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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 31, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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crews are working quickly to fix power outages all over the bay area. power lines were taken down by wind storms. more than 300,000 customers were affected at the height of the windstorm. good morning. >> thanks for joining us. we want to show you how breezy is it from our camera on top of the abc 7 studios. the flags are flying briskly. >> it's not as bad as before. winds caused trouble on land and atwater. the coast guard had to rescue
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several stranded sailors. this sailor was adrift for hours. she was not injured. winds are dying down this morning but ushers in frigid temperatures. >> good morning. top of the abc 7 broadcast center where i can see the exploratorium to my right. here's a look at our peak wind gusts from the east bay hills where they are gusting to 40 miles per hour oakland airport 53 san jose eat 52 pittsburg 40 and napa 42 and all below 100 feet. now you get up higher than that and gusts around 62 in places like mount diablo where most of us don't live. the winds are lighter today than yesterday. anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. the wind advisory will expire at noon today but we'll still have
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breezy conditions for the afternoon. overnight is when it gets freezing cold. right now, san jose has the largest number of people rating for power to return. we go to san jose for more. >> reporter: i'm along silver creek road where it's closed to traffic. there's a huge mess here. total of eight power poles are down. this happened yesterday. residents were left in the cold and in the dark for hours. >> the tree come down with the wires with the flames and the whole nine yards. >> reporter: pre-schoolers were inside the building yesterday when the gusty winds took down a tree outside which toppled a power pole and started a small fire. >> we do fire drills and safety drills all the time so we just
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briefed the kids stay safe, stay with the teachers. >> reporter: today power is still out. she posted signs at school letting parents know it's closed. many neighbors spent the night in the cold. >> a big house, and it gets very cold. so i started putting candles on. i didn't know what else to do because i don't have another type of heater to turn on. >> reporter: her power came on early this morning. she made coffee for one of the workers who spent the night directing traffic. >> i saw one of the workers standing out there freezing and i opened up the window and asked her if she would like a cup of coffee and she said yes. >> reporter: the crews have been work nonstop. toppled trees are falling on top of power lines. this man has lost power twice since yesterday considered sklg his new year's eve party.
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his power is back on now and so is his party but he's not confident we'll ring in 2015 with electricity. >> we're hoping the power stays on today but we can just hope. >> reporter: the pg&e have crews all over the bay area hard at work. they have additional crews on stand by just in case winds today cause more problems. pg&e crews in san francisco have spent the morning trying to get everybody on the grid. around 8:00 a.m. we caught up with a crew at knob hill. 300 customers there spent a chilly morning without power. several thousand people around the bay area are without noir. the latest numbers show the south bay is hardest hit with 1300 outages. about 800 people still in the dark on fnz. on the east bay 500 people are without power. >> san jose police are clearing
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el camino after a downed tree blocked the road earlier. sky 7 caught this video overhead and you can designee where it snarled traffic. strong winds toppled a tree in dublin. this viewer shared pictures with tabs 7 newsroom. he says the downed tree was blocking tampaarac lane. remember, we want to see your pictures of the windy weather where you live add to our viewer submission by sending your snapshots to you report at >> there's plenty you can keep check on. it's free to download from apple as app 4 or google play. new this morning the san francisco flight bound for minnesota landed a little more than an hour ago in salt lake city. because a woman on board went into labor. the delta airlines flight was
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diverted not long after takeoff after 7:00 a.m. the pregnant woman was fortunate to have a pediatrician on the flight who assisted until the plane landed. no word yet on her condition or the baby's condition. hopefully everything is fine. >> we hope so. some firefighters are trying to determine exact cause of an apartment fire they believe is linked to yesterday's windstorm. a tree fill on seven hills boulevard and blacked out the neighborhood. when the man came back his christmas tree was up in flames. one person is in the hospital and a second was treated for smoke inhalation. >> also in san jose investigators are looking into a string of car fires along the border of campbell that may be suspicious. >> a third car was found on fire on willow street an hour later. this follows a suspicious car fire on monday night and three car fires in san jose last week. a bay area decades-old
