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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 9, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning -- severe weather. a significant storm taking aim at the east coast, while the west coast prepares for more rain. tracking it all. breaking overnight. another round of protests with thousands of people blocking traffic, a woman in labor trapped in it all. plus the demonstration that stopped amtrak trains. royal audience. the biggest name in basketball, king james, playing in front of will and kate in the moment everybody's talking about. british royalty meeting american royalty. and new gig? president obama boots steven colbert from his own show, delivering the late night laughs. good tuesday morning to you
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all. we begin with winter weather warnings. watches in effect, millions of people brace for gusty winds, snow rain and some flooding. >> take a look at the radar. that storm beginning to take shape this morning. the nor'easter will slowly make it way up the east coast, posing a risk for coastal flooding from new jersey to maine. >> and the higher elevations, west virginia, a good dose of snow. a web cam at the base of snow shoe ski resort. a few inches are expected there before this is all over. >> gets your skis, t.j. >> i need to pull those out. >> exactly. the storm will stick around for a couple of days, the rain and snow totals will add up. >> similar story in the west where a wicked week is just getting started. here's accuweather's jim dickey. >> good morning, developing nor'easter. tracking northward, bringing a wide range of impacts, rain, ice, heavy snowfall.
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along with that, powerful winds. we're talking winds in the order of 50 to 60 miles per hour here. gusts along the coast of maine, cape cod, down towards long island. beach erosion and minor coastal flooding. especially at high tide. along with that, snow. along i-95, a rain event, mixed event, that will keep the accumulations down. but 6 to 12 inches plus, as much as two feet not out of the question. neps especially in high elevations. and heavy rain in the northwest as well. gusty winds here too. that rain down through california through the end of the week. back to you. >> all right, jim, thank you so much. breaking overnight, another round of heated protests over the grand jury decisions in new york and missouri. >> demonstrators rallying against police brutality returned to the streets of berkeley, california, for the third-straight night, bringing traffic to a standstill. hundreds marched on to interstate 80 overnight,
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backing up traffic for miles. as they tried to clear the crowd. they repeatedly pushed their way back on the highway. one woman went into labor while stuck in the traffic jam, but an ambulance managed to get through to rush her to the hospital. another group of protesters laid down on railroad tracks. they brought an amtrak train to a halt. others gathered in downtown berkeley, descending on a b.a.r.t. train station, prompting police to temporarily shut it down. it was a night of disruption, but nothing like the violence and looting over the weekend. the mayor said the violence was a tiny fraction of protesters and calls them cowards and thugs. and race relations in america, president obama getting personal on the impact on his family. telling black entertainment television it is frustrating and heartbreaking there is often less margin of error by virtue
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of race especially for black boys and young men. he said everybody should be given the same benefit of the doubt. >> i want my children to be seen as the individuals they are, and judged based on the content of their character and their behavior and their talents and their gifts. i don't want them to be objects of fear simply because of misguided attitudes. >> on an encouraging note, the president believes that the younger generation has evolved when it comes to race, saying, it's evident in the diversity with the protesters. more breaking news, defense secretary chuck hagel is in baghdad. he with talk with u.s. commanders and top military officials about the campaign to defeat isis. and meet with u.s. and australian troops. it's likely to be his last overseas trip as pentagon chief. the cia interrogation techniques will be under scrutiny today with the release
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of the troefr on the controversial report on torture. >> they are bracing for possible security threats. susan saulny reports from washington. >> reporter: a top secret report sparks an urgent warning to u.s. interests around the globe. the senate intelligence committee is expected to release the torture report later today. it is being described as extremely graphic with shocking detail about water boarding and other methods of interrogations the cia used on al qaeda detainees during the presidency of george w. bush. the white house is supporting it says security concerns have been addressed. >> the administration took prudent steps. >> reporter: potential targets are bracing for what could be a violent backlash to long-awaited revelations about the cia's torture techniques in the aftermath of 9/11. water boarded, simulated drowning seen here, was stopped years ago. but the senate intelligence committee concluded that the cia mislead the bush administration
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about the methods and results conducted at so-called black sites outside the u.s. >> these are patriots. whatever the report says, if it diminishes their contributions to our country, it's way off base. >> reporter: the cia maintains that water boarding of key, not only to stopping future plots against america, but in finding osama bin laden. >> there's going to be disagreement about the value of this information. >> reporter: president obama said the use of torture was unwarranted and did not enhance american national security. t.j., reena. >> susan saulny live in washington. thank you so much. the university of virginia president said fraternities will remain suspended at the school until january 9th despite calls for their reinstatement. this as "rolling stone" magazine back pedals about the story of a woman being raped at a frat party. the president calls for uniformed, unarmed security
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personnel on campus to escort students if needed. and trying to find out what caused a small jet crash. it crashed into a home. six people were killed, including a mom on maternity leave and her two sons. she was huddled over her children in a bathroom. the three people on the plane were also killed. federal investigators are trying to figure out if arkanfi was the cause of a huge fire that engulfed a luxury apartment complex in los angeles. it could be seen miles away and rained down burning debris, forcing two major highways to shut down. it scorched nearby high rises, cracking windows and melting office cubicles inside. nasa's orion spacecraft arrived back on u.s. soil overnight. this was a crew from the uss anchorage after it splashed down 600 miles off the california coast. it was eventually pulled onboard. overnight the anchorage arrived
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in san diego and the capsule was moved on to land. it will be carried back to florida on a truck and is expected to arrive there by christmas. still ahead, the president takes over for steven colbert. and dutchess indicate and queen bey, the power couples come face-to-face. we're live with will and kate's big night out and busy day ahead. dash cam drama. a high speed chase comes to a screeching stop.
