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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and's gluten free. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't. have you tried gluten free chex oatmeal and new chex granola mix? two more delicious reasons to love chex. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. hope you had a great week. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller. meteorologist mike nicco has snowflakes on the tie. it is getting pretty cold. >> ice crystals will form. open the grass. on thursday morning. we have moisture in the air the form of fog. good morning, santa rosa, you have the thickest at quarter mile and as we zoom out you can see on live doppler hd the fog is in the north bay and we have
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low clouds so we will call it partly cloudy elsewhere and as we look from the east bay hills camera you can see the clouds. the next 12 hours we are starting in the upper 30's to mid-40's so grab a coat. clouds will fade and low-to-mid 50's and calm and mid-to-upper 50's and this evening we will be back in the 40's. >> now how is the traffic looking? >> at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza it is light but as we take you to over to dublin in castro valley we have the red and we have delays from before the dublin/pleasanton because of the three car crash involving a big rig. no injuries involved here but westbound 580 at foothill road we have one lane blocked and we had all lanes shut down and that is why if you can wait for the traffic to dissipate you will be in good shape.
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>> thank you breaking news from san francisco, a home invasion robbery in the area is under investigation right now. amy hollyfield is on the scene with the latest. it was at 3:00 this morning when a couple of men stormed into this apartment unit. we are on camden francisco and we are told that the men were wearing ski masks and a gun was seen. a couple of young men were living here and one ran arrest during the invasion and ran far, went all the way to 19th street avenue where he was able to call for help. police did make it here to the scene. we have not been told how they got in or what they stole. that is what we are
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hear on more details. we are wondering if it is targeted or random. the police are still working the case inside the unit right now so hopefully soon, a sergeant can give us more details. thanks today 49ers have scheduled a 1:00 o'clock p.m. news conference a day after finally announcing the worst kept secret in sports: jim harbaugh is out as head coach of the 49ers. our reporter is at levi stadium in santa clara with some player reaction. good morning 49ers fans knew this was coming and now it is official: the jim harbaugh era is over. yesterday was the last game with the team. the good news is the 49ers ended the season with a win but minutes after the game was over during the post-game news conference the worst kept secret in sports was out. jim harbaugh is leaving.
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it was a bittersweet moment for the coach. >> tremendous football. just tremendous. people worked so hard >> it is bittersweet. we are happy we got the win. family we got frank and antoine to mayor milestones and get the win but coach harbaugh is the coach that drafted me the coach that started me. he is the coach that stood behind me through everything. what is next for the former 49ers coach? harbaugh is expected to sign a six-year deal with the university of michigan for $48 million. we nothing has been confirmed but reports are out that michigan officials are trying hard towood their farmer quaterback to his alma mater. michigan fans even showed up year at the game wearing school
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colors. again, no deal has been announced but now the search is officially on for a new 49ers head coach. thank you. michigan fans are excited by the prospect that harbaugh could be headed through. check out this post on the blog you can see though forecast an 80 percent chance of harbaugh tomorrow. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of jim harbaugh and the 49ers. the 49ers have a 1:00 o'clock p.m. news conference and we will stream it live on with updates on twitter any time. developing news in southern california, police are searching for a gunman accused of firing a rifle at a patrol car in south los angeles. police say he is considered armed and dangerous. we are asking everything to stay inside. the department has declared a city-wide alert meaning every available officer is in that
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area searching for the shoot other. this started at 9:30 last night and investigators say two people fired at officers who were out on patrol. officers fired back. police arrested one of suspects and recovers the search by air and sea has been expanded by the indonesia defense department. an international search ended a second day on the java sea for airasia 8501 which was carrying 162 people and disappeared from radar 24 hours ago in airspace thick with storm clouds. for desperate family members it is more agonizing. >> we cannot lose hope. >> on sunday morning the full airbus took off from indonesia
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headed to sing more. at 6:112 the pilot wanted to turn to get away the weather and climbed significantly from 32,000 to 38,000' and that is the last contact and then the jet disappears off of radar. >> we do not want to speculate. this is a depression here but stay strong. >> the airline and the airplane have a go safety record and the pilot was experienceed. still, the ahead of the search-and-rescue agency said the plane is "likely at the bottom of the sea." it is hard to imagine how a thunderstorm would bring down an airplane with as much experience as this crew. we will find that weather was a contributing factor but probably not the only reason the ape was brought down. >> there were month americans on board but officials say they stand ready to assist in the search-and-rescue if requested.