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tribute to the civil rights era will end next month. >> the freedom train commemorates martin luther king jr.'s marin 1965. the last 30 years passengers have taken the caltrain fried san jose's station to san francisco to commemorate that civil rights movement. officials say this coming january 19th's ride will be the last because of dwindling community interest. last minute preparations are under way in san francisco for the new big new year's eve fireworks. while we wait 2015 is already here in other parts of the world. abc 7 news is live in the newsroom with everything you need to know about the celebration. this will be big. really big? >> 2015 will be a big year. we're less than 13 hours from the big celebration here. hundreds of thousands of people will welcome in 2015 in san francisco tonight. here's a spectacular look into
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the future. it's already 2015 in new zealand. one of the first places in the world to celebrate the new year. down under in australia people were looking up to the sky above the city harbor and world famous opera house. then comes the fireworks that were used for the celebration. here in san francisco, out with the old garbage cans in with the new. preparations are being made for tonight's 15 minute long fireworks display over the bay. barricades and port-a-potties are going up. b.a.r.t. runs until 3:00 a.m. muni and caltrain are free. >> we want to avoid any tragedies. take public transportation. hire a car service. take taxis, ferries. whatever. don't drink and drive. >> the most famous new year's eve celebration is facing frigid
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temperatures but that won't keep more than a million people to huddle together in times square. the lights are being tweaked and the confetti tested before the big ball drop at midnight. the new york police force is also preparing. >> we'll patrol the air. we have observation posts in the area. chemical and radioologyical detectors will be deployed. >> check out abc 7 we have a list of fireworks shows and other events. live in the newsroom, matt keller. matt, thank you. spending the holiday season in style. a gift is under way to good will. plus keeping your kids healthy in 2015. we'll explain how you can turn doctors' orders into fun new year's resolutions. the a
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. new details this morning into the airasia flight 8501 disaster. reuters is reporting radar data being examined by investigators shows the plane made a steep climb. officials say those findings won't be confirmed until the plane's black boxes are retrieved. the passenger plane crashed into the java sea sunday killing all 162 people on board. well you can end this year
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on a high note by donating to a charity that provides jobs for people looking for a second chance in life. goodwill in san francisco is in the mid. a donate-a-thon. ♪ >> reporter: hi. we're enjoying a variety of statement out here this morning. right now we're getting a treat. we're listening to the beings boys chorus. they are doing a good job. all of this to try and convince you to do what you have probably been meaning to do anyway. ♪ you put cheerleaders in front of san francisco goodwill headquarters and you get results. >> we brought toys and like business clothes for a lady my size and books. >> reporter: the goodwill accepts donations every day. but the third annual donate-a-thon event complete with statement and free movie tickets really seems to motivate people to load up the car and give on this last day of the
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year. >> about a week ago i saw it was a party and there will be people there and well organized and so i thought i'll just wait because i had the day off. it's the best day of the year. people are so generous and looking to start their new year off with their generosity. they give their things, their treasures that they didn't want to part with. >> reporter: people are giving nice things. we spotted a pair of shoes and a nice red leather purse. >> we had one particular donator come back in his convertible and drop-off a lot of clothes, winter clothes and suits as well. >> reporter: and then there's the willie brown rack, the former mayor donated some of his designer blazers and jackets to the cause. they will be auctioned off online. in the past his collection brought in $10,000. >> the rule that anything he doesn't wear for a year he donates to us and encouraging his friends to do the same.
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>> reporter: here's a little more singing for you this new year's eve. i'm going to let you listen to this while i give you hard numbers. last year they filled 55 trucks with donated trucks. this year the goal is 60. here we are it's not even noon they filled 40. they are feeling confident they can hit that goal if you load up the car and come donate. they will be here until 5:00 this afternoon but not just in is san francisco but they are doing this in marin and san mateo counties. all right. i love it. >> and the music adds to the amazing feeling. >> a celebration for a good cause. absolutely. speaking of the celebrations our meteorologist is ahead with your new year's eve forecast and plus making 2015 happy and healthy. ate resolution you can start today weapons your kids. we'll unveil simple tricks happening at the doctor's office that you can bring into your home. >> on your big day of college
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football starts tomorrow here at abc 7 with a buffalo wild things citrus bowl or on the watch abc app. and the rose bowl at 2:00. sugar bowl at 5:00. see boston those games on espn and espn app and it all leads up to the first-ever national championship game monday january 12th at 5:30 again on espn and watch espn app.
