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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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a new storm is pounding the bay area right now. live doppler 7 hd showing a lot of activity, all that green and yellow there flooding, toppled trees and mud slides a big concern. the evening commute, that's going to be rather challenging, especially in the north bay. good afternoon. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. the storm will continue our pattern of wet weather that's already caused considerable damage. check out this landslide in tiburon in a steep area that eroded during a previous storm. sky 7 hd shows the area is now covered by tarps to help keep it intact. we are told the home's window was busted out. in santa rosa this afternoon, a massive eucalyptus tree collapsed, nearly hitting a driver on highway 12. it blocked traffic for about an hour. a crew had to chop it up and
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load it on to a truck before all lanes could be reopened. >> want to give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. the road slick with rain. during a downpour late last night there was a three-car crash that slowed northbound traffic to a crawl. let's find out how bad this storm that we are going to get in the next 24 hours is going to be. spencer christian with a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> very stormy conditions covering most of the bay area right now. virtually a line of powerful storm cells from the north bay to the south bay. let's close in on where some of the action is from santa rosa to petaluma, novato, san rafael and a powerful cell about to hit mill valley. farther south from san mateo to woodside to mountain view and over the santa cruz mountains, areas of rather intense storm activity. you can see the surge onshore of that first wave of stormy weather. farther offshore, we have thunderstorms developing and those thunderstorms have prompted the issuance of a special marine warning with
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concern about wind gusts as well as the lightning strikes. winds will be gusting around 34 knots or higher. meanwhile, the entire north bay, all three counties, under a flood advisory until 8:30 tonight and this area near monterey bay from watsonville to monterey, under a flood advisory until 9:15. here's the forecast animation starting at 5:00 p.m. we will see the very stormy conditions will continue at least into the early to mid evening hours. finally in the late night hours we will see the storm breaking up a little bit but there will still be pockets of heavy downpours. the storm will be with us for awhile. more in just a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. marin county has issued a state of emergency because of last week's storm. >> that declaration allows the county to apply for state and federal aid to help pay for repairs. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman live in tiburon where residents are seeing more damage and more flooding. >> reporter: of all the places to get it and have a state of emergency.
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after a drought, no less. let me give you a sense first. there's the golden gate bridge behind us as the storm blows in, this storm is obscuring it. it was just clear here a little while ago. i will walk up the hill. we are beginning to get a lot of this over here in tiburon. that is a slope where a neighbor is concerned about a mud slide. they don't need any more rain here or in the hills above. they have had enough. let me show you a look from sky 7 hd video. this hillside, what appears to be a multi-million dollar home with more than a view, it now has a problem. i spoke with the owner today. he did not have much to say in terms of details. the look on his face, the mud on his boots did that for him. more video from down below this morning of all the places to flood in tiburon, how about the
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town hall. this is the result of rainfall that just seemed to scald over the community last night. public works tells us a clogged drain contributed along with a flooded marsh, plus other factors. according to tyler boaten, who works at the department of public works, here's what happened. >> the tide was up at the time. we are below sea level so that's what happens when you have a town below sea level. it floods just like mill valley. it floods. nothing you can do about it. pump it out and get your guys out there, working hard. >> reporter: not just a little problem, a lot. let me give you another example of what's happening as the rain continues to fall from these hills. look at the water on the path here, going down the storm drains. eventually it makes its way into tiburon and then eventually the bay. as it keeps coming down, this ground is now saturated. that state of emergency they have declared, probably a good idea because we will get more of it. wayne freedman, abc 7 news.
