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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 14, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- jailbreak. the massive manhunt on right now for two accused killers and an armed robbery suspect. >> these individuals are extremely dangerous. >> how they fooled the guard into opening the jail cell and the cleaning supplies they used to help make their getaway out the front door. 007, oh, no. the sony hackers taking aim at the world's most famous superspy. >> name is bond. james bond. >> and how they're blowing his cover. the latest stars caught up in the scandal. and the hackers' new threat of a christmas surprise. air scare. terrifying moments on a jam-packed passenger jet, the engine in flames, a hole in the wing, the pilot forced to make a daring landing.
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>> i had never been more sure on a flight that i was going to die. >> what caused the emergency in the sky. and what a face. prince george mugging for the camera, an adorable christmas present for the world. the precious poses of the boy who will some day be king. when they show the picture of the baby, paula and sara basically losing their minds. incredibly cute. amazing. amazing. good morning, everyone. also on the show this morning, barbara walters will swing by to talk about her ten most fascinating people special. that airs tonight right here on abc. >> look forward to that. she'll discuss with us her interviews with scarlett johansson and oprah winfrey and the gentleman you just saw a second ago, "gma's" own michael strahan.
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>> of course, she won't tell us who's number one on her most fascinating list. but she does have some intriguing insights, and that's all coming up very soon. >> we look forward to that. but we do want to get right to that jailbreak, a trio of dangerous inmates who busted out of an alabama county jail are on the lam this morning. and abc's tom llamas is here with the latest on the manhunt. good morning, tom. >> paula, good morning to you. the trio busted out on 2:00 a.m. on saturday. more than 100 police officers and marshals are looking for the three fugitives who ran out of the jail right through the front door. this morning 23-year-old justin terrell gordon has been caught after he and two other inmates escaped more than 24 hours ago from this alabama jail. a manhunt is still under way for the remaining two inmates, both accused murderers. >> these individuals are extremely dangerous. >> reporter: 23-year-old demarcus woodward and 32-year-old gemayel culbert, awaiting trial for capital murder charges. they were sharing the cell with accused burglar 23-year-old justin terrell gordon, when they launched their brazen and intricate escape plan by faking
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a medical emergency. >> one of the inmates was vomiting profusely. they were saying he's sick. he's dying. he's sick. >> reporter: that prompted a guard to check through the cell's porthole but when he opened the door, one of the prisoners quickly fled by foot while the other two stole the guard's keys and cell phone. then incapacitating the jailer by placing a cloth over the jailer's face and spraying it with cleaning chemicals. after the attack, the three prisoners exited the jail through the front door. now, a task force is combing the area that's just two hours outside of jackson, mississippi. and officials say they are short on leads. >> just outside the gate, the dog's sniffed on the trail. the trail was lost somewhere so we feel they had a vehicle or someone picked them up. >> reporter: police urging caution. >> if they can, i'm sure they'll fight. they don't have anything to lose. >> reporter: residents are prepared. >> i have a pistol and i'm on the ready. >> you heard it right there.
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dogs tracked the men a quarter mile from the jail to a highway. investigators believe the men either had a vehicle stashed or someone picked them up. as for the jailer, he was treated and released from the hospital. he's going to be okay. >> tom llamas with our lead story this morning. thank you. they are cleaning up in california this morning after a huge storm that brought some of the heaviest rain in memory, debris flying. even a rare tornado. now, there's a new storm moving in. one that has a lot of people worried. let's get the latest now from our own meteorologist rob marciano. who's in seal beach, california. rob, good morning. >> good morning, dan. they're shoring up the beach here, high surf advisories today. the swells will be building tomorrow. they lost a lot of sand this year from the eastern pacific hurricanes. they trucked in 10,000 to 20,000 cubic yards of sand to build this berm. they build it every year but they're more concerned this year with the storminess and the new storms coming in. yesterday they had been working into the night. check this out, they brought in cement trucks to pump concrete uphill hoping that that mountain stays in place as this next batch of rain rolls in.
