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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 8, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a controversial incident at levi stadium capture on video showing a con friend station between santa clara police working security and a fan attending the championship game last night. >> thanks for joining us. police say there is more to the story than meets the area and police had reason to put the man in a head lock and hit him with batons. we are at police department with
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the story. a lieutenant says they tried to eject that man from the stadium when he got aggressive. here is a look at the video. >> don't touch this guy. >> i don't know this guy. >> you can see a fan in a white oregon shirt tells the security officer not to town him and the officer escorts him away and things get worse. this happened at levi stadium on friday night at the oregon versus arizona championship and the opinion who shot this video posted the scuffle on facebook. the post are included a description saying that the man was going out the wrong exit when police tried to shock him with a taser but police say the fan attacked. the lieutenant says that the officers were ejecting him from the stadium and he did not cooperate and, instead, assaulted the officer who were trying to lead him out. here is where it started to escalate. >> whoa.
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whoa. whoa. come on. come on. leave him alone. >> leave him alone. he is not fighting back. he is not fighting back. >> one officer hits the man with a behalf done and puts him in a head lock and the man is forced to the ground and handcuffed. the fan has been identified as being from eugene, oregon, argued for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. i reached tout his family for his side of the story but have not heard back. in san jose, disagreement after the san francisco 49ers lost to the rateds in the bat ill of the bay towns violent. at the shoeing happened yesterday and our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports that the person who was shot was trying to break up an argument among fans outside the square. the victim is recovering from non-life threatening injuries and police detained three men in
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connection with the incident. the sheriff said that nearly 100 fans were ejected from the game and 30 were arrested during the 49ers raiders gape. >> oakland raiders officials meet with the coliseum authority to discuss the future and the lease on stadium is up at the end of the season and the fight in oakland is up in the air and they are being courted by san antonio and possibly by los angeles. officials have told season ticket holders they cannot renew their tickets yet. yesterday the 49ers were upset bit rateders at the coliseum and fans urged the team to stay with owners. >> business own ares are cleaning up damage again after some vandalized property last night. >> the protests started out peacefully over the lack of indictments of white police officers in connection with the
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deaths of unarmed plaquemine. eric thomas joins us to show us the impact. >> can you so this radio shack, the two gentleman try to get in. the doors are locked. it is boarded up. a last clean up happened with insurance agents and crews getting late night calls and early morning calls to put up plywood. on shattuck we saw half a dozen buildings partly or completely barred up including mcdonald's, chase bank, wells fargo, another chase bank, they seemed to target big national companies with windows smashed and the a.t.m. is damaged. last night, this all started as peaceful protests split off into palestinian step groups that began much destruction shattering windows up and down the streets mostly on shattuck and some on telegraph causing a
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major headache if a lost bank -- for a lot of bank customers. >> it is stupid. the bank had nothing to do with the shooting. i don't know who -- when you see the tapes...some of the people look like they are students. >> i have seen this so many times, nothing new. of course they will smash and steal something. it is bad. >> some of the students we saw back and for the this morning thought it was terrible and some stopped to take pictures of it and others saying that even when they came out do join the protests peacefully they got caught up in a whirl wind and are not going to do it anymore. >> san lenadro police officer is recovering after a police chase ended with him getting rammed by a car. oakland police have taken over the investigation now and they say the pursuit began last night
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at 8:00 when the police spotted a stolen vehicle. when they tried to pull it over the female driver took off, trying to ram police cars chasing her. when she was cornered, the police say she rammed more patrol cars and officers shot the suspect. she in critical condition. an officer would was also hurt has been treat asked released for injuries. >> this follows another incident that happened on thursday, a 16-year-old girl was arrested for running over a police officer if a stolen car. that officer had to have surgery. the teen initially fled the scene but turned herself in. >> a miles an hour -- a marijuana buy left someone shot last night. the victim was buying pot from two men in a silver sedan and one pull add gun and shot the victim. the suspect took off and the victim was sent to the hospital
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with a bullet wound. at least three people are dead after a private jet crashed into a house in maryland. it happened in a suburb of washington, dc, with three people on board the 10 seater jet and all have been confirmed dead. two houses caught on fire and one has significant damage. crews are currently searching for anyone who was in the home. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> also if los angeles, the investigation into two huge fires, hundreds of firefighters spent hours bats weeing massive flames first at a large apartment complex under construction and forced the closing of two major highways. here is that story from our sister station in los angeles. this was the inferno that the los angeles firefighters faced, red hot flames, shooting hundreds of feet into the air overtaking the 110 freeway. >> it is a big fire. obviously the construction
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material cents. cy an enormous fire load and a lost very spectacular images. aseveral eyewitnesses shared their dramatic footage with us and it looks like all of downtown los angeles is on fire in this video. the damage, however, was centered near the corner of temple and fremont. crews did not have far to go. fire station three is 100 yards to the soul of the fire building so they opened dart and pulled out of the fire station and are on the scene immediately laying the hose from the station. >> this 1.3 million square foot apartment building under construction was aplace. >> seven stories high and spanning a city block, crews had their hands full. >> we had a quarter of the on duty firefighters on the scene of this fire which is 250 firefighters. >> it took 90 minutes to get the fire under control. the heat damaged two nearby buildings and one of them is ruined. 14 of the 16 stories burned.
