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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is back to work monday morning december 8, thanks for joining us and good morning to
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you. i am kristen sze, feeling left out? the east bay is starting to get it and south bay is creeping up and the peninsula, you will get it but not so thick as everyone else. we are going to focus in on the wet weather extra is streaming across the forth bay and that is where it will stay and it will be light and scattered. this is how it looked in walnut creek as the fog with the eastern wind is coming in to the neighborhood. today, low-to-mid 50's and drizzle and fog through the morning hours and we are in the low-to-mid 60's with clouds throughout the afternoon and we will see temperatures dropping into the upper 50's by 7:00 so it is mild. >> i would be happy to give you some of that fog. if you are traveling through san francisco fog is not going to be a factor and the other side of the berkeley hills it is
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moving along steady. we have building of traffic but just to the east where it is covered in orange is what is affecting the commute. fog is thick over highway 4, 580. slow down. give yourself plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. for a second straight morning, frustrated berkeley business owners have clean up worm. protests over police killings in ferguson, missouri, and new york city, turned violent last night. some in the crud attacked store fronts and police cars. amy hollyfield is in berkeley with more. look at this mcdonald's at shadbach. glass is everywhere, this is one of several businesses that was damaged overnight. protesters set fires, as well, in the streets and police were busy trying to put owe the fires before they spread.
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some turned violent and others yelled for them to "stop." and the violent agitators break windows and lotted stores including a radio shack and whole foods. some police took a hands off approach some complained of rubber bullets and batons. >> i trip over a woman who fell down and i stopped to help her and my back was to the police line and as i helped her out i looked over my shoulder and saw the officer raise his baton. >> the protests started peacefully and organizers promised it would stay that way. but there is a lot of cleaning up to do with several businesses damages. protesters have again home and new it is quiet in berkeley. it is new time for the clean up it is new time for the clean up to start. two officers suffered minor
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injuries last night when protesters snarled traffic for an hour. sky 7 captured a tense and dangerous moment for police officers when authorities say a protester threw an explosion i at officers. it is not clear if anyone was hurt. the officers did respond with tear gas. >> in downtown berkeley protesters massed at city hall and one person spray painted something on walls of the building. a san lenadro officer is recovering from injuries after being rammed in a patrol car during a chase. officers shot at the suspects both women hitting one of them. we are at san lenadro police with the latest. both the suspect and the police officer were injured in the chase and shooting. this started last night at around 8:00 when san lenadro
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police officers attempted to pull over the driver. they spotted her in a stolen car in san lenadro. there were two women in the vehicle. they cased the driver all the way into east oakland and boxed her in. the driver ten rammed the patrol car and other parked cars and this. brothered the officers to shoot of the driver was badly injured and is at the hospital suffering from wounds and is in grave condition. her passenger was taken to a hospital and cleared. she now is interviewed by oakland police. the agency is taking over the investigation. an officer was treated and released no injuries after his car was rammed. this is the second shooting incident involving san lenadro police in three days. the last incident involved a stolen car. on thursday, a 16-year-old girl was arrested after running over a police officer. this happened 600 block of broad more avenue and officers opened fire and the driver fled and she
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later turned herself in. that officer did have to have surgery but he is expected to recover. a marijuana buy that erupted in violence left one wounded and san francisco police searching for two suspects. police were alerted to the shoot ing at golden gate avenue last night when the victim was buying spot from two men in a silver sedan but one of them pulled a gun and shot the victim. the suspects took off and the victim went to the hospital with a bullet wound in the back. we will following breaking news from southern california, two fires are burning in los angeles, one a two-story apartment building under renovation is on fire with 100 firefighters on the scene. a second fire burning in downtown los angeles is under criminal and it started at 1
