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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> tremendous football. >> the 74 year football marriage is over. reeks from players fans and jim harbaugh over the departure from the 49ers. >> armed men with masks invade and rob a home. >> deadly crash sends a car plummeting almost 200'. the work that will be done this morning. thanks for joining us at 6:00 december 29. i am kristen sze. we know places in the north bay are dealing with fog this morning. >> thank you is the big story. we will look at live doppler hd and where you have the streets at 101 out to calistoga and all the areas are dealing with the thick fog as you head to old
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redwood highway. it is localized great about the 101 corridor out from petaluma and santa rosa to the coast. if you are up-and-down that area be careful. here it is in san rafael you can see the thicker fog around 101 southbound. 7:00 this morning, the rest of us have clouds upper 30's to mid-40's and the day planner the next 12 hours clouds are around noon and low-to-mid 50's and mid-50's with sunshine this afternoon, with upper 40's i in the evening. it will be cool quickly this evening. >> we will deal with it today but people are dealing with cranking the heaters at the toll plaza. >> you will need it. we have had a few problems this morning but we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the metering lights turned on 20 minutes ago and you can see the traffic is stacked up but 11 minutes to get you from the maze to san francisco at silver avenue and the scar has
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-- car has a blown out tire so expect delayed from the 280 extension. >> and a home invasion robbery is under investigation and at the scene we have the latest from amy hollyfield. >> you can see police are still here on the scene and they are looking for evidence talking to the victims and trying to figure out who did this and why. the home was invaded at 3:00 this morning and a couple of men wearing masks and one of them carrying a gun entered this home and we are on camden drive. we do not know if they selected this house randomly or this home randomly or if they targeted. police have yet to tell us that. one of victims, one of the
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residentses with able to escape the home and run away and get away from here and call for help. police were able to respond to the scene they have not made any arrests. it is our understanding everyone is okay and no one was hurt. we don't know what the criminals got away with. what they stole. we are details we hope will come out as they approach the police a couple of times. they say they are busy. they cannot give us details. at this point we are waiting as they do their work and gather their evidence. >> the worst kept secret in pro sports is official, jim harbaugh and the 49ers agreed to partways. the team will hold a number later today. our reporter is at levi stadium in santa clara with reaction to the long awaited move. good morning fans are now left with lingering questions:
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who take over for the 49ers and where will jim harbaugh go next? the team ended the season with a win with fans well aware of rumors that it could be his last game showed up with signs thanking him for the work and after the game at a news conference the announcement was made harbaugh and the 49ers have officially agreed to partways. it was a bittersweet moment for the coach and his players. >> incredibly close to the team and i will forever appreciate that. and forever proud. proud to have been part of this, part of this football team. >> i take my hat off to coach harbaugh a great coach. >> like anything else, business is business. sometimes change is good. even for him for us, we will come out on top whether it is the time or jim harbaugh. harbaugh is expected to go
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back to coaching check sports. the university of michigan has been trying hard to woo him and there are reports he has been offered a $48 million deal over six years which would make him the highest paid coach in college sports. some fans showed up yesterday at the gulf of mexico -- at game wearing school colors and now this is a search on for a new 49ers head coach. stay with us for continuing come of jim harbaugh and the 49ers with a 1:00 o'clock p.m. news conference and we will stream it live at with updates on twitter@abc7news bay area. >> jim harbaugh is not the only coach looking for a new job, it is black monday. a few minutes ago the jets owner fired head coach rex ryan and the general manager and others
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include falcons coach mike smith, and falcons were blown out at home. and the bears coach could be fired. chicago fished disappointing season with a loss yesterday to minnesota. >> a man is dead in the north by after driving his truck off the highway into the ocean. the crash happened at 9:30 along highway 1. the c.h.p. says it appears the truck veered off the roadway as it was going around a curve. the driver in his 40's was killed. crews will try to recover the truck from the water. >> the latest on the airasia missing yesterday over the java sea. the search has been expanded and includes the australian defense department. we have been monitoring the search overnight with the latest. >> a growing international search ended a second day on the java sea for the missing airasia 8501 carrying 162 people
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disappeared from radar more than 24 hours ago in airspace thick with storm clouds. for desperate family members the wait is ever more agonizing. on sunday the nearly full airbus took off from indonesia headed to singapore. at 6:112 the pilot radios he wanted to turn around and climbed from 32,000 to 38,000' and is the last contact. five minutes later the jolt dis-- the jolt -- jet disappeared off the radar. >> we do not want to specific hate. >> airline and the airplane have a good safety record and the pilot was experienced. the head of the search-and-rescue agency said the many is likely "at the bottom of the sea." experts are concerned. >> it is hard to imagine how a thunderstorm would bring down an
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airplane especially with as much experience as this crew. we will find weather was a contributing factor but probably not the only reason the airplane was brought down. >> there were no americans on board but officials say though are ready to assist if requested. police want your help this morning finding a missing woman. the 87-year-old woman was last seen at 2:30 sunday afternoon in the area of south springer road walking a small white dog. if you have any information please call 9-1-1. >> a bill looking to make california safer place to drive by keeping drunk drivers off the road is introduced this morning. state senator jerry hill's legislation requires all drivers convicted of d.u.i. to install ignition interlock devices in the vehicle which are breathizers hooked up to the ignition. the driver must blow into the device and if the blood alcohol level is too high the car will not start.