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>> wayne, thank you. right now that safeway in san jose remains closed after it was damaged in last week's storm. two big sections of the roof gave way on thursday. as you can see from sky 7 hd, there isn't even a tarp covering the area. there is a risk of the entire building collapsing, so the store will remain closed for the foreseeable future. san mateo county leaders are in the process of declaring a local state of emergency that would assist residents and business owners who have been hurt by this recent series of storms. the state of emergency will become a reality once the county manager signs it and county supervisors ratify that declaration. several san mateo county communities have been experiencing flooding. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd any time with the abc 7 news weather app free on apple's app store or google play. more information is at overseas news, and a horrific crime. taliban terrorists took aim at
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children in pakistan today, entering a school, going classroom to classroom killing students. a pakistani military official says the attackers had enough ammunition to last for days. abc news reporter karen travers with more. >> reporter: unthinkable horror. more than 130 students killed in cold blood during a siege at this army-run school in northwest pakistan. the taliban claimed responsibility, calling it revenge for the pakistani military's operation against islamic militants in that area. many of the 1100 students enrolled there, the sons and daughters of pakistani service members. the massacre began when taliban militants wearing security uniforms stormed the school compound. the gunmen, many strapped with explosives, moved through the hallways entering classrooms. >> they started shooting. they started spreading into other wings of the school. >> reporter: all seven taliban
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attackers died but it was unclear how. outside the school, anxious parents lined up waiting to hear if their sons or daughters survived. one grieving parent said his 14-year-old son was in a uniform this morning. now he's in a casket. this corner of pakistan has long been a hotbed of violent clashes between the taliban and pakistani forces who have been supported by the u.s. the condemnations came in quickly. >> this act of terror angers and shakes all people of conscience and we condemn it in the strongest terms possible. >> reporter: even the taliban in afghanistan condemn the attack saying killing innocent children is against their principles. karen travers, abc news, washington. coming up new at 4:30, a bay area nonprofit's experience battling the taliban and how that group wants to step up to help the school attacked in pakistan. a large crowd is expected in berkeley tonight for a city
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council meeting that was delayed after last week's sometimes violent demonstrations. >> the meeting has been moved to a school auditorium to accommodate more people. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live from longfellow middle school. >> reporter: well, several things are supposed to converge here tonight around 5:30. there's a contingent of folks expected to march from downtown to this location as the rally set for 5:30 outside the school at about the same time the meeting will get started inside. in the meantime, police have distributed these flyers on cars in the neighborhood. they are warning neighbors a large crowd is expected. they are telling them they should maybe move their cars in off the curb as well as their garbage cans. no one is expecting trouble but they are expecting a lot of people. >> the mayor thinks he has the power to cancel the meeting. >> reporter: after a controversial decision to delay his city's council meeting, the mayor expects protesters to appear at tonight's event.
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but he's hoping it remains peaceful. >> i'm hoping we will be able to do the consent calendars and then we will hear from the public. we will actually open this up and the public will have a long time to talk to us. if need be, we will be there until late in the evening. >> reporter: like oakland, berkeley has seen its share of violent protests in recent weeks. the weekend after thanksgiving, more than a dozen downtown businesses were damaged. events that led to police firing tear gas at demonstrators. the police department says 13 of its officers were hurt over four nights. even releasing these photos of injuries to two of them. now some protest leaders are ready to move on. in a way, it returns the cause to its original message. >> i'm totally against destruction of property. >> reporter: monsour is president of the berkeley branch of the naacp. >> the long-term goal for the naacp, i can't speak for other organizations, but our goal is to end disparity and policing
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here in berkeley hopefully from around the country but particularly here in berkeley. >> reporter: the mayor says there will be heightened security at tonight's meeting, something he hopes won't be needed. laura anthony, abc 7 news. a legal victory for apple in federal court today. an oakland jury rejected a $1 billion class action lawsuit against the cupertino based tech giant. the legal case dates back nearly a decade. apple faced accusations of freezing out its competition when it introduced its ipod music players. apple's anti-piracy software prevented users from downloading music from online competitors of the itune store. their defense featured a videotaped deposition from the late steve jobs. the plaintiffs plan to appeal today's loss. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, a san francisco supervisor weighs in on recent protests against police and what he says that has officers so upset. plus, san francisco makes its case to bring the summer olympics to the bay area. new at 4:30, nasa waste.
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why nasa spends millions to build a tower it knew would never be used. checking your traffic on this rainy tuesday afternoon, this is 101 through san rafael on the right-hand side, where traffic is actually moving. that's 101 north going into novato but a slowdown on the left-hand side is traffic southbound into san rafael and eventually into san francisco. i'm spencer christian. live doppler 7 hd shows stormy conditions reaching across the entire bay area. we have reports of localized flooding, mud slides and downed trees. i'll have more on our weather in just a moment.
