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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 27, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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it is saturday, december 27. good morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. we're off to a chilly start across the bay area, but hopefully we can have some sun on the way. let's check in with lisa argen tracking it for us in the weather center. >> hi, chris. good morning to you. hi, everyone. we have a frost advisory, the sacramento valley, the delta, and looking at cold conditions into the san joaquin valley. our freeze warning has expired for monterey. temperatures have bottomed out into the mid and upper 30s there along the central coast. and right now we're below freezing for napa and santa rosa. 36, san mateo. mountain view just 34.
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a few 40s from fremont to oakland with 46 in san fr francisco. so moisture is well to the north in washington and oregon , and we are looking at a dry day today. a few high clouds later on. temperatures will be on the seasonal side and we'll look for highs in the mid and upper 50s today. so it will be a cool afternoon. we'll talk about even colder air before the end of the year coming up. chris? lisa, thank you. well, those frosty temperatures can be bad news for outdoor plants. this winter an unfortunate twist. people who switch to drought resistant landscaping could be more at risk. abc 7 news reporter alan wang has the story. you can already see here how it's kind of wilted. it's kind of laying down. >> reporter: they took quick action in vallejo where they grow organic vegetables for the homeless. temperatures in parts of the north bay are predicted to be at or near freezing. >> the carrots are in the ground, so they should be fine.
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>> reporter: there's a lot more concern for people who converted their thirsty lawns into drought resistant landscapes. >> there are many succulents that have a temperature tolerance or lack of. >> reporter: kate has a garden full of succulents but freezing temperatures can form ice crystals causing them to burst. >> in 1990 this froze to the ground. it was kind of devastating. >> reporter: chris car michael of the uc botanical gardens says most native succulents are heartier than nonnative species. >> these are hens and chicks, they're really common in bay area and california horticulture. they're from mexico, and they can only take the tiniest bit of frost. >> reporter: as a rule of thumb, car michael says thicker, spongier suck iculents are more susceptible to a freeze.
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alan wang, abc 7 news. temperatures were forecast to drop to 27 degrees overnight. growers say it won't stay that cold long enough to do any major damage. in fact, the cold weather should give the oranges more color and extend the harvest season. if you're traveling over the holidays, be sure to use our abc 7 weather app to keep an eye on what's happening with live do doppler 7 hd here in the bay area before you start your trip home. the app is free and perfect he for those new smart phones. we have more information online at abc7 a new york city police officer assassinated last weekend. in in queens, new york, the funeral for officer rafael ramos is currently under way. moments before we went on the air new york governor andrew cuomo as well as new york city mayor bill de blasio addressed the crowd. last saturday a gunman targeted
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ramos and officer lu as they sat in their patrol cars. vice president joe biden spoke at today's funeral service and offered words of comfort to ramos' family. >> you've shown tremendous courage and character in these past few days. you are your father's sons, and he was -- he was so, so very proud of you, from everything that i have heard. and just know as hard as it is to believe, he will be part of your life the entirety of your life. >> funeral plans for officer lu have yet to be announced. protesters plan to gather in oakland again today to demonstrate against the killings of black men by police. a black lives matter is scheduled, this after protests on chryistmas turned violent.
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demonstrators smashed windows at subways and attacked the christmas tree at jack london square. they also set a dumpster on fire. in an angry statement, the mayor elect said holding a protest for the reason of trying to deny oakland police a day off on christmas represents a new low. a group of peaceful protesters greeted after christmas shoppers in san francisco. the group gathered at union square yesterday afternoon with signs that read black and brown lives matter. protesters said they wanted to interrupt shoppers to remind them some families' lives have been interrupted by police violence. the wife of a bay area police officer is taking to facebook saying she fears protesters will attack her or her family. she posted, you thugs, we're ready for you. bought thousands of rounds this weekend. she wants to remain anonymous. >> we're all on heightened awareness. now have a guard dog in my yard, my own gun, alarm system, lighting on the exterior home, all things we pay very close
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attention to. i am perfectly comfortable with a firearm, and i will use it if my life is threatened or i have a strong perception of the fact that my life is being threatened. >> her threats are similar to what's going on in san jose. police are investigating officer philip white. activists are demanding he be fired after he appeared to be threatening protesters on twitter. a group played music to raise money for the michael brown, we love our sons and daughters foundation. the public awareness fund is name for the unarmed teenager shot by a ferguson police officer. a "new york times" article revealed volunteers with little or no emergency training are driving some of those cars in the presidential mo cade. abc 7 news reporter lilian
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has more. >> reporter: a friend with white house connections, manke was selected to drive during the president's bay area visit. in the van several vehicles behind the commander in chief. >> exciting to be able to drive in a motorcade and run stoplights and stop signs and go in this crazy on racial. >> reporter: but some are now questioning the decades long practice. volunteer drivers go through a background check, and that's about it. no training, just a briefing the day of. >> well, i think the selection process for the drivers on the white house end is subpar. i think it's been subpar for a long time. >> reporter: the motorcade generally begins with local police who block intersections followed by the secret service, them the presidential limo followed by more secret service and white house staff vance. the press corps van is usually ahead of the ambulance and tail police. the concern is that the untrained volunteer driver could cause an accident or a delay in an emergency.
