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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> it's saturday, december 13th. good morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> good morning.
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>> the fog is everywhere. mountain view better but it is moving around. i expect it to move into san francisco and oakland. visibility the worst in the north bay and by the delta. and we are looking at temperatures pretty chilly. we haven't seen them this cold in quite some time. but the wet weather ahead, it's going to bring much colder air, as well. your forecast today calls for mid-50s to near 60 with dry skies. chris. >> all right, lisa. see you soon. this week's storm did so much damage, especially at one mobile home park and a new homeowner devastated after a huge oak tree crashed on to her house one day after she closed the sale. serge quintana has the story. >> crews began pumping out water from this mobile home park. residents tell us that the management's pumps were overwhelmed by all the rain. >> definitely water got inside some of the homes. hopefully our trailer it didn't go inside because it was pretty high.
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>> they were not allowed to get in to see the damage. a total of 85 homes have been evacuated. the whole park is red tagged because the standing water maybe contaminated. down the street, too other mobile home parks are red tagged. >> the city will be here to pump out whatever water is left and they will work with the owners to workout how to clean up the facility. >> there was quite a response using a boat to help some residence out. nearly 60 people from the rc and la mar mobile home park were evacuated and are still out of their homes. and in san mateo, this massive oak tree caused quite a mess. >> i got a phone call saying there was a tree that had fallen on our house and we're we are. >> kathleen said the tree came down around 10:00. she showed us the enormous root that buckled in the rain-soaked dirt. no one was inside because they hadn't moved in yet, they just bought the place. >> they had to cut it all down, get rid of it and use a crane to
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lift it out of the garage. >> they want to cover the gaping holes in part of the roof with tarp before the next storm thomas. sergio quintana, abc7 news. a giant eucalyptus tree crashed through the roof of a senior care home yesterday morning, just inches away from people who were asleep. no one was hurt. the tree hit the main building and two bedrooms. the russian river is receding, which is good news for the people of guerneville in sonoma county but plenty of damage has already been done. for those who lost everything to floodwaters, it will take time to recover. katie marzullo has details from guerneville. >> i pretty much lost everything. >> stephanie holder and her husband thought they had 72 hours to evacuate their mobile home park, but they didn't. >> about 40 minutes later we had to leave. there was like a foot of water in the yard. >> they got out with some clothes and their car but they didn't have a truck to move
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their fifth wheel trailer. >> we got up to look at it and saw that our trailer was already swept away. i think i might have found part of the roof stuck in the tree where it used to be at. >> they are relying on community and family service agency for shelter and help. the agency is also their employer. they work helping the homeland. -- helping the homeless. >> they want to get their possessions moved over and so the agents can come back to work. >> i guess we will be starting over. but we have a good place to start. i know there are good people who work here. >> the water is still waist-high in some places. firefighters shared these pictures. they had to evacuate a family, including two young children from their home with a boat. others suffered a muddy mess and hours of cleanup. >> the last time it came up and surrounded the house a little bit. this year it got in the garage, backyard.
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>> people next door aren't there full time, so i had to go shut off their propane and open gates up for them. just try to help a little bit. >> and the work continues. another neighbor fighting water with water. in guerneville, abc7 news. >> the damage is worse than first thought at a san jose safeway store where the ceiling came crashing down. the city inspector has to determine if the building is structurally strong enough to be repaired. this is the damage to a scenic section. highway 1 in marin county. you see a partial collapse of the roadway between panoramic highway and millwood roads. it washed away much of the soil between the road. repairs could continue through march. forecasters say a storm next week is expected to add more snowpack to parts of the sierra. several rain is expected to add several feet of snow to part of the sierra. the snowpack has increased to 40%. they said the big storms would have to continue throughout the winter to make an impact on the drought. the snowpack is important
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because it replenishes reservoirs when it melts during the summer months. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. our weather app is free on apple's app store or google play. we also have more information on >> this morning demonstrators are preparing for two separate marches in oakland and san francisco to protest police brutality. they are calling it the day of anger march. it's a national action. it's the latest reaction to the eric garner and michael brown cases. the marches start at 2:00 in the afternoon at oakland and san francisco's city hall. >> the families of eric garner and michael brown will be in washington, d.c. today for a march demanding justice following the high profile of -- deaths of unarmed black men at the hands. police. the march is expected to draw thousands of people in washington, d.c.
