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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center, this is abc news. >> police are trying to move protesters who shutdown highway 24 in oakland. and in berkeley, protesters stand up to vandals breaking into businesses. good evening. i'm katie marzulo. we have live pictures from sky 7hd. the protesters right now on bancroft near dana and walking as you can see fairly straight forward at this hour. some of the quieter moments we have seen as the protest has made its way from berkeley to oakland and back of take a look at some dramatic video from earlier in the night. around 8:45 the protesters are ma of to highway 24 in oakland. they stopped traffic for nearly an hour. at one point, police say a protestor threw an explosive at officers. you can see that right there.
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officers are moving quickly take down a protestor and tried to subdue any trouble makers. no word on why the people you can see there are taken into custody. the freeway was back open within an hour. other protesters under the freeway tried to set a chp cruiser on fire. you can see something burning next to the tire of the car there and we know other patrol cars had their windows shattered and were vandalized in other ways. protesters were at city hall and one person spray painted something on the walls of city hall. sergio has been following the situation and joins us now live from berkeley. sergio? >> katie, for the second night in a row protest organizers vowed to have a peaceful protest and unfortunately for the second night in a row, these protests unraffled. you can see we are at a radioshack. these #r hammer marked --
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marks into the glass of the radioshack. you can see looters broke in and tried to steal from here. i'll tell you how that went down. first i want to show you video from about 15 minutes ago from sky 7hd. we watched as a group of demonstrators making their way back to the uc berkeley campus stopped at an ice cream shop on telegraph called cream. some in the group tried to break down the door and the window and then others in the larger group tried to stop them. it is similar to what we saw at the radioshack. >> we watched as an -- agitators tried to stop them. this man attempted to stand between the looters and the store and she was hit in the face with a hammer. he was quickly attended to by a medic. another rogue protestor jumped into the store. you can hear others in the group yelling at him to get out. he tossed merchandise out the
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sat -- shattered door. now watch as the same guy tries to stop the masked looter. organizers in cyst would be peaceful -- insist would be peaceful. >> a rubber bullet and bruised. it is difficult to see them. >> this woman says she was hit in the head by an officer swinging a baton. >> i tripped over a woman who had fallen down and i stopped to help her. my back was to the police line. as i was lifting her up i looked over my shoulder and saw the officer raise his baton. >> tonight police took a hands-off approach. one of the only standoffs was near a skirmish line near the police department and then moved on. >> protest organizers say these demonstrations are aimed
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at trying to call attention to police violence. they keep on trying to say that the violence that happens during the protests is simply distracting from their message and unfortunately we have seen that violence again tonight. last night the protests continued on until well past midnight. it was until about 3:00 in the morning. tonight these demonstrations are on going. we know that police -- berkeley police are mobilized, but they are trying to keep their distance abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you. and the vandalism continues as we go back to live sky 7hd over berkeley. just moments ago we watched as people within the group of protesters broke windows at a mechanic bank. the larger group you see there basically milling about is still trying to move forward on berkeley street. we will continue to follow this story in the newscast and also on twitter at abc7 news
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bay area. new at 11:00, a san leandro police officer is in the hospital after a pursuit ended in a shooting. the chase started in san leandro and ended in oakland. investigators say the driver who was in a stolen car rammed a police car. right now they are working to get more on the officer's condition as well as the suspect's condition. in downtown san jose it appears one man was shot after the raiders-49ers game. lilian kim is live with the latest. lilian? >> reporter: it happened not long after the football game ended. the good news is police have video of what happened thanks to the cameras mounted in the area. >> why would someone shoot someone for that? >> it is what is considered to be a safe part of downtown san jose and more surprised that
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it was apparently over the 49ers-raiders game. a media partner reports that there was an argument among fans. and the person who was shot was trying to break it up. >> it is two teams from the bay area. how do you shoot somebody over that? support both. >> the victim is out of surgery and recovering from non-life-threatening surgery. they detained three men believed to be responsible. officers caught them running from the scene. she was forced to close soon after the shooting and investigators searched the bar to collect evidence. this is where the victim was watching the game and where he returned after being shot in the chest. >> we don't like to see it this close to home. people who live in the area say while it is disconcerting they believe it was an isolated incident. violence is rare in this part of town. >> especially this area right here i always felt safe here. >> the suspects likely faced charges of assault with a deadly weapon. in san jose, lilian kim, abc7
