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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that breaking news is in san jose, where the fire department is dealing with this. it's an eight-car pileup at northbound 280 north of u.s. 101. three lanes are currently blocked. avoid that area if you can. we will stay on top of the situation and bring you any developments throughout the course of this newscast and sky 7 hd is on the to bring us live pictures later on. good afternoon. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. today's storm brought flooding to many parts of the bay area. sky 7 hd was over marin county. this is what several hours of the downpour can create. water covered three of the four lanes on southbound 101 in marin city, turning what's usually a 30-minute commute into san francisco into a two-hour ordeal. at one point, officers urged
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people to stay home and off the roads. flooding stranded these drivers in san francisco. this happened along cesar chavez street where the highway dips below 101. this area has flooded during storms in the past. it was a soggy mess in the santa cruz mountains. part of a roof collapsed at the cvs store in felton. firefighters believe standing water caused it to give way. building inspectors will need to check the store out before it can reopen. and you might have been reaching for your umbrella today like this person in alameda. despite the traffic headaches and all the damage the rain is a welcome sight and we are nowhere near making up for the rainfall deficits we have endured the past few years. a live look from the camera in emeryville. this looks like a painting. you have the dark clouds and the sun trying to peek through. spencer christian live outside with more on the rain totals and a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> we have certainly had heavy downpours overnight and for the early part of the day but right
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now we are looking at some breaks of blue sky, just scattered showers. here's live doppler 7 hd. you can see a line of showers running through the east bay, through parts of the east bay, down through the livermore area and down to fremont and into the south bay and santa cruz mountains, we have lines of light to moderate showers and some locally heavy downpours near the summit. see that area in the yellow? that's representing the heaviest rainfall right now. but much of the bay area at the moment is experiencing a break, some dry conditions especially up in the north bay and right around san francisco and over to parts of the east bay as well. you can see other areas of showers developing offshore and moving in our direction. we will probably get those later in the evening hours. the rainfall totals the last 24 hours, very impressive. nearly two inches in san francisco, 1.6 in oakland, nearly five inches at novato, nearly two inches at moffett field. the two day totals are even more impressive. nearly six inches at novato. 3.4 in san francisco. just under three inches in
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oakland. 3.64 inches in redwood city. over 6.6 inches. we are certainly getting a nice dose of rainfall for this season so far. as larry pointed out, we can't make up the deficit for the past couple years but we are above average to this point this season so far. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. an 80 foot tall eucalyptus tree crashed into a home in half moon bay, landing on two parked cars. thankfully, nobody hurt. but it gave the people inside that house quite a scare. >> we heard the biggest boom i have ever heard in my life and i thought wow, if that's thunder, because of the weather today, that's the biggest thunder i have ever heard. then i thought that was so big that it might be a propane tank blowing up. my wife came running in from the other room and said the tree fell down and hit the house. >> the homeowner tells us he had to crawl through his front door because the tree blocked so much of the doorway. he also thanked sheriff's deputies and firefighters for their quick response.
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we have live team coverage. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has more on the problems on the freeways but we begin with elissa harrington live in mill valley, where there was a lot of water. >> reporter: a lot of water and a lot of traffic. this is what we have been waiting to see, traffic finally moving again. lanes back open after being closed for hours this morning. flooded by a mix of heavy rainfall and today's high tide. the water has finally receded but it was an absolute mess on highway 101 this morning. there were reports of flooding, accidents and other problems from novato to marin city. flooding blocked three lanes on southbound highway 101. it took people hours to get to work. the on and off ramps where 101 meets highway 1 were also closed. the park and ride was under water and so was at least one car that someone left there. the rain hammered marin county, dropping several inches overnight into the morning. the traffic and flooding got so
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bad, the mill valley police department sent out a tweet urging people to stay home. it said due to heavy traffic congestion and flooding in mill valley, everyone is advised to remain at home unless you must leave. one woman i talked to did reschedule her day to try to stay home as long as she could. >> i was surprised by it but i figured there must be some reason since i have never heard that and we have had some bad storms through the years. it was a bit weird. >> it's for public safety that are trying to get these things open. the less traffic, the quicker we can mitigate everything. >> reporter: let's take another look at the video from sky 7 hd. it gives you an aerial view of what was going on this morning. lanes of traffic were inundated and drivers stuck. some people i talked to told me this was the worst flooding and traffic they have ever seen in this area. firefighters now have a lot of cleanup and they say they have had to respond to several downed trees because of this afternoon's high winds.