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he says he was surprised by how things were done but in the end everything worked out just fine. >> everybody else on there were very stand-up people, very cognizant. very qualified to be doing what we were doing which was really just being glorified shuttle drivers. >> reporter: according to "the new york times," the secret service defends the practice saying the volunteer drivers are briefed and that the president and the agents can detach from the staff and press corps advance at anytime. in the newsroom lilian kim, abc 7 news. 8:08 is the time. jim harbaugh will meet with representatives of the university of michigan this weekend. another report a deal is already done. according to the nfl network and fox sports the school's athletic director is in the bay area and ready to sign harbaugh to a six-year $48 million contract, the highest paid coach in college football. the raiders are also interested in harbaugh. but due to tampering rules can't talk to the coach while he's still under account.
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phoenix sports anchor reports harbaugh and michigan have already agreed to terms on a deal and that he'll be introduced as the new wolverines coach on tuesday if he signs with michigan. the report says the coach will inform the 49ers' players about his decision after tomorrow's game. fremont police say a wild coyote attacked three people on christmas day, biting a 5-year-old boy on the leg. ten minutes late ter it bit later it bit a man and then chased a man who had to kick it away. officers found the coyote, noticed it looked sick and killed it. the tri-city animal shelter is waiting on test results to see if it has rabies. this morning people in hillsborough are on high alert after a mountain lion killed a deer in a family neighborhood. residents heard screeching. when officers checked it out at 8:00 a.m. yesterday, they found a mauled deer carcass. they were awakened when the big
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cat attacked. >> we heard a very large thump on our roof. >> all after sudden we heard this loud screechy scream, high-pitched screech/scream, very shattering. >> it was a mauling of sorts. we could hear that something was in peril. >> animal control and wildlife officials have been notified. time now is 8:10. and weatherwise, lisa, when i got out to my car this morning, i definitely had to give it some time, some extra minutes to warm up. >> you're better than me. i had to pull over. i dug a credit card out of my wallet, got back out and scraped the frost. there was definitely some frost in the valley. this morning beginning to thaw out. it's 34 in concord right now. 37 in livermore. so our east bay valley still quite chilly. we'll talk about when we'll see a recovery, how warm we'll get and another colder air mass heading our way for the end of the year.
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we'll talk about it next. also ahead, gas prices plummeting to his are toric hoes. what you can expect the next time you fill up. and cleaning out your closet for a good cause. the project started by two bay-area teens to help other teens and why even they were start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends.
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welcome back, everyone. time now is 8:14. the average price of gas across the united states has dropped to its low eest level in five year at $2.31 a gallon n. missouri the average gallon of gas is now $1.95. the first state to average less than $2 in a half decade. the reason? the united states is producing considerably more oil. other nations are having to adapt and drop their crude prices. americans are saving hundreds, and in some cases thousands of dollars. however an energy expert believes the drop is bad for our country because it reignites america's dependence on fossil fuel. >> these low priceses just prolong the death throes of that stranglehold. in my view it's bad and makes the short term economics of
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buying a vehicle or hybrid car not as attractive. >> in california gas prices remain high in comparison at $2.68 a gallon. oakland drives at $2.70. and in san francisco it's 15 cents more expensive at $2.85 a gallon. shopping and teenagers often go hand-in-hand. some don't even have a closet at all. that's why one high schooler in the east bay is asking for clothing donations for under privileged youth. >> reporter: teenagers sift through clothing donated to their charity one closet. laura start ed it in oakland collecting gently used items for low income, foster and homeless youth. >> teens and foster youth only have $200 for clothes a year. that was really interesting to me because i did he haefinitely
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lot more than that. usually one shopping trip. >> reporter: the ideas for teens to clean out their closets and give to others in need. she passed the torch to riley when she left for college. boxes of donationses pack her garage in alamo. >> it makes me happy to see people are willing to give their stuff to help others. >> reporter: in just four years the girls have collected more than 40,000 garments helping more than 10,000 teenagers. >> it's a lot. i didn't ever think it would come this far. >> reporter: their moms have played a role in the nonprofit organization and are dedicated to their daughter's cause. >> i am so proud of her. i see the big hearts they have. they're helping their classmates, people within their own community. >> reporter: since riley took the reins, she teamed up with hyatt house, the main drop-off site. the response has been so great, the hyatt has seen loads like this come in once a week, but there's still plenty of need.