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a former pacific grove police commander pleads guilty in federal court to possessing stolen firearms. he admitted to stealing assault rifles, shotguns and semiautomatic pistols. he was also an instructor at the former police academy at monterey college. the college wanted to divest itself of the weapons when the police academy there closed down. he signed a false memorandum saying he was taking possession of those weapons for the pacific grove police department. he then sold them or gave them away. san francisco supervisors often weigh in on issues around the country, even around the world. >> a resolution introduced today regarding a police shooting death in ferguson and new york has police here fuming. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joins us live from san francisco city hall with the story tonight. >> reporter: well, that resolution is authored by a supervisor, calling it a commitment to equal justice. he made some changes, he tells us, after talking to the police
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chief but the rank and file are still quite angry. san francisco supervisor john avalos is condemning what he calls america's broken and racially biased police and justice systems. he's supporting the ongoing protests resulting from the officer-involved deaths in ferguson and new york. the supervisor's resolution says some law enforcement agencies have used overwhelming force. he praises san francisco. >> sfpd has been really great at protecting people's first amendment rights. >> reporter: but the head of the police officers association is outraged the resolution even mentions san francisco. >> it appears to me he is simply fanning the flames and jumping on the band wagon of what may have occurred and decisions that were made on the other side of this country. >> reporter: the resolution also says san francisco is not immune to tensions between communities
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and police. after incidents like the fatal officer-involved shooting in march, of alex nieto. >> there are people who are demonstrating here in san francisco for months about concerns they have. i think that often the people get pretty upset about being criticized but i do believe that what we're calling for is a stronger relationship between us. >> reporter: avalos wants the justice department to review all local policing practices and have uniform standards for community involvement. the supervisors are expected to vote on the resolution shortly. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. today, san francisco made its pitch for hosting the 2024 summer games to representatives of the u.s. olympic committee. we are competing with several other american cities. the olympic committee says it hopes to make a decision next month. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has more. >> reporter: it's an important day for people dreaming of a bay area olympics. the group bidding for the region
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including san francisco mayor ed lee and giants president was [ inaudible ] on their way to make their pitch to the u.s. olympic committee. the bay area, los angeles, washington, d.c. and boston are making presentations at electronics arts today in an effort to be the hosts of the 2024 summer olympics. san francisco has been unsuccessfully three times before with the last attempt for the 2016 games. this time, it's a regional pitch. this area off 101 in brisbane could become the site of a popup olympic stadium that would host the opening and closing ceremonies. an existing facilities would also be used like the cal bears and stanford stadiums as well as levi's stadium in santa clara and at & t park in san francisco. before heading to make his pitch, i asked if larry felt he had a strong case to bring the olympics to the bay area. >> i think so. it's up to them to decide that. >> reporter: the u.s. olympic committee isn't expected to make
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a decision today but it could move forward in the process if a u.s. bid is chosen to move forward, it would have to compete against international cities for the right to host the 2024 summer olympics. matt keller, abc 7 news. back to the weather now. spencer rejoins us. if you had a dollar for every person who asked is the drought over -- >> i could retire. the drought goes on despite the heavy rainfall. we are well ahead of the seasonal average now. we need snow pack in the mountain ranges. more beneficial to ending the drought than just heavy rain. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we've got heavy rain for sure. our second storm of the week and it is pounding the bay area right now from north to south, as you can see. right now in the heart of the bay area, the heaviest activity reaches from san rafael to san francisco to san mateo in the north bay. we have a flood report on pleasant hill road and other localized flooding is occurring as well. it's likely to continue all
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across the bay area as this pounding rain continues to move in from the sea. right now, we are looking at winds beginning to get gusty. in santa rosa, gusts to 22 miles per hour. 25 miles per hour at half moon bay. winds are relatively light in other locations but are expected to pick up. clouds over san francisco, the forecast features stormy conditions will ease overnight. scattered showers tomorrow, weaker storm arrives on friday but on top of already saturated ground it will still be problematic. start the forecast animation 5:00 this afternoon. later tonight, we will see the first wave of the storm having pushed out of the bay area but it will be quite stormy from the peninsula down into the santa cruz mountains, over to the east bay. 5:00 tomorrow morning, beginning of the morning commute, we will still have stormy weather reaching through the central part of the bay area. later in the morning and into the afternoon hours, we will see the storm breaking up into scattered showers tomorrow and by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, we are looking at rainfall totals possibly as high as two inches in the north bay mountains, santa cruz mountains, half an inch to an inch in the lower
