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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday morning. it is 5:00 a.m. we thank you for joining us on the 4th day of december. would has had to use their
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windshield wipers this morning? mike it is moving along? >> it is. the sky opened for you but not the rest of us. someone is special. >> you are just realizing this. >> i knew but not to that extent. live doppler hd shows the moist southern flow and you will need light showers this morning and fog. we will zoom in to marin county and you can see along 101 from novato and san rafael and here is a picture from san rafael the wet weather is coming down on 101 mill valley getting wet. drizzle to light rain through the commute and light showers throughout the afternoon hours and the rain will turn back to and the rain will turn back to drizzle after the sun work the bay bridge shows from
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emeryville camera to the eastern span traffic is moving along nicely and that is the richmond-san rafael toll plaza, empty but wet conditions with a sig-alert through saratoga and that is because of a fallen tree and we have fallen trees and potholes still being repaired so be careful. that makes you special. so, you are not special? >> in san francisco, public works crews are dealing with the problem left from year's big rain. a sinkhole opened in the richmond district and it is not the first time this has happen happened. amy hollyfield? yes, residents say it is unnearbying to look out their window and walk out the front door and see this, a huge hole at 6th and lake. there are crews here who have spent the night watching this area making sure no one wanders in and they want to make sure
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everyone is safe and they think it will be blocked off indefinitely. this sinkhole opened up yesterday when a driver through the patched up asphalt. residents have been avoid this area for weeks. >> it is scary. it is me next? who is next? ought city knows there is a problem and this have fought done anything. and now this. >> in may of 2013, four blocks from here, there was another sinkhole. the supervisor of the district says it is time to look at the entirety of lake street. residents hope this hole is properly repaired not just quickly patched. officials do not know how long it will take to fix the spot.
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developing news, a way of protests after a grand jury difficult not to indict a police officer in the deadly confrontation. a chokehold led to the death of eric garner and the grand jury announcement sparked light night demonstrations in cities chest to coast. we are on staten island where garner died. in new york city, protests blocked a major hallway facing off with police. some marched through the streets of midtown. others lay on the floor at grand central station. the arrests that led to the death in july were caught on tape, a white new york city police officer putting garner, an african-american, in a chokehold as he tried to take him into custody. police confronted the unarmed father of six who suffered from asthma for selling loose cigarettes. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide caused by
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compression of the let and chest but a grand jury has decided the officer did nothing illegal. [ inaudible ] >> the grand jury don't mean nothing. >> two weeks after the decision in ferguson, protests again erupting across the country. rebound addressing widespread anger for a second time and attorney general holder announcing this case is not over. >> i am here to announce the justice department will prewith a federal civil rights investigation into mr. garner's death. >> the officer at the center of the case issue add statement saying "i feel very bad about the death." the condole ends were rejected. >> no i don't accept the apology. he is still feeding his kids and my husband is six feet under. a makeshift memorial is set
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up where garner was killed in up where garner was killed in july and a sign says overnight but largely peaceful. overall the roasts -- the protests were largely peaceful. the we police officer could face disciplinary action. thank you. the c.h.p. says the officers are ready if case there are more demonstrations after 200 protesters shut down highway 101 in palo alto. >> don't shoot. >> don't shoot. >> they blocked both directions of 101 for 10 minutes if reaction to the grand jury decision. stanford university students organized the
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c.h.p. cleared the freeway. >> protests broke out if san francisco and oakland with voices of marchers fill the air of downtown oakland moving to city hall last night. police say a few bottles were thrown at officers but the protests were peaceful different than after last week's ferguson, missouri, grand jury decision. >> 12 san jose police officers have volunteered to wear body cameras as art of a pilot program when it is given the go ahead. officials are meeting with san jose police officers association officials on the issue. the finance department has approved vendor contracts for the digital videoç cameras. the 12 volunteers will test three different coreless wearable cameras including one that can be apoliticked to affixed to glasses. >> there was an armed robbery on
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uc berkeley and there is a crime alert issued. a 29-year-old man was walking on the east side of the greek theater on tuesday might and two men walked up to him and pointed a gun. the suspect ran off with the victim's cell phone, wallet and shoulder bag. the victim is not a cal student. anyone with information on the robbery is upped to call police. a federal appeals court will hear arguments in the bid to overturn a losing jury verdict and $1 million in dams for violating patents, and it could define new legal boundaries for powerful tech companies. apple and samsung accuse each other of ripping off designs and features for tablets and smartphones. the appeals court in washington, dc, is reviewing a jury verdict from san jose. it found samsung violated the apple trademark rights on 23 products and awarded $930 million in damages.
