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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 12, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PST

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♪ [instrumental music] ♪ you. >> entire bay area drenched
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tonight as our biggest storm in years brings wide spread flooding down tree and collapsed roofs. >> that flooding is so bad in some spots the drivers had to be rescued from the submerged cars and it isn't over yet. good evening. >> here's a life look from the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see just how wet it is still tonight. >> we have team coverage. let's begin with sandhya who is tracking the storm with top done this storm has been stalled out for hours but it's finally on the move. let me show you live doppler 7hd and show you where the rain is coming down rate now. still very heavy rape from the monterey bay to gilroy san jose down in the south bay. you notice some very heavy returns. showing up right around san jose milpitas as i take you down to street level. 87 story road north fears street now you start to notice that the rain is easing up from san francisco to half moon bay and take you
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to the east bay where livermore still reporting pretty heavy down power moderate rain in danville. north bay radar located it's much lighter as we look at the lap here we financially start to see a shift in that rain but there were some lightening strikes that were showing up just off the coast line up to our north here. so we are going to keep those in the forecast at least going into tomorrow morning. urban small stream flood advisory covers most of the bay area in the north bay until 1 12:45 a forth wres of you and 12:15 tonight so flooding still possible especially with the run off correct and stream could go over the bank when luke terrain fall total over half foot at saint helena. almost half foot in santa rosa. just over three inches san francisco. oakland redwood city 4 inches. san jose almost three inches of rape. life more concord over 2 inches of rain here and has it made a difference absolutely. we are well above average from 2 22 percent at move it field. 195 san jose. 155 percent of
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average in san francisco. i'll be back with a look at the morning commute and what is ahead for the weekend coming right up. >> thank you so much sandhya. >> some creek in that written county look like river tonight in some streets look like creek. 7 news advertise live in fairfax on the new report of a tree down. is. >> we have seen a lot of damage tonight and look at this. at the top of tall driveway on shadow creek court. look at this gorgeous hooem home and giant throw that came crashing down on top of it. only an hour ago. that's about an 80 to 90 foot oak tree. i talked with the homeowner. he was inside with the dog at the time. he says it sounded like an earthquake but he's just glad that he was not hurt and his dog is okay. of course this is just one example of the damage that we are seeing caused by rain in the north bay tonight. >> when i if. >>reporter: scott is prepared for flooding permanently. his home at wood lane in fairfax is
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directly in the line of fire. floodwater beating a path to his front door. >> if we didn't have this here then that stream would go all wait through our yard and just tear everything out. >> cars treading lightly through the current. in a mill valley neighborhood rising sycamore creek prompted marin county office of emergency services to put out an emergency roe robo kill to people who live along the wate water. creek reached flood stage this afternoon. mill valley city manager and vice mayor among those who came to check it out. confident the bank would hold. >> we put out a lot of preparation for this several days in advance. warned everyone and told twhaem to look for and i think we are spared the brunt of the storm. >> her home back up to the creek. she and her husband have lived hear for more than 30 years and have experienced worse than this. >> the street has been under water before at the other end. you can take a boat out but not today. today we have been lucky. >> they are not counting on luck. they put sand bag around
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the garage just in case two teenager boy decided to go raf rafting. certainly a dangerous idea since there's no way to know what is in or under that water. city. back live to the massive oak tree that is down. fir department is on scene but really nothing that can be done tonight. homeowner tells me he will get his tree guys out here tomorrow, a giant crane to it off the roof and remove it. most damp is outside but a little bit on the inside of the sec story. the owner has classic car in the garage and like to get the tree down before it does any further damage. live in fairfax, 7 news. breaking news on the peninsula right now. chp has shut down all lanes of highway 101 near marsh road in the menlo park area. cal-trans needs to pump standing water off the freeway. closure is expected to last about an hour. massive oak tree fell on top of this car in concord tonight. tree smashed the front end of the car right that
