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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  December 7, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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[instrumental music] ♪ >> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, december 7th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning. here's a look at live doppler hd hazy sunshine, but fog still a problem. here's lake tahoe with the snowcapped mountains. truckee with fog. 53 san jose. 45 minute delays at sfo, and here is the visibility. you can see how livermore, less than a quarter mile.
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some problems there, as well as santa rosa. you have been fogged in all morning long and even san carlos. it will take a couple more hours to mix things out, and it will. we are looking for an approaching cold front that will allow for increasing clouds for the north bay. i'll tell you who the cold front will impact and when. the next stronger system comes our way. >> thank you. chaos in the streets of berkeley has led to several arrests overnight during a demonstration to protest deadly incidents in ferguson, missouri and new york involving unarmed black men and police. it wasn't all violent. some protesters stepped in to try to prevent looting and damage to the city. you are looking at video from sky 7hd where police used smoke bombs and teargas to disburse the protesters. it worked to break up the clouds but at times demonstrators threw the canisters back at the police officers.
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we have a look at some of the damage done on the ground. >> reporter: this demonstration started going sideways when the large group started to make its way to berkeley police headquarters and officers tried to keep them clear of the building. one officer was injured by a flying object tossed from within the crowd. some people tried to keep the protests nonviolent. >> so violence, no violence! >> police deployed a smoke canister and that's when they splintered. one group made their way through the nearby trader joe's and started bashing in windows. protesters then hit a neighborhood radio shack. >> it didn't work and next thing you know that window breaks breaking. >> someone with a hammer comes in. he has brake fluid like he's
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going to start the store on fire. and a guy with a crowbar comes in and starts stealing stuff. >> they stay one looter went after a customer in a store and as they rushed him out the back door another looter attacked with a skateboard. >> i don't know why they have white people coming in and shoving black people. you know what i mean? if you are protesting white- on-black crime, you shouldn't even be in the protest if you are of white skin. >> outside neighbors helped sweep up the shattered glass. >> we heard people shouting and the shots, and we came to help and cleaning up. >> as the night unraveled, some demonstrators did try to stop the looting and vandalism. >> there's no need for this. you shouldn't be taking stuff. >> after a few hours one small group finally made its way back to u.c. berkeley campus and that's when police made several arrests. >> several businesses quickly tried to repair a lot of the damage. trader joe's crews are boarding up the damaged windows. there were two other businesses hit, a radio shack and a wells fargo bank. there are also quite a few police vehicles that were vandalized in the demonstration as well. in berkeley, i'm sergio
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quintana, abc7 news. >> the downtown of north berkeley bart stations were shut down on and off for several hours last night due to the protests. in san francisco police arrested about a dozen protesters yesterday in san francisco. they shut down traffic at the powell street and market street bart station for about an hour. officers moved in and they took several people into custody. >> we're just asking for police to be held accountable. we give them a lot of power and we want them to be held accountable when they use it. >> our goal is to gather people, more and more people, and we all have to unite to protest and oppose racist police brutality bus anybody could be a victim. >> and friday night in oakland protests turned violent. sky 7hd shows officers charging toward protesters. they arrested at least five people, but not before several shots were damaged.
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this is some of the damage left behind from friday night. a bank, a footlocker, a shoe repair shop among those vandalized businesses. the owner of a wine shop was beaten when he tried to prevent protesters from smashing in his windows. it was the third night in a row protesters marched in oakland. >> developing news, two lanes of interstate 580 are back open this morning following an accident that left one person dead and injuring another. the accident, involving multiple cars, happened around 1:30 this morning on westbound 580 at lakeshore avenue. police say the driver of a red toyota crashed into a center divider. the driver got out of the vehicle and then hit by a silver bmw. he died at the scene. the driver of the bmw ran away. a third driver fled to avoid the accident and ended up crashing into the center divider. he was taken to the hospital with major injuries.
