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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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let's go live to berkeley where protesters are gathered. >> reporter: about 70 people have now gathered for a new protest march against police brutality. word about the event has been posted on social media. five people were arrested last night as demonstrations turned violent. no response yet from berkeley police about its use of force against those protesters saturday. steven boils was working in this christmas tree lot when a small group of protestors smashed windows. >> it's another thing to -- to go outside of that and start breaking into community stores. >> there are families out here, kids out here, people of all
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ages supporting justice. >> reporter: sky 7 hd was overhead. she stopped marching as the peaceful demonstration turned violent. she tried to stop some demonstrators from breaking the windows of this trader joes. >> this is my store. i shop here. the vandalism is not part of the movement. >> reporter: police say a small group of protestors started hurling bricks at officers. these items were also thrown by the crowd. one officer was injured. this was the moment police used smoke grenades to disburse the crowd. sky 7 hd captured it from overhead. others who refused to move were jabbed with police batons. some call it excessive force. >> the fact that police chose to
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attack huge quantities of people using violent means of chemical weapons is a violation of our first amendment right. >> reporter: todd walker wants judgment but says the protest message has been lost. >> our kids are dying on the streets, unarmed, getting gunned down like animals. we kind of tired of it. >> reporter: in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> a few dozen people fwagather in oakland this afternoon. it was also intended to highlight the san francisco police shooting death of a 26-year-old accused of breaking into a car near at&t park last october. officers say the oakland man and two others broke into an suv. they say evans pointed a gun at
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him. >> for all the stolen lives, no more stolen lives. we're tired. enough is enough. we're calling out for help, but feel like we're not getting any help from the government. so we have to stand up for yourselves. >> williams organized today's event calling on people to keep uniting and fighting. we will follow the protests for you all night. follow us on twitter. now, taking a live look, you can see clouds over the san francisco bay. no rain right now, but that's going to change. let's check in with abc 7 meteorologist. >> and today was a mild and dry day across the bay area, but we are tracking a little bit of rain. a front, very weak, is approaching california. i do think the showers will stay out of the region. the only exception may be an
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isolated sprinkle near cloverdale overnight tonight. 54 the overnight low in san francisco. we'll drop to about 52 in san jose. take a look at what we have ahead, overovercast skies tonight, an isolated shower possible in the north bay. we are tracking a stronger storm late in the week. we'll talk about that, sflan it with the full seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> raiders fans are worried the team won't return to oakland next year. the team's lease is up after the season. some fans were told because of the uncertainty, they couldn't renew their season tickets. >> katy, two members of the booster group save oakland sports tried to place deposits for next year's tickets but they were turned away.
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at today's game, raiders fans displayed signs urging the team to stay in oakland. the raid raiders have been in talks with officials in san antonio and los angeles is also being mentioned as a possibility. that combined with the fact people can't renew their season tickets have raiders fans feeling a bit uneasy. the coliseum authority says a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:30 to talk about the team's future. >> this is the best spot for the raiders. the home of the raider nation is in oakland. we draw fans from sacramento, north bay, south bay. we want to keep them here. >> topics will range from a possible lease lease extension to a long-term solution for the team. we tried getting a response from the raiders organization, but have not heard back. police stepped up security
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around the coliseum for today's raiders/49ers game. with the rivalry, it's always a tense atmosphere. last time they met, there were two shooting. >> where it's at right here. >> yep. >> too bad the raiders ain't leading nothing. >> it's all love. >> my wife's a niner. we engage with people. we've been in oakland since last night. >> nothing but love out here. we all family. >> the raiders shocked some fans winning the battle of the bay today 24-13. a person may have lost a hand after an explosion in san francisco. police responded to the explosion and fire at a homeless encampment around 10:45 this morning. they say the victim suffered serious burns to their hand and was taken to the hospital.
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they closed the streets while they investigated. still ahead, why a typhoon slowing down could be bad news for the philippines. and a look at the bay area response being set up now. plus, ana sa spacecraft comes awake after
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happening right now, and we have this live look for you, hundreds of people gathered for a second night of protests in berkeley. as you can see, the group is on the move now. of course blocking traffic that would normally be in that area. last night, it was a protest started just like this, but ultimately turned violent with smaller groups breaking off clashing with police. we saw tear gas and smoke canisters late into the night. we're keeping an eye on this. we're going to stay on top of what happens tonight and keep you updated throughout the night here on abc 7 news and on twitter, abc 7 news bay area chblts the bay area's filipino
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community has set up fundraisers. the storm has pummelled the philippines since last night. it also lost a little bit of power, but that means heavy rains could cause severe flooding and landslides. the storm also knocked out power sending more than 900,000 people into shelters. in san francisco, the national alliance for filipino concerns has set up local collection centers to help victims. >> we're ready to accept donations already. we want to get as much help there is possible from the communities here in the united states, both the filipino and nonfilipino communities. >> you can go to for a link on how you can help the victims of the typhoon. after a nine-year and 3 billion mile voyage, the new horizon spacecraft came awake
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last night near pluto. it launched in 2006 and spent most of its flight in hibernation. it the is packed with scientific gear. it will begin observing pluto and its moons next month. in july, the spacecraft will make its closest approach and give us the best shots of pluto we've ever ever seen. nasa scientists hope to analyze pluto's atmospheric gases and see what minerals are on its surface. coming up next, a bay area holiday display will be televised across the nation this week. see the kind of work that goes into creating such a big display. more rain also coming including one of the worst storms in years to hit the bay area. the forecast is next shttle derek carr outplayed colin kaepernick today at the battle of the bay. raiders shocked