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the asphalt. so much so crew couldn't remove it. the driver was not hurt. portion of san ramone creek in danville collapsed taking street signs with it. northbound lane of front street near diablo road is close sod craw can secure a utility pole in danger of falling. >> east san jose the safeway is closed because part of the roof collapsed late this afternoon. one person had minor injuries at the store on east capitol expressway. >> petaluma firefighters used boat and 2 city dump truck to rescue 10 people trapped by rising floodwater. all were working inside businesses near the auto mall. >> heavy rain flooded half block area of downtown healdsburg. look at this fat and a half of standing water in the parking lot turned water park kid taking advantage of school cancellation. >> to the east bay look closel closely. you can barely tell there is a car beneath the water. look at that. 2 cars submerged on ashby avenue off 80 in berkeley day. flooding forced 40 people from mobile
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home park in redwood city. firefighters help take residents to fair oaks community center for overnight shelter. the water level got up to four feet deep. >> after the south bay next where flooding caused plenty of problems there as well. that part of the community really got hammered today. lisa is live in milpitas tonight. lis lisa? >> hi dan. it has been pouring hear for hours outside flooding in this mobile home park and one next door. water level rise something fast we actually had to pull back our live truck because we were surrounded by the water. it's about 2 feet deep in some parts you can see the bottom step of that home is already disappeared and right now evacuation are not mandatory. they are voluntary but that could change. >> here at the motor lodge milpitas firefighters are going door to door warning residents about the standing water. the same thing is happening at friendly village mobile home park. >> voluntary at the moment. we let them know if it continues
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to be mandy toyvrmentd this is sonoma street few hours ago. the entire street was flooded at that point evacuation were his mandatory. the bus were his on standby in case residents had to be rushed to safety. the yell family was ready to go. >> there was only 3 of us here. >> they decided to stay put for notch heavy written mean time continues to wreak havoc all over santa cruz county. this morning a massive cypress tree split in two and fell on 2 students at the gate way school in santa cruz notch broken bone just bruises and the other student was checked out by medical personnel. >> school closed immediately after and students were sent home. in felt on grove, residents trying to protect their homes tonight. clearing storm drain while keeping close eye on the san lorenzo river rising fast. >> that constant level of anxiety wondering if it's, what is going to result with this
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amount of rain in the short period of time. anything can happen. >> that's why he and many of his neighbors have their sand bag out and the tarp up. in santa cruz county, the 7 news. section of highway 1 in marin county collapsed. all south bound lanes from muir beach to muir road are closed and take a long time to fix. collapsed section won't open until march. >> you can track the storm where you live by down loading the 7 news weather app. find it on a el app store or google play. also more information on our web site. >> holiday shopping at standstill. next on 7 news. how the storm put a damper on union square. we have a live update what's going on there right now. >> plus the storm is dumping snow in the sierra. blister warning in effect how much snow expected to fall. >> also. undercover cops caught on camera during the recent protest in oakland. tonight what the chp has to say about the controversial operation. >> 7 news
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. >> talk about bad timing. two week before christmas and all through union square the storm knocked out power hardly a sho shopper anywhere. really a bunch of stores had to close today and at critical time of year. alan is live in the city tonight. they lost a lot of money. >> as kahn see power is back up here by 8:30 this evening. but by then it was too late for a lot of stores to make up for for the losses. it was as if the christmas spirit got sucked right out of union square. >> hi planned to shop here until i came and i saw that
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quite a few of the stores are black. >> macy sax tiffany all in the bark. even the christmas tree in the center of san francisco premier retail shopping district was a towering shadow. >> in my experience you make half of your yearly revenue in this last quarter so if you do the math that's a good chunk in one day. >> at 7:30 in the morning pg&e satisfies flooded vault in the financial district caused an explosion at the sub station on post and stockton. christina shot this video on her phone after she heard it blow. >> i looked saw the manhole go right up then the flames. ran for the camera. >> 85,000 customers lost power in the financial district. yawn square. richmond and the marina which include pier in there where restaurants had to put the food on ice. by noon power was returned to most customers but several stores had already called it quits. >> a lot of convention in town a.lot of tourist and a lot of
