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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. on this rainy wednesday morning. you are busy this morning with the crashes and it is hard
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to see. >> the rain is going sideways, and hydroplaning and thunderstorms on the way to work. let me show you the heavy rain, north of san rafael up 101 and novato and across 37 headed to the american canyon and napa. we have a nice cell on the hayward side of san mateo bridge. you can see coming from the sunol grade to fremont and milpitas a nice cell and around portola valley headed down 280 toward 17 in san jose that is where we have a nice cell and there is more coming our way. as we head through the day, showers and storms should be expected heaviest through noon tapering this afternoon but the heaviest rain, again, is before lunch. >> c.h.p. are busy along with the local police. they are. yesterday we saw more than 100 incidents mostly accidents at the peak. a last flooding.
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because the mornings will be darker longer, you cannot tell how democrat the puddles are. as mike has warned us, as i have warned you, slow down your speeds on the roads. you never know if you are going to slam into a lake. that is a look at 101 near 880, fairly smooth right now. be careful. the storm is causing problems on roads and prosecute down the roof of a business in the santa cruz mountain town of fell ton. nick is at the c.v.s. pharmacy. >> off-and-on, off-and-on it finally became teach. this is the cvs in fell son and the store manager said she got a call the alarm was activated and she did not understand why and is rushing to the scene at the same time so were fire and
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police. we specific to the fire official as soon as we got to the scene. >> it looked like the roof collapsed because of the water. maybe too much weight. there you could see the life collapsing and a good amount water. they are trying to figure out examined but they have a good idea the continuous rain would not let up and the building was built in the 70s and they believe the vice system could not hold the pressure. it came crashing down. i spoke to the manager. she told me "i'm happy the store was closed because there is no way we could predict that." they say those would had prescriptions scheduled to be picked up can pick those up in santa cruz later.
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they will contact the customers tell. the rain has continued to go off-and-on and people are seeing flash flooding. if you see something, let us know. you can shoot me an e-mail or hit me up on twitter. we are in santa cruz right now. the storm is bringing a dangerous but spectacular light next show to the bay area with huge bolts all might and all morning. this is how it looked in san francisco from ocean beach before 10:00 last night. you can see a boat dug one of the strikes. there are 18 lightning strikes over 30 minutes. if marin county, lightning flashed across the sky a sign that more rain was on the way. residents in a san francisco neighborhood wake up to a soggy surprise. you can see the heavy rain caused significant flooding in
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the area with water rising up to the wheel wells of several cars. there is no place in the bay area that is safe from rain. this is video from los altos along interstate 280. meteorologist mike nicco said that is an area that got the most rain. you can see the slash, one of many deep pockets of waters. the roads are slick. they are worse than yesterday. c.h.p. is nowing drivers to take it slow and do not break suddenly and you can try to avoid hydroplaning. residents are dealing with more moisture to marin county. heavy rain in petaluma forced the closing of southbound 101 at the lakeville highway off-ramp at height of the storm. we could have several feet inches of standing water. rain is turning one creak into a raging tore represent. business owners are watching it
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closely. >> it is a common thing to watch and see how the me is going. especially overnight it makes you nervous. >> the rain was great for christmas tree lots but it could have kept the customers away. amy hollyfield will have a report on how it is affecting things in san francisco at the bottom of the hour. can you track storms where you live on live doppler hd any time with the weather app that is free on apple app and google play. we have more information at >> rain causing problems in southern california, as well. mandatory evacuations were lifted in a community overnight after a mudslide swamped the area. the rain is a welcome sight in light of the historic drought. here is the latest. >> a tree crushes the car in the midst of the storm. residents say the sound of the
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falling tree is unforgettable. >> i thought it was thunder and i looked was a big tree. >> was it terrifying? terrifying. very, very scary. >> several trees hit cars throughout southern california. >> mud blow is a concern in one area with debris great a spring fire of 2013 coming into the retirement community causing mandatory evacuation and after dark the debris stopped flowing and the back yesterday of the home is covered in mud and you can see the water that is left behind and the sandbags worked and the house itself is not damned. >> i am totally pleased with the help we got from the city and the sheriff and the fire department. they were wonderful. >> residents are overjoyed to come home and the mandatory evacuations are over. >> it is hard to describe something like this...really
