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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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precaution. we'll keep you updated here in the broadcast and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. good evening everyone. to weather now. another storm has reached the bay area. a live look at downtown san francisco shows heavy cloud cover. in san rafael, highway 101 is dry for now but that's going to change. frances dinglasan is in tonight and has a look at live doppler 7hd. >> good evening. santa rosa getting light rain. live doppler 7hd showing you the areas in light green, showing light rain. going to start to move into the north bay tonight and then spread overnight throughout the bay tomorrow. now, this is causing flight arrival delays at sfo, about two and a half hours. delays pretty bad tomorrow as well because that's when we expect to see the heaviest rain. forecast animation shows is moving in overnight. check out monday morning, wet commute throughout the bay area. the heaviest rainfall will be
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around lunchtime. the areas of orange and yellow, you'll see there, and then by the evening rush hour, things start to taryn off into isolated showers, maybe a lingering leftover sprinkle tuesday morning. this is storm number one out of three that we're going to see this week. i'll have the details and how much you can expect coming up. >> some people are still cleaning up from the last storm. lillian kiming live in oakland with more. reporter: that's right. for in people it's hard to think about the next storm when they're still cleaning up from the last one. take, for instance, the owner of this home. her 50-foot tree in the backyard came crashing down last night. [chainsaw sounds] >> workers began cutting up the black tree this afternoon. they say because the ground is so saturated from last week's storm, the water-logged tree just gave away. it came within inches of the
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home. fortunately no one was in the back yard when the tree came down. the homer now has to fork out thousands of dollars to have it removed and the part of the tree still standing is in danger of falling on the property next door. not an ideal situation. >> i had no flooding, no leakage, never in a million years thought with tree would follow. >> and several days later. >> yeah, when -- and i just really earlier that day was hang something sheets on the line. so, i think it was probably no warning. just probably went... >> meanwhile, on the other side of the bay in belmont, residents of the trailer park were able to go back to the flood-damaged homes temporarily, along enough to check out the damage and reclaim some items. clear the this upcoming storm is coming at a time when the recovery efforts from last week are far from over. live in oakland, abc7 news.
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>> thank you. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. we have more information at abc7 slash apps. >> tonight, the father of michael brown, the ferguson, missouri, teenager hot and killed by police, is speaking in san francisco. cornell bernard is live with the father's message. cornell? reporter: several hundred people are inside the third baptist church, listening to a dozen speakers talking about social justice and recent events involving police, but of course, the featured speaker is michael brown, sr. he has yet to speak tonight. he arrived a short time ago. had no comments. but his son, of course, mike brown, jr., was the unarmed teenager shot bay ferguson, missouri, police officer. reverend amos brown, who organized the event on this national black lives matter sunday, says racism is an obstacle that needs to be
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acknowledged in society. >> i hope that we'll be humble enough this time to admit we have a problem of racism being at the core of our values in this country, but get some recovery and be the nation that we envisioned it to be. reporter: about a dozen police officers from the san francisco police force have been in the area, providing security for tonight's event. michael brown expected to speak in the next hour. we'll have his full comments tonight on kofy tv 20 at 9:00 p.m. and abc7 news at 11:00. >> police arrested 45 people in oakland last night when the nationwide millions march demonstration turned from peace of -- peaceful to violent. nearly 3,000 people gathered. officers issued a disspeakersal
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order at 6:30 p.m. after protesters busted out stores at several stores and also lit several fires in the streets. a group of peace and justice advocates walked across the golden gate bridge this afternoon with their hand up, crying out for what they call justice for black lives lost at the hands of police officers. the grassroots organization participates in demonstrations the second sunday of every month, to support human rights initiatives. co-pink leaders say the event was for all the young black men who have been killed by officers. >> hope to get national support for an investigation into all of these, and it happens all over. it's not like it stopped, either. it doesn't look like any of those police people look at them and say, well, we don't want ours to do that, because it's happening all over. >> code pink's demon straight ended with small rally. >> oakland police are asking for your help to find the person who shot and killed a in-year-old man last night.
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it happened here on 85th after knew anywhere olive street just after 8:00. officers have not yet discovered a motive and have no suspects. they are offering up to thousands in reward money for information that leads to april arrest. san leandro police are investigating a possible shooting death tonight. officers responded to a report of an unresponsive man inside a vehicle on kenilworth avenue. they found man with injuries consistent with being shot. he was pronounced dead at the scene and right now investigators consider him to be a victim homocide. you can contact the san leandro police department if you have information. now to redwood city where fire forced six people from their home. investigators say the fire started in a back bedroom before 6:00 this morning at crocker and dumb barten avenue. one resident was taken to the hospital. the home is severely damaged. new detail inside some good news tonight for dozens of east bay families affected by thursday's toy donation burglary
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in concord. thieves broke into the salvation army storage box, stealing food, clothing and toys. donors have since stepped up, adopting all but one family so far and have replaced all the missing items. the concord police officers association president has donated $1,000 and he is challenging the community to match his donation. >> still ahead at 6:00, world leaders take action to fight climate change. why environmentalist are not impressed. the new state senate leader eliminates an oversight group that has helped find problems throughout state government. the benefits of rain. how much farmers in the north bay ben
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive.