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this morning shutting down portions of the 101 and 110 freeway. people driving by said they could feel the intense heat. the fires burning at an apartment tower under construction and it damaged two other buildings. the 110 freeway northbound is still closed but 101 and 110 southbound were re-opened a short time ago. >> a day after the big win over the 49ers, raiders officials are meeting with authorities to discuss the future. the raiders lease at the coliseum is up at the end of the season and the future in oakland beyond that is in the air. season ticket holders have been told they cannot renew tickets and fans had signs urging the team to stay. they say it is a rivalry like this making oakland the best home. >> this is the best spot, it is in oakland, not just city, but a regional issue, we have fans from sacramento and north bay
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and south bay and the valley. we want to keep them here. >> if they play like they did yesterday, right, the silver and black upset 49ers 24-13 in their second win of the season. san jose residents would offered their homes on rental sites could soon have to pay. the city council will approve a 10 percent tax on all airbnb rentals in the city, the rate already charged on hotel troops. at the same time, the city would legalize what is now a prohibited practice of home sharing. the law which has been con searched to requires hosts to notify the city so neighbors concerned with parking and noise and other issues can be alerted. getting a reprieve from the rain it will be making a come back soon. ait will be coming back with a vengeance. vengeance. we are looking at maybe 1998
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rain in 48 hours. so 1998, that would mean 16 years since we have seen this. fog is a big store with a light off shore wind and east bay, north bay, santa clara valley south of san jose filling up withing for this morning. watch out for that. north bay 5 and novato is the cool spot and 57 in guerneville and san rafael and mill valley and napa and low-to-mid 50's in most neighborhoods and alameda is 57, and 59 in half moon bay and the skies are clear right now and cupertino and san jose upper 40's and lafayette is 50 and san ramon 51. in san rafael we have been watching the fog on 101 slowly get thicker this morning headed to the afternoon hours. the chance of showers will continue across the north bay scattered and light. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's in most areas. from sutro tower you can see the low clouds and fog pushing over
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san francisco and the coastline right now moving through the next three days, we have tomorrow and most of wednesday dry for storms when night into thursday that is when the storm releases its fury. traffic is not unleaving any fury this morning. not so far. that is excellent news. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza shows travels along in the westbound direction approaching the tolls moving along fine on lower deck headed in the eastbound direction not seeing any delays. we will look at the drive further to the north where we have fog we that could affect your commute through vacaville move along i-80 you pay have to use the low beams of the mike has been telling us about sprinkles that will fall through san that rose and the north bay, any minute now, headed along 101, making the drive into novato, lucas lucas valley, so o
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good. through sausalito over the golden gate bridge, how long will it take to cross? nine minutes. i-80 westbound, eight minutes and the san mateo bridge is 14 minutes and dumbarton bridge is clear. the future of mcdonald's fast food could be in creating your own. the senate is about to release a controversial report on c.i.a. interrogation techniques with a warning from washington, dc, going out to americans, around the world. we have a look at downtown san francisco and some of the cloud cover we are experiencing right now. live doppler hd showing it is live doppler hd showing it is dry now but,
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♪ live doppler hd showing it is dry now but,
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[instrumental music] ♪ >> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a new report outlining in graphic detail the use of torture by the c.i.a. in the wake of 9/11 will be released by the senate tomorrow. it is so shocking that officials fear it could spark violence and protests. we are joined from washington, dc, with that story. mary? good morning. most of the practices are already known, it is the details, the graphic nature of this report that is said to be so shocking. >> embassies around the world
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are on high alert bracing for the relieves an explosive top secret report on the use of torture bit c.i.a. this will, in fact, insight violence. it is likely to cost someone their life. >> officials already fearing the back lack and some question whether the report should be made public at all. >> the concern is over our military forces, our diplomats and other officials around the world particularly in areas where there are hotspots in the middle east and north africa. >> the senate report is said to be very graphic about the methods used in the dark days after 9/11. >> we tortured some folks. we did some things that were contrary to our values. >> president obama banned the practices but the report is expected to reveal gruesome new details, some prisoners sexually demeaned and c.i.a. interrogators urged to continue the torture even after concluding that no more information could be gleaned. >> the bush administration has already come under heavy criticism for the post 9/11