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driving in this morning, did you hit puddles? >> mostly light rain. when it wasn't raining it was still wet so that is what we have, a moist air mass. dublin and san ramon and danville and alamo in the southern sessions of walnut creek to blackhawk and livermore, all are wet and milpitas down to alum rock we have a light shower and sunnyvale is light and headed to los altos and palo alto and stanford, a light shower and we have been tracking the rain in marin county and it should not aggravate or create more flooding because it is so light but it will be slick on 101. temperature-wise, mid-to-upper 50's along the peninsula from redwood city and foster city at 56 and san mateo at 59 and most
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of us in the mid-to-upper 50's and 60 in mill valley. the golden gate bridge shows it is not raining but it is wet. it is slick. we will have humid air leading to light showers and lighting breezes and upper 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us and showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening and a stray shower on saturday morning and sunday is looking like a dry and bright day this weekend. in walnut creek along 680 northbound and southbound traffic is moving. it looks like we do not have the accidents and we have not had reported accidents after 4:30. we are in good shape. up to highway 23 it is loading up so there is congestion slowing you down. to the west, the drive along i-80 through hercules is fairly wet but not seeing the heavy rain we saw yesterday so traffic is moving without any problems but it is now making its way, the rain, toward the area right
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now hanging over marin as indicated by the green on the map. we are still moving along at top speed. watch out. we still have this pothole at 20 minutes for israel to get out there and make a repair at 15 miles per hour for a top speed and heavy backup along 205 and continuing through the altamont pass it will pick up. >> government force as major expansion of an airbag recall in america's money report. >> this season's flu shot could not offer the protection many think it might. >> if kaepernick has few words for the media, his responds to questions boil down to just a few dozen words. >> we have the bay and clouds clearing after year's storm. we still have showers. stay on top of weather and stay on top of weather and traffic by keeping tab on the
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. some better news of the military sexual assault crisis from the pentagon. if a report fewer members of sexually assault asked more victims are coming forward. however, over 4 percent of the country's active duty women say they were victims of unwanted sexual contact last year.
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most are not reporting the assaults. a reason could be according to the report that some of those who reported assaults faced retaliation. 6,000 instances of sexual assault were filed through the end of september. the centers for disease control is warning the flu shot you just get to fight the virus may not work as well as you think. the flu vaccine is not as effective against the current strain of the influenza virus because it has mutated and half of the sap peoples collected and analyzed from october-november were different than trains included in the vaccine. the centers for disease control recommended getting a flu shot because it can decrease the severity of the illness caused by the virus. >> a recall of faulty airbags is expanding. here is america's money. hondas expanding the airbag recall to all 50 states made by
5:16 am
takata because they can spread with too much force. takata insists the expansion is not necessary. want cheap gas? go to oklahoma city, two cities are the first to sell get at up $2 a gallon, and prices in seven other states are less than $2 a gallon. the entire nation should see 15 percent to 20 percent decrease in price by new year. >> >> the hot sauce is now going to be an ingredient in beer. >> a company will shim hot sauce beer that will cost $13 a bottle you are fault a beer fan, just a hot sauce fan. thank you is america's money. have a great day. the 49ers and raiders rivalry is rekindled when they face off in oakland. >> year, 49ers quaterback hell the weekly press conference and inning a man of few words he
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answered 32 questions using just 87 words. we tried to make it more of a complete sentence. have a listen. >> yes. the raiders. good thing. >> we didn't play well. didn't execute. it was us. once. good one. no. no. no. no. we know what we have to do. don't pay attention. no. you get your answers. winning. been this. no. second and third. two different careers. physically fine. couldn't tell you. no. >> obviously we are having fund with kaepernick, he only has to be available once a week according to the nfl rules and can say what he wants or doesn't have to say much. a way to look at it he is concise. >> that is a way to look at i.