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new mortgage programs are in the works for people who have good credit but not so much
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cash. fannie and freddie mac are offering mortgages with 3% rates. they are going to help low income buyers, but they say they could lead to the same problems as before. and honda has recalled cars in every state. until now, it's only in states with high humidity. the government is requiring a nationwide recall. honda is the only one to reply. honda's repair list is 5.4 million vehicles. and bringing back french toast crunch. debuted back in 1995. the company says french toast crunch is coming back because of the overwhelming demand of fans on social media. it will be on shelves by the end of january. >> great news.
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as santa is getting ready for the big night. we have word on what his salary should be. his 2014 salary should be just under $140,000. that's up more than $2,000 from last year. the index uses government wage data to estimate his pay. he brings home the most money for managing his toy factory. when we come back, the royals in new york. plus attempted kidnapping caught on camera. the massive manhunt under way, and what the suspect allegedly said to lure the victim. and the jewelry heist that netted half a million dollars.
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[ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. . . . welcome back. checking the roads. a tough commute all along the i-95 corridor. heavy rain along the coast. heavy snow to the interior to new england.
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wet in the northwest as well. and flying, airport delays possible in the northeast from washington up to boston. no one could blame the british royals following a whirlwind day in the u.s. >> they finished up the day by meeting jay z and beyoncé at the brooklyn nets game against cleveland. today is another busy day, including a trip to new york's 9/11 memorial. lana zak is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. first it might just seem that the royals are enjoying the best holiday ever in new york, but each step of the trip has had some purpose. >> here they come. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge were to showing their support, but not as specific as a team. >> who should we support? >> you have to cheer for both teams. >> reporter: meeting lebrebron james and jay z and beyoncé.
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and they were there to support the wildlife ambassador, a cause important to the king. and outside, another message clambering to be heard as hundreds marched in the eric garner case. while it's not overtly political, it's included several politicians, dinner with the clintons and a visit to the white house. today, a little more solemnly, paying their respects at the 9/11 memorial before hosting a fundraiser at the metropolitan museum of art. and at five months pregnant, all eyes on kate. she's feeling well, even adding to her already-packed agenda. in lower manhattan, lana zak, abc news. >> she has been a good sport, seems like, right. thank you so much. we want to show you the instagram photo that was put out by lebron. the caption was, wow, what an
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honor. this game brought me a lot, the king, the prince and queen kate. somebody should tell him she's not queen yet. she's duchess. but we appreciate the spirit. >> this is the other shot. a lot of people call this hip-hop royalty, but american royalty. jay z and beyoncé meeting them. he's part owner of the nets. he has good seats. walk over and say hello. but that's a cool scene from yesterday. the hunts continued in minneapolis for a kidnapper who lured a little girl away from her friends. she was found walking near her home two hours after she disappeared. a man captures on surveillance tape approached the child and asked her to help find a puppy up. and an armed robbery in wisconsin led police on a high speed chase. the driver skids, loses control, crashes, and the car catches fire with three people inside. the suspects were taken to a
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local hospital for treatment and then arrested. thieves made off with a half million dollars in jewels in minnesota. the victims were driving home from a trade show when they stopped. the thieves followed them for hundreds of miles, smashed the windows and made off with the loose diamonds and jewelry. they found the abandoned van a mile away. and the man who played pugsly on the adams family has died. he suffered a heart attack over the weekend and died at his home. ken weatherwax was just 59 years old. we know the finalists for the heisman. marcus mariota is the overwhe overwhelming favorite. alabama wide receiver, amari cooper in the running, 115 passes caught, and melvin gordon rounds out the top three. he leads the nation in rushing.