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oakland police say a suicidal man did not die from being tased from officers yesterday. he died from self-inflicted wounds. the police were called in to find a man with a knife and he had severalself-inflicted stab wounds and cuts to his wrist. he became aggressive so they tased and disarmed him. a medical crew treated him but he died a short time later. an autopsy will confirm the cause of death. in richmond a suspected robber is in critical condition after being shot. it happened after 6:30 last night at 32nd street and roosevelt avenue. police say the suspect stole something from the yard of a home and the resident opened fire. police also believe a second suspect was in the backyard but got away. there is no description available for that person. an alert for residents in san mateo county this morning after a cougar was spotted in half moon bay. the san mateo county sheriff's
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office said the big cat was spotted in the area of burning tree court in the ocean colony housing development around 7:00 yesterday morning. the cougar apparently jumped the fence into the development's golf course. sheriff's officials are reminding the public to not approach large cats. several trees have fallen in the bay area because of the rain. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more from menlo park where a massive oak tree crashed into several buildings. >> i woke up thinking there was an earthquake, and i saw the wall shaking, then i heard this rumble and a crack. >> it was the sound of this giant oak tree falling onto a home in a four-unit building. it also destroyed a gazebo, furniture and bikes. part of the tree landed inches from the tenant who lives in apartment number 4. >> he was on the couch and the branch went through the window.
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i mean, he would have been hit if he was any closer. >> luckily no one was hurt, but renters in two of the ten units won't be coming home this weekend. utility workers tried restoring services, but couldn't. the tree's collapse is blamed on the rain, but some residents who were allowed to return home worry it's still not safe. >> how about this? >> some of the tenants saw it coming. they just didn't know when. >> meantime, in woodside, a family was shocked when a tree crashed into the side of their home. >> there was a massive tree right behind our house where the roots were in a creek that fell and blew through the fence behind our house. >> also in san mateo county, the heavy rain cause this had mudslide on state route 84 east between lahonda road and skyline boulevard. it caused major traffic delays. crews spent hours clearing the
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road. in san mateo county, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> well, despite the recent rain, more water conservation efforts may be needed. the east bay municipal utility district is looking to charge customers an average of $4.33 more a month because of the drought. the surcharge will cover the cost of pumping emergency water supplies from the sacramento river to the east bay. customers could also be asked to voluntarily cut water usage by 15%. officials will discuss the proposal on tuesday. a lot more rain and a lot of wind is in store for this week. >> right. we will have to wait on for for a couple days. today you may experience fog or sunshine, depending on where you live. 58 degrees now in emeryville. still delays at sfo and the east bay valleys poor visibility to speak of, but we will look for a relatively dry day. there's one caveat. i'll explain about that and the
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big storm coming up. >> thank you, lisa. a northern california man failed in a rescue attempted in yemen. new details on what happened in yesterday's predawn raid. and the napa earthquake is not stopping one community from lending a helping
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>> now to a closeup look inside the daring 11th hour us rescue mission that ended in the death of a sacramento man held hostage in yemen. abc news chief investigator brian ross has more on how the mission was nearly pulled off. >> it was a high-risk mission to begin with under an almost full moon and little element of strategic surprise. >> you say yes and go forthwith an operation like this because you have no other choice. >> in 40 command owes from the elite seal team 6 landed about six miles away to avoid being one al-qaeda guard who went outside to relieve himself spotted the u.s. team. what ensued was a fierce ten minute gun battle, during which both the 33-year-old american photo journalist, luke somers,
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and a south african teacher, were shot by one of the al-qaeda guards. one died from his wounds, being flown out to a navy ship offshore and the other died in the ship's medical facility. u.s. officials vow to track down those responsible. >> this is a despicable crime. we will be relentless to bring to justice those who have caused the deaths. some already have been brought to justice. >> abc news, new york. >> more u.s. troops than originally planned will be staying in afghanistan. defense secretary chuck hagel made that announcement yesterday. he said about 1,000 more troops will stay into early next year to fill a temporary nato gap. the drops will be assigned a new mission, training and advising afghan security forces.
