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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 29, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a most unusual police pursuit involving a stolen newspaper delivery truck acrosses boat sides of the bay before two suspects are caught. we were overhead when the second suspect was taken into custody and put in an accident in san lenadro. >> thanks for joining us. that chase lasted more than an hour. it started in san francisco's bayview district. it took off down highway 101
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south and across the san mateo bridge eastbound. it went north on 880 through hayward and ended in san lenadro. >> the suspect was just taken interest custody. our reporter was there when it 457ed. >> sky 7 captured video of the case on the san mateo bridge at 9:00 this morning. two people could be seen inside the stolen "san francisco chronicle" newspaper delivery truck. the driver was able to exit eastbound 92 and sped through city streets before getting on 880 northbound. several minutes later he exited the freeway at washington avenue on to san leandro city streets increasing the danger for officers and residents. the suspect dove on the wrong side of the road and took the van off-road next to the bart tracks and blew through several stop signs. at east 14th, the truck stopped and the passenger jumped out and hopped on a bicycle peddling away but he would not get far. police arrested him. the driver left him behind and
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drove into a wooded upper in san lenadro area. our camera saw the suspect pull out a football and he disappeared into the brush. >> that suspect was taken into custody. our reporter was right there when it happened and he byes up this part of the story. >> right now police officers just drove down the street. that is because the suspect is actually still being examined by paramedics. i will show you the video from sky 7 h.d. you can see the man is wield outside of the paramedic vehicle. the vehicle looks to be parked new a bridge. the suspect was in san lenadro creek and was very wet when he was taken into custody. the miss say he was trying to hide from officers under the
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bridge. a lot of police resources were mobilized to catch this guy because when he chucked the stolen "san francisco chronicle" delivery truck he started vaulting through people's yards here in russian drove. -- here in san leandro jumping fence after fence much it looks like he was taunting pursuing officers by waving objects in the air because he knew that the news helicopters were overhead. it started in san francisco when police say the vehicle was first stolen this morning. when it was spotted by a san francisco patrol officer the driver tried to run down the officer. that is when the chase we began through three counties in the bay area and ending here in san lenadro. right now, we are still waiting for the suspect to be driven away from here. we understand he was apprehended a couple of blocks away and is still being examined by paramedic units.
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we will have further details on abc7 at 4 5 and 6:00. thank you. our other top story, 49er c.e.o. will talk about the parting of the ways with jim harbaugh. we are getting more signs the former 49er head coach is going back do his old stomping ground with a lot of developing news on this front. our reporter is at levi stadium gathering opinions and the latest on the story. good morning, the players just wrapped up a meeting with the general america and the c.e.o. we have learned they were asked for input on would they would like to see be the next coach the man said the defensive coordinator. what we do know is that harbaugh is out. an nfl insider with the nfl network said he made a deal with
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michigan. there will be no formal announcement until today. a small group of 49ers fans wait outside the gates of the stadium waving down players and getting ought graphs and hoping for a last chance to see former coach jim harbaugh. >> i want to say goodbye and thank you for what he has done for us. for the fans. >> brown proudly sport as tattoo of the harbaugh signature on his arm. harbaugh is in longer the coach of the 49ers. the announcement came yesterday after the final game of the season. harbaugh and the organization mutually agreed to partways. today the 49ers are moving forward. they are holding a team meeting and have a press conference at 1:00 o'clock. the c.e.o. and general manager will discuss the search for a new coach. >> it is depressing. >> it is delfating. >> harbaugh has not said what is
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next but he is expected to to take a six-year $48 million deal with michigan making him the highest paid college football college. >> glad he is not in the nfl because we would play against him and that would put a dagger in us. >> wolverine fans are excited about the possibility. news publications in michigan expect a formal announcement tomorrow. the "detroit free press" issued an apology for a confusing front page: the picture was of the wrong harbaugh the coach of ravens, his brother blamed on "a case of mondays." the crowd outside the stadium has green. there are kids here getting the players to stop and the players will give them clothing or a souvenir. many people say they were hoping to see the former kemp, jim harbaugh but we never saw him
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show up. he was not at the team meeting. thanks. with harbaugh out the question is, who is going to be the next head coach? >> two team coaches are considered, defensive line coach has been missed taking over for one game when the head coach for the 49ers was fired and defensive coordinator. john peyton would be near the top of any list and the cardinals' defensive coordinate is sought after and steve young and joe montana are lobbying for mike shanahan who was a head coach for the los angeles raiders denver and washington most recently. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of jim harbaugh and the 49ers with a streaming of a 1:00 o'clock u.n.c. on abc and you can get updates on twitter@abc7newsbayarea.