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interrogation techniques. over the weekend the former c.i.a. director rejected the accusation the acknowledge lied of the effectiveness of the methods. >> to say we relentlessly overannanned period lied about a program that did necessity good beggars the imagination. >> it could provoke united states enemies include, success -- isis and cause more americans to be the target of violence. >> sony does not know who is behind hack attacks but they have good taste in hotels the authorities have trace add cyber attack to thailand at the st. regis with unreleased sony moreovers released. customers trying to access games at sony play station were blocked for two hours because of
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a hack attack and the bbc reports that lizard squad is claiming responsibility. >> mcdonald's is allowing customers to skip the counter. here is american's money report. gas prices are still declining plunging for 74 straight days. >> that means you pay less. a gallon of regular is new $2.66 according to aaa and lower in texas and oklahoma where it is below $2 a gallon. mcdonald's wants you to have it your way with a touch screech ordering kiosk with 2,000 across the country so you can customize your o the latest "hunger games," is still at the top. >> "penguins," were second and
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"horrible," finished third. have a great day. there are many good movie days coming up as the weather gets wet. have you cleaned the guters? >> year. the storm did it for me. >> we have a couple of birch trees and they shed like crazy. i cannot wait to see what will happen to my roof and yawn. >> that is why you have teenage sons. >> one at home still but he is too busy with football, bail, watching them, besides playing. good argument. i will have you come over and enforce, eric scattered light showers across the north bay and way up there northern sonoma northern napa and headed to northern napa and headed to mendocino and lake county
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even in san rafael. fog from the central valley filling in the southern part of the santa clara valley and all of the east bay valley and the forth bay valley the fog is there but it is not so thick. you can seat winds are blowing offshore and it will keep moving east through the morning commute but in san jose, 101 and 880, it is looking good and otherwise there are clouds and the east bay hills camera we are good along the shore, and east bay shoreline and toward san francisco you can see a little bit of fog starting to form. here is my forecast: the highlights show clouds today, light showers to the north, fog forming tonight and dry in the day tomorrow and wednesday and we have heavy rain and gusting winds thursday and friday. today, notice the showers through noon into the afternoon showers and they taper overnight and are gone so look for moring for tomorrow morning. you could see sunshine
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mother nature drops the hammer. on wednesday, this model is faster than most models so it will come through during the daylight hours on thursday and dropping up to 4" of rain by the time it ends on friday, and by saturday, we are finally going to get clears and we will look at the rainfall totals. you can see around san francisco, 3.5", more than 3" in oakland and the south bay will get wet weather 2.5". we have a high threat of urban flooding, high threat of mudslides, and moderate threat of thunderstorms and wind damage up to 1' of rain in the north bay mountains. >> when we get beyond that, the weekend is looking great and thursday and friday we need to be ready for that. we will start off with mass transit this morning if you are thinking of avoiding driving
5:21 am
through the heavy fog we have 41 bart trains on time and ace train is adding a car to the 5 and 8 train and the 7 and 10 train so whatever is 5 in the morning and 8 in the afternoon so each gets an extra car so there will be more elbow space. in delay at muni on the buses or rail. this is thing for in the east bay. if you want to avoid that take mass transit. remark is slowing as you make the drive southbound 680 at highway 24 and over the altamont pass, 23 miles per hour and stop-and-go traffic up to this area it clears up and things as does the fog but it will take from tracy to dublin to dublin, 39 minutes and highway 4 antioch to concord is 21 minutes and 101 is not due bad. highway 4 shows what you are driving through and all the orange is an indication of fog affecting the commute.
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>> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day the. >> honoring the best of the best, a special tribute at the kennedy space center. s you get your day into gear weather and traffic with a big picture there the bay bridge toll plaza things are backing up in one lane and the small are picture shows live doppler hd and the middle picture and the middle picture ismonitorring that if possible here's some news you may find surprising. we're for an open internet for all. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules.