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here's how it's going to time out. the front arrives in northern california tonight and early tomorrow morning. the rain begins to start across the entire state on monday. it will be heavy at times. and last through tuesday, into wednesday morning. how much rain do we expect to see? well, about a half as much we saw with this last storm. that's still significant. 1 to 2 inches in california. over 2 inches in some spots in northern california. areas burned by wildfires they'll be susceptible to mudslides. we'll likely see some flooding with this next system. you know, paula, we definitely need the rain here in california but we're hoping we get it more spread out and not quite as heavy as we saw late last week. back to you. >> everything in moderation. we'll check in with you a little bit later in the show. and new details this morning in the investigation of the sony hack attack. it looks like a case where james bond 007, was the latest victim and the cyber criminals with a new cryptic message this morning
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promising a, quote, christmas gift soon. abc's cecilia vega has the very latest. >> reporter: this morning, the hackers behind the cyberwar against the movie giant, striking in form of new e-mail sent to journalists. abc partner fusion obtaining the e-mail that ominously promises a christmas gift of new, more massive leaks of stolen files. even the biggest superspy of them all james bond, falling victim. >> the name is bond. james bond. >> reporter: the top-secret script for the new 007 film stolen in the breach. the movie's producers saying in a statement to abc news, an early version of the screenplay for the new bond film "specter" is amongst the material stolen and illegally made public by hackers. >> it's truly a digital error disaster. >> reporter: a new report shows stolen e-mails show sony executives slamming leonardo dicaprio for pulling out of a steve jobs biopic. and making jokes about will smith's children. sony isn't commenting.
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the latest threat from the hackers says messages like those may not be the worst. >> reputational damage. the money damage, the criminal damage. sony is at the mercy of their hackers. >> reporter: fred house is a security consultant for the firm hired by sony in the wake of the attack. he can't comment on the investigation but says there may be no end in sight to nightmares like this one. >> as the stakes become higher, instead of having ten guys capable of carrying out sophisticated attacks you have hundreds. >> reporter: the fbi investigation is ongoing. the hackers calling themselves the guardians of peace, leaving a trail of destruction that is anything but peaceful. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> cecilia, thank you. let's bring in cybersecurity expert jd sherry, vice president of technology and solution for trend micro. joining us from denver, good morning to you. first and foremost, the hackers are promising that the worst is
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yet to come. a christmas gift that will put sony in, quote, the worst state. why can't they find the source of these attacks to stop them? >> good morning, paula, this is such an unfortunate incident for sony. the source of these attacks really could come from a number of different capabilities, including insider capability, insider information. advanced attacks that are looking at how sony's networks are set up. it's really coming down to a level of destructive malware capability. that quite honestly is holding sony hostage, as far as their network is concerned right now. >> and these hackers could be presently embedded in their network as we speak. as for american companies, that might think they're safe from these sort of attacks, but what's the lesson here and what companies will be at risk? >> we have seen similar capability recently announced with sands casino around this destructive malware, almost like a digital hand grenade ready to go off. the real concern around american
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companies, whether it's media or national critical infrastructure is ultimately that these are persisting inside our networks and we weren't able to detect them at this point in time. so massive investments. people, process and advanced breach detection capability is really what american companies and really the u.s. government, is looking at deploying at this point in time, to thwart these attacks at this time. >> so, sony just bracing for the next shoe to drop. this is far from on over. jd, thank you. a white-knuckle emergency landing for a passenger plane heading for baltimore, this happened after a bird strike. that left a hole in the wing and set the engine on fire. gloria rivera is at the airport with the latest. gloria, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. passengers say it was the first few minutes that were the most unsettling. a loud bang, the plane shaking. one man telling me those around him were asking, are we going to make it? look at this image snapped by a terrified passenger. flames shooting from the plane's engine. >> i had never been more sure on
7:10 am
a flight that i was going to die. >> reporter: those on board say the bird strike left a hole in one of the wings. the pilot took this cool-headed action, announcing they would try for an emergency landing. >> the pilot very quickly came on the air and announced that we have had a bird strike. >> he knew exactly what it was? >> he knew exactly immediately what it was. >> reporter: through it all, the pilot's calm voice keeping their nerves in check until they were on the ground. the plane landed safely. no injuries to the 142 passengers and 5 crew on board. >> the pilot was very good and incredibly calm and professional. >> reporter: bird strikes are up according to faa. from 1,851 in 1990 to a record, 11,315 in 2013. a sixfold increase. in 2010, the miracle on the hudson, a jet losing both engines in a bird strike. passengers commended the pilot for his calm action. everyone survived.