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>> cold temperatures and dense fog send the month out like a lion. our camera shows what it is like outside. can you see how thick the fog is right new and that fog has been hanging around the bridge for the morning and this picture shows things are clearing out. meteorologist mike nicco is here to explain how this is different if you will with fog and "spare the air" alert on the same day. >> at the love the fog today was fog that came from the central valley. the only radiation fog we had was in the north bay and that means it developed right there and we have the offshore wind that many times means we could get a buildup of pollution. the fog is causing arrival delays at sfo and they were announced in the last sure so check ahead. as far as the pollution we are not anywhere close to being add a level that would say we are going to exceed standards. in fact the air is cleaner now
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than probably the last four or five days but with the wind, a little bit of a cap on the atmosphere and the bay area management district believes we could have poor air quality in the north bay and the santa clara valley but all of us are under a wood burn bag until midnight. we will see if it lasts. >> thanks, can you keep up with the changing forecast any time with the abc7 news weather app free on the apple app and google play. san francisco police are looking for two gunmen who terrorized a couple of residents this morning if a violent home invasion robbery. amy hollyfield is in san francisco. what is the latest word, amy? >> it sounds like a terrifying ordeal. police say the assailant and the victims all men in their 20 but they do not necessity if this was random or targeted attack. it happened at 3:00 in the morning on camden drive around
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the corner from sf state. it is believed two men got into the home through an opened window and the victims were asleep. the criminals tied up their wrists and taped their mouths and eyes closed. then they rummaged through the home. cash, credit cards, cell phones and bicycles were taken, not a lot they got away with. which is why it is puzzling as to why...the victims were not targeted but where they everyone victimized. it is part of the investigation. >> victims were okay and not hurt. when the assailants left the residents ran and medicine the police on 19th, they were too scared to stay in the home. no arrests have been made and police are asking anyone with any information to please come forward and tell investigators what they know.
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>> the search for missing airline with 162 people aboard will expand on to land at day break. right now it is 2:00 a.m. in indonesia with four additional areas searched but officials think the missing plane crashed into the sea. airasia 8501 from indonesia to singapore vanished from radar with in indication of what might have gone wrong. it is the second baffling passenger plane disappearance this year in that part of the world. malaysia airlines 370 disappeared in march and still not found. >> dramatic rescues continue after a ferry disaster at sea. the new details just in about why italian officials are struggling to get a handle on the rescue. >> making the most of your frequent flying meals on stretching their value
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the death toll from a fire above a greek ferry is now at eight. more than 470 people were on the vessel. 427 have been rescued including 56 crew members. investigators say it is too early to speculate if others are still missing because some could have reserved a spot on the ferry but did not board. >> >> a set back in the fight against ebola. liberia is reporting dozens of new cases. authorities blame the flareup
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because people have been going in and out of the country and poor hygiene. health officials say 3,400 people have died from ebola in liberia the past year and 8,000 cases have been reported there. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. plus turning the tables on airlines for their high prices now you can cash in while you fly and we will show you three trucks on getting the most bang for your buck. >> tomorrow on espn you can watch stanford and maryland at levi stadium in santa clara starting at 7:00 p.m. all leading up to the national championship game on espn on january
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>> before ringing in the new year you will want to get rid of bad memories and what better way than with an industrial-sized shredder. people packed new york times square for the "good riddance day," with a chance to tear up everything from pink slips to pictures. if you didn't bring anything you could write down what you want to destroy. >> in new york workers are putting the final touch on the times square ball ahead of new year's eve. the massive crystal ball will be lit by more than 2,600 crystal candles with the theme of 2015: gift of fortitude. >> when i watch those festivities i am like wow, it is so cold they to bundle up and that is what it will be like here new year's eve the.