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potential dollars that they are missing out on e.with power restored retailers still have to contend with the coming storms that could drive more customers away n.san francisco, abc 7 news. >> heavy rain turned into a blizzard this year in nevada. look at cal-trans castle peak cam. snow blanket i 80 at donner pass road. cautious drivers like the one at the wheel of the semi taking it slowly with the hazard light blinking. >> you can track the storm where you live by did you know loading the 7 news weather app. fine it on a el app store or google play. also more information at 7 slash app. >> also making news tonight. california highway patrol is defending undercover officer who pulled a gun on a protestors. now photographer who was at last nature demonstration in oakland shared this picture with the san francisco chronicle. you see the officer point ago gun right at the protestor at 27th and harrison street. highway
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patrol says someone punched another officer in the head and crowd started closing in on the officers. they say that officer threw the baton and badge at first warning everyone to back up then he pointed his gun. >> we are extremely extremely cognizant and very sensitive to the display of a gun. in this situation the officer escalateed to that level to protect himself. his partner who was just been assaulted and other innocent bystanders training to peacefully protest. >> places arrested a woman who kicked one of the officers in the head. happening now. dozens of people trying to fly from san francisco to sydney, australia stranded. quantityed flight 8 63 from sfo to sydney diverted afterr 16 hours. it is because runway at debris on it and had to be temporarily closed this morning. passengers now witnessing for a new flight crew. they have been on the
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ground for more than 6 hours just waiting. >> time to get back to the weather and rain doesn't seem to stop. >> it's really come down still 7 news is here with look when it will stop sand why. >> later on tonight. as we look at live doppler 7hd i'll show you where the heaviest rain is right now. our radar tracking it down towards the south bay and i take you in towards street level here around san jose, milpitas area, bear with me here i take you down to street level here. east santa clare street. may berry road. heavy returns her here. milpitas also looking at some heavy returns around warm springs boulevard. livermore area dublin boulevard you are getting dumped on. now the rain is starting to ease up a bit from san francisco to daily city san bruno area and north bay we start to see lighter returns on our radar. we do have a concern in the north bay that's the russian river. flood warning remains in effect for the russian river at
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againville so let's look at the forecast. it is expected to press above flood stage of 32 feet. tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. close to 35 feet. napa river at napa and saint helena expected to remain below flood stage. look at the pictures people are sending in. this is from molly if just completely flooded. it was sent to me by twitter. hears another one that was sent by facebook. posted on my face book page flooding in rohnert park. this is something you do not want to ever do. she obviously was not the one driving but if he ever try to cross a flooded roadway no matter how shallow it looks. chains required right now in the sierra nevada on 80, 80 and 4 as it is snowing across the area and we take live look right now. san mateo bridge. rain coming down so hasn't completely let up everywhere. scattered showers morning commute. slight chance of thunder still much-needed break coming on saturday. take a
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look at the satellite radar this cold front just stalled out over the bay area. dumped the rain on us. rain finally ease overnight tonight. cold front pushing out. trough comes in that's where we keep the wet weather in the forecast. 11:00 p.m. tonight computer mold got it nailed east south bay heaviest stuff. 5:00 a.m. you see some pockets moderate rain perhaps brief downpour special feel thunderstorm develops may get caught under one of these but nothing in comparison what we are dealing with today and tonight two p.m. tomorrow. widely scattered showers. sunny break. 5:00 p.m. it's almost done and by 7:00 p.m. justize laided returns left tomorrow night. still a concern flash flood watch through late night. for the entire bay area the monterey bay dangerous flash flooding still possible ponding on the roadway, rapid rise of creek and stream. high surf advisory breaker remain pretty high and could exceed 20 degrees. in
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the sierra tray not to travel up there until any time soon because we have a winter storm warning until 10:00 a.m. friday. visibility near zero with the gusty winds. pass may get shut down for several hours so that was down grid from a blizzard warning early this evening. scattered showers tomorrow. need the shades as well and perhaps sweater or jacket. temperatures run lower than today in the mid 50's to the low skichlts you will see the cooler air coming in and accu-weather 7 day forecast. you get that much-needed break. saturday most of sunday, sunday night into monday we have a system coming in with lit moderate rain. another storm on tuesday that look like moderate rain maker then perhaps another one coming in late next week on friday. today stormy must say remained me of the last big el nino time period where we had big storms like this in 97-98. it was a good one. >> that was a winner. i remember that. >> let's talk some foobling.