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for southwest 3118, a similar escape from what could have been catastrophe. >> when we finally landed everyone applauded the captain, multiple times. and yeah, i just sort of looked him in the eye, shook his hand and said thank you. >> reporter: southwest airlines said only that the jetliner was taken from here at baltimore's airport in for inspection. no further details on an investigation and how much damage was done to the plane. again, the passengers saying the pilot and crew were the essence of calm under pressure. hats off to them. dan. >> gloria, thank you. we move now to big news in the 2016 race for the white house. what could be the firmest indication yet that jeb bush, brother of the former president, may soon jump in the race. in an exclusive interview with wplg, our abc station in miami, bush said he will decide soon and that in the mean time he's putting out an e-book on his time as florida governor. >> i'm going to make up my mind in short order. as part of that, as i thought,
7:12 am
if i'm capable of running and serving i'd look back at my previous campaigns and the eight years that i got to serve as governor, it reminded me that in spite of what appears to be the case here in this current environment in washington, you can do big things, if you set the stage in a campaign, and then move forward. >> okay, so, let's bring in abc's martha raddatz who's in washington this morning, hosting "this week." martha, is it fair to say that this sounds like a guy who's pretty sure he's going to run? >> it certainly does sound that way, dan. there is more, besides that ebook he's releasing a trove of e-mails, about 250,000 of them from his time as governor. why you might say? he says it's transparency. but avid 2016 watchers say he's trying to beat the opposition researchers. also his family seems to be pretty supportive in all of this, as you know. so it does seem he's leaning in the direction of running. >> very quickly given that he's a centrist is he going to have a problem winning the primaries
7:13 am
where there are a lot of very conservative voters? >> that's really the trickiest part of all this. one on his adviser's minds and his own, he doesn't want to alienate the conservative base but doesn't want to stray too far from his more centrist views. he said the republican nominee might have be willing to lose the primary to win the general. without violating your principles. pretty tough to do. >> tricky balance, martha, thank you. martha has a big show this morning. she'll be interviewing the former cia director michael hayden about that so-called enhanced interrogation techniques used after 9/11. that's coming up on "this week" later this morning right here on abc. we're tracking a lot of other developing stories. we turn it over to ron. >> good morning to you, paula and dan. sara, hi. good morning, everyone. tens of thousands of people flooded the streets all across the country in protests against what they call police violence aimed at black men and boys. abc's bazi kanani has more. [ chanting ]
7:14 am
>> reporter: tens of thousands taking to the streets for a day of protesting of police brutality. and racial discrimination. >> i hope that this is catalyst. people keep marching and keep talking. >> reporter: from berkeley, to new york, and to boston, where police arrested 23 people trying to block traffic. but the main march heading right to the u.s. capitol. this is easily the largest of these protests we have seen in recent weeks and the protesters out here say this is the most important one. >> if they don't see this and make a change, i don't know what we got to do. >> reporter: the mother of michael brown joining other grieving families now calling for new laws. and special prosecutors for cases like theirs. >> we have to come here and plead they fix this broken justice system. >> reporter: protesters vowing to keep this movement moving forward. for "good morning america," bazi kanani, abc news, washington. the senate working overtime,
7:15 am
approved a sweeping $1.1 trillion spending bill ending the threat of a possible government shutdown. the measure provides funding for nearly the entire government through september of next year, 2015. the one exception, department of homeland security, which got only enough money to last through or into february. president obama is expected to sign that bill into law. and we have breaking news this morning, an auburn football player jackell mitchell has been shot and killed. police and officials in auburn, alabama have confirmed the 18-year-old freshman halfback died this morning of multiple gunshot wounds. the shooting took place at an off campus housing complex called the tiger lodge. so far there have been no arrests in this case. and a texas man in north korea this morning, appearing on state-run television, denouncing the u.s. arturo pierre martinez illegally entered north korea by crossing the river border between that country and china. martinez has not been taken into custody according to north korean officials. his parents have reportedly said
7:16 am
that martinez suffers from bipolar disorder. and bill cosby is breaking his silence, sort of, about the scandal involving a growing list of women who accuse him of drugging and sexually assaulting them. when reached by telephone from a writer from "the new york post," cosby declined to address those allegations, instead took aim at the african-american media. saying, quote, i only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism, and when you do that you have to go with a neutral mind. when asked how his wife is holding up, he said simply, love and the strength of womanhood. and finally, a question, that we probably all pondered at one time or another, what happens when you combine an ambitious wedding proposal and a construction crane? >> never thought of that one. >> think about it, watch. >> sorry, funny. >> a man in holland rented a crane so he could be lowered to his beloved to serenade her and ask for her hand in marriage. that went badly awry. the crane crashed. it gets worse, the crane, trying to fix that, it crashes again, a second time.
