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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at 5 o'clock a.m. on wednesday, december...december...okaaaay. >> is this a test? it is the 17th. >> i am eric thomas. good morning. >> don't ask me to do mike, too. >> goodness, eight days. how is it going to look this morning as you drive to work? more showers? we look at live doppler hd. good morning, everyone, we have wet weather especially rolling from half moon bay across 92 and 280 and skyline boulevard and belmont and foster city and the
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west side of san mateo bridge you will run interest wet weather and that is the biggest wear of concern. we have scattered light showers rolling through the forth bay and that will slide down the peninsula and make it into to south bay the next half hour to 45 minutes and san rafael shows it is dry this morning and not much fog up there, the day planner the next 12 hours is cooler this morning at 4 to 51 and really light scattered showers through the noon and afternoon hours and more steady rain falls in the evening, a couple hour of later than yesterday but not so ahead. that is good news. >> we have standing party with the rain out there and a lot of puddles and flooding so use extra caution. everything is moving nicely in san francisco and first reports of trouble southbound jackknifed big rig we will take you to martinez with first reports of a multi-vehicle
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accident eastbound four lanes blocked just before 680 in martinez area, a car is on fire. avoid the area. i will look for an alternate route next time. >> thank you. we have a big story on the peninsula, crews are making repairs and homeowners are clean up the damage in menlo park after a water pain break added to the wet mess. nick has an important wanting. nick? do not drink the water. they are saying do not drink the water until you check for sediment. it is loud. it is noisy. imagine hearing this since 9:00 last night. you will see what i am talking about the whole where they were digging for a water main break. 15 homeowners in university heights at highway 280 are advised to check for sediment
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before drinking the water. crews have been here since last night trying to figure out what went wrong and y since then california water service again have isolated the source of lake and are making progress. it is isolated and subsequent repair to a water main break and this is what we know be the water main break happened after 9:00 last nature and sent water running down, a were street interest several of the houses on block. homeowners have been without water since then. the supervisor said they have seen issues like this before. >> the concrete could have fall were on the main and ruptured the main so we had a piece coming off the main. >> weather related? >> ing -- i think so, yes >> crews are lying to figure out what to do to get things on. >> this is a view of the clean up from last night. they will go house-to-house to make sure they can flash owe the
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pipes and they hope to have this fixed in the next couple of hours and they are telling people in the area, don't drink the water. let it it is to a whole. they help people should be able to drink their water by 4:00 or 5:00 tonight. in the north bay, marin county officials have declared a state of emergency. in tiburon debris from a dslide washed into a pool behind a home. hopefully the tarps will keep the hill from eroding more and the area around townhall flooded when drapes remain overwhelmed with rain water. the rain is driving customers home during what is supposed to be the busiest shopping period of the year. >> the rain comes in the evening and anyone is eating in the restaurants so it is a shape. it has backed our sales. >> last week the storms caused $1 million damage to county roads declaring a state of emergency allows the county to
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apply for state and official aid. >> the rain-slick road to be to policemen to a crash in pittsburg when a car slid in to two other vehicles with to people taken to the hospital. >> if san mateo huge drops pummeled the street last night and it started backing up the drains at 4th avenue in the downtown area. 50 people are spending the night at a peninsula red cross shelter opening up for residents would left their home because of flooding and opened at college of san mateo yesterday and some are displaced from flood and possibly home parks in belmont and others come from the south san francisco neighborhood hit hard by the rain. several answers are at the shelter to help people get back on their feet. on their feet. >> we have a
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>> and the read cross is working to help clear out the dirty flood water. >> if you have rain water if your home we would like to see the pictures at or post them on twitter and we can share them on the air. >> you can see what is showing you on live doppler hd with the weather app. it is tree on the crap store or google play and we have more information at >> international sony hackers are threatening to attack movie theaters that show a comedy about kim jong-un, leader of north yes. theaters must decide what to show "the interview," opening on christmas. >> amid threats is a new message taking aim at movie goers with violence reminiscent of 9/11 terror attacks, the first part of a so-called christmas gift
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from the shadows group of hackers known as guardians of peace turning sony crisis into a matter of national security say "we recommend you to keep yourself distant if your house is near, you better leave." >> we take this seriously. >> the f.b.i. is investigating as is the department of homeland security which says there is in credible intelligence to indicate an active not against movie theaters in the united states. >> the precautions are taken. en soy told theater owners we do tut have to show the comedy "the interview," at the heart of controversy and the stars of the movie shut down a resolution tour in the wake of the warning. >> this attack is massive and it is significant. they have released thousands ofist documents and daily embarrassment to sony and the world's biggest stars. now, the first lawsuit by foam