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here are seven things to know, five were arrested after protests turned violent smashing ones and spraying graffiti at several businesses along shattuck and telegraph. eight were arrested when they moved on to highway 24 and protesters blocked traffic. >> a car thief is in grave
5:25 am
condition at a hospital after being shot by san lenadro police in oakland. it started when officers tried to pull over two women in a stolen car. police say the female driver raped cruisers to try to get away and the suspect was shot. an officer was wounded. breaking news in los angeles firefighters on the scene of two big fires, the latest burning in the west lake district at the two story farm building under renovation two miles away in downtown los angeles and fire ripped through an apartment complex under construction along the 110 freeway and importants of the 110 and 101 are shut down. >> the search got longer for 49ers coach jim harbaugh and the 49ers were upset by the raiders 24-14 dropping the niners to 7-6 for the season. harbaugh is underfire for the underperforming team. abritain's wins william and white kate are in new york city for a three day tour of the big
5:26 am
apple and washington, dc. the royal couple have a full schedule including a visit to the 9/11 and nba game between the nets and calf alreadies and. with will meet with president obama. >> tracking thick fog with a picture from walnut creek southbound along 680 with fog moving throughout the bay and that is big story. you probably heard the big story this week, maybe the strongest storms since 1998 and i will have details coming up. on the other side of the hill you can see that is the drive through berkeley westbound 80 near university avenue is getting heavier and away from highway 4 to the maze will only take 14 minutes. we have thick fog over 580 and a crash in san jose. president obama mingled with the five artists who are receiving this year's kennedy space center honors. tom happenings, sting, lili
5:27 am
tomlin and al green joined the president speaking of contributions to the culture of america. the awards will be accepted at the kennedy space center in washington, dc. of course, tom hanks is a bay area native. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including much more on the protests breaking out again in berkeley last night. coming up, the slip -- splinter group that stepped traffic and more information on officers who were injured. >> the storm will be making a comeback and this is a way to keep you updated on traffic and weather through the ♪ ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, december 8, monday, 5:29. >> how many shopping days until christmas? 17. >> i knew who would answer that. >> wow. >> we all have special talents. >> how many days until the biggest storm in four or five years? >> three. >> three. now, the fog --. ais she "rain woman >> it is on the move. to the north we have fog in the north bay and the east bay fog is affecting the wind. we are in the low-to-mid 50's with drizzle and fog across the north bay and the scattered showers across the north bay and most of us have clouds and low-to-mid 60's and the storm is ahead. what is drive the fog?
5:31 am
>> it is slow going over the altamont pass. headed from tracy into dublin it will take in excess of 40 minutes. >> it doesn't look like the metering lights are turned on yet and we are tracking traffic that singling out of the east bay and up to the san jose international airport the travel is clear. southbound traffic has not many tail lights and lacking empty. >> in berkeley store owners and c.h.p. have a massive repair job after another protest over the new york police department chokehold death turned violent with injuries and arrests. amy? >> city crews got here to the mcdonald's at shattuck and university with most the ones brock be overnight and the city
5:32 am
workers have been busy working since midnight. they have repaired several businesses because this is just one of many damaged on shattuck^. >> at the radio shack protesters disagreed on the violence and one was looting and others yelled at him to "stop." one protesters pleading for peace was hit in the face with a hammer. >> this is a protest that organizers promised would be peaceful. here is the detail of the damage. we have had numerous buildings be businesses on shattuck and telegraph damaged or lotted. businesses such as sprint, at&t, several banks affected. all of damage want just on shattuck. they town their attention to city hall with a huge group gathering there. the protest start pass through
5:33 am
at 5:00 but turned violent later in the might and laughed until the early morning. now it is over. protesters have gone home. so have the big bulk of police officers. it is now time to focus on the clean up. sky 7 was overhead at 8:45 when protesters marched on to highway 24 near 52nd in oakland stopping traffic at the eastbound lane for an hour. two officers suffered minor injuries and eight people were arrested. sky 7 captured the other protesters under the freeway trying to set a cruiser on fire. several photos were tweeted out of five patrol cars badly dented and ones smashed. >> officers moved in to subdrew troublemakers and taking down a protester here with no word open why the person was taken
5:34 am
into custody. the freeway was re-opened in an hour. >> we have break in us from southern california, officials just released an update on two fires burning not far from downtown the latest in west lakç district a two-story apartment building under renovation is on fire and 100 firefighters are on the scene. a second tire is under control along the edge of the 110 freeway starting at 1:20 this morning shutting portions of the 101 and 110 freeway. it break out in an apartment tower unconstruction and people driving by say they could feel the intense heat. the video was posted on instagram and could be seen across the city. the lapd say it damaged two other buildings. an investigation is underway interest an officer-involved shooting in san lenadro sending a woman and officer to the hospital after a chase involving two women in a stolen car.