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent. but anyone can help a foster child. there's a new worldwide deal on climate change but not everyone believes illit will help. representatives from nearly 200 countries approved the agreement in peru. every country has to submit a plan for limiting greenhouse gas emission, but it's voluntary. countries can promise to cut as much as they want and there's no outside review. environmentalist say that's a problem. >> just seen countries approve a really, really weak decision so we came in here, probably going
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to be the hottest year on record, and what countries have done is they've taken all of the momentum that we had and they have committed to a path that is not going to give us a chance to have really hard-hitting emissions commitments in the next 12 months. >> supporters say taking a softer approach to negotiations will be more effective than hard emission limits on countries. the new leader of the california senate has eliminated the office of oversight and outcomes. former senate leader darryl steinberg created it in 2008 to keep an eye on state government, and it did produce two dozen critical reports. among its findings, sex offenders were treating drug addicts at a state rehab clinic and tax breaks had cost the state $6.3 billion more than expected. new senate leader, devin deleong cut the staff but didn't say why he eliminated the office. steinberg understands new leaders want to shake things up. deleon says cutting back on the
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budget will be a focus of his tenure. >> coming up at 6:00, volunteers across the bay area marched with their i'd turned upward and ears open today. we'll tell you why. a storm is knocking on our door. meteorologist frances dinglasan is up next with the forecast. >> the sun has set on the 49ers playoff chances-losing to the seahawks. the offense cannot generate points and seattle's defense show is why they're
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people who know a snowy egret from a townsend warbler had a lot to be excited about. the audubon society held the bird count. birdwatchers gathered, binoculars and cameras in hand to count as many of our feathered friends they could fine. they say the count was very good this year, spotting 85 to 90 different species. >> this is what they call citizen science. we're all experienced counters but we are not professional
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ornithologists. >> the counts are held all over the country. there were also counts today at the mills college campus, along lake merritt, and the oakland zoo. >> all of the rain we have seen is good news for farmers and food producers in the north bay. petaluma saw one and a half times its usual amount of rain of the last week and that did flood some roads but formers at the ranch which prices olive oil offeredderred a silver lining. their depleted irrigation ponds are filled again and during the heaviest downpour on thursday they say one pond rose a foot and a half in just an hour. if you like that, there's more to come. let's sended back over to frances dinglasan in for drew tonight with a check of the more rain on our way. >> moving in right now, live doppler 7hd showing the areas of light green where light rain has been falling in parts of the north bay. santa rosa has had some light rain in the last couple of hours. looking towards san francisco, a nice view but low clouds are
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starting to thickennen up. temperatures into the mid-50s. san francisco 55. oakland 54. and morgan hill, 53. and this time we're looking from the east bay hills towards the west. here's what you need to know. the rain will spread overnight throughout the bay area. be heaviest around noon tomorrow but we could see a messy monday morning commute. more rain tuesday, wednesday, and friday, but i'll show you the timing so you can have an idea when to expect breaks in the rain this week. here's a look at the radar satellite image. over the last 12 hours we have soon the cold front moving through. moving through overnight into tomorrow morning, this is storm number one for this week. then we have another system dropping into the bay area. storm number two. the timing is tuesday afternoon, evening, into wednesday. and then storm number three, friday. rainfall totals for monday, anywhere from about half an inch to two inches in some of the heavier areas, the dark green, like along the santa cruz mountains and north bay mountains but san francisco
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could see an inch of rain you. see the area is with dark blum it's not as strong as yesterday, but because the grounds are so saturated we could see mudslide is, rockslides and downed trees again. overnight lows milder because of the cloud cover. so, upper 40s to low 50s, with 51 in san francisco. 50 in oakland. and then 46 in san jose. highs tomorrow, cooler, and temperatures will be struggling to climb into the mid-50s in parts of the inland valleys. 55 in livermore, 51 in antioch, upper 50s in around the bay and along the coast with 56 in san jose. so, here is our long-term model. that is when you can expect the rain and the breaks. a nice guide so monday morning, wet throughout the bay area could be messy for the excite. then it starts to taper off monday night. we gate little bit of a break tuesday morning, with possibly leftover spring or shower. the next system moves in tuesday
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evening, into wednesday, but wednesday morning, look at that, mainly cloud cover. wednesday morning, all through thursday, mainly dry, so shu, it's probably okay for you to play some golf. he's looking forward to that. and anyone who wants to do bike organize anything outdoors, thursday is safe. friday, dry throughout the morning. then this knicks system moves in throughout the afternoon hours. however, saturday and sunday right now looking partly cloudy to even milder on sunday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the rain coming in right now, it will be heavy at times tomorrow. be prepared for that, up to two inches expected, maybe even more in higher elevations. more rain likely on tuesday with lingering showers on wednesday, then we have that nice break wednesday afternoon, thursday, until friday, we have more rain, and so we have the strongest rain monday, a little bit weaker tuesday and wednesday, and then friday looking kind of measly. so kind of helps us, but we're looking for it to rain.