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in california, four counties are experimenting with a pilot program. we have an alert this morning. >> we have a "spare the air" alert with some fog. how is it going, mike? >> pretty well. hopefully you had good holidays and some of us are back to the grind and fining it easier around 101 and 880 in san jose you can see the lack of fog. this is one of the areas santa clara valley in the north bay where fire at quality could develop at any time, with a "spare the air" alert for the entire 24 hours when the burning ban is. you can see low-to-mid 40's and foster city at 42 and mid-30's in the north bay and frost is getting likely, and golden gate bridge has the fog now out of san rafael so plenty of sunshine toward the huge hour into the afternoon and mid-to-upper 50's
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and temperatures drop, tomorrow and wednesday because of winds and ill two be freezing cold for most of us open thursday morning. we will start by looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and i will show you this shot from emeryville with the fog rolling in and we can see tail lights pushing to treasure island looking dark indeed. headed over to san jose along 280 we do have clear away from highway 17 with an earlily accident at highway 85. that now is cleared. back to san francisco we have a solo crash as you approach 280 the delays are light. >> a controversial movie finishes off the opening weekend at the box office. how "the interview," did just ahead. >> the fastest internet is coming to an american city
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wheres residents can enjoy lightning fast speed. >> we have more weather and traffic all morning long and it is a beautiful shot from the embarcadero looking at the bay bridge this morning with cold temperatures out there and colder temperatures coming this week with details coming we will guess what goes really well
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, it is monday. december 29. this is the bay and the bay bridge with the weather looking fine. it is chilly. there is lighting for. nothing severe. we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco about a big plunge in the temperatures. >> we are following a developing story from los angeles. police are searching for armed and dangerous gunman accused of firing a rifle at a patrol car in south los angeles. the accident has declared a citywide alert so all officers are in the area searching for the shirt this started at 9:30
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last night and at least two people fired at officers on patrol. the officers fired back. the police arrested one of the suspects and recovered a rifle. a second suspect remains at large. >> new details about the hack on sony play station which is become online. they experienced these days of disruption starting christmas. a group of hackers called lizard squad took credit and created high levels of traffic that affected online game play. microsoft x box service which also went down on christmas is back online. >> sony is having a good day expanding the digital distribution of "the interview." everything is going right for sony pictures even with "the interview," and the controversial movie made $15 million in sales in the first four days of release according to sony. they now are making "the interview," available on itunes and you can rent or buy it on youtube, google play and microsoft xbox video.
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residents of unexpected city can enjoy some of the fat of the internet in the world. united states internet now offers lightning fast 10gigi bytes in minneapolis with starting price $399 a month. right now the service is only offered in minnesota but the company has plans to expand in 2015 and google will introduce fiber network sometime in the next few years. >> i want to spend $400 a month on the internet honey. how does that conversation go? >> better keep you warm. >> the pg&e bill better go down to zero. >> we lived there and i can imagine $400 for gas or $400 to play on the internet while you are stuck inside for six months. either way, money will spent. >> the winds on live doppler 7 hd show they are up to 6 miles
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per hour. as we head to tuesday into wednesday, two cold fronts very dry but arctic fronts will bring winds for 24 hours from noon tomorrow to noon on wednesday, sustained at 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusts up to 2355 miles per hour, and wherever you see yellow which is all of our neighbors. no one is exempt. here is the golden gate bridge it is hazy but not like the fog we are seeing from san rafael north along 101. we will keep an eye on this if it is slipping out across the golden gate bridge i will letter you know by twitter. that is the fastest way at that time. breezy cold on thursday morning and friday morning. today, we will be mainly mid-50 and 54 to 56 and 57 in san jose and 58 in santa cruz and 51 for the cool spot if lake port.