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the heisman presentation, saturday night in new york city. the pros, it was a defense-optional game last night. high people who watch news in the middle of the night. stan's not here, we don't have to be quite as serious. here's the action. monday night football, green bay packers, aaron rodgers, he's a handsome guy. 6-0, averaging 40 points at home this season. and aaron, who's got jordy nelson. i don't know any people named jordy except this guy. 2 touchdowns, packers up big. up 33-47. looking for space. found it. and that prech sealed it. they did not score from their point spread issue. packers win it 43-37. and they're good at football. how about basketball. blake griffin, remember the commercial where he was flying arounding the living room?
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he did that. not known to be on outside shooter, now up one, and that's a winner at the buzzer. the los angeles clippers taking down the suns 121-120. he's big and tall and athletic. and that guy's rich. steve ballmer has may more money than all of us together. not even close. all of us together watching. thanks. you can aspire to his money potential. whatever i was trying to sigh. good-bye. and late night lampooning. self mockery between president obama and steven colbert.
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well, tile "the pulse" now. and just one item in the pulse this morning, president obama's appearance on the colbert report. >> it was his first appearance on the show, and his last. colbert report is off the air at the end of the month. >> he took on the alter ego of colbert. >> nation, as you know, i, steven colbert, have never cared for our president. the guy is so arrogant. i'll bet he talks about himself in the third person. there are things that people from both parties actually like about obamacare. for instance, -- they don't realize that everyone eventually grows older at sometimes a faster rate than others.
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remember the original health website. i think that's where disney got the idea for "frozen." >> let it load. >> that's pretty good, right? >> let it load. have a good time and poke fun at yourself. he was a good sport. >> he was. and during colbert's interview, he called him an emperor, which he denied while defending his use of kpuk power. >> and he talked about the keystone pipeline which he said wouldn't push down prices in the u.s. he asked if he was the greatest president. president obama said he would let others decide that. >> didn't take the bait, huh? >> he didn't. that's a good question to and. >> stand up late night comedy is not easy, is it? >> only four or five guys do it.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good tuesday morning. it is december 9 at 4:28. thanks for joining us. >> and this but stormy...thursday. >> we will tack about thursday after we get you through the day. there is too much moisture in the air. our temperatures are in the 50's. we are supposed to be in the low so mid-40's so it is warmer than average, with humidity and fog but not so widespread fog as yesterday. the day planner shows we will top out in the low-to-mid 50's 60 at noon and record warm at 4:00 and a mild and dry evening
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in the upper 50's. a good day to be prepared. >> without rain and fog, hopefully traffic is smooth. take advantage of it. it is smooth, we have cars that are collecting in the far right and left hand lane of the bay bridge toll plaza and the rest of the traffic is moving nicely. here is a look at berkeley with the drive still looking thin with the headlights pulling to 580 and the maze, moving along at top speed with no accidents to report we are bracing ourselves for a wet ride on wednesday and thursday so make sure you prepare ahead, get the windshields ready and the tires ready, it will be a mess. >> thank you, leyla gulen. we begin in berkeley where police made dozens of arrests over deadly police confrontations in ferguson and w york and protesters blocked a major freeway but it was different this time when it cam to violence. our reporter is in emeryville. the protest was mostly
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peaceful but the problems were here on interstate 80 on the freeway. we have video from last night where c.h.p. move merchandise and made a lot of arrests, 150 people. they say they were getting on to interstate 80 in berkeley and blocked traffic for an hour and a half both directions. officials say protesters were able to get to the freeway because they broke through the fence that lines the perimeter. officials say as c.h.p. tried to move them they were met with violence, some protesters threw rocks and the officers all being booked into jail for offenses such as resisting arrest. berkeley made arrests on city streets taking nine people interest custody including a juvenile and they are processing the arrests. police do not have a list of the offenses yet but they say the protest drew about 1,500 people and they did not see the looting or


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