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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 4, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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. good afternoon everybody. i'm larry beil. i'm ama daetz. they're protesting the grand jury decision in the eric garner decision, the unarmed man who died after police put him in a choke-hold. this video is from a short time ago. thousands of people gathered at foley square, then marched through the streets of manhattan. they weaved in and out of traffic on the way to rockefeller center. we have video of a protest happening in chicago. the situation there is a little more tense. protesters have been marching down michigan avenue, at times surrounding cars and then started chanting. hundreds of the protesters eventually laid down in an intersection and staged a
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die-in. that's taking place near soldier field where the chicago bears will be playing the dallas cowboys later on tonight. a live look at that demonstration in chicago. we're seeing these incidents -- i'm having a hard time seeing -- i was looking to see if they were laying down in the street right there. everybody is still marching at this point. we're seeing the pop-up protests everywhere. okland, san francisco. this is one of the things that eric garner's family emphasized. they want protesters to keep the situations peaceful. we will certainly keep you posted as we continue here. as larry mentioned, the protests continue in the bay area. hundreds of students -- many wore black power shirts. they're upset that the new york grand jury did not indict a police officer for the choke-hold death of an unarmed black man.
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as with other rallies, they staged a die-in to symbolize the death of eric garner. it was organized by the black student union. a live look in new york city at the protests. this has been going on all day. you see a big crowd there. we'll take you you live to manhattan with reaction from civil rights leaders and the big summit that they are planning. >> back here in the bay area, on to the cleanup from yesterday's storm that desperately needed rain. left hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in san francisco. >> city crews helped clear -- the massive sinkhole won't be repaired until next week. abc 7 news reporter -- with a look at the progress. tiffany? >> larry and ama. you can see crews have been using jack hammers all day long. it's the neighborhood attraction and the families living here will have several more days to
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admire the work. >> half a dozen sections of pipe arrive on the back of a semiment one sign of the massive repair job ahead. the sinkhole isn't the only sewer-related setback in san fran all along folsom -- you can find evidence of the aging system's failure. flood damage at $100,000. much of the inventory, irreplaceable. >> 200 cutting boards gone. >> it took the city six months to reimburse their claim last time they flooded. it's more frustrating than the water, the length of time it takes for them to help us recoup our losses. >> they spent the day sorting through damp merchandise. he plans to clean and donate damaged clothes. >> hopefully somebody can find a place for it. >> at a cafe, the kitchen was in better condition than yesterday. nowhere near ready for customers. mary ann robertson owns the
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building at the corner. >> this has been a recurring problem for the last ten years. and nothing gets done about it. >> the public utilities commission say they offered business o help install back flows last we're. >> unfortunately, no one wanted to take us up on it. >> robinson asked about installing it. >> they said it will not work because there is -- there's too much water. >> for now, crews in cover alls dominate the sidewalk next to piles of damaged or destroyed goods. it's the fourth flood in seven years. this row of business owners say only the city can prevent a fifth. >> the public utilities commission says a sinkhole will be repaired and the intersection opened on tuesday. there's no timeline when the issues will be resolved. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. craigslist had fun with the
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sinkhole advertising it as the best deal in san francisco. a one bedroom steal in the neighborhood for only 28 $00 -- $2800. they said it allows for creative interior arrangements. there's very little shopping today at the cove shopping center in tiburon. all the rain yesterday sent about 2 feet of water into at least seven stores. carpets, drywall and computers are ruined. the county operated pump station malfunctioned and backed up. all the water in the parking lot had nowhere to go. surveillance video shows the water creeping in. the cameras are supposed to capture burglars. >> it took all our flooring out. >> in a heartbeat. >> going to get sandbags? >> we will next time it rains. we'll get sandbags. >> each business owner says they have $2500 worth of damage.