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-- former employees saying they failed to recollect private information. >> movie goers should expect we increased security even if the threat of violence remains low. it is 235:308. a petaluma map believed responsible for vandalizing property with graffiti from bakersfield to seattle was arrested by santa cruz police. he was taken into custody year after a six-month investigation is accused of vandalizing parks, walls, 15s and two police cars in santa cruz. police confiscated 6:00 backs showing spray painting. he is suspected of tagging areas throughout the west coast and looking for a second suspect. >> the contra costa board of supervisors is restripping sugary alcohol, benefit raps
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beverages. the products take like energy drinks and bridge the gap from soda to alcohol according to experts. the board is requiring liquor stores that sell the products to have them displayed in different locations than soft drinks to milk them less accessible ask visible to minors. widely scattered rain this morning. mike? more numerous showers but nothing like last night so that is good news. the peninsula is the hotspot and you can see a few areas around san mateo and across 135 and 92 and this is all sliding to the southeast so it should be east palo alto in five minutes and palo alto in seven minutes and los altos the about again minutes and sunnyvale 23 and cupertino at 2 sliding southeast along 101, 280. up in the north bay it is quieter but we have scattered
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light showers moving more in an east southeast direction headed to then pa and 37 and the saab pablo bay if you take the terry it -- the ferry it could be breezy. it is dry here but cars headed west will run interest wet weather. mid-to-upper 50's with scattered showers in the afternoon and theying people up in intense difficult in the evening and overnight and we will cop places like 101 and 880 wet if the evening commute. thursday is mostly dry, sunshine, warmer, our last storm is friday and we will have dry weather settle if saturday and weather settle if saturday and several day after that we have a multi-vehicle accident with c.h.p. updating the location, it is now then to be after 680 with multiple lanes
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blocked on eastbound four. you can get around this on industrial in the concord area after 680 a multi-vehicle accident and a car was on fire. the drive from the central valley office the altamont pass you have slow traffic with speeds of 25 miles per hour and it picks up in livermore. still waiting for a tow for the big rig jackknife south 680 as you make the way to the sunol grade slowing things on the commute and the mudslide blocking all lanes, highway 84 at skyline one way traffic control in affect until they get that cleared. the roads can be busy this holiday season and one reason driving will increase in the money report. >> worldwide anxiety over the value of the shot ruble. scary moms at 34,000', emergency landing of this american airlines jet after a
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sudden episode of severe turbulence. the bay and the bay bridge with shows. but you can stay on tap of but you can stay on tap of weather and
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covering san francisco, santa clara, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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a car going at 60 miles per hour down a deadend street rams into a police car and hits another before banging into the tree. the drivers with arrest on assault on a police officer. he may face attempted murder because he was going so fast when he rammed the police vehicles. two officers suffered minor injuries in iowa. >> five passengers on an american airlines flight from south korea to dallas were hurt weapon the plane hit severe turbulence. drinks and food spilled everywhere and luggage tumbled around the cabin anyone not buckled in went airborne. the shaking started off japan. it forced the crew to make an emergency landing in tokyo. >> it was a little bump the then a big one. and all of my drinks went up and hit the ceiling. >> i have flown millions of miles and this is the worst. >> at airline says all passengers who were well enough
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to travel should be able to fly home today. russian's ruble is dropping down 3.5 percent at the 07ing of trading in now losing 15 percent of value just this week. in spite massive interest rate hike by the central bank of russia, and worse sit down 50 percent since the start of 2014 reflecting the drop in oil prices. and the impact of western sanctions over now's involvement in ukraine's crisis. >> the price tag for the devastating hack attack targeting sony is growing. fast. good morning, topping america's money the hack at sony could prove to be, stemly costly, estimates say the attack and theaters pulling the interview could cost $300 million wipe out half of the studio's 2013 profits. >> with gas prices the lowest in years the holiday travelers hitting the road could hit a
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record with 99 million americans will take a road trip ten now and early next month up 4 percent from last year. air travel is up 1 percent from last year reflowing the high cost of fares. >> crisis mode at mcdonald's in japan a french fry shortage after a labor dispute here has stopped potato deliveries in japan. mcdonald's is only serving small fries and bringing if thousands of tons of frozen french provides. operation potato lift. can you imagine? >> overseas they don't always use ketchup, maybe they have to bring in mayo. >> my windshield wipers got a work out. >> not really. i made it in quietly. not everyone will. we have ran democrat showers. they are lit.