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>> this morning thousands of protesters on their way to the nation's capital. organizers are getting ready for for what could be the largest yet of the hundreds of passionate demonstrations across the country against police brutality and racism after the high profile deaths of michael brown and eric garner. >> get justice. >> they are calling for change with the hashtag white coats for black lives. staging die-ins at columbia, brown, yale. >> i think it's hard for folks to talk about. i think it's tough. so this is one way of coming together and to give voice to these issues. >> congressional staffers walking out of congress this week to make a silent statement. their hands up. the wave of protests and reaction to what activists consider the unnecessary death of unarmed black men, including michael brown, shot to death in ferguson, missouri and eric
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garner, who died after being held in an apparent choke hold in staten island, new york. the anger reignited when grand juries refused to ignite the -- indict the white police officers involved in their deaths. their grieving families now leading this movement to the place they believe it matters most. thousands march with them on capitol hill, demanding congress take action to save lives. >> this group is organizing today. they want a new law that would make it he's year for federal prosecutors to take over these kinds of cases. when they reach the u.s. capitol building, the senate is expected to be in a rare saturday session still working on the spending bill. abc news, washington. michael brown's father is coming to the bay area tomorrow. michael brown, sr. said he wants his son's memory to be respected
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in peace and for political action. he will be speaking at the third baptist church tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. two men face felony charges for attacking police officers wednesday night in berkeley. they arrested justin of wyoming after he aggressively drove his van toward a police officer directing traffic. christopher edwards of petaluma is also charged. edwards is accused of spitting in an officer's face and trying to steal the officer's bicycle. berkeley's police review commission wants the city's police force to temporarily ban the use of teargas, projectiles and batons against crowds. some peaceful protesters have complained about police use excessive force. our media partner reports that the ban would stand until an investigation into the possible improper use of teargas is complete. the city council can take up the issue on tuesday. oakland has spent $1.3 million on police overtime to deal with the violence surrounding protests there. that figure does not include property damage. police have made more than 209
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arrests during 14 protests over a total of 18 days. santa clara county is looking to crack down on police accountability. according to our media partner, "the mercury news" on tuesday the board of supervisors will consider a proposal to give sheriff's officers body cameras. one said he believes the technology will protect the public against officer misconduct. the proposal comes after calls around the country for police accountability, following high profile deaths of unarmed men at the hands of police. of:10 is our time. weather-wise, what are we looking at today? >> it's going to be nice over the weekend. today starting out kind of foggy. 52 snap, 49 at the airport. here's sfo and most of the dense fog is up in the north bay. but we have it in our east bay valleys and parts of the peninsula. i'll detail that for you and talk about the rain for the week ahead and our dry weekend. >> lisa, thank you.
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also ahead, how grinches may have ruined christmas for several dozen needy bay area families. plus, an analysis of holiday sales finds very few actually good deals. we will tell you ways to make sure you get the
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being. >> the most powerful rocket of launched from this air force base took to the skies last night. the unmanned rocket is carrying a payload for the national recognizance office. storms delayed this mission. it was supposed to launch thursday night. san francisco is making another bid to host the summer olympic games. according to our media partner, "the san jose mercury news" tuesday the city will be one of four cities making pitches to the u.s. olympic committee in redwood city. san francisco is vying for the top spot to host the 2024 games against boston, los angeles and washington, d.c. san francisco has lost out on three previous attempts to host the olympics. california is battling the worst whooping cough epidemic to hit the state in 70 years. there's been nearly 10,000 cases across the state have year. california's last epidemic was in 2010.
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but despite an aggressive public health campaign and response, the current outbreak is worse. officials say the limited protection of the vaccine introduced in the 1990s has led to the rise in cases. research has shown it doesn't last as long as the old one. those deals we all took advantage of this holiday shopping season may not have been good deals at all. looked at 54,000 sale items and found less than 1% of them were actually good deals. an analyst for the website said the words "deal" and" sale" have an emotional impact, so they make us more susceptible. there are ways to find actual deals. the website it let's you track items over time and help you find the lowest prices. 6:15, the time. thieves have stolen christmas from nearly 48 families in need
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in the bay area. they are hoping to replace all the gifts that were supposed to be given to the families next week. abc7 news reporter alan wang has the story. >> this was filled to the brim worth of clothes, toys. >> until thieves cleaned out almost all of the christmas presents. >> a heavy duty lock, first of all. they broke through that. and prior to that they cut through the cyclone fence behind me. >> the gifts were wrapped for donations for 48 needy families in contra costa county. this particular toy was for a boy named efron. >> the salvation army families weren't the only ones victimized. the students here at the high school in danville also feel shocked. >> i think i am shocked they would do that. >> it was a school project to write personalized christmas cards and raise money to fulfill each family's wish list.
