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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 13, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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they're killing us. they're killing us. >> power to the people. >> power to the people. >> power to the people. >> power to the people. >> thousands of people take to the streets in the bay area and across the u.s. to protest police shoots. it wasn't all peaceful. in oakland, the protests turned violent tonight. and the police cracked down, arresting dozens of people. we have team coverage tonight. lisa is in san francisco. we begin live in oakland. >> tonight, this demonstration here in oakland wrapped up around 9:30. police moved in and they made
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lots of arrests. police telling us, dozens of people were taken into custody. the first group was at 29th and telegraph. we saw a group of people encircled by officers in riot gear. a second group was surrounded at 17th and franklin. police tell us, some may be cited and released. others may be booked. some charged with unlawful assembly. others may include destruction of property. a group of a few hundred continued marching in the streets, when officers declared unlawful assembly. that was declare affidavit vandals hit a whole foods market on bay street. two, large windows were shattered there. nearby, someone also set a flag on fire. at several points in the evening, some in the group tried to get on to i-980 near downtown. but lots of highway patrol officers kept that group from entering the freeway.
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this is a demonstration that started peacefully around noon. and grew around 2:00. and had two, major groups from across the east bay join in oakland. in total, police say about 3,000 people participated. this coincided with national protests that was part of the ongoing efforts to draw attention to deadly shootings by police of unarmed black men. and here in oakland, i can tell you that police mobilized lots of officers from across the east bay. they just released details. a total of 11 agencies offered officers to help in patrolling the streets here in oakland. the cost of protests is rising. oakland has spent $1.3 million in police overtime to deal with the violence of the protests.
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and that figure does not include property damage. protesters marched along market street to city hall. we look at that part of today's demonstration. >> you know, what a difference a few hours can make. city hall has been transformed into a party venue. earlier tonight, though, police and sheriff's deputies blocked the steps of city hall to keep protesters from going on. the entire street behind me was filled with people, demanding change. they chanted, they marched and they remembered the ones who brought them together. >> a moment of silence for those who have died. >> the list of those killed by law enforcement was long. though there were thousands of different faces in the crowd, there was one unified message. >> they're killing us. they're killing us. and i can't anymore. we have to come together.
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>> black people and brown people are not treated the same in society. >> the heavy police presence frustrated many of the protests. once the scheduled event was over, hundreds marched on and shut down the street around union square. police rushed to control the protest route. but the marchers brought traffic to a complete standstill, at west field center and market street. the group took off once again. and this time, headed to the mission district. the faces in this protest had changed. there were no children or families here. instead, angry individuals. they stopped in front of the police station on valencia. the crowd remained loud but peaceful, vowing to keep up the fight.
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>> there were protests across the nation today as people called for change. in new york city, people marched along fifth avenue. >> look at the masses. black, white, all races. all religion. this is a great moment. this is a historymaking moment. >> eric garner's mother was among the speakers in the protests in washington, d.c. authorities at u.c. berkeley want to know who put three effigies tied with nooses on the u.c. berkeley campus. the cardboard display shocked students taking place in a demonstration this morning. each one included the words, i can't breathe, a reference to eric garners final words before he died at the hands of the
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new york police officer. they've sense been taken down. >> it means too much. and unfortunately, i don't think people understand what a destructive image and what a horrible history lynching was. >> the university spokesperson says the university will do everything it can to identify a suspect and prosecute them. two people are recovering after a delivery truck lost control going down a hill in san francisco. the truck was headed down 21th street. but he couldn't stop when he got to guerrero street. the truck slammed into a car, over the median and into three parked cars before crashing into a stop in a building. the truck driver and the driver of the sedan were hurt. >> the people that were working on that building had been there 30 seconds before. one guy apparently was up on the scaffolding still. and pushed himself into a window or something as it was happening. >> engineers are checking the
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scaffolding to make sure it is still stable. check out this video. a car caught on fire on southbound 880 in oakland this afternoon. the driver used a blanket to try to put out the flames before firefighters got there. lots of cleanup across the state of thursday's powerful storm. city workers helped finish draining the property on bay shore road. officials issued a mandatory evacuation order last night because of gases and dirt in the water. >> pretty scared after the fire department evacuated my neighbors. it was amazing to see the waters carry heavy items. i saw chairs floating by. saw heavy stairs. >> with more rain expected next week, residents say they will be ready. in san mateo, crews removed
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a tree that came crashing down into a home. the rain-soaked soil caused the oak's roots to buckle. the homeowners had purchased the house the day before and had not yet moved in. we have a first check of weather. >> good evening, everyone. live doppler showing some clouds. but rain is on its way. it's going to move in tomorrow night. i'll show you the latest forecast animation. and looks like 10:00 tomorrow night, we'll start to see rain along the peninsula coast. a wet commute and the heaviest rain probably monday afternoon into monday night, is when things start to taper off. this rain system will probably bring about two inches in some of the higher elevations. not as strong as last thursday. but we could see some mudslides, rockslide and downed trees, as well, because of the saturated