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they will not a agree separate the flooding. we are seeing mainly light to dark green as we pull away from san mateo and head down side and los altos hills where the storm is heading down the peninsula crossing over the dumbarton bridge and you are ready to go wet or wetter. 101 great mill valley up to petaluma you are five minutes away from seeing wet weather so larkspur, san rafael, marinwood and novato and petaluma ready to get wet from light showers mainly moving east and southeast and the exception, this is moving due southeast along the peninsula and into san jose. from sutro tower you can see a few low clouds with patchy patchy fog and republican dome showers -- random showers but
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ought is heavy as yesterday. not much in the way of ponding. we will have it but not like last night. dry and brighter and. warmer on the weekend. the low pressure developed a wave offing in loan the front and we chanced the infall last night. that has slipped away. now we are watching the next batch of rain rolling in with this storm coming in mainly in the evening and early overnight. you can see the scattered showers from now law noon and they taper and we could see sunshine from time to time. as we head from noon to 5:00 you can see the next system coming ashore in the north bay and from 5:00 through 2:00 in the morning we will get our best chance of the more widespread showers. tomorrow morning, it tapers and we are mostly quiet tomorrow afternoon with high clouds
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coming in and the next storm comes through friday morning in the evening and beyond, say, action in the evening, everyone is starting to taper. we will get .25" to .5" of rain from the system and maybe three-quarters in lower will vacations and 1-2" in the mountains. this we will be wet enough for a while with dry weather saturdays sunday, monday, tuesday and a couple of models are picking up on christmas eve. good morning, everyone, we will look at the golden gate bridge with slick roads, and no rain coming down to affect the drive but we will watch that much of it is about to come through in the marin area. otherwise, the drive over the waldo grade is looking good. in concord, eastbound four beyond 680 we have a multivehicle accident that is being cleared out of the lanes and it should be improving. elsewhere on the sunol grid,
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slick traffic southbound and the red sensors because of a jackknifed big rig is still blocking the two left lanes maneuvering a tow truck in there to cheer it out. in the napa area northbound and southbound between highways 116 and highway 12 we have flooding so use caution and that is supposed to be cleared and they hope to get the drainage through the area by 6:30 this morning. it is 5:21. straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> key pieces of the new york's new years he party arrive in time. you can watch the weather and traffic through the commercial break. the traffic is moving along on bay bridge toll plaza and live doppler hd is on the right side of the screen to track where the of the screen to track where the rain is.
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whether you are just joining us or head out the door, still tracking a good shower, number one on the seven things that will head into los altos in seven minutes and sunnyvale in 13 minutes and san jose in 25 minutes. there are more accountered showers in the forecast and this evening is the best chance before the last storm comes in on friday. i have a timetable coming up. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights and traffic is moving nicely into san francisco. we have an accident in concord eastbound for the non-commute direction and still tracking a jackknifed big rig at the sunol grade we will update in a couple of minutes. >> crews are working to repair a water main break in menlo park likely from recent storms. 15 homes are without water and
5:25 am
several were flooded with several inches of water. crews hope to have the service restored in the air. >> south bay residents are on clean up duty after another round of rain in santa clara. huge pine tree fell on a three unit complex and a man barely escaped and a family was evacuated. >> protesters accuse plus of using excessive force during a demonstration at the berkeley city council and saying rubber bullets were used on peaceful demonstrators december 6. the mayor called for a special meeting to explore better policing. >> sony will let theater operators decide if necessity want to show "the interview." some claiming to be behind the hack trented see materials that show the comedy about assassinating forth korean leader kim jong-un but the f said this is no credible proof. restaurants will be required to list calories in alcoholic drinks along with the food.