5:18 am
>> rookie quarterback is an open >> rookie quarterback is an open book with >> they get excited when the two teams kick it off and i know the importance of it to the fans and we have to skate. this is a game. it will be another nfl game. that is what our mindset is. >> the sunday kickoff is $1:25 at the coliseum. it would be fun to have a quaterback debate. >> it would not be much of a debate. it would be raining on kaepernick's parade. like everyone else. >> why does he hate the local media. >> somebody did something to pick him turn that way. >> fought like baseball, they just wouldn't talk. >> interesting.
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>> a free podium. take advantage. it is a necessary evil. it could be profitable. concord, one mile visibility. three miles visibility in petaluma and half moon bay. we have patchy fog. we have scattered light rain. a low that brought us an incredible amount of rain and daily totals has moved to the north and because we are on the south side with the counter-clockwise flow we are getting a last moisture so american canyon highway 12, 29, 121, 128 through the central valley from the napa valley you are going to get wet and around novato and sonoma down 37 and 101 to san rafael to pill valley crossing the richmond-san rafael bridge you can see it is wet but do not see drops forming just a matter of time. check out the drops in san jose,
5:20 am
280 and 17 we have a light shower over your neighborhood so it will be moist and the moist flow yields light showers. it should not be like yesterday. it should not aggravate flooding. afternoon and evening, you could have localized flooding and small hail and the showers will linger into saturday and it will be dry and bright on sunday. the cold front will move by with moisture coming at us with the humid breezes so we have a threat of showers although there is no energy in the atmosphere to trigger a cold front yesterday. it will take natural lifting from the higher elevates and warm sunshine when it breaks through the clouds. you can see at lunch you could feed an umbrella and at 5:00 less likely to need an up rally and overnight we have more likely drizzle and more fog and at noon we are okay and as we head to the evening commute,
5:21 am
light-to-moderate rain and localized heavy rain under one of the thunderstorms. by saturday afternoon, we are starting to dry again. rainfall amounts .1" to half an inch and half an inch to three-quarters of an inch in the santa cruz mountains and 1.5" in the north bay mountains. sunday is my dry day. we have another quick chance of rain on monday. fuse and wednesday are dry. but a strong storm on tuesday and friday next week. winter is here. leyla gulen? yes, we like winter. bart shows 42 trains running on time and ace rain one and three on time and no delays on muni. i am sure the cable cars will be running. for the tourists we, you can enjoy the cable cars. the bay bridge toll plaza shes track now is ling up as you make it from the east bay. however, everyone is moving along fine and the golden gate
5:22 am
bridge shows it is wet as the rain is moving its way across the north bay and traffic is smooth and we have a sig-alert in affect on highway 9 but in the eastbound direction we have a shoulder open for traffic and that is good news for residents in saratoga at skyline daysing the trouble here and we have a car that can get by so that is better than nothing. 580 westbound still a pothole to be repaired and it is slow at 15 miles per hour. give yourself extra time. eric and kristen? straight ahead seven things to know as you start your day. >> a federal government is auctioning off bitcoin and w it will take to get in on the action. >> you can keep on weather and traffic through the break with abc7 news now looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. less wet.