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news. >> police are investigating a shooting tonight that left two people hurt in rodeo. it happened after 6:00 tonight. details on what exactly happened are not yet clear. we know both victims' injuries are not life-threatening. a newspaper reporter from the bay area was jailed in iran and now faces charges. he has been in jail for more than four months over security concerns. he grew up in san rafael and written for the san francisco chronicle. he was charged today, but the nature of the charges is unclear. he is the chief for the "washington post." turning now to weather and a live look outside and this is the view from the exploratorium camera. no rain right now, but that is going to change. abc7 news meteorologist with a first check of weather and live doppler 7hd. drew? >> and katie, it is a mild and
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dry night right now. live doppler 7hd and it is a quiet pattern, but we are dealing with fog and some of it is dead. looking at this, fairfield, concord and livermore right now are showing visibility rates less than half a mile. some of this will stick around for the morning rush. there are isolated showers possible in the north bay on monday. but concerns are going for a stronger storm coming late week. the full tack could -- accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> you can see what is happening anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it is free on apple's app store or google play. oakland raiders fans have a big win to celebrate. they beat the 49ers in the battle of the bay. but there is concern about where the raiders will play next year. season ticket holders were told they can't renew their tickets. the raiders' lease at odotco is up.
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you could see them holding up signs urging them to stay in oakland. they say it is rivalries like today's that makes oakland the best for the team. >> this is the best spot for the raiders. we draw fans from the north bay, south bay, sack sarchght. >> the raiders will hold a meeting with the coliseum authority to talk about the team's future. >> still to come, u.s. embassies are on alert. the new report is coming out this week that could put some americans at isk are. plus all eyes are on the royals. kate and william have come to america. we'll let you know what is on their new york city agenda. and the big light fight. the bay area family that is duking it out for the title when abc7 news at 11:00
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breaking news in berkeley. sky 7hd live over protesters marching for a second night. right now you can see a small fire there in the middle of the street. it looks like maybe a trashcan, the contents of a trashcan were set on fire. just minutes ago bart announced the downtown berkeley station is closed because of this protest. earlier we saw demonstrators or at least people among them blocking highway 24 in oakland. they were breaking windows of businesses and vandalizing police cars. police have used teargas and smoke grenades tonight as they did last night. now this is video of people looting the sprint store. an at&t store was looted minutes ago. we continue to monitor the situation and will bring you any new developments here on abc7 news during this newscast and on twitter at abc7 news bay area.
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william and kate are creating quite the stir in new york. the royal couple is in the big apple at the start of their official visit to the u.s. abc news reporter and in new york and reporting on the action-packed trip. >> squeals of delight on the streets of new york. >> it is uh-huh mazing. >> the british flag in bright colors colors and flickering from the top of the empire state building. a different kind of red, white and blue. it is all part of the welcome mat for the british royal couple arriving on sunday evening for a whirlwind tour of the big apple and washington, d.c. a first for the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> neither of them have either set foot in either city. >> reporter: an action packed three days for william and kate. >> they are doing a number of things to support charities they care about, disadvantaged young people, mental health, illegal wildlife trade. >> reporter: first a visit to the top of the empire state building and the 9/11 memorial. and for william a quick trip
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to washington, d.c. to meet with president obama on monday. then they will be courtside at the nets-cavs basketball game in brooklyn and getting a glimpse of american royalty, king lebron james and maybe even jay-z and queen b. the first child george is not along on this glimpse of the new world. >> he decided the program was a little busy for him. >> reporter: george, just months away from welcoming a new brother or sister. >> i think the focus will very much be on kate and what she is wearing on her growing baby bump and this next royal baby. >> reporter: that royal baby is due in april. abc news, new york. >> people across the nation will be able to see one of the bay area's next holiday light displays on tv. the home in row knock park will be featured on the great christmas night flight. it features 43,000 lights and custom arts and a castle that is 60 feet wide and 28-feet