5:26 am
wine will be exempt next november but those not wanting to know how many calories they consume can belly up to the bar where the nones are not listed. >> we are weeks away before we ring in 2015. here is a clear sign the new year is around the corner: t year is around the corner: t new york city times square the ball drops at midnight new years. we are returning with my minutes of news. >> someone made off with thousands in merchandise a look at the theft all caught on camera. a look for you at the embarcadero in san francisco you can see traffic is moving fine but roads are a little wet with passing showers. we will keep you updated with
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:29. on wednesday. thank you pore joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with sue and meteorologist mike nicco. we have scattered rain. the best storm all morning is sliding down the peninsula at san mateo and in the heart of redwood city and palo alto and east palo alto and stanford. and sunnyvale all coming your way in 10 or 15 minutes with scattered showers developing on 101 great petaluma to the golden gate bridge. that is going to keep that commute wet. right now in san jose 101 and 880 it is wet with showers from
5:30 am
last might and no rain and it will 25 minutes away. the day planner the next 12 hours random showers this morning and scattered and light throughout the morning into the afternoon and at 7:00 they become numerous through the evening and early overnight but not so heavy or as damaging as last night. on the road, sue? >> we have standing water and puddling and clear sky over the san mateo bridge, at least clear traffic-wise making the way to the foster city side of things with traffic moving nicely and we will look at the problem in the concord area. this is eastbound 4, the non-commute direction after 680. the traffic is slowing a bit and a multi-vehicle accident and there was a car on fire they in the but the fire trucks have been called off. that is the better news. we don't know if weather is
5:31 am
related to this store but something to investigate for police. they are on the scene of a fatal crash in fremont. this is breaking news overnight. fremont boulevard is closed to traffic after a pan driving a company van hit a tree before 11 o'clock last night and the driver, 45 years old, died at the scene the police say he was the only person in the van and they hoped to re-open the area but it is still closed this morning. >> marin county is now under a state of emergency after damage from storms continuing to grow as the rain continues to full amy hollyfield is on the scene. yes, it is raining. again. in marin county. look behind me, we are watching highway 101, no problems to report, so i am happy to tell you that but we still have standing water. we are watching as cars drive
5:32 am
through and big puddles spray. we want to warn you this is happening and there are still trouble spots. be careful. this is northbound 101 the side you are looking at. marin county has gotten hammered by rain this past week and the dam is adding up. marin county officials have decided to clear a state of emergency in an attempt to get federal money to recover from the rain. last week was bad but that wasn't the end of it. this week has soaked the north bay. >> i am shocked how much rain we have. we have not seen the rain we had 4" of rain at nursery and i live 12 minutes north and we have had more rain here than i have at my house. county roads have been damaged by the wind-drive rain. it is estimated to be $1 million
5:33 am
worth of problems so this will allow them to start assessing the damage and applying for help. it is 5:33. a neighborhood is without water in menlo park after a water main break. here is a look with crews still working to fix broken pipes. it was reported just at 9:00 last night and officials say a couple of homes were damaged when the water theyed in and crews say the drums with so saturated from recent rain the weight of the soil broke the pipe. the water has been shut off to 25 hopes while the street is dug up to fix the broken main. they hope to be done later this morning. home could see sediment stirred up in their water. we will have a report from the scene at top of the hour. >> residents are back on clean up duty after the rain yesterday. in santa clara the first order of business will be to cut up
5:34 am
this huge pine tree that fell on three-unit complex. a man slooping narrowly escaped injury and a family was evacuated. >> rain caused a lot of problems on freeways. all lanes of 280 in san jose were block off because of flooding. many drivers had a tough time negotiating the cones on the ramps. access to a marin county trailhead is closed because a mudslide is blocking the road in the golden gate park. marin county maintains the road and says it will be closed for at least 48 hours. if you get rain showers in your neighbor, we want to see them. e-mail your pictures at you can post them on twitter with #whereyoulive. you can see what is showing up
5:35 am
with the weather app that is free on apple app and google play with more information at >> burglaries broke into a computer store and made off with thousands in merchandise. surveillance video shows the situation on friday. the suspects used a rock to break a window on the door and got inside and stole lap stops laptops. the berkeley city council got an earful over police that used excessive force. they said rubber bullets and tear gas were used on peaceful demonstrators. others witnessed excessive first. the demonstration led to wide-video vandal e, with 400 protesters scaring off against
5:36 am
police at telegraph avenue. the berkeley police pushed an old man to the ground and he could have been killed. he could have smash his head. >> if someone stepped over line and did something bad we will ago interest >> there will be a meeting january 17 to gather feedback from the public. protests organizers are encouraging public school students in oakland to walk out of class today at noon and take part in a police brutality protest at 14th and broadway. a meeting is scheduled in oakland with elected african-american officials and community leaders. the discussion will focus on improving relations between law enforcement and the community. it will be held at the moment cathedral on telegraph avenue. san francisco district attorney and his office are joining a community effort to
5:37 am
take become a neighborhood park. a public bathroom next to the park is a haven for prostitution and drugs. organizers say they transform the park from a scary place to a safe and happy environment for the community. mike? look at this, it is finally drying but sand hill road and alpine road and the area toward cedar boulevard crossing the dumbarton bridge to the east headed into fremont is getting wet now the sunnyvale will have rain in three minutes and cupertino in eight minutes and santa clara will be wet in grateful minutes and los gatos will be wet in 25 minutes covering the south bay the next half hour. we have light rain around hercules and richmond and we are looking at pill valley and san rafael back to muir beach to
5:38 am
novato and up to the north it is getting scattered moving away from rohnert park to sonoma but amy hollyfield tweeted they are getting light rain in marin county. the radar is picking up. look at the light rain. it is light, though. san rafael, it is quiet. mid-to-upper 50's with random light showers through the day. weapon the acetaminophens -- when the sun sets we have heavy showers. in walnut creek, it is not raining. dry on thursday. the last storm is friday and dry weather on saturday and winter on sunday. the warmer forecast is coming up. we have a shot of the macarthur maze off of 580 westbound toward 80 eastbound reports of an accident, the slow lane a solo spinout.
