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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 6, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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another day of cleaning up and oakland business owners fed up with vandals causing damage during protests. hello, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. as oakland deals with a fringe group causing problems, another protest against police brutality is under way in san francisco. abc 7 report er cornell bernard is covering the story. we understand police are making arrests. >> reporter: we can tell you that market street reopened to traffic. police moved in about 40 minutes ago to arrest a group of
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protesters who refused to move. they were blocking market street, actually sitting down in the middle of the street near the cable car turn around at powell street, began as a protest against police brutality. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> reporter: demonstrators were back on street on saturday. this group of 100 marching to the mission to protest the recent killings of unarmed black men by police in the u.s. >> we're just asking for police to be held accountable. we give thm a lot of power. we want them to be held accountable for the power. >> reporter: the march group as they headed down market street where demonstrators stopped and laid down on the street, blocking both directions of market near powell. a large group of police watching the event unfold. >> our goal is to gather people, more are and more people to see we all have to unite to oppose racist police brutality because anybody could be a victim. >> reporter: and in downtown oakland, dozens of windows are being boarded up on broadway after protesters smashed them
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during a march on friday night. sky 7 h did was overhead as hundreds swarmed on to the 880 freeway, blocking traffic in both directions. the group later surged into the west open b.a.r.t. station and pounded on entry gates which were closed. some small business owners were injured, while trying to protect their stores from damage. this man who owns a shoe repair business wants the vandalism to stop. >> it makes no sense. this is not going to solve the problem. >> reporter: tony jackson says windows don't need to be broken to bring change. >> dr. martin luther king did it in the '60s. they didn't tear up stuff. they got dogs put on them. they got the water hose put on them, but they had peaceful protests. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: the protests in the bay area and across the country are planned. back live at market and 5th street. the intersection is back open tonight after being closed for about one hour tonight. we can tell you about one dozen protesters were arrested by san
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francisco police. massive crowd here as you might expect. holiday shoppers and a lot of protesters, not to mention a lot of cars that were caught in the gridlock for a very long time. live in san francisco tonight, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. happening now, businesses are preparing for protests. this one in berkeley. abc 7 report er sergio quintana is there live. >> reporter: this demonstration is planned to begin around 5:00 here at the entrance to the uc berkeley campus. i can see right over there are already some businesses that would be late this saturday evening. instead, they're closing down early, some even boarded up their windows. the manager at one of these businesses tells me they first learned about this planned demonstration earlier in the week. this wednesday. that's when someone of the local business association members began talking about shutting down early tonight and even contacting contractors to board up some of these windows just as a precaution. it is not just the businesses
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preparing. some newspaper vending machines have even been removed just to make sure they don't get tossed through a window. i talked with one street vendor who also packed up and left because he's just not sure what is going to happen in this demonstration. >> in the old days, it used to be fun to watch mario and the people in the '60s, you know, saying stuff. but now breaking things and fires and people getting heads knocked in and that's no fun. >> reporter: it is not exactly clear where this demonstration is going to go once it starts at 5:00. but organizers say they plan on going until about 8:00 tonight. reporting live in berkeley, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the issue of police wearing body cameras has become a big issue following the incidents in new york and ferguson. and now bay area police department is giving those cameras to all of its police officers.
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our media partner in the bay area news group reports the richmond police department received 120 body cameras this week. police officials expect all officers will be using the cameras by mid-january. officers will have to manually turn on the cameras before any interaction with the public. a federal grant paid for the cameras, that cost a total of $84,000. >> an oakland man who police say was suicidal died after officers used a taser on him. the man's roommate called police before 6:00 saying the man had cut his wrist, stabbed himself multiple times and was acting aggressively. when police arrived, they said he came at them with a knife. medical personnel treated the man, but he died at the scene. the alameda county coroner's office still has to determine the cause of death. now to our storm watch coverage, we're enjoying a break between storms after overnight downpours. here is a live look from emeryville camera looking west. you see those dark storm clouds