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tonight, a lost 30's and the exception is richmond and oakland and san rafael and san mateo low-to-mid 40's so chilly tomorrow morning. we have a a sharp turn and sliding straight down to us with two fronts the first coming through today, and reinforcing the dry air and cool air and the next is coming in bringing the dry air and freezing temperatures overnight and the gusty winds. here is the front pushing in around noon and that is why we have the clouds dissipating and by 5:00 they are gone as we head to overnight we will keep an eye on lake a 3-6" of very dry snow with fresh powder and the i woulds kick in tomorrow and it will turn us sunny for tuesday and into wednesday. the high temperatures are upper fete to mid-50's on wednesday, and freezing temperatures this many area and 50's and 60's if
6:19 am
highs for the weekend. walnut creek is in good shape. but it is heavier than earlier. we are still at top speed from pleasant hill up to highway 24. as we head to the south along 680 into danville and san ramon at top speed the altamont pass was never busy and we are still seeing a few people staying away for the holiday in the when direction 62 miles per hour from tracy to livermore. the drive time traffic tracy to dublin is well under 30 minutes and 128 to be exact. highway 4 antioch to concord 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. we are finding delays as you head into san francisco because of the crash and one vehicle involved blocking one lane and bumper-to-bumper at 280 and then it is clear through the skyway. it is now 6:19. not being truthful could have serious consequences.
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on facebook why it could change your memory ahead. >> first, a look outside, a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge this morning and traffic is move smoothly. always a beautiful shot when traffic is move smoothly. we leave you wit we come by almost every day to deliver your mail so if you have any packages you want to return you should just give them to us i mean, we're going to be there anyway why don't you just leave it for us to pick up? or you could always get in your car and take it back yourself yeah, us picking it up is probably your easiest option it's kind of a no brainer ok, well, good talk [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
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>> good morning on monday, at 6:22. a look at san francisco san international airport the could you find a little fog and it is a "spare the air" day and meteorologist mike nicco will talk about the big temperature plunge coming our way. >> a southern california's pastor wife said a hearse was stolen outside the church with the caskets inside if south los angeles while the funeral director arranged flowers for the service. those in attendance watched as the man got inside and drove away. some followed him and got him to pull over but they got in a scuffle. police got there they took the man into custody. officials described the man as mentally ill. the vehicle was returned and the service continued. >> some young adults are not truthful creating facebook profile.
6:24 am
according to new research a fifth of young adults between 18 and 24 frequently lie about relationships and program motions at -- promotions at work. this could alter your memory of events. the more you lie the more you may not remember what you actually did and what you made up. the fulls are online. >> my whole athletic career in while. >> it never happened. >> one person named after famous brand of whiskey made it a double naming his son after a popular bourbon, jack daniels named his some jim beam saying the name was decided when he and his wife to be were on their first date. he says that he has another son he would be named evan williams but a girl would be named
6:25 am
sherry. >> morning news continues at 6 pock, with the top stories. >> community today will pause to remember a popular school administrator killed over the weekend. >> firefighters in oakland responding to a call find more than they expected. police had to get involved. >> the search is on for a new 49ers head coach after harbaugh and the organization agreed to partway. >> three weather stories the first being the fog has started to slip inland east bay valley and the second are the dangerous winds coming tuesday and wednesday and the frosty cold after that. >> from the traffic center that is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza back to the grind after the holiday week but generally we have lighter
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at 6:28. we will look from the embarcadero. a gorgeous bay bridge with the top of the bridge covered by the little bit of fog we have. a lovely shot. hope you had a great weekend. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller. people could see the fog from the north bay to the bottom ground. >> it is'ing. we will track it. good morning everyone on monday. you can see the streets are covered by the fog on 101 in santa rosa headed to guerneville and petaluma. now as we zoom in on cord, we are looking at visibility. from sutro tower down on san francisco, the fog will be here better part of the morning. through the day the next 12 hours, we will be around the low 50's at noon and mid-50's at 4:00, and total stars and upper 40's by 7:00.