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it will be closed for a week. a double whammy for those in mill valley. the high tide left cars stranded in pools of water. at least two cars have been stuck in the water since wednesday. three more were surrounded by the tide this morning. cal trans closed off highway 1 at the 101 interchange stopping cars from crossing but not the people. more than one person wade north dakota the water to get to higher ground. spencer christian is off. meteorologist drew tuma is here now with if more rain is coming down. >> we had early morning showers this afternoon. they got out in time for the evening rush. live doppler shows you the skies are dry but this morning, we picked up a tenth to a half an nchl of rain. in the mountains, as much as an inch. the rain is lingering in the form of showers and clouds. you notice a live look showing
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the cumulus clouds. temperatures right now, steady in the 60 s. the only exception half moon bay at 59 degrees. golden gate bridge cam, looks like the abyss. it's between 62 to 68 degrees. showing you peeks of sunshine in another camera. calls for scattered showers tonight and tomorrow morning. looking at rain heavy in the afternoon. we'll look at the time willing of the rain in a few minutes. ama. >> thank you so much, drew. >> a big storm brought big problems to southern california. heavy rains triggered mudslides. one washed out a road in gill man springs in riverside county. tons of mud stopped five cars in their tracks this morning. look at that. a complete wall right there. that trapped drivers inside their vehicles, including this man. >> it was pretty deep. i was worried for a second, but i made it out.
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i'm already. >> my wipers couldn't move fast enough. it was raining pretty hard. >> rescued 40 people out of vehicles and evacuated eight people out of their homes. >> the good news is nobody was hurt. you can get an idea of how deep the mud is by seeing the depth of the trench being dug. police are looking for the driver accused of running over an officer's foot with a car on broad more boulevard. that prompted officers to open fire. police found the stolen vehicle involved in the crash. amy hollyfield has the story. >> we heard the sirens and gunshots. >> it was 7:30 in the morning when violence shook this san leandro neighborhood. there was an unfamiliar car parked in the neighborhood with people sleeping inside. when officers approached, one person got out of car, ran and was arrested the second person then tried to get away too. >> the driver immediately
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accelerated the vehicle, struck the officer, knocking him to the ground, running him over and then fleeing down towards bancroft avenue. >> the driver got away. the officer is in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> if you were to meet him, he's one of the nicest men you'll ever talk to. >> police are actively looking for the driver. their best information may have come from some young witnesses. 8 and 10-year-old children. >> i'm sorry that they saw it. on the other hand, they don't seem terribly affected by it and they were clearly able to tell the police what they saw and give them a pretty clear story of what they saw happened. >> this happened on broad moore boulevard. there is a daycare center on this residential street. this part of san leandro is right on the border of oakland. in san leandro, amy hollyfield. abc 7 news. closed down and cleared out. now for the cleanout at the
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homeless camp called the jungle. it's been deemed unsafe and unsanita unsanitary. more than 300 people once lived there. the city of san jose is helping people who lived there with subsidized housing. some still don't know where they'll go. >> i'm just confused. a lot of us are scared and confused. we don't know where to go or what to do. >> there will be regular police patrols to keep people out of the jungle for good. a full cleanup is expected to take about two weeks. still ahead, the apple of alabama's eye. the new legislation being named for silicon valley's ceo tim cook. >> flu alert. the vaccine you got may have been for nothing. >> new at 4:30, the mission to try to save an american hostage. the emotional plea his family gave to his captors. taking a live look at traffic at 4:10 on this thursday. yes, it is thursday.
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>> so many storms. hard to remember what day it is. >> this is highway 101 through san rafael. that's your traffic heading south towards san francisco. traffic is moving in both directions. heav
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now's the time to switch! if you live in san francisco county, there are new plans with zero-dollar monthly premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care. the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. more proof that you can't turn your back on kids for a second. watch as this strollers rolls off the platform at a station in melbourne, australia. the little girl's grandfather looked away for a matter of
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seconds. he jumped down to rescue the girl. she's being treated for injuries to her face. police say that this incident stresses how important it is to apply the brakes on a stroller any time it's not moving and never ever look away. especially not at a train station. low-paid workers are fighting today for a higher minimum wage. >> while san francisco voted to increase minimum wage, legislators are trying once again to bump it up statewide. >> lyanne melendez is in the newsroom. >> workers in 35 states and 190 cities participated in today's campaign to fight for better wages. it all started two years ago today when a group of workers walked off their jobs at dozens of fast food restaurants in new york. rallies like this in oakland were held across the u.s. workers demanding higher minimum wages. ironically, voters in oakland already approved raising it from
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the current $9 an hour to $12.25 by next march. why rally? >> to have livable wages. in a union, it's not too much. >> san francisco voters approved a hike. the current minimum wage, the city will see increases through july 2018 when it will reach $15 an hour. san jose and richmond also voted to increase wages. but at the state level, workers have to wait until 2016 to see it hit $10 an hour. state senator mark leno recently introduced another bill with the hopes of increasing the state's minimum wage to $13 an hour by 2017. >> the public policy question that my colleagues and the senate and assembly will deal with should a californiian working full-time live in poverty because they're paid poverty wages.