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forming there. let's get the latest on the rain from abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. >> live doppler 7 right now showing you we have dry skies overhead. early morning downpours depending where you live saw significant rainfall. san rafael, over an inch of rain the past 24 hours. napa and santa rosa, san jose, only seeing about .50. overnight tonight, dry, but mainly cloudy. 40s in the north bay. low to mid-50s elsewhere. we're watching the next storm approaching. satellite and radar, area of low pressure out of the gulf of alaska. we'll time this next storm out for you with a full accuweather seven day forecast in a few minutes. a massive tree came crashing down damaging a family's property in woodside. it happened around 9:30 on cedar lane, close to downtown. the tree uprooted, then slammed through a fence and crushed a
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carport. a car had been parked where the tree landed, just minutes, ten minutes before it fell, but the family had moved the car. they're thankful it didn't do more damage and are happy no one was hurt. >> we have cars and kids and people walking around and these things come down and they could really hurt and create massive damage and loss of life. >> the family now plans to hire someone to evaluate the remaining trees on the property to see if they are at risk for falling. in men low park, firefighters evacuated dozens of homes in an apartment complex after a tree came crashing down near el camino real. the heritage oak slammed into the building, crushed some playground equipment, and deck chairs and the deck. even with all the damage, no one was hurt. staying in san mateo county, look at what happened on highway 84 in wood side. a mudslide blocked the westbound
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lanes, just east of skyline boulevard. officers are directing traffic around it as workers clean it up. san jose police are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting last night. it happened around 8:00 in front of a restaurant in a small strip mall on alan rock avenue. officers shut down the parking lot as they investigated. police say the suspect took off in a lexus. also in san jose, the driver of a car hit and killed an eld areally woman. that driver left the scene. it happened around 5:30 yesterday afternoon near actually road and bram avenue. a man suffered critical injuries in a hit and run in san francisco around 2:30 this morning. investigators say the driver initially left the scene, but later stopped and called police. the victim suffered head trauma and a broken leg. people in napa are pitching in to replace military care packages that were crushed in
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the august earthquake. hundreds of people dropped off donations today for operation with love from home. volunteers packed boxes with clothing, toiletries and cards to be sent to troops who can't be with their families this season. the storage unit filled with boxes just like the ones being created today collapsed in the napa earthquake and they remain trapped inside. no one can get to them. that's why today's donations are so important. >> silver lining is you see what is here today. you see people rallying to support the cause, realizing that we had a natural disaster that would have shut this down potentially, but yet here we are, hundreds of people, hundreds of packages. it shows me the humanity of man. i mean, people do amazing things. >> organizers hope to fill 1,000 boxes. a surprise for a marine is touching hearts worldwide. still to come, the priceless reaction from a service member
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whose wife proved she will always be waiting for him. plus, all of our rain means snow and in tahoe. look at how much fresh powder is on the slope. we'll tell you how ski resorts are re
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expect extra security if you're going to the raider raiders/niners game. there will be extra security to prevent trouble. the annual preseason game between the two teams was canceled after two shootings and fights broke out during the 2011 game.
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in sunday's matchup, it is the first regular season game between the niners and raiders since 2010. san francisco last played in oakland some 12 years ago. check out how young niners earthquake ko quarterback colin kaepernick was during his last visit. 49erposted this picture. kaepernick won. video shot at camp pendleton and posted online launched a couple into cyberstardom. this youtube video has nearly 1.3 million views. behind the camera is sarah taylor of maryland surprising her husband last month when he arrived at camp pendleton after serving a year in afghanistan. she sneaks up on him, and then another marine takes the camera to record the emotional moments. take a look at gunnery sergeant's reaction.
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he cries and then they hug. the taylors said they heard from people all over the world that have seen the video and were touched by it. watch the entire video on our website, good things come with all the rain we have been getting. ahead, how the wet weather is helping a fish facing extinction in the bay area. speaking of weather, taking a live look at the conditions outside. dry for now. but more rain is coming. okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted!
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okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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this series of storms means lots of snow in the sierra. here is a live look at heavenly mountain resort, courtesy of
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lake tahoe tv. ski resorts like squaw valley are reporting three feet of new snow. kirkwood is opening today and others that opened earlier are running more lifts and trails. this is video from squaw valley. ski resorts say the storms are putting them ahead of last year. they're seeing an increase in visitors with more snow in the forecast through next week. heavy rain in the bay area over the past several days is benefiting the coho salmon. officials say the rain has filled reservoirs and allowed the salmon to make their way back to local streams sooner than normal to spawn a new generation of coho. officials say they counted double the number of salmon at the creek than what they usually see this time of year. lots of good news comes with all the rain. we need it. let's check back in with drew tuma for a look at what's coming. >> in the next seven days, we have one completely dry day.