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police are asking for help to find a missing woman the 87-year-old woman was last seen at 2:30 walking a small white dog in south springer road and terrace court. if you see her please call 9-1-1. today lawmaker will introduce a bill to keep california roads safe from repeat drunk drivers. the state senator's legislation requires all drivers convicted of d.u.i. to install a interlock device in the vehicle. these are basically breathalyzers hooked up to the ignition. a driver must blow into the device and if the blood alcohol level is too high the car will not start. four counties are experimenting with a pilot program. if you have been enjoying the weather we have been having savor it because there will be a
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change. and we will have a change everyone and now, the christmas tree was getting a little drizzle as is our skin and hands. >> 33 in santa rosa and petaluma and we have mid-to-upper 40's throughout the bay shore down to san jose at 45 and half moon bay is 48, and cooler spots lafayette 42 and san ramon is 45 and brentwood is at 44. here is the fog and it is getting thicker and the finding ever fog southbound along 101 in san rafael be careful. there are varying conditions as far as visibility, especially in the north bay, this afternoon total sunshine and money 50's and moving forward as we look
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into the star-filled sky over the san ramon valley, we are going to have windy conditions tomorrow and wednesday and both days are cooler and a frosty morning is possible on thursday. leyla gulen? >> we will look at a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza and it is still pretty light. however, we are starting to see more clouds funneling from the maze to san francisco and we are back to work today before 2015 so hopefully you had a wonderful holiday weekend but as we can see traffic is starting to nil in just a little bit more than earlier and as we take you over to the east bay however unfortunately through dublin we are seeing a huge jam with heave backups before 680 because of the accident involving three vehicles, no injuries but one lane is blocked and 25 miles per hour is the top speed. now, we hear all lanes have re-opened and all the traffic will dissipate because this is no good alternate. >> 680, walnut creek do dublin, 101 santa rosa to san francisco and through the santa cruz mountains, it and clear and at
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top speed. thanks, it is 5:10 sony debuts "the interview," so ho many saw it? >> new flu concerns as doctors struggle to contain a growing outbreak. >> the new gentrification fight of google.
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this is abc 78 news. >> a look at the embarcadero in san francisco, a little bit of white fog. it is kind of chilly 40's and 50's with colder temperatures on the way. we will talk about that in a moment. >> officials say flu among parents at veterans nursing home in colorado has promised them to close the facility to most visitors. the v.a. medical center says ten of the 27 patients in the facility tested positive for the virus. officials expect the nursing home, in a separated building, to be off limit for two or throw days and other facilities remain open to visitors. >> connections to google pop's lap e-mails is have been blocked in china over efforts by the government to limit access to the services. records from google transparency report show online traffic from
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china to google dropped to zero often saturday. that is gmail. there was a small pickup early today. google closed the mainland china search engine in 2009 saying they would that longer cooperate with the sensors. that follows hacking attacks traced to china aimed at stealing the company's operating code and breaking into e-mail accounts. more google news, they are facing a new gentrification fight which is not in the bay area, "new york times" reports that the company is running into problems in boulder colorado with plans doable new four acre campus to employ 1,500 people. neighbors are worried about many problems familiar to us in the bay area including rising housing prices and businesses getting priced out. no comment from google. >> new details this morning about the hack on sony play station which is back online. the network experienced three solid days of disruption disasterring on christmas and the group of hackers calls lids arrested squad -- lizard squad
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took credit for it affecting the gale plain. microsoft xbox service that went down on christmas is back online. trading is underway on wall street in the next hour and stocks starting in report territory. >> sony is reporting huge numbers for the "interview," in america's money. >> good morning everyone, topping america's money stock market is in record territory gaining 6 percent in past seven sessions and setting a new record every day last week and s&p opening higher than ever this morning and the outlook is good, with stocks always doing well in years ending in a "5." >> a lot of interest in the "interview," the two million on-line rentals took in $15 million despite problems with the xbox and play station services. it did $3 million in the services in business but that did not come tear to "the hobbit ," which took in $41