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more than a thousand holiday care packages from the bay area are headed to troops. in napa yesterday volunteers of "operation of love from home" packed boxes to the men and women overseas who cannot be with their families. a storage unit filled with boxes like these collapsed in the napa earthquake, which is why yesterday's donations are so important. >> but the silver lining in that is you see what is here today. you see people rallying to still support the cause, realizing that we had a natural disaster that would have shut this down potentially. >> it's not just the socks and the razors, other things, they get a card, something actually touched by human being >> they exceeded their goal to fill and ship 1,000 packages. big cyber monday sales are lead to go some delivery sales. sign better monday sales were up 8.5% over last year. that's leading to some delays from shippers. ups telling abc7 news there are small delays, but they have hired 100,000 seasonal workers
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this year and they are not predicting the big problems we saw last year just before christmas. >> today to new york city is preparing to rollout the red carpet for the duke and duchess of cambridge. prince william and kate are expected to arrive this afternoon for a three-day visit that will also include a trip for william to the white house. abc news reporter amy has details. >> british invasion. the royal couple is set to take on the city that never sleeps. new york wide awake with excitement. william and kate, expecting their second child in april, landed today without little prince george. they checked into the luxurious carlisle hotel. the trip marking their first--time ever seeing new york or d.c. with political powerhouses rolling out the red carpet like hillary and chelsea clinton.
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prince william scheduled to join president obama in the oval office on his side trip to the nation's capitol for an anti-poaching event. >> one day williams will be the king and it's about cementing ties that exist between the united kingdom and america. they have many events planned. and the burning question, what will the famously chic future queen wear while she's in one of the fashion capitals of the world? >> i think what she's wearing on her growing baby bump. >> but it's not all business. will and kate could even be seen courtside with beyoncé and jay-z. it may be the closest the public gets to the king and queen.
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>> the american security will make sure everything goes as planned. >> the world famous carlisle hotel is very accustomed to high profile guests from celebrities to heads of state and royalty. even william's own mother on her trip to the big apple. abc news, new york. >> the extra security, expect to see some if you are going to this afternoon's 49ers and raiders game. there will be more uniformed and undercover police and security officers patrolling parking lots and the coliseum to help prevent the kind of trouble that plagued the match-up in past years. the annual preseason game between the two teams was cancelled after two shootings and fights broke out during the 2011 game. today's match-up is the first regular season game between the niners and raiders since 2010. san francisco last played in oakland twelve years ago. and check out how young niners
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quarterback colin kaepernick was during his last visit to the coliseum. posted this picture showing a pre-teen kaepernick as a contestant in the nfl punt, pass and kick contest during halftime at the raiders game. he won several events. he was a cutie-pie. >> yes. >> lisa argen, another cutie, here with all the weather you need to know. >> it there's a lot of it. the weekend we are looking at big rainfall totals for the next seven days and very gusty winds. a powerful system. we have a weak weather system off the coast and live doppler 7hd showing the fog, the highlighted area of the dense fog advisory by vacaville for the 10:00 hour. here is where we have the problems. but with the approaching front, that should mix out the atmosphere and bring us filtered sunshine today. here's a look at lake tahoe. they are looking at a beautiful
9:21 am
day today although there is fog. temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s from truck tiki to the tahoe valley airport and anticipating the big storm that comes in, say, thursday to the sierra nevada with several feet of snow. a colder one. that's good news. we've been so mild and we continue to sit in the upper 50s. 51 morgan hill. here's where you may be impacted tonight into tomorrow from the weak weather system that's headed our way later on this evening. the golden gate will see slick roadways and even southern marin could see rain through tomorrow afternoon. 55 in napa and by the delta with the fog. livermore, foggy for you at 54 degrees. in fact, less than a quarter mile visibility out for our friends in the east bay valleys. concord doing much better and salinas half-mile visibility. it's been quite foggy. here is sfo. no wonder they have delays, almost an hour. we are looking at some sunshine here later on.