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great. >> nine mile stretch of highway is closed after sunday's storm caused mudslides. it is not clear when it will re-open. >> downpours have caused streets to overflow with several feet of water. driving was difficult. >> i enjoy it as much as i can walking but when i drive i don't think it is great. >> most celebrate the rare storm in the middle of california's historic drought. >> we have always been dry. we need the rain >> a multimillion dollar erosion project to protect homes in southern california officially on break because of the rains. there is worry of mudslides after the king fire blackened thousands of acres a few months black. crews want to drop tons of rice draw in the worst burned areas to protect the remaining soil but the heavy rains are keeping
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that from happening. contractors do not expect to resume work for a few months. >> with our storm, you could say it is a multilayer danger. you avoid a puddle and you could hit a downed branch. today, as we said, would be the worse day. you can see the moist flow from the south with scattered showers and thunderstorms still developing over the ocean and that will come our way. right now the heavier downpour on 580 moving through castro heal to the dublin grade or castro valley. east palo alto south of the dumbarton bridge coming off that, is where the heaviest rain is to palo alto and stanford and headed to cupertino, sunnyvale and mountain view, the heavier rain falling and this is 280 at 17, you can see were drops develop on the lens, urban flooding is the highest risk this morning and creek flooding,
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also, thunderstorms and mud and rock slides are possible where the thunderstorms are and wind damage is going to be our best chance. san rafael saw a thunderstorm roll through and 101 is letting up a little bit compared to five minutes ago. showers and storms now all the way through noon and lighter showers but, still, thunder is possible at 4:00 through 7:00 so that is the next 12 hours moving failure the next these days waves of lighter showers on thursday, friday is the final push and saturday is dry. notice the temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60's every day. >> i am tracking 40 incidents reported by c.h.p. that includes citizens, stalls, flooding, you name it. here is an incentive to be careful on the roads: c.h.p. has so many people to go around so if you are in an accident or stuck in flooding you may have to wait. c.h.p. is very busy this morning
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with the severe problems around the bay area. be very careful. slow down. make sure you try to avoid the hydroplaning and the spinouts. here is a look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza before the bridge. it is wet. it is slick. traffic is light. we have a sig-alert in effect in solano county westbound a sig-alert involving a crash involving a couple of vehicles and it is blocking a lane causing delays from fairfield and if you head into san francisco northbound 101 to the northbound 101 extension we have another sig-alert with severe flooding causing heavy flowing headed into san francisco. car sales are revving up and we will tell you where next. we will tell you where next. >> possible ebola days in boston provide answers to the birth of the solar system.
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>> the clouds, the storm right over the bay and the bay bridge. drive carefully. the roads are slick. you can see live doppler hd in the corner. weather and traffic is on the weather and traffic is on the scene throughout t
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bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:14. the rain is across the bay area and in the east bay, interstate 680 in walnut creek, near north main, the traffic lights or tail lieds headed southbound. be careful. >> a patient is being tested for ebola in boston. doctors say the results should be available soon. the patient was admitted yesterday to massachusetts general hospital with ebola-like symptoms after traveling to an area where the virus is present. a witness described what he saw. >> they went into lockdown. i didn't realize it at first but after a while i figured something was going that point i could hear behind the curtain, this is the decontamination room. >> the patient is in stable condition and in good spirits. >> a japanese space explorer is on a six-year round trip mission to blow a crater in an asteroid
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with a rocket blasting off in southern japan and the explorer will reach the asteroid in 2018 and spend 18 months studying it before returning in 2020 and will shoot a would jacket time into the asteroid into the crater to collect rock samples. asteroids can provide evidence not available on earth about the birth of the solar system and its evolution. >> leading scientists and astronauts and business leaders in california will release a declaration calling for increased awareness and tracking of dangerous asteroids. experts will announce asteroid day 2015 which is set if juan 30 -- june 30 of next year and they will seek to protect the future of the land it from asteroid impact. today's announcement is under way at 10:30.