7:17 am
while crews are trying to secure it. some good news, no one was injured. after all that, she said no? just kidding. >> oh, my goodness. >> she said yes. >> that might be a sign. >> he still might not be the one for you. >> it's gone wildly viral. and by the way, i'm releasing a trove of e-mails, and an e-book later today but i'm not running for president. in 2016 at least. >> setting the record state. >> i'm closing that out. >> you would have my vote if you ran. >> i would totally vote for you. >> we're on your team. we're going to move on now to a slightly more successful on-camera gambit. this one does not involve a proposal. a college kid hitting the streets with this wacky portable mistletoe. has lots of surprised, women who are actually puckering up for him. and sara is here with more on this wildly viral kissing video. >> i love this guy, honestly, he has the best sense of humor. typically, i live by the don't kiss and tell mantra. when you're hitting the streets to lock lips with strangers in the name of holiday fun.
7:18 am
you better tell all and get video doing it. call him kiss crinkle. a chicago college student blake rigby defying the naughty list. kissing all of santa's girls and boys with a self-made mistletoe contraption popping right out of his back pack. waiting patiently for holiday magic to strike. >> good luck! >> reporter: and spreading holiday cheer one smooch at a time. >> oh, thank you. >> i'm the oldest one you're going to get today, honey. >> reporter: this gizmo working so well he even gets volunteers. >> can i kiss you? >> yes. >> i'm going to get all sort of cozy. >> of course. >> okay. >> reporter: the 21-year-old says he's a positive prankster, he's not in it for the free lip-locking. but for the seasonal smiles that follow the christmas gift. >> we love these positive videos. we love to do things that make other people really happy. >> reporter: but mr. mistletoe isn't wasting this opportunity to find his right missus.
7:19 am
hoping the right kiss will one day lead to a merry makeup. >> hopefully, along the way, you meet people who are interesting and someone who's single. >> this is awkward. >> yes, this is. >> merry christmas. to me. to me. >> i don't know why they think it was such an original idea that this guy did this. because, i mean, clearly people are really eager to smack some lips. >> ron. >> i'll get the back of the studio -- >> can i get a kiss? >> kiss! before it gets completely out of hand, let's get it out to california again and the weather, hey, rob, what's going on? >> take that off. >> wow, my goodness. is this a family show or what? settle down in there. okay, mwah right to you, sara haines. nice work there. i hope kriss kringle has been tested for all sorts of
7:20 am
infections. >> diseases. >> on that note, we take it one step further. let's go to the snowstorm that's going to bring some heavy snow to parts of the mountains and into the plains. first significant snowfall for parts of nebraska and eastern colorado. it will be unsettled. also some thunderstorms across north texas and arkansas. gusty winds behind this front. we'll see over a foot of snow, i think, getting into the mountains with this. the heavy rain as it times out, pushes off northeast. heavy rain for chicago by tomorrow night. here's your expected snowfall amount about a foot or more in the mountains, they will take it. fresh powder to build a base. six inches or more from north platte, nebraska, into parts of
7:21 am
>> it's going to be nice east of th >> it's going to be nice east of the mississippi. beautiful smooching weather in the big apple. have at it. >> sara has just cleaned her cheeks with purell. oh, man. >> dr. besser would be very proud. >> i get a kick -- can we call h.r.? we're being harassed by sara haines. >> we should tell her husband that she's kissing everyone on staff. >> he knew what he signed up for. >> did he? all right, moving on, coming up on "gma" the arrest and mysterious kidnapping. the man charged seen this video. and the disappearance of the young woman. the dna evidence found in the suspect's car. plus, she said last year's
7:22 am
ten most fascinating people special would be her last. but barbara walters is back. what she told me she has in common with one of the superstars she's honoring this year.