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elissa harrington, abc 7 news. water levels rose up to two feet in parts of petaluma this morning, swamping the city's storm drains and trapping two drivers whose cars got stuck. that was on lakeville street, where police were forced to close the road. the two cars were later towed and the street reopened. nearby petaluma river remains below flood stage. now let's head to sixth avenue and lake street in san francisco. this is an area that police are saying you should avoid right now and here's why. take a look at the size of this sinkhole right in the middle of the street. a car driving on lake street fell through the pavement this morning, punching a small hole in the street which got bigger and bigger. the car, they've got that out. the driver's okay. a 100-year-old water pipe beneath the street burst. dozens of people in that area are presently without water. >> first time i have seen anything like this. not that it's excitement. but around 8:30 or so the water went off. i knew right away, called
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several neighbors and could tell that this was a bigger issue than just my home. >> you can see the pipes down there. police were also concerned about a possible gas leak so pg & e is checking that out. we are told that intersection will likely remain closed until all of the repairs are made. >> heavy rain often reveals many imperfections in highways, otherwise known as potholes. the biggest one we found was on the new span of the bay bridge barely a year old. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live from the toll plaza. >> reporter: cal trans tells us there is a temporary fix in place. they expect to make a more permanent repair this weekend. while potholes seem to spring up overnight, i'm told they are usually years in the making. there is nothing more annoying than hitting a pothole, especially when you least expect it like on the new eastern span of the bay bridge.
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but that's exactly what happened for hundreds of drivers this morning after a good-sized pothole revealed itself on the rain-slicked deck just in time for the morning commute. >> i think if you think about like a new car, over the course of some time, you will have normal wear and tear on a new car. it won't take several years for that to happen. so this is normal wear and tear. >> reporter: even a new bridge isn't immune to what bay area drivers have been experiencing for years. >> your pothole really just starts as a seemingly innocuous crack. >> reporter: in fact, according to the metropolitan transportation commission, many local cities rank way below average when it comes to the quality of their pavement. >> it often has to do with competing priorities that local streets and roads for the most part, in most cities, most counties, they've got to fight for funding with public safety, with parks and rec, with libraries.
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>> reporter: some low ranking cities have even resorted to ballot measures, increases in local sales tax to pay for improvements to their pock-marked roadways. laura anthony, abc 7 news. the rain caused a real mess in one block of san francisco's mission district. this is video of some homes along folsome street that were flooded by sewage water. residents used pumps to try to get the water out. at a furniture store, water covered the office floor. >> it's just a lot of time to lift everything up, clean everything, and the floor in the office needs to get ripped out again because it's raised up about six inches but all the wood underneath is saturated with sewer. >> water rose so high it got into the clothes dryers of some homes. my goodness. residents say this is actually a common problem in that area and that sewage has seeped up into their homes four times in the past seven years during really intense rain storms.
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this is what the water damage sounded like 79th street auto repair shop. the flood water got into the engines of three vehicles already in for repairs. sandbags didn't do much to keep the water out. the sewage water didn't just cover the shop's floor. it also got into the office. city workers arrive by midmorning to help residents and employees clean up that mess. if you happen to be flying out of san francisco or maybe picking somebody up, call ahead. right now, officials say flights are delayed around 90 minutes. 150 flights have been canceled at sfo. san jose had over 60 flights delayed and a couple cancellations as well. no big problems being reported at oakland international airport. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, messing with the wrong man. what happened that led to a police shooting in san francisco and the investigation now under way. plus the big cleanup for the owners of this bay area cafe. they lost more than just a few things.
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new at 4:30, the late reaction today after a grand jury decided not to indict a police officer in the chokehold death of an unarmed man. 7 on your side's michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he will answer them here live in just a few minutes. contact michael at 7. taking a live look at your traffic at 4:11, the san francisco skyway is a crawl in both directions. on the right-hand side is traffic heading down south toward the peninsula. on the left-hand side, approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge and over to the east bay. i'm spencer christian. live doppler 7 hd shows a few areas of light rain and some showers scattered about the bay area. the most intense storms have passed by but more rain is on the way. i will have the accuweather seven day forecast coming up in just a moment.