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>> not that bad. >> our lows will be frosty but on new area's morning with the rest of us coming to work it could be one of the coldest morning we have had in a long time. >> we have a lot to talk about first. live doppler hd shows it is diffused over the bay area and the central valley, the light wind from the northeast that blew the fog into the neighborhood causing arrival delays at sfo. as we look at the big picture, we go way up a little ways up you can see coming down here a little curl in the atmosphere and that is our low and this is our cold front. that is what will bring the big change. good morning to you in san jose, it looks hazy for you don't for get all of us under the "spare the air" day with no wood burning inside or out.
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look how clean the air is. it is beautiful and blue with good visibility especially the next couple of days when we get a touch of that arctic air it is always clean coming our way. mostly sunny this afternoon, "spare the air" day gusty winds bringing in dry and cooler air tuesday and wednesday leaving us with freezing cold temperatures thursday and on friday morning. today, we are close to average at mid-50's across the board and cooler in san jose at 57, and santa cruz at 58, a little bit warmer. you can see what the cooler air will do and the dry air coming in with the cold front. 32 in santa rosa and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 30's until you get to oakland and san mateo, richmond, san francisco, half moon bay, low-to-mid 40's but notice the lack of fog tomorrow morning. check out the jet stream, that is what we call omega block because it looks like the greek
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letter. it is going to the arctic center and backing its way back to us, retrograding. we are getting air from the arctic circle over land. it is very cold. it is very dry. it is hard to climb over the mountains and it loses the moisture and coolness as it is stuck in the valleys to the north. that cold front will come through. we are watching the fog fade away and tonight, it is almost completely gone and overnight the cold air is backing its way into the high country. not coming in from the west but the east and it is creating a very light powdery snow of 2-4". for us, tomorrow the winds kick up and they will kick up at noon tomorrow and through noon on wednesday and 55-miles-per-hour gusts with the pictures we have seen of trees being toppled in san francisco and falling on
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cars and hurting people fatally that is what could happen with the wind coming through. our highs on wednesday are upper 40's to mid-50's and thursday morning friday morning, outside of say, san francisco and oakland they are usually warmer because of the urban heat. most of us will have forecast. >> these are seriously dangerous? >> the winds could topple the trees. it could be a threat. it is the cold of the air we have had this season. >> frequent flying, this is for you want to know how to make the most of the miles you are racking up? we have called in the experts with a website dedicated entirely to flying and the found are says the number one mistake is not getting the fill value of miles because they spend them on things that are not that expensive. to get more been for your buck upgrade. you can move from economy to
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first-class in the blink of an eye. consider picking a rental car or hotel room in some cases you can get $500 suite for 50,000 miles and shop inline rather than in the airport stores where you get we news miles. >> love this story, the annual rose parade in pasadena will have special meaning after being turned away decades ago the 83-year-old joan williams is getting a chance to ride in the parade. she was named pasadena's miss crown city in 1958 but was denied the on after officials learned despite having a life complexion she is african-american. now all these years later the community as rallied to right the wrong and you can see williams in the parade on new year's day still elegant and beautiful. >> about time. >> coming up next a baby gorilla is grow up with the help of a love
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>> quebec gorilla is making great progress being raised by human trainers. she was rejected by her birth mother so a team at the cincinnati zoo stepped in to
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teach her everything. >> what does that mean? >> how to eat stretch, and talk like a gorilla. show will move up to the road to the columbus zoo to be placed with other gorillas. aought woman must know what it was like to raise my brother and me! >> the great thing is the zoo coopers have -- keepers have a halloween costume. >> we leave you now with a gorgeous picture outside, it is san francisco with fog still hangingor led. thanks for joining us. we will see you tomorrow.
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! yo! whoa! whoa, whoa. hello and welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews. i'll be your host, and you can also check me out on brooklyn nine-nine. [cheers and applause] our first contestant is the oldest child of seven and with an extended family of over 100 people i have a feeling our ratings will spike today. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome nick ackerman. what's up, nick? how you doing, man? >> doing good. doing good. >> dude, what a huge family. what is this?


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