6:17 am
>> the girls went shopping and we all worked hard because we wanted them to have a good christmas. now it's not there. >> now the students are determined to keep this from being a year without a santa claus. the salvation army of contra costa county is accepting donation toss replace those gifts. in contra costa county, alan wang, abc7 news. if you can help replace those toys, we have information on how to give at hours after someone stole a 20-foot christmas tree, west alameda residents sprang into action. the tree was to be the centerpiece of a holiday celebration being held today. people were outraged when they learned about it on the message board so they dug deep to donate cash and trees. so much so they will now have four trees at today's event from one to four on the corner of wester street and pacific avenue. time is 6:16. getting a check of the weather
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with lisa. it's chilly out there and some fog in parts of the bay? >> definitely fog and an inch of snow near highway 50. things are settling down with the departing low. a few showers lingering just off the monterey coast. but otherwise it's a weak high pressure building in. we do have fog as this morning continues into the next few hours. it will be dense in spots. here's what is offshore. a little bit of moisture continues to sink to the south and east. we are looking at the low visibility. pretty much all around the bay. although it is focused in the north bay and east bay valleys. 42 in redwood city. san francisco good morning, 52 for you. most everyone else is much, much cooler this morning with napa at 39 degrees. 43 in petaluma. and 46 out for our friends in livermore where the visibility is at about three miles. four miles in concord. take a look at the north bay. anywhere from a quarter mile by the delta. three quarters mile santa rosa,
6:19 am
and half-mile petaluma. mountain view is down to a couple miles earlier and the fog is beginning to move into san francisco and oakland with six miles on the coast. so with the fog and the cool temperatures, it's a bit of a switch. certainly feeling like december. 7 degrees below where we were yesterday with temperatures pretty chilly, but typical for december. hears a look from the exploratorium camera. we have low clouds. foggy in spots this morning. a break in the rain for today and much of tomorrow. but the rain returns by tomorrow evening. it will be all across the bay through the overnight hours and we look for the rain to continue into much of next week. eye not going to be huge. we will see several weak systems head our way. but as for today high pressure is bringing a nice break around the bay. this system heads on in on sunday. this is the one that will bring a soggy monday morning commute and actually the most rain out of the week. here's a look at 5:00 tomorrow
6:20 am
night where we've got thickening clouds. by 7:00, 8:00, the rain has moved in. 10:00 the heavy rain is offshore. look what happens overnight. we have moderate rain all across the rain from 680 and 80 down on the peninsula, the santa cruz mountains and your commute monday morning certainly impacted with moderate rain around the bay. by 1:00 we still have some downpours and through the afternoon the rain will add up. up to 2 inches in the santa cruz mountains, parts of the higher elevations of the north bay, and about a half-inch in the blue area. so that's through monday. today we've got dry conditions. numbers in the mid-50s." 56 in livermore. 58 san mateo as well as half moon bay. 59 in santa cruz. so that pushes by on monday and then we see leftover showers on tuesday. they will linger into wednesday and all the systems are cold systems. they will bring a couple inches of snow to the sierra nevada. maybe 3 to 6 inches with each and every day. it's not a lot, but it is some
6:21 am
and they definitely need it in the mountains. we will be dry on thursday and another chance of rain on friday. you see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free. we have more information on b we are lagging far behind at the sear snowpack and about 40% of normal but we will get more into next week. >> good information. lisa, today at least we get a break in the weather. this morning would be a good time to go out and get a jog in, right? >> okay. >> right? >> okay. i'm not going to do it, but for some. >> coming up, why disney film buffs are, sighted about a
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>> welcome pack. we are joined with paula from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> coming up, we are leading this morning with storm damage on the west coast. intense rain causing flooding and mudslides, plus you saw a glimpse at a rare tornado touching down in southern los angeles. our extreme weather team is on the ground all this morning with the latest, and the cleanup
6:25 am
efforts that are happening today. also this morning, we are learning more about that major hack at sony pictures. what the latest hacked e-mails reveal about a possible controversy surrounding jennifer 's compensation and the details of george clooney's upcoming project and how one american surfer just had the ride of his lifetime, catching a major wave. get this, seven stories high just off the coast of portugal. with a what he is saying about that you-dropping set. and finally, beyoncé opening up like never before. she's speaking out about her game, marriage and motherhood all in a short film released on her youtube channel. it seems like beyoncé has surprise of a surprise for her fans. this is the latest. >> who doesn't love beyoncé? bay area viewers will be tuning in for sure. thanks a lot.