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okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you.
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me too. san francisco police are investigating a shooting today involving an off-duty officer. they're looking into whether the man who was shot is connected to several robberies downtown. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: this man got punched in the face and robbed early this morning in san francisco, and witnesses say the man who did it was just getting started. the suspect then went into this coffee shop on the corner of pine and leavenworth. >> he grabbed a customer's cup of coffee and threw it at her, proceeded to harass them, then i chased him out of the store with a bat. >> reporter: the man then ran
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down the street and into an apartment building where he tried to rob an off-duty police officer. the officer got into a struggle with the man. >> officer gets bit. it's a really vigorous fight. there's quite a bit of blood inside the area. the suspect goes for the officer's holsterred weapon and now that it's a life and death struggle over the weapon, and the weapon discharges one time. >> reporter: the suspect was shot but continued to fight with the officer. backup police finally got him into custody and to the hospital. the officer is okay. >> he's a 15 year veteran. he trains all the other officers in how to -- in hand-to-hand arrests and control techniques. >> reporter: the coffee shop customers are also all okay. >> pretty shocking to have that happen. never expect someone to come in and just assault one of your customers. >> reporter: the man who was shot is in critical but stable condition. police have not released his name. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
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it's not what came crashing down but what came up from the ground that caused big headaches at one san francisco coffee shop. a sign outside stable cafe says it will be closed for several days due to flooding. here's what it looked like inside. water almost half a foot deep covered the kitchen floor, even flipped over several appliances. >> the appliances are gone, they are bad. needing to be replaced. all the food, everything that touched the water, including drinks and wine and sodas, it's garbage now. >> yes, it is sewage water. it damaged the cafe three other times. the owner says it's caused by sewage pipes from several areas connecting underneath the street and overflowing. cleanup expected to take about four days. if you didn't see the spectacular lightning show last night around the bay, you likely heard it. >> for sure. this is what it looked like in san francisco from ocean beach a little before 10:00 last night. there were about 18 lightning strikes over a period of 30 minutes.
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>> the skies also lit up in the north bay last night. our abc 7 news crew shot this video just before 11:00. spencer christian is here with our accuweather forecast. >> we certainly had some active weather. i have seen lots of rain storms in the bay area but this is one of the most impressive and inconvenient i have seen. live doppler 7 hd, at the moment we have a relatively quiet weather picture. we have a couple lines of light rain and showers, one moving through the east bay here from livermore down to fremont, then south to milpedas and over the santa cruz mountains, areas of light to moderate rain. although we see more areas of rain developing offshore, and a few patches of light rain moving through the north bay right now. we are not ready to dry out quite yet. meanwhile, over in the sierra, it's been mostly rainfall, some light snow mixed in but only in the highest elevations. here's a live view and you can see there's not much snow on the
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ground. still, winter storm warning remains in effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning. expect three to six inches of new snow above 7500 feet. chain restrictions are possible over the passes. check out this view looking out over the bay. current temperature readings, 64 degrees in san francisco. 63 apiece at oakland, redwood city, san jose. 60, morgan hill. 61 in half moon bay. here's a nice view panning a bit to the west-northwest as we see some clouds in the northern sky there. currently 62 in santa rosa, 61 napa. petaluma, 63. mid 60s at fairfield, concord and livermore. on we go to a dramatic view from the emeryville camera looking at bursts of sunlight and rays coming through the clouds, reflecting off the bay waters. showers at times through friday, drying out a bit this weekend, chance of rain again on monday. here's the satellite radar composite image. there goes the frontal system that brought us the stormiest of the weather last 24 hours. moist flow continues behind the
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front, thus the approaching showers. we will start the forecast animation 7:00 this evening at which point we will see scattered showers that will continue overnight into the early morning. although we don't expect heavy rain for the morning commute, still could be a slow, challenging commute because we already have wet pavement and some areas of ponding and flooding on roadways. 5:00 tomorrow afternoon will be breaking up a little bit but still trailing showers and then another wave of showers will come in friday night, light to moderate rainfall there, and we will start to dry out just a tad on saturday morning. that pattern will continue through most of the weekend. overnight, look for partly to mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers, periods of light rain, tloe low temperatures mainly in the mid 50s tomorrow. also chance of scattered showers, periods of light to moderate rain but breaks of sunshine as well. high temperatures tomorrow will range from low 60s at the coast to mid 60s around the bay and inland and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. once again, another chance of rain on friday, a slight chance early saturday but then dry for most of the remainder of the weekend, although there's a
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chance of light rain developing in the north bay late sunday. another chance of rain monday and partly cloudy and dry on tuesday but clouding up again on wednesday. we are in an active unsettled winter-like pattern and this is just what we have needed for a long time. >> thank you, spencer. the next best thing to having access to spencer, 24 hours a day, is our weather app. you can get up to the minute information on storms that are coming with the abc 7 news weather app. >> it puts the power of live doppler 7 hd in your pocket and it's free. >> when severe weather strikes, abc 7 will be on air and on your phone. we will stream breaking weather news straight to you. you will know the weather right down to your street level. >> track storms using your phone with the bay area's most powerful radar. live doppler 7 hd. >> when there's danger, we will even send alerts from the abc 7 news weather team to keep you and your family safe during severe weather.
