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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 30, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the hospital. >> we dope think this is random but we are trying to determine how shooting occurred or where they may have been or if there were vehicles. we do not believe it is random. we are trying to determine how it occurred. that is part of the process during the investigation. >> police say they think the female victim is going to survive. no arrests have been made. at this point they are not saying what they think the motive is. they are asking any witnesses or anyone who has information to come forward and share the information with police. now the south bay: a san jose school will be assessing damage this morning after a fire broke out on campus last night during winter break. flames broke out at the elementary school at 10:15. officials say the fire burned next to a school building.
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firefighters put it out. there are no injuries. former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is in michigan, the private plane arrived yesterday afternoon in detroit eluding the media. but his fatherback and his wife sarah arrived on another private jet. this picture from the michigan daily shows him arriving this detroit at a hotel with his son if his arms. university of michigan notified the media of a major football announcement at 9:00 a.m. our time. the owner of the 49ers is talking of the next step now that coach harbaugh is gone. he understands why fans could be upset. >> i am cognizant people could doubt what we doing. a is fair. that is completely fair. i welcome that. >> our reporter has more from levi stadium. we expect to in the super bowl every year that is our goal. harbaugh failed to achieve that
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goal but fans are puzzled what else led to the departure. >> i don't understand the inside politics but being a fan and the success that harbaugh brought to the 49ers request understand why this is going on. >> we may never find out because of a code of silence. >> it is not fair to jim to reveal the conversation we have had behind closed doors that we said will stay behind closed doors. but the criteria suggests harbaugh shortcomings, they want someone who is a great teacher candidates must be able to mentor players and the coaches. >> they have good command of the game of football. they can teach it at a lot of different levels and positions. that is what you are looking for. an individual that can do those things among the players and his own coaches. >> walsh helled choirboy players
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whose personal lives did not live up to expectations and values. york used ray mcdonald as what needs to be addresses. a fan who showed up to get autographs thought the 49ers took too long to partways using an example from the corporate world of a woman would was let go. >> she was amazing worker, did the job, made the company a lot of money, they got rid of her because of that fact didn't get along with everyone. she was a cancer in the room. that happened in july and the last season. should have got rid of him then. >> some 49ers fans express their anger on twitter mostly against the team ownership called york an arrogant child owner. adding that, let this be a warning to all coaches harbaugh wasn't a winner to york. >> another said he had two words of the problems: york. kaepernick reminisced on
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instagram posting this picture writing the coach that drafted me chose to start me and stood behind me through it all. i will never forget what you have done for me, coach be thank you for everything. >> as we mentioned a news conference is expected at 9:00 this morning our time in michigan. we will stream it live on and on the news app. >> a family is on alert because a mountain lion that came prowling last week is still hanging around. it showed up the day after christmas and killed a deer. the lion may have returned on sunday night. >> it seem he has picked this home, of all homes as away from home. >> what make your home so intiesing? >> maybe the deer. that has to be what it is. there are plenty of deer. >> officials say the cat was likely looking for the deer car
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cause that was removed. this alert was posted warning neighbors to keep small pets indoors. >> grizbly peek boulevard is known for wonderful views but there is an unusual warning put out by police. here is that report. >> we are more careful. >> chris and his friend spent the evening shooting pictures along grizzly peak boulevard coming in aup saying there is safety in numbers. >> i always go with three or four people to make it safer. more eyes and more intimidating for the budget gays. >> the bad guys are on sunday, two men robbed a man in a parked car and shot him in the leg despite having cooperated. one of suspects is believed a teen, the other is about 25. >> this is the second incident on this stretch of grizzly peak
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boulevard the past couple of of week. december 19 a couple was packed and their car was struck by gunfire. police have no motive and no suspect. >> the people would make regular trips to grizzly peak this is a reminder to look out. taking in the budget taking view has them feeling like a sitting duck. >> there are no street heights. the only light is from the camera. headlights. it is absolutely dark otherwise. >> oakland police have stepped up the patrols in the area and they urge people to report any suspicious activity. >> we have a dollar estimate on damage caused in marin county by storms this month. county officials say damage has reached more than $13.3 million. nearly $4 million involved home and businesses. some may qualify for a tax break if they suffered more than $10,000 worth of damage. >> damage in different form
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could come your way if you are not prepared for the cold snap. that is the issue. >> make sure the furnace works get blankets and do not forget your plants. vegetables and flowers are sitting ducks in freezing water. the best thing is a protective cover. >> lightweight cover to leave on for days. >> this is a hot seller? >> this is what i advise people to pilot. >> make an appointment as soon as possible to get your furnace fixed. >> blankets and space heaters going fast so do not wait. >> keep tab on the big chill hour by hour with the weather app free down lloyd from apple app and google play. load it on to the new phone or tablet if you got one for the holidays. >> our check with our human-esque.
