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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for eric
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thomas. >> i tried to do that in stereo. >> we were going to do it in surround sound. >> i am kristen sze. i am here with meteorologist mike nicco and leyla gulen. >> mike, you did not chime in. >> we were going for a 4.30 but we do not have a sub woffer. >> now mike? we are going downhill here. >> hopefully the numbers we have do not reflect your kids' grades on the end of the first semester of college or first half of high school. here is a look at live doppler hd showing snow and fog and the dry air is here and the winds are gusting only to 25 on mount tamalpais as we look to the south with the clean air. temperatures are in the 30's and
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40's and what you will notice is total sunshine from the inside of your building whatever, it will look great and you walk outside and the winds will make the feel like the 40's. we are in the 40's at 7 but it will feel like the 30's. thanks mike. leyla gulen? i will get five stars for traffic. the san mateo bridge is clear. but the vie is on the hazy side but traffic itself is not too bad. walnut creek is moving along at top speeds and waking up to clear conditions across the bay area and one disabled vehicle and that is it no accidents to report to get us going. thank you. more news, breaking news, three days after it went missing search parties found tragic evidence today from airasia 8501. officials report at least six bodies and debris from the plane have been retrieved from the water. we are joined from washington with the latest.
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good morning, investigators are busy studying grim new evidence that is emmessaging from -- only merging from the sea. >> on day three on the search for airasia 8501 a shadow in the sea has spotted the shape of the plane and retrieved the bodies of passengers of the family members prayed and cried and fainted. >> they believe... [ inaudible ] >> ten pieces of debris are confirmed to be from the plane. seven nations including the united states are combing the jeff sea. the mystery is deepening as experts wonder how a jetliner carrying 162 vanished early sunday morning after take off in indonesia headed for singapore.
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it hit severe weather over the java sea. the plane had a good safety record and the crew was experienced. >> you look at an airport to disappear and the transformer goes off you are looking at catastrophic failure of some sort or the crew did not respond directly to something that happened. >> after the loss of malaysia airlines this year there were called to install real time g.p.s. tracking on aircraft. the airlines and the international regulatory bed have not taken action. >> americans aiding the search are aboard the uss sampson a navy destroyer headed to the java sea. matt? >> back to our developing news in berkeley police are investigating the double shooting right now. amy hollyfield is there with an update. >> crime scene investigators are behind me. this team got the call at midnight to cop out here and gather evidence after detectives
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finished their work. this intersection is still closed. the shooting happened at 9:45 at san pablo avenue and university in berkeley. a man was shot and killed. a womans was shots but survived. the killer or killers got away. police have not given a motive but they say this is all under investigation. >> part of the process is to determine were they in the vehicle? were they outside the vehicle? what occurred? that is what the investigators will look at to determine what happened. >> police do not thing it was random. they will not elaborate. the woman who is in the hospital is expected to survive. they have not released the names of the victims. or a suspect description. at this point they are asking for anyone who knows anything to please come forward. our other developing story this morning former 49ers coach jim harbaugh has a new
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job, a few hours the university of michigan will formally introduce harbaugh as the new head coach. he arrived in ann arbor last night. our reporter is in santa clara with more. good morning. there were a lost rumors and a lot of talk about this and now it seems to be true later on today, michigan is expected to announce that harbaugh is there in michigan. here are perks of what we know: he landed yesterday with his family and he was wearing a michigan cap. he was spotted leaving the airport with the athletic director. he was a quaterback there in the 80's. no deal has been confirmed. there are reports the contract would be for six areas at $48 million. this would make harbaugh the highest paid coach in college football. wolverine fans welcome him. >> to foe he is here now is putting a fire in this place
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like you have never seen. the name of the game is winning. >> harbaugh and the 49ers announce they were parting ways. they talked about the decision and the 49ers say they had high expectations and were not winning. we will hear from management at 5:30. the organization is now looking for a new 49ers head coach. thank you, of course as we mentioned a news conference is expected at 9:00 a.m. our time in michigan this morning. we stream it live on our website at and on the apple app and google play. >> it has taken a year and a half but bart is replace the last of the the seats because the riders