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high. the family put about 400 hours of work into their show. they say it is a labor of love. >> last night in the pouring rain the roof went out. we had to go up on the roof. >> we had three marriage proposals on the driveway. that's unheard of. >> i am touching someone's heart and it drives me to keep wanting to do it. >> this season premieres on abc7 monday at 8:00 p.m. now back over to drew to check on the forecast. it sounds like people have the next few days to bat ton down the hatches. >> the first half will be mainly dry and then we are tracking a storm it. it is a pretty night across the bay area. it is associated with a weak cold front that will be passing through over the next 24 hours. 50 usa cross the board. 56 right now in concord and 54
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in san jose. still mild along the coast with half moon bay at 59 degrees. satellite and radar will show the cold front from the west. it is a weak cold front mean thrg is not a lot of rain associated with it. much of the rain will stay in northern california. it is north of ukiah and right around redding. the best bet to see shower activity is going to be in the north bay. anything will be isolated in nature. we have dry sides, but there will be an issue of fog. some of it will linger for the first half of our monday sunrise by the way happening at 7:13 a.m. monday afternoon it will be mild with peaks of sunshine out there. there is a chance of a light shower, 66 in oakland and 65 nor san francisco. a mild high of 70 in san jose. 66 the high in napa and cloverdale getting to 62
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degrees. late wednesday night to early thursday morning 4:00 you do notice light rain in san francisco and area tots north. then the storm looks to strengthen and then by thursday afternoon and evening we are looking at heavy rain across the bay area. look at potential rainfall throughout the week. some significant soaking showers look to be on the way. many locations including half moon bay and san francisco and oakland and fairfield could pick up more than three inches of rain with the late week system. the concern for thursday is the heavy rain. several inches could cause possible flooding on the roadways and increase the threat of any mudslides. as the storm strengthens throughout the day it will crank up the winds. some could be damaging. that means we could have downed trees and the potential is there for the power outages. it will be tracking through the next couple days fine actualing the timing and the concerns. the accu-weather seven-day
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forecast shows tomorrow is a quiet start to the workweek. there are peeks of sunshine. there is a bump up in temperature specifically in the inland spots. it is wednesday night when the rain arrives. thursday it looks to crank up with heavy showers and gusty winds. even lasting some of those showers into friday. it is not until saturday morning that the showers will end and we will dry out our skies and lead to a dry afternoon on saturday and into early sunday. we will keep watching that storm and they will have an update at 4:30 a.m. >> very good. thank you, drew. keeping things moving to shu. >> what a difference a quarterback makes. we saw just that today with the 9ers and raiders. david carr threw three td passes with no interceptions and cal lynn kaepernick threw
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so bad right now, blaine gabbert is starting to look good. kaepernick was out played by carr in the raiders upset over the 9ers in the battle of the bay. carr discussing his future with mark davis. it didn't take long for kap to turn it over. overthrows crabtree and janikowski field goal. late first and kap finds bruce mill -- miller. 174 passing and two picks and sacked five times. the raiders regain the lead in the second. his third career td catch, but first jumping into the black hole. 10-7 raiders. then niners up three. carr's second td pass.
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raiders up 17-13 and they got one more in the fourth. carr254 yards. seven catches and 109 yards and an interesting celebration. kap tries to lead a come back, but picked off a second tie. raiders with the upset 24-13. niners lose back to back games and drop to 7-6 and haver -- and afterwards tale of two quarterbacks. >> we went out and did our job. just do your job. they will win some plays and we will win some plays, but we can execute at a higher level. we did that to the best we have. >> i am giving everything i have every time i step on the field. >> this league is hard. obviously i learned that my first year. this league is really hard. i try to reach out to as many guys and encourage as many guys as i can and he was doing the same. >> no one outside this locker room will change this team's mind-set. >> amazing difference in the two quarterbacks play on the field and dealing with the media.
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the 49ers cannot win the division. cards win it 17-14 and they are now 10-thee on the year. seattle just a game back of the cardinals and facing the eagles. russell wilson throws to marshawn lynch. 17-7 hawks. wilson 263 yards and two td's and a second here to baldwin. hawks win it 24-14. now 9-4 on the year. chargers hosting the patriots and the pats' gronkowski with this td catch. first tightened with four seasons and 10td catches. chargers' gates has one scoring catch to match that feet. patriots hold off the chargers 23-14 the final. will they make it five in a row for the men in teal?
