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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 6, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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glad to have you with us today. i'm chris winn. lisa is tracking the storm watch coverage. >> things are winding down but in the santa cruise mountains, upwards of nearly two inches for a 24 hour total. still a lingering shower and the results of all this wet weather bringing fog all around. it will take a couple of hours. through the 10:00 hour we will still have a few light showers into the higher elevations and then by the afternoon it's looking dry.
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we do have another system that will flirt with the north bay. the seven day outlook is coming up. >> check out how the weather brought a large tree into power lines. >> the combination of low clouds, wind, and spotty rain meant plenty of cities that were scrubbed and delayed. >> what happened to your flight
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>> i booked a second flight because i cancelled the first one. i have got get back home. i had an event to go to today but i guess that's not going to happen. >> in san jose, steady rains fell for a couple of hours. >> in san francisco, businesses swamped with floodwater and sewage were still cleaning up from last time. it caused major damage, even
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rising up. piles of ruined items lined the street where residents hope the latest rain fall won't make things worse. >> we're waiting to hear if slick roads were a factor. both happened just before 5:30. authorities say a car there hit a center divider. two lanes are currently shut down authorities say a car there struck a wall. the ramp is currently shut down. >> a man has life threatening injuries this morning following a hit and run accident. police say the man was hit by a black sedan.
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the man suffered head trauma and a broken leg. >> at least one person has been arrested following another night of protest. the anger in the street stems from a white new york city police officer not being indicted for the apparent choke hold death of a suspect. forcing the closure of the north and somebody lanes for about 20 minutes. several protesters got under the gate before police managed to chase them back out. protesters also disrupted the christmas tree lighting shaerm.
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at one point a group of about 500 people shut down. and vandals broke more windows. the owners hand were set. >> honoring michael brown and rice. today's march and rally gets underway at 1:00 p.m. at 16th and mission. there will also be a march in berkley. many protesters are upset by the nypd officer's apparent use of a choke hold. choke holds are not allowed in california but some police departments allow officers to use another type of restraint to subdue suspects. abc 7 news reporter has more on
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the difference between the two maneuvers. >> oakland and san francisco police departments allow officers to use restraints. >> basically it's deemed as a lethal force. he considers any move involving someone's neck highly skilled requiring careful training and supervision. >> we asked him to demonstrate a choke hold. >> right here is a lot of pressure. i can continue downward and he will come with me down. okay? >> and a restraint. in under a second i could feel the effects. >> now you will feel it
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>> taking down a handcuff van. >> that could have knocked a kid flat out. >> in line of what happened in new york, the pd would not go on camera but said we do not use the choke hold neck restraint. you can see the suspect's neck in the crook of the officers elbow. >> he said his best advice is deescalate the situation so it never gets to that point. tiffany wilson, abc news.
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>> and a shooting happened last night near a strip mall. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. he has not been kidentified and at this point there have been no arrested. after the robbery the suspect carjacked the woman. six feet tall with a tattoo on his left arm. the car was described as a honda oddcy fsah-869. and a quake struck near holster last night. it was widely felt. people reported feeling the
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quake in many surrounding areas. this morning a construction worker is in serious condition after falling off a roof. police say it happened while he was working on a home on east 39th avenue. officers say the man fell off a roof and landed in the backyard yesterday afternoon. police say they are investigating the incident as an occupational accident. >> san francisco's police chief says two officers convicted should be fired. a sergeant and officer seen in this security video were convicted of stealing money, drugs and otheritems. both men face up to 20 years in federal prison. one officer's attorney says his client's service to the city should be considered as his sentencing. >> he has been shot at. he has been stabbed. people have tried to run him over. he has been a heroic come baa
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tant and i'm sorry it has come to this. >> but police chief says there r their crimes outweigh their service. >> these officers have not only betrayed the public trust but also the trust of the honest and hard working men and women of this proud department. >> a judge has put an end to a long fight with the silicon valley billionaire. yesterday the county superior court ordered to immediately open the gates. closed access to the beach after purchasing the property back in 2008. the court found the effort to block public access in violation of the california coastal act. the rain moving out of the bay
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area. >> we did pick up about four tenths in hayward overnight. you can see it is mostly cloudy and little peeks of sunshine.