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>> leno also says increasing their pay would mean extra money in their pocket to spend on consumer goods, therefore, fueling the economy. some employer groups have said raising the minimum wage would cause layoffs and some businesses would go under. betty joe of the california small business association agrees. >> economic climate hasn't really come back for small business. so there's apprehension on how they cover any additional costs. >> four states recently voted to increase wages. there are still 18 that have the same minimum wage as the federal government of $7.25. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. an alabama representative plans to introduce legislation named after apple ceo, tim cook. it would bar discrimination against state employees on the basis of sexual orientation. representative patricia todd
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hopes to enact anti-discrimination laws to lure companies like hers to alabama. they want to move toward equality for all people. under current alabama law, citizens can still be fired based on sexual orientation. a health warning about president flu. a new report out today suggests the current vaccine may not be very effective this winter. abc news reporter ted rowlands has the story. >> with flu season under way, bad news. the vaccine isn't working as well as expected. the cdc sending an advisory to doctors and clinicians warning them that 52% of the flu samples were not a match for the vaccine. this year's strain, the h 3n 2 is especially bad. >> the strain that is in the the community this year tends to be one that leads to more hospitalizations, much more severe than some of the other strains. >> according to the cdc, the
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virus mutated or drifted making the flu vaccine less effective and it's too late to make any adjustments to the vaccine. those at highest risk, children under 2, people over 65 and people with heart or lung disease. doctors being told to immediately put them on anti-viral medications if they show any symptoms of the flu. >> i think this is the year where people have to take extra care. you want to wash your hands regularly. make sure you're covering coughs and sneezes. >> in a good year, the flu vaccine is only effective about 60% of the time. even though this is an especially poor year, the cdc is recommending that everybody still get the vaccine. ted rowlands, abc news los angeles. spencer christian is off. meteorologist drew tuma is here with a look at our forecast today. hi, drew. >> hi, guys. we started off on a soggy note and end it on a wet one as well as a cold front approaches the
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region. bringing us rain tomorrow evening. live doppler shows you the showers we had earlier this morning. they've moved out for the most part. but we are tracking just one lone light shower. as you go to the street view, in livermore, on the southeast corner, one lone moving. in terms of activity, that's about it across the bay area this evening. i want to take you to sfo, where in the past six days, look at the staggering statistic. 4.7 inches of rain. we take the 365 days of 2013, we beat that by an inch. you can see how we need more and more of these storms to make up for the stuff -- we're going to see more rain, not only in the next 24 hours but in the next seven days. a live look at the sfo camera shows you generally dry skies. a few peeks of sunshine. forecast calls for a few scattered light showers overnight. the heaviest of the rain will be for the second half of our friday. we are tracking a mainly dry weekend coming up.
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satellite and radar, the story we're tracking. here comes that cold front from the west. what it's going to do, tap into sub tropical moisture. all of that moisture will get funneled along that front into the bay area. that will increase the rain chances specifically tomorrow evening. we'll take you through the future starting tonight. an isolated shower. but that's about it. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., meteorologist mike nicco will be tracking a little bit of drizzle around the bay area. that coverage and intensity increases and i think your evening commute tomorrow will include moderate to heavy rain. a slow go commute to end the workweek. that rain is going to slowly push off to the east. friday evening we're generally seeing clouds, perhaps showers in the north bay. the residual isolated shower early will give peeks of sunshine to come back by saturday afternoon. how much rain are we expecting the next 36 thunder showers. generally a quarter to 3/4 inches of rain. the mountains and higher elevations, specifically in the
4:21 pm
north bay could see up to 3 inches of rain with this front. so overnight lows, a very mild night thanks to a south wind keeping us in the mid 50s with an isolated shower. then tomorrow, drizzle in the morning, heavier steadier rain in the afternoon with temps holding in the mid-60s. the seven-day forecast calls for showers tomorrow. there is a chance we could see a lightning strike. but that would be isolated in nature. another chance of some drizzle coming in sunday night and again into monday morning. but we are tracking a stronger storm wednesday into thursday that could bring us a similar soaking to what we had earlier this week. we'll fine tune that rain event as it gets closer. perhaps prepare for a wet commute tomorrow evening, guys, okay? >> all right, drew. thanks very much. up next, 007, he's back. >> yes. >> new details on the new james bond movie and the car he's
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going to be driving. >> new after 4:30. an
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medical attention. he's going to be great as theville ab. he's fantastic. the event featured the unveiling of the aston martin.