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>> gas prices have been falling and s.u.v. sales are hot again. >> this is funny, eric need an ugly sweater on rent? >> i have plenty. >> good morning, topping america's money, strong car sales at holiday season gets underway. >> november was the strongest month of the sales in a decade with low gas prices helping sales particularly among bigger models like suvs. something delicious but expensive now available at costco. >> worth every penny. >> japanese beef on sale at $109 a pound. you have to order at least 11 pounds so that would be $1,200 but this is definitely worth it according to beef lovers. >> 'tis the season of the ugly holiday sweater. you can even rent one starting at $15
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"national ugly sweater day." >> a day for everything. governor brown rang in the holidays with a california tradition that has been around the capital longer than he has been: the 83rd annual christmas tree lighting ceremony that took place yesterday in the capital. brown lit the tree with his wife and nine-year-old leukemia survivor. the 53 not not white fur was decorated with 10,000 l.e.d. lights and 900 children and adults with developmental disabilities. officials in san francisco get in the holiday spirit at union square and mayor lee and transportation officials will unveil the winter walk, for a month, two blocks of stockton street are open for holiday happenings with a nightly light
5:19 am
show, singing, food and other treats. it will be unveiled between erie and ellis at action. >> wondered what they were doing. >> that is nice to know. hopefully it will be dry. mike? i would not wait until the weekend. >> tonight, rain. tomorrow, rain. less are rain on friday. flood advisory until 7:00 for all the areas in green and that goes from the south bay to the north bay from bodega bay and petaluma to napa south law -- through marin and san francisco and san mateo and lot of ponding on the roads and creeks could overflow lasting through at least 7:00 this morning. we have been tracking the half rain across the north bay and we have one headed to san ramon coming up crow canyon from
5:20 am
castro valley to you headed across the dumbarton bridge and headed to fremont and hayward and san leandro and san lorenzo and another batch hitting 280 around los gatos and cupertino toward campbell. we are not out of this by any stretch of the imagination and the winds are picking up, 10 to 20 miles per hour so when the light are flickering you know the trees are starting to topple as the ground is saturated. we have light rain on the bridge and the winds are running parallel, coming in from the south, gusting up to 30 miles per hour and you have a head or tail wind but not a cross wind. the rest of the bridges have cross wins this morning. be careful. showers and thunder are heaviest today, lighter showers tomorrow and friday and the weekend trending dry with seasonal temperatures. cold front yesterday brought us record rain and now a weaker system is bringing us accountered showers and thunderstorm and the area of
5:21 am
low-to-upper will spinoff smaller bits of energy one moving through right now and the other will be much weaker and now through noon we get our heaviest push of the next batch is after the commute and overnight we will have a lull with a lot of drizzle and fog. tomorrow you can see the moist flowing from the south bringing us waves of scattered light showers friday morning tapering yet again and a little bit of energy in the atmosphere on friday afternoon make sure you have an umbrella for the evening festivities on friday. it will be wet. how about another half an inch to 1.5" in most areas with the mountains getting from 1-2" of rain. the seven-day forecast show with the southern flow our temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60's each day and even when it is not raining saturday, sunday and tuesday. that moans wet today, tomorrow,
5:22 am
friday, sunday in the north bay and monday for the rest of us. >> >> we are getting a deluge. dry 680 and we do not have any major flooding in the area. everything is draining. traffic is moving along. berkeley shows a drive where there is a problem at emeryville with the right lane getting flooded from the maze. the tail lights are pushing to university avenue. we have a report of flooding now developing and redwood city and northbound 101 at woodside avoid the right lane and you want to avoid right and left-hand side so stay in the middle lanes and slow down the speed because it is dark this morning and it will be dark before the rest of the morning commute is be careful. you cannot tell how democrat the puddles are and further to the
5:23 am
northbound and southbound direction, more flooding and this is cleared northbound 101 to the extension, everything has re-opened after a crash with extra flooding. still very slow conditions. watch your speed. 5:23. straight ahead, seven things to know as you start director day. >> everyone is talking about it, drama at oracle arena, the warriors needed last second magic to beat orlando. >> you can keep on top of the weather...can you tell what is happening here? rain and raining good. rain and raining good. be extra careful.