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million over the weekend. "unbroken," took in $32 million. and "into the woods," took in $31 million. have a good monday. >> fun movies. >> i saw "the interview." doing your patriotic duty to watch a dumb comedy. >> you will like the movie. >> all right. >> you can imagine the kind of human -- humor. i had low expectations and it was not hard to jump over the bar. >> that is the key to egg, everything. keep your expectations low. >> undersell and overdeliver. can we do that with the weather? >> i don't think i can undersell
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the winds or the cold temperatures because they are the coldest we have had so par and a lot of us have things blooming in the yards. after the cold snap if they are not covered that is it. live doppler hd shows winds that are just less than six miles per hour and they are variable. as we head to noon tomorrow here is the big it seems to me with the first push of cool air the breezes will kick in at noon through noon on wednesday. northeast gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour not just the mountains and the coast but everywhere with gusts can lose power right as we head into the coldest weather we have had this season. that may not be nice timing. here is the exploritorium the low clouds are hanging down as we look to the southeast, across the bay bridge to oakland here is the fog that is pushing in from the coast and as we look from the roof camera to the
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center, and the ferry building by noon, seasonal temperatures and winds and freezing cold air they bring in behind this. today, we are mid-50's just about everywhere is the cool spot at 51. cooler this morning and san mateo and san francisco and mostly mid-40's and as far as what is going on, people are dearing their eye on this, it is not the cold front coming our way, it is not the cold front you are concerned with but this one right here and this is going to push toward us and it will leave the moisture and a lot of the cold air behind us. we will get a town of it. through the morning hours it is dissipating with a lot of sun in the afternoon and during the evening.
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it will cool off as the cold front moves law and a secondary cold front comes through tomorrow and the winds really start to kick up so we have to fronts coming our way. and our coolest temperatures will be new year's eve and our coldest morning will be new year's morning but you will be asleep. friday saturday and sunday we will have a little bit of warming trend and we will be here new year's morning. >> good morning, everyone a look right now from the san jose bureau camera to 280 at highway 17 a moment ago i saw a patrol vehicle headed in the northbound direction holded to this, northbound 280 to northbound highway 8 a brand new crash and possibly blocking one lane with no word as to injuries or other details. it is there and we have a view it is looking clear at 54
5:21 am
miles per hour headed along 680 up to milpitas and nimitz is in good shape and 101 by the san jose airport no delays and, also, highway 85 into cupertino you are in good shape. back to dublin/pleasanton where we have a crash that just clear the and westbound 580 at foothill road, however we are left with the delays jut before you get to the dublin interchange it is now thinning out as you continue the westbound direction. kristen sze and matt? >> straight ahead seven things to know. >> final preparations in new york for the big new year's bash. >> imagine attending a memorial service and a thief drives away with the hearse. it happened over the weekend. >> you can keep on top of weather and traffic with abc7 news now. you are looking at light traffic at the bay bridge toll
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here are seven things to know: breaking news out of san francisco, where police right now are at the scene of a home invasion robbery starting at 3:00 this morning on camden drive shared by sf state students. two, a man is dead a driving his truck off the highway into the ocean. it happened at 9:30 last night along highway one near bodega bay. c.h.p. says it appears the truck veered off the road as it went around the curb. crews 8 try to recover the trick from the water. a badly kept secret is in the open, jim harbaugh and the 49ers have agreed to partways. harbaugh led the 49ers to a super bowl and three straight title games but he and the teamment never saw eye do eye. the search has resumed for a us inning airasia 8501 that disappeared traveling from indonesia to singapore
5:25 am