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there will be another mild day. so the fog lifts and we will look for a dry afternoon. showers mainly in the north bay tonight through monday. but you could see a stray one on the peninsula over into berkeley. otherwise we are dry through tuesday and heavy rain, gusty winds and powerful pacific storm heads our way wednesday night. really right on through friday. there's another one behind that one. here's the weak front. the tail end will lift and perhaps a couple raindrops, a tenth of an inch or so for parts of the north bay. then we get a little break and behind it there's a very powerful system. let's take you through the next 24 hours or so. you notice the cloud cover throughout the afternoon today. then by 9:00 tonight notice a few areas of some light showers. we will take you through monday morning. not a whole lot going on. more clouds, more southerly winds and then by 4:00 you could see some rain from highway 1 over through the delta up into
9:23 am
vallejo, cloverdale. that pushes through and things are quiet for tuesday all day. we will anticipate this storm continuing to cue up, bringing the gusty windsly late wednesday. it's going to dump some serious rain around here. in fact the entire state, even southern california, look at several inches of rain. that's going to cause some problems for sure. some downed trees and power line with those gusty winds and that already saturated ground. 67 degrees in fairmont today as well as oakland and fremont. over in oakland it's 64, partly cloudy skies and the accuweather forecast shows rain through tomorrow, partly cloudy tuesday and rain and wind for wednesday, even right on through friday. so you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with abc7 news weather app. you can find it at the apple store or google play. also there's nor information on
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our website. we were talking about the fairmont that's why i said fairmont instead of fremont. sorry about that. >> that's okay. up next, an early christmas
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harry potter fans, starting friday the official harry potter website pottermore will release a surprise every day through the 23nd. the first day will be a short story about harry potter's nemesis and his life after the final book. >> a celebrity is attracting a lot of attention in green bay, wisconsin, the snowman. there's a woman inside the costume. she calls herself mumbo. she's doing it to spread cheer and a message, love and care about everyone. she is getting a lot of attention. people stop to take pictures every day. >> when she turned the corner i said to her thank you, you gave me a smile on my face for two days. i just thought it was funny. >> she looks to make everybody feel this way, bringing joy and happiness for the holidays and
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beyond. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. the health changes doctors are recommending for president obama after his unexpected checkup at walter reed hospital. and two bay area sailors thrust into the greatest generation by the attack on pearl harbor 73 years ago today.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. pretty cloudy out there. there's a weak frontal that approaching the area today. right now we are looking at 50s santa rosa, near 60 in san rafael. mild temperatures, low visibility around livermore valley more, san carlos and santa rosa.
9:31 am
this will take us through the next hour or two. then we will look for the ceiling to lift. sunshine with some sun around the bay today. mainly south bay and east bay. numbers there in the mid-60s. elsewhere lower 60s. then a very active pattern taking shape for the week ahead. i'll detail it for you coming up. carolyn. >> looking for that. thank you, lisa. protests took place across the nation last night. they turned violent in berkeley. there have been nightly demonstrations since the grand jury decided not indict the white police officer whose apparent choke hold is said to have led to the death of an unarmed black man in new york. abc news reporter ron claiborne has the latest. >> reporter: marching through a shopping mall in houston, texas. a so-called die-in in new york city grand central terminal. the protests over the grand jury decision are spreading. [chanting] at a rally in harlem, eric garner's mother said she was
9:32 am
comforted by the outcome. >> it is just so awesome to see how the crowds are out there. >> although the officer involved in the deadly arrest of eric garner will not face criminal charges, garner's family said they intend to file a civil lawsuit. >> the evidence is there, we think, to show excessive force and wrongful death by these officers on eric garner. >> officer daniel has been sued before in 2013 and earlier this year. in two incidents of alleged wrongful arrest. one case was settled. new york daily news reporting that he denied those charges. the other case still pending. >> 27 new york city police officers are field testing body cameras that proponents say can reduce use of force incidents. >> put your hands up above your he. both of you! in one area in california all 70 uniformed officers now wear body cams. in their first year of use, civilian complaints against police fell 88%. and use of force incidents were down nearly 60%.
9:33 am
sceptics, like eric garner's mother, says bystanders had cameras rolling when they are son was arrested. >> this morning the new york city mayor is speaking out about eric garner's death. today on "this week" he refuse today comment on the judicial process that led to the decision not to indict the officer involved. he said there are a number of things that must be done in order to change the dynamics in his city. >> we have to retrain police forces in how to work with communities differently. we have to work on things like body cameras that will provide a different level of transparency and accountability. this is something systemic and we have to talk about the historic racial dynamics. >> he said he has faith that with proper police training his city will begin to see a renewed relationship between law enforcement and the community.