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prefer vinyl seats the new seats save bart money because they are supposed to be a lot easier to keen. >> no elect trick seat warmer. they would come in handy the >> wish i had some. i know the next couple of mornings it will be in the 20. the know is falling across the sierra and we will on the weather window and in south lake tahoe airport, calm conditions at 8,500' and in heavenly the winds are blowing and the snow is sideways. at home it is cool but we do not have the wind chill yet. concord and walnut creek and lafayette and dublin from pittsburg and all away the east bay shore line low-to-mid 40's and we have 42 at daly city and friend in san francisco and 49 headed to sfo this southbound along 680, the forecast today shows windy
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inland. windy coast. windy, by. upper 40's to low 50 along the coast and low-to-mid 50's an the bay. it is going to be a brisk one. leyla gulen? >> we are starting in the north bay as we look at 101 through san rafael, remember how foggy it was yesterday? you are talking about a lack of fog away the bayer and there is a clear drive 580 to the tunnel to the golden gate bridge and when you get there this is what you will fine clear conditions as you make it across the bridge into san francisco so we are seeing a holiday light condition and that is what we had yesterday. closer to the new year holiday most likely that is what we can expect. as you head westbound along 580, up to dublin you can see a little bit of yellow coming through so a slight tap on the brakes. this is the vasco on-ramp eastbound 580 but the 26 minutes
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headed in the westbound direction. gas prices keep on nosediving so how low can they go. the america's money report is next. >> new information on the sony hack attack and north korea may not take the blame. >> a lot of mystery. what police are revealing about the man who won a small fortune. and then went missing. >> we have a picture of the bay bridge which is clear. it is cool, too. stay on weather and traffic by keeping tabs on the screen throughout the entire commercial latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. here is a look at the city and what a beautiful shot this morning. windy conditions today. cold temperatures. meteorologist mike nicco will have the details coming up. take a look at this a terrifying sight for 75 passengers on a plane above philadelphia. flames continually shot from the engine emitting a strong "boom," each time. it happened yesterday after the republic airlines flight took off. the small regional carrier operates service as american eagle. people on the ground thought it was an earthquake. our sister station in philadelphia reported a stalled engine started backfiring. the pilots turned around and landed safely.
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>> a mystery from michigan when a man would won the lottery want missing. the 86-year-old won $20,000 but he vanished a short time later the morning of december 20. his car was also gone. police say there are no signs of forced entry at the home. >> he has not been seen. this is highly unlikely. he has never gone this long without communication with his family. >> i talk to him all the time and i called him and his phone went to voice mail and i had no idea anything was wrong because he works. >> the family say it appears someone ransacked his home since he has been gone and they say he is well moan and is very active. >> in medical news, a communication defect between the two sides of 9 brain could be to blame for some cases of autism. the brain communication center is abnormally small in people with autism so electrical signals cannot move quickly and
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the study will be released later today on-line. radio shack made it through the 94th christmas but the chances of surviving another career are in doubt. the company is saddled with 5,000 stores many of which cannot afford to stay open but cannot "ford to close. management announced the plan to close 1,100 stores as they struggle to compete with on-line retail. closing stores is an expensive undertaking requiring cash for paying severance and liquidation. the company has recorded the third straight area oflesses -- of losses. >> new details are coming out about the hack at sony pushes and it may not have been north korea. a company sold it points to laid off sony staff as being behind the attack. officials say the quickness of the f.b.i. conclusion that north korea was responsible was a red flag.
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another firm is reporting a linguistic analysis of the hacker messages points to russian speakers rather than korean speakers. >> imagining paying $1.65 for a gallon. >> not for us, though. >> a lot of new iphones this holiday season and here is the hurricane's money report. topping america's money, rock bottom gas prices. >> you can head to louisiana to save money and sam's club is $1.75. the national average is $2.27. half of the new mobile devices activated in the week ling up to christmas iphone and ipads triple those of samsung. the biggest tablets are gaining market share. >> dunkin' donuts has new menu items offering bagels with cheese and more. >> they are holding sweep state
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on twitter with a top prison a year's would the of coffee. you have already gone on twitter and done this right? >> absolutely. a year's worth of coffee. don't we use a full year's worth in a morning. >> buying a $100 starbucks card is like a week for us. >> people on the evening shift don't get this. >> they decide to stay up all night rather than going to bed and wake up at 2:00 that is what they d >> sad. >> no matter what hour you work it will be chilly. >> it will be note the next couple of morning and maybe they have new collects. >> when i was a kid i walked five miles uphill in the snow. budget ways. >> have you ever lived in minnesota? >> no, san jose. >> san jose. i remember those years.