6:30 am
that is not as cold as it will be. wait until you hear the forecast. leyla gulen we have rough remark? some spots. we have a sig-alert in concord westbound highway 4 at 680. in san jose at 101 pulling away from 880, the headlights headed in the northbound direction pretty light out there in many places. in san rafael look at that we that is really socked in conditions as you head in the southbound direction northbound, as well so be careful and give yourself space use the low beams this morning. >> that changed quickly. just ten minutes ago we could see that. that gives you an idea of what was going on. 49er nation and the search for the next team speech. jim harbaugh is officially out. there is a news conference at 1:00 o'clock at levi stadium. good morning a roller
6:31 am
coaster season for the team and for fans. 49er faith say a sad to the jim harbaugh era. some fans showed up with signs thanking him for his work. shortly after the game at a press conference the worst kept secret in sports was made official. jim harbaugh and the 49ers are parting ways. >> he should stay with the nfl not back to college ball. if it is necessary...he has done a lot for the 49ers. >> i don't want him to leave but he wears out his welcome wherever he goes. >> harbaugh is now expected to make a deal with 9 university of michigan where he would be the highest paid coach in college sports. some michigan alumni showed up at levi stadium wearing the school colors but nothing is
6:32 am
announced. at a post game press conference, harbaugh told reporters he is proud of what he accomplished with the team and he leaves the 49ers with good memories. thanks. so with jim harbaugh gone who is the next 49ers head coach? two team coaches are considered defensive line coach has been mentioned after taking over for a game after a firing and defensive coordinator and the head coach of the saints and the cardinals defensive coordinator is highly sought after and steve young and joe montana are lobbying, the 49ers defensive accord -- coordinator when they won super bowl 29. stay with abc for continuing coverage of jim harbaugh. there is a 1:00 o'clock p.m. news conference.
6:33 am
we will central it live on and you can get updates on twitter any time. developing news, crews have wrapped up a second day of searches for the airasia that want missing yesterday. airasia 8501 carrying 162 people disappeared from radar 24 hours ago after taking off from indonesia on way to sipping -- so singapore, 42 minutes into the flight the pilots asked to change the route to avoid bad weather. air traffic control lost contact five minutes later. >> it is hard to imagine how a thunderstorm would bring down an airplane with the expense of this crew. we will fine weather was a contributing factor but not the soul reason the airplane was brought down. >> no americans were on board but pentagon officials say they are ready to assist in the search and rescue if requested.
6:34 am
>> the east bay oakland police are on the scene of an accident involving a u-haul rental truck and pedestrian at international boulevard. the victim was badly injured and taken to the hospital. right now the area is still closed as police investigate. we have reached out to oakland police and will bring you an update when we get it. >> oakland police are investigating a marijuana grow discovered when firefighters were called about downed wires. last night firefighters arrived at a two-story house with wires sparking a fire. firefighters had a hard time getting in because the doors anden withs were reinforced. 200 plants were found in the house the no one was home when the fire started. >> a high school hold a memorial for a popular school administrator killed over the weekend. herman schum was bicycling with a group when he collided with a truck on saturday. he was the vice principal at
6:35 am
st. marry's college high school in berkeley, 40 years old husband and father of two. students say he was the biggest motivator. >> if a person felt insecure whether academics or sports or anything, you could go to his office and you would walk out feeling confident. >> investigators say he may have veered to the opposite lane to avoid a collision between two bicyclists in the front of the pack when he was killed. >> the mendocino high school girls basketball team will sit out a gape because of t showers that say "i can't believe," the final words of eric garner. they will not agree to leave the shirts at home and have been uninvited. the principal believes it could part violence much. >> napa residents have until the end of the day to apply for disaster aid after the earthquake with so far 2,500 asking fema for assistance.