9:34 am
richmond police officers will start using those body cameras early next year. the department received 120 of the cameras this past week. paid for with a federal grant. officers will have to manually turn on the cameras before any interaction with the public. >> president obama underwent tests at walter reed medical center yesterday and doctors have found the cause of his sore throat. they say the president's symptoms are consistent with soft tissue swelling related to acid reflux. the culprit could be his past smoking. experts say the president will have to raise the head of his bed, cut down on alcohol and change his diet. if that doesn't work, he may have to go on medication. happening today, the annual lighting of the beacon ceremony at the summit of mt. diablo to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. due to weather, today's lighting ceremony has been relocated to the cal state east bay campus in
9:35 am
concord and the beacon will be lit remotely. the ceremony is held every year and attended by the families, survivors and the public. today's event gets underway at 3:45. and happening now, pearl harbor survivors, as well as military and coast guard veterans, will hold a remembrance ceremony at the coast guard base in almeda to commemorate the attack at the navel base in hawaii. you are looking at video of a previous ceremony held in 2012. today's remembrance gets -- organ at 8:30 this morning. the attack on pearl harbor killed 2500 people, devastated america's pacific fleet, and ushered the u.s. into the second world war. abc7 morning news anchor eric thomas talks to two bay area men, members of a very exclusive club, whose numbers are dwindling. >> yesterday, december 7, 1941,
9:36 am
a day which will live in infamy. >> on december 8th. while president franklin roosevelt was asked to declare war on japan, ships at the powerful pacific fleet were still smoldering at pearl harbor. there was a corridor of destruction. lafayette's richard "johnny" johnson was a young sailor aboard the uss san francisco, getting ready for recreation time at the beach. >> and i look at the airplanes coming over the mountain side and they are lined up and going slow, but there are so many airplanes flying around in pearl harbor anyway, it didn't mean much at first. but those planes were headed for battleship row and he watched the bombs start to fall. >> two bombs on the arizona and they began smoking. >> one of those bombs went through the deck and landed in the vault where arizona's shells and gunpowder were stored. a massive blast destroyed the ship and killed nearly 1200
9:37 am
members of her crew. concord resident john tate was below deck on the cruiser uss st. louis when the skipper decided to get out into pearl into deeper water where they could maneuver. they nearly ended up sailing to their doom. >> it was a two-man submarine waiting for a ship and they fired two torpedoes at us, but there was a coral reef between us so the coral reef took the hit. >> on december 10th they sailed back into a scene of carnage. >> we just didn't think the japanese would be that bold to come all the way. >> after four long years of continuous battles, the victorious sailors, soldiers and marines sailed home with a firm conviction not to be caught unaware like that again. for their efforts they would be labeled the greatest generation. but that generation is disappearing. these men are in their 80s and 90s and there may be fewer than 2,000 pearl harbor veterans still with us.
9:38 am
with age comes frailty. but also wisdom and forgiveness. john tate and his family were stationed in japan for three years. >> when they found out that we were -- that i was a pearl harbor survivor, it kind of took them aback, but we got along good with them. they are wonderful people and it's our warlords and their warlords that i don't like. >> through the flames of war these men made lasting friendships and saw incredible sites, and age is now doing what combat couldn't. but those who remain want us to remember a simple but often overlooked truth. no one hates war more than the people who have to fight them. eric thomas. abc7 news. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, at&t park will soon be transformed into a winter wonderland for at-risk kids in the bay area. how you can help them celebrate the season along with
9:39 am
sports celebrities and holiday heroes. and here is a live look from our exploratorium cam. >> a big pacific storm is barreling this way, due to arrive midweek. lisa argen has all the facts and figures coming up in just a these guys should've gone to my place, cuz right now, i have two breakfast croissants for just four bucks. they're both made with a freshly cracked egg and melting cheese on a buttery, flaky croissant. try the supreme with bacon and ham,
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hershey could be kicking corn syrup to the curb. right now the chocolate company uses a mix of sugar and high fructose corn syrup in their products. the chief researchers and development officers said they are moving more toward sugar. there's no time frame for when a total transition might occur. hershey take 5 and 5th avenue
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candy bars and york peppermint patties use corn syrup. classic hershey bars are made with sugar. >> lisa argen is here with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> we are looking at a little bit of sunshine but still some fog out there. a weak weather system will be affecting you by this evening, really impacting your monday morning commute, as well. near 60 right now and limited visibility up in santa rosa. we will talk about that, the rest of the weekend and the big storm we've been advertising and a look at the next seven days that includes a lot of rain. >> thank you, lisa. also next, draymond green has quite the night against the bulls for the warriors. trying to set a new franchise record for consecutive victories. mike shumann has all the highlights and there were plenty, coming up in
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pillsbury cookie dough. >> welcome back, everyone. thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. we have a live look from our exploratorium cam. today is a free day at the exploratorium museum. they are showing off a new science display. it's at pier 15. one of the bay area's largest fundraisers is tomorrow night. the foundation will take over at&t park, the home of the san francisco giants, and turn
9:46 am
it into a holiday wonderland. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings and kristen sze invited the founder, amy, to our studio to talk about the event that features many sports celebrities. it's called "holiday heroes." >> we just give kids an amazing experience they won't forget and for many it's their only holiday experience this season. >> what makes it the ultimate holiday party for families? >> we have video booths we have photo booths, we have a candy station, we have arts and crafts, we have access to the field. >> and the fact you have so many great sport celebrities here. who will be here this year? >> we are so thrilled travis ishakawa from the san francisco giants will be there. and stevie johnson and josh johnson from the 49ers. >> kristen and i are long time supporters of holiday heroes. the founding organization has been around for 20 years helping at-risk children.