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very progressive pattern where showers are in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd, morning showers we had are out of here. we had dry skies. we'll take you outside, a live look on this evening on saturday. we are seeing dry conditions, but mainly cloudy skies. however, temperatures are still rather mild, into the 60s across most locations. 67 in red wood city and san jose. morgan hill, 66. gorgeous shot from the east bay on our emeryville camera showing sun going down this afternoon, into the evening. and temperatures, look at this, livermore sitting at a very mild 70 degrees while concord, fairfield, napa, santa rosa all in the 60s. sf o camera showing you overcast skies. we're dry. we'll stay dry through next 18 hours until sunday night. next chance of rain. showers last until monday morning before we start to track a sobing hee in soaking heavy r. the high in san francisco is 66
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degrees. seven better than the normal. overnight low thanks to the cloud cover, 67 degrees. in the mid and upper 40s and sunset on the way in two minutes. 4:51 p.m. satellite and radar, high pressure over us now, bringing us the break, the dry skies, but this high pressure won't stick around. another cold front is approaching from the west, all the cloud cover moving in. this moves in late sunday night into monday morning. overnight tonight, mainly cloudy skies, you'll wake up and see the sunshine. that's the theme into sunday afternoon. no rain sunday afternoon with mainly cloudy skies, which is good news. you have the huge game, niners taking on the raiders tomorrow. looks good at the coliseum. dry and mild, temperatures in the mid-60s for kickoff. temperatures around 63 degrees. highs for your sunday under mainly cloudy skies, 65 in san francisco. 64 in richmond. 67 in oakland. 69 in san jose. santa cruz, around 62 degrees.
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fast-forward the clock and take you into that midweek storm. wednesday, 5:00 a.m., dry, clouds thickening. see the rain approaching from the north. by wednesday night, 11:00 p.m., light showers moving into the north bay, but really overnight into thursday morning. we get the soaking rain by 10:00 a.m. you see the heavy rain across much of the bay area. confidence is growing that the storm could bring us one to potentially three inches of widespread rain. we'll keep fine tuning that forecast as we get closer. seven day, dry first half tomorrow. then showers enter the picture late in the evening, lasting into monday morning. tuesday, only dry day you have completely on the seven day and then continue to track the sobing wind and rain. wednesday, lasts into friday. >> thank you, drew. the three of us are back together again. >> the gang is back together. >> college football winding down. >> that's right. >> winding up. >> yes. we await, today's conference
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alabama is trying to prove to the nation they deserve to be the top ranked team in the final college football playoff rankings. b bama up 7-0. airs it out.
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wright in stride, nice throw, nice catch. 58 yards, up 14-0. missouri fourth and goal, in the third. matty with a quick strike. tigers cut the lead. they add a field goal. sam rolls right. jones in are for the td. 28-13. bama wins the title. tcu making one last bid for a playoff spot at home against iowa state. boykin has thrown plenty of tds this year. turns to catch one. david porter, back to boykin. he's got a convoy. 55 yards, 7-0, horned frogs. tc up in the third. they had 722 yards on offense. 44 yards the other way. tcu wins 55-3. and secures a share of the big 12 title. still in the big 12, oklahoma and oklahoma state, the boomer schooner takes the field before the game.
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oklahoma earthquake cody thomas and blake bell. 47 yards and now fourth quarter, oklahoma up 35-28. a minute left. sooners punt it away. tariq hill does the unthinkable. goes nearly untouched, 90 yards to the score. ties the game at 35. can't believe it. we got to overtime. cowboys win on 21-yard spin. field goal. unranked oklahoma state wins 38-35. the least respect of any of the top four is florida state. undefeated and won 28 straight games. they're ranked number four. jameis winston led the seminoles to a perfect 11-0 record, never lost a game as a starter. they'll face georgia tech in today's acc title game. a win here and the knownoles sh
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end up in the final four. coming up on abc 7, we'll wrap it up after the game at 8:30. special guest gary kabale. nobody knows who is going bowling better than gary. hero world challenge. tiger woods doesn't like his golf game. little dry heave there. third shot on the par 5 13th. you'll never see this from him. tiger woods redeem himself though. birdies 18 en route to a 3 under 69. he's at even par, 18 plays of 18 players. 50 foot putt for birdie. are you kidding me? he's at 20 under through three rounds. 54-hole record for the tournament. this could be a big year for the phenom. he has a seven-stroke lead. michigan, john bee line about to get ambushed. 266th in the nation, 24 1/2 point underdogs, new jersey
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institute of technology, buries the three, then another. 24 1/2 point underdogs. 20 points, 260th ranked team in the nation. florida state and georgia tech on deck here. we'll see you after the game. >> final score in football as well. >> football as well, right. >> new playoff system. >> love it. thanks. a celebrity of sorts is attracting a lot of attention in a suburb of green bay, wisconsin. none other than the abominable snowman herself. the woman inside that costume walks with her poodle every day. she calls herself bumbles and says she's doing this to spread cheer and a message of that love and to love and care about everyone. >> i turn the corner, i said, thank you, you gave me a smile on my face for two days. i thought it was funny. >> funny indeed. they look great. good for them.
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spreading h a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars.
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