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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 29, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and harbaugh agreed to keep private. instead, he articulated the team's goal to win the super bowl every year. >> i'm fully cognizant that people might doubt what we're doing. that's fair. that's completely fair. and i welcome that. but we are going to put together the right group of people. i think we've made it very clear what our goal and objective is. >> reporter: as players head into the offseason, they have no sense who the next coach will be. >> we have a great front office here and i think they will get us back on the right track with whoever they decide to bring in and wherever they decide to put around us. >> reporter: york and the team general manager invoked the name of bill walsh as the kind of head coach they want. someone who is a teacher to mentor players on and off the field. >> i think we have an idea of who fits that quality of a teacher and somebody that can come in and build everything that we are looking for. but to say it's a short list, i
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don't think we want it to be a short list. >> reporter: linebacker navarro bowman senses where the front office is going. >> a guy who understand us, that we just need obviously what he has to bring to the table. if he's able to do that i'm sure we will be where we want to be. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. it's clear from the twittersphere who niners fans are siding with. this one has two words about the 49ers' problem. the yorks. another says york should have some of that faith and loyalty he wants the niners fans to have, #we want jim back. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, sports anchor mike shumann looks at who could be harbaugh's replacement as head coach of the 49ers. harbaugh going to michigan, also impacts the oakland raiders which are looking for a head coach as well. this morning raiders players cleaned out their lockers at the team's training facility in
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alameda. several players came out in support of the interim coach, tony sparano. the raiders won only three games during his tenure but players said they could sense a change in attitude. >> the team respected him and the way he was able to change the mindset and get us into, you know an environment where you won more. >> according to reports, raiders owner mark davis talked to jim harbaugh but couldn't lure him to the silver and black. now to our other top story. high speeds close calls and police in pursuit. the driver of a stolen newspaper van gives chase all across the bay area covering three counties before he's eventually captured. >> that pursuit zigzagged for about an hour and a half. it started about 8:30 this morning in san francisco and zipped across the san mateo bridge. sky 7 hd shows the truck's driver heading north towards hayward. once there, the driver went the
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wrong way several times, dodging as you can see, oncoming traffic. then he sped into san leandro, even offroading before stopping to let out a passenger who peddled away on a bicycle. laura anthony has a look at how police finally caught up with both guys. >> reporter: the driver of this stolen truck clearly did not know this area. he drove into this cul-de-sac clearly a dead end for someone trying to run from police. this was the last turn made by the driver of the stolen newspaper truck during his dangerous odyssey. it was a left turn into a san leandro cul-de-sac with no way out. >> i was pointing, said he's going in the court. >> reporter: brian ashton lives just down the street. >> driving wild. he came around that turn and the police were right on him. >> reporter: the passenger made
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his exit a short time earlier on east 14th street where he and his bike were greeted by an army of police and taken into custody. the driver got a little farther before making that fateful left where he abandoned the truck and made a run for it into the neighborhood down towards the park. >> at the bottom of the hill by the creek, there was a ton of police and they had their weapons drawn. so that was really scary. >> reporter: police from san francisco, san leandro and other agencies set up a perimeter. a short time later, the suspect was captured under a bridge near a creek. >> he looked like he had been submerged in some water. for his safety we wanted to get him medically checked out. >> reporter: paramedics checked him out and he was driven away in the back of a san francisco police car. back to where it all began. now, san francisco police took both men into custody but so far, they have not released those men's identity or the many charges they are likely to face. in san leandro, laura anthony, abc 7 news.