5:39 am
bay bridge, no metering lights but there is slow traffic where cash on last and right hand lane and the fast trackers are moving through nicely and we go pack to the concord area eastbound, the non-commute direction and multi-vehicle accident cleared from the lanes after 680 and we still have tow truck, waiting if the-to-truck, and it is less than ten miles per hour. thank you, sue. tragedy in pistan people are now believing with an unbelievable scene that claimed the lives of so and a look outside from our camera looking toward oakland you can see in the distance the bay bridge with weather and traffic through the entire commercial break so you are in
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is stacking up. you can see the roads are still glistening from early showers
5:43 am
but the main activity is on the peninsula. we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco in a moment. >> in pakistan the death toll climbed to 148 killed in the deadly taliban attack. the body of principal was found with several other victims. the majority of the dead were children, 132. seven taliban gunman stormed the army public school saying this was in revenge for military safe haven along the border with afghanistan. another 1124 students and -- 124 students and officials were wounded. most victims have been buried. in australia, a memorial service was held for a victim of the hostage ordeal. family and friends hugged outside the memorial. johnson was the manager where 17 were taken hostage, died while trying to disarm the gunman. the family spoke to the media.
5:44 am
>> we thank everyone for supporting us through this terrible time. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> a flower memorial is growing. several lawyers filed if respect for katrina dawson, a fellow attorney killed in the siege. >> australian authorities will investigate why the gunman was dropped from their security watch list. san francisco board of supervisors is considering an ordinance to recollect nightclubs from noise complaints by residents. the supervisor introduced the legislation saying that the city's music venues need to be preserved at a time when residential units are built in formally commercial areas which requires developers to engage with existing venues from the start protecting the night clubs from unfair noise come complaints had future and ensuring that residents are aware of the venue before they represent or buy property.
5:45 am
former facebook c.e.o. is donating $24 million the next donating $24 million the next two years to establish an he has been to emergency rooms countless times because of his potentially deadly allergy to notes and shell fish and hopes researchers can find a cure now that he has two small children who have a chance to develop allergies. this morning, studies show americans are trading sleep for more important things. "important," is the variable. working our hours, sleep is paramount but we do not have a cop mute problem. a commute length is the number two time thief, people with have to go further sleep less and the top thing people choose over
5:46 am
sleep is work. according to the survey on am americans spend an extra hour working than sleeping. >> we bust up that average. i work three or 3 enough more hours a day than i sleep. >> at least. three or four. >> some say i never work. >> stop! >> doctors do not was -- chastise us. >> we have to put a roof over our head that does not leak. >> and we need a car that runs during the rain. near fremont along dumbarton bridge toward portola valley and now the rain we have been watching slide down the peninsula is in mountain view and coming into sunnyvale and santa clara and san jose you are next, milpitas, it will be this in 10 or 15 minutes with light
5:47 am
rain lining up around daly city and colma up to the marin headlands and across the golden gate bridge and the richmond and san rafael bridge up 101 from san rafael to petaluma headed to sonoma and along hercules and vallejo but it is light. it is moving at a nice clip off to the southeast with a few lighter shower developing and the breezes are low are less than six miles if most areas. i do not expect damage from the storms and minimal bonding at most. at 280 and 17 and san jose the rain hand made it but give it ten minutes and it will. in develop you can see wetness on the embarcadero and the flags are still. so are the palm trees. not much standing water. an increase of showers evening and overnight. we will be dry and brighter and
5:48 am
warmer this week. and the area of low pressure that brought us the heavy rain and windy conditions and the damage with it we are getting a break before the next system comes in and i is going to bring a moderate risk of urban flooding and hud and rock slides most of us are half an inch. through the morning, you can see a nice random quiet after 7:00 we get wide-video rain. tomorrow morning, scatteredluons he said. and now the panthers can win with a goal. let's go. take another look. let it breathe. longest shootout in nhl history. stan. nba history.