6:36 am
the earthquake left hundreds of homes and other buildings damaged or destroyed. disaster grants can pay for repairs, help tenants cover represent if displaced and pay for disaster-related needs not covered by insurance. we are learning more of mom who gave birth do a child while in a coma and how she is doing and what her family wants you to know. >> we are following a developing story from the north bay. we will hear from authorities on a deadly crash we that ended in the ocean. and at the toll plaza check this out. we are on your screen so you can get weather and traffic durin
6:37 am
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you can see the frosty temperatures on thursday and friday and saturday morning. i bet there will be 20's in the north bay valleys. this is santa rosa and what our computer is predicting. in livermore, another cool spot and almost the same thing with frost on thursday morning and the possibility of frost on friday and back to average for the weekend. mid-50's through the central valley, and monterey and snow showers late this afternoon and laboratory at 39 and mid-60's down in southern california with a lot of such shine. here is the seven-day forecast if you are headed to lake tahoe a dry and powdery show and then nothing else all the way through the forecast. we do have sig-alert to get us going unfortunately a car hit a tree and one lane is blocked until further notice. this is westbound into martinez at 680. we have delays away from 242 so
6:40 am
map ahead for that. as we take you to the west, this is the richmond-san rafael toll plaza and as we make you into the north bay crossing the bridge is not a problem, but the traffic is relatively light with no problems over the altamont pass and who are congestion free elsewhere. >> it is now 6:40 with continuing coverage of the harbaugh departure from the 49ers is ahead including the confusion causing for some people in detroit. here is a hint: it involves his brother, john. >> we have traffic and weather during the entire commercial break with fog out
6:41 am
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell by bay. >> college students in san francisco were targeted in a home invasion robbery. an investigation is underway in the neighborhood where we find amy hollyfield at the scene. this happened at 3:00 this morning. police are still here inside the home gathering evidence and talking to the victims. this happened at camden drive in san francisco. this is where the two men who were armed and had on macks --
6:44 am
masks entered the home and robbed the rose dens. we didn't to what they got away with but they took things from the home. one victim escaped, ran away a and made a phone call to police. no one was hurt. we do not know if this home was targeted or if it was a random attack. at this point, no arrests have been made. developing news from the north bay, a man is dead after driving his truck off the highway into the ocean. the crash happened at 9:30. the truck veered off the road as it was going around the curve. the pickup straightened out the curve and there was no lighting and he was point too fast on a curve and you do not see it and you can end up in this situation. >> driver, if his 40's was
6:45 am
killed. crews will try to recover the truck. >> a mother who gave birth in a coma is back at home. the 39-year-old mother game birth to a boy early this year as she had a seizure. she saw her first-born for the first time in two months and that is the first time her husband has been with both of them smallly. he has been commuting define san francisco and fresno. >> i am thrilled i don't have to have my family torn apart 180 miles from each other and i don't have to keep making a choice between which person i care about which person will i get to see. >> she is able to move her pete and is is a-- feet and is abetter. an account to raise money for bills has surpassed $1 20,000. >> trading is underway on wall street for this monday so we will look at the early numbers with the dow up in record
6:46 am
territory at 18051 trading flat only down two points. >> the final trip for air tran was last night with southwest providing this video of employees celebrating in atlanta. southwest bought air tran in 2011 but the two carriers maintained separate operations until now. future flights for the company are on southwest planes. >> mcdonald's customs have something extra to look forward to in the new year: the end of the french fry ration. all sizes will be back on the opinion use in japan. this month, we told you the giant was forced to limit orders of fries to small portions. a labor dispute at ports on the west coast delayed exports of fries. >> jim harbaugh is out as coach of the 49ers and is expected to take the head coaching job in michigan which is causing confusion in detroit. we will show you this, the
6:47 am
"detroit free press" newspaper notice something unusual in the newspaper? >> it looks like john harbaugh. >> that is the problem with the headline, it is the wrong harbaugh on the cover. the paper printed john harbaugh's picture rather thatch his where and john of court, is the head coach baltimore ravens. >> they agencied the error if the last 40 minutes saying "we have a serious case of the mondays," deepest apologies folks we will have the right one tomorrow." maybe michigan is saying we will take either harbaugh they are both good coaches. >> i am sure that is not the first time the mistake has been made. >> it could be worse three coaches have been fired from the nfl this morning and the latest is a foam offensive coordinator for the 49ers quaterback coach has been fired from the bears and rex ryan from the jets.
6:48 am
>> ryan will land somewhere possibly the falcons is the rumor. and harbaugh will land somewhere and the other two... >> i am so impressed i didn't realize we had a newscast other and a sportscaster. you are doing great. >> sports fan especially this time of year beyond christmas you go to bowl season and college football in the playoffs and that is why we are talking football. good morning, everyone, here is what is going on with the fog quarter mile at petaluma and up to santa rosa and half a mile around concord spread to martinez and pleasant hill and walnut creek. winds are light so do not expect the fog to move it will take the sunshine and the warming effect of the sunny days that are short to get this overturned. it is amazing how the san rafael camera changed just like that
6:49 am
from ten minutes where you could see and now you can barely see. these are the low clouds waking up to fog and partly cloudy conditions and mostly sunny this afternoon with seasonal temperatures and mid-to-upper 50's and gusty winds on tuesday and wednesday so bring stuff if that could blow away. breezy code when the cold front that brings the gifts moves on. temperature around 54 to 56 for most of us and 51 if lake port is the cool sport and san jose is 2357 and santa cruz is 58, tonight is the 30's everywhere and the frost is possible in the north bay valley and as far as around oakland, san mateo, richmond, san francisco and half moon bay the usual warmer spot and low-to-mid 40's. two cold fronts: ignore this. it has nothing to do with us other than it is going to the arctic circle and shooting down a rare case where we are getting the arctic air coming our way.