yesterday. air traffic control says pilots asked to deviate from the route five minutes before it disappears. >> there is a memorial for a school administrator killed over the weekend. he was bicycling with a large group near livermore and he collided with oncoming truck on saturday. six we are tracking with live doppler hd fog in the north bay. the big story after today is the plunge in temperatures. our first chance of wide-video not and dangerous winds. i will have a time table for that coming up. a look at the golden gate bridge where travels look decent, light conditions as far as congestion, however, as you continue in the northbound distribution, into petaluma and rohnert park you will find thick fog near highway 37 to the county line. be careful and use the low beams. in southern california, a pastor's wife said a hearse was stolen outside a batch different
5:26 am
church with a casket inside while it those attending the funeral watched as a man got inside and drove away. they followed him and got him to pull up but they got into a scuffle. police arrived and they took the man into custody. officials described the man as mentally ill the hears. was returned and funeral conditioned. >> final touches for the new year's eve crystal ball that will be lid by 246 crystal lights some recognizing the gift of fortitude that will decorate the times square for a decade. each depict as universal value. the crystal triangles have adorned the ball if 15 years. the greatest gift series will
5:27 am
continue through 2023 with designers introducing a new signature cut crystal pattern each year. >> we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news. >> including more on the california mother who gave birth to her child while in a coma. what her family wants you did know and how the new mother is doing just ahead. >> a look outside of san francisco you can see the low clouds in there and some of the high-rises, a beautiful shot of the bay bridge and the embarcadero this morning. fog is still here. we keep you up to date d
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, december 9. hope you had a great week at 5:29. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller. mike we have been talking about
5:30 am
the cold temperatures this week but today is okay, right? >> like yesterday. >> as far as the temperatures it will be like yesterday. the fog is the big story. you look at petaluma and the thicker fog is leaking from parts of santa rosa and rohnert park and into petaluma and you can see it on live doppler hd the other streets that are affected by this are showing up on live doppler hd and the streets around petaluma and rohnert park on live doppler hd there you go 101 and some of the other places we are alonging at right now the sony point road where the video was taken, all the way up into cat story road headed to the eastern side of santa rosa and that is the biggest game in town as far as the fog. the rest of us have low clouds mixing in but hopefully no arrival delays into sfo this morning. here is the day planner the next 12 hours, 30's and 40's and
5:31 am
low 50's by noon with the clouds dissipating and cool this evening with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's by the time we got beyond 7:00. >> when we have this fog your advice is they drive carefully. >> use the low beams. >> do you not need the low beams here but you need patience. we have cars that are stacking up in the cash listen paying lanes so hopefully you had a wonderful holiday week. most of us are back to work. we had an early crash in dublin/pleasanton and the tans now is turning to cupertino, the drive northbound 280 to northbound 85 the accident is blocking two lanes. delays are starting to build. from san francisco police are at the scene of a home invasion robbery an camden drive shared by san francisco state student. authorities say two men with a gun came inside and raided the
5:32 am
home. our reporter is at the scene and will have more information in a report in 30 minutes. >> from the north bay a man is dead after driving his truck off the highway into the ocean. the crash happened at 9:30 last night. c.h.p. says it appeared the truck veered off the road going around the curb. >> there is in lighting. he was going too fast on a curb. do you not see it in time and you could end up in this situation. >> driver, in his 40's was killed. crews will try to recover the truck from the water. >> 49er nation and the search for the next head coach, jim harbaugh is officially the team said "we thank jim for bringing a tremendous competitive nature and great passion for the game."
5:33 am
there is a news conference today at 1:00 o'clock p.m. and that is where we find our reporter. fans will be first to say it was a rough season. the team did not make it to the playoffs. they lost the opening game at levi stadium and some were plagued by injuries. there was still a lot of success under coach harbaugh including a trip to the super bowl and many fans did not want to see him go. they knew this was coming. now it is official: the harbaugh era is over. many showed up for yesterday's final game of the season holding signs in support of the coach thanking him for his work. harbaugh has not announced where he plans to go next but he is expected to sign a $48 million deal with the university of michigan. some woman reason fans showed up at the game wearing school colors. >> it is obviously a bitter sweet moment while we have enjoyed him during the days at michigan and i welcome him back. >> sad day.