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soil i'll let you know what's in the forecast ahead. here's a hint, more rain. >> you can see what's showing up on live doppler anytime, with the abc 7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play. and we have information at still to come, crisis averted at the nation's capital. the last-minute deal to keep the government funded. plus, getting more guns off the street. and lending a helping hand to someone in need. what a police officer did for a woman accused of
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dozens of people turned out for three, separate buyback events in the bay area. this one in san francisco. this one to pay tribute for the victims of the sandy hook shooting. tomorrow marks two years since adam lanza fatally shot 22 before killing himself. on monday, the city council will consider a ban that prohibits smoking in commercial areas, like the stanford shopping center, as well as all eating areas, public events and work sites. the penalty for a first offense would be $250. the ordinance would ban pharmacies from selling tobacco and e-cigarettes. h 400 volunteers worked in
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shifts this afternoon, at sacred heart community service in san jose. they boxed up canned food and fresh produce. thousands of families will receive these gifts. and for many, it's more than just a holiday meal. >> it's their groceries to get through the month. the cost of living is so high in the bay area. >> all of the food boxes will be handed out to families next week. it's the time of year where we hear about strangers helping each other. in one alabama town, an entire community stepped up to help a mom in need. and it started with an act of compassion from just one man in uniform. here's abc news reporter, steve osunsami. >> reporter: she admits to the police officer, she just stole three eggs. but she tells him she has five
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children at home and $1.25 in her pocket. >> he says, i have to put food in my baby's stomach. >> reporter: but officer william stacy did next, was started an outpouring of good wishes aimed squarely at the people and police. he ran inside, paid for the eggs and told her to take them home. >> he bought me not three eggs, but a dozen. wrapped up in a yellow bag. >> reporter: more than 500,000 people watching the video online, started to send food to the police station for people across the city. in the last few weeks, the police encounter was celebrated. >> want more eggs? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: they went to her home with arm fulls of groceries. she says their understanding is overwhelming. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. a worldwide event that got
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started in san francisco may have made its last trek through the city today. you might have noticed all of the santas or would that be santi? it is santa-con. men and women dressed up as santa and visiting landmarks and bars. the first santa-con began here. the original goal was to poke fun of the consumerism of christm christmas. >> the spirit of christmas. and a good time. >> i read that they wanted people to donate toys. i feel that's part of it. honestly, i don't know. i wanted to dress up like santa and join everybody. >> today, s.f. santa-con tweeted this picture. r.i.p. it started here, it ends here. they staged a funeral for the event this afternoon. not sure it's going to go away quite that easily.
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let's send it to francis in for drew tonight. >> we have more rain on its way. and live doppler showing us a lot of cloud cover around the bay area. we've done well for the season to date, in terms of rainfall. above normal everywhere. check out moffett field. 267% of normal right now. san jose, over 200% of normal. the drought is not over. the snowpack is still below normal at 40% statewide. we're better than a year ago, at 31%. but we have a ways to go. we made a dent the last two days. since wednesday afternoon, check out all of the rainfall we've had. over six inches in a lot of the locations. around the bay, areas of over three inches and four inches, as well. a live view from emeryville,
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looking out. temperatures are cooling down. san francisco 52. oakland 49. and mid-40s through redwood city, and morgan hill. there's fog developing in santa rosa and in livermore. we're enjoying the view looking out to san francisco. the rain starts tomorrow night. that's what you have to know. the heaviest rain will probably be monday afternoon into the evening. and more rain, tuesday into wednesday. and another one after that. i'll show you that with the seven-day forecast. high pressure has kept us dry. that's going to continue until tomorrow afternoon, before the next system will slide in late tomorrow night and continue all the way through monday. so, i showed you the timing of the model earlier. and rainfall amounts, up to two inches in some of the higher elevations. the darker green shows where we'll probably get the most rain along the north bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains. easily an inch for monday. overnight lows, on the cool
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side. look for fog to develop again, in the valleys where we have cool air. only 39 in cloverdale. 40 in santa rosa. and look for 41 in morgan hill. tomorrow's temperatures will be similar to today's. maybe a degree or two warmer. in the upper 50s for most everyone to near 60. look for 59 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. 55 in antioch. and here's where the model runs. it shows how it plays out through the week. monday night, some rain. tuesday, another system moves in. tuesday night, into wednesday morning. we have leftover showers. wednesday afternoon, to thursday, looking pretty dry, until another system heads our way friday, possibly into saturday. here's that very wet accuweather seven-day forecast. take advantage of the dry break because it's not going to last. we might not see one for a while, wednesday into thursday. heaviest rain on monday, up to two inches. this isn't as strong as last week. we can still see mudslides and
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rockslides. the ground is saturated. downed trees, a possibility. over to shu with the sports. and on the ice. >> the sharks a test tonight at the tank. a first for the oregon ducks, as
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the shake sharks have to win games against teams like nashville. joe pavelski and the sharks entering with a six-game win streak. tomas hertl cleans it up. antii niemi was stone-cold tonight. blocks neal's scoring chance here. joe thornton ices the game.