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the door, the showers and storms will not go away complete by until at least friday with more rain in the seven-day outlook. >> there is a lot of flooding, and berkeley has a drive headed interest emeryville, we do have flooding in the right lane near powell street and that is the story across the bay area, drive carefully. there is ponding. you have the possibility for hydro plaining and spinouts. >> residents are waking up to a soggy surprise, heavy rains overnight causing significant flooding in the area of 27th and delor es water wheel wells of some cars. >> a cvs pharmacy roof crashed down overnight. official say too much standing water caused the roof to collapse. the willing inspectors will come out and take a good look at damage and see if there is anyway the store can open for business today. >> five, bart is considering a
5:27 am
second transbay tube that would connect alameda to san francisco south of market and richmond districts. a second tunnel allows for 24 hour service but as of right now it is a study. any still construction would be decades away. >> a woman has come forward claiming bill cosby molested her when she was 15. yesterday, judith hoops fired a sexual battery lawsuit claiming he gave her several drinks while at the playboy mansion in 1974 and forked her to perform a sex act. there will be a showdown on capitol hill between japanese airbag maker takata and the u.s. government who have refused to comply with a demand for an expanded recall of the explosive airbags. the executives are set to appear before a house of representatives subcommittee this morning. >> the warriors look to make it ten in a row. >> they ran into a tough team from orlando and they needed
5:28 am
last-minute magic to win the game. eric? warriors were down and steph curry hits this three, the game winner with only two clicks left on the clock he had 22 points, and 98-97 was the final. ten in a row for the warriors, one shy of the franchise record of consecutive wins is the back in 1971-1972. before you were born. >> of course. >> they meant to make it close. >> and magical. >> we have another full 90 minutes of news. >> late night lightning rattled san francisco and more surprise of bay area skies being lit up. >> the embarcadero is seasoning wet with so many puddles on the roads. be careful, we are keeping live doppler 7 hd on the screen with
5:29 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. with a massive storm on wednesday, thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. i am kristen sze. >> i action eric >> egg is underwater. the entire bay area is underwater. we will talk about sunnyvale and to cupertino where we have a better cell moving across 237 and hitting the dumbarton bridge and across hayward headed down 238 and 880 you will find wet weather. and eastern condition
5:32 am
strong thunderstorms. we can expect merchandise prosecute to heavy rain and the possibility of a thunderstorm through noon and we will still have thunderstorms in the forecast but the rain will taper in the afternoon hours. we have the heaviest this morning. so much flooding but 101 especially is cursed. >> it is a mess. >> who needs flying cars when you can break out the oars. the bay bridge toll plaza is busy and dangerous. traffic is loading up. we have severe flooding in the north bay in marin and sausalito and southbound 101 at highway one a sig-alert with three lanes blocked. northbound and southbound highway 121 from east to west the stretch is going to find severe flooding. to the south in east palo alto northbound 101 we have a multiple vehicle crash and
5:33 am
people are trapped and lanes are blocked. more details to come. looking forward to the details. thank you, leyla gulen. the rain is causing problems before folks get on the road. neighbors from marin to san francisco have clogged storm drains backing up water on the streets. amy hollyfield has an area folks are in for a surprise. look at this standing water there is a lot of water in the low-lying area. it is touching up to the doorsteps, the garage doors of homes. it looks like the homes have been spared. water is not rushing into the homes. these pictures were taken overnight when it was worse. the rain was coming down and the water was rising quickly and it was a particular flooding situation with so much water so