5:34 am
>> sad day. >> very dad. >> good for him. highest paid coach in college. happy for him. the search is now on for a new 49ers head coach during a post-game press conference, harbaugh told reporters he is proud what he accomplished with the team and he leaves with good memories. with jim harbaugh gone the question is who is going to be the next 49ers coach? >> that question could be answered by some team coaches, defensive line coach has been mentioned taking over for one game and defensive coordinator and saints head coach is near the top of any list, and the cardinals defensive coordinator is highly sought after. and joe montana is lobbying for mike shanahan, the 49ers offensive coordinate when they
5:35 am
won super bowl 29. we have breaking news another head coach has been fired rex ryan of the new york jets. we will have continuing coverage of jim harbaugh and the 49ers and today they have scheduled a 1:00 o'clock p.m. news conference, you can stream it live right here with updates on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> in the east bay oakland police are on the scene of an accident involving a u-haul rental truck and a pedestrian at international boulevard around 11:30 last night. slim was bad -- the victim was badly injured and taken to the hospital. we have reached out to oakland police and we will bring you an update when we get it. >> oakland police are investigating a marijuana grow discovered when firefighters were called out about downed wires after 10:00 last night when firefighters arrived at a house.
5:36 am
the wires sparked a fire and firefighters had a hard time getting in because the doors and witnesses were reinforced. 200 plants were found. no one was home when the fire started. >> developing news the search resumed for the airasia that went missing over the java sea airasia 8501 carrying 162 people disappeared from radar 24 hours ago after taking off from indonesia on the way to singapore. authorities say 42 minutes into the flight the pilots asked to deviate from the route to avoid bad weather. air traffic control lost contact with the pilots five minutes later. >> hard to imagine how a thunderstorm would bring down an airplane as experienced as the crew is so we will probably find that weather was a contributing factor but was probably not the soul reason. >> in members were on board but officials say they stand ready to assist in the
5:37 am
search-and-rescue operation if requested. >> developing this morning the evacuation is complete off of burning italian ferrari -- italian forry all 414 survivors were off, enduring freezing weather and thick smoke and the greek coast card is saying five people have died and two were injured. fire broke out on the car deck of the ferry on sunday morning after it sailed from greece. a high school will hold a memorial today for a popular school administrators killed over the weekend. he was killed while bicycling with a large group when he collided with oncoming vehicle. the 40-year-old was husband and father of two and students say three was the biggest motivator. >> if a person felt insecure whether action democrat ins or sports or anything you could
5:38 am
walk to his office and you would walk out feeling confident. >> investigators say he may have veered to the opposite lane to avoid a collision between two bicyclists when three was killed. >> more problems for the new eastern span of the bay bridge after the rains, leaks have been reported. efforts to seal 900 bolt holes have been only partly successful. unsealed holes allow water to reach an area that is supposed to be dry at all times to protect the super structure from rest. important to bring up today is a "spare the air" mike? >> we have not exceeded guidance levels that would make the air quality poor so great job of heeding the "no burning," other the burning ban. that is exactly what we are dealing with. we are dealing with fog across the north bay and this is one of the areas that could have the poor air quality and that and the santa clara valley.