5:49 am
first game in nba history between two teams with at least 19 wins this early in the season. warriors, 16-game win streak. they said what's your point? grizzlies up seven. curry, not a good shooting night from beyond the arc. 1 for 10 from three. warriors down three. made a 14-2 run in the fourth quarter to climb back into it. but mike conley, 17 points for him. having a great season. grizzlies, fifth win in a row and end the warrior's 16-game win streak. >> that's a lot of information you gave the morning folk. >> value added. >> there you go. get your day started right. that's all we have. back to you. and the pulse is next. tonight you to get out of bed, on "world news." toothfairy. it's going viral.
5:50 am
groups. retiring t.s.a. chief says his agency gives extra scrutiny to travelers from syria, yemen and other nations home to groups that plot to sneak a bomb on a passenger yet. other agencies in the department of homeland security security got the exemption. >> first, you could rollover unused minutes and now a cell phone company is letting customers stash their unused data. this dog could be double. how the humane society found eddie the terrible a new hope.
5:51 am
>> keeping the flu at bay over the holidays, tips to stay healthy. >> keep tab on weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break with abc7 news now. at look at the embarcadero wet and slick.
5:52 am
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d mobile has announced a new program called data stash. starting in january customers and rollover unused data and save it for a year. it will be available
5:54 am
automatically for t-mobile customers would have a plan with three gigs or more. >> oakland police department tradition is carried on. mobile santa will video holiday cheer. an officer is addressed as santa riding a motorcycle law oakland and passing out presents to children along the way. the gifts are bought with money donated bit traffic division and the oakland police foundation. how much do you think they are looking for the we reindeer? inside the engine of the motorcycle. >> will the officer's santa get wet? >> in the north bay and the peninsula but the east bay is quiet unless you are in fremont and south to milpitas. >> the surplus just for this season starting july 1, 5" in livermore and 7.5 in santa rosa.
5:55 am
it is 56 percent in santa rosa to 271 percent at moffett field in mountain view and the snow pack was up 48 percent but 52 percent below average and we will look at the forecast today, snow showers, scattered light showers through the central valley and low-to-mid 50's and scattered shows in southern california and for lake tahoe, snow showers, friday, saturday, and warm and sunny next week. >> we have change requirements on highway 80 and 50. this is highway 101 in san jose traffic is flowing nicely. no delays. we have better news. the tow truck is finally arriving on the scene but it is a grind southbound 680 over the sunol grade we had an early jackknifed big rig blocking traffic beyond highway 84 into
5:56 am
pleasanton. when the tow truck is this hopefully it will be cleared. clearing here in concord eastbound 4 after 680. a dog that is bad to bone found a new home. the lieu main society of silicon valley did not try to hide the bad attitude and named him edit terrible and made the video hoping to find eddie a new hope. it worked. a retired couple adopted difficult the terrible where he will probably become eddie the great. >> okay. if you love all things bacon you awant to plan a trip to kentucky in lieu veil area, everything on the menu is focused around one thing: bacon. turkey bacon. beef bacon. duck bacon. >> we have pork bacon, two ways
5:57 am
we do it i am curing and smoking it inhouse. >> she says the bacon bar was so busy they had to close early because they didn't have enough...bacon. >> i want bacon pie with the bacon ice cream. >> bombshell confession from an actor steven collins and he is admitting after accusations of molesting. "consumer reports" teams up with advise on getting the perfect gift for a music lover. bay bridge toll plaza is backing up. we will check in and see if the we will check in and see if the metering lights are on.
5:58 am
we will check in and see if the metering lights are on.
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, wet wednesday. meteorologist mike nicco says more showers are on the way. they are here now. he is tracking the rain with live doppler hd. >> do not drink the water. that is the warning on the peninsula right now. we have the work underway right now to get the water flowing again. a computer hack takes a dangerous push and sonny will sony will lose mills after a terrorist threat. and meteorologist mike nicco is here for mike this morning with a look at the forecast. we will look at live doppler hd and show you the showers come down the peninsula. it is now into the south bay and the best rain is around mountain view to sunnyvale as we look at some of the areas, 82, 85, 237, all getting wet. 101, down to


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