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elevations. over in the sierra, storm watch continues. winter weather advisories in effect from 8:00 tonight to noon tomorrow. we expect six to ten inches of new snow above 4,000 feet, winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. chain requirements are likely. storm number two of the week is here. third storm of the week will be here on friday. it will be a weaker storm but it will bring more rainfall. start the forecast animation 5:00 friday morning. notice as this system moves in, again, a much weaker storm than the first two but any rain at all on top of all this saturated ground will continue our concerns about flooding, mud sliding and downed trees. overnight look for low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow, under scattered showers, we will see highs mainly in the upper 50s to around 60. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. look at what's going to be occurring these next seven days. early morning showers on thursday after scattered showers tomorrow. rain likely again on friday. partly cloudy and mainly dry over the weekend. but we have milder weather on
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monday and tuesday and areas of fog will develop in our low-lying areas and valleys on monday and tuesday. we've got the variety pack of weather conditions coming our way. >> little bit of everything. >> what were the yellow things? sun? >> i thought you were talking about lightning strikes. sun. an unfamiliar sight these days. we had a little bit of it earlier today. we may get more over the weekend. >> thank you, spencer. up next, it's one of the most popular movies still out there so why is the director of "frozen" apologizing to parents? new after 4:30, the excuse one passenger gave to police after he deployed a plane's emergency slide. taking a live look at your traffic at 4:21 on your rainy tuesday, you can see the wet roads out there. on the right-hand side is traffic going over to the peninsula. on the left-hand side, traffic coming on the san mateo bridge east to 880 and the east bay. stay with us.
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♪ big day for green day. the punk trio from berkeley heading into the rock and roll hall of fame today. it's the first year of eligibility for the band and they made it in. candidates are eligible 25 years after the release of their first album. green day's debut album came out in 1989. others that made the cut include the late stevie ray vaughn, joan jett and the blackhearts and lou rawles. ♪ let it go let it go >> the director of disney's "frozen" is apologizing to parents whose children just won't let it go. jennifer lee says when the film was released last year, parents would tell her how much their families loved singing "let it
4:25 pm
go." but more than a year later, she says she's gone from saying thank you to sorry when parents tell her they are still listening to "frozen" songs. disney of course is the parent company of abc 7 news. >> now it's please let it go. two sacramento police officers proved that santa claus is not the only one working the night shift these days brightening the holidays. >> officers saw a family of five carrying suitcases through downtown sacramento around midnight on saturday. they thought something was out of place and found out robby and ivory had just lost their home. >> they then offered to spring for a hotel room for the family. >> you got some good officers out there. they're human just like us. just like anybody else, you know? i'm just thankful they pulled up on us. >> there were cries and hugs and they were very appreciative. >> from them or from you? >> from them. and maybe a little from us. >> a charity called sacramento
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police cares covered the officers' out of pocket expenses but the two officers said they would have helped the family even if they didn't get a single dime back. police officers swarmed the richmond walmart today but for a good cause. they were there to do some christmas shopping with kids from low income families. contra costa county sheriff's deputies filled the carts with toys, clothes, even household items. most of the money comes from donations. the officers also chipped in out of their own pocket to buy the gifts. the kids were picked from an after-school program in west contra costa county. expressions of grief from around the world after that deadly taliban attack. this time the target a school in pakistan with most of the victims, kids. still to come, the local effort to try to offer them some comfort. the manhunt is over in pennsylvania for a father accused of killing six family members. a look at the path police took to track him down. a new threat level in the sony hack attack. why police say he will be taking extra precautions at movie theaters. i'm spencer christian.
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you can see live doppler 7 hd, heavy rain continues to pound the entire bay area. especially right through the heart of the area, from san francisco southward to the south bay. flooding, mud sliding, downed trees are major concerns. i'll have more in just a minute.