5:34 am
quickly and the water just had nowhere to go. san francisco public works is just getting so many phone calls for help and reports of flooding. we are getting a nice break right now in the weather and we have not had rain in an hour since we have been here. when we were driving to work it was coming down. hard. we were not surprised to fine the flooding happening in the city. we hope that people's property will be okay and survive the few cars that will be muddy maybe with water but you do fought want did drive through this. it makes a big splash. it touches up to the garage doors anddoors and's homes look they will be okay. the thunderstorm delivered cracks of lightning and billions -- booms of none democratic an impressive show of lightning
5:35 am
from ocean beach. in marin county, lightning flashed across the sky. an omen that more rain was on the way. >> marin is pelted with more rain. southbound 101 at highway one if sausalito is closed. the c.h.p. closed the southbound lane of 101 at the lakeville off-ramp because of 4-6" of standing water. the two flooded lanes re-opened at 4:30 and trucks and cared were ignoring the we warning signs. a rain is coming down if daly city and this is video from this morning on the drive along northbound 280 with the bird -- windshield wipers working nonstop. take your time on the roads when you are driving, with the driving rains causing pooling in
5:36 am
many areas and that increases the risk of hydroplaning. >> it is snow in the sierra a cause for celebration for the lake tahoe ski resorts. you can see the early flurries yesterday but our camera is on the mountain 8,000'. lake tahoe had rain at lake levels. and off of highway 80 along the north shore the ski resort is at 7,200' the snow line year. they had a rain-snow mix depending on where the boarders were. there is enough for six runs to be open. the resort said they like the wet snow. >> this helps. we have nothing like natural snow to build excitement. the moisture content and the snow is a benefit this time of year allowing for great fun. >> it is great. just great. we will come up more this year.
5:37 am
>> the ski resorts expect to open more runs after this storm dutches more snow after tomorrow. >> a look at san francisco international airport where passengers should expect more delays because of the storm. you can see the tarmac is wet. the weather caused delays and cancellations at sfo for three to four hours. it could be worse today. 130 flights were canceled in total. oakland and san jose international airport experienced only minor delays. you can see what is showing up on live doppler hd with the weather app free on apple app and google play. we have more information at a human skull found in a time capsule-like box is now at the alameda county coroner's office. an employee at pack panels in
5:38 am
oakland found the skull in a sealed wooden box while cleaning up. it was not reported until monday. officers found other actuals inside estimated to be 15 years old. democrat -- will hold a protest in support of an arrested comrade. the man they are supporting is on the ground being arrested. this video was taken on friday during the ferguson solidarity protest that began on market street. the man was extreming the profit live and they claim he was assaulted by police. he is scheduled for arraignment. someone threw a plastic traffic barrier at the police injuring one officer. we have a first look at three looting suspects arrested last week during the protest in oakland. officers say they saw the two break into the grocery store and leave with stolen items.
5:39 am
miss say casey stole a garbage bag full of alcohol which he dropped when he tried to run. 170 people were arrested in oakland on monday night. only four have been charged with felonies so far. >> riders with bicycles are welcome on bart. welcome on bart. the acknowledge is keep bicycles secure on-and-off the rains and remind riders about the bicycle rules. bicycle theft an increasing problem in the bay area. new details on the debate between pedestrians and bicyclist riding on downtown san jose sidewalks. the city council voted last night to ban sidewalk bicycle riding on a few dozen blocks largely with bicycle lanes including stretches of san fernando and 1st-4th.