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look what climate change has done since you are born. >> good morning everyone we will start with wind advisory at 7:00 this morning in the north bay mountains when the gusts were sustained at 20 to 40 and will reach up to 60 miles per hour at 2800 feet on mount tamalpais. the rest of the us will be risk through noon. tower lines could topple the serious situation and possibly dangerous with trees toppling on cars or people. it can happen. >> right now the fastest winds at the service, 13 at napa and 13 at sfo where it and leader and not expecting arrival delays because of low ceiling or fog it is just not going to happen with the dry air the first town of the arctic air we are dealing with. total sunshine chilly wind this afternoon and frosty cold night but more so on wednesday into thursday and the weekend we will be it of dry air and it will be
5:19 am
more humid but not really humid but not so dry with lips getting chapped. low-to-mid 50's is the temperatures. the lows tonight are relevant in the forecast. most of the season they have been 5- to 10-degrees warmer than average and now we back in the 30's and a few low-to-mid 40's around richmond and half moon bay and san mateo. the shelters valleys away from the wind could see frost and the air is dry but it is possible. the air is so dry you have a cold front backing away from the arctic circle. yesterday we had a cold front move through that drop our temperatures and dropped the amount of hour and now the pir is going to drop and it is so dry we are barely getting any snow up in lake tahoe through 5:00 this evening. overnight, everyone is quiet. we will talk about the winds as they ramp up around a noon and they stay that way during the
5:20 am
afternoon and through the early evening hours when they will be fastest. they will taper by tomorrow afternoon and will be out of the danger zone by noon tomorrow. starting off frosty on thursday and friday morning but mid-50's in the afternoon and 60 are coming back by the weekend. >> we have great holiday light conditions and the richmond-san rafael toll plaza show a couple of cars across the water to the north bay with no accidents to report. so far, we are in good shape and we saw light conditions year. we would expect the same today. here is a look at other bridges across the bay area, san mateo and the dumbarton moving along at top speeds and to the north the bay bridge has been issued a high wind advisory so be careful from the east bay into san francisco. if you are on the peninsula, 101 at 71 miles per hour and too fast headed between san mateo and redwood city and 280 nice and clear and accident free and further to the north the drive
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near sfo and if your travels take you away from sfo into the city you can seeing if but green, the curve is light and up to the skyway it will only take you ten minutes. straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day of the >> wedding peoples are about do ring for the star of the hit show "modern family." a lot of guys will be crying. >> dog on the hunt in the prisons but the k-9s are not sniffing out drugs. >> you can keep your eye on weather and traffic during the commercial break. stay we come by almost every day to
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it's kind of a no brainer ok, well, good talk dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days. dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing, aching fever, best-sleep-with-a-cold medicine. walgreens knows you don't have time to play around with cold and flu symptoms. that's why walgreens makes it easy to find relief fast with solutions like nyquil. at the corner of happy and healthy. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door he are seven things to foe before you go. breaking news, several bodies have been recovered in the third day of sevens for missing
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airasia passenger plane. debris found in the water is indeed from the aircraft. the plane disappeared on sunday after take off from indonesia bound pore singapore. >> developing news in berkeley police are on the scene of a double shooting. investigators say a man was killed and a woman was sent to the hospital when someone opened fire at a parking lot near university last night. police have the area closed off. they have made no arrests. >> three, in a few hours jim harbaugh will be announced as the any head football cope at the university of michigan. harbaugh and the 49ers parted ways after the game on sunday. he arrived yesterday in detroit. he is rumored to have a contract worth $8 million a year. a health worker diagnosed with ebola has been transferred from scotland to london for special treatment. official say she is the first patient to diagnosis with ebola inside britain. she recently return ready from
5:25 am
west africa after volunteering in sierra leone. >> preparations are underway for a cold snap coming our way. get extra blankets and maybe a space heater and wrap your plants and check your furnace is working the officials say if it is not working make an appointment as soon as possible because crews will be busy. six the coldest night is ahead of us. this is what is bringing in the cold air get ready for wind chills that are 5- to 10-degrees cooler than the thermometer. an update on the wind advisory and how much air the sierra is get. >> we have preholiday light conditions and that is the bay bridge toll plaza with cars stacking up in the cash-pay lanes and we have a high wind at advisory for the bay bridge so high sided vehicles should drive carefully. >> man's best friend is cracking down on bad behavior by inmates in california prison.