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i got an e-mail asking, why haven't you been shown the lows? >> we have been running 5- to 10-degrees warmer-than-average all fall into the early winter. now the lows are an issue, absolutely, we will start showing them. i show you the visibility because that is what we had this morning we talk about the dry air taking away all of the fog. check out the temperatures coming across chrissy feel at 49, through the ferry building at 48. the financial district is 47. that is the warm spot. 43 at pacifica. 43 in richmond. 40's around petaluma and you can see the winds, but sheltered areas, 35 in walnut creek and san leandro and pleasanton at 39 the bundle up. cooler everywhere. sutro tower is looking clean and calm and mid-50's, and upper 40's to mid-50's and emeryville camera is showing sign of what will happen today. we will be windy.
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very windy through tomorrow. speaking of wind we have a high wind advisory issued by c.h.p. for the bay bridge as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza travels are light. with no problems. we have construction if you are headed to the oakland airport southbound 7880 another hour. northbound traffic is not a problem and through oakland along 580 you can see nothing but green. friends, that green means go. so you are at top speed. >> a another ebola case outside of africa. what we are learning about the patient's condition. >> how will you get around on new year's eve? we break down the trap choices and which costs more than others. >> outside of the toll plaza it is looking like
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 4:42. this is downtown san francisco with temperatures dipping big time in the bay area starting today. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco in a moment. >> more news. a new round of antipolice brutality protests laugh night after an autopsy was released on the death of a 25-year-old unarmed black man shot three times by an officer this summer. the autopsy showed ford was shot in the back and a struggle reasonable took place. the coroner did fought release the findings for several months to keep it from affecting potential witnesses. officials say the first patient diagnosed with ebola
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inside britain has been transferred from scotland to london for specialized treatment in north london this morning. she arrived in britain on sunday night from sierra leone and became ill yesterday. passengers on the flight she took are being tested but the risk to the public is low. the woman worked with save the chin in sierra leone helping people with the disease. >> public officials issued an alert after finding an adult film actor became infected with hi as a result of unprotected sex during a shoot. folks believe he contracted the virus during an out-of-state film shoot with other men. in california they are required to wear protection. the actor tested negative before the shoot. if a man is officially confirmed to have h.i.v. this is the first onset h.i.v. infection in the industry since 2004. an adult film industry trade group is declining to comment.
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if you plan on going out for new year's eve there are a lot of ways do get around but as we explain, some rides can cost you a lot more than normal. pop go the fireworks and pop goes the champagne but when it is time to go home you may not be celebrating. it is impossible. it took 45 minutes to find a ride. >> taxis were the only game in town and they clean up. >> good money maker? >> it is, the best night of the year. abut then uber and lyft. >> they have taken 50 percent of business and 50 percent of drivers. >> unlike taxis they can raise prices when demand is high. >> uber and lyft skyrocketed continue times the cost of what it should be. >> they call it "surge," or "prime time." this is an incentive to get people on the road of the when people know it is higher percentage of prime time they will say, well i will drive.
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>> a uber and lyft needs the incentive to pup up with the craziness along with the bedded bracelets she brought this hospital-quality vomit bag. i have a few. just in case. >> you may need one. for the first time ever lyft is raising the catch up to four times the normal fare and uber will have in cap on surge pricing releases video how riders have confirm twice they have seen the high rates and agree and they expect the highest demand between 1:00 o'clock and 2:00 a.m. but there is a wild card the app specifically for hailing taxicabs could be the cheapest right in town no matter where you travel from or to in san francisco on new year's dill -- it will cost you $10. >> a way to say thank you to our consumers and drivers. >> they raised $12 million in veteran too capital you pay $10 but they pay cab drivers double
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the meter an incentive to give rides through the app rather than fining fares on the street. >> if they are the best deem i understand. take the best deal possible. i would. for ideas on new year's eve go to with a list of events in the bay area and how for get to them safely. >> microsoft has big plans for the new operating system and it does not include internet explorer. >> and netflix is making it easier for parents to get kids to go to bed early on new year's eve. >> here are the tech bytes. in tech bytes, say goodbye to internet explorer with microsoft including a new when browser in windows 10 code name "spartan," looking like firefox. >> lg will show new smart
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appliance next week with controls by t. >> there is wi-fi refrigerator with a built in camera that lets you see what is inside when you are at the super market. >> netflix can get the kids to bed early with a fake countdown so you can fool your kids. >> filled with characters from "madagascar," complete with music and a countdown from 8:00. >> i will use it at bedtime each night. have a great day everyone. >> there is the new option. i usually turn it on to the east coast celebration which is midnight but 9:00 for us so that is not too bad. >> i want to go to bled -- before my kids go to bed. >> it will be cold. right? >> i will be in by 7:00 this
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night. i have to work the next morning. >> you will have to want the celebration in australia. >> we will be driving through the cold and possibly frost continues to bring in the new year. >> good morning everyone. >> here is a look at wind 13 miles per hour at sfo and everyone else is below ten but that will not last very long. our wind advisory in the north bay mountains is at 7:00 this morning. for the rest of us it is at unanimous but it lasts until noon tomorrow for all of us. northeast winds at 20 to 40 miles per hour. gusts are 45 to 60. i called it dangerous yesterday and someone called me on twitter and i reminded them how many trees fell, how it crushed cars and we lost a couple of lives. it can be dangerous. take it seriously. here is a look at our gusts at 7:00 we will ramp up from ten
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at livermore, to 30 in san francisco and napa. by noon we are pushing 35 to 40-miles-per-hour gusts through the afternoon. it will be a baiting wind. it will be cooler than it looks. we will have total sunshine. overnight we will see them drop a littlibility back into the 25 to 35 miles per hour range and by tomorrow afternoon it will be breezy but when the sun sets we will see the breezes taper and the winds are showing up on the camera at the ferry building. this area of low pressure is tightly packed lines and those show quite a pressure difference between the small area and that is what funneled the wind into the low from the high pressure that is on shore and that is why it is so brick. here is a look at the snow the camera from heavenly in the next weather and it is snowing like crazy up this.