5:40 am
kids 12 and under are exempt. a new driver's license processing center. have a grand opening if san jose handling the crib of undocumented workers applying for driver's license. immigrants do not have to provide proof of united states citizenship to apply if a driver's license but it is not in effect until next month. they will have to show of proof of state residency and pass a written and driving examination to get a license. now weather and the storm. is it letting up? >> if some areas but waves are behind it so although it lets up, another wave is coming your way. through the north bay along sir francis drake boulevard to lucas valley road in novato boulevard toward novato we are seeing our better returns and that stretches to petaluma and sonoma and napa and will head to the
5:41 am
north. north of those areas you have a heavy shower coming your way. across castro valley again we will have our better radar run stretching into san lenadro and headed to san ramon and danville and heading to the south where we have along fremont trying to head southbound into the bay, not reaching all the way back to, say, 237, but that is a better one. that could move through the sunol grade. you can see the thunderstorms developing offshore and here is the wet weather in san jose at 280 and 17. our urban flooding until 7:00 and thunderstorms are possible all day. mud and rock slides are a better bet along with creek flooding and damage from the storm. walnut creek shows it has let up and we look at the day planner the next 12 hours, showers and storms through the end of the morning rush hour and best chance is at noon in the north
5:42 am
bay at noon and we will have lighter showers and thunder at 4:00 and 7:00 with temperatures in the 60's. if you are waking up with us, the thunder has been shaking you out of your sleep the rain is making a mess out of our roads. if you are headed here this morning, be prepared for significant delays and significant flooding. we have a bart delay be as well, 10 or 15 minutes at daly city because of an obstruction. the slowing from east palo alto is because of a multiple vehicle crash blocking two lanes, northbound 101, we have people trapped at four to five vehicles involved. to the north use make your drive in the southbound direction we have flooding. pulling out you can see the slowing coming up from the south bay and we have a c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for dumbarton bridge and bay bridge. 101 pushing to 580 through san
5:43 am
rafael, traffic is moving along fine but until you get to sausalito we have three lanes blocked because of flooding at highway one in the season direction. be careful. this is an overturned big rig, fairfield, on the brakes and westbound 80 avoid the area. next, students say it is harmless but police say it is dangerous. the warning over a controversial game played biological high school seniors. a showdown on million capitol hill with a japanese airbag maker at odds with lawmakers on capitol hill. we will keep you informed during the commercial break. there were big delays yesterday. there were big delays yesterday. there
5:44 am
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> livermore police are warning of the dangers of a popular high school gun using toy guns to am burn other students. a high school senior accidentally crashed her car into this house while playing the game called "assassin." they get the name of another senior they try to assassinate using mock weapons that
5:47 am
continues until there is only one person left. that person wins a cash prize. >> people go out of the way to make sure their target is killed. they will chase people down in cars. >> it is taken out of context or people do not understand what is going on and it could become a serious problem quickly. >> students say they are safe and set up rules: you cannot play on campus or use guns that look like real guns. >> officials hope students will rethink the sensitive nature surrounding the game. there is a slow down on capitol hill between the japanese airbag maker and the u.s. government, takata has refused to comply with a demand for an expanded recall of the potentially explosive airbags. company executives will appear before a house subcommittee at 7:00 this morning, takata said they will go along with whatever the automakers decide. washington lawmakers say that is not adequate.
5:48 am
>> this afternoon, the aliped -- the alameda sheriff will show off new drones. they were told they could not use homeland security money to buy the devices so they used $100,000 of the homeland security security money buy two drones. the county sheriff says the devices will not be used for surveillance. only for mission-specific cases we have gotten the most rain yesterday since 2009. 2009. toward the end of the nice run of wet weather before the drought. could this be the beginning of getting out of the drought? we hope so. one storm that lasts five or six days cannot make up three years of missed rain. >> in san francisco, you can see the flooding is what you will
5:49 am
find in many areas during the commute the next couple of hours. the urban and small stream flood advisory should end at 7:00. to we keep getting the waves of heavy showers they may have to extend it the you can see it covers all of our neighborhoods, the entire south bay and the bay shoreline and to the coast and even into the eastern section of alameda and it stops that. that is not a flood advisory. but the creeks could be flooded. when you look at this batch of radar returns, they will head to the north up 101 and up 29 and keep you in the heaviest weather with a nice cell off of ocean beach into marin, sausalito, up 101 to san rafael with heavier rain and this batch behind it. you can see it is moving to the