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the news making headlines at 4:30, more wet weather. live doppler 7 hd shows us the latest wave of rain as it moves into the bay area. the wettest spots could get up to two inches of rain. spencer will let us know how long this round of showers will last. san francisco made its pitch today to host the olympics. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is covering this story and she tweets sf makes pitch to host 2024 #olympics. coming up at 5:00, how san francisco thinks it can beat out the other contenders to host the world games. pakistan's prime minister is vowing to strengthen his country's military against the taliban after an attack at a school left 141 people dead. nearly all of them students. the taliban says it was in retaliation for the killings of militant members by pakistani authorities. expressions of outrage to those killings from around the world. abc 7 news reporter tiffany
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wilson is live in the newsroom with the outpouring of grief and a local support effort. >> reporter: just hours after learning of this terrorist attack, the founder of a bay area nonprofit felt the call to turn her grief into action. children covered in blood, phrafaces wrought with shock, horror and grief. >> translator: my heart is broken as a mother. >> reporter: heidi founded the nonprofit roots of peace. her team works in conflict zones around the world providing education and agricultural advancements. >> our children deserve to walk in peace. around children the world deserve better. >> reporter: she considers today a day of reflection and action. ten years ago with abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings, roots of peace raised 50 million pennies to build schools in afghanistan. in light of the tragedy in
4:32 pm
peshawar, heidi wants to renew the effort. >> it would be my biggest dream to raise even more pennies. >> reporter: the money would rebuild the public army school that was attacked. >> let us join together to plant the roots of peace on earth. let us begin by rebuilding this school in peshawar so the future generations of children may be educated and live in peace. >> reporter: an interpreter for u.s. armed forces in afghanistan witnessed the brutality of the taliban first-hand. >> i grew up as muslim. killing of children, killing women, killing like innocent people, this is not in islam. this is not in our religion. >> reporter: he joined roots of peace after moving to the united states on a special visa. no one can bring back the 141 lives lost in peshawar but he believes future attacks can be avoided. >> the key for stopping terror is education, is economy.
4:33 pm
we have to build economy. we have to get people educated. >> reporter: if you would like to contribute to the roots of peace efforts to rebuild the school, we set up a link on you can also show your support for the campaign by using #children deserve peace on twitter. ama? >> thank you, tiffany. australian prime minister tony abbott added flowers to a growing memorial outside a cafe where a gunman killed two hostages. that 16-hour siege ended when police stormed the cafe yesterday. the gunman also died in a barrage of gunfire. investigators identified him as man haron monis. monis was free on bail at the time, suspected of being an accessory and murder of his wife and sexual assaults on other women as well. >> how can someone who has had such a long and checkered
4:34 pm
history not be on the appropriate watch lists and how can someone like that be entirely at large in the community? >> the siege really hit home for a journalist who was covering this tragedy. a news anchor learned on the air that somebody she knew personally was among the victims. >> i have friends [ inaudible ]. >> monis took a total of 17 people hostage. four were injured and sent to the hospital. a man hunt that had people on edge in suburban philadelphia oifrs. a prosecutor has confirmed that a body found in the woods is that of an ex-marine accused of killing six people. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has more. >> reporter: the man hunt for this former marine sergeant accused of killing six people in pennsylvania, now over. police finding bradley stone's body after yesterday's early morning rampage. >> we have not received official
4:35 pm