9:47 am
the celebrities are all superstars. we've seen joe and jennifer montana at the holiday heroes, and they all pose for fans. they sign autographs. if you can't attend, you can still support hundreds of children. >> you can sponsor a child to attend and you can participate in the auction, you can buy a raffle ticket, you can make a straight donation to the foundation. >> cheryl jennings and kristen sze for abc7 news. >> holiday heroes is tomorrow at at&t park. you can get ticket and silent auction information by logging on to our website, >> thank goodness it's tomorrow so they will avoid the weather whooping that's coming our way. >> i know. we've been talking about it. this is a classic winter storm with cold air and very heavy
9:48 am
rain, gusty winds headed our way. the ones we had before were warm systems and of but this is a very typical storm system that we used to get. so we will be looking forward to that and beyond. i'll explain in a minute. live doppler 7hd showing the fog until 10:00, the dense fog advisory by the delta and vacaville. here's a look at a foggy and cloudy emeryville. 58 san francisco and over in oakland. 57 half moon bay. with the cloud cover we will be mild again, but most of the sunshine will be here in the south bay. 57 petaluma. and 55 in livermore. we are looking at visibility still not so great at two miles livermore. looking at the airport just two miles. santa rosa has not budged. a quarter mile there. a half-mile visibility in san carlos. a little wind and the mixing with the approach of the weak front will help us out a little
9:49 am
bit. there's sfo with delays 45 minutes. patchy, dense fog this morning and then filtered sunshine. a weak front will provide rain from sonoma tonight into tomorrow. the higher elevations of sonoma county could pick up a quarter to half-inch of rain. the rest of us maybe a trace amount. but a break tuesday and heavy rain and gusty winds with this very powerful storm wednesday into thursday, lasting through friday. another one after that. here's a look at our pacific satellite and here's the weak system that sits offshore. this will continue to lift and slide through. here's the way it looks the rest of day today. notice the cloud cover and then here comes the moisture up to the north. that's 9:00 tonight umbrella seat main activity kind of blows through with some spotty showers but by tomorrow morning with the cloud cover we could see another batch of rain here. cloverdale, highway 101, maybe even over into the delta through monday afternoon.