6:26 am
have a great day. >> thanks, chris. time now is 6:25. a long lost disney film has been uncovered near the arctic circle. the akind ofists in norway have uncovered an oswalt film. there are plenty but this one from 1927 is rare. previously only a 22nd second taupe existed. it's actually 5:30 long. it was sitting in two unmarked film real case that is hadn't been opened in years. this is video from a different oswalt cartoon. as many of you know, disney is the parent company of abc7. much more ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. with so much rain it would be easy to hope that the drought is over. we will find out, though, how much the storm really helped. and a special holiday surprise in the east bay. how ac transit riders will benefit if they
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>> thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. lisa argen is tracking the weather. hi, lisa. >> a few showers off the half bay moon coast. now they have dissipated. just a lone shower west of carmel. this will sink to the south and east, not causing any problems, just the fog. here's the south beach problem that's causing visibility problems around the pay. sfo4 minute delays. temperatures area degree cooler in hayward to 10 degrees cooler compared to this time yesterday. 39 in napa. here's a look at the visibility across the bay. a quarter mile napa, fairfield, petaluma. six miles at the coast, three quarters mile in santa rosa. fog is going to lift. a weak high pressure builds in and we have sunshine on the way for an almost dry weekend. today will be dry with mid-50s, cool numbers around concord and the livermore valley. upper 50s san francisco. near 60 oakland and then the rain returns as soon as
6:31 am
tomorrow. chris. >> all right. 6:30 the time. lisa, thank you. after days of rain, you know, many people are asking is the drought over yet? not quite, according to experts. this is a look from sky 7hd at the lexington reservoir in santa clara county. despite the rain, the reservoir is still critically low. abc7 news reporter johnathan bloom reports from alongside a creek in san jose. >> when we asked nancy nicholas for an interview, we had no idea we would be helping her fill sandbags. >> hi. he should have repaired this over the summer, and i need to block this little area. >> what happened during the storm yesterday? >> he used lots of towels. >> it's hard to think about flooding when you have been so busy with the drought. >> i installed low-flow shower heads in my showers. we have three bathrooms. >> roberto couldn't pick up sandbags but now he's stuck
6:32 am
filling his own after they ran out. >> this is so much water you might think the drought is over but you would be wrong. >> it didn't produce as much inflow into the reservoir as we expected. sky 78hd shows san jose- lexington reservoir is still critically low. in the before and after shots you can see it helps but the dry ground soaked up so much the reservoir only rose by 3%. the res roar is only the first step. >> we need to replenish the ground water base. even though it's raining it will take time to replenish the base. >> the santa clara valley gets their water from underground. water is released into these ponds where it soaks into the aquifer. the ponds are still dry. but there is another storm coming. >> i say bring it on, but slow and steady. when people get flooded, it's not right. >> we will see if we can pass that request on to the abc7 news weather team. here's the good news. regardless of how and when the rainfalls, the next storm will bring more help for the drought because now the ground is wet and more water will run off into the reservoirs which can help
6:33 am
the south bay's water supplies. here's the other bit of good news. while the ponds have been empty, the water district has been cleaning them out, leaving a nice surface on the bottom so the water can sink down into the aquifer more than before. >> happening today marin county will host an open house to help residents prepare for potential flooding this winter. it's part of fema's high watermark initiative to raise awareness of local flood risk. the event gets underway at 9:30 at the downtown fire station. >> a tornado touched down in los angeles yesterday. take a look. a witness captures the terrifying scene on video. it moved over ten blocks, recommending off a roof and damaging five homes and several cars. residents say they have never seen anything like it. >> i thought the house was going to collapse. the wind closed the door on me.