confirmation from the coroner as to the cause and manner of death but based upon what we found at the scene, we believe that he died of self-inflicted cutting wounds. >> reporter: police say stone shot his ex-wife nicole to death at her home in harleysville, then dropped his two young daughters off with a neighbor before disappearing. investigators retraced his trail through three towns, finding his ex's sister, her husband and their 14-year-old daughter dead in their home. their 17-year-old son, also shot in the head. >> i cannot emphasize enough how serious his condition is but at least at this point, we are hopeful. >> reporter: one town away, police found the bodies of his ex-wife's mother and grandmother, linking all six deaths to stone. >> why would anyone do this, especially family, their own family. >> reporter: police spent two days searching tirelessly for the accused killer, discrediting a claim that he may have been involved in an attempted carjacking in doylestown, instead focusing their search in
4:36 pm
stone's hometown of pennsburg where schools closed and neighbors stayed inside waiting for this news, that the accused killer has been found. investigators now say it appears the motive may have been connected to stone's custody dispute with his ex-wife. they say it's still unclear how long he had plotted these attacks. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. nasa is going hundreds of millions of dollars into the red on a test tower that everybody knows will never ever be used. nasa wrapped up construction on the project in mississippi over the summer. the laboratory tower designed to test a new rocket engine cost $349 billion -- $349 million to build. just as soon as it was done nasa shut it down. the reason the new tower was useless, because the rocket program it was designed for was scrubbed in 2010. congress ordered nasa to finish that tower no matter what. now the agency will spend an
4:37 pm
additional $700,000 just to maintain it. >> wow. >> your tax dollars at work. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, a 7-year-old boy's confident letter to one of the best defensive players in the nfl. plus, when you're down it's good to have a friend around. i'm spencer christian. i hope this is helpful. a look at live doppler 7 hd, heavy rainfall associated with the current storm is just not letting up. the afternoon and evening commute is likely to be a slow, hazardous one. more on storm watch in just a moment. checking that commute at 4:37 through san jose, you can see the wet roads out there. this is 101 southbound on your right-hand side. that's where all the traffic is. fairly typical for this time of day. that's 880 going across the top of it. stay with us.
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now, this is a friend you can count on right here. a tortoise saw his buddy flip upside down on to his shell. the helpful tortoise assesses the situation, then starts, look at him, wow! he's super-strong. onlookers at the zoo in taiwan watched and were cheering on this friendly gesture. after some time the second tortoise uses his ninja turtle strength, i guess we will call it here, to flip his buddy over. success! back on his feet, the two slowly walk away. >> he could have been there
4:41 pm
forever. >> that is awesome. that's a good friend right there. >> that's funny. houston texans defensive end j.j. watt lives by the motto dream big, work hard. >> the former walk-on college football player likes that quality in others, too. watt's a candidate for the nfl mvp this year. he recently received a letter from a 7-year-old boy whose friends call him j.j. because he also plays defensive end and tight end. >> now, the kid who also wears the number 99 says he's the most feared rusher in his league. he actually autographed his own jersey and sent it to watt, saying he wanted watt to know him when he becomes a famous nfl player. isn't that cool? >> watt approved, saying this kid has guts. i like it. wouldn't it be great if he actually made it to the nfl? here's my jersey. i told you so. spencer told us so. >> spencer has been telling us for some time. it's going to rain and rain some
4:42 pm
more. >> here it is, raining some more. live doppler 7 hd showing heavy rainfall pounding the entire bay area. this is some of the stormiest weather we have seen in awhile. well, it's been a week of stormy weather. here's a look at the central part of the bay area from novato to san rafael to richmond. we have areas of heavy downpours, down on to the peninsula, into the santa cruz mountains, across in the east bay. areas of powerful storms developing. a cell developing right offshore. we are going to have stormy conditions with us for awhile. airport delays, none, surprisingly, reported at oakland and san jose, but delays up to 30 minutes at sfo. i'm surprised they're not even greater with the kind of stormy activity we have right now. pretty intense. we have more areas of intense storminess developing offshore. we have thunderstorms offshore. those are a concern. we may see isolated storms, thunderstorms during the overnight hours. tomorrow state-wide, we are looking at mainly scattered showers but notice the storm activity continues developing out over the ocean moving directly towards the bay area.