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you like that car, huh? >> i love it. birthday present. >> aston martin db 10 that bond will be driving. shooting begins monday. the film is scheduled to premiere next october. i think we'll both be there. >> absolutely. from a broadway musical to holiday family fun. >> abc 7 news reporter layla gu lynn has more. come and join a well-healed ensemble when kinky boots takes over the orpheum theater. this broadway musical followed the struggling shoe factory owner as he turns his business around by creating sturdy stilettos for his drag queen clientele. speaking of which, the holidays are a real drag, especially when you spend them with the golden girls. the christmas episodes are back with your favorite performers at the theater. all aboard, the santa cruz holiday lights train will get you on the right track this holiday season. vintage train cars will be decked out in color lights.
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the santa cruz beach boardwalk will be offering fun and games also. it takes a lot of soul to feed the hungry. this annual holiday jam is back with music legends rita moreno and others. it goes to mow's kitchen which serves nearly a million free meals to the poor each year. for more information, go to our website, abc 7 layla gu lynn, abc 7 news. the aftermath of the nypd choke-hold grand jury decision and the changes that are being planned by police, not enough for eric garner's mother. an american hostage in yemen pleads for his life while the pentagon explains what happened in a failed rescue attempt. the make a wish, they make it come true. a perfect gift from a team having a remarkable start.
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the san francisco sinkhole that opened up during the storm yesterday will continue to be a problem for a while. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson tweeting that crews say the hole won't be repaired until early next week. in san jose, abc 7 news reporter
4:30 pm
chris win is covering the cleergs of a homeless camp called the jungle. the tweets say where will the jungle residents go from here? san jose city crews used heavy equipment to remove tons of debris from the wooded area along coyote creek. more peaceful protests following a grand jury's decision not to indict a new york police officer in the choke-hold death of an unarmed man. marci gonzalez is live in new york city with the latest. >> reporter: thousands of protesters are back out making their way through the streets of lower manhattan. you can see the nypd is outstanding by through several parts of the city, hopeful that the protests will be as peaceful as last night's. >> i can't breathe. >> the chants of eric garner's last words echoing through new york city. a grand jury's decision not to file criminal charges against a police officer who put garner in
4:31 pm
an apparent choke-hold shortly before he died, adding to the outrage lingering after the decision in ferguson. for many, reaffirming the belief that something has to change. >> the grand jury systems on a state level are broken. >> the specific issue that has to be addressed making sure that people have confidence that police and law enforcement and prosecutors are serving everybody equally. >> officer daniel pantaleo shown in this video bringing garner to the ground in july is suspended, the police union defends his actions. >> we feel sadly that there was a loss of life. but unfortunately, mr. garner made a choice that day to resist arrest. >> still, the nypd is retraining all of its officers and starting to use body cameras. yet today at the scene of a deadly confrontation on staten island, garner's mother was adamant that those changes
4:32 pm
aren't enough. >> they had a video that represents a body camera. it did nothing. try something else. >> garner's family says they are suing officer pantaleo and the nypd. there's also still a federal investigation under way. live in new york city, marci gonzalez, abc 77 news. larry, back to you. march si is in lower manhattan. another shot from the brooklyn bridge. protesters gathered there. they come in the wake of the decision recently in ferguson, missouri. the biggest difference or one of the differences is that we don't know what happened necessarily in the michael brown case, but there have been numerous videos of the situation that took place in new york with garner. anybody that sees them i tell you, it's powerful to see what happens and that's a part of the reason we're seeing the protests. we'll continue to keep monitoring these in the family. eric garner's family insisted that everybody try to keep things peaceful.