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>> i'm sandhya patel. the national weather service has issued a flood warning. >> with so many microclimates you never know when it will be cloudy or sunny. you can put the power of live doppler 7 hd in the palm of your hand. track storms as they move across the bay area and the state or follow live doppler 7 hd and the abc 7 news weather team on twitter and facebook. catch a snapshot of crazy weather? share it. upload your weather experiences. check out other weather watchers' photos. you might even see your picture on tv. >> the new abc 7 weather app can be set to follow you wherever you go. have family in new york? you can set the app to check in on the big apple, too. the abc 7 weather app lets you check the weather anywhere, find out current conditions or check out your detailed accuweather seven day forecast right down to the hour. all on the abc 7 weather app. >> the only weather app that puts the bay area's most experienced weather team in your pocket. >> and it's free. >> download the abc 7 news
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weather app on apple's app store or google play. we have more information at coming up, we have obviously seen all the damage and headaches that the heavy rains brought. but some people actually managed to have a little bit of fun in the downpour. >> new after 4:30, a mini ups driver. how this 4-year-old boy is now making special deliveries. and at 4:22, taking a live look at the san jose traffic. 280 south is the backup you see the taillights. on the right-hand side is your traffic peeling over to the right and on to 17 south. there is an accident in the south bay on 280 northbound, north of 101. three lanes are blocked there. eight cars were involved in that accident. stay with us.
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one silver lining in the recent storm clouds. most of the waterfalls at
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yosemite national park are gushing in all of their glory. how beautiful is that. that includes upper yosemite falls which is seen right here. park officials say it's going full force right now. many of the park's waterfalls were completely dry before the rain started falling last couple of days. what goes up must come down. but not after getting serious air like you saw right there. the high winds made for great kiteboarding on san francisco bay this morning. this video was shot near crown memorial state beach in alameda. not to be outdone in the fun department, this friendly pooch was positively delighted to play for the camera and splash through that puddle. how about this guy. he's paddle boarding around mill valley. great exercise. sky 7 hd caught this image just west of highway 101 near coyote creek. not sure if he was attempting to do an end-around, get around a local traffic jam, maybe he was
4:26 pm
out running errands but as you can see, he was the only one out there. he was actually the only guy making any progress as well. hungry people across the state are getting fed and it's all thanks to california farmers and ranchers. >> december is farm to food bank month. this morning, locally grown fruits, vegetables and nuts were donated to the second harvest food bank in san jose. >> this event highlights the needs of people who don't have guaranteed meals and it can happen in any neighborhood, even in the affluent silicon valley. >> about 15% of our population is food insecure meaning that at any point in the year there's not enough money to buy good nutritious food for themselves and their families. that means about one in six californians suffer from that. >> our hope is to increase total donations from california farmers from where they currently are, which is about 140 million pounds to as much as 200 million pounds of food a year. that would be an incredible gift for hungry people across the state. >> for sure.