5:50 am
northeast and the showers are coming through the santa cruz mountains and dropping nice rain on san jose and not getting rain shadowed as much as normal and through fremont, up the sunol grade or through castro valley and heading northbound to antioch and brentwood. everyone is going to see waves of showers and the winds are picking up at 10 to 20 miles per hour and we could see the trees stressed from the drought will shed some branches and the whole tree comes over as the ground is saturated. in san rafael you can see the rain falling but not much fog which will come at us the next couple of mornings. shower and thunder are heaviest today with the weak trending dry and cool. our cold front pushes law and it will bring waves of showers and thunderstorms until noon and we will see a tapering in the intenseness with the yellows
5:51 am
moving north of us and then no yellow through 5:00 and overnight waves of light shower and drizzle and fog and same in the afternoon on thursday and friday night is dry with moring if on friday morning and friday evening we have a chance of rain so you will want the umbrella or the wet weather gear for friday evening. another 2-4" of rain possible and half an inch to 1.5". the seven-day forecast is steady temperatures, low-to-mid 60's and the dry of the days are saturday, and sunday for the most part outside the north bay and tuesday. the metering lights have been turned on and the traffic is heavy coming away from the east bay to san francisco. wait until you get to san francisco we have flooding. if the santa cruz mountains we do have mudslides southbound old santa cruz highway we have both lanes blocked because of the mud and rock slides.
5:52 am
be careful through the santa cruz mountains. we have had mudslides there year. it is still very saturated and very muddy in the area. northbound highway 101 we saw two lanes blocked and slowing from east palo alto because of the multiple vehicle crash. two lanes are blocked. there is a sig-alert in daly city. at ocean northbound 280 we have a couple of lanes blocked. we have flooding. hydro plaining. spinouts. overturned vehicles. you name it, we got it. >> that is enough. coming up, yes, virginia there is a santa clause and you can mail a letter. you can be one of santa's helpers if kids in need. >> dozens of people were rappeling off the side of a san jose building in the rain. >> a dispute involving a popular
5:53 am
soap opera and senator john mccain. looking at the puddles on the drive to work. you can keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire traffic through the entire commercial break at
5:54 am
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ real life super heroes braved the rain and 26 stories to help children fight drug and alcohol addiction. 100 people scaled down from the roof of the san jose marriott after a rain delay yesterday afternoon for the shatter proof challenge. organizers hope to raise
5:56 am
awareness and bridge the gap teen funding and resources for children battling addiction. this is the second year for the shatter proof challenge in san jose raising $1.5 million since last area's event. >> happening today thousands of bay area children in need can send their christmas wish left to santa. the postal service letters to santa starts with the mailbox opening in oakland at 10:00 a.m. with santa and be there. you can adopt a letter to help with basic necessities, food, and shelter for the children writing the letters. we have three hour and 30 minute arrival delays in san francisco international airport and san jose airport is on time. we have showers and storms in southern california and fresno could be dry for the better part
5:57 am
of the day. and the snow will stick up in the sierra to past levels tomorrow morning. we have 6 incidents involving crashes, floods, you name it and in the east bay northbound 880, we have multiple vehicle crash with lanes blocked and get were slowing in the southbound direction. this crash has cleared northbound 101 at marsh the heavy delays remain. chains are required as you make director way along will 88. be prepared. new at 6:00, a story going viral around the country and the world. the mustang stuck yesterday on the golden gate bridge and the new details we are learning of the car and the driver. a roof collapsed at a northern california business all because of the half rain. we will take you inside to show you the damage. we look outside at traffic coming into the bay bridge toll plaza, it is wet and slippery.
5:58 am
we will see you on the or side we will see you on the or side
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♪ ♪ ♪
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, more wet weather for the bay area. the same storm continues to pound northern california. we will have mike and leyla gulen ahead with the effect it is having along with live doppler hd. an impressive light show cross the bay area. we have more of the lightning show that rumbled across the skies. a look at the bay bridge with the commute off to a soggy start. good morning, everyone, at 6:00. it is december 3. the entire region is underwater. meteorologist mike nicco is


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