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less wet. less traffic than
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proud sponsor of mind and body. whether you are just gypping us or headed out the door, the widow of a new york man who died while in a police chokehold says the fight for justice is not over. yesterday, thousands protested after a grand jury decided fought to indict the police officer who is seen on video putting eric garner in the chokehold. >> c.h.p. says officers are ready if there are more demonstrations after 200 protesters shut down highway 101 in palo alto. they blocked the freeway at university avenue for continue minutes if reaction to the grand jury decision. stanford university students organized the protest. >> a large homeless camp in san jose will be shut down. city officials plan to permanently dismantle the homeless encampment known as "the jungle."
5:26 am
72-hour notices directed people to remove themselves and their belongings by today. >> city crews in san francisco are working to fix the sinkhole on lake street. the hole opened up yesterday during the massive rainstorm. it caused damage all over the bay area. including tens of thousands of dollars in damage to stores. six, tracking light showers for the morning commute and another storm is on way with a threat of showers and thunderstorms and flooding. that is coming up in the seven-day outlook. you saw the sing hole and that is not the only place. in san jose they are free of sinkholes and over the altamont pass, a second one is causing headaches at vasco. we are still waiting for the launch of the orion space capsule. there have been a couple of delays because of winds and a
5:27 am
boat that sailed into the security area was chased back out. it is still on the launch pad and is expected to take astronauts to mars. >> it is looking a lot like christmas in washington, dc. here is a look inside the white house all done up for the holiday season. the theme? >> a winter wonderland and the declaration pays tribute to members of the military and families and tonight, president obama will hit the switch at the lighting of the national christmas tree. >> three, two, one! what a beautiful sight, right? thousands celebrated in the heart of manhattan as they watched the lighting of the 85' tall christmas tree at rockefeller center all lit up. the tree is a their way spruce
5:28 am
donated by a family from central pennsylvania where they grow at the who of really talk gorgeous trees. we have another full 90 minutes of news with the worst of the storm possibly over. >> the clean up is underway and we will take you to the east bay where pooling rain water creates a serious danger for a mother and her two toddlers. this is the big picture in the camera of the embarcadero with light traffic and wet roads. roads. drive sayily. ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ did you get chips for the party? nope. (ding) cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better.
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♪ ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on thursday, december 4.
5:31 am
thank you for joining us. meteorologist mike nicco is here and he and leyla gulen have the weather and traffic. 5:31, and a look at live doppler hd. you can see the scattered light showers are rolling through anywhere this morning but for the peninsula and the coast. that seems to be dry area. not saying you will not get some you will have some drizzle. in the north bay the most rain has been fall asking we have watched this camera angle at san rafael from fog to rain back to rain and fog. we have scattered shows through the commute and the day planner will be in the mid-to-upper 50's with light showers throughout the afternoon and they taper with drizzle during the evening hours. moist flow. bad hair day for some. >> why are you looking at me? >> wait a second.
5:32 am
break it up, you guys. we saw the rain coming from the north bay. everything has re-opened. 101 you can drive down it and you do not need a boat and traffic is starting to led at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is busy. the metering lights have not been turned on but we have a couple of problems westbound 580 at grant line road, there is a pothole that is being repaired so slow traffic from tracy and another one at vasco is causing delays. you will be on the brakes through the amount spent through the amount -- pass. >> stand for students and others stormed the freeway in the name of justice in the case of an unarticled black man in new york who died after being
5:33 am
held in a police chokehold. there were other protests, as well. >> all over the bay area but this spilled on to the highway. protesters marched on to the traffic lanes shutting down part of highway 101 and drivers were stuck for 10 minutes. this was on 101 in palo alto near the university after exit. the protest was organized by stanford students and alumni. demonstrators chanted "don't shoot," upsecret of a staten island grand jury decision not to indict a police officer who putter risk garner in a chokehold that led to his death. palo alto police did not arrest anyone. they are prepared, if there are more protests. we want to support their right for first amendment speech and ability to be able to protest and be heard but it has to be in the contempt of what is safe in a manner that complies with the legal mandate.