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coming up on "good morning america" -- a break in the case of a missing woman. >> does this surveillance tape lead police to make an arrest? keep it here. surveillance tape lead police to make an arrest? keep it here. okay, so, you're looking at
7:27 am
7:28 am
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daredevils in wing suits from project b.a.s.e., they're a nonprofit organization tearing across france, trying to complete the world's first air-to-ground high five. and a high five for these guys, because they're doing it all to raise money for charity. good morning, america. >> really impressive. >> really impressive. >> that's impressive/terrifying. coming up in "pop news," prince george. basically breaking the internet this morning with a batch of new baby pics. this is just one of them. sara has the rest coming up in just a few minutes. those cheeks are incredible. but first, a big break in case of a woman who went missing in texas. about three and a half months ago. >> police have had little to go on in the disappearance of christina morris. except this surveillance tape of
7:31 am
the last person with her. abc's linzie janis. here with the latest developments. good morning. the man seen with christina morris in that surveillance video is now in custody and police are hoping he will lead them to her. christina's family are convinced she's still alive and won't rest until they find her. >> reporter: this morning, a high school friend of 23-year-old christina morris, the last person seen with her before she disappeared is behind bars. police charging 24-year-old enrique arochi with aggravated kidnapping more than three months after the surveillance video from august 30th captured the friends walking into a mall parking garage in plano, texas. arochi told dallas abc station wfaa in november he had nothing to do with morris' disappearance. >> you feel like they're wasting their time on me. they could be looking at somebody else. that's actually the suspect or the person who actually did it. >> reporter: detectives taking arochi's car away on a flatbed truck saturday.
7:32 am
saying his arrest is partly based on dna evidence collected from the car in september. and police say several of his statements to investigators conflicted with evidence. >> a lot of deception on his part that we believe was intentional. and created problems with our investigation. >> reporter: morris' mother has long suspected that arochi knows something. >> we had a gut instinct as parents, and as her friends, somehow he had some answers. >> reporter: now pleading with him to help find her daughter. >> we're begging you to do the right thing now. do the right thing and please lead us to christina. >> reporter: morris was never seen leaving that parking garage, vanishing almost without a trace. this morning, no one is giving up hope. >> in my heart, i feel like we're going to celebrate christmas with her. >> reporter: a lawyer for arochi has declined to comment. bond has been set at $1 million. police aren't giving any details about the dna evidence in the car, but they're saying they don't have any evidence that she's not alive.