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>> welcome back, everyone. a quick look at live >> an american journalist held by militants following in the abduction last year.
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>> after learning his life was in imminent danger. a teacher from south africa was also killed during the attempted rescue mission. >> police have opened an investigation into a woman was molested at the playboy mansion in 1974. more than 15 women claim cosby assaulted them. >> the holiday season can be a tough time for women living in emergency shelters. a story about how one south bay woman is making it her mission to bring smiles to some of their faces. >> inside this home, a dining room transformed into a make-shift assembly line.
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and for this marketing executive, a trip back home to her native canada was the inspiration to it all. >> i saw what a big impact something like this had. >> it started in canada back in 2011 but launched in the bay area last month. they're asking for donations of small gifts, up to $50 worth. everything from scarves to socks and shampoo all packed into a box. >> i know it's a busy time for people but they have all taken the time out to make one shoe box or three. this shelter is one of them. we spoke to ann, a league advocate and a domestic violence survivor herself. she says these can surely brighten up someone's day.
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>> we feel more confident being stronger and being more independent independent. >> and a small thing for us is a huge thing for them. it was a no-brainer for us to get involved. >> project volunteers will be collecting boxes until december 18th. >> happening today, volunteers in san jose will build bikes for
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children in need. volunteers will come together to build 2600 bikes for families. today's bike building event will get underway at 10:00. nearly a half million lights shi shine. >> people sang christmas carols as they walked along hillcrest avenue. he started his holiday light tradition in the early 1980s. >> i wanted to do something for people of all faith and to exemplify the life of christ. >> the way he can produce something like this every year is for me, nothing short of a miracle. >> 403,000 bulbs burn a lot of
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electricity. so much that pg & e installed an industrial strength transformer. he started building this year's holiday display on labor day weekend. >> you can share your photos of holiday lights and events with us on twitter. just use the hash tag where you live. lisa, i got to wonder how much that electricity bill is for that giant display. >> seriously, yeah. brings a lot of smiles. >> absolutely. >> we are looking at some rain ending. it's mainly in the mountains. a few left overshowers. hd was very busy this morning. here is davenport, san jose and scattered activity. boy we had some fog to contend with. highway 1, scotts valley.
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we still have scattered showers. here is 580. just east of pleasanton. looking at some wet weather. check out the fog in the north bay. you saw it on the golden gate bridge earlier. doing better in the south bay but we co-do have the southerly winds. we had a nice view earlier but the fog and clouds blowing through. it's 58 in san francisco as well as san jose. sop another mild system has been passed and we have yet another one on its heels.
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most of the activity to the west and scattered showers in the south bay. the low cloud deck here shows it is a pretty great start to the day. half an inch of rain. a little more than that at the airport. not too shaby with four tenths. a quarter of an inch and nearly two inches of rain. so some of these areas picked up some heavier precipitation. we could see more north bay rain tomorrow heavy rain heads our way wednesday, thursday, possibly into the weekend. they picked up nearly four inches of rain. another warm system. the showers move out.
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we get a little break right here. you will notice a few pop up showers. we're dry today but by late tomorrow here comes some rain. this is one in the morning and by the commute time we're looking wet once again. mill valley. but we do dry out and we look for a little bit of a break monday afternoon all the way into tuesday. highs today in the mid 60s. not a bad afternoon. you won't need the heavy jacket. very weak weather system confined to the north bay. it's over midday monday and we have a couple of dry spots. not all the models are agreeing
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we see some very heavy rain, wind, moving into next weekend with two two to four inches of rain. it's very handy. >> it's great that all the rain got it done earlier in the day. now we can look forward to a nice afternoon with family and friends. >> i agree. the settlement just reached in a big class action lawsuit.