5:34 am
certainly the public safety aspect of keeping safe. demonstration ended at 10:00 last might and this is one of several happening an the bay area. >> in oakland, a large group matched to city hall and officers say a few of them threw bottles but it was peaceful a change from lack week's protest when a grand jury in missouri decided not to indictment a police officer in the shooting death of michael brown. both of these indents involve white officers and unarmed black plaquemine. in san francisco protesters marched saying "black lives marry." now this is what led to garner's death. he suffered breathing problems when police tried to restain him in july on staten island.
5:35 am
officers believed garner was selling cigarettes illegally. the head of new york's police officer young called the delegate "tragic," claiming it resulted from garner resisting arrest. in new york, protesters echoed his final words "i can't breathe," moving through midtown manhattan. dozens of people staged a "die in," inside grand central terminal. we will have the latest at the top of the hour. >> many bay area residents are cleaning up after an east bay woman whose roof collapsed. the one year old was sit on a chair and the 2-year-old was sitting away the coffee table and the rain was pouring down and suddenly the ceiling gave way. >> i heard a ploys and i looked around my roof was hanging. there was a hole and i could see
5:36 am
outside of the building. all of rain was coming in. >> we will show you the damage. a computer was hit by falling timber. the tv was cracked in half. the damage was confined to the living room so the family can live in the house. a leak allowed rain to pool up until the weight of the water caused it to collapse. >> ship owners will children up and the stable cafe was forced to close yesterday after water soaked food and backed up drains. an auto repair had to close because sewage water submerging three vehicles. businesses say this is the 4th flood in the last seven areas. commuters can only hope this doesn't happen again over flooded lanes southbound marin city and the traffic gridlock went on for miles. a 30 help minute drive turned into a two hour ordeal for some
5:37 am
drives. the police department took the unprecedented step of advise residents to stay whom because of traffic congestion and flooding. ever the rain doing good, bringing flow to the creek which drained into another correct and it feeds reservoir provide drinking water, a good qing start. amy hollyfield will be live with a look at flooding impact in san francisco at the top of the hour. remember, you can traffic weather where you live with live doppler 7 hd on the smartphone or tablet by downloading the we weather app from itunes or google play and go to >> a suspect shortly before being shot by an off-duty san francisco police officer in surveillance video from social video app. witnesses say a hand who appeared homeless walked into a
5:38 am
business on pine and leavenworth and after an altercation he threw coffee on a woman and a barista chased him out and the man went into the apartment building where he tried to problem an officer. there was a life-and-death struggle for the gun. the suspect was shot in the cleft and is in critical condition. there was a large homeless camp in san jose closed for good, officials will permanently dismantle the homeless encampment known as the jungle 72-hour noticed went up this week directly causing makeshift structures to be removed that are near center roads and clean up the crash. officials believe up to 300 people camped in the area along the creek each night. we are starting, starting, starting to dry off after the
5:39 am
massive storms. >> they are not so widespread or as heavy as yesterday but we have wind and the speed is not the is like it was yesterday but it is the direction coming from the south so it has a lost moisture and humidity and when it hits our mountains it lifts and that is why we see the scatter light showers keeping our roads wet. that help cooling us from dry out. do not take a chance on the roads if you are headed out on bart, you may need an umbrella. the temperature as we talked about are running from one to three degrees cooler than yesterday. the bay is calm if you take the we ferry. the winds are around ten miles per hour over the open water. humid air leads to light showers. low 60's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us, showers and thunderstorms and moderate-to-heavy rain
5:40 am
possible tomorrow and localized floong in the afternoon and evening. a lingering shower through saturday morning and sunday is the dry day and temperatures are the same. have a good one. >> you need the windshield wipers over 101 from 580 to san rafael but it is easier than yesterday. traffic now starting to build and congestion is there over the golden gate bridge and we are move along nicely into the city so no problems. we have a crash with a wide view of the bay area mostly green conditions on the roads. that is excellent. that opinions we are accident free but for this one we have one solo spinout eastbound a 80 at transition 580 at emeryville and the drive is slowing a we have a pothole at vasco