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the sharks win for the seventh time. 2-0, your final. the 80th heisman trophy handed out with melvin gordon, amari cooper and marcus mariota. all deserving. but one was special. and his name is -- >> the winner of the 2014 heisman memorial trophy is marcus mariota from the university of oregon. >> marcus is the first hawaiian native to win the heisman. he threw for over 3,700 yard, 38 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. ran for almost 700 yards and 14 t.d.s. and likewinners, he was very emotional. >> words can't express what you guys mean to me. i'm truly grateful to have you guys in my life. mom and dad, thank you for your
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in the country through covered california.s i'm living proof that health insurance works. i'm in, because i'm getting the best care around. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to the warriors are making news around the nba. 15-straight wins, 9 on the road. they're really good. and the mavericks wound that out in dallas. the warriors jump out to a 16-point first quarter lead. shaun livingston had a first quarter layup. the dubs up. misses to clay. jams home 2 of his 25. before half, dirk nowitzki. he has 23. a former warrior, monta ellis,
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knocks down the contested three. he dishes to tyson chandler. warriors up 13 in the third. loses to shu. next time down the floor, steph tosses it to mo. draymond green had a 20, including this layup. warriors win 105-98. 12th team in history to start the season 20-2. >> we kept our composure for the most part. and held strong in the second half, when they gave it all they had. and a big win for us. stanford hosting denver. denver jumped out to a ten-point lead in the first half. love rises. buries the three. pioneers led 25-17 at the break. stanford fights back. he had ten. anthony brown, a game-high 17 off the pine, coast-to-coast.
11:31 pm
cardinal hang on. cal's mopping the floor with opponents, undefeated at home. tigers jump out early. steven cook behind the screen. drains the princeton led by nine at the half. tyrone wallace, with the dunk. cal wins 67-57. abc 7 sports report. raider/niner previews coming up. a sigh of relief in washington tonight. the big budget problem that was averted. and more secrets revealed from the sack at sony pictures.
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good evening. in tonight's headlines, windows smashed at the whole foods on bay street in oakland. it's another day of protests over police killings. they did turn violent tonight. police arrested 45 demonstrators for vandalism. the protests ended around 9:30 tonight. earlier, a peaceful demonstration near lake marte. and in san francisco, a heavy police presence marked a march down market street. at one point, marchers brought the traffic to a standstill. the demonstration ended in the mission district. protests took place across the country.