4:27 pm
more locally grown fruits, vegetables and nuts will be trucked in tomorrow. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the response right now to today's decision not to indict the police officer in the videotaped death of a staten island man last summer. also, the rain falling fast and hard in the santa cruz mountains, starting to take its toll. and later -- >> where's your patch at? >> i gave it to a little kid. >> the confrontation between a veteran and a man accused of posing as a soldier.
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demonstrations are taking place nationwide right now following a new york grand jury's decision not to indict a white new york city police officer in the death of a black man. the man was accused of selling illegal cigarettes. a panel of 23 people cleared the officer of any wrongdoing in the death of 43-year-old eric garner back in july. the video of the incident shows garner refusing to be handcuffed. the officer responded by putting garner into what looks like a chokehold which is banned under nypd policy. garner was heard yelling i can't breathe. reaction was immediate outside the staten island market where the incident took place and on
4:31 pm
capitol hill. >> the decision by a grand jury not to indict in the death of eric garner is a miscarriage of justice. it's an outrage. it's a disgrace. it's a blow to our democracy. >> protesters are gathering tonight at times square in manhattan to voice their opposition to today's decision which comes nine days after there was no indictment in the michael brown case. for his part, the officer issued a statement saying he feels very bad about eric garner's death and hopes garner's family will accept his condolences. this reaction late today from oakland congresswoman barbara lee. she is raising her arms in the hands up, don't shoot gesture that's become iconic since the protests in the michael brown case in ferguson, missouri. she wrote the death of eric garner was a tragedy and the decision not to indict is an outrage. she included the hash tag black
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lives matter and the system is broken. back to our storm coverage now. as welcome as the rain is after years of drought, the flash flooding that it brings is really crippling many bay area communities today. flooding caught drivers by surprise in petaluma this morning. some needed help just to move their cars. in san francisco, a sinkhole kept getting bigger after a woman hit it while driving her car on lake street and sixth avenue in the richmond district. city officials blamed the problem on a sewer that collapsed beneath the street. a water main also broke. pg & e needed to make sure gas lines did not rupture as well. the heavy rains caused a roof to cave in at an apartment building in antioch this afternoon. people who live there say the building gave way around 2:00 p.m. the water that had pooled on the roof came gushing into at least one apartment there. in the santa cruz mountains the storm caused trees and power lines to fall as well as mud slides and a roof collapse. abc 7 news reporter nick smith with the story from felton.
4:33 pm
>> they're used to it year after year. lots of rainfall in this community. >> reporter: how do you get used to this? the rain blanketing this part of the santa cruz mountains has been relentless, coming down hard and fast for hours on end. creating enough problems to keep the victims of its damage busy. >> i heard the roof fell on to one of the counters. >> reporter: just before 2:00 a.m., this cvs sustained damage severe enough to shut its doors for the day, maybe longer. fire crews shocked by what they found. >> you can see the collapse. there was a pretty good amount of water coming from the ceiling area. >> reporter: the aging roof was no match for pooling water and a ventilation system weighing hundreds of pounds. >> i saw it was dark so i figured now i'm just hoping i can go home and there's electricity. >> reporter: that too may be a problem. falling trees took out utility poles and cut off power, leaving dozens in the dark. this stretch of the road will
4:34 pm
remain closed until pg & e crews can safely shut off and secure these live wires. near graham hill and mt. herman roads, wind and rain damage have shorted the box controlling traffic signals. red and green displaying on the light at the same time. but the road hazards continued on bear creek road off highway 9. a mud and rock slide blocked the south lane of traffic. fire crews pulling double duty, directing drivers around boulders the size of a small car. still, residents tell me all is well in santa cruz county because we needed this wet stuff and more of it. >> it's very good for california. throughout the whole state. i'm happy. >> reporter: pg & e tells me that at the storm's peak, there were 33 outages county-wide. the hardest hit, the scotts valley area affecting more than 510 customers. in felton, nick smith, abc 7 news. in washington, d.c., lawmakers had another chance to grow a top official from the
4:35 pm
japanese auto parts supplier under fire for its airbags. the government has called for a nationwide recall but takada says the problem is limited and the key is to focus on where there have been issues. >> reporter: embattled airbag maker takada holding its ground. >> there is not enough scientific evidence. >> reporter: its executives telling a congressional committee why they are defying an order from safety regulators to expand the recall of the driver's side airbags linked to five deaths and dozens of injuries. the airbags exploding with too much force sending shrapnel flying into passengers. takada says the defect is linked only to high humidity, though the existing recall in a handful of humid states is suspicious. >> we continue to believe the public safety is best solved in f-the area of absolute high humidity becomes a priority.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: there have been cases of defective airbags in states outside the current recall. one of those victims' family says she was killed boy a defective airbag in arizona. >> it's literally life or death situation. >> reporter: federal regulators now demanding the company recall the airbags in all 50 states or else. >> we will have to work with the justice department to bring them to court. >> reporter: while the showdown continues, honda is taking action on its own, announcing today it is voluntarily recalling all suspect airbags in its vehicles nationwide. four other car makers are involved in the recall. ford, chrysler, mazda and bmw. there is no word yet on whether they will follow honda's lead and expand the recall on their own. abc news, washington. the supreme court heard arguments today in an alleged pregnancy discrimination case between a virginia woman and the united parcel service.