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windows of blown out. the northbound side of the 110 freeway was charred. >> close to where the fire took place there is damage to the point and the guardrails are burned but when our trucks rolled in, there was no damage to the pavement. >> in downtown los angeles, for abc7 news. the craws worked that fire a second fire erupted blocks away at a commercial building in the west lake district. there are about 10 businesses in the building and the back of the building was renovated for apartment use. it took 100 firefighters to get it under control. investigator say it does not appear the two fires are related. >> now a look at the scene, the weather, the calm before the storm. from east bay hills camera, it looks pretty nice with some clouds but, otherwise, hopefully, a convey it day. >> that is about to change with the storm moving ahead with the potential to be the biggest to hit the bay area in 15 years. >> there is the possibility if
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we get more than 4" rain in the 48 hour span over san francisco, that will be the first time since february 3 of 1998. more than likely for the rest of us it will be the biggest storm we have had in five to six years. and the east bay hills are green because of all of the rain and, also, saturated. that is why we are going do have issues. right new we have fog lingering mostly in the central valley and a few showers across the north bay, very light, with a few sprinkles possibly as far south as the bay bridge. on thursday, moderate-to-heavy rain over six to eight hours and dangerous wind and large surf and drowninged trees and power outages. i will have a type table on that coming up. >> thanks, mike. a giant glare with the world series performance for the ages receives national distinction, madison bumper-to-bumper is the "sports illustrated" sports man of the year giving only six earned runs in 53 innings of
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work to post-game sovereign the world series, famously pushing five scoreless innings and relief of starter tim hudson two days after the 25-year-old threw a complete game shut out. bumgarner is the first giant and 7th mlb pitcher to win the award. >> no argument here. >> on mission to deep space, it is moving forward. a nasa probe comes to life after floating through the solar system for nine years. developers collecting personal data from apps designed for kids and a simple step you can take to keep that information private. >> a royal welcome for will and kate from meeting at white house to a visit if harlem and the duke and dumps -- duchess are spe
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>> a nasa probe near, the end of a three billion mile strip to pluto has started the instruments after nine year sleep. nasa launched the craft back in 2006 with 162 million miles to go until it reaches the planet. it will make the closest brush on july 14 of 2015 and it will be the first upclose look at the miss mississippi -- mysterious
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planet. >> it turns out developers are committing information on children. in july of 2013 the federal trade commission required you have to have parents' consent before collecting information on anyone younger than 13. but a new website finds that many mobile apps designed for kids still check the data. putting your 15 or tablet in airplane mode lets your kids play games without sending the information to developers. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with what is going on, the big storm coming up. >> also, the obamas get a visit from british royalty and what prince william and his wife, kates plan to do during the trip. >> whole country get as look at the bay area's brittest holiday like displaces and a preview of the big reveal coming
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killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. >> one of the largest fundraisers is happening today for children. the winter white foundation will take over at&t park the home of the san francisco giants and turn it into a holiday wonderland. >> these are birds of past year years, a giants player will be there and steve and josh johnson from the 49ers are taking part. kristen and i are long time supporter of holiday heroes and this foundation has been around for 20 years helping at-risk children. >> joe montana: can it be him? we have some 20 athletes. a few tickets are left at where you can fine