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>> unbelievable. thank you. a north bay man who did not stop when a park ranger tried to pull him over died after driving off a cliff on highway 1. crews spent today retrieving that car. it plunged last night about 9:30. the driver was a 46-year-old man from sonoma county. a ranger tried to pull him over for mechanical violations. he sped up and ended up hitting a milepost marker, then careening off a 75 foot cliff into the water, where he was killed. bundle up. it is cold outside right now. over the next couple days temperatures could drop even further. those winds are expected to pick up. meteorologist sandhya patel joins us now with more. >> yeah first comes the wind and then comes the chill. right now out here it is cool. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. nothing in comparison to what you are about to see. a few clouds around right now, no rain to speak of. a wind advisory is going up for the entire bay area starting at 7:00 a.m. in the north bay
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mountains and then noon for the rest of the region continuing until noon wednesday. we are expecting northeasterly winds gusting 45 to 60 miles an hour. that could knock down trees and power lines. once those winds drop off, the freezing cold conditions are coming. i will be back with a detailed look at that plus your new year's eve forecast coming up. >> thank you so much sandhya. people around the bay area are preparing for the cold. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joins us live from hiller highlands in oakland with more. >> reporter: as you know, winter officially arrived earlier this month. now it's really going to feel that way. the holiday shopping season is over but it's still busy at the nursery in pleasant hill. bill bought the two products likely to sell out a spray and blanket to try to protect his plants. >> works pretty good. when i haven't used it, i paid
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the price. losing my flowers. >> just start misting it. put it all over the plant. >> reporter: stevens says it may be too late for a spray that provides a frost barrier. it needs to go on a week before a cold snap. but the protective cover works well. >> it's lightweight enough, you can leave it on for days. >> reporter: this is a hot seller? >> this would be right now what i would advise most people to buy. >> reporter: if you are trying to keep yourself warm, make sure the furnace is maintained and working. the guys at walnut creek heating and air conditioning were on job number three when we caught up with them. >> that is correct. a lot of people are calling for tune-ups or like the young lady no heat. >> reporter: that young lady has been without heat for three days. >> it's supposed to be getting colder this week. >> okay. we can't do a thing about it. >> reporter: no, but you can get that furnace fixed. >> yeah. and that's what's going to
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happen hopefully. >> reporter: at the ace hardware in lafayette, space heaters are in demand and have been since that rainstorm earlier this month. >> people are coming in looking for heat warmth, blankets, stuff like that that they keep on hand. >> reporter: if you are not ready, time to get ready for the big chill. in the east bay carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. san francisco police are looking for two gunmen who terrorized two men this morning in a violent home invasion robbery about 3:00 this morning. it happened near san francisco state university. the victims were sleeping in their beds when the suspects entered the home most likely through a window. they told police the suspects tied up their hands and covered their mouths and eyes. >> the loss was cash wallets, credit cards, cell phones and bicycles. there was a bicycle that was taken. there was not a lot that they got away with. which is why it's kind of
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puzzling as to why these victims were not targeted but why they were victimized. >> we are glad to say no one was hurt in this home invasion. the victims decided to leave the home after talking to police saying understandably they just didn't feel safe. a man is still on the run. police say he stabbed a woman during a robbery in san francisco. she's in critical condition. the woman who was in her 30s was walking near fremont around 5:30 saturday morning. a mugger approached her and when she told him she had nothing of value he stabbed her in the torso. much more ahead. coming up, why more than a dozen state firefighters have been placed on paid leave. and using uber on new year's eve. we are getting an idea about how expensive that ride might be. also, bears on the run, deer on the golden gate bridge. why so many animals seem to be far away from home and what officials are saying about it. also ahead, the big way pinterest wants to be like facebook. saying good-bye to a
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chinatown institution.
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the pleasanton clorox plant was burglarized today for the second time in less than a week. the thieves made off with thousands of dollars worth of electric cables metal and other items. today's break-in involved two suspects, one of whom was arrested. the previous burglary took place on christmas day. four suspects were arrested in that incident. a family pet died in a house fire in east san jose this morning. the woman who rents the house had spent the night elsewhere and came home to see her garage on fire. her son apparently jumped out a window when the flames got too close. fortunately, he's okay. the family car is destroyed. no word on how that fire started.
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16 state firefighters have been placed on paid leave as part of an investigation that started with allegations of a sex tape. investigators now call it unfounded. investigation began in may after the battalion chief was charged with murdering an escort. his estranged wife said she had seen a video showing the victim having sex with firefighters on fire trucks. investigators say they have not found such a sex tape and the allegations involve unrelated policy violations. a teeshirt ban that sparked outrage has been lifted at a northern california basketball tournament. this is a picture now of the mendocino girls high school basketball team wearing "i can't breathe" tee shirts. those were the final words of eric garner, the black man who died in a police choke hold in new york city. the high school had banned the shirts citing security concerns but after threats of a free speech lawsuit, the school district changed its mind. saying players can wear the shirts during warmups as long as they don't cause any problems.
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new evidence tonight that the ongoing drought is forcing animals out of the normal habitats and into populated areas in search of food and water. the gold country wildlife rescue has been swamped with more than 2200 baby squirrels that left their nests in search of food and got lost. in the sacramento area, hundreds of skunks are tearing up lawns looking for grubbs to eat. >> when you think you catch them all, another wave of skunks come in. >> in september, two deer believed to be in search of food accidentally wandered on to the golden gate bridge. in the sierra, game wardens have caught more than 50 hungry bears near reno and lake tahoe this year. now to a mountain lion that returned to the scene of the crime this morning in a hillsborough neighborhood. heather tappen says she heard a loud thump on her roof just past midnight. she thinks it was the same mountain lion that killed a deer in her yard four nights ago.