7:33 am
there's still hope. >> linzie, thank you. another look at the overnight headlines. once again we send it over to ron. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news in the manhunt for three escaped prisoners in mississippi, two of them facing capital murder charges. we just learned that one inmate has been caught. two prisoners facing the murder charges are still at large. the three men launched a brazen escape saturday by faking a medical emergency. a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming. at a meeting on climate change in lima, peru. 190-plus countries agreed on sunday, a little while ago, to set targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions, and for richer nations to provide financial support to poorer countries. and, the university of oregon's marcus mariota, the latest and newest heisman trophy winner. the ducks' quarterback set a pac-12 record with 53 touchdown passes this season, helping oregon to 12-1 record. and i think on to the national
7:34 am
championships. just my opinion. finally, take a look at this piglet, which couldn't be happier munching on milk, not sure if that's the right expression. but it's alliterative. we have been there. after an amazing meal, all you want to do is take a nap. piglet went to sleep with his face, his snout, hard word to get into the show, with his snout in the milk. one happy piglet. >> sometimes the food is so good you just got to go for it. >> one of my favorite words, snout. >> it's a tough one to work in there. >> any time you can get that into a newscast you win. >> any time we can get rob marciano, has to be a winner as well. you're in seal beach, california. you're talking about seals. we're talking about pigs. >> he actually wasn't talking about seals. >> and stingrays. i was just told that seal beach, which is a great place to swim and surf, has a bit of stingray problem, too. watch your feet as you're going out there. over top of this berm that's been built. built every year but this year
7:35 am
they really had to shore it up because they lost a lot of sand from all the hurricanes. let's talk rain fall. the next storm that's coming in on monday. starts in the northern california area, spreads south, it's a two-day, three-day event. half as much rain as the last storm. but that any other day of the year would be very significant. so, this is going to come in and create some problems. meanwhile, east of the mississippi, we're looking at temperatures that are at or above average here, 45 in new york for a high today. 50 degrees in d.c. and 60 degrees in myrtle beach, speaking of beaches. what we're going to see a bit of a cooldown for the mild pattern, temperatures will drop 20, 30 degrees in places like minneapolis, detroit a
7:36 am
>> this weather report brought >> this weather report brought to you by trivago. we're live from seal beach in the o.c. back to you guys. >> in the o.c. i like the enthusiasm there, thank you, rob. coming up here -- barbara walters is here to talk about who made her list of the ten most fascinating people of 2014. and fresh off her blank space success, taylor swift may have just had the best birthday ever. we've got the pics to prove it, all up ahead in "pop news." ove it, al head in "pop news." ♪ all up ahead in "pop news."
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chase. so you can. tonight, right here on abc, looking forward to -- >> paula is checking her blackberry. >> i'm tweeting during the show. i'm engaging with viewers. barbara walters will host her annual special of the year's ten most fascinating people. >> you here in the moment. we can't tell you who number one is. barbara won't even tell us. but we can tell you that a member of our own "good morning america" family, michael strahan, has made the list and here's the clip. >> how about the attention you get now? >> i'm still shy about it. >> it doesn't make you cry. >> it doesn't make me cry. thank goodness. i'd be a little embarrassed, a
7:41 am
grown man bawling on tv every morning. i don't think anybody who want to see that. i learned to work around it. the second the cameras are off and i'm walking down the street and someone says michael, they talk about football, they talk about what i do now with kelly, or anything else, it makes me kind of go, you know, kind of -- i'm more reserved. >> we're pleased and honored to have barbara walters with us here. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> so this is a side of michael strahan that we don't often get to see. >> well, we try to do that in the ten most fascinating people. that is to have you know them anyway, deeper and better than we did. and they may be different. in the case of michael strahan he's about that wonderful smile and that optimistic personality that you love, but there is another side, and this is the kind of program that allows us to show both. >> you do that with so many people, you also have oprah on your list this year, and i was struck watching your interview with oprah how great the rapport is between the two of you.
7:42 am
>> this is unusual for me to do an interview again. i have interviewed oprah four different times. and i think that we -- we share a lot. one of the things that we talk about, the price you pay for the kind of work that you do. she said she finishes one show and there's another show. and she finishes that show and you're only as good as your last show. we talked about the fact that neither one of us took the time off to enjoy our success, let me give you some words of advice, okay, take the time. >> i'm listening. that advice, noticing what's going on around you, and appreciating what's happening, as it's happening, that is -- there's value we can all extract from that. >> that's right. >> i just want to ask you about one more person. scarlett johansson. she talks to you at length, and apparently you didn't know throughout the whole course of this enter view that she'd actually gotten married. >> no. back up.