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by 5:00, it is over and we are starting to deal with the wind. overnight our sheltered valleys are going to be the coolest spot because they will not have to deal with the wind. after highs today in low-to-mid 50's check out the lows tonight, we. have frosty spots in the north bay valley east bay valley, possibly around palo alto and stanford and a better chance tomorrow night for frost widespread outside of san francisco. the seven-day forecast shows the 50's for thursday and friday at least it will not be so breezy. >> speaking of breezy the bay bridge has a wind advisory and is bouncing. as you make the drive into san francisco, be careful. it lacks like traffic is light as you make it in from the east bay. as we make it over to san jose, this drive is looking nice and clear and at top speed and everyone is moving along at 678 miles per hour by the san jose
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airport and 68 for 280 headed into cupertino and 69 miles per hour along 85 and 101 to the 280/680 split. over the a pass, traffic is at 26 minutes headed from tracy to dublin. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 19 minutes. did you get your christmas different in time? how u.p.s. and fedex did this holiday season after last year's delivery debacle the. >> the rose parade is two days away and we go to southern california for the final preparations of the new year's tradition. >> this is the ferry building in san francisco with flags whipping about. a dip in temperatures coming our way and tabs on weather and traffic through the entire meth
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>> good morning, a look from mount tam camera that is shaking. expect the wind to pick up in more places later on today. cold temperatures, as well and meteorologist mike nicco will be here in a bit with details. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton is named as the woman admired most and president obama as the most admired man. clinton is still considering a run if the white house in 2016 has taken the top spot for 13 consecutive areas. president obama has topped the list if men for the past seven years. >> fedex and u.p.s. said they would do a better job this year delivering packages and they did. last year some friends did not arrive in time for christmas. according to ship mat tracker fedex delivered 99 percent as promised on december 22 and december 23 and u.p.s. hit 99 percent mark. the past year both services invested in improving their
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systems and increasing seasonal hiring. >> i will not talk about my "frozen," dress not arriving in time. >> did you get your dress on time? >> but it is not her size... >> it looks good on you mike. >> i will wear it tomorrow. >> frozen is the word of the day. >> "let it go." ♪ let it go ♪ >> the computer model is underdoing this a little bit: we will have 20 the next couple of nights away from the issue back heat island. in livermore same thing 33 tomorrow morning because of wind, and 32 on thursday and away the inland east bay valleys we will have temperatures in the 20. here is a look at what is happening today, very blustery conditions across the state with 40's and 50's in the lower elevations and lake tahoe is snow today and they will have at least 48 hours with below freezing temperatures before
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warming trend. >> if you are headed up to lake tahoe you will need chains on highway 88 and 50 and i-80 you will need chains or snow tires. you need to drive prepared. at home, 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and 101 is looking good and from the santa cruz mountains into los gatos is 24 minutes. new year's day is two days away and it is a race against the clock to put the finishing touches on floats in pasadena. >> floorists and designers and volunteers have their hands full^. it taxis 80,000 hours of manpower and 1,000 people to put on the colorful event. float makers have to follow strict guide lines. every square inch has to be covered in a natural material including fresh flowers and seeds and while grasses.
4:57 am
this year's theme is "inspiring stories." >> special olympian will be at the rose parade and will ride on the spell olympics net. her family heads to pasadena. she is competing in special him politics no 25 years and meddled in every sport offered but there are a few she enjoys. >> my favorite are basketball and snow hockey and softball, tennis...and swimming. >> you can much with the annual tournament of roses parade on abc7 at 8:00 a.m. on new year's day. she will be on the special olympics float sponsored by kaiser permanente. >> a man win as small fortune from the lottery but then he goes missing. police reveal if they suspect foul play. >> new detail on the sony hack attack, north korea may have had
4:58 am
nothing to do with it after all. >> we are following breaking news with video showing emotional family members in indonesia as they learn the debris from the missing airasia has been found along with bodies. we will take you to washington for a complete update. >> as we head to break we labor -- leave you with abc7 news now keeping you on top of
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