5:26 am
officials are turning to specially trained dogs to find cell phones hidden by inmates. authorities say in 2014 10,000 phones were confiscated from jails and inmates have used cell phones to run the criminal operations outside prison walls with some turning cd players interest cell phones using cellar data chips. >> never ending battle, we have to update our intelligence. officials say if an inmate is caught with a cell phone they will likely lose credit for time served. >> love is in the air and disappointment for a lot of guys for modern family star. >> the beauty is off the mash -- off the market getting married to "true blood," character. sources say the two cars got engage on christmas day while vacationing in hawaii. >> joe was very nervous about popping the question because he wasn't 100 percent sure she would say "yes," they first
5:27 am
started dating over the summer. i don't know...he is not too bad. >> if they have kids, it will be super good looking children. >> we have the somber and new video showing the emotional moments in indonesia as family members learn crews found debris from the missing airasia plane. a look outside at the embarcadero you can see the american flags blowing in the wind this o and it will be breezy today, windy in some places. this is abc7 news now a way to keep ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh...
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> good tuesday morning at 5:29 on december 30. i am kristen sze.
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i am matt keller. we are starting out cold. >> the first cold front came through yesterday. it was quiet. weak. no moisture. it is in the sierra. it is in the follow of blowing dry snow. very limited moisture content. the air is so cold it is squeezing out the powder. from our san rafael camera looking down 101 this is in fog. the day planner the next 24 hours we are starting off cooler with the winds wrapping up by 7:00 in the in the bay in the 30's and 40's and hanging out in the low 50's for better part of the day. it will family cooler than that because of wind that kicked up this afternoon. during the evening we fall into the 40's and it will feel like the 30's if you have new sweaters for holidays...great time to wear them the nbc couple of days. >> the cold commute but hopefully the cold hearts are not there. >> warm hearts. we have go condition on the
5:31 am
roads but you will need the chains if you are headed to the mountains or for the holiday. 80 and 88 and 50 all will require them. >> san jose is dry and moving among nicely. northbound traffic headlights to the san jose airport is not finding any delays. as we take a look at the rest of the bay area, hot speeds green conditions, over the altamont pass missing a few cars with a slight tap on the break the >> outpouring of despair in southeast asia after several beds have been recovered from the search for the missing airasia reacting with gravy to -- with grief to the announcement six bodies found in the jeff sea six miles from the aira last communications with air traffic. ten pieces of debris are from the plane. seven nations including the united states are helping in the
5:32 am
search and the plane had 162 people on board and disappeared from radar on sunday 45 minutes into the flight from indonesia to singapore. we have developing news at home in berkeley. police have the area of san pablo and university avenue closed after a double shooting last nature. investigators say a man was killed and a woman was sent to the hospital after someone opened fire in a parking lot. police have not made any arrests amy hollyfield will have more at the top of the hour. the south bay and san jose school is assessing damage after a fire broke out on campus last night during winter break. flames broke out at the elementary school at 10:15. officials say the one alarm fire burned next to a school building. firefighters quickly put out the flames. there are no injuries. >> former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is in michigan with the private plane arriving yesterday afternoon eluding the media.