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>> a lot of people in need need larger sizes. there's a link on the city of san leandro will provide a free shuttle from the san leandro b.a.r.t. station to the downtown parking garage beginning january 5. the east lot is temporarily closed down due to a nearby construction project forcing commuters to use the downtown parking garage as an alternate option. between b.a.r.t. and downtown will run from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. weekdays leaving the b.a.r.t. station every 15 minutes. if you plan on heading out for new year's eve, b.a.r.t. will help you out extending service until 3:00 a.m. trains will run on a normal weekday evening service. trains will run every 20 minutes after midnight. trains will will had occasionally skip the embarcadero, montgomery and west oakland stations. if you're looking for something fun to do on new year's eve, check out
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we have a list of fireworks shows and other events as well as information on how to get to those celebrations safely. time now is 8:18. for people maybe heading out for an early morning jog or a round of golf, bring the jackets. you're going to need them. >> well, pu slept through the frosty conditions, most of you. things are are beginning to recover. winds have kicked up. san francisco mid-40s. warmer around the bay. high clouds will move in. san jose was down to 34 degrees. now 37. 32 in morgan hill with san francisco 45, 42 in oakland and from mt. tamm you can seep the high clouds but still quite chilly from napa to santa rosa.
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mid-30s in concord. this morning as much as 11 degrees colder in napa. 13 degrees colder at the san carlos airport and mountain view, wow, ten degrees colder compared to yesterday. here's all the sunshine around the bay. we'll need it to warm up. we'll have high clouds and then mid level clouds tonight. patchy frost is possible. the storm door stays shut. a dusting of some snow that includes the sierra nevada and mt. diablo by tuesday morning.
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then gusty winds. the high sits offshore. the high will begin to nudge closer to the coast and move to the east of us. as that happens, we'll gain a couple degrees in the afternoon and overnight lows probably coming you out of the 20s and 30s in some spots, but, still, it's going to be cold no matter how you look at it in parts of our valleys that always is this time of year. 47 in yosemite later on. this morning we woke up to about 7 in truckee. 38 today in south lake and 58 in monterey after a frosty start for you. so average highs around mid and upper 50s today. look for 58 in oakland . 57 for san mateo and san jose. some high clouds then in the north bay and overnight tonight with a few more mid level clouds. you'll notice we have 42 in oakland. about 40 san mateo and still some 30s in the santa clara valley. the accuweather seven-day
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forecast, a few areas of frost again tomorrow morning and then by monday looking at numbers maybe a couple degrees warmerer parts of the bay but that tuesday cold outbreak will include everyone which allows for numbers to drop again into the 20s and 30s with some breezy winds for new year's eve and very sunny for new year's day. you can see what's shoepg up anytime with the abc 7 news weather app. it's free on apple l's app store or google play. more information on typical in december to get the cold snap so it will be with us for a little while. >> despite the lack of rain, still nice to he see the sun. >> i agree. up next a baby panda who doesn't want to be left alone. how the panda's keeper was finally able to leave the clinging c
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all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh. think you have the right to sue over just about anything? consumer reports has partnered with 7 on your side to look at when you've lost your right to sue. michael finney has the details. >> reporter: when you buy a product or service and something goes terribly wrong, you may think, well, i can always sue.