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tappen has only heard the mountain lions prowling around her house. b.a.r.t. dropped its wifi provider for the oakland and downtown san francisco stations. the license agreement with wifi inc. was officially terminated today. officials say the action won't affect cell phone service. the agency is looking at other options for passenger wifi service. in the meantime, b.a.r.t. will be replacing the last of its wool seats tomorrow with the easier to clean vinyl seats. riders overwhelmingly prefer those vinyl seats. b.a.r.t. does as well. they last longer and save money since they don't have to be removed and sent out for dry cleaning. google's g-mail is blocked in china in what may be a government attempt to limit or even ban access to the firm's services. reports say that online traffic from china to g-mail fell sharply on friday and dropped to nearly zero on saturday. there is a tiny rise today. a big change is coming to pinterest this week, the online
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photo sharing service plans to start posting advertisements on its site on new year's day. that's how they will ring in 2015. the ads will look like photos posted by users. pinterest has allowed promotional pins since june. the company is valued at $5 billion even though it has generated very little revenue until now. if you are planning to take uber to get around safely on new year's eve, be ready to pay up. the company is projected to make up to $100 million during the holiday. that could be because they are expected to charge up to ten times the standard rate or more in some cities. the company says the highest demand is between 12:30 and 2:30 a.m., obviously, so if you leave just before midnight or wait until -- wait it out until 3:00 a.m. odds are better your fare will be more reasonable. but who leaves the party at quarter til midnight? >> right. uber isn't the only ride in town. >> that's true. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with another option.
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>> uber is getting heavy online competition this new year's eve. flywheel, the uber-like app that sets up taxicab rides is offering flat rate $10 new year's eve rides in san francisco. keep in mind, however that as good, as ideal as that sounds you could run into trouble actually getting a cab to pick you up for $10. drivers could ignore flywheel's calls and instead pick up riders who are hailing them on the streets and of course, they would pay full price. uber as you just heard is saying today it will use its surge pricing scheme on new year's eve night. surge pricing is based on supply and demand, so good luck trying to leave at about 12:30 for a normal price. it will cost you much more. fed ex and ups said they would do a better job of delivering packages this year and they did. last year some presents did not arrive in time for christmas. according to shipment tracker
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shape matrix fed ex delivered more than 99% of express packages as promised on december 22nd and 23rd. ups also hit the 99% mark. over the past year both services invested heavily in improving their systems and also both increased seasonal hiring. if you would like or i should say if you like how airlines price their seats you probably love this year's holiday shopping season. retailers, especially those online, were allowing their prices to rise and fall with demand. like surge pricing. swings could be found day by day and week by week but online shoppers found prices shifting minute by minute, everything from tvs to shirts were being evaluated and repriced constantly. the stores are trying to get the most they can dollar-wise while undercutting their competition. it was very hard to shop price this year.
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>> thanks very much. a beloved restaurant in san francisco's chinatown will close its doors on wednesday after nearly half a century in business. the empress of china opened in 1966. the restaurant received notice in september that the building would be going on the market by the end of the year. the restaurant is well known for its intricate centuries old chandeliers. countless weddings and events have been hosted there. it was visited by a fair share of celebrities over the years. portraits of sammy davis, jr., dean martin and frank sinatra hang on the walls. fog was a big issue across the bay area today. these pictures are from petaluma this morning. fog was still visible on the san mateo bridge at 9:00 this morning. let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel to see if any more of this fog will hang around. >> no, we won't see the fog return. that's because the winds are really going to kick up and that's going to help clean out the air as well. right now it's pretty calm out here.