5:33 am
the university of michigan notified the media of a major football announcement at 9:00 a.m. our time today. we are in santa clara with much more on the story. good morning. it is only a couple of days since the season wrapped up and it appears already both the 49ers and harbaugh are not wasting any time moving forward. coach harbaugh and the 49ers parted after sunday's game. the c.e.o. and general manager met with the team and talked about the search if a new coach and addressed the media. the bottom line they have high expectations and were not winning. there were problems but on the peeled and off the field with players getting into legal trouble and the team did not win a super bowl under harbaugh something the front office expected. still, they maintained the decision was mutual. >> we have had philosophical discussions and when we sat down we could not come to a place where we thought moving together
5:34 am
was the best for either party. we thought it was the best and fairest thing to we did not continue to work together to let jim decide his own future. harbaugh was spotted at the detroit airport yesterday in a michigan cap and touched down with family members and was spotted getting into a car with the school's athletic director. he was a michigan quarterback in the 80's and michigan is expected to announce he will be their next coach at a news conference. the exact terms of the deal have not been announced but there are reports that it would make harbaugh the highest paid college coach in the country. some 49ers fan expressed anger on twitter against the team ownership calling jed york "arrogant child owner," harbaugh wasn't a winner to jed york. and another said he had two
5:35 am
words: the yorks. >> kaepernick reminisced on instagram posting this picture and wrote the coach that drafted me chose to start me and stood behind me through it all. i will never forget what you have done for me, coach thank you for everything. a news conference is expected at 9:00 this morning hour time in michigan. we stream it live on our website at a peninsula family is on alert because a mountain lion that came prowling is still hanging away. the lion show up the day after christmas if hillsborough and killed the deer the lion may have returned on sunday night. >> it seem he has chosen this home, of all homes, as a home away from home for himself. >> what makes your house enticing? >> maybe the deer. that has to be what it is because there are plenty of dear i. a wildlife official says the cat was likely looking for the
5:36 am
deer carcass. this was posted on facebook warning neighbors to keep small pets indoors. >> grizzly peak in oakland is then for breathtaking views blue is a watching after two shootings there recently. the most recent shooting happened on sunday night. police say two men robbed a man and shot him in a leg despite having cooperated. a suspect is believed a teen. other is about 25. on december 19, a couple was parked and the car was struck by gunfire. police have no motive and no suspect of the darkness. in secret lights. >> when i come here i always go with three or four people so it is safer. >> oakland police have stepped up patrols in the area and upping people to report any suspicious activity. thieves face charges this morning for stealing a newspaper van in san francisco and taking police on a pursuit that want
5:37 am
through three counties. we showed the two speeding across the san mateo bridge. then they headed to 880 nearly sideswiping a car and traveled the wrong way in hayward. san leandro the driver crash through a fence and was nearly stop by police and went if reverse and hit another car. police caught the driver at the end of the park but whens say it was intense >> my immediate suspension was he had done something to a police officer because there were so many -- three helicopters. i total the number, probably about 15 police cars. at one point the driver attempted to hit officers with the van and officers say they did not take more aggressive tactics to stop him because it was too dangerous. a passenger in the van appeared to be smoking during the beginning of the pursuit and when the driver stopped in san
5:38 am
lenadro he bailed and tried to get around oh a bicycle. the officers caught up with him later. >> we have a dollar estimate on damage caused if marin by storms this month: official say dam was reached more than $13.3 million with $4 million involving hopes and businesses. some residents could call for tax break they suffered more than $10,000 in damage. >> sometimes damage can occur with the freezing temperatures. >> absolutely. we have been lucky the paul and early winter season we have not had a "killing frost," but we do have one coming you. we have fought had to pay attention to our low temperatures very much until the next 3-4 nights. the possibility of frost around guerneville but the air is so dry we have upper 30's to low 40's in most neighbors and 45 in napa is the warm spot. lafayette is waking up to 36. 39 in cupertino. low-to-mid 40's at the coast but
5:39 am
san carlos is 48. the big story as we head through the day, 7:00 in the morning, a wind advisory begins for the north bay mountains and the rest is at noon through noon tomorrow with winds around 20 to 40 miles per hour and gusts 45 to 50 so trees and power lines can come down. from the camera you can barely see on the left side of the screen the plagues -- flags are unfurled. upper 40's to low 50's for the temperatures, and below average feeling 5 to 10 degree cooler than this because of the wind. >> we of -- are tracking our holiday mass transit. as you head out the door bart and ace on time and no delays through muni but bart is extending the services until 3:00 a.m. on new area's eve. we will have trains that are running there to help you get between east bay and san francisco for any festivities. muni is scheduled on most