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more information. the folks that are going will not have to deal with rain, parking, looking around for weather problems. >> it will be dry and then it will right for six to eight hours so we will see flooding and the winds are faster than we have had from a system in five or six years which is how we judge this next system and how much rain it will produce and how much wind it will produce. before we get to that i will talk about the mud, opening the weather window on walnut creek, one of the areas that had thick fog you can see hazy sunshine as we look southbound along 680 into the san ramon valley and san rafael and another area had the fog but it is hazy subalong -- southbound along 101. you can see the storm track moving north with one batch of bright we, whiter clouds over lake and mendocino, and nowhere napa and sonoma county where if we see the showers it is the
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best place. we get sprinkles as far south as the bay bridge but nothing big. mid-50's around antioch and fairfield and everyone else in the upper 50's to low 60's until hayward and mountain vie and los gatos and mid-60's in half moon bay and sunshine over 101 and 880 in san jose and we will use this as a backdrop to talk about clouds, light showers to the north, dry today, tomorrow, and wednesday, so storm preparation, drains, gutters and weak or diseased trees are success settable because of the saturated soil and the heavy rain that going to fall and the strong winds that will blow. that will be mostly thursday and a lesser extent on friday. here is a look at the storm track and the cold front is going to on the doors for the two waves. they do not lack impressive but you put it in motion there is a last cold air and there is a frequent culled nature to the cloud cover which is fighting
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with the warm tropical air and it creates a 175 miles per hour jet israeli. these are moving fast. there is the wind energy. it is going to cause an atmospheric river to develop which is the water we need for heavy flooding and rain. open wednesday evening at 5:00, up to the north and look at the yellows, by 7:00, in the north bay on thursday morning, by noon, moving to the heart of the bay and the oranges will develop and by 6:00 those are the chances of thunderstorms with locally heavy rain and that is when we will get the flooding and mud and rock slides. by 7:00 friday morning, it becomes more showery in nature and a chance of cold core storms and thunderstorms open friday with small hail. lack at rainfall potential. santa rosa is underdone and you will be around 5" or 6" but places that get a rain shadow, san jose and livermore, more than 2" and the rest of us guess 3" to 4". urban flooding and wind damage followed by creek flooding and mud and rock slide and river
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flooding will be low on thursday and, obviously, we will have a lot of snow, up to 20" before 6,000 feet. try to get the sierra on friday evening, that will be a bear. >> we are dry today and tomorrow. we are dry on saturday and sunday. thursday and friday, that is the big story. hope you are prepared. this is going to be the biggest storm we have seen in five or six areas. the drought makes you forget so be prepared. happening now, new york city is rolling out the red carpet for prince william and his wife kate. the duke and duchess are on the first official step to the big apple and washington, dc. kate stopped by harlem child development center and agreemented by new york city's first lady and spot an hour with respecting presents and visiting with the children. prince william met with president obama at the oval office before heading off to a luncheon and giving a speech on illegal wildlife trade.
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park will be featured on the great christmas light flight with a castle. the family put 400 hours of work into it this year and they say the final display makes it all wore it. the great christmas light flight remoores here at 8:00. >> coming up at 4:00, 15 areas in the works and a bra that is so different from what is being worn now. >> do you see what is wrong with this paper? a california grandmother does and had it removed from shelves across the country. >> in two years, a cat has earned over $100 million. the cat is tartare sauce, but the world knows her at grumpy, with the scowl a result of being
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born with a condition called dwarfism and underbite. she is an internet super store after her owner's brother posted a picture and she is the face of friskie's cat food and will be in a movie. she has her own twitter site and the owner was able to quit her job as a serve are days before the cat's first internet appearance. >> she has made her over $100 something. hard working cat. taking a nap. >> exactly. hope the owner is feed plane -- is feeding the cat plenty of good food.
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