6:34 am
>> i just looked and saw things blowing everywhere. it was scary. >> the tornado hit just before 9:30 yesterday morning with wind speeds between 65 and 85 miles per hour. richmond police are searching for suspects in connection with a shooting that wounded three people. it happened at around 9:35 last night on southampton court. police say an argument broke out between two groups inside a carport of an apartment complex. at one point a man pulled out a gun and opened fire. two men and one woman were hurt. one of them critically. police say they are looking for a white bmw or mercedes s.u.v. that fled the scene after the shooting. happening today, several bay area cities are holding gun buyback events one day after a gun violence prevention rally was held in san francisco. gun control advocates remember the two-year anniversary of the sandy hook school shooting in
6:35 am
newtown, connecticut. 28 lives were lost in the tragedy. lawmakers and city officials joined the rally to help launch a gun buy back program in san francisco this being weekend. >> i have friends and families murdered in their homes, friends that are in wheelchairs, paraplegic because they have been shot. to me this has a direct impact on helping our community. >> san jose and oakland are also holding gun buyback programs. you can get $100 for each handgun, rifle or shotgun, and $200 for assault weapons. the buybacks start at 9:00 this morning. the san francisco police department says it's cleared a backlog of rape kits dating back more than ten years. they were the focus of an intensive abc7 news i-team investigation. more than 750 cases of sexual assault reported between 2003 and 2013 have now been submitted to a crime lab for analysis. a police spokeswoman said understaffing was the main reason for the massive backlog in the department's crime lab dna section. in 2011 there were only four
6:36 am
employees. today there are 15. police in emeryville have arrested four people suspected of running a sex trafficking ring. it happened at the acucare spa that used to be here at 39th and adeline street. according to investigators, the suspect brought in women from asia to work at prostitutes. after a two year investigation the police shut it down over the summer. the company's new owners demolished the business. >> new 24 morning, president obama is expressing gratitude to the men and women who wear the nation's uniform. mr. obama said the people who serve in the military have met every mission they have been tasked with. in monday he will meet in person with troops in new jersey to thank them for their service. >> troops have been there to destroy ice i will in iraq and syria and supporting our efforts in west after extra to fight the ebola africa and save lives.
6:37 am
in times of crisis and challenge, the world turns to america for leadership. when the world calls on america, we call on the brave men and women of our armed forces to do what no one else can. >> the president is encouraging americans this holiday season to find a way to thank members of the military. still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. barbara walters returns for what she promises will be the last installment of her "ten most fascinating people." we will have a preview of tomorrow night's special. first a look outside from our emeryville camera. you see no major issues near the maze traffic-wise. weather-wise no rain right now, but when will it return? lisa argen returns with the full accuweather forecast in just a few
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this is abc7 news. in the spirit of the sharing, ac transit will celebrate the holiday season with a free ride to some lucky passenger. every year the agency transforms one of its buses into a special holiday carriage with brightly colored decorations to depict the joy and merriment of the season. each day it runs along a different route. the lucky folks who get on will be allowed to ride for free. the holiday bus will run starting tomorrow until january january 3rd.
6:41 am
happening today bikers will be hopping on their motorcycles for a good cause as part of their annual toy run. bike freers the golden gate harley club will deliver gifts to sick kids at the san mateo medical center. donated toys and cash will be collected during registration which begins at 9:30 at dudley perkins harley davidson on cory way in south san francisco. time now is 6:31. lisa, i have to admit driving into work this morning it was a little weird to see dry roads. >> that's true. a nice break i think for the most part over the weekend but not the entire weekend. right now from the roof camera, 49 degrees in san francisco. delays of 47 minutes at sfo. very foggy conditions in spots around the bay. we will tell you where and when the rain returns coming up. >> also ahead, with their playoff hopes on the line, the niners prepare for a rematch
6:42 am
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>> welcome back. a live look outside at our san rafael cam. it's foggy out there. a good amount of drivers already starting their saturday morning. how long will the fog stick around? lisa will let us know in just a few minutes. from music start to actors to billionaires, barbara walters said this year's ten most fascinating people's special
6:45 am
features the best list ever. marcie sat down with barbara and has a preview >> hi, remember me? i'm barbara walters. >> this year's list of the ten most fascinating people is so good, it brought barbara walters back to work. >> the network wanted me to come back. they said you know, one more year, and it's such a good list that i really found it great fun to do. but this will be my last year! i think i said that last year. >> it's a special she started doing in 1993 is back for what she promises will be the last installment. featuring an in-depth look at some of this year's most prominent people in entertainment and pop culture, including scarlett johansson. >> and you would rather do that than act? >> hopefully i won't have to choose. >> michael strahan and taylor swift. but barbara promises this year's list is filled with more than celebrities. >> fascinating because it covers a lot of ground. >> a billionaire, an inventor and one of barbara's favorite people.
