we are also seeing some heavy returns around the santa cruz mountains. you notice reds showing up off the coastline. there is still potential for development there. as you take a look, really what i am keeping my eye on here is more lightning showing up which is not too far from the bay area.
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north star is about seven inches and nine inches at home wood. some was rain and they will continue to see a mix of rain and snow. taking a look at the temperatures right now, we are in the 50s, 60s, pretty uniform and the wind has been a little on the gusty side, especially around half moon bay. southerly to 20 miles an hour you can see gusty winds to the morning commute. with all of the rain we got in the first round of the storm we are well above average. san jose 125% of normal season to date. 114sfo and 119 moffett field. oakland and livermore is close to normal. san francisco 101 and ukiah and sacramento is still lagging behind. but hopefully we will see things catching up. obviously not going to erase the drought. from the emeryville camera, this is the camera that has been capturing the lightning. waves of showers and thunderstorms will continue. urban and small stream flood advisory and an unsettled pattern will continue into
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next week. here is the satellite and the radar. the cold front you can't forget the drenching you had this morning and much of today we saw the wet weather. here is round two. it is the trough which is why we are seeing numerous thunderstorms. the instability will continue as we head toward tomorrow morning's commute. watch out for the thunderstorms and tomorrow morning still some thunderstorms. these could contain some hail. look at 8:00 a.m. a strong cell indicated by red showing up when you are take the kids off to school give yourself plenty of time. 5:00 p.m. the showers will taper. we still have a few more lingering into your thursday morning. the rain totals, this is what is really going to be great. we are expecting another four inches in the north bay mountains. santa cruz up to three inches. half an inch to an inch and a half through wednesday night. sierra still under a winter storm warning. expecting three to six inches near pass levels. one to two feet for the higher peaks and they will be tacking on some more snow.
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give yourself plenty of time for the commute. you will need tsm -- need it. hail and temperatures in the 50s and then don't forget your umbrella. keep them around. scattered showers and 50s and 60s and thunderstorms as well. accu-weather seven-day forecast, lingering showers on thursday morning. we have another system, weaker. friday we have a chance of rain and then another storm coming in sunday afternoon going into monday. that's thought as impressive as this one. but it will bring us another opportunity for rain. we'll take it. >> thank you so much, sandhya. >> i'm in for dan and mike shumann is in for me and how about steph curry? >> unbelievable. >> mvp, baby. >> start reading your e-mails. warriors looking for their 10th straight victory at oracle. it is some magic to pull a rabbit out of that hat.
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it was the magic that jumped out. ole law depot knocks down the three. season high 27. second quarter and green finds barnes and the three ball. time running out in the half. a little give and go. third quarter and klay in transition. throws it down and he had 20. olidepo answers. he flies in for the dunk. warriors were out scored 22-10 in the fourth. a hand in his face hits the tray. you can't count the warriors out. first steph and then clay -- and then klay and then klay again. steph and then step back three. two seconds left and 22 for curry. 98-97 the final. 10 in a row for the doves. one shy of the franchise record in 1971 and 1972.
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me too. 49ers on sunday at the black hole. series tied at six wins apiece. both teams desperately need a victory. they have been struggling all season. colin kaepernick threw two inter inter -- threw two interceptions. seven is the strength of their team. justin knows this will be a
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challenge. >> a big, experienced o-line. the defense is playing great. they will be coming here with a lot of emotion too. that is coming off a loss to another rivalry. this is a very important game for both teams. i am looking forward to it. >> all right, college playoff ranking stays the same. alabama number one after beating auburn and oregon number two. tcu leap frogs florida state at number three which drops my seminoles to number four after escaping florida to remain undefeated. ohio state and baylor are 5 and 6. this abc7 news sports report is brought to you by ebay. amazing thunder and lightning. >> abc7 news continues now on-line, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is at 4:30 tom
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ethan hawk. >> have a great night, everyone. drive safely tomorrow morning in all of that rain. have a good one.
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