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>> frozen enchiladas are being recalled over possible salmonella contamination. the organic cilantro used may have been contaminated. they were sold from october to december 1 in safeway. no illnesses have been reported. >> the maker of the truvia sweetener says they will have to pay more than $6 million to settle a class action lawsuit. a woman claimed that cargil made false claims about it being a
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natural sweetener. it was marketed as being a natural sweetener primarily made from the stevia plant but the lawsuit says that stevia only makes up about 1% of the product. >> the recent storms have gotten lots of snow. how lake tahoe resorts are getting ready for this year's season. and the first big step towards
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>> half past the hour on this saturday morning. thanks for joining us. we will start off with a quick look at the weather. lisa tracking live doppler 7 hd. >> certainly fog in the north bay. the east bay we are starting out in the santa cruise mountains. not much, very, very light. but still you could see a few isolated showers right on into the next hour or two and this little shower pulling out of live more. we are left with about a quarter mile visibility. so from emeriville you can see
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the low clouds with sunshine trying to breakthrough and it will. so we're dry for the rest of the day. the rest of the weekend? not quite. >> chris, thanks so much lisa. >> this series of storms means lots of snow. here is a live look at heavenly mountain resort. some clouds overhead. now ski resorts are reporting nearly three feet of new snow. they say these storms even though they're warm are putting them ahead of last year. >> yes, it was warm but all the ski areas, they're all up above the snow line. we're definitely getting what we need and we're very excited
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about it. >> more snow is in the forecast through next week. >> officials are remind iing residents that the region faces serious drought. they are encouraging residents to collect rain water in barrels. today's information session will be from 9:00 to 12:00 at the lodge in belmont. >> heavy rains in the bay area over the past several days spelling good news for the endangered sal ma endanger endangered sal mon. officials say they have counted double the number than what is normally seen this time of year. you can use live doppler seven
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hd any time to track the rain where you live. >> some students in northern california came home with an unsettling warning. e.coli was found in the school's water supply. while the well is being treated, most students are still coming to school. some parents are still keeping their kids at home. >> it can go to something much more severe that can be more fatal. i just wasn't willing to take a chance. >> they are looking to replace the well with a new water treatment system in the future. >> the late steve jobs spent his life developing sec innovations.
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a deposition is part of a class action lawsuit against apple. that software only allowed music purchase purchased via itunes on ipods. >> doctors report they are seeing more cases of whooping cough across california. many kids face an increased chance of coming down with whooping cough. >> the next generation spacecraft orion passed its first test launch. abc seven news reporter got the scoop directly from some members of that team in mountain view.
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>> engineers say it may be the first time they have gotten applause from reporters. >> we have finally done something for the first time for our generation. >> the excitement echoed here. >> i was getting goose bumps and chills. it's hard to put into words how exciting that is. >> her team helped design the massive heat shield. >> we want to go to an asteroid first and then on to mars. >> notice it looks nothing like a space shutting.
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bhilding this took a lesson in history. >> it had not been made in 40 to 50 years so that technology was not available right now. we had to resurrect it and that's what we have been doing. >> a special material had to be reformulated with today's tough ehren environmental standards. >> we're already working on that next capsule. we're already forming metal parts and machining parts. >> space travel is really really difficult. it's not as easy as it looks in the movies. and this is the first step for nasa to get sbak into human exploration. >> still ahead, emotions will be
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running high tomorrow. we will show you what the raiders are doing to ensure a rivalry with the 49ers remains respectful. >> here is a live look this morning from our explore story camera. when will the rain return?
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>> no major accidents. mother nature giving us a break from the rain. lisa returns with your forecast in just a few minutes. >> you can add bebe to the growing list of companies hit by data breaches. an investigation into the breach said the attack was on data from payment cards swiped in puerto rico and u.s. virgin island stores but online purchases were not affected. >> the train will visit nine cal train stations over the course
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of two days and will entertain crowds with carollers, santa and mrs. claus. the public is encouraged to bring a gift and get on board. this is probably one of my most favorite times of the year. >> everyone gets involved. we will have a pretty dry weekend. a nice little swath of partly cloudy skies. you're the exception and then we're going get right back into it for the seven day outlook. i'll explain coming up. >> plus marcus mariota makes his case for the heisman. sports is co
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>> in sports tonight the warriors are in chicago where they will try for a franchise record 12 straight wins. tip off is at 5:00 p.m. last night levi stadium hosted its first pac 12 championship game. here is abc 7 news sports director with the high lights from this morning's sports report.
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>> the wildcats, they beat oregon back in october in eugene. and mariota sprints in for a touchdown. oregon's defense making plays. tony washington backside pressure. runs down. looks like a carbon copy of the first play where mariota scrambles in to make it 20-0. back in the end zone, zips in. all ducks all the time.