9:50 am
so we will still see the south winds, the mild temperatures today, tomorrow. here's the system i talked about come wednesday and thursday. look at the rain line. we are talking wind wednesday night. 3 to 4 inches of rain through friday. you can see it right here in the orange. then it looks like we will have a little break over the weekend and then another system behind that one. an additional 2 inches of rain will put us up over 6 inches possible. we are looking at storms this time around. the one tonight just a weak weather system. the one wednesday and next week, a storm. 67 in fremont, 69 san jose and we will look for mostly cloudy to partly sunny conditions today. the seven-day forecast, the system bringing in light rain to the north, maybe into berkeley through monday and then we are dry with sun and clouds mixed tuesday, wind and rain wednesday, thursday and friday and partly sunny by saturday. the nice break has been good but
9:51 am
we are already looking at a saturated ground. even though we need more rain, it's not like we can really handle all of that. >> right. >> that will be an issue. >> it sure will be. glad i got my tree yesterday. nothing like a sloppy wet tree to say happy holidays. >> you are smart. >> thanks, lisa. let's check out sports. >> the top tour teams have been announced for football." alabama, oregon, florida state and ohio state. number one alabama will play number four florida state in the sugar bowl. number 2 oregon meets number 3 florida state at the rose bowl on january 1st in the other semifinal. both games on our sister network espn. this afternoon it's the battle of the bay. the 49ers facing the raiders at the coliseum. kickoff 1:25. tomorrow night the warriors will be in minnesota looking for
9:52 am
their 13th straight win. last night it was all about draymond green having a career night as the team beat the bulls for their twelfth straight victory. it's the longest winning streak in franchise history. here's here's schu, he has all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. what i like about the new-look warriors under steve kerr is everybody has a hand in the offense. it's not just steph curry. last night in chicago was a great example with draymond green scoring a career high 31 points, leading them to a franchise record 12th straight victory. they start a stretch of three of the next four with teams with winning records. big man andrew bogut gets things going coast-to-coast. the sweet finger roll. he will start another break. gets it ahead to steph curry and draymond green. green throws it down. he was just getting started. warriors up 12 before the bulls battled back. aaron brook, transition three. bulls led by one. klay thompson. open three.
9:53 am
warriors back up 6, and led by 12 at the half.. he hit a career high seven 3s, lighting up for a career high 31 points. warriors outscored the bulls. 33-22 in the fourth. the great give-and-go. green with the exclamation point. warriors win. franchise record, 12th win and franchise tieing seventh straight win on the road. joe thornton and the men in teal head to calgary with a three-game win. he gets the puck to mark giordano. look at this slapshot. 56 feet away. 1-0. sharks would even it up. the backhander from close range. first goal of the year, 1-1. now tied at 2. third period. ten minutes left. patrick marleau lights the lamp and sharks would hold on for their fourth win in a row with a 3-2 victory. >> tiger woods after a four-month lay off doesn't look -- like his golf game. he's a little sick here.
9:54 am
tiger's third shot on the par-5 on the 13th. the chip will roll back to his feet. you rarely see this from tiger woods. he would redeem himself. three straight birdies on the back, including 18 here. 369. even par. here's jordan. on the 18. 50-foot putt. he drains it. the hole record for the tournament. could be a big year for him. tiger in last place. 18th out of 18 players. of course, the raiders and 49ers, we will have all of that at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, an annual holiday tradition. how some bay
9:55 am
if you're like me, there's nothing you enjoy more than hopping up on a couch, destroying a few pillows and chewing on a good shoe. so this new nest dropcam... is a serious buzzkill. it's always watching so people can keep an eye on me when they're away. and even chime in with their inane reprimands. "henry, off! bad boy!" who's to say who's a bad boy and who's not. seems so subjective if you ask me. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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on brand name mattress sets. years interest-free financing plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> we have the winning numbers from last night's $50 million power ball draw. no one got all six. you have another chance. wednesday night's jackpot jumps
9:57 am
to $60 million. happening today," it's the season for giving, and some bikers will be hopping on their motorcycles to do just that. as part of the 31st annual dudley perkins toy run, bikers from all over the bay area, the various motorcycle clubs, will deliver toys and sing carols to sick children and their families at san francisco general hospital. bikers will start off at 10:00. that's just a few minutes and the toy run gets underway at 11:00. a great deal there. lisa has the final check of the accuweather forecast. >> still foggy in sports. still airport delays. later on today filtered sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60s from san francisco to half moon bay. 67 concord, 68 livermore, and the seven-day forecast, a weak warm weather system tonight into monday. mainly in the north bay will bring some drizzle and wet pavement. then it's out of here. tuesday we are dry.
9:58 am
a big storm comes in wednesday, thursday and friday so prepare now for gutters and checking trees and whatnot around your house. >> absolutely. good advice. thanks, lisa and thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile device was our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great sunday and a great week ahead!
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>> hello, for 26 years through our profiles in excellence we have highlighted bay area residents who made important contributions to the community. today we celebrate the cultural diversity with the history


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