5:35 am
police follow them to oakland and boxed the vehicle in. investigators say the driver rammed a police car injuring the officer. police shot female driver, her passenger was not hurt. the officer and the driver were both taken to the hospital. we will have more at top of the next hour. a shooting erupted over the battle of the bay, with the 49ers and the raiders yesterday after they lost to the 49ers. there was an argument among fans outside san pedro square and the person shot was trying to break things up. it is kind of accuracy. >> how do you shoot someone over that. come on, support both. >> the victim is recovering from non-life threatening injuries. san jose police detained three men they believe are responsible after they were seen running
5:36 am
away from the scene. san jose police say the suspects likely face charged of assault with a deadly weapon. both raiders and 49ers head coaches will talk to the media about the huge upset and the cope will be asked to explain the 24-13 loss to the raiders. kaepernick overthrew to michael crabtree to brandon leading to a raiders feel -- field goal. 10-7 raiders and kaepernick is pick off and wood son with a diving catch. >> raiders win. >> we try to do our job. they will win some, and they will win some. we try to execute at a higher level. we did it to the best we have the. >> i giving i have when i step on the field.
5:37 am
raiders when the second of the season and playoff hopes are in jeopardy dropping to 7-6 with three games behind the cardinals and the nfc west. happening now or today, south bay politicians are calling for a pearl department to help immigrants find services to avoid deportation legally. the proposal is to create a santa clara county office of immigrant relation and integration services. supervisors are sponsoring the plan and believe president obama's immigration reform plan will cause more county residents to seek government help to stay in the country and avoid immigration scams. the proposal will be voted on tomorrow by the board. we will enjoy the calm a little bit but the storm is making a comeback. strongest storm in five or six years and february 3, 1998 is the last time we have had this
5:38 am
happen. live doppler hd shows scattered light showers in mendocino, and that is where they will stay. they could dip down a little bit as the cold front draws near in the afternoon but that is the only area with light rain. menlo park is 51 and mid-to-upper 50's for foster city and intro oh and san carlos and mountain view at june. 50 at san ramon. livermore is 52. southbound 680, be careful, you can see it is foggy. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60 under clouds with the stray light shower cross the north bay and no delays at sfo as we move forward you have today, tomorrow, and most of wednesday, the bottom falls out on thursday. we have the bay bridge toll
5:39 am
plaza and the metering lights are turned on. it is building. as you make the drive from the east bay to san francisco and 87 is looking heavy as you come in the northbound direction up to the tank is where we have the extra traffic moving along without problem and accident free. we have a new crash into san jose in mountain view and southbound highway 101 to southbound 85 connection one lane is blocked and light delays but heavy delays because of the fog and 580 is treacherous at eight miles per hour inching your way over the pass to vasco and when you head into livermore the speeds pick up but this is how long it will take trac castro valley. from daly city to san francisco is only 10 minutes. the recent rain is henning
5:40 am
but not enough. next, the emergency drought plan next, the emergency drought plan a bay area >> what is on the agenda to the dump >> what is on the agenda to the lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups.