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"c "consumer reports" warn people give up their right to sue by agreeing in advance. the used car john bought seven years ago has hardly ever left the garage. there was an engine problem that dealer first failed then refused to fix. that made the car unsafe. the dealer refused to return his original $10,000 payment. then he found to his dismay he had agreed to binding arbitration and could not sue. >> i didn't even know what the arbitration agreement was. i was really beside myself that we lost our right to court. >> reporter: instead of being heard by a judge or jury, it was sent to an arbitration firm selected by the car dealership. >> having the company select the arbitrator is a serious conflict of original. such arrangements can be
8:26 am
typical. >> reporter: bindi ining arbitrn are becoming more often with services like you agree by signing a contract, clicking i agree, or just by using the product or service. >> companies say that binding arbitration can make it easier and less costly for both sides to settle disputes. there are concerns giving up the right can deprive of important legal protection. >> reporter: he regrets the day he ever signed that contract. so just a few weeks ago after a seven-year ordeal, the dealership was ordered by another arbitration firm to pay him $20,000 in damages. >> this is not going to happen to me again. i will go to dealer after dealer. my first question when i walk on the lot, do you have an arbitration agreement? >> reporter: "consumer reports" advises if you don't want to agree, try crossing it out and requesting a new agreement or if you already signed there might be an opt-out period. you need to check. i'm michael finney, 7 on your
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side. a panda cub in china apparently doesn't want to be left alone. visitors to the zoo research base of giant panda breeding captured video of this cub's keeper trying to leave the panda sanctuary. every time the panda either grabbed on to his legs or tried to beat him to the door. the keeper kept placing the clinging cub far from the exit so he could make a run it for it. his plan eventually worked. time is 8:27. much more ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news. lots of frustrated shoppers, the long lines and the questions from the not so it techie people who got high-tech gifts for christmas. plus, making progress against a deadly disease. research here in the bay area put into action. the effort to treat a disease
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are used in hospitals across america. st. jude helps save kids close to you. real close to you. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo.
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half past the hour on this saturday, december 27. glad to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're off to a school start across the region. let's check in with lisa argen for a quick look at the forecast. hi, lisa. chris, good morning to you. we're beginning to recover just a little bit in some areas but northern fremont, 29 degrees. it was 30 and still looking at low 30s from santa rosa to napa. it's 45 in san francisco, and right now fremont at 42. 34 the san ramone valley and still a chilly 35 in concord. so we will look for sunny skies today to start out but a few high clouds entering the bay throughout the afternoon. we will allow temperatures to continue to warm through the mid-50s today even with the high clouds. in fact, tonight we'll add a few mid-level clouds and that should moderate our overnight lows
8:31 am
somewhat. the details, the numbers for tonight, and talk about a colder outbreak that's heading for the bay area before the end of the year. chris? lisa, thank you. new this morning, authorities in sacramento were forced to close down a mall after a scuffle broke out amongst a bun much of teenagers. it happened at arden fair close to cal expo. police say they were force ed to close down the mall two hours earlier than normal. they say the move was precautionary and meant to prevent a repeat of oo event two weeks ago when they went through the mall knocking down signs. the noise was misinterpreted as gunshots forcing the mall to be placed under lockdown. if santa brought you a piece of technology, there's a chance he didn't stick around and help you get it up and running. as jonathan bloom found out, that's what the day after christmas is for. >> reporter: if you came here for tech support, you're not alone. >> you're here for the geek squad? >> yes. >> a lot of people. it's a very long line. >> reporter: a line full of
8:32 am
people who ripped open their presents and found something wrong. >> when i turned it on, it didn't work. >> reporter: some problems are clear cut. >> the memory card or the battery would not fit. >> reporter: others are a bit fuzzy. >> sort of an outline. >> reporter: some are hard to describe. >> it's going to be complicated. >> reporter: and a few are disastrous. >> there wasn't mine craft on t it. >> reporter: no minecraft? >> yep. >> reporter: that's not acceptable. it helps to bring food. >> i think they knew that we would get hungry, so they parked the truck outside. >> reporter: and it may not help to state the obvious. >> this line is really long. >> reporter: but even a day after the holiday, the christmas spirit is alive and well in this line. not everyone is here for help with a gift they just got. a lot are here for help with a gift they've given. george park got this laptop for his little brother. >> i feel it's my gift and i should be the one to return it and make sure i get him a working computer. >> reporter: it's the giving spirit or maybe it's just guilt. >> this is a present from her. >> reporter: so you gave him a present that almost ruined his
8:33 am
camera? >> pretty much. >> this guy here is dead out of the box. >> reporter: bob cohen tried giving this speaker to his wife. he knows one thing -- >> everything is getting more and more and more complicated. it's just harder to keep everything working. >> reporter: and just imagine this isn't the only line like this. >> this is my second stop. i was just at toys 'r' us. >> reporter: you may need a second helping of those chicken wings. >> i think we're going to get in a fight before too long. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. different line to tell you about, this time in the san francisco bay where a flotilla of giant container ships are causing a traffic jam on the water. according to "the mercury news" they are waiting to unload cargo. port officials say an average of 12 to 15 ships have come to oakland in recent months surp passing anything they've seen in the past decade. they say heavy port congestion in southern california is partly to blame forcing many cargo ships to travel north to oakland. several bay area community colleges are among dozens