4:43 pm
so we can expect scattered showers tomorrow with possibly a thunderstorm or two. high temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to around 60 and flooding concerns, concerns about mud sliding, rock slides, downed trees, will continue. the ground is terribly saturated. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the new threat from the hackers who broke into sony's records and how l.a. police and the movie stars are reacting to all this. plus a passenger releases the plane's emergency slide but it wasn't an emergency. his excuse to police. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. all you can see movies each month for a price. and the nightmare before christmas for so many shoppers. those stories and more coming
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a group claiming to be behind that massive hack of sony pictures is now warning of a 9/11 type of terrorist attack at movie theaters. a message from hackers calling themselves guardians of peace says it will target theaters that screen the interview movie, the comedy about an assassination plot against north korean leader kim jong-un. u.s. homeland security officials say there is no indication that this is a credible threat but abc news says several intel
4:47 pm
agencies are investigating that hack as a national security matter. police in l.a. say they are taking this threat seriously and will take extra precautions at theaters but they urge people not to be afraid. >> we have had conversations with theater management and they are having conversations with sony. i think that it is important that we have as much communication as possible. >> the stars of the movie have canceled all media appearances previously schedule before the christmas day release of that new movie. two former sony pictures employees filed a class action lawsuit charging the studio ignored early warnings that its computers were prone to attack. not every airline passenger remains seated with their seat belt fastened until the captain turns off the seat belt signs. check out the right side of your screen. surveillance video shows an exit slide inflating. there you see it going down right there, after a china eastern airlines jet landed in china. a passenger claims he didn't realize the emergency exits were
4:48 pm
only for emergencies. china's news agency reports he told police he opened the door to quote, get off the plane quicker. opening the door and deploying that slide caused more than $16,000 in damage. the u.s. coast guard provided this video. it shows a man waving his arms for help after he was stranded on an island in the bahamas. the man said he ended up on the island after his boat was disabled. the plane's crew dropped food, water and a two-way radio to the man. the coast guard cutter then moved in and rescued him yesterday. he is okay after being checked out at a hospital in the florida keys. >> like tom hanks there. santa will be arriving late for many kmart shoppers this season. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here to explain. >> oh, this is the saddest story. i have a feeling it's all going to change after this report airs. frustrated kmart shoppers who put gifts on a layaway plan are now being told their items are out of stock. adding to their frustration, many were told they had to pay in full by december 14th to
4:49 pm
ensure their layaway items would be delivered before christmas. kmart is offering refunds and in many cases, get this, the refunds won't arrive until after christmas. angry customers say that leaves them short of cash with little or no money remaining to buy gifts. it's not clear how widespread this problem might be. i will continue looking into this. still thinking about putting up a christmas lights this year? you may be wondering whether it's worth it to pay more now for l.e.d. lights. l.e.d. lights can cost two times what you pay for incandescents. the extra money is worth it in the long run. >> it's been estimated that if you were to light a six foot christmas tree for 12 hours a day, within ten years that will cost you $122 for incandescent bulbs compared to just $18 for l.e.d. bulbs. >> tonight at 6:00 p.m., i will
4:50 pm
preview the big after-christmas sales and whether it's worth it to wait to purchase something for yourself until then. the nation's second largest movie chain is offering a subscription type service to try to fill seats in its theater. amc announced it is teaming up with movie pass, the subscription costs $35 for movies in standard format and $45 a month to see movies in 3d and imax. a monthly subscription would be enough to see a movie a day. the experiment will be tried in denver and boston before expanding into other cities. movie pass debuted in san francisco way back in 2011. however, that debut was less than successful. as theaters saw movie pass more of a threat that was working around them. now they are working together. >> it's a prescription for happiness. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, what's next for the 49ers after being eliminated from the
4:51 pm
playoffs? can quarterback colin kaepernick be fixed? i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom. at 5:00, trapped in the water. the rescue of a deer caught in a canal. plus -- do you have a gaming device on your holiday gift list? 7 on your side's michael finney with the one question you need to be asking about that. those stories and more coming up
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4:54 pm
lot of sports news today. the dodgers don't fear the beard, they just paid him to leave. the dodgers designated brian wilson for assignment meaning he won't pitch for l.a. in 2015 but they still have to pay off the balance of his contract. the former giants closer really struggled in relief for the dodgers last year. he's still owed $9.5 million. what happened to the 49ers? that's the question on the regional cover of the latest issue of "sports illustrated." the niners of course reached the