5:40 am
express routes the san francisco ferry and expanding service so check your local mass transit agency, whichever you take to make sure they are going to be running. here is a look at san jose, the drive along 280 it is nice and clear with no delays and no citizens near highway 17. as we take you to the north bay through fairfield through the cordelia interchange and 680 the cartinez running at top speeds. over to the richmond and san rafael bridge nothing but green between richmond and the north bay. next uber is gearing up for a big new year's and will containing how iterates to accommodate the crowd. >> you can catch the special -- olympian in the rose bell
5:41 am
parade. stay
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mmm ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, this is a hook from camera with windy conditions this morning and meteorologist mike nicco will have the details on the cold
5:44 am
temperatures headed our way. >> a new round of anti-police brutality protests last might in los angeles after an occupy was released on the death of a 25-year-old unarmed black man shot three times this summer by an officer. the occupy show -- the autopsy showed he was shot in the death much the coroner did not release the findings from several month to keep it from affecting witness statements. ought first patient diagnosed with ebola in print has been transferred from scotland to london for specialized treatment she arrived in britain on sunday from sierra leone and became ill yesterday. passengers on the flight she took are being traced but officials say the risk to the public is very low. the woman worked with save the children if sierra leone helping people with the often fatal disease. >> public health officials issued an alert after finding an adult film actor became infected
5:45 am
with hi as a -- with h.i.v. as unprotected shoot during an out-of-state film shoot with other men. in california, adult actors are requiring to wear protection. the actor testified negative before the shoot. if the map is officially confirmed to have h.i.v. this will be the first onset h.i.v. infection in the industry since 2004. an adult film industry trade group is declining comment. in san francisco you can expect to shoal out big bucks to get around and get home courtesy of uber and lyft. neither companies are subject to city laws putting a lid on the fares. when demand goes up so does the price called "surge," and "prime time," pricing and customers are cool. >> customers know especially with lyft they ask you to confirm before they request the ride. i would say passengers rarely bring it up. most of them know why prime time
5:46 am
occurs. taxis are fighting behalf and an app for hailing cabs announce add flat $10 fee no matter where you are going in san francisco on new year's eve. >> ideas on what to do for new year's go to with the list of evens taking place in the bay area and the different counties and how to get to them safely. >> michigan fans are ready to say hello to form 49ers head coach jim harbaugh with, what else khakis showing up wearing his favorite article of clothing, the khakis at a khaki "out." this is from our affiliate in detroit, wkyz showing what a khaki is. like we had in idea. mike this is something you have in your closet? >> of course. that one. dad pants.
5:47 am
they are known as dad pants. we all have a pair somewhere in the closet. >> that is what he will wear for pants with all the fans showing up. he was caught sporting a michigan hat last night. >> exciting. he was a good quaterback when he played. big name in the 80's. they they are very excited. nice to feel wanted. >> they are sounding nothing but excited on twitter. >> good for them. can't wait to see what he does. >> will khakis keep him warmer here? >> know are lined. but you have to shop out of a store at l.l. bean or minnesota. the drier air came in yesterday and took away a threat of fog and this is how it looks from the east hills camera and it is
5:48 am
clean. as we look back to sutro tower blinking and it is definitely there. our fast show the three thing i went you to take out of the highlights and what we will expand on, total sunshine and chilled sunshine because of the winds and you will notice it outside, and if you are inside looking out, it is great outside, and going out to lunch, whoa, you will need a coast a frosty and cold cold tonight tomorrow night thursday night and we will admiral to the air so your hands and lips are not so dry this weekend as they will be the next couple of days. the area of low pressure and you can see the real estate, this is not much sinking across up we will get a ramp up in the winds and it will help push in the cooler air. at 7:00 some of our higher elevations show around 25 to 30 miles per hour and at noon at 25 to 35 outside of the south bay
5:49 am
and through action we are looking at gusts around 32 at santa rosa and 41 in failed and oakland and our fast winds are in the afternoon early evening, they will taper overnight and a catch 22 with the winds stay up and the temperatures stay up, the winds calm the temperatures will drop, with the wins winds feeling 45 or ten degrees cooler than what the thermometer says. it will feel cooler with the i would, and 32 at napa. it will be below freezing in the san ramon valley. and around parts of palo alto and stanford. the rest of us are in the upper to low 40's. the seven-day forecast shows in the upper to low 50's today and upper 40's to low 50's tomorrow and mid-50's to upper 50's thursday and rid and we will they 60 degree highs in saturday sunday and monday and take the threat of forecast out of trust by the weekend. have a great one.