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another live look for you right now. this is the view from sky 7 hd over berkeley where a protest is
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underway for a second night in the row. they're marching near telegraph. last night's nonstrags did get into some trouble. just moments ago we did see some of the protestors tagging a building. we will have sky 7 hd up for the duration of the night. changing gears. people across the nation will be able to see one of the bay area's best holiday light displays on tv. the home will be featured on the abc show the great christmas light flight. it features a lot of custom art and a castle that's 60 feet wide and 28 feet high. the family put about 400 hours of work into the display this year and says it's a labor of love. >> last night, the entire roof
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went out. there was no lights on at all. >> we've had three marriage proposals here on the driveway. that's unheard of. i'm touching someone's heart and and that's what drives me to continue to want to do it. >> this season premiers right here on abc 7 right here at 8:00 p.m. very much worth it, i i think. cool to see. let's send it over to drew with more on what's happening in the great outdoors in the bay area. >> the first half of our new work and school week is going to be dry. this will show you much of the bay area is dealing with mainly clear conditions. there is an area of rain associated with a weak cold front and the bulk of this moisture will stay to the north. the north bay does have a shot of seeing light isolated showers as the front moves through. a live look from the camera will show you it's a rather quiet
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evening, but it's also a mild one. a lot of spots still in the 60s. same in san francisco. 60 in san jose. right now, fairfield at 55 degrees. satellite and radar will show you the cold front. it's a very weak front meaning there's not a lot of moisture associated with it. as you go through the future and show you tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. as we're off to work and school, it's mainly cloudy skies across the area. then in the afternoon, as the front begins to move across the region, there is the chance there could be an isolated shower. highs for your monday, going to be another mild december day. 66 in oakland. 70 in san jose. 65 in san francisco. santa rosa getting up to 66 degre degrees. we'll advance to wednesday evening. we're tracking the potential for a a strong storm to move into the bay area. light rain wednesday evening and
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thursday morning. looks like the storm wants to intensify thursday afternoon into the evening. looks like we'll see heavy rain potential and also strong gusty winds. concerns we have is for heavy rainfall, perhaps 2 to 4 inches of rain across the bay area. could lead to flooding on the roadways and increase the chance of mud slides. as that storm continues to intensify, it could bring strong and potentially damaging winds. we could be looking at downed trees that could cause power outages across the region. we're still a couple days away from the storm, so we'll continue to fine tune the timing and the concerns we have. the seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow though, rather quiet start to the week. peaks of sunshine here and there. tuesday tuesday's completely dry. a bit of a warmup inland into the low 70s. then we'll track the stronger
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storm wednesday evening. the brunt of it right now looks to be thursday with heavy rain and also gusty winds lasting into friday. it ends saturday morning. next weekend does look dry across the bay area. coming up, an update on the showers for thursday. >> all right. thanks, drew. big game tonight. the battle of the bay. >> kind of one-sided, though. it wasn't really a battle. the 49ers offense continues to struggle. while derek carr plays their best game of the season. jim harbaugh saying hello to the raiders. before the game, the fans still showing some love. first play move the game overthrows michael crabtree. led to a field goal. wide open bruce miller. bruce runs it in for his first
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touchdown of the year. raiders will regain the lead in the second. third career td catch. first time jumping into the black hole. look out here he comes. second td pass to reece. raiders up 17-13. one more in the fourth. he threw over 254 yards. kaepernick would try to lead a comeback, but he is picked off for the second time in the game. raiders with the upset 24-13, their second win of the season schblt niners drop to 7-6. >> this team is built with fighters. we don't quit. we don't back down from nobody. we don't care who it is. look at his smile on his face. turn the cameras and look at his smile. come here. love you, bro. >> take responsibility, so that's -- it falls on me.
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we don't win these games. it's my number one priority. >> we just went out and did our job. they'll win some plays, we'll win some plays. i think we finally did that to the best we have. >> i'm giving it everything i have every time i step on that field. >> that is a beaten man. the niners cannot win. arizona hosting the chiefs. up 10-3, 7-0 at home. facing the eagles today. rustle wilson across the field to lynch. 17-7 hawks. also ran one in. nice 26-yard strike to doug baldwin. hawks win 24-14. payton manning 51-game touchdown streak came to an end. thanks to c.j. anderson, denver
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wins 24-17. all right. it's official alabama, oregon, florida state and ohio state will play in the inaugural college football playoffs. bama will face ohio state while oregon and florida state will play at the rose bowl. the winners will play for the national title on january 12th in arlington, texas. tcu and baylor both out of the playoffs. baylor will face michigan state in the cotton bowl. tcu will meet ole miss. levi stadium will face maryland out of the big 10. game will be played december 30th at 7:00 p.m. soccer, the galaxy and new england revolution. we went to extra time. 111th minute, a brilliant
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breakaway. that would be the game winner. l.a. has won three of the last four championships. that will be six titles for don vonn in his career. this report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. more tonight at abc 711:00 news. >> bring in those raiders sound bites. >> we're w going to take a live look for you right now above berkeley at the protest that'
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happening right now in berkeley, protests underway. these in response anti-police violence basically in response to incidents in both new york and ferguson, missouri. you're seeing this right now, the protestors ones move. something different that we're seeing at least at this hour this night, the protestors do appear to be freely be moving, marching down the street. where things got intense last night was when it came to an end and police were barricading protesto protestors. at this point, we've seen one instance of protestors spray
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painting the side of a building. otherwise, they appear to be marching peacefully. you can check in here on abc 7 news and also on twitter. at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, an icon in video games and electronics passes away. and then at 11:00, an amazing surprise on a holiday toy drive. we'll tell
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