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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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around the bay. >> here is live doppler 7. you can see showers are scattered but we do have isolated down spours around san francisco. there is a cell crossing the bay now. daily city, down pours now and widely scattered showers and cells and lighter showers moving into our direction. rain has not ended yet. just calmed down a bit. most of the bay area is under the flood advisory. and on we go, to a look at rainfall totals, since wednesday, between 6:00 and 7:00 inches of rain, nearly five inches in san rafael.
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a forecast animation shows showers continuing to weaken. tomorrow, we'll start with a dry day. >> thank you, spencer >> one of the big concerns today has been a situation along the russian river in guerneville, the river overflowed banks. you can see it crested around the evening. we're live tonight in guerneville with the latest. >> there is a lot of water tonight. it is a reminder of how much water, how much rain has fallen. take a look. th this is over, but many of still watching the river. the only way across the road is by boat or big
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one foot above stood stage. >> they're stuck. there is one road in and out. >> most are cutoff and unless you have a big truck. the river is back steps. >> no kayaking at this time of the year. >> they called for voluntary evacuations at the height of the storm. >> right now, it's about a foot below the basement. now, partially submerged. >> sierra fletcher came down to see how high the water got. >> i've rifed here four years,
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this is the highest it's been since i've been here. so hopefully will push out to the ocean. >> this is exhilarating. neighbors are, kind of a bonding experience here. >> we're back live here, the rv park is underwater tonight. officials say the russian river is receding and shelters, open last night, will continue to stay open. >> pg and e crews worked to secure a bowl after a mudslide in danville. front street was closed after the bank alone the creek gave way. the slide left the pole partially submerged and if danger of falling. drivers should expect delays
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over the next few weeks >> much of the bay area starts to dry out, you can see there is so much one man is keeping a can handy. best weapons are wood boards and spray foam. >> it works. it works. we could have taken a boat from here to oakland and not hit one thing. >> megan looks at it with a bit of romance. >> we're in sonoma. >> water damaged a restaurant's bottom line. >> i asked for forgiveness, you know? >> this afternoon, some relief. highway 121 reopened allowing customers access to the grill
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and also receded but power remained out. at leisure lake, life is back to normal after hours of flood-induce isolation. >> we ended up just hanging out and having a good time with friends. >> when low lands drain we're going to find out what drainage took place. >> let's hope these cows don't consider it home. two mudslides brought caltrans crews this afternoon. >> let's see where we are in january. if we get saturated hike this and it continues, we might have serious mudslides.
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>> and despite the inconvenience, i heard thank goodness for the rain, we need it desperately. >> lots of people are cleaning up trees that came crashing down overnight. this giant tree came down on to a home on 7th street in berkeley. homeowner says he heard a loud noise before 1:00 this morning. the neighbor's tree fell, breaking through the roof. another dramatic call for people living in union city. a large tree fell on to a residential care facility this morning and it damaged the main building two. residents went to the hospital and
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this tree. a neighbor tells us the new owner just closed on the house yesterday. >> ouch. there are now two gaping holes in the roof of the san jose safeway store. parts of the ceiling came crashing into the aisles. some workers say they heard the building making creeking noises and told everybody to get out. one person did suffer minor injuries. >> to find out, the roof fell in yesterday. >> it's a dynamic situation. walls and roof are changing their positions. and that is why we're keeping everybody out. it's not safe to go in there right now. >> the building inspector must determine if the store is still structurally sound. >> people are in mobile home park are trying to stay positive
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after a day of clean up. this mobile home park was evacuated during the down pour. today, residents returned to find this property looks like an i'lledand. >> i saw the hefls coming up. i said oh, nochlt pick up the stuff and go. >> he was one of many people that spent the day pumping water out of homes. >> most schools did reopen today. parents had mixed feelings about that. leanne? >> this economy came after talking to the fire department and police. but that doesn't mean everyone agrees.
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this morning they felt schools should have been reopened today. the school district said the day was spent cleaning to ensure all campuses are safe for students and staff monday. schools were also closed today, this is after the superintendent consulted with several agencies. >> there were some roads closed. so with that information we knew buses couldn't run so we made a determination to close schools today. >> this parent said she was glad she didn't have to drive to school. >> i see it as time to clean up anything that needs to be cheened up. it was very flooded. >> in petaluma, schools were
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still removing soaked carpets that flooded after the drain clogged up. here is video from the press democrat. the band director found a foot of standing water the district is confident it will not lose funding. >> we'll make the case it wasn't safe for people to come to school. >> and now, the waiver is granted by the state department of education. in case you're wondering what the kids are doing behind me, well, they missed school so much, they had to be here during my live shot. >> i'm certain that is the reason they're there. >> just getting on television had nothing to do with it. >> 1500 people are with out
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power tonight. a wire left thousands without power in san francisco. cars traveling through diamond heights had to deal with street lights that weren't working, shoppers kept out of the safe way in wall >> dozens of passengers stranded. the problem that shut down the shuttle to oakland international airport. >> and a way to help shuttle kids around. a family friendly twist on female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon.