5:50 am
2014 is ending quietly for morning commute and walnut creek shows the drive along 680 away from pleasant hill to walnut creek at at the highway 24, no delays found here. if you travel in the northbound direction there is a little bit of construction and it will be around until 6:30 headed between treat and monument boulevard. always slow if the cone zone. this is the drive through danville into san ramon we are at continue speeds in the northbound and south direction. over the a pass top speeds and we usually do not see this at this hour so i venture to say folks are taking the day off until the new year. if you make it in the westbound direction you are in if shape and it will only take you 27 minutes between tracy to dublin, antioch to concord is continue minutes and 101 southbound san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. trait ahead president obama
5:51 am
spoiled a couple's wedding plans. but he did something to apologize. >> hillary clinton tops the new history and how the honor is nothing out of ordinary for the form secretary of state. >> you can keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 news now looking at the beautiful holiday lights still on the economic dairy center building. it is clear and cold morning and getting more so as we move ♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's
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spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
5:53 am
president obama is apologizing to a newlywed couple after his golf came forced the couple to move their wedding.
5:54 am
the couple, army captains invited the president to the weekend ceremony when they heard he would be had town he declined the invitation, wished them congratulations but somebody from the white house told the couple they had to switch venues for the golf game. managers say they warn anyone this could be a last minute shuffling if the president is in town. it wasn't that big of a deal the family says getting a call from the president made their day. americans name former secretary of state and first lady hillary clinton as the woman they most admire. and president obama is the most admired man. clinton is still considering a run if the white house in 2016 has hit the top spot for 13 consecutive years and president obama has topped the list for men for 15 years. >> fedex and u.p.s. did a better job of delivering christmas packages. according to a study fedex
5:55 am
delivered 99 percent of express packages as promised. u.p.s. also hit the 99 percent mark. over the past year both services invested in improve their systems and increasing seasonal hiring. we are delivering cold winter weather to you right now. >> great if you are driving southbound across the entire state you will get nice gas mileage but watch out for 40's and 50's and a few 60's around san diego and palm springs. in lake tahoe look at the blowing snow at 8,700' on heavenly. 100 percent chance of snow today and temperatures will stay below freezing for at least 48 hours before we warming trend rings in the new year. leyla gulen? >> metering lights were turned on at bay bridge late for a weekday and we have agains in between the cars and it is not so packed. we have an accident, a car veered off the embankment near
5:56 am
the central avenue off-ramp 50 of westbound 80 so you could find activity at albany. along 101 through morgan hill and out gilroy clear conditions into san jose. new year's day is just two days away and a race against the clock to put the finishing touches on the floats for the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. >> designers and volunteers have their hands full and organizers say it takes 80,000 hours of manpower by 1,000 people to put on the colorful event. filmmakers have to follow strict guide lines with every square inch covered in natural materials including seeds and wild grazes, anything that is fallly green. the theme is "inspiring stories." >> a special olympian is at the rose parade, the 31-year-old woman rides on the special olympic floats.
5:57 am
she has been competes in the special olympics for 25 years and has a medicals in every sport. there are a few she really enjoys. >> my favorite sports are basketball snow hockey softball tennis and swimming. >> you can watch the tournament of roses parade here on abc open new year's and look for stehpanie on the special olympic smoke no -- float. >> as far as on-line dating many people ben the truth. >> tires of the wardrobe? overhauling it does not cost as much as you think. >> i have never seen leyla gulen turn around so quickly talking about a story. you can see the toll plaza
5:58 am
is backing up. we have reports on weather and traffic through the commercial
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking news, emotional moments as family members learn search parties have found debris and bodies from the missing airasia jet with a report from washington, dc on the efforts. in berkeley authorities investigating deadly shooting outside a store near a busy intersection. the latest ahead in a report. jim harbaugh will bring in a new era in michigan. a report on the now former 49ers coach and his busy next few days. thanks for joining us on tuesday at 6:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller. jim harbaugh is getting california weather in michigan. cold here like cold there. >> reasonable a little


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