6:46 am
>> i always said it was such a really great question. >> all in the top ten. >> people may say why? this is the first time i have interviewed her. she's always different, she always has something new to say. but who came in as number one? barbara said you have to wait until the two-hour special airs sunday night to find out. >> the most fascinating person we keep a secret. i promise you, you will not guess it. >> any hints? >> no. >> marcie gonzalez, abc news, new york. you can catch barbara walters presents the ten most fascinating people of 2014 tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc7. weather-wise we are getting a break from the rain, lisa, but the fog out there is certainly causing some delays out at sfo. >> certainly and also the east bay valleys. we are looking at a dense fog advisory further south around san francisco. that isn't the case here, but some areas less than a quarter mile. so be careful out there.
6:47 am
we will pinpoint them for you in a moment. live doppler 7hd. the sun comes up at 7:17. we've been tracking just a few showers off the coast of that been continuing to sink to the south and east and not much look at all. nice shot from our roof camera. you see a partly cloudy sky. but as chris mentioned, delays at sfo. 47 in oakland and 42 redwood city. certainly a chillier morning out there with 45 half moon bay. here is a look at oakland from the east bay hills camera. you see the low clouds, really foggy in parts of livermore and concord. 39 in napa. so even with the chilly conditions, we are adding some poor visibility to the mix here with three quarters of a mile to a quarter mile from santa rosa, napa, the delta. so we've decreased in visibility down through livermore and the fog moved into san francisco. a little bit in oakland and emeryville. so be careful. give yourself some extra time and not only that, look at the numbers. we saw that 39 in napa.
6:48 am
so it's chilly out there. and you know the winter solstice about a week away. it arrives next sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon. so certainly feeling like winter, and as we look from the exploratorium camera, low fog and we have the clouds this morning. a break in the rain for today. the rain returns tomorrow evening. we will see periods of showers through several days into next week. they aren't huge systems. they are cold systems and they will add to the sierra nevada snowpack and they will add to the reservoirs around here. here's high pressure bringing us a break today. a weak high pressure building in. so that will allow for the fog to clear on out throughout the midmorning hours. and then it is on our heels. an area of low pressure coming out of the gulf of acton that will bring a cold system to the bay. here's a look at 5:00 tomorrow evening. thickening clouds by 7:00, 8:00 we have rain in the north bay. this is so:00 and moderate rain in the east bay around 580.
6:49 am
berkeley and oakland and the santa cruz mountains. overnight hours more moderate rain and it impacts your commute monday morning. it will be soggy, it will be slow in the north bay. look at the moderate rain. it continues to push on through throughout the afternoon. and look for scattered showers into tuesday, as well. the highest elevations of the north bay, the santa rosa crude mountains two inches of rain. three quarters in san francisco. and then with the scattered showers some downpours into tuesday and wednesday we will look for still an active pattern. 60 today. one of the milder rotations over in oakland. 56 in concord. a cool day in san jose at 59. the accuweather seven-day forecast dry today, rain tomorrow evening through monday. more rain likely on tuesday. pretty much it ends by wednesday, and then another system on friday. so it is what we need. they aren't huge systems so i think we will be fine in terms of our flooding potential. except the santa cruz mountains
6:50 am
you will see heavy rain. >> a lot of people will be happy with the forecast today. especially if they have plans to head out to union square, maybe take in the countries mass tree lighting later today. >> yeah. time to get things done. >> thanks, lisa. turning to sports this morning, the warriors will try to extend their franchise-best 14-game winning streak in dallas. to do so they have to beat the mavericks which is the nba's highest scoring team. tip off is at 11:00 a.m. our time. here's rick quan with a preview of this morning's sports report. >> good morning. the warriors can improve their record to the league's best 20-2 today when they play at dallas but they will have to do it without their big man, andrew bogut. he had his right knee drained and will miss the next two games. he injured it last monday. bogut has tendinitis on the knee and will be re-evaluated after the weekend. he's averaging 7 points and 9 rebounds a contest. without him in the middle, it will be tough going down a high-scoring mavericks team. >> this is the best offensive team in the league statistically.