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playoffs they will look back at tonight. they are facing the worst team in edmonton who has an 11-game losing streak. their last win was november 9th. they came out hitting and lowers the boom. second period and sharks trailing. the race to the corner and fantastic backing. a quick peek over his shoulder and it is a 1-1 game. edmonton and the shot deflects off the defender. they end their losing streak and the four-game win streak with a 2-1 victory. wallace and a big game for the bears and ties the game at 35. under 30 to go and cal up three and a little hook shot
11:31 pm
and he had 11. wallace and 29 points and eight boards and four assists. they are 7-1 with a 56-53 victory. bears averaging 90 points a game and shot 24%. unranked kansas with a 63-32 upset. the first loss of the year falling to 8-1. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by ebay. coming up a little golf, soccer and final four in football. >> thank you, shu. meanwhile, we continue to follow the breaking news. we are looking at live pictures from sky 7hd. protests have turned violent. they smashed windows windows and set fires and
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in to nate's headlines, a live look from sky 7hd at a massive protestor marching in berkeley at this hour. right now they are in the hour of milvea and center. you can see them meandering in the street there. we also know just within the last few minutes bart announced the downtown station in berk looy is closed -- in berkeley is closed because of the demonstration. >> new video in the last few minutes we witnessed somebody breaking out the windows of the mechanic's bank. the same thing happened three minutes later at a sprint store just down the street. protesters have been setting fires in the street. this all started around 5:00 tonight. just now we are getting word that they are breaking windows at berkeley city hall. we saw them march to city hall, and we understand people
11:36 pm
were spray painting the walls of city hall. now getting word back live to sky 7hd that you can see only three protesters on the steps there as others are hanging back. they may be trying to break the windows. can't tell if they succeeded in that or not. what we have seen a lot of tonight as much vandalism has occurred, looks like the main group is moving on, but someone else is going up the steps there. we are keeping an eye on it. as we watch this, i want to remind viewers that we have seen many protesters trying to stop the vandalism and stop the violence. just as people approach windows whether it be doors or the windows of businesses we see people approaching those people. one man was hit in the head with a hammer trying to defend a store from being looted. so there is a lot of push-pull out there tonight as this demonstration goes in all directions. sky -- sky 7hd keeping an eye
11:37 pm
on it for us tonight. we are continuing to stay on top of it. the morning show starting at 4:30 will have the latest. now we want to move on to the daring rescue effort that ended in heartbreak. it was high priority and high risk. two captives including one american killed in the attempt. here is that update. >> reporter: with an american hostage's life on the line they opted for a high risk rescue mission. >> you go forth because you have that choice. >> taking off from an airbase in jabudi. they touched down about six miles from the al-qaeda hideout to avoid detection by aircraft noise. the team sneaked up to within 100 yards of the compound and then disaster. one of the guards is taking an outdoor bathroom break and spotted the u.s. task force. that set off a ferocious
11:38 pm
gunbattle where most, but not all of the al-qaeda guards were killed. none of the u.s. forces died. but one had time enough to shoot luke somers and a south african aid worker. medical teams ride to save them, but one died in the air on the way to a navy ship offshore and the other died aboard in the ship's medical bay. somers was kidnapped last year. al-qaeda forced him to record this message and threatened to kill him on saturday. now the u.s. promises punishment. >> in the midst of acts of terror and even more we are seeing the potential of the new emergence of a new regional alignment. a shared aversion to extremists. >> abc news, new york. american embassies across the globe are bracing for potentially explosive senate report to be released on tuesday. it details the cia's activity
11:39 pm
following 9/11 and described as shocking, graphic descriptions of secret interrogations. dianne feinstein wants the report released saying torture underminds american values. but the cia officials believe extremists may use the report to insight more violence. the bay area's filipino community has set up centers to help victims of the typhoon. it has pummeled last night and at least two people are dead and thousands of homes are destroyed. the storm knocked out power sending more than 900,000 people to shelters. the national alliance for filipino concerns has activated the typhoon response program setting up local collection centers to help victims. >> we are ready to accept donations and ready for the rehabilitation that will happen immediately as this typhoon passes. we want to get as much help there as possible as the communities here in the united states about the filipino and
11:40 pm