5:41 am
taking on a few minutes from tracy to dublin at 38 minutes. highway 4 is slowing a little. >> a frustrating going to nasa's plan to explore space again and the problem causing repeated delays this morning with the launch of the orion spacecraft. >> he survived an 11 story fall of a roof of a san francisco building. the family reveals the battle to recover. this is the embarcadero from abc news now with traffic light and the roads are wet although we are drying. we are keeping weather and traffic up throughout the entire commercial break and you are in commercial break and you are in the know
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:44. the launch of orion is on hold for the third time in florida. these are figures in cape canavaral. the space capsule was scheduled to launch after 4:00 our time. the first hold was because of a boat in the area, in securitied area. second, there were strong winds. this hold is because of a problem in the drain valves. the flight window closes at
5:45 am
6:45. orion could take senates to mars. >> a remarkable story. two weeks since a window washer fell 11 stories off the san francisco building. >> the family is speaking publicly for the first time a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> pedro perez fell and landed on a moving car a confused co-worker thought he was dead and called the perez family. his 19-year-old daughter did not want her face then on tv. >> you fund out he was alive, you had hope. >> i started shaking. i was so happy we did not have to tell my sister he passed away. his pelvis was shattered and he had internal pleading -- pleading. >> the family needs help. he has medical insurance but the union does not contact the
5:46 am
family directly until we called them. during the interview a young representative called to offer help. he broke his right arm in several places but the legs and back were not broken and according to the family perez suffered no major head injuries. as you saw, she was speaking to the news reporter. a 20-year-old man from australia with a form of life threatening leukemia is part of the warriors today. this is trent, tined to a when day contract, part of make-a-wish foundation, meeting a warrior player and attending a game. he will shoot basket with the player and then he and the family will have lunch with the player and they will attend a game against the new orleans pelicans at the arena. the warriors will go for the
5:47 am
11th straight win. in sports, you have tigers, lions, and warriors and...pelicans. it doesn't fit. which these doesn't belong? pelicans. hope the warriors win again. >> the transition has been very good, ball movement, just beautiful to watch. like the college games. like the college games. it is fun to watch. here is a look at our surplus for the rain gear that began july 1 a surplus so far this year but it could change. if, say, the rest of december, january and february are not wet. enjoy the 1-2" we have above average right now. santa rosa is not displayed
5:48 am
because the rain gauge is having issues with it. it is underreporting the rain. we will be sure to update you. >> three miles visibility in concord. three miles at half moon bay. santa rosa is thickest. south of the dumbarton bridge between there and 237 from a mountain view to palo alto you can see a light shower at manufacture soviet filed -- at moffett field and up to willow glen and downtown san jose we have light rain falling and sunol grade, 84, headed to the bay sure. pleasanton and dublin over to danville we have light rain and at sfo back to burlingame and millbrae avenue to skyline boulevard and 280 we have wet weather and 37 headed over to napa and american canyon and slay show where it is wet. this is how it looks at sfo,
5:49 am
supposed it show you it is raining but the signal drops. light showers today, and showers and thunder and possible flooding tomorrow and showers linger on saturday, they will be light and dry. cold front, that was the triggering mechanism and now we have a humid breeze bringing a threat of showers because of natural lifting because of the elevation and heat this afternoon with the sun opening up and scattered showers through noon and they taper in the afternoon and evening and drizzle and moring for tenth and after the lunch hour tomorrow look at the showers developing and thunderstorms with light-to-moderate rain and possibly heavy rain in the evening leading up to .1" to half an inch in lower elevations and 1-2" in mountains. saturday afternoon is more dry than the morning and sunday will be dry and monday we have a chance of rain. tuesday and wednesday is dry. and wednesday and thursday next week could be another soaker.