4:33 pm
they want the message to get out. again, we'll monitor this and you can follow us as well on twitter at abc 7 news bay area as events change. protesters will be gathering in oakland in the next half hour. coming up at 5:00, we'll talk to the organizer of last night's demonstration about their message and more importantly their goals and you'll hear from an oakland woman who essentially coined the black lives matter hash tag that we're seeing everywhere. attorney general eric holder released the results of a damaging report about the cleveland police department. the year long justice department review found that cleveland officers used excessive force and unnecessary force far too often and that they're poorly trained and also endanger the public and their fellow officers with their recklessness. holder says his department and cleveland officials have agreed to a series of changes to address those problems. >> it will require sustained and collaborative effort toward clear, concrete objectives to
4:34 pm
build trust, to close gaps and to forge stronger relationships. >> the federal investigation was prompted by several highly publicized encounters. but predates last month's shooting of a 12 year old boy outside of a cleveland recreation center. the pentagon confirmed a rescue mission in yemen failed to free an american hostage because he wasn't at the targeted location. the report comes hours after a new video emerged of 33-year-old luke somers who was abducted in the arabian peninsula 14 months ago. in the video, the photojournalist appeals for help saying his life in in danger while the leader of the terror threatens to kill somers unless unspecified demands are met. there was a statement released. >> he is not responsible for any actions. u.s. government has taken. >> feel mercy and give us an opportunity to see our luke again. he is all that we have. >> the video doesn't mention the
4:35 pm
rescue attempt which took place on november 25th. the pentagon says while somers wasn't recovered, eight other hostages were rescued. a woman is under arrest for yesterday's murder of an american teacher inside a bathroom at a shopping mall in abu dhabi. authorities released the video of the raid where they took the woman into custody. she's suspected of planting a homemade bomb outside the home of a muslim american doctor. that bond did not go off. police say the teacher identified as ee bowl i can't ryan was stabbed to death by an attacker wearing a ha jab. the killer was walking into the bathroom and leaving afterward. yesterday's attack only weeks after a posting on a jihadist website that encouraged this. chuck hagel says his resignation was a mutual decision based on president obama. >> we talked as americans and
4:36 pm
friends. we talked as senior leaders for this country. there were no major differences in any major area. >> hagel says it was simply the right time for him to step aside. he leaves believing he accomplished a great deal. president obama plans to announce his replacement tomorrow. it's expected to be ashton carter who is a physicist and the former chief weapons buyer. hagel plans to stay on until his replacement is confirmed by the senate. coming up, the unique swim caught on video in chicago's lake michigan. plus, we all need a pep talk sometimes. how one target worker got his co-workers pumped up for black friday. i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. live look from the emeryville camera. a tranquil sunset but 24 hours from now, a very different picture. i'll explain with the forecast. at 4:befor36, live look at afternoon commute.
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being a lion in a national park is not unusual. but when walking in the middle of of the street, that's unusual. check out this video of the young male just strolling along. he stops traffic in both lanes for at least 30 minutes.
4:40 pm
the bridge is a popular place to spot hippos. guess you can call this an added bonus. >> he's like, where is all this traffic coming from? can't i take a walk out here? another unusual animal sighting, a bird watcher captured this video of a great horned owl swimming in lake michigan. a little freestyle here. the owl was apparently forced into the lake by two peregrine falcons. bird rescue was called but the owl flew away on his own. working in retail on black friday can be tough. the long hours, the mobs of bargain shoppers. >> one target employee made this year's shopping frenzy a little easier for his co-workers. you'll love his pep talk. >> brothers, sisters, people of target. hear me now. they're standing out there. any moment those doors will be breached. whatever comes through those gates, you will stand your
4:41 pm
ground with a smile on your face. they come here with bargains in their heads and fire in their eyes and we shall give those bargains to them. we will show them that we are not just the best store in this neighborhood but the best store anywhere because we're more than just a store. this is a team. this is a family. this is target! [ applause ] >> he's leading them into battle. >> that's it. >> great attitude from scott who works in maryland. a co-worker says scott always brings positive energy and unique humor. something larry brings to us every day. >> we're going to take down walmart and bring them to their knees. spencer has the day off. meteorologist drew tuma, a little more mild and reserved with the accuweather forecast. >> we'll be talking about showers moving in this time tomorrow. the rain gear will be needed.