4:37 pm
former ups driver peggy young says she was discriminated against when the company refused to give her a temporary assignment to avoid lifting heavy packages during her pregnancy in 2006. she was placed on unpaid leave and lost her health insurance. supporters rallied outside the supreme court today. >> it's incredibly concerning that a woman would have to ever make the choice between following the advice of her doctor and choosing to leave her job. >> we want pregnant women to not have to choose between the life of the unborn child and working. we are still providers. >> the high court must decide if the company's actions violated the pregnancy discrimination act. ups says it did not. the company now offers light duty for pregnant women who need it. a ruling is not expected until next spring. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, a woman loses control of her car, crashing into a river. look at that. we will show you what happened next. i'm michael finney. today's 7 on your side is just ahead. i'm taking your questions on
4:38 pm
twitter and facebook. contact me right now at i will answer your questions here live later. i'm spencer christian. the view from looking out over the bay bridge, there are still a few showers around and a few more on the way. i will have your accuweather forecast in just a moment. at 4:38, we are looking at the traffic in san jose. the backup there is on 101 south. that's 880 going over the top of it. 101 north much better shape. stay with us.
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a notorious fan of the nba's brooklyn nets is now banned for life from madison square garden. he became so belligerent during last night's nets/knicks game, security guards had to carry him out. fans complained after he started swinging his prosthetic leg around, hitting several people in the process. garden officials say he was warned several times before he was ejected. you can see in the video his leg is missing. officials say it was returned to him. talk about your wrong way drivers. a surveillance camera in china captured the moment when the car suddenly swerved left and went right into a roadside river. a close-up view right there. authorities say the driver just lost control of her car. she sat in it for more than 20 minutes until it drifted close
4:42 pm
enough to the retaining wall, a passerby finally used his jacket and pulled her to safety just before the car went down into the drink. the woman was not seriously hurt. a crane was brought in to salvage that car. bizarre. let's get a check on our weather. we have lots more rain this morning. >> spencer christian, looks like we are in a lull right now. >> we are indeed. we certainly needed the rain we received but now i think we can use this break as well. here's a nice view, time lapse view this afternoon showing clouds traveling over city of san francisco. notice cloud shadows over the city. this was obviously during a nice break from the heavy rain. we are still in a break from heavy rain. live doppler 7 hd showing areas of light to moderate rain and some showers, line of showers moving down from parts of the east bay into the south bay, south of san jose now and into the santa cruz mountains. there are some pockets of heavier rain but they are isolated over the santa cruz
4:43 pm
mountains and of course, we have more rain developing offshore and some pockets of light rain moving into the north bay right now. tomorrow, statewide it will be a day of scattered showers just about from top to bottom. much of the state of california will have at least periods of wet weather tomorrow. high temperatures generally in the 60s. that's pretty much what we will see in the bay area. some breaks of sunshine from time to time, lots of clouds, scattered showers. high temperatures mainly in the low to mid 60s. so the stormiest weather has departed but periods of rain, light rain, will follow. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, fountain of youth? the new scientific proof that says a mediterranean style diet may help you live longer. plus a young boy making the rounds after he gets a special delivery and why he wants to be a ups driver. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. abc 7 news viewer says someone is trying to access his computer claiming there's a virus. what you should look out for if this happens to you.