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>> thank you. >> shoot me messenger. the feel for an offense and quarterback issues caught up with the 49ers as seattle eliminates them from the postseason with a 17-7 win in seattle. this might be the final handshake between these two rivals. 49ers back to run game. 140 total yards, frank gore, finds the end zone, niners up 7-3, but would leave in the second with this collision on a block. concussion, carlos hyde left due an ankle injury. seahawks, 10-7 late third. marshawn lynch scores here, he had 91 yards rushing. in the four, third and five. russell willing son hit throwing into the end zone. incomplete. the niners get called for rushing the passer, bad call. fresh set of downs for seattle and jim harbaugh cannot believe it.
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seahawks make them play two plays later. wilson's only td pass of the game. 49ers lose three straight for the first time under jim harbaugh, now 7-7 and out of the playoffs. >> it is difficult, i think, that's our expectation that we're going to get to the playoffs and we're going to make a run. regardless of the situation, this team is going to fight and try to win games the best we can itch don't think there's anybody on this team that's ready to lay down. >> can't tell you the last time i didn't make the playoff. so me it's tough but you just continue to fight. i'm proud of these guys in the locker room, they way they handled themselves today. we did fall short but everybody fought today. >> packers had their five-game win streak snapped in buffalo. loss could have helped the niners, aaron rodgers two picks and stripped here for a safety. bills win 21-13, face the raiders next week. speaking of which last time the raiders won back-to-back
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games, october 2012 in cabs city. a chance to make 2010 in a row in kansas city but you can't win games when you punt the ball 11 times. 477 yards of punting. this is the only one taken back. 7 or chiefs. raiders trail 10-6 in the third when the wheels come off. chiefs recover the fumbled snap. that led to seven more points. alex smith hadn't thrown a td foose wide receiver but loves himself tight ends. smith to davis. 70-yard here, gone. alex, 18-32, two touchdowns, raiders 0-7 on the road this year. 2-12 overall. they fall 31-13. broncos and chargers, peyton manning hurt on a block. come bas and can throws for
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233-yardsyards and this touchdo. broncos win on the road, 22-10, and clinch the afc west title. >> johnny football making his first career nfl start against the bengals and it was not stellar. threw for 80-yard, two interceptions, sacked three times. browns accumulated 107 total yards. bengals win 30-0. >> colts and texans. allen, 17-10 the final. colts win the afc south. the best team in the nba, your golden state warriors, then new orleans, after a big win in dallas. booking for the tenth straight win away from home. not the big easy. family rivalries. brothers justin and drew holiday. the inbound pass down the floor to iguodala. slams it home. he had 20. drew, keeping his team in it. the three. he had 30. clay thompson add ed 29.
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seventh connective game with 20 or more points. 2.5 seconds left. tied. evans for the win. misses. go to o.t. warriors saved the best for last. curry, 8 in ot. golden state wins 16 in the row, 10 straight on the row 1, 28-122 your final. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. we'll hear from the 489ers on their coach's future. interesting stuff. >> thank you. next on abc7 news at 6:00, "the hunger games" booted from the top spot at the box office. which epic
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>> us tonight coveny tv 20. there's change in support of gun control nationwide. we'll let you know how it shifted. on abc7 7 news at 11:00 week following breaking news out of australia. more than a dozen people are being held hostage in a cafe in sydney. we'll let you know what the gunmember are demanding. those stories tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. after topping the box office for three weeks, "the hunger games" has been defeated. "exodus, gunneds and kings"
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claimed the top spot. the epic cost $140 million to make. exodus earned $24 million, which is exactly what the studio wanted. "the hunger james "mockingjay part 1"" dropped to second, "penguins of madagascar" made 7 million. and next week likely to be a new winner since
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