5:39 am
all 24 hours of today, no wood burning inside or outside and the cold mornings coming up, you will want to but don't do it. 41 in san ramon 41 in pleasanton and they encourage you to turn in your neighbors if you do not follow the ban. >> mid-30's around novato. the fog from the roof camera shows it taking over the bay bridge and we cannot see it great 1.5 mile away. by noon we will have hazy sunshine and mid-to-upper 50's and moving forward and temperatures will drop tomorrow with the winds coming in and the cool of the day is wednesday with upper to low 50's and cooler on thursday morning and it will be calmer and warmer by the afternoon hours. >> it is hazy here at the san mateo bridge traveling over the water to get to the peninsula and just keep a good distance between you and the car in front
5:40 am
of but the fog is not embedding your visibility. northbound highway 85 a motorcycle accident is blocking two lanes on the transition road so you may start to see delays as you start heading closer to the interchange and the rest of the drive, though, is clear both morning and southbound along 280. mass transit is 43 bart train on time and do not forget we kids ride free until january 4 a local day special between oakland airport and the travel through bart. make sure you take advantage of that, ace train one and three often time and muni has no delays. matt and kristen? >> next, new york city's police commissioner comes to the defense of the mayor and why he says his officers actions to the mayor were unacceptable. >> also, a surfer in california recovers from a shark attack and more on the dangerous encounter with the massive beast. >> you are looking live at sfo it doesn't look terribly foggy
5:41 am
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this is abc7 news. a shark attack is suspected after a teen who was not swimming or surfing has been found dead. the 17-year-old's body turned up near a rocky fishing spot in western australia. authorities say the victim was spearfishing and had injuries consistent with a shark bite. closer to home a surfer is recovering after a great white attacked him on the central coast. his quick actions saved his life. it happened yesterday at a state park. witnesses say the juvenile shark was 8-10 few foot long and bit the 60-year-old on his hip. a friend saw what happened. >> i came up and hit him great below and the whole body twisted and took a bundle of water. we yelled "shark," and he ran so fast. >> but he took his surfboard
5:45 am
cord and wrapped hid around the bite. the surfer is expected to be okay. >> a mother who gave birth while in a coma is at home. the 39-year-old gave birth to a baby boy at ucfs after she had a seizure, and recently saw her first-born for the first time in two months and the first time her husband has been with both of them at the same time. he has been commuting between san francisco and fresno. >> i am limited i don't have to have my family torn apart 180 miles from each other and i don't have to keep making a choice between which person i care about which person i get to see. she is able to move her feet and is alert and the family has received amazing support from the community. an account to raise money for bills has surpassed $120,000. the police commissioner says it was inappropriate for the
5:46 am
officers to turn their back on the mayor in a sign of disrespect when he spoke at an officer's funeral. he is defending the the mayor and says he is supportive. hundreds of police officers turned their backs on de blasio as he eulogized two officers shot to death. >> it was inappropriate. that funeral was to honor officer ramos and bring licks -- politics into the event is inrepresent and i do not support it. >> officer rafael ramos and his partner liu were killed. the gun mat shot and killed himself after. critics say the mayor has been too supportive of protesters. >> the mendocino high school girls basketball team will sit out a tournament today because of these t-shirts saying "i can't both," the final words of
5:47 am
eric guaranteer and have been uninvited because they will not leave the t-shirts at home. the principal says the shirts could spark violence were. >> we have patchy fog and a "spare the air" day. >> spare me the day. i am long into it. i cannot spare it any more. >> good morning everyone, we will see if we can unravel that. the winds are height. that is a reason why the bay area air quality management district believes we could see some poor air quality develop but so far over the last four that have been issued it has not hatched. yesterday our air quality improved as the day went on and of course you have a lot to do with it because you did not burn wood yesterday. tuesday starting at noon through wednesday the winds will gust
5:48 am
with limbs and trees and power lines falling with gusts up to 55 miles per hour. they will be more sustained where most of us live. if you have decorations up that are loose or furniture or the trash cans they could get blown around. to the south in san jose 101 at 880 looking drive and fog free and in the north bay east bay hills, the gusts could be up to 55 miles per hour and we are at 1,900' and sunny with gusty winds and freezing cold open thursday morning the coldest morning of season. temperatures are mid-50's and upper 50's in san jose and santa cruz is 58 and maybe a passing cloud or two but mostly grab the sunglasses. you will need them. tonight is cooler. temperatures are all in the 30's until you get around oakland oakland and san mateo and
5:49 am
richmond and half moon bay, low-to-mid 40's. high pressure to the south is holding this cold front, you can see the curl in the atmosphere and that is our concern not this front, it is the front that went up to the arctic grabbed the cold air and bringing it down. it went to the arctic so it is dry. we will have the snow in lake tahoe but for us, it is not going to happen. we have fog we have a cold front moving down on us by noon so we are seeing the folk dissipate after that. the front will stall to our south and you can see the snow to the east in the high country and tonight through tomorrow morning and the winds kick in for tuesday and look they sit there all the way through wednesday morning. here is the seven-day forecast, temperatures will drop both days with cooler air mass and unfortunately because it is an arctic air mass snow stays in the sierra thursday morning we have freezing temperatures and possibly on friday morning as will with. >> 680 away from concord to
5:50 am
walnut creek the drive is only going to take you nine minutes so you are in good shape as you head up to the 24 junction and to the south the crash is cleared and westbound 580 at foothill road causing a jam leaving dublin and now you just have residual backup at 50 miles per hour as you approach 680 and to the back, 31 miles per hour westbound 580 approaching this area. back into san jose, northbound 280 from highway 85, the connection a motorcycle crash is blocking one lane but it is not affecting track. southbound 85, tapping on the breaks and into the authority bay, a fog advisory and the drive along 101 headed between petaluma and rohnert park and down to highway 37, be careful out this. kristen and matt? >> it is 5:50. coming up, former president george bush continues to recover in a hospital. he could be headed home just
5:51 am
ahead. >> you can keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 now looking at the bay and the bay bridge, do not miss a the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned...