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that's about to change. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. people along the embarcadero have their jackets on but they will have to bring out the wool coats and the boots as we take a look here. there are a few clouds around and lots of haze from the east bay hills camera, which is why a spare the air alert is continuing until midnight tonight. poor air quality north bay and santa clara valley with moderate air quality elsewhere. from the exploratorium camera, all is calm on the bay and you take a look at the numbers, in the low 50s from san francisco, oakland san carlo san jose, morgan hill, currently from the golden gate bridge camera, beautiful view here. those temperatures are falling in the north bay. 50 in santa rosa but already upper 40s napa novato fairfield, 51 in livermore. one last view from the emeryville camera. you see a few clouds around right now, turning windy tomorrow. freezing cold wednesday through friday mornings with dry conditions new year's eve into the weekend. when you take a look at the satellite and radar, here's what's going to bring about all the changes. it's a cold upper level low coming in from canada and it is
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going to drive in some colder air along with picking up the winds. in the sierra it will produce snow showers where a wind advisory starts tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. in tahoe, runs until 4:00 a.m. wednesday. if you are traveling up there, keep that in mind. we will have our share of wind which is why our wind advisory goes up tomorrow morning and runs until noon wednesday. north-northeasterly winds will be pretty gusty. when you take a look at the forecast, small craft advisory for the coast and san francisco bay. tomorrow morning at 5:00 just a little breezy. you head towards the noontime hour, we start to see the winds clocking over 35 miles an hour in santa rosa. by 2:00 p.m., more than 40 miles an hour in santa rosa, napa. 55 at point reyes at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, 45 in napa. you definitely want to secure any holiday decorations. 46 in oakland. this wind is going to hit everyone. 5:00 a.m. wednesday, still gusty and if you do have to work 30
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to 40 mile an hour winds 44 in fairfield, you want to hang on tight because it will make for tough driving conditions. keeping it breezy through noon wednesday and then the winds will start to drop off. temperatures falling tomorrow morning. it will be cold, down to freezing in santa rosa. 34 in napa 35 livermore fairfield. our coldest morning, 39 in san jose, will be coming after the winds drop off so wednesday you will notice livermore's temperature trend down to 34. by thursday you are below freezing and then the overnight temperatures will start to moderate as we hit the weekend and the afternoon highs will also moderate. speaking of tomorrow, it will be a cool afternoon. upper 50s to mid -- upper 40s to mid 50s sunny skies. windy afternoon. accuweather seven-day forecast, the winds are with us wednesday morning but we are expecting freezing cold conditions for your new year's eve morning. if you are heading out new year's eve, bundle up. it's a cold start to 2015 with the chill continuing friday morning before we start to see
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milder weather with 60s showing up over the weekend and heading into next week, which is back to school and back to work for many of you. >> thank you, sandhya. you can track the high temperatures any time with the abc 7 news weather app. you can get it free from apple's app store or google play. we also have more information at check that out. a million things can really go wrong on a wedding day but it would be difficult to anticipate this. coming up how the president turned into a wedding crasher. new at 6:00, what some experts say is a major blunder when it comes to what diabetics can and cannot eat. that's at 6:00.
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@@v red meat has been linked to cancer for decades and now scientists think they know why. the body views red meat as a foreign invader and sparks a toxic immune response sparking inflammation and can eventually lead to cancer.
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pork, beef and lamb contain sugar that is naturally produced by other carnivores but not people. experts recommend eating only 2.5 ounces per day equivalent to three slices of ham, one lamb chop or two slices of roast beef a day. no more. americans again named former secretary of state and first lady hillary clinton as the woman they admire most. president obama is the man admired most. clinton has taken the top spot for the last 13 consecutive years. president obama has topped the list of men for the past seven. the president is actually apologizing to a newlywed couple after his golf game forced them to relocate their wedding. the wedding was scheduled at the marine corps base in hawaii. it's a regular stop for the president when he's in the state. in fact, natalie and edward both army captains invited the president to the weekend ceremony when they heard he would be in town. he declined their invitation wished them congratulations, but then somebody from the white house told the couple they had
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to switch venues for the president's golf game. managers of the golf course say they warn anyone planning an event that there may be last minute shuffling if the president is in town. apparently it wasn't that big of a deal. the bride's family says getting a call from the president made their day. >> they took it really well. say cheese. just ahead, warriors guard stef curry goes to the mat to bring cheer to families in the east
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well, we have talked about uber's new year's eve plan a moment ago. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, what the company is doing to address concerns about congestion pricing. plus, abc 7 news sports anchor mike shumann looks at who could be jim harbaugh's replacement as head coach of the 49ers. also the autopsy report that's prompted the los angeles
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police department to issue a state of alert. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. finally, here's steph curry bringing care packages to families who need a little extra help today. >> he took time for pictures with fans and signed autographs in between handing out boxes to families in oakland. >> inside the packages, healthy meals and everyday things like toothbrushes and deodorant that really come in handy. curry says he has so much support from the community that it's important to give back. >> the warriors community foundation has been busy this holiday planning presents for kids feeding families and helping with the make-a-wish foundation. when a great thing. >> good for him. "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. appreciate your time as always. see you again in half an hour for the news at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. the disappearance of air asia flight 8501. the desperate search expanding. 162 people on board. families waiting in anguish. and the family that didn't get on the plane, telling their story tonight. high seas rescue. hundreds of passengers saved from a deadly fire on board a crowded ferry. survivors describe the panic to escape the inferno. the flu. now a nationwide epidemic. 22 states reporting high levels of illness linked to the deadly virus. the growing risk to children. and fast and furious. brazen groups of defiant drivers taking over highways across america. innocent people at risk. traffic stopped for miles. who is really in control of the roads?


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