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we love seeing the weather where you live photos that you have been sending in. jason myers sent this picture to abc 7 news reporter laura anthony showing the flooding in his neighborhood. the streets also flooded in
4:47 pm
oakland. a viewer sent us this picture of a bike ride through the standing water this morning. after the rain comes this. pretty. double rainbow over summer lake this morning. beautiful shot right there. e-mail us your weather photos to u-report at kgo or share them with us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. why #where you live. we will find them. a new study claims a mediterranean style diet can extend your life by extending part of your dna. harvard medical school followed nearly 5,000 nurses and say those who adhered to the diet ended up with longer caps at the end of all chromosomes. the researchers say that could translate into an average gain of about four and a half years of life. >> it's good for the heart, good for the brain, good for the waistline.
4:48 pm
if diet can modify how we age on a cellular level, that's a big deal. >> the diet, rich in fish, nuts, vegetables, olive oil and red wine, is also associated with a decreased risk of heart disease and cancer. >> it is basically spencer christian's nightly routine. little kids often dream of becoming firefighters or maybe professional athletes but a 4-year-old in colorado is a little different. >> he wants to be a ups driver when he grows up. he already has the truck. here's the guy who inspired that dream. carson calls him mr. ernie. >> he's known mr. ernie his whole life, ever since ernie began delivering a special formula to the household for carson, who was born with a milk allergy. the two became friends. that inspired carson's dream to work for ups. that inspired ernie to think about what brown could do for carson. that's how the boy got the truck. ups made this video about the whole story. >> carson knew nothing about it.
4:49 pm
and did not know mr. ernie would come or that there was a little truck inside that big truck. >> lights, switches here. >> he's just one of those guys that to me is very special and has become a very special role model in carson's life. >> how cool is that. >> that is the coolest thing ever. >> wish i had a little truck like that. carson makes his own deliveries around his colorado springs neighborhood and everybody just loves it. >> that is so sweet. 7 on your side's michael finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. the first comes from lori b., who asked via facebook i received a book i never ordered with a bill for it. i sent an e-mail off to the customer service number on the bill. i told them i did not order it. how long do i have to worry about this? >> not at all, ever. by law you don't have to worry about this. an amazing story. this was a big scheme back in the '50s and '60s. they would mail a book, another
4:50 pm
item, maybe collectible stamps, then say here's your bill, you ordered it. so people complained so much, a law was passed and the law specifically says if you receive an item in the mail that you did not order, you are to consider it a gift. so you can just keep it, ignore it, you don't have to do anything. it's probably best to tell them hey, wait a second, i didn't order it and this thing arrived. here's the catch. it only works for u.s. mail. okay. so if it comes from ups or through fed ex or something, that law does not apply. now you can get yourself in trouble. >> then you're on the hook. >> not really, not legally, but there isn't a specific law. it gets complicated. >> elijah asks i lost a visa gift card. am i out of luck? probably, huh? >> yeah, probably. kind of depends on how good you are with this. if you had happened to make a copy of the front and back of the card you would not be out of luck because you could call them up, say this is my card, here are the numbers you need, please
4:51 pm
issue me a new one, stop that one and issue a new one, and they can do that. here's one other thing. if you bought -- some stores actually put gift card numbers on the receipt automatically. if they do, that receipt works the same way. if you have proof, they will take care of it. >> all right. a viewer tweeted getting calls from an indian group that wants access to my computer, claims there is a virus. assuming phishing? >> it's all over the place. we have heard they are microsoft, lion's club, they will say anything if they think they can get into your computer. of course they will hold your hostage computer or try to give you money to release it -- try to get money from you, i should say. if someone calls you and you don't know who they are, even if you think you know who they are, don't give them control of your computer. you call them. that's the only way. >> thank you, michael. coming up, caught on video. a veteran busts a man. the confrontation in the case of stolen valor is next.
4:52 pm
i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00, a dramatic fall and even more dramatic recovery in a story you will see only on abc 7 news tonight. how the window washer who fell nearly a dozen stories is doing. and surprising news about his injuries. also, some changes coming to oakland. the new ruling that could keep the circus out of town. a remote that lives on your phone. more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast. bringing media and technology together for you.