6:51 am
they are a nightmare to guard. they have shooters and ball handlers and penetrators all over the floor. of course, everything revolves around derek. it's probably our biggest challenge of the year defensively. >> kobe and the lakers were in san antonio last night. nick young with the hot hand. he drains the three and scores 29. the lakers led most of the way. but back in san antonio, tim duncan with the hoop. 18th in the all five scoring list. kobe needed 21 to pass michael jordan for first place. he finished with 22 points. they would go to overtime. lakers down by 1 with the shot clock winding down. the miracle three-pointer and the struggling lakers upset the defending champs 112 to 110. >> seattle is expected to beat the niners on sunday. the niners have never been this big of an underdog. it's easy to understand why.
6:52 am
when they met on thanksgiving, the seahawks had themselves a feast, winning 19-3. only one touchdown. colin kaepernick threw for just 121 yards and was intercepted twice by niners' nemesis richard sherman. san francisco's playoff hopes are all but gone with another loss. harbaugh spoke about the rivalry he has with the seahawks. and pete karel. >> he's a great competitors, he's a great football coach. been in a lot of big games. very much look forward to playing against their team. they have such a good football team. >> we see the same players and the coaches and the style. we remember what's going on and how good they have been and all of that. they are very, very close to being right where they need to be at the end of the year. nobody knows how this story is going to get written at this point. >> raiders quarterback derek carr has been named the nfl's rookie of the week after
6:53 am
throwing for 229 yards and a three touchdowns in their win against the niners. he hopes to keep it going tomorrow in kansas city. oakland tries to beat the chiefs for the second time this season. the first win on a rainy night in the coliseum set the 15-game losing streak. murray had a breakout game running for 112 yards and 2 touchdowns on just 4 carries. the 90-yard td run is the ing longest in scrimmage this season. with the teams looking for a playoff spot, they know a win at arrowhead will not be easy. >> it has to be up there in the top couple places to play. i've been fortunate to go in there and play some games there and come out okay. the environment is great. it's a great place for football. they have passionate fans, just like ours. >> and that is sports for saturday morning. i'm rick quan. go out and have a great day! >> 6:53, the time. coming up, santas will be everywhere on the streets of san francisco. how they will really be getting
6:54 am
into the spirit of the
6:55 am
it's holiday time, as our ocean spray cranberries. you can decorate with them, bake with them, even make holiday drinks like our cranberry punch we call the festive sparkler. mm! festive. for all these reasons, we declare the ocean spray cranberry... the unofficial official fruit of the holidays. we'll probably get flak from the dates and figs. but no one can tell them apart, anyway. [ snickers ] vote for this year's holiday greeting at
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>> happening today, day area residents who are feeling particularly festive can don their best attire and hop from bar to bar for this year's santathon. crowds are expected to make their way through san francisco today, stopping at various bars and landmarks along the way. it's part of a worldwide event that's been known to put some of the participants on santa's naughty list.
6:57 am
while it's intended to be fun, the annual flash mob bar crawl has raised some criticism over the years. today's santathon gets underway at noon. it's at union square park. do you think there will be some hot totties around the noon hour? >> there will probably be a few flying around. good morning, everyone. no fog advisories here but to the south of us. the delta, sfo delays of 47 minutes and just three quarters mile visibility in livermore. a weak high pressure builds in bringing sunshine by midmorning and about 3:00 this afternoon, 60 in oakland. rain returns tomorrow night and stays with us through tuesday. then again on friday and adding to the sierra snowpack. >> thanks for joining us on the saturday morning news. news continues online, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile device was our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next. for lisa argen, i'm chris nguyen. we will see you again at 1:00
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call 1-888-xarelto, or visit good morning, america. breaking overnight, california catastrophe. a rare tornado. raging river rescues. trees brought down by record wind and rain. rock slides hitting homes. the extreme weather up and down the west coast and now the huge cleanup. hack attack. new e-mails exposed as more superstars are dragged into the sony hacking scandal. why jennifer lawrence was apparently upset about her salary and what got george clooney fired up. caught on camera, a hit and run at the car wash. the hunt for the driver who crashed into two workers. will this horrifying surveillance video lead to an arrest?


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