11:36 pm
most were peaceful. ba bazi kanani wassed n the nation's capital. >> we are all tired of big sick and tired. >> reporter: thousands of protesters in the nation's capital, to protest the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of a police officer. the protesters taking their message to the u.s. capital. a call to action, ignited by the fatal shooting of mycheal brown in ferguson, missouri, and this apparent choke hold killing of eric garner in new york. >> we need national legislation and intervention to save us from state grand juries that says it's all right to choke people,
11:37 pm
even on tape. and you won't bring them to court. >> we are here for justice. we hope they hear our voices. >> and protesters bound to keep up the pressure to end police brutality and racism. >> we're going to march. we're going to protest. we're going to lie down. we're going to sit down. we're going to stand in the way, until we get justice. >> that call echoed today in cities from boston to new york, where thousands of protesters marched through several manhattan neighborhoods. >> michael brown's father will be in the bay area tomorrow. michael brown sr. is speaking out after his son was shot and killed in ferguson, missouri. brown says he wants his son's memory to be respected in peace. brown will be speaking at the third baptist church tomorrow at 4:00. santa clara county sheriff's
11:38 pm
deputies may be the next officers in the bay area to wear body cameras. the board of supervisors will consider a propoeszal to outfit deputies with the cameras. recently, the richmond police department approved use of the cameras. the move follows calls for more police accountability. it's official. the u.s. government will not shut down. justice. >> the yeas, 56. the nays are 40. >> the spending bill is on its way to president obama's signature. it provides money for nearly the entire government through september. tense moments for airplane passengers after a bird strike
11:39 pm
forced an emergency landing. people heard a bang that caused the plane to shake. the impact left a hole in the plane's wing and sent flames shooting from tengen. the flight from san antonio, texas, has to make an emergency landing in baltimore. no one was hurt. but the experience frayed a lot of nerves. >> i have never been more sure on a flight that i was going to die. very heavy impact. very loud. >> one of my colleagues was sitting on the right side. he could see almost fire works through the window. >> pilots train for this type of event. and planes are designed to fly with just one engine. the hits keep coming for movie giant, sony. they're not the good kind of hits. new revelations from the hacked e-mails have more a-list stars exposed. here's abc reporter linzie
11:40 pm
janis. >> reporter: tonight, the sony hackers strike again. the group behind a cyber attack on the company, releasing more stolen e-mails. and reportedly promising a large christmas gift that will put sony pictures in the worst state. the latest stolen e-mails reportedly shows sony executives slamming leonardo dicaprio for pulling ut of the jobs film. a leaked script from the new james bond film, "specter." along with notes to try to improve it. and a wish list for all female leads in a new ghostbusters movie. executives apparently debating aggressive legal action against original "ghost buster" bill murray, should he stand in the way of that film. >> it's a digital era disaster.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: among the revolutions getting the most attention, documents reportedly showing jennifer lawrence and so star, amy adams, reportedly earning less than their co-stars on "american hustle." and a female executive at sony making significantly less than her male counterpart. sony chair, amy pascal, has spent the week apologizing, after an e-mail exchange showed her and a colleague making racial jokes about president obama. she said she reached out to civil rights leaders, jesse jackson and al sharpton. her remarks going all the way to the white house. >> the executive whose e-mails made public had apologized for the contents of the e-mails. >> linzie janis reporting. sony has not commenting. the day in numbers. what makes today so special? and high-tech fashion.
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♪ [instrumental music] ♪ new photos released of the future king of england.
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the duke and duchess of cambridge have released three official christmas photographs of prince george. almost as cute as my nephew. wearable technology is about to get more wearable, if some determined designers have their say. jonathan bloom talked to a team that shows off the softer side of tech. >> i have misfit shine. the g-2 watch. >> when bruce makes a fashion statement, elegant may not be the first thing that comes to mind. >> i'm a wearable guy. >> reporter: how did a silicon valley engineer get involved with a fashion show, all about style, glamour and sex. >> there's a lot going on under my skirt, let me tell you. there's six motors. there's actually a computer chip
11:46 pm
brain. >> reporter: she is wearing a dress that could set off a metal detector. marilyn monroe would be jealous of the skirt that goes poof. >> you can transform into a ball gown. >> reporter: shown off on the runway and here at home, the robotic dress is to prove a point. >> our goal is to show the world that, yes, tech can be fashionable. >> reporter: beyond the fashion industry helping give tech a makeover, there's another side to this. there's some that believe technology could solve one of the biggest problems. >> the world where clothing is smarter and more versatile. >> if one piece of clothing does more, you need less opinion. >> and a dress that goes from office to ballroom is just the
11:47 pm
beginning. >> a robotic coat, that would stop its hood up. >> it's called 360 fashion network. silicon valley is likely the locale of the next show. >> i'm sweating now. and my shirts will probably help me out before i get embarrassed. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc news. you have a few minutes left to enjoy a special day that probably won't happen again in your lifetime. it is 12-13-14 today. the last of the 12 sequential dates this century. and a lot of people really got into the date today. a las vegas wedding chapel had 120 couples booked for ceremonies. there won't be another sequential calendar date. you're looking at january 2nd, 2034.