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new this morning in southern california crews had to help
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drivers in the san bernardino mountains. everybody is okay. drivers got stuck on highway 138 and started calling for help last night because they wouldn't have expected those emergency crews got everyone to safety by 3:00 this morning. about 50 people taken to a church for shelter. others abandoned their cars and walked home in all that snow. the rest were able to drive away on their own as plows cleared the roads. the forecast is clear and cool for new year's eve night in new york city this is a live look at times square with we're just a little over 12 hours from the annual ball drop. a million people are expected to crowd into the square to see it. i've done it one time. >> and? >> in the middle of all that humanity? >> was it worth it? >> no. but it was fun to be with all those people. you do it once and say you did it. >> have you done it before? >> no. not on new year's eve. as my head family from jersey
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said we would go over there a lot when part of our family was together. anyway. no i haven't. >> crazy. >> hopefully you get a chance to do it sometime. back here at home i usually get up at 1:30 in the morning. here's a look at live doppler 7. let's show you what's going on down south. there's the snowstorm plaguing the arizona mountains and vegas and winding down around los angeles and san diego. still snow in the mountains just east of encinada. nothing falling out of sky except sunshine. we're ending on a dry note to this december at least here in san francisco we had 17 of our 31 days measurable rain for a good 11 and three quarters of an inch. here's a beautiful look what the clean arctic air does. san jose looking pretty good around the "shark tank."
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a lot of sunshine. need the sunglasses today. you need something to keep you warm as temperatures however in the throw mid-50s except for fremont, upper 40s. we won't get maybe a degree or two warmer today. the good news, the biting winds of yesterday are not here. it will feel every bit as warm as the thermometer says. the winds will taper this afternoon. sunshine will chill our highs below average or our winds will chill or highs below average. frozen areas that's what we'll have the mornings of january 1st 2nd and 3rd and beginning of 2015 starts dry but a promise towards the mid and latter parts of the month we may get significant rain. we're watching that low move away from us. calming winds which is a catch 22 allows us to feel the low to mid-50s today but tonight also going to allow this dry air to cool significantly. if you're coming down here to pier 14 that's where the fireworks are going off.
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46 dropping down to 42. that's as warm as it will be at midnight. most of us will be in the 30s. look at the 20s and 30s every where except for san francisco and half moon bay. because of that the bayshore line is in a frost advisory. that means temperatures could get down to 32. the darker green and purple that's where we'll have the freeze warning and could have what's called a killing freeze where if you don't protect your pets and plants cover them bring them in maybe the end of the growing season for them, bring your pets in also or make sure they have fresh water if they are used took outside when it's this cold. the seven day forecast, freezing cold tomorrow morning. mid-50s in the afternoon. much calmer conditions. we'll slowly warm the atmosphere to throw mid-60s by the time we get to the weekend which is above average. also means we could have a couple of spare the air days on
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the way for the weekend and next week. about as cold as it will get the next 24 to 48 hours. hope you have a great new year's eve. back to you. if you're busy making plans make being your new year's resolutions don't forget to include your kids. the american academy of pediatrics say it's good for kids to make one regarding their health. brush your teeth twice a day. drink water or low-fat milk. sugary drinks should be a treat. wear a helmet when riding a bike and be kind to others because no one likes a bully. just ahead say cheese. coming up why 2014 is the year of selfie and the technology that is helping thousands take a better picture. then at 3:00 on the rachel ratio, clinton kelly shows up how to whip up a signature
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coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 new video. several trees make a big mess in an east bay golf course. after the storm, the windstorm, fallen trees, families forced from their homes. at 5:00 the headaches and heart aches of today's massive clean up. if you just can't resist the urge for a snap with your cell
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phone you're in good company. twitter declared 2014 the year of the selfie. this year popes and presidents got in on the fun. >> so did ellen in the star studded picture on twitter this year the word selfie mentioned 92 million times. this year selfie technology improved dramatically. the selfie sticks, flying off the shelves with more than 100,000 sold this month. the ideal christmas present. >> it's a popular elf gift. a lot of people will be taking selfies. >> sounds great. thank you so much for joining us. have a happy and safe prosperous new year and we'll see you back here. bye-bye.
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