4:42 pm
it's a slow go for the evening rush. live doppler 7hd. we're tracking mainly cloudy skies and no wet weather. an update on el nino. look at the equate or. the waters continue to warm. up from 58 to 65% now. that would bring above average precip into southern and central california. we're going to see showers tomorrow, guys. especially in northern california. temperatures in mid-60s. a closer look at that rain in the bay area, the heaviest is coming around 3:00, 4:00. that's why we say you need the rain gear for the second half of the day and prepare for slower than normal evening commute. highs on friday, they will be rain-cooled with the rain in the afternoon topping out only in the mid-60s across the evening. meteorologist sandhya patel will talk about the weekend forecast. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, one of the military's top
4:43 pm
priorities is here at home. the war on sexual assault. next. plus, a school bus packed with students bursts into flames. the quick action of the driver that saved lives. 7 on your sidibe michael finney, holiday travel using twitter. child care or college, which is more
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4:46 pm
more victims of sexual assault in the military are coming forward. that's according to a new pentagon report released today. defense secretary chuck hagel says more needs to be done. karen trafers has more from washington, d.c. >> it's a top priority. >> sexual assault threatens the lives and well-being of both the women and the men who serve our country in uniform. it destroys the bonds of trust and confidence. which is at the heart of our military. >> today a pentagon report said there were nearly 6,000 reports of sexual assault reported in fiscal year 2014. that's an 8% increase over the previous year. >> real progress.
4:47 pm
we have a long way to go. >> the pentagon says the rise in reported sexual assaults is a positive thing. the awareness campaign and a growing trust in leadership. >> they're becoming more confident in the military's response to sexual assault. >> when this woman went on a deployment as a marine she was sexually harassed. i had to go to the person who did it because he was my direct chain of command. >> peer son gillibrand says victims do not feel comfortable reporting assaults because of fear of retaliation. >> i think this report shows a failure in leadership. >> senator gillibrand continues to push for legislation that would strip military commanders of their authority to prosecute sexual assault cases and give it to special mel tear i prosecutors. the pentagon strongly opposes such a change. karen traverse, abc news, washington. comedian bill cosby is
4:48 pm
striking back at one of his accusers. today, his lawyers filed a lawsuit claiming judith huth tried to extort a quarter million dollars from him. cosby wants her suit dismissed and monetary damages as well. meanwhile, the u.s. navy is revoking cosby's title of honorary chief petty officer over the sexual abuse allegations made against him. the navy issued a statement saying the allegations against cosby are serious and conflict with its core values. cosby served four years in the navy starting in 1956. the honorary title was presented to him back in 2011. one florida community is hailing a school bus driver a hero today after she safely got nearly 40 kids off of her burning bus. >> i'm the bus driver. i was driving down the interstate and my bus started smoking and now it's in flames. >> line up against -- move down, please. >> that was driver christina berman making the kids stayed a safe distance from the fire.
4:49 pm
she called 9-1-1 after a student yelled there was smoke on the bus and immediately pulled over and hustled to get all 38 students off that bus. >> the bus driver did a fabulous job of getting the kids off. as you had known, it would have been a terrible thing if they hadn't gotten off. >> it blew out the bus's windows, peeled away paint and flattened the tires. >> quick thinking by her. she truly is a hero. >> she is. >> if you're a working mom or dad, you're painfully aware of the high cost of child care. >> did you know it can cost more to send a child to daycare than to college? >> wow. >> i know what college costs. so do you. >> ouch. >> michael finney has new numbers out today. >> these things are terrible. you go to work and get a paycheck. in california, a couple pays an average of 14% of their salaries for child care. the study by child care aware says it costs an average of $11,600 every year.
4:50 pm
that's almost double the fees of a california state university currently $6700 per year and it's not much less than sending a child to the university of california. currently $13,000. so while daycare squeezes your budget, college bills may not be as much of a shock later. that's the good news? >> you remember the polaroid cameras. fun at parties where you snap a picture and the photos instantly print out? a company went out of business, now it's back with a high tech twist. polaroids new social matic combines old and new technology to snap a picture and the camera instantly sends it to social network like instagram and -- it prints out the paper version picture like it used to. they sell for $299. they will not be available until after the holidays. poor planning there, huh? >> social media isn't just a place to keep up with your friends. if you're smart about it. it can also save you money. a lot of money.