7:43 am
scarlett johansson very, very rarely does interviews. she did this one. i was so pleased. i didn't know until i did the interview that she was engaged. i didn't know until after i had done the interview and edited it, that she was not only engaged, she was married. >> well i've seen the entire two-hour show and it's fantastic. and everybody's going to have a great time watching it tonight. great to have you, barbara, thank you very much. >> thank you so much, happy holidays. >> you, too. and you can catch all of barbara walters presents the ten most fascinating people of 2014 starting right here on abc at 9:00 eastern. >> you have seen the whole show -- >> i've seen everything but that. >> start the night earlier and catch "backstage with disney on broadway" celebrating 20 years." starting at 7:00 and hosted by broadway veteran jesse tyler ferguson, star of abc's "modern family." >> coming up on gma, the time to get serious, pop news. we're celebrating world monkey day with curious george and lots of other monkeys. keep it here.
7:44 am
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madame that is not a changing table. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card at ♪ ♪ we have confiscated the mistletoe so she can do "pop news." >> there was too much kissing going on. dan said. i disagree. >> have you ever had a dream and you wake up and think jay z showed up at your party? it wasn't a dream, at least for taylor swift, the people who attended her 25th birthday. you've got karlie kloss.
7:48 am
jay z, beyonce, sam smith -- and what about the man in the mask? that's justin timberlake. selena gomez in the picture here as taylor blows out the candles. there you go. self-proclaimed cat lover, she showed off the present lena dunham got her. dan harris might want to borrow your necklace. >> no. i might want to borrow her friends but not -- >> that, too. next up, the adorable prince george and all i can say is adorable. the british royal family releasing new photos of the boy who will be king. you got to see these little cheeks. that's paula and i are in love with. >> i just want to grab those cheeks. >> clearly he's capturing hearts around the world. he turned 1 on july 22nd. during their recent trip to the u.s., prince william revealed his son loves to play with his parents' ipad. >> every kid likes the ipad. >> it's like a little baby-sitter.
7:49 am
>> my 11-month-old goes after my iphone. like he already knows -- >> does he knows your passwords? >> no. and there's more baby news to tell you about. hayden panettiere is a brand-new mom. the actress and singer welcomed her first child with her husband, to a baby girl. she weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces and she was 20 inches long. hayden revealed that she was having a girl when she showed off her baby bump at the emmy awards in august. she called the most beautiful, exciting thing, so big congratulations to all of them. i'd expect that baby to be really tall/long. because her husband -- >> she's a large fella. >> a good boxer? >> yeah, pretty good.
7:50 am
>> putting her on the spot. and now, time for a little monkey business, as if we haven't been doing that all morning long. it's world monkey day. it's a very pc kind of day. we're also recognizing all nonhuman primate. king kong, larger than life, capturing our hearts all of the way back to 1933. and there's curious george, one of my favorites. and koko the gorilla who mastered over 2000 words in american sing language. and of course, marcel, from "friends." and we went to the vault for this video, check it out, dan having fun with some lemurs -- >> those are a specific lemur known as the silky sifaka.
7:51 am
>> what did you say? >> silky sifaka. i had to like to see those silky sifaka. >> you hiked? >> i hiked. that was several more years ago when i was more fit. >> i hiked in this full suit. >> i know you do. >> and clip-on tie. >> you should have seen my cheeks at the end of that. we want to leave you with that visual of dan hiking. >> and you're welcome. >> we'll be right back.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
okay, and there's sara donning her cute little mistletoe headband. and getting kissed by all of our wonderful staffers. we want to end it with dan, too. end it with dan, too.
7:57 am
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know better sleep with sleep number. >> announcer: starting right now on abc "this week" -- developing this morning, stunner in the skies. a russian military plane narrowly avoids a collision with a passenger jet. what has officials so alarmed. the cia and torture. shocking new details from the explosive investigation. 2016 showdown. could new moves preview a battle between hillary clinton and elizabeth warren? and jeb bush dropping his biggest hint yet. >> i'm going to make up my mind in short order and the pilgrimage, wounded american vets go overseas, looking for a miracle. >> announcer: from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos, begins now. good morning. i'm martha radda


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