8:34 am
statewide that are vying to offer low cost batch lochelor's degrees. they say making four-year degrees are increasingly necessary. they say 21 other states allow community colleges to offer at least some four-year degrees. the local colleges applying to offer four-year degrees include evergreen valley in san jose, foothill college in lossal toes, napa, and in fairfield. 8:34 is our time. a technology developed here in the bay area could be saving millions of lives in africa soon. it's a breakthrough process for making a drug that can treat and cure malaria we profiled in 2011. now as abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings reports, the promise is becoming real>> territy. >> reporter: protecting themselves from mosquitos that carry malaria has help arriving in the form of a drug that can
8:35 am
treat the disease quickly and inexpensively. >> taken three tablets. >> reporter: it is produced with a process pioneered by berkeley researcher. for decades it has been made solely from the worm wood plant which often left it in short supply. instead the team developed a way to genetically modify yeast to produce the same drug in huge, brewery-like tanks. >> rather than spitting out alcohol as it normally does, it spits out this anti-malaria drug. >> reporter: a french-based pharmaceutical company after years of development just announced its first major delivery more than 1.5 million doses. the deliveries were targeted to areas with some of the highest death rates for malaria in the world, specific doses have been formulated for children who make up a high percentage of the victims. he says the plan isn't to replace the version of the drug but to use the synthetic version
8:36 am
to stabilize supplies. >> so what happens with this drug when it's grown in the plant is that familiarers first found out it was valuable so they planted a lot of it and the price went through the floor. they could no longer make a profit. a few years later, there was not enough to go around. >> reporter: he says the sin is nettic can be produced in a matter of weeks rather than months for about $2 a dose. he believes a steady supply of both versions will make it affordable to clinics and governments across africa. saving an untold number of lives. cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. and the doctor says the yeast process could potentially be explored again it if a drug currently being tested against the ebola virus proves effective. that drug is currently grown in tobacco plants and is in limited
8:37 am
supply. former president george h.w. bush remains in a houston hospital after spending his fourth night there. he's recovering from shortness of breath. a family spokesperson says the 90-year-old president is in high spirits and continues to make progress. after years of various problems including an irregular heartbeat, bronchitis and a form of parkinson's disease, he went to the hospital tuesday night as a precaution. still ahead on the saturday morning news, how all the recent rain is causing trouble for a popular christmas tree recycling program. but fist, a live look outside from our mt. tamm cam. what a gorgeous view to begin our saturday morning. it's cool outside. some cloud cover right now but when will it all change? lisa argen returns in a little
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the time right now is 8:40. welcome back, everyone. here is a live look from our camera in emeryville. traffic wise, no major issues to report across the bay bridge. people taking it easy on this saturday. we'll check in with lisa pretty soon. take a look at this. it isn't an animation, it's a time lapse of the northern lights and other earthly wonders taken from space. german astronaut alexander gerst took more than 12,000 pictures over 12 months. he combined the most impressive
8:41 am
shots of the cities, sun rises, lightning and much more in this six-minute video. space-x says it will attempt a difficult landing. rockets dump their lower sections but space-x wants to keep the lower stage of its rocket. that base section is 14 stories tall and will be climbing at a mile per second. in early january space-x plans to land it standing straight up on a barge floating in the ocean. the target is 30 feet wide and that will be moving since it's a floating barge. at best space-x estimates it has a 50% chance of pulling off the landing. 8:41 is the time. lisa, weatherwise it if you're looking outside your window this morning, just waking up, looks can be deceiving a little bit. you might see the sun but -- >> you think it's warm but in the 30s and 40s. one of the warmer locations is here at the airport. sfo 45 degrees. it doesn't sound too warm but we'll see highs, another 12 to
8:42 am
14 degrees today. a warming will bring us to seasonal averages this aft afternoon. but you know what, we're going to be even colder before the year is out. so we'll talk about some cold, windy weather heading our way in seven-day outlook coming up. still to come, looks like niners head coach jim harbaugh is getting ready to trade in the red and gold for the maise and blue.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
time now is 8:45. a quick look outside from our roof camera. how long will it stay cool and dry. lisa will have your seven-day forecast coming up. all the recent rain, though, is causing a problem for a popular post holiday recycling program in the bay area. for years leftover christmas trees from lots have been brought to a few east bay lakes and recycled as wreaths for fish. this is video of the under water wreath. the program has been around for more than a decade. nick smith has a look at the program and the problem. >> reporter: what you're going to see is the most full it's been in the last five to six years. >> reporter: this is the view, wreaths installed when water levels were low, created the perfect environment for habitat.