nonfilipino communities that want to help out. >> go to for a link on how you can help the victims of the typhoon. >> today marks 73 years since the bombing of pearl harbor. a memorial ceremony was held at the uss arizona memorial in hawaii. survivor and spectators and current and former military members gathered to pay tribute to those who lost their lives. bagpipers played "amazing grace" at the coast guard's pearl harbor remembrance ceremony in alameda this morning. some of the last pearl harbor survivors in the bay area were there including one of two survivors who live in marin. george larson ns witnessed the bombing, but the magnitude of the event was not immediately clear to him. >> it happened so fast that it didn't bother me. i was just amazed to see all of the planes coming in and
11:41 pm
dropping bombs. >> he says he wants to make sure no one forgets that day. the 1941 attack killed about 2400 sailors, marines and soldiers and launched the u.s. foo world war ii. the u.s. into world war ii. president obama mingled with the five artists receiving the kennedy center honors. tom hanks, sting, lily tomlin, al green and world renouned ballerina patricia. they spoke of each continue biewtion to american cultures. the honorees will accept their award at the gala hosted by stephen colbert at the kennedy center in washington. still to come, an amazing surprise and a holiday toy drive. we'll let you know what makes these barbies so special. >> and we will start off the week on a dry note. but heavy rain is on the horizon. details in the accu-weat
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[instrumental music] ♪ it is a violent and chaotic scene. sky 7hd is live over city hall where just a few minutes ago we saw people trying to break the windows there. it does not appear they actually smashed through the windows and into city hall, but they did do damage to the windows. the glass is shattered. you can see here in the square people milling about. people busted out the windows at a chase bank.
11:45 pm
you can see that extreme damage done there. they also broke windows at the sprint and mechanics bank on the same street and set fires in the street. sky 7hd again we have live for you here. you can see the protest appears to maybe be getting a little bit unorganized. of course, peaceful protesters are perhaps starting to leave the scene at this hour as clearly this has turned into something else. we have seen a lot of examples of protesters trying to stop people who have sort of infiltrated their ranks and trying to do damage and vandalize things in berkeley. all of this started peacefully around a 5:00 tonight as a demonstration against the police killings in an illegal decision that favored the police both in ferguson, missouri and new york. the true protesters we know are still trying to get that message we know against police brutality out, but there are people doing damage in berkeley. we will stay on it and check
11:46 pm
abc7 news bay area on twitter for the latest. nearly a hundred donated trikes and bikes are going to children in need this season. it is part of the san francisco firefighters annual toy drive. the donation at the st. francis yacht club included 95 bicycles bicycles and helmets along with toys and a big check. they collected bikes all year long to mobilize volunteers to assemble them. >> carolers belted out tunes for the cal train holiday train taking off from san francisco. instead of passengers this beautifully decorated train carried santa and his friends along with thousands of toy donations. they are for the u.s. army and toys for tots program. a special toy donation was made in iowa. the donation included dozens of barbies and more than 100barbie outfits. these aren't just any barbie
11:47 pm
dolls. they are collector items. they are vintage barbies in original condition from the 70s and 80s. >> let's be serious. they don't make clothes likes this anymore. >> they are pretty available. most selling on-line from $40 to $80 each. the donor said they didn't want to sell the dolls. they wanted them to go right into the hands of little girls at christmas. that's a wonderful gesture as we are in the holiday season here. we are also in the rainy season. >> we are indeed. it has certainly picked up in the month of december. live doppler 7hd and we will show you a few light showers well north of cloverdale. the bay area is dry, but fog has developed. visibility in fairfield, concord and livermore right now has dropped to half a mile or less. i think this fog will stick around for parts of the morning rush. be aware of that. the midsection is sunny and snow around the great lakes and showers is developing off the coast of florida that will likely turn into a nor' easter for new england as we get into tuesday and wednesday. california will see some sunshine and southern
11:48 pm
california, 75 in l.a. northern california some showers around chico and eureka. temperatures in the mid60s. closer to home in the bay area, we will see a mild monday mid60s to low 70s. 64 for richmond and 70 the high in san jose. 69 in livermore and fairfield getting to a high of 67 degrees. so the accu-weather seven-day forecast calls for an isolated shower tomorrow in the north bay. then tuesday we are completely dry and mild with a south wind kicking in. wednesday we are tracking the beginnings of a strong storm late in the evening. rain picks up and the wind picks up in intensity and the rain does too turning heavy at times and lasting into friday. all indications show generally two to four inches of rain later this week. >> we need the rain, but nose necessarily the trouble that comes with it. thanks, drew. shu is in now and we are talking college football. >> we are down to the final four. the first year of the college football playoffs, all i know are the defending national champions and the florida state seminoles make the cut.