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley , san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the royals are waking up if new york city. today is the first full day for prince william and kate, their first official visit to the united states. we are in new york city with that step. little prince george has been left at home. while the royal couple take on while the royal couple take on the big apple. the to which the empire is shining in red and white and blue. the duke and duchess arrived in new york staying at the carlisle and kate now is 4 1/2 months
5:44 am
protect and still is paragon of style wanted by residents in most fashionable city. it is not all fun. >> they are supporting charities they care about, disadvantaged young people, mental health and illegal wildlife trade. >> they are in harlem greeted by children between the age of three and five. >> a group captivated by all things princess. >> one of the concern said, we know she lives in a castle. >> a rally life royal, the parents are highlighting a key difference between kate and fairytales. >> we had to explain it is a real princess so he is excited. >> excitement enough to last a lifetime. >> they will meet their new royal friend, kate, in a few hours. they will be wrapping presents and doing crafts and her husband, prince william; in washington, dc, meeting with the
5:45 am
president. the largest fundraiser for at risk children is happening tonight. >> there will be a take over of at&t park the home of the san francisco giants and turn it into a local day winter wonderland. these are photos of past year, and a giants player will be there and steve and josh johnson from the 49ers are taking part and cheryl has been a big supporter for a long time and got me into it. what a great organization. you can see jennifer montana and joe montana out there to support the foundation which has been around for 20 years helping at risk children. joe man man plays sports, right? >> the reason so many of the athletes support the organization is because they turn around to support them, their charity arms like the
5:46 am
junior giants and the 49ers foundation. a lot goes into giving kids positive activities. we will be this. join us, we have tickets with a link on the web site. >> no need to worry about rain. >> not tonight. the big show is thursday and what we are focusing on. good morning, healdsburg you have a light shower rolling law and headed right up there on 101 and toward 121 and you can see as we put this in motion the last hour, most of us are dealing with a lot of cloud cover and the radar returns well to the north which is where they will stay the better part of the day with stray showers and the rest of us are watching the mid-and-upper level clouds and this is sutro tower looking to the east. the clouds are coming in from the cost right now and in san
5:47 am
the cost right now and in san jose, 101880, -- 101 at clouds. mostly clouds today and light shower across the north bay. dry. when the sun sets on wednesday, the heavy rain and gusty winds come in on thursday and some on friday. we will see clouds opening up overnight which is not if because more fog will form. it will be thick again. we will wake up to the same conditions tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, could be the last time we see the sunshine for a while. wednesday is going to be cloudy and back in the evening or late afternoon on the threshold, 7:00 in the morning, you can see the
5:48 am
moderate to half rain moving into the north bay spreading across our neighborhoods at lunch and into the evening rush. when it passes we get on the cold side of the storm and we will have showers, scattered showers, maybe even small hail for friday. check out the rain totals an that rosing we could get 5-6" and areas that like livermore and san jose potent storm. mud. rock slides. high probability. high rememberability of flooding. urban creak flood -- creek flooding. we will have from 50 to 60-miles-per-hour gusts. it will be tough. leyla gulen? we are going to start off in the north bay through santa rosa a crash involving a vehicle that crashed into a couple of trees and two lanes were blocked and now everything is pushed to the shoulder so you should not find
5:49 am
delays southbound 101 but to the south, this is the drive through san rafael to 580 fog is getting thicker and when you get to the golden gate bridge it clears up so when you head out of the tunnel to the city, no problems. the dumbarton is at top speeds from the east to the west and west to the east, it does not matter which, everything is moving along fine. we are finding slowing through burlingame approaching sfo and the drive away from the airport into san francisco only going to take you a few short minutes and the skyway and the lower deck it will take you 10 minutes. the bay area filipino community has a collection center to help victims of typhoon tag -- hagupit with two people dead, thousands of hopes destroyed and widespread power