8:46 am
now lakes and reservoirs have regained much of what they lost. >> we used unsold christmas trees that get donated. >> reporter: joe sullivan is the acting fisheries manager. he says old christmas trees are a gift. this year mother nature has put the brakes on the holiday tradition. >> this year the water levels are already so high we didn't need to put in wreaths and there was little room. >> reporter: you don't have to look far to see what he's talking about. a perfect day of fishing and wreath reefs are a big reason why. >> reefs that have never even seen water. >> reporter: the fish are biting but it hasn't always been the case. the donation by christmas tree vendors was repursed as a reef.
8:47 am
this under water video shows how the fish quickly took residence among the newly installed christmas trees. for 5-year-old kay deny, today is a lesson in patience. >> and he likes fishing. >> reporter: they are not the only ones who benefit. an osprey got in on the act catching a rainbow sized trout. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> despite the chilly start to our weekend, it's nice to know the sun will stick around if you have plans to maybe go fishing. >> the afternoon highs will be pretty seasonal. we are looking at the cold overnight lows. tonight it will be chilly again. but we're going to get into
8:48 am
extra cloud cover that will help us. and then a bit of a wind shift come monday but another cold, cold outbreak on the way for tuesday. that leads us in to new year's eve on wednesday. entering the north bay and still that frost advisory is up by the delta. also the san joaquin valley looking at very chilly temperatures. so with the sun shining in san jose, we're looking at temperatures still in the 30s but coming up a few degrees at 37. san carlos 37. 45 downtown. 46 at the coast and here are the high clouds, the view from mt. tamm wrp the winds have kicked up to nearly 20 miles an hour. that really hasn't helped with the mixing and usually when we get that mixing we'll have warmer temperatures. this cold air, this heavier cold air descending into the valleys is dense and that allows for the temperatures to bottom out to near the dew point . 31 in napa as well as santa rosa
8:49 am
with 32 by the delta. so it continues to drop there. the air temperature and still 35 in concord with 36 in livermore. so hopefully you brought the plants in and the pets with the 24-hour temperature change still showing everyone much colder than yesterday morning but really san carlos at 13 degrees colder. you can see how much colder on the peninsula and up in napa 14 degrees colder. so with the sunshine here from our tower camera it will be a nice sunny afternoon but you'll need the jacket. numbers staying in the 50s today so the patchy valley frost may be lingering in some neighborhoods. seasonably cool throughout today and tomorrow. in fact, we'll extend that into monday. it's tuesday we're look iing at another cold system bringing gusty winds behind it. that more or less keeps the storm door shut for next week. if you're heading to the mountains, maybe a light dusting of snow come tuesday and, you know what, maybe mount hamilton could see a light dusting by
8:50 am
tuesday. then the gusty winds behind that system. so it's cool. it's dry. high pressure is in command of our weather. it's going to nudge a little bit closer to the coast and then finally drift off to east and that will allow for somewhat modified temperatures warming just a couple degrees in the days ahead but, boy, for california this is cold. 56 in fresno. 58 in monterey. you had numbers in the 30s here earlier. 54 sacramento. and we'll be looking at temperatures around the bay today mainly in the mid-50s from san rafael. 54 in antioch. 56 in livermore. upper 50s down towards santa cruz and with that extra high and mid level cloud cover, i brought some of the temperatures up into the mid-40s for oakland, san mateo and even san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the cold mornings in the valleys again tomorrow. otherwise not quite as cold. the highs of around 60 in the bay your sunday afternoon. for monday we're still chilly but nothing compared to tuesday.