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>> city of oakland is running up a huge bill there. officials say demonstrations have cost the city 1.3 million and police made 209 arrests during 14 protests over 18 days officials say most of the protestors are peaceful, and they blame the bulk of the damage on acts of vandalism. >> service on bart was stopped when a train hit debris this morning, knocking out the system that powers lights, air conditioning and car doors the corrector got running again just before 5:30
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to one track. >> it's really popular and a shame it's not working today. >> passengers throughout the day took the ac transit bus and says connector is running every 20 minutes >> salvation army is making a plea for donations after someone stole donated toys. the thieves broke in last night and took toys, food, and clothe clothing. if you can help, drop off you, unwrapped toys at the center.
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>> after days of rain, many are asking is the drought over? it's still critically low. this is runoff the problem is that not all of this water is making it into the reservoir. what they wound up with was about half of that. we had no idea we'd be helping her fill sandbags. what happened during the storm yesterday? i watched during a towel. >> it's hard to think about
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flooding when you've been busy with the now he's stuck filling his own. you might think the drought is over, but you would be wrong. sky 7 shows it is low in before and after shots. the dry ground soaked up so much. reservoir is only the first step. >> we need to work to replenish the basin. it's raining and will take time to replenish. >> the valley gets water from underground. and you can see ponds are still
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dry. >> i say bring it on. when people get flooded it's not right. >> here is the good news. the next storm will bring more help for the drought. now, the ground is wet, meaning water will run off and wind up in the reservoirs. the water district has been cleaning them out, leaving a nice surface to seep in more quickly than before. >> so if you want owe give us larger perspective >> we're well ahead of average.
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and we're doing well for the season. >> yes. here is a look at live doppler seven hd. mostly dry conditions trut throughout the bay area and pockets of showers. and there are locally heavy down pours over the bay now. this is the bigger picture here, we have areas that are widely scattered so the river crested today just above flood stage, producing minor to moderate flooding there. and there is concern about
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current flooding. low to mid-50s and upper 40s in places like santa rosa and napa. here is a beautiful view of the embarcadero center and beyond. a break from the rain saturday and much of sunday. more rain arriving sunday night into next week. stormy weather and here is the break for tomorrow and sunday. this looks like skies will be cloudy. sunday, about 9:00 or so we'll
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see rain until the morning commute we'll see rain, some of it locally heavy. then, notice what happens in bay area. looks like a sloef one. and rail will continue. totals can be as high as inches in the bay area, around the bay and near the coast, mid-40s. highs tomorrow, into narrow range from upper 50s to about # 0 degrees and here is the accu-weather forecast.
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rain and a chance of showers wednesday. it's been a wet season so far. >> new concerns about whooping cough. coming up, increases cases and
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>> the city of san francisco is set to pay nearly $3 million to
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the family of a woman found dead inside of a hospital stairwell. lynn smalleding disappeared from her room. her body found 17 days hater in a locked stairwell supposed to have been searched. the supervisor is said to approve considering a settlement tuesday >> it's been a year 13-year-old jahi mcmath was declared brain dead after sleep apnea surgery she remains on a vent later and hooked up to feeding tubes in new jersey. her family claims she's responsive. but experts say the little girl is only being maintained by machines the case reignited the debate over families keeping someone on life support after doctors say brain function ended. >> california is battling the worst whooping cough epidemic to
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hit the state. there have been 10,000 cases so far this year and despite the response, the current outbreak is work. officials say the limited protection the vaccine introduced has led to the rise in cases. >> gun violence prevention was front and center in san francisco today. sandy hook, 28 lives were lost. lawmakers are lunching a gun buy back program this weekend. >> i have friends and family murdered in their homes, friends in wheelchairs, paraplegic because they've been shot. so this as
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people in our community. >> you can get $200 for assault weapons. still to come, cars underwater. now, clean up begins. what it takes to get cars out of the water and back on the road. >> shopping shut down at the height of the holiday season. taking a look at the effect the storm had on shoppers and stores. >> dramatic video from southern california. a mudslide takes out homes and roads.
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there are scenes like this around the bay area yesterday. cars stuck and flooded in overpasses and cars and roads today, the clean up began. laura? >> if you remember, this roadway was covered in several feet of water. unfortunately, the vehicles
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drove into it. >> this tow truck driver saw it at, pulling a car from flooded ashby avenue after fishing out another car from a pond park. >> back wheels up into the air. so we pulled it out. and actually started up. we drove away. >> this lack of experience showed in the way people drove. >> there are cars that got stuck in the water.