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tonight on abc 7, the middle airs at 8:00 followed by the goldbergs, modern family and blackish. after that, it's nashville at 10:00 and abc 7 news at 11:00. now to the crime known as stolen valor. civilians dressing up as military veterans. a philadelphia man caught on video after posing as a decorated army ranger and taking advantage of veteran discounts on black friday. abc 7 news reporter lindsey davis has the story. >> where's your combat patch at? >> i gave it to a little kid.
4:56 pm
>> why is your flag so low on your shoulder? it should be up here. >> got me on that one. >> reporter: this man dressed as a soldier caught on tape getting a dressing-down. >> where did you get your three c.i.d.s at? >> afghanistan. >> all three? >> all three. >> you know you need to be in three different campaigns to get three, right? >> reporter: the man doing the interrogating, former infantry man ryan burke. the man in the uniform, shawn yetman, who claims he's an army ranger. >> claims to be united states army ranger. >> reporter: burke says he's phony, using the uniform to get discounts friday at a mall outside philadelphia. >> where did you go to basic training? >> fort jackson. >> the infantry only goes to fort benning. >> reporter: the video going viral, viewed over two and a half million times since friday. >> i just called you out about ten different things. >> reporter: this isn't the first time yetman has been accused of impersonating someone
4:57 pm
he may not be, pleading guilty to impersonating a police officer in 2003. these soldier impersonation cases so common, veterans pushed for an act called the stolen valor act, which punish a man such as this one, wearing a chest full of medals he was never awarded. >> we checked with the marine corps. they never heard of you. >> reporter: pennsylvania congressman michael fitzpatrick calling for yetman to possibly face federal charges by violating the stolen valor act. but yetman insists he's the real deal. >> here it is, guys. stolen valor at its finest. why don't you just admit you're a phony? >> i'm a phony? i wouldn't be wearing this. >> frustrating, because you serve with good men who have either lost their lives or been seriously wounded who earned that uniform. >> lindsey davis reporting. burke posted this video on the stolen valor facebook page, dedicated to outing military
4:58 pm
imposters. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and larry. wet weather causing major problems today on the roads, including this huge sinkhole in san francisco. we will tell you how long it might take to repair. and that storm that caused the problems is winding down but there is more rain on the way. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i will let you know when coming up. plus only on abc 7 news, the amazing news about that window washer's 11 story fall in san francisco and what the man's family is asking for tonight. and the fallout tonight after a grand jury decides not to indict another officer who killed a suspect. happening now in san jose, i-280 north of highway 101 backed up because of an eight-car crash. police say weather is to blame. traffic crawling in both
4:59 pm
directions. the injuries are minor. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. i'm larry beil. dan ashley has the night off. so many problems on the roadways today in the bay area. in marin county, this driver took a chance and decided to try to drive through dangerously deep water and this guy made it. managed to make it through. another decided it was not worth the risk. you can see his car turning around. >> a look now from the driver's perspective. this is video shot in mill valley this morning on the approach to highway 101. driving right through all that water. >> earlier today, cars were stranded in flood waters on cesar chavez street in san francisco. a taxicab driver says the water rose so quickly, it was like a flash flood hit. >> we have team coverage on the storm and the problem it's causing all around the bay area. >> first we begin with abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with a look at live doppler 7 hd right now. >> live doppler 7 hd will show you still some scattered showers around the bay area. i want to close in on the spots where we are seeing wet roadways for the evening rush.
5:00 pm
right around livermore, as you notice, take you in a little closer, street level radar here, you will notice around 580 getting some moderate rainfall. vineyard avenue as we pan around the bay area, we are seeing some showers right around the san mateo county coast, montera and around the santa cruz mountains, very light returns right now. so the showers are starting to wind down. 24 hour rainfall totals, impressive. over four inches in novato. more than five inches in the santa cruz mountains. close to two, san francisco, oakland, san jose and livermore, over an inch. two day totals, more than six inches in the mountains, more than half a foot, almost half a foot in novato. so really getting some significant rain here in the bay area. we need it since we have been so parched in the middle of this drought. we have two more systems on the way. i will let you know if those storms will be as impressive as the one we have been dealing with coming


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