8:51 am
gusty winds behind tuesday's cold air mass will lead for a very chilly new year's eve and then slightly milder thursday and friday. >> for anyone driving up to tahoe this weekend, blue canyon won't be much of a concern? >> no. they'll have a little bit of fresh snow come tuesday and wednesday, probably no chain control. >> lisa, thank you. turning to sports now, jim harbaugh will probably be coaching his final game with the 49ers. he's reportedly meeting this weekend with representatives from michigan about taking over at his alma mater. there's another report that a deal is already done. here is rick kwan with the details in this morning's sports report. >> reporter: good morning. it's not yet official but it's looking more like 49ers head coach jim harbaugh will return to his alma mater michigan. according to a report out of phoenix harbaugh will tell his players the news after sunday's season finale and be formally introduced on tuesday. the school's brass including jim hackett said to be in the bay area to seal the deal. the wolverines have reportedly
8:52 am
already offered harbaugh a six-year, $48 million contract which would make him the highest paid coach in college football. the raiders and jets have also been rumored to be in the running. yesterday harbaugh once again refused to talk about his future. >> we plowed that ground very thoroughly. >> what will happen will happen. what won't happen won't happen. >> as for sunday's game, the cardinals can still claim the division title if they beat san francisco and seattle loses to st. louis. because of injuries arizona will be starting quarterback lindley. this will be harbaugh's last hurrah with the niners. the possibility has not been lost on harbaugh. >> this is a fan base that is very appreciative and i know how they'll respond to guys like frank gore that you mentioned
8:53 am
and all of our players. we had a lot of fun coaching this team and want to win it, want our team to have the good feeling of winning. feel good about ourselves. >> the raiders will wrap up their season at denver sunday. oakland has not won on the road this year. raiders defensive end justin tuck has been fined more than $23,000 for abusive language. he was not happy about being held. he let the officials know how he felt and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. tuck and his teammates will be in a lot better mood if they can upset the broncos. and the bulls season will roll on with miami and south carolina squaring off in the independence bowl right here on abc 7 live from shreveport at 12:30. and don't forget you can watch college football's first final four on espn new year's day at 2:00. oregon plays florida state in
8:54 am
the rose bowl and then at 5:30 number one alabama takes on fourth ranked ohio state in the sugar bowl. it always leads up to the national championship game january 12 on espn. and that is sports for a saturday morning. have a great weekend. coming up next, preparations kick into high gear for the tournament of roses parade now just days away. the special float that will be a part of this yea
8:55 am
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here are the winning numbers from the $156 million mega draw. 2-5-10-20-38 and mega number 14. nobody picked all six. so tuesday night's jackpot rose to $172 million. with christmas in the rear-view mirror and new year's day just around the corner, the race is on to get dozens of floats ready for the annual tournament of roses parade. happening now hundreds of volunteers in southern california have been putting the finishing touches on these structures that have been transformed into rose parade masterpieces. and for the first time in its 126-year history, the parade will feature a float dedicated to seek americans. you can catch the annual tournament of roses parade right here on abc 7 january 1 at 8:00. always cool to see those floats, lisa. >> definitely. we're still freezing in napa at 32 degrees. 47 in fremont right now. you are down to 29 in the northern part of fremont. so certainly a cold morning. but this afternoon we'll see
8:58 am
highs in the mid and upper 50s with a few high clouds. another chilly night tonight, but not as cold as it will be on tuesday night into new year's eve where another cold snap heads our way. okay. thanks to you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 tonight. for lisa argen and the rest of the morning news team, i'm chris nguyen. make it a great day, everybody.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown!" the fastest humans can run about 27 miles per hour. that's nothing compared to the fastest animal athletes. look at those things, they're huge! like cats so quick they risk a speeding ticket on every hunt. >> oh, look at that! >> marsupials that barely touch the ground. >> we call them blue flyers. >> blue flyers? >> yeah. >> and birds that break the laws of physics. >>they can actually dive down out of the sky at hundreds of miles an hour. >> and later


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