5:50 am
>> we are making a depth, -- a didn't, right? >> yes. we are so far seeing quiet conditions and we have one accident to the east of this scene on the transition from eastbound 80 to westbound 580. looking to the eastern span of the bay bridge traffic is nice and we had a pod -- tunnel that new is repaired. before the altamont pass we have a couple of problems. there are other potholes, westbound a 80 you are on the brakes on 205, it things out and back on the brakes because of another pothole at vasco road and a sig-alert at highway nine and cars are getting along the shoulder at skyline boulevard along highway 9 because of a downed tree.
5:51 am
3007 -- for 007, the "james born," is going back to the roots. >> announced this morning the title of the 24th installment is "specter," a reference to the first bond enemy way back in "dr. no." daniel craig will return for the man who made "shaken not stir stirred," and there is word there will be a new version of the austin martin car and the new bond girls were introduce breaking drivers of a bad habit, the san francisco crackdown on vehicles that block the box. >> shooting stars, a unique holiday ornament on angel island you can see for miles.
5:52 am
>> heart stopping video, a stroller with a toddler strapped inside rolls down a train platform. you can keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break looking at san commercial break looking at san francisco right now with showers
5:53 am
5:54 am
starting this morning, blocking the box if san francisco will cost drivers big money. it refers to when drivers block an intersection with a scar or double park. city officials say drivers could be accustomed to getting away with this but no more. starting today a crackdown begins with police officers joining packing control
5:55 am
officers. fines range from $100 to $258. an area they will focus on is south of market during evening commute. a holiday ornament will briton the skies over san francisco tonight. it is a 3-d light on angel island in the shape of a shooting star so big and bright you can see 15 miles away. it is not only intended to celebrate the holidays but to bring more awareness to the history of angel island and the significance to the bay area. >> a beacon of light. mike, how are we doing? >> love to have a beacon of light. the showers are out there and even we do not see the showers which are light, there is drizzle and fog. everything is moist to morning. big picture shows the entire state is either getting wet weather or will get wet weather and frozen weather in the sierra but the winter storm warning is over. today, showers and upper 60's
5:56 am
around san diego and los angeles and showers through the central valley low-to-mid 60's and monterey is 66 and the seven-day forecast for lake tahoe we have lake level wet weather and upper level snow, thursday, saturday and sunday. >> we still need chains for 88 so don't forget the chains at kirkwood. 46 bart trains are on time and ace train one and three has in delays and muni has in delays. traffic is moving along well with green on the conditions and you can see green showing through and that is where we have rain affecting the commute focusing on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge at top speed and accident free and accident free through san jose but we do have the normal slowing at 21 miles per hour between the 280 and 680. the controversial drug used by breast feeding mothers could be putting their health at risk. it is it is a stimulant to
5:57 am
increase breast milk production but research shows it increases the risk of heart problems in women. problems bad enough to bump up the risk of cardiac arrest up to 16 times. the drug is not legally marketed in the united states but women can still get it from outside the united states or through certain compound pharmacies. >> we told you of a new flu shot warning and we will break down the new medical alert. >> donations do's and don't reviewing what you should know before you write the check to your favorite charity. >> a look at bay bridge toll >> a look at bay bridge toll plaza backing up.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coast to coast demonstrations against a grand jury decision involving a liver and his chokehold resulting in a man being killed. the sinkhole that is getting national attention is still open. crews are trying to patch it. we have the overnight effort to get the neighbor back to remain noal. live doppler hd tracking what is last of the storm that seconded the bay area the last few days. expect precipitation this morning. what about the days ahead. >> while you think of shopping day, leyla gulen and mike will give you the conditions outside. >> you will still need an umbrella especially tomorrow but today we have light


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