11:49 pm
we have the remaining thre
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
protests underway in berkeley. this is the view from sky 7hd. we understand this group is heading southbound on mlk and approaching channing in berkeley. still on the march there, this group appears to be the peaceful group that wants to
11:52 pm
get their message out that they are against police brutality. meanwhile, people are causing a lot of trouble in berkeley. fires have been set and businesses have been vandalized and bart has closed the downtown station. the trains are running through it without stoping until further notice. we are going to continue to follow the breaking news throughout this newscast. you can get updates on twitter at abc7 news bay area. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by ebay. >> that would be me. the sharks took their four-game win streak trying to add to the 11-game win streak. you have to win these games against lesser teams, but the men in teal found a way to lose. the sharks came out lowering the boom. he is there doing the honors. sharks trailing 1-0 and patrick marlow and beats him to the puck. fantastic back happened pass. backhand pass. edmonton and shot off the
11:53 pm
defender. oilers end their losing streak. it is official alabama, oregon, florida state and ohio state will play in the playoffs. they announced their top four selections. bama was the number one seed and will face ohio state at the sugar bowl. oregon and florida state will play at the rose bowl in the other semifinal. both games will be played on new year's day and the winner playing for the national championship on january 12th at cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. tcu and baylor are out of the playoffs. tcu dropped from third to 6th despite a 55-3 win over iowa state. they are playing in a major bowl game. baylor will play michigan state and tcu will mitt ole miss in the peach bowl. stanford was invited to the foster farms bowl. they will face maryland out of the big 10 who was 7-5 this year. that game will be played on december 30th at 7:00 p.m. the 49ers' offense pulled a
11:54 pm
disuh -- disappearing october. act kaepernick was out played by carr. it was the battle of the bay. tim harbaugh talking with mark davis pre game. hmm. despite the rivalry, fans showing some love and it didn't take long for kap to turn it over. overthrows michael crabtree. they get a field goal out of that. late first and kap finds bruce miller. his first touchdown of the year. 7-3 niners. 174 yards passing. raiders regain the lead. his third career td catch. 10-7 raiders. carr's second td pass. they got one more in the fourth. 254 yards and three td's. there was an interesting
11:55 pm
celebration. kap would try to lead a come back and start the game off with a pick and ends it with a pick. charles woodson does the honors. 24-13 with the upset and they drop to 7-6. >> this team is built with fighters. we don't quit and we don't back down from nobody. look at the smile. look at this smile on his face. turn the cameras and look at his smile. come here! love you, bro. >> got to take responsibility. it falls on me when we don't win these games. that's my number one priority is winning games. >> do your job. they will win some plays and we will win some plays and we will execute at a higher level. we have executed that. >> i am giving it everything i have every time i step on that field. >> wow. tiger woods hosting his hero world golf challenged tournament and playing for the first time in four months.
11:56 pm
good to see him back and hard to watch on one hole. how many times have we seen tiger do this this week. on 13 and trying to chip on the green and doesn't get enough on it and it rolls back down the hill. that was the third on the par 5 and this is his fourth. nope. this comes down the hill. tiger was in last place since round 1 and finishes tied with with -- tied for last with hunter mayhein. jordan spieth ran away with the tournament and finished with a 6 under 66. 26 under par on the tournament and won by 10 strokes and a $1 million pay day for perhaps the next tiger woods. the los angeles galaxy and landon donovan's last game before retiring. 111th minute and a brilliant breakaway. this is the game winner. l.a. won three of the last four championships with a cart wheel or two. six championships for landon donna vaughn in -- landon
11:57 pm
donovan in 14 seasons. should be an interesting press conference from both the 9ers and the raiders. we will have it at 6:00. >> we have heard some interesting comments. very good, shu. >> thank you for watching and that will do it for us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. they will have the latest on the protests going on in berkeley. we leave you with a live picture of that right now. we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules.
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done. what? i'm letting you go. previously on "scandal"... david rosen! why is quinn perkins' dead ex-boyfriend calling one of the grant administration's biggest donors 11 times the week he's blown to bits? wake up and smell the cover-up, abby. this is a conspiracy. who knows how high up it goes? i hear we have a david rosen issue. that we do, livvie. that we do.


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