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water rose and the car was submerged. several cars tried to navigate a flded roadway. some not making it to the other side. next stop, a trip to a trusted mechanic. >> what happens when water gets into the engine? >> inside of the engine needs to be air fanned fuel to run. if water gets in, water and fuel not going to start the car. >> totalled i learned new cars don't do
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well as the old cars >> like a auto class here. stores in unionin square lost a day of christmas shopping revenue the area plagued by power a tee shirt shop stayed open. >> customers came in and >> the building housing johnston and murphy was in danger of experiencing a power surge. >> allen rock park was closed today, crews are working to clear debris there. the park will reopen when the
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road is clear. >> several state parks are still closed because of the impact of the storm, including the state park and richardson grove. >> part of highway 1 will be closed until march. the closure after part of the road collapsed. >> now, southern california getting pounded by the same storm system that hit us yesterday, here. take a look at video of a small tornado in south los angeles this morning. this is rare for southern california. it had been confirmed as an f 0 tornado with speeds 65-85 miles
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per hour. but nobody was hurt. >> take a look at what happened along pacific coast highway. cars trapped inned mud and road shut down. and sand bags are in place but people are still worried. >> afraid hillside is going to crash down on my house. >> check out this river rescue today. firefighters found a man clinging to a tree. >> several inches of snow from this storm. dave? >> it was a wild day. today, everybody here just
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celebrating 2 to 3 feet of new snow here. there is can't resist, pulling one of these trees and pulling snow down. we're going to show you a father, son, and the afternoon they'd had. >> this is our opening day. oof it's snowing is what we've been hoping for. >> they're putting skins on the skis. >> it will be slow but biggers condition be choosers. >> you can locate them and have
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several here. >> i took him at three years old. now, i follow him up. >> sierra gets to go along, too and rewards are basic. >> i like skiing there. and this is good exercise, too. >> some guy trying to create an avalanche said they couldn't get to it happen. that is nice. this is one place closed because of the crazy weather. now, back open. and conditions feel like winter just in time for christmas holidays. >> this is video
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>> still to come, major delays after a computer malfunctions in the uk. how it's affecting ai
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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british government demanded an investigation after a computer failure caused a major disruption of air traffic into and out of london. a united airlines flight landed it was diverted to canberra, australia. the passengers kept on the plane for hours and toilet paper. >> tonight's money matters dow took a beating, dropping more than 300 points.
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monday expected to be the busiest mailing day of the season. 640 million pieces will be processed. 100 million more than average day. wednesday expected to be the busiest. and auto maker extended the recall for high humidity areas to 12 areas to request with the and the airlines show evidence of exploding. >> it was hard to walk around union square without excombreernsing a family sight and sound. >> this bell ringer food at every corner at union
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local celebrities helped out. >> just ahead, a change of terms for facebook. >> being called uber for kids. family-friendly form of
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car services like uber and lyft have changed transportation but not everybody wants their kids using them. one san francisco company saw that as an opportunity and fir new service expanded around the bay area. sharon is not janet's mother or nanny but spent years looking after other kids. >> we have a requirement of having child care giver. the job is just to get her from point a to b. in this case from school to her mom's office while her dad is
6:47 pm
traveling. >> my only other alternative would have been to hire a short term nanny and that is not an affordable option. >> he she found the app called shuddle. it now covers most of the bay area, rides made by appointment and parents get the driver's picture and profile ahead of time. >> they see me standing outside of the school, they're happy to see me and know who i am. >> during holidays it's a flat fee of $ten per ride. >> with you will look at the full criminal history of a driver before allowed to drive for us. >> all drivers are women. sheri told us she had to go through two interviews. >> they asked questions in regards to children. and how i felt about certain
6:48 pm
issues >> better than riding a school bus. >> this is no substitute for mom and dad. >> they pretend they know me and they're nice. >> facebook is getting personal. making a shift to appear more welcoming. users are now called people. the company is working on software distinguishing between drunk and sober pictures. it would ask are you sure you want your boss and mother to see this before you post an unflatering picture. so they decide. >> i say that to spencer all the time. are you sure you want your boss to see this? >> not sure but here goes.
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>> yes. >> much of the bay area is dry. we still have pockets of dry area. and to san leandro. every location is well above normal level of rainfall. more snow is needed to bring locations up to several
6:50 pm
accu-weather forecast shows more wet weather. >> thank you, spencer. >> we're looking ahead to the niners game. yes. >> because he's a sports guy. >> there are other reasons. >> yes. ten point under dogs. niners are in danger of not even making the playoffs. today, they return to
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warriors will put their record on the line and will have to do it without their big man, andrew boga. he has tendon nightis in his
6:54 pm
knee, averaging seven nine rebounds. 49ers will square off against seattle the two teams met thanksgiving night and did well in san francisco, winning san francisco's hopes are all but gone today, harbaugh spoke about the rivalry with the seahawks. >> he's a great football coach. such a good team
6:55 pm
>> they're close owe being where they need to be at the end of the year. >> derek carr has been named rookie of the week after a win last sunday. that win came in week that included >> it has to be up there, you know, fortunate to go in there to play games there.
6:56 pm
and to come >> the former league mvp will remain suspended without pay until next spring. in september, charged with child abuse for using a switch on his son. >> mount verde led by simmons. dragons try to answer with their own star but bishop >> thank you so much. >> toy gun or the real thing? police were not amused.
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>> at 11:00 update on a fallen tree. the homeowner purchased and closed on the home yesterday. >> our coverage continues on twitter. >> from th ♪ you'll connect withnte, your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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