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good monday morning at 5:53. the golden gate bridge shows light traffic coming into san francisco and north of the bridge you will find some fog and it could affect your visibility. be careful. >> a formal end to the longest war in american history combat ended yesterday officially in afghanistan with a ceremony. president obama issued a statement honoring the more than
5:54 am
2,200 americans who died in afghanistan since the war started 13 years ago. the effort devastated the al-qaeda core leadership and osama bin laden was brought to justice and interrupted terrorist plots. >> former president george h.w. bush remains in houston hospital but doctors are discussing discharge dates. he was admitted after experiencing shortness of breath. he spent sunday the way he always does watching the houston texans with his wife. he has been in failing health for a number of years two years ago he spent two months in the hospital also over christmas holiday, because of bronchitis. act report chris rock and his wife of 20 years are going their separate ways. the 49-year-old file granddaughter his divorce from his wife. they have two daughters. she is a final throw pivot and issued a statement saying after
5:55 am
much condemn inflation and 19 years of marriage we have decided to go our separate ways. he is requesting privacy as they work through the personal matter. talking weather and the "spare the air" alert and mike, we have dangerous winds coming? >> a lot to talk about but the map is quiet across the entire state this morning. >> we will talk about what is going on this afternoon as you travel out and about. the frozen weather is around the oregon border and possibly a snow shower headed to the evening hour in lake tahoe but it will be 39 in the day and mid-50's through the central valley and mid-50's to the south. in lake tahoe they are getting snow showers but 3-6" of powder and dry snow on tuesday and that should be 30 on wednesday. and 36 on thursday and temperatures are back to 50 which is above average by sunday. >> if you are headed up to the snow you will not need the snow
5:56 am
tires or the contains and we have a brand new crash in san francisco northbound highway 101 a solo crash involving a truck with a a plane out tire and one lane is blocked and not able to move it to the side so you have delays from 280 and beyond the curb to the skyway with no delays. matt and kristen sze? >> many folks enjoyed a last summer at a chinese restaurant near palo alto which is well-known. for 58 years generations of families have enjoyed dim embarcadero off 101 that closed last night. >> it is sad. after all of these years it has been open so many years that it is closing but i am hoping that it will go on when it opens again. >> a lot of the business had to do with wedding receptions and anniversaries and birthdays and big celebrations and people are coming back and sharing their
5:57 am
stories of when they got married and had children. a hotel is being. at the restaurant site and a smaller version of the restaurant will open in the hotel in two years. >> you will have to find a new place, kristen sze. new at 6:00, repeat drunk drivers may soon for longer be able to drive on california roads with more on a new bill being introduced today. >> lying on facebook could have far reaching implications with long-term effects of not telling the truth. that is ahead. >> and bad news it is monday morning, and you can see the effects on the roads this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza on the eastern span with things getting backed up and we will keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 news and we
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> tremendous football. >> the 74 year football marriage is over. reeks from players fans and jim harbaugh over the departure from the 49ers. >> armed men with masks invade and rob a home. >> deadly crash sends a car plummeting almost 200'. the work that will be done this morning. thanks for joining us at 6:00 december 29. i am kristen sze. we know places in the north bay are dealing with fog this morning. >> thank you is the big story. we will look at live doppler hd and where you have the streets at 101 out to calistoga and all the areas are dealing with


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