6:50 am
just a couch. most of the moisture is well to the east in the high country. fog this morning the first front moves in, in the afternoon and mixes it out the you will not notice anything other than a push of dry air and upslope from the east, not the upslope we are used to from the west, but from the east. we have a retrograding cold front coming to us and the second front pushed through when the wind will ramp up all the way through wednesday morning and keeping us from freezing but by wednesday evening they are again. it is a 24 hour event from noon on tuesday to noon on wednesday 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts up to 55 miles per hour and all of the neighborhoods are in that advisory. that means we could lose electricity. the seven-day forecast is upper to low 50's for highs and coolest morning has widespread frost inland on thursday and
6:51 am
possibly friday and back to average on saturday and sunday. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, i think folks are still on vacation. >> that is the only time i would want to commute at that time of day. >> exactly. it is clear. that is indicative of many parts of the bay area with eight minutes from the maze to san francisco and normally it is 20 minutes so you are good shape. hopefully you can get time off for the new year's holiday and westbound highway 4 at 680, it canceled a moment ago and we have all lanes that re-opened and still dealing with delays with the area shaded in orange and it is foggy. kristen and matt? >> before ringing in the new year, it is a good idea to shake off the bad memories. what better way to purge bad things that happen in 2014 than with an industrial size shredder? people lined up at times square
6:52 am
to shed the forgettable memories part of the "good riddance day," in new york city. >> the marriage certificate. a few of then. you got divorce papers, too? >> junk mail. bad news. >> what are you shredding? >> casual relationship because it causes casual heartbreak. >> a marriage that didn't work. >> people can write down on a piece of paper what they wanted to destroy? some wanted to get rid of stress and anxiety and poverty and cancer and debt. all good ones to let go. however you want to let them go. >> on new career's i am sure people will use another form of forgetting. >> we are back with seven things do know before you go. >> first we are look at an ever foggy day and now you cannot see the middle part of the maybe babe span and we will talk more
6:53 am
with weather and traffic through the entire commercial break and when we come ♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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>> he are seven things it though's you go, number one rumors had come to pass, coach harbaugh is out. he is rumored to accept the head coaching position at his alma meter, the university of
6:55 am
michigan. >> breaking news from san francisco, where police right now are at scene of a whom home invasion robbery shared by sf state students. two men with a gun came inside and invaded the home. >> a man is dead after driving his truck off the highway into the ocean on highway one near bodega bay. the c.h.p. says it appeared to veer off the road going around the curve. crews will try to recover the the truck. >> a passenger plane is missing over asia, airasia 8501 disappeared traveling from indonesia to singapore yesterday, air traffic control says pilots asked to deviate from the planned route five minutes before the plan plane disappeared. >> a high school will hold a memorial for a popular school administrators killed over the weekend after bicycling with a
6:56 am
large group near livermore and he collided with an oncoming truck on saturday. we are looking at fog this morning, that is number six and we have reduced visibility through 101 over near concord and then the cold temperatures are coming in the forecast will make this look warm mid-to-upper 50's with total sunshine headed through the afternoon. it will be breezy weapon it is colder too. >> you can see the clouds lifting on the eastern span of the bay bridge into san francisco but the rest of the bridge headed into san francisco is slowing. weather and traffic and the area shaded in orange indicates the folk mike was talking about, no word on whether that contributed to the accident but the sig-alert is canceled and delays remain. >> thank you, leyla gulen. we continue on-line on twitter on facebook and all mobile devices. >> we are back in 25 minutes during "good morning america" so have a great day. see you tomorrow.
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good morning, america. breaking news, the search for airasia flight 8501, a plane carrying at least 161 people, vanishing in midair after encountering heavy weather and turbulence. emergency crews expanding their hunt this morning. dozens of ships and aircraft now scouring the sea for signs of the missing plane. >> our first priority now is to look after the families and do whatever we can. >> as the mystery deepens on what happened on board that jetliner. also breaking right now, deadly ferry disaster. the race to save hundreds of passengers stranded on a burning boat trapped for more than 30 hours. rescue teams battling high winds lifting terrified passengers to safety. the fire so hot, passengers said their shoes were melting from the heat. high alert. a massive manhun


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