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honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. >> good evening. isn't that correct midst of 5 game home stand hosting the minnesota wild tonight. they are without mark edward who sat out with upper body injury. if 2 and half inches in the storm. i'm still on storm watch everybody right now watch that doppler. come get you. shark on the power play. brent
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burns come get you too. one nothing san jose. 45 seconds after the wild side and third. joe the his 15 of the year turns out to be the game winne winner. shark hold on 2-1. they have won 6 of the last 7. how about thursday night football. ram cardinal mascot bike race. bad bad idea. isaac severe whiplash there with a big head. wept down hard and so unfortunately did drew stan ton for the sack by donald. stan ton injured right knee on the play. mri tomorro tomorrow. remember he starts in place of palmer they might have to play third or fourth stringer going forward the rest of the season. taylor exploding for 21. leading to one of arizona 4 field goal as cardinal inch closer to a play off birth. they win it 12-6. they are now 11 and 3. who is playing quarterback we didn't know. 9 versus enough to worry about sunday in seattle. how nice would it be to stuff the seahawks?
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>> obviously a zillion reasons the frainers would love to beat the seahawks on sunday in seelingtsd. pay become for the championship game last year. richard sherman just being richard sherman. cap confidence let's not forget the turkey. turkey episode should we call it. after seattle beat the niners on thanksgiving night nbc invited sheer machine and wilson to chow down sitting on the logo at levi stadium. do i come to your house and eat your food and sit on your couch and go on tv and talk about it. >> i think you have. >> it might have happened. the
1:35 am
wilson said but that's beside the point wilson said the seahawks never planned this and meant no disrespect for the niners. >> we have tons of respect for who the 49ers are and what they are about and championships they have won in the past and who they are now and so for us about we just love to play the game. nothing about trying to embarrass nebraska or anything leak. that it's about playing great football. trying to play championship football and trying to play for one another ultimately. >> oh, yes sure. wilson is a baby face. the stanford beats maryland in the bowl on december 30 at levi stadium. high aspiration early in the year about struggle with this record. nonetheless the coach shaw said his team is pumped about playing in the game. >> i have a lot of faith in our senior leadership and the guy who play the last game in stanford uniform they want to go out with a bang. go out with a whip. also want to good out with playing great footbal
1:36 am
football, great team football. captain worry about the aspiration at the beginning of the year. look where we are now and the fact that we played the football team and getting close to playing our best football we still haven't shown the team best football yet. >> stanford maryland should be a good game. 7 sports brought to you by ebay yes would i come over if only i had been invite invited. one time. >> sad luck story. >> thanks larry. >> 7 news continues now on line on twiceer pace book all the mobile device with our 7 news on twiceer pace book all the mobile device with our 7 news did you get chips for the party? nope. (ding) cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen... everyone loves pillsbury grands.
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12-6. what a game, reena. >> very interesting. >> what a game. a guy in north carolina is showing no signs of stopping when it comes to his christmas spirit. it's the way he's showing that spirit that's pretty special. >> rodney gore is his name. he's a collector of nativity scenes. okay. you see some of these pictures? this doesn't really put it in the best perspective. he owns 600 of these. he's turned his house into somewhat of a nativity scene museum so others can stop by and check it out. >> gore started the collection 30 years ago. he says there are still thousas d thousands of them he'd like to have so his collection still guaranteed to keep on growing. coming up in "the mix," 13 days until christmas eve. a sneak peek at santa's flight path. also, what a year it's been for -- >> your favorite. >> -- taylor swift. the best selling album, grammy nominations. reportedly dating or exchanged numbers.
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