4:55 pm
nfc championship game three straight years. they were five yards away from winning the super bowl a couple years ago but they are going to be watching this year's playoffs from home. i'm joined by abc 7's mike schouman. obviously so much going on here. we can start with the jim harbaugh situation. foregone conclusion that harbaugh and the niners are going to part ways. you knew back last february when they were talking about a possible trade to the cleveland browns of jim harbaugh this is probably not going to end well unless he wins the super bowl. how much do you think the questions about harbaugh have distracted this team? >> i don't think there was at all. i think players worry about things they can control, not their head coach. this is a league where it turns over a lot. you're playing for yourself, your teammates and of course your head coach because you have loyalty there. i think when they cut off contract extensions in the offseason, it was implied or maybe even said that you either win the super bowl this year or you're gone. jim took that on himself. he didn't put it on his coaching staff or his team or players. that's a lonely existence when you don't have front office
4:56 pm
support during the entire season. they might need a carmen policy kind of guy between the front office and the coach which they didn't have. eddie dibartolo fired bill but he always came in on monday -- >> they would build a bridge back. >> that's what they don't have in this organization. >> harbaugh to the raiders? to the jets? >> he will have a lot of options. i guarantee you he won't agreed to a trade. he will want his $5 million and he will pick what team he wants to go to. >> it makes more sense. why let somebody else control your destiny when you can say if you don't want me, pay me off and he becomes a free agent. maybe the biggest free agent out there. let's talk about the quarterback. colin kaepernick clearly has regressed this season. so much for the offensive line, the right tackle issues. can he be fixed just from a quarterback standpoint himself? >> i think there is no question he still has an upside. you mentioned the injuries. ten players went on season-ending injured reserve.
4:57 pm
that's almost a quarter of your team. it really affected the offensive line. if we want him to develop and i was as hard on him as anybody developing pocket presence, when your pocket is collapsing every third play, you are not going to develop that kind of presence and instinct in the pocket. his legs probably saved them several times. >> a 7-7 team. here is bethea summarizing the feelings of most of the players. >> when you're 7-7, you kind of fall short of your goal, at the end of the day i don't know the word to use. i'm not going to say a bad year but it was an unexpected year. put it that way. >> one thing coaches always say you wait until it's all said and done, then you look back on it and see really how the season was. obviously it wasn't the year we wanted to have. >> no. a lot of questions have to be answered going forward in the next few weeks and months.
4:58 pm
that will do it for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with ama and dan. a marin homeowner is evacuated after heavy rains caused a mud slide in his backyard. tonight, another round of wet weather is knocking on our door. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i'm tracking that storm with live doppler 7 hd that could bring some more problems to the bay area. details are coming up. he is simply fanning the flames. >> police in san francisco have had it. why they are so angry with a city leader. and sweet music for apple. today's billion dollar verdict. storm number two has arrived. tiburon is getting more rain than it can handle, it is dealing with flooding and landslides. >> in santa rosa a tree just misses a car on highway 12 and the connector to 101.
4:59 pm
>> in south san francisco a fallen tree temporarily blocked three lanes on 280. >> sno good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. this rain is hitting just in time for evening commute. these are live pictures of highway 101 in san rafael. >> we have live team coverage. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is in marin. vic lee is in san jose. >> we begin with abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel who is tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd. sandhya? >> yeah, this storm has bad timing obviously as we take a look at live doppler 7 hd. a slow going evening rush hour. most of the bay area is getting wet right now. we do have pockets of some very heavy rain. i will take you in to street level radar here. half moon bay around main street, highway 1, we are seeing pretty good returns. we are also watching some development southwest of half
5:00 pm
moon bay. be aware of the fact there have been some thunderstorms off the coast and they are still in the forecast as a possibility. as we take you into parts of south san francisco, we are also seeing some rain around brisbane, south airport boulevard, out towards the east bay. oakland, san ramon, hayward getting pounded. down towards the south bay, not as bad. we have live to moderate rain around san jose, willow glen area. as we look to the north, we definitely have light rain falling right now. some concerns going along with it. you can see the thunderstorms just off the coastline. there is a special marine warning until 5:15 for some areas and 5:30 for others, potential for the high wind, waves and lightning strikes around the waters there. flood advisory as an urban and small stream flood advisory until 8:30 p.m. for the north bay and the monterey bay until 9:15 p.m. this storm brings with it risks and the biggest risk with it will be the potential for some more


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