11:48 pm
enjoy today. we have some weather to keep an eye on. >> you can enjoy tomorrow, as well. showing us extensive cloud cover that's going to build overnight. we're looking at sfo. and look for fog to develop. temperatures dropping, like santa rosa, 45. visibility down to about one fourth of a mile this morning. tomorrow, we see the same thing. we have cool numbers ahead. highs tomorrow, around the state, near average. look for 52 in chico. 41 in tahoe. 64 in los angeles. the partly-cloudy conditions. tomorrow, we bump it up a degree or two. we see some sunshine before the rain comes in late tomorrow night into monday. for everyone, mainly in the upper 50s to near 60. 59 in san francisco. 61 in oakland.
11:49 pm
we're getting the rain late tomorrow night into tomorrow, into monday. and that means snow in the sierras, as well. levels dropping down about 5,000 feet, up to six inches of snow in the higher elevations. carry chains. we have rain on the way. sunday night into monday. heavy at times. more than likely, another system moves in. turning into morning showers wednesday. a break on thursday before another system on friday. so, we're also going to be getting quite a bit as know in the sierras. it's going to look like a good ski season for christmas break. >> that's nice for the holidays. i would have liked to see a seven-day before. now, it makes me nervous. >> it is dangerous. but we can use it. >> definitely. what can we use in sports?
11:50 pm
>> we could use a couple victories. the raiders trying to face off in kansas city tomorrow. in kansas city tomorrow. and the niners season on the ♪
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11:52 pm
♪ the 49ers' season is coming down to one game. and unfortunately, it's against the seahawks in seattle.
11:53 pm
the 49ers are 0-3, at century link field, the past three years. including a loss in the nfc title game. they beat the seahawks 19-3. at levi's stadium, where colin kaepernick threw two interceptions. the seattle defense is the best in the league. and they seem to play even better against the 49ers opinion but vernon davis says this week, colin kaepernick's teams not ready to bust out. >> he looks as if he's determined. and he's ready to go. he's being a leader. i like that out of him. >> anytime i've watched him, just the same thing. a lot of talented guys. they fly around. play great team defense. and they make plays. so, we got a tough job this week. raiders quarterback, derek carr, was named nfl rookie of the week, after throwing for 224 yards and 3 t.d.s last sunday against the 49ers. the raiders try to beat the
11:54 pm
chiefs for the second time in three weeks. the first win snapped the losing streak for the silver and black. it came in week 12. latavius murray broke loose, for four carries, including this 90-yarder, the lorngest from scrimmage in the nfl this season. the raiders know a win at arrowhead won't be easy. >> it has to be up in the top couple toughest places to play. i've come out okay. the environment's great. great for football. they have passionate fans, just like ours. college football. 114th version of the army/navy game. navy has dominated late. on a blocked punt, hoping to end the losing streak. just before the half, navy answered. keenan reynolds, rolls right. that's a game-tying touchdown. navy up three in the fourth. reynolds dived in for the t.d.
11:55 pm
17-10, to make 13-straight over the cadets. the warriors are becoming the best team in basketball. they start with a three-game swing, starting in dallas. steph curry and the warriors, rocking the slate jersey. warriors jump out to the lead. shaun livingston, ahead to steph. dubs with 26 in the second. steph, out to klay. a lilt slash brothers combo. 2 of his 25. steph, before the half, finished to dirk knnowitzki. and ellis, also dishing to tyson chandler. warriors, 13 in the third. loses a shoe. next time down, steph tries to get it back to mo. swatted by chandler into the
11:56 pm
first row. draymond green had 20. watch this, one hand. all the way. didn't touch it with his other. they are the 12th team in nba history to start 20-2. >> we kept our composure for the most part. and really, you know, held strong in the second half. big win for us. the sharks hosting nashville. two predators -- sharks strike first. joe pavelski throw it up. tomas hertl. antti niemi, the shutout. and in the third, joe thornton. sharks win seven of the last eight. this sports report, brought to you by ebay. the 49ers, a loss and their season is pretty much over, in terms of getting to the postseason. this is a must-win. haven't won in three games up there. i feel they might break out and
11:57 pm
get the victory. should be interesting. >> that would be a great victory. everyone knows it's hard to beat seattle. >> all three out and get some help from other teams to make it to the postseason. so, stay tuned. we'll have the highlights for you tomorrow at 5:00. that's going to do it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow at 5:00. thanks so much for joining us. the news continues, now, online, on twitter, facebook and your mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. have a good one.
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