4:51 pm
look for travel deals. experts say on twitter and then follow them. make an effort to follow the hotels and airlines you're particularly interested in. they'll often announce a deal on social media than anywhere else. the deals go fast. you might want to grab it right then and there. >> brent hurd is with twitter. >> the best content wins on twitter. we relate that to travel. the best content are the best deals. savings of hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars. >> now, if you're looking for something specific, don't be afraid to ask about it on twitter. companies out there scanning for customers will seek you out. for safety, it's best that you only go with companies you're familiar with, of course. >> interesting. thanks, michael. up next, hanging out with the golden state warriors. the team helps grant one young basketball fan's wish. i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom. new at 5:00, the new twist on
4:52 pm
fashion. how clothing is going high tech. and who is behind that new style? tis the season for giving as you know. but how do you know which charity is worthy of your hard-earned dollars. michael finney teamed up with consumer reports to figure that out for you. cheryl and i will see you on abc 7 news at
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for the warriors off to their best start in franchise history. they put their 15-2 record and ten-game winning streak on the line at oracle arena hosting the pelicans. a win tonight would tie the franchise record of 11 straight set back in 1971-'72. steph curry may soon be hearing mvp chants in the final seconds of the warriors. joining the squad for tonight's game is a new player who just signed a one-day contract. >> the warriors teamed up with the make-a-wish foundation to
4:56 pm
grant a young basketball fan a wish. that's just as amazing as the warriors. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tier joins us outside the arena with the story. carolyn? >> well, larry, this young man has had an amazing day. as you said, it will continue into the night here at the arena. the warriors are observing what they call warriors wish week and so, yes, they teamed up with make-a-wish foundation in australia. and the bay area counterpart. trish frost is living the dream. a basketball fan from melbourne australia. the 20-year-old with fellow aussie and golden state warrior star andrew bogut. >> we met about a year back in melbourne and he says, come out one day and we'll look out for you. that was my wish. >> three years ago he was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma and given just two weeks to live.
4:57 pm
his mother showed us this facebook picture. a bone marrow transplant from his sister and playing basketball on his x-box kept him going. today thanks to the make-a-wish foundation, he'll attend his first nba game. >> you promise him a winning game tonight? >> yeah, i promise. >> thompson and other warriors took time this morning to meet trent and his family. he'll get to see how golden state is indeed golden so far this season. for the players and the fans. >> i just look at this as people have been coming for 20 years and good or bad, win or lose, they still show up. now they got more to cheer for. it's exciting. >> the excitement for this fan signing a one-day contract with the team. he'll get to shoot hoops pre-game tonight with his idol. >> this is amazing. >> how about being someone's number one wish? >> pretty humbling. >> we'll make sure that he gets
4:58 pm
enough gear and shakes enough players' hands and make sure that he talks about this for the rest of his life. >> hopefully it's a long one. trent learned last month he's in remission. >> in oakland, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. that is fantastic. thank you so much for joining us. for abc 7 news at 4:00, i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. back to business but not back to business, but back to work. cleaning up from the storm. >> more storms on the way. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll let you know if it's dry for your weekend coming up. the decision of not charging a man in new york -- the best places to donate your money this holiday season. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with more on that.
4:59 pm
good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. i'm dan ashley. cleanup is under way across the bay area from storms that left power out, property damaged and roads a mess. >> abc 7 news reporter wade freed man joins us from tiburon where it's back to work but not necessarily back to business for some people. wayne? >> more like back to work to clean up to go back to work. behind me is a pumping station. we'll get to that in a moment. officials in the county say that what pass through here yesterday morning was a 25-year storm. they say an inch and a quarter of rain fell per hour yesterday morning. as a result, this pumping station which had two pumps inside of it overwhelmed. two of the pumps broke down. the weighter backed up and went into -- water backed up and went into this shopping center behind my shoulder. that's where the cleaning up is going on today. >> at the cove shopping center, doing business was mostly about dealing with aftermath.
5:00 pm
read these signs on the doors. aftermath of the mopping up variety. >> we got hammered pretty bad, you know. anywhere from 16 inches of water all the way up to 22. >> we counted seven businesses cleaning up from severe water damage. frank crews at his ups store and ed lopez and his window covering business. this physical therapy center. everyone agrees we need the rain. >> not all at once. >> that's what they got. here's what the camera recorded. 1.25 inches per hour. water creeping in and robbing maggie of her floors, drywall and her business at the busiest time of the year. >> it was unbelievable. it was like a swimming pool. >> all because a nearby pumping station couldn't keep up. a county engineer said two electric motors overheated and shut down. they did failure analysis throughout the day. they declined to talk about it


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