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>> oregon has scored 103 points. the other game was against cal. the 49ers have scored a total of 98 points. cappkaepernick gave almost all one-word answers. kap goes out of his way to say almost nothing to the media and he usually succeeds. harbaugh insists this is just his style. >> it's sad really because you don't know him. he is a determined person. he always stand s up.
8:47 am
he never dodges or deflects criticism. he takes accountability and he is -- he's honest. you know? he tells the truth. the questions you were asking, he was telling the truth. >> very briefly. >> tiger woods is back very briefly but his game needs help. the 14 time major winner faired a little better on round two. the second shot from 85 yards out. plenty of moments.
8:48 am
luke donald, look out. he was approaching a baboon coming up behind them. >> and our last edition of cash creek after the game right around 8:30. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend. >> all right. so no rain falling down right now in san francisco but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods. >> we still have showers especially in the south bay. boy we have had a stalled out trough all morning long.
8:49 am
>> now in the south bay, the rain has picked back up. so the east foothills around santa clara and san jose, highway 101. we have had the rain lift out of liver more. >> not much of a problem around the bay but livermore still looking at visibility issues. that's why we're still getting a few showers around the bay right through the middle of the morning and afternoon up on the peninsula. san jose, you can see the slick streets there and temperatures are cooler in the north bay.
8:50 am
livermore you are at 61 degrees. we will see a split forecast today. looks bretty calm here out on the bay. a quarter of an inch, these are 24 hour totals. more to come from the north bay late tomorrow but that system even weaker. the snow has been high. that's good for kirkwood because their base is pretty high. showers will be ending for the most pard this morning but some will be lingering. i will show you that in a moment. rain could last through this weekend so the system has kind
8:51 am
of stalled out. moist air is headed up and over the mountains and that's why we're still looking at a few lingering showers. look what happens. could see a pop up shower right on the peninsula. not a big deal but the rest of the day not experiencing much in perms of wet weather. we're dry tomorrow but look what happens. by 1:00 in the morning you have got rain pushing down through the county. another with wet go of it. it will last through 10:00. if you're thinking about tomorrow it's going to be mild. no rain. rain late in the day in the north bay into monday. we're dry for tuesday, slightly
8:52 am
milder. looking more and more likely that we will do what we did monday and tuesday again into next weekend. be prepared for a lot of wind as well with the system. >> today, temperatures in the 60s. not too bad. >> lisa, thanks. bay area football fans are counting down to the battle of the bay. raiders and 49ers will battle it out tomorrow. they are telling you to leave your hostility at home. >> i would say represent your team well. >> words of wisdom from a veteran. he is asking both oakland and 49er fans for a little calm this weekend. this is exactly what oakland city leaders and police hope to avoid this sunday.
8:53 am
the annual preseason rivalry games were cancelled after the 2011 contest was marred by two shootings, two assaults and numerous fistfights. >> i said okay, how are you guys doing in the black hole? it's a spirited rivalry but i don't expect any problems. >> this family travelled all the way from virginia. >> something sitting next to you in red 49er gear you going to go easy on him? >> i'm just going to be louder than he is. >> it's a battle of the bay but we don't need no violence. >> sunday is the first regular season game between the two teams since 2010. in oakland, lar rah antly, abc 7
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>> wp. hopefully all the rain won't keep the public from enjoying a holiday tradition in san tran sis co-. the annual fantasy of light celebration featuring santa
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claus and more. the fantasy of lights kicks off at 3:00 this afternoon. we will get a final check of the weather with lisa. >> we will see some sunshine. we still have rain. that's going to last for the next couple of hours. it is pushing over into the 101 area but not everywhere. maybe a few rainbows out there. the forecast shows evening rain that lingers for the monday morning commute. significant accumulation and this will go statewide which is huge because it keeps helping out our draught situation. >> thanks to you for joining us. abc 7 news continues at 4:00
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p.m. because of college football. play off spots are on the line today. iowa state tries to upset tcu. we are back at 4:00 p.m. and then at 5:00 p.m., the acc chach onship game. florida state battles georgia tech followed by cash creek after the game at around 8:30. the news continues you online on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. for lisa and the rest of our morning
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections.
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that's bank of america. . we welcome you to espn on abc. college football presented by kay jewelers. a big 12 championship and


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