5:50 am
outages. more than 900,000 people were forced into shelters. in san francisco, the national allowance for pill company -- for pill company concerns -- for filipino concerns have activate filipino concerns have activate ed all help for a link on how you can help the victims of the typhoon. >> officials at east bay mud want customers to increase conservation and pay more for their water use. those are two recommendations before the board of director's meeting and the sorry to buy more water from the dry supply on the sacramento river. officials say this is a way to deal with the drought which now is three years long. if it takes place customers are charged 14 percent surcharge amending out to $4.30 a month
5:51 am
extra on water bills. coming up, the big light fight the bay area family duking it out on national great for the title. >> magazine backtrack a clarification "rolling stone" is making after apologizing to readers over a story that made serious rape accusations against a college fraternity. >> you can keep tab on weather and traffic through the commercial break. commercial break. stay tuned. ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac. ♪
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> people across the nation can see one of the bay area's best
5:54 am
holiday light displays on tv. >> the home in rohnert park is featured on "the great christmas light fight," featuring 43,000 lights, a lost custom art and a castle that is 60' wide and 28' tall. the family put in 400 hours of work this year and call it a labor of love. in the pouring rain the roof want out. no lights at all. we had to go on the roof. >> we had three marriage proposal on the driveway touching someone's heart. that drives me to continue to want to do it. >> this season premieres right here tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> romantic. of course there are proposals. >> mike? maybe you could see that through the fog but most of that is in the central veal until
5:55 am
10:00 with the fog strong right now and filling in, some of our areas and so is the rain staying north of 80 today. with scattered light showers across the north bay. low-to-mid 80's in if palm springs and from wednesday to friday, 10-20" of snow and 2' t 3' at the crest. >> in hayward, an accident involving a bart police car southbound 880 at industrial parkway at the off-ramp with a lane blocked. so far, light delays pushing away from highway 92. walnut creek shows how socked in it was if you are just tining in, it has cleared. as we take the drive southbound 680 at highway 24, you can see a little bit further in the distance and over the altamont pass it is not the case, the area is covered in orange and we have weather and track and that is an indication of the fog that
5:56 am
fog has been telling us about with heave backup as you make the push to the dublin interchange. >> after a nine-year $3 billion mile voyage a slopy spacecraft is about to wake up and give us the first look at pluto observing pluto and the moons. it will make the closest approach in july giving the best shots we have ever seen of the planet. the probe provided closeups of jupiter. scientists hope to analyze the atmosphere and see behalf minerals are on the surface. >> google is helping kids for the holiday teaching kids how to track santa on christmas eve. >> santa's village offers education indication am games to teach of geography and different
5:57 am
holiday traditions. kids can traffic santa's trip which is making the 10th anniversary on google. developing in the east bay, peaceful protests turn violent and at 6:00 who are live in berkeley with smashed windows and broken glass that has business owners cleaning up again. >> seven-day "7 on your side" ps with "consumer reports" on why you may want to check your credit report if you have not done so. >> a look outside showing you the backup that is building at the bay bridge toll plaza with smaller screens showing you live doppler hd and other points an doppler hd and other points an the bay
5:58 am
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6:00 am
clean up efforts underway. in southern california, two raging fires break out in downtown los angeles tying up hundreds of fires for hours. live doppler hd is sweeping a quiet bay area including when a new storm, a massive storm, will hit. this is december 8, and you have a few days do get ready for the next big storm. a couple of days, today, tomorrow and wednesday. today we have a few showers. we will look at live doppler 7 hd with light shower across the north bay and most of that is not reaching the ground but the fog is thick in the central valley and that is injecting into